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Gen Alpha tweens who spoke with Business Insider are unconvinced that fear of aging is behind their new obsession. Related VideoGen Alpha's spending powerBy all accounts, Gen Alpha is going to be a mighty generation of big spenders. But Gen Alpha skincare enthusiasts are taking their newfound habit seriously. The survey of nearly 3,000 respondents included 537 US-based 13- to 17-year-olds who were asked about antiaging, skincare, and beauty. Where influences lieIt may be that Gen Alpha kids are learning from their parents as children of millennials and Gen Zers.
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But while the company's profile in the industry has stayed constant and swaggering, behind the curtain, its business has been increasingly troubled, 10 insiders told Business Insider. Creator economy professionals mingled beneath glowing jellyfish and coral light fixtures inside Jellysmack's creator lounge during VidCon 2023. "As a startup in the ever-evolving creator economy, we are constantly testing and adapting our business model," the Jellysmack spokesperson told BI in a statement. Advertisement"The world was falling apart with the pandemic, but early Jellysmack felt like a dream," the second former staffer told BI. BI viewed two Jellysmack contracts and an email exchange between Jellysmack and one of its creator clients to verify the practice.
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Carlos Avila Gonzalez/San Francisco Chronicle/Getty Images The northern lights shine in the night sky above the Molenviergang in Aarlanderveen, the Netherlands, early May 11. Alexey Malgavko/Reuters The northern lights are seen in a rural area west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Friday, May 10. Courtesy Luke Culver People photograph the northern lights from Whitley Bay, England, on May 10. Courtesy Jan Reed The northern lights glow in the night sky in Brandenburg, Germany, on May 10. Increased solar activity causes auroras that dance around Earth’s poles, known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis, and southern lights, or aurora australis.
Persons: Chad Myers, it’ll, Alastair Johnstone, Andrew Chin, Sanka Vidanagama, Carlos Avila Gonzalez, Josh Walet, Robert Nemeti, Jean, Christophe Bott, Max Slovencik, Alexey Malgavko, Luke Culver, Ian Forsyth, Robert F, Geoff Robins, Rich, Jan Reed, Patrick Pleul, Jenny Kane, Adam Vaughan, Jacob Anderson, Peter Byrne, Biden, it’s, Dr, Hakeem Oluseyi, Bill Nye, Guy, , Organizations: CNN, National Oceanic, Prediction, Midwest, Getty, San Francisco Chronicle, Keystone, AFP, Luke Culver People, Rockies, National Weather Service Locations: Alabama, Ohio, Pacific Northwest, North America, Gulf, , Sheffield, England, Manning, British Columbia, Christchurch , New Zealand, AFP, Berryessa , California, Aarlanderveen, Netherlands, Debrad, Slovakia, Anadolu, Le, Dessous, Switzerland, Vienna, Siberian, Tara, Russia's Omsk, Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Whitley Bay, Brunswick , Maine, London , Ontario, Ontario, Tennessee, Washington, Memphis , Tennessee, Rich Hill , Missouri, Brandenburg, Germany, Estacada , Oregon, Cumming , Georgia, Crosby , England, Edinburgh, Scotland, Crosby Beach, Liverpool, Texas, Coast, Sweden, South Africa, United States
The biggest takeaway came from the reviews of voters like Lang: loyal Democrats who have raised important policy and performance issues about the president. On Thursday, these voters saw a president who was listening to their concerns, but they also said that steps in the right direction did not mean the problem was solved. In Biden’s speech, Lang saw some proof that his team is listening. She is more conservative than Biden but saw things to like in his speech, including his “commitment to democracy.”Two topics hit home. “Striking to hear President Biden call for free preschool, but not support the right of families like mine to use our own tax dollars for K-12 education,” Gurr said.
Persons: Angela Lang, Joe Biden’s, , Lang, ” Priscilla Forsyth, ” Forsyth, Nikki Haley, ” Lang, Forsyth, Donald Trump, Darrell Ann Murphy, , Trump, Mickey Brown, Jade Gray, Michiganders, Wisconsin Lang, Biden, ” Davette Baker, ” Baker, . Nevada Zoila Sanchez, ” Antonio Munoz, ” Munoz, Laken Riley, ” Riley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Valeria Gurr, ” Gurr, Murphy, “ Strong, , ” Murphy, Larry Malinconico, ” Malinconico, Malinconico, ” Brown, Pat Levin, Brown, ” New Hampshire Pete Burdett, Haley, ” Burdett, “ Don’t, ” Trump, Debbie Katsanos, “ I’ve, ” Katsanos, Iowa Forsyth, Shannen Ebersole, ” Ebersole, South Carolina Billy Pierce, Republican badgering, Pierce, Michigan Gray, “ Biden, ” Gray Organizations: CNN, Trump, Biden, University of Michigan, school’s College Democrats, Black, Communities, African, Reagan Republican, Alabama, Las, Republican, Lafayette College, South Carolina, Navy Locations: Joe Biden’s State, Milwaukee, Iowa, Easton , Pennsylvania, Bethlehem , Pennsylvania, Gaza, Wisconsin, . Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Northampton County, Easton, Bethlehem, ” New Hampshire, New, Sioux City, Forsyth, Ringgold County, South, Hartsville , South Carolina, Israel
Read previewHenrietta Wood was born into slavery to the Tousey family in Kentucky between 1818 and 1820. AdvertisementIn an April 1878 article about Wood's lawsuit, The New York Times suggested that more formerly enslaved Americans may ask for reparations. "The United States Government may be asked to make good the loss of those whose property was suddenly clothed with the right of manhood," The Times wrote. While there has been more vocal support for reparations in recent years, and individual states have instituted their own reparations committees, federal efforts have stalled. Last May, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush proposed Reparations Now, legislation that would push the federal government to provide reparations to the descendants of enslaved people.
Persons: , Henrietta Wood, Henry Forsyth, Wood, William Cirode, Cirode, Jane, Jane Cirode, Zebulon Ward, Josephine, Robert White, Wood's, Ward, Caleb McDaniel, , Danielle Blackman, Jim Crow, Steve Cohen, Cori Bush, Bush Organizations: Service, Business, The New York Times, United, United States Government, Times, Northwestern University's School of Law, Rice University, Seattle Times, Senate, Democratic, Tennessee Locations: Kentucky, Louisville, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Ohio, Hope, Chicago, America, United States
Pandemic school closures upended U.S. education. Many students lost significant ground, and the federal government invested billions to help them recover. Students Are Making a ‘Surprising’ Rebound From Pandemic Closures. The students most at risk are those in poor districts, whose test scores fell further during the pandemic. The analysis did not include Asian students, who represent 5 percent of public school students.
Persons: , , Sean F, Reardon, Thomas J, Kane, Erin Fahle, Douglas O, , Karyn Lewis, Ann Owens, Charlene Williams, Raymond Hart, Mark Sullivan, Bob Miller, Alberto M, Carvalho, ’ ”, Betsi Foster, Sullivan, Pascal Mubenga, Maria Ceja, Maria Ceja’s, Rosalina Rivera, Adam Perez, Margaret, George W, Bush, “ We’re, Eric Hanushek, Marguerite Roza Organizations: Stanford, Harvard, Educational, Dartmouth, , Opportunity, Stanford University, Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University, University of Southern, Schools, Oregon Department of Education, N.J ., N.J . Utah Pa, Ill, U.S, of, Great City Schools, The New York Times, Birmingham, Delano Union, Hoover Institution, Georgetown University — Locations: United States, Durham, N.C, Birmingham, Ala, Delano, Calif, University of Southern California, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Wis, N.J, N.J . Utah, S.D . Ind . Ohio Va . Conn, Mississippi, Tenn, Miss, Kan, R.I . Ky, Mich, . Ark . Oregon, ., Forsyth, Atlanta, Rochester, Detroit, Lake Oswego, Ore, Portland, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, California, Weakley County, Nevada
As 2024 kicks off, the creator economy is having an identity crisis. "The venture-scale generational companies are, yes, creator companies, but they're also typically fitting into another bucket." Why the creator economy has been 'disappointing'Once pitched as a rocket-ship opportunity, service companies in the creator economy that focus on products for influencers haven't delivered, investors and industry professionals told BI. Although the phrase already existed, the world needed a new way to describe this prospering industry, and thus, the term "creator economy" entered the mainstream. Lia Haberman, an influencer marketing expert and instructor at UCLA Extension, described influencer marketing as separate from the services arm of the creator industry that has faltered.
Persons: Grant Long, Koji, hasn't, Rex Woodbury, they're, it's, Woodbury, Figma, haven't, Ollie Forsyth, They've, Benjamin Grubbs, I'm, Goldman Sachs, Lia Haberman, Haberman, upstarts, Logan Paul, KSI, Marshall Sandman Organizations: TikTok, YouTube, Business, VC, UCLA, North, PitchBook, Animal
Four other members of our Iowa group settled on Haley in the end and were disappointed by the results. For me, it is the only option if DeSantis or Haley are not the Republican.”Caucus night in a precinct in Woodbury County, Iowa. “But I would vote for Trump and expect four more years of Biden. I think voting for Trump is voting to lose the election.”Why doesn’t Ebersole think Trump can win? So all of the Haley supporters in our Iowa group are, at least for now, prepared to vote for Trump in November.
Persons: Chris Mudd, Donald Trump, , , Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mudd, texted, Haley, Shanen Ebersole, Biden, That’s, ” Priscilla Forsyth, ” Trump, Trump, Betsy Sarcone, can’t, Sarcone, “ Biden, Jaclyn Taylor, “ Trump, Priscilla Forsyth Ebersole Organizations: CNN, Republican Party, Iowa, Florida Gov, South, Trump, GOP, Biden, Republican, ” Caucus Locations: Iowa, Florida, South Carolina, Ringgold County , Iowa, Ringgold, Sioux City, Forsyth, Des Moines, Woodbury County , Iowa
CNN —John Travolta says a near-death experience he had while piloting a plane in 1992 inspired him to take on his role in the new Disney+ short film “The Shepherd.”“The Shepherd” tells the story of a young pilot attempting to land safely after experiencing electrical failure mid-air. The premise is eerily similar to what Travolta, a licensed pilot, said he experienced back in 1992. “I knew what it felt like to absolutely think you’re going to die,” he said. And I thought it was over.”He ultimately made a safe landing “as if by a miracle,” he said. It’s why Travolta was drawn to “The Shepherd,” which is based on Frederick Forsyth’s 1975 book of the same.
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Australian funds IFM Investors and Aware Super will pump 10 billion pounds and 5 billion pounds, respectively, into projects ranging from infrastructure and energy transition to affordable housing, Sunak's Downing Street office said in a statement. Spanish power giant Iberdrola (IBE.MC) will add 7 billion pounds to its investment plans in Britain, which include transmission and distribution electricity networks, it said. France last year overtook Britain as the European country with the highest number of new FDI projects. French President Emmanuel Macron announced 13 billion euros ($14.18 billion)of investment commitments in his country at a similar FDI gathering in May. It wants to deal with one person," investment minister Dominic Johnson told Reuters ahead of Monday's event at Hampton Court.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Ian Forsyth, Sunak's, Sunak, Emmanuel Macron, Stephen Schwarzman, David Solomon, Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase, Dominic Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, IFM, William Schomberg, Alistair Smout, Louise Heavens Organizations: Britain's, Nissan, IFM, Microsoft, Britain, Blackstone, Hampton Court, Thomson Locations: Sunderland, Britain, Spanish, Hampton, London, France, Germany, England, British
Nissan announced that it would invest billions in its UK EV business. The Japanese company said it would build three EV models in its UK factory as part of the deal. AdvertisementThe Japanese car manufacturer Nissan announced on Friday that it would invest £2 billion, which is around $2.5 billion, in its electric vehicle (EV) business in the UK. It takes Nissan's total proposed investment in the region to £3 billion, or around $3.8 billion, after the company already pledged $1 billion. Nissan did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment, which was made outside of normal working hours.
Persons: , Makoto Uchida, Rishi Sunak, IAN FORSYTH, Getty Organizations: Nissan, EV, Service, Sunderland, Britain's, European Union, Land Rover, Tata, BMW, British Locations: England, Europe, Sunderland
CNN —When a famous British tree was “deliberately felled” in September, pictures showed the trunk lying, horizontal, over part of Britain’s Roman-built Hadrian’s Wall. On Tuesday, Historic England – a government body that oversees preservation of ancient landmarks – confirmed part of Hadrian’s Wall where the felling took place has been damaged. The Sycamore Gap tree was widely photographed and admired prior to the felling. It also confirmed plans to work with the National Trust – a UK charity which also helps look after the site – “on a plan to repair the damage” to Hadrian’s Wall. Meanwhile, the National Trust is welcoming ideas from the public for “the future of the site and the tree” with people asked to get in touch with their suggestions.
Persons: Kevin Costner’s, Robin Hood, Hadrian’s Wall, Ian Forsyth Organizations: CNN, Getty, Historic, UNESCO, Heritage, National Trust Locations: British, Britain’s, Northumberland, England, Hadrian’s, Historic England, Roman
REUTERS/Nathan Frandino/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 8 (Reuters) - U.S. commercial fishing groups on Wednesday sued 13 tire manufacturers in California, saying a chemical used in their tires is poisoning West Coast watersheds and killing rare trout and salmon. The fishing groups said the chemical, which becomes toxic when it degrades, is released from tires as vehicles drive around and park. The tire manufacturers did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday. In July, California's Department of Toxic Substances Control adopted a rule requiring tire manufacturers to evaluate safer alternatives to 6PPD, noting the threat to coho salmon. Together, the 13 tire manufacturers sued on Wednesday account for 80% of the domestic U.S. tire market, according to the lawsuit.
Persons: Nathan Frandino, Elizabeth Forsyth, Forsyth, Clark Mindock, Alexia Garamfalvi, Sandra Maler Organizations: REUTERS, Wednesday, Institute for Fisheries Resources, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, Bridgestone Corp, Goodyear Tire &, Michelin, Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, California's Department, Toxic Substances, Thomson Locations: Lagunitas, Marin County , California, U.S, California, San Francisco federal, West
NEW YORK (AP) — Tens of thousands of books are being banned or restricted by U.S. prisons, according to a new report from PEN America. In its report, PEN found parallels between the frequency of prison bans and book bannings in schools and libraries. Texas, another frequent site of library bannings, had more than 10,000 prison book bans, second only to Florida. "Prison book programs have mostly tried to raise awareness locally when prisons implement new censorship restrictions for communities they serve," the report reads. In Idaho, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are not among the nine approved sellers, which include Books a Million and the Women's Prison Book Project.
Persons: Elmore Leonard, , Moira Marquis, Marquis, Michigan's, Frederick Forsyth's “, Charles de Gaulle, Amy Schumer’s, ” Barrington Barber's, Robert Greene's, Greene, ” Marquis, Noble, , Organizations: PEN America, PEN, Michigan Department of Corrections, , Power, Barnes, Idaho Department of Correction, AP, Marshall Locations: Cuba, Spanish, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, New Mexico, Maine , Michigan, Idaho, Amazon, United States, State
At least that’s how it felt in Liverpool, where the opposition Labour Party held its annual conference this week. In front of a packed hall, Labour leader Keir Starmer gave an upbeat speech painting the ruling Conservatives as the party of national decline and Labour as the party of stability. A protestor throws glitter over Labour party leader, Keir Starmer during the leader's speech at the Labour Party conference on October 10, 2023 in Liverpool, England. Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves makes her keynote speech during the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool on October 9, 2023. The story Labour is telling right now isn’t just the story of Keir Starmer, leader in waiting, but Keir Starmer and his political allies, who are the government in waiting.
Persons: Keir Starmer, , Ian Forsyth, wilder, Jeremy Corbyn, , Corbyn’s, Starmer, Corbyn, Boris Johnson’s “, Liz, , Queen Elizabeth II, David Lammy, Lammy, he’d, Johnson, Rachel Reeves, Peter Byrne, Jeremy Hunt’s, won’t, Trump, Labour – Organizations: Liverpool CNN, Labour Party, Labour, Conservative, Conservative Party’s, CNN, Conservative Party, Northern, Conservatives ’, Government, University of Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Public Prosecutions, Labour Party Conference, Corbyn, Biden, Conservatives Locations: Liverpool, Manchester, England, Corbyn, Israel, Britain, America, Germany, Labour’s
Finger’s only child was a son, Fred Finger, who was gay and died in 1992 at age 43 of AIDS complications. But Nobleman discovered Fred Finger had a daughter, Athena Finger. But she said it led to questions from students, meaning Nobleman and students might discuss sexuality without parents being warned. The mere mention of the word “gay” didn't merit claims made online by critics that Nobleman was “ grooming or sexualizing children," he said, and it ignored that some Sharon Elementary students have gay parents. “I couldn't imagine coming from a family with gay members and reading that apology just for saying the word ‘gay.’”
Persons: — Marc Tyler, Batman, Rather, , , haven’t, Cathryn Oakley, Oakley, ‘ Romeo, Juliet, , “ Bill, Bill Finger, Finger, Bob Kane, Finger’s, Fred Finger, Athena, “ It's, Kane, Sharon, Jennifer Caracciolo, Caracciolo, ” Caracciolo, blindsided, Fred Finger's, Sharon Elementary, Brian Nelson, Nobleman's, Forsyth, Cindy Martin, Martin, Mr, ” Matt Maguire, ” Maguire Organizations: ATLANTA, Movement Advancement, Human Rights, Washington , D.C, DC Comics, DC, Mama Bears, U.S . Department of Education, Sharon Locations: Atlanta's Forsyth, , Georgia, New Jersey, Indiana, Forsyth, Washington ,, Forsyth County, ” Forsyth County
[1/2] AI (Artificial Intelligence) letters are placed on computer motherboard in this illustration taken June 23, 2023. Some have expressed concern that students might similarly rely on AI to produce work and effectively cheat - especially as AI content gets better with time. Passing off GenAI as original work could also raise copyright issues, prompting questions over whether AI should be banned in academia. It has provided that tool free to more than 10,000 education institutions globally, although it plans to charge a fee from January. So far, the AI detection tool has found that only 3% of students used AI for more than 80% of their submissions and that 78% did not use AI at all, Turnitin data shows.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, OpenAI, ChatGPT, Bard, Leif Kari, Rachel Forsyth, Sophie Constant, Stefania Giannini, Kirsten Rulf, Deepa Babington Organizations: REUTERS, Lund, University of Western, University of Hong, Microsoft, Royal Institute of Technology, United Nations Educational, Cultural Organization, UNESCO, Strategic, Lund University, England's University of Oxford, Reuters, European Union, EU, Boston Consulting Group, Thomson Locations: STOCKHOLM, University of Western Australia, Perth, University of Hong Kong, Stockholm, Sweden, Britain, Singapore
“My personal favorite was Nikki Haley,” Sarcone told CNN of the former South Carolina governor after watching Wednesday’s debate at her Urbandale home in the Des Moines suburbs. Betsy Sarcone, right, watches the GOP debate with her parents Russ and Susan Sanders. To that end, these were the two biggest takeaways from our group: Haley made a strong impression, and Ramaswamy stirs an undercard version of the Trump GOP divide. “Some Trump people may have found that attractive about Ramaswamy, right?” Betsy Sarcone said. She personally would be my favorite candidate right now.
Persons: Betsy Sarcone, Nikki Haley, ” Sarcone, ’ ” Chris Mudd, Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mudd, “ I’m, ” Mudd, “ Trump, Vivek, Russ, Susan Sanders, Allie Malloy, Haley, Ramaswamy, Trump, Ron DeSantis, Sarcone, “ Haley, DeSantis, Priscilla Forsyth, “ Nikki Haley, ” Forsyth, Chris Mudd, Jeremy Moorhead, , … I’ve, MAGA, Forsyth, , He’s, ” Priscilla Forsyth, CNN Sarcone, Susan, Jaclyn Taylor, ” Taylor, ” Jaclyn Taylor, CNN Taylor, South Carolina Sen, Tim Scott, Taylor Organizations: CNN, South, USA, GOP, Republican, Trump GOP, Republican Party, Florida Gov, caucused, Trump, United Nations, , Trump One Locations: South Carolina, Des Moines, , Cedar Falls, Milwaukee, Iowa, Florida, Sioux City, Forsyth, DeSantis
The nation’s best-known public universities have been on an unfettered spending spree. Over the past two decades, they erected new skylines, poured money into big-time sports programs and hired layers of administrators. Then they passed the bill along to students. The Gatton Student Center courtyard at the University of Kentucky. Photo: Jon Cherry for The Wall Street Journal
Persons: Jon Cherry Organizations: The Gatton Student, University of Kentucky, Wall Street
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A GOP divide in Iowa over Trump -- and over the truth
  + stars: | 2023-08-09 | by ( John King | )   time to read: +11 min
Mudd does not dispute this but says he would have more confidence if states followed the same procedures. “Nothing about that deal is the American way, I don’t think,” Mudd Sr. says of the latest Trump indictment. And it vividly captures the country’s red state-blue state divide, which includes what you think of Trump and where you get your news. Taylor supported Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2016 caucuses, but voted for Trump in November 2016 and again in 2020. Shopping around is an Iowa tradition, but both understand that a splintered field eventually helps Trump, as it did in 2016.
Persons: John King’s, “ Anderson Cooper, Chris Mudd, ” Mudd, , Joe Biden’s, Mudd, Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s, I’m, Trump, John King, Allison Malloy, CNN “, , Biden, Jim Mudd, Republicans don’t, Ronald Reagan, Tracey Mudd, Chris ’, Rob Mudd, that’s, Hunter Biden’s, Tucker Carlson, Hunter Biden, ” Rob Mudd doesn’t, Volodymyr, Zelensky, Vivek Ramaswamy’s, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, ” Chris Mudd, Priscilla Forsyth, Howard Dean, John Edwards, ” Forsyth, ” She’s, isn’t, doesn’t, Forsyth, King, Jaclyn Taylor, Taylor, Texas Sen, Ted Cruz, sighs, Carolina Sen, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, CNN Betsy Sarcone, ” Sarcone, Florida Sen, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Sarcone, “ We’ve, ” Taylor Organizations: Waterloo , Iowa CNN, Republican, GOP, CNN, Republicans, America, Fox, today’s Republican, Trump, NATO, RFK, Texas, Biden, Former United Nations, Florida, Biden –, Republican Party, Iowa Locations: Iowa, Waterloo , Iowa, Cedar Falls , Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Cedar Falls, American, Ukraine, Sioux City, Woodbury, Des Moines, Metro Des Moines, Waukee, , Carolina, Clive , Iowa, Urbandale, Florida
Dunedin delight as Dutch put seven past Vietnam to top group
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Roord drew a fantastic save from Kim Thanh just before halftime, but Van de Donk was on hand to tap in the rebound. After Brugts' superb sixth with another fierce strike, Roord, who had hit the crossbar, headed in the seventh with seven minutes remaining. "I was afraid that the gap would be even bigger," Vietnam coach Mai Duc Chung said. "We have tried our best but it is clear that we cannot close the gap between us and the Netherlands. Reporting by Hritika Sharma in Hyderabad, editing by Nick Mulvenney and Christian RadnedgeOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Danielle van de Donk, Jill Roord, Sherida Spitse, Molly Darlington, Esmee Brugts, Brugts, Vivianne Miedema, Lieke Martens, Katja Snoeijs, Dominique Janssen, Martens, Tran Thi Kim Thanh, Snoeijs, Van de Donk, Roord, Kim Thanh, Mai Duc Chung, Hritika Sharma, Nick Mulvenney Organizations: Soccer Football, FIFA, Forsyth Barr, Sherida Spitse REUTERS, Vietnam, Portugal, Sweden, Thomson Locations: New Zealand, Vietnam, Netherlands, Dunedin , New Zealand, Molly Darlington DUNEDIN , New Zealand, United States, Auckland, Sydney, Italy, Vietnam's, Roord, Janssen's, Hyderabad
Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images Norway celebrates scoring in its 6-0 victory against the Philippines on Sunday. Aisha Schulz/AP Sweden's Amanda Ilestedt, center, heads the ball to score the opening goal against Italy on July 29. John Cowpland/AP Italy's fans cheer before their team's match against Sweden at Wellington Regional Stadium, New Zealand. John Cowpland/AP China's Wang Shuang celebrates after scoring against Haiti during a Women's World Cup match on Friday, July 28. John Cowpland/AP US forward Alex Morgan is surrounded by Vietnam defenders during their opening match on July 22.
Persons: Colombia's Manuela Vanegas, Franck Fife, Alexandra Popp, Ulrik Pedersen, Manuela Vanegas, Sajad, Jaimi Joy, Reuters Linda Caicedo, Phil Walter, Getty, Dominique Randle, Hannah Peters, Hali, Rafaela Pontes, Olivia McDaniel, Norway's Caroline Graham Hansen, Abbie Parr, Sophie Roman Haug of, Jessika Cowart, Buda Mendes, Ali Riley, Katie Bowen, Molly Darlington, Julia Stierli, Alessandra Tarantino, Ramona Bachmann, Sanka Vidanagama, James Elsby, Benzina, Edina Alves Batista, Hannah Mckay, Brenton Edwards, Panama's Aldrith Quintero, Jamaica's Deneisha Blackwood, Kameron Simmonds, Luisa Gonzalez, Allyson Swaby, Herve Renard, Wendie Renard, Debinha, Katie Tucker, Aisha Schulz, Amanda Ilestedt, John Cowpland, Rebecka Blomqvist, Wang Shuang, Maddie Meyer, Dumornay, China's Dou Jiaxing, Alex Pantling, Chloe Kelly, Carl Recine, Mary Earps, Andy Cheung, Janni Thomsen, Alex Greenwood, Lauren James, Justin Setterfield, Keira Walsh, Walsh, Argentina's Mariana Larroquette, Yamila Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Matthew Lewis, Linda Motlhalo, Lars Baron, Osinachi Ohale, Bradley Kanaris, Dan Peled, Anthony Albanese, Matt Roberts, Jéssica Silva, Vietnam's, Saeed Khan, Fiona Goodall, Daphne van Domselaar, Julie Ertz, Brad Smith, Andrew Cornaga, Lindsey Horan, Joe Prior, Catherine Ivill, Amanda Perobelli, Canada's Vanessa Gilles, Ireland's Niamh Fahey, Louise Quinn, Murty, Katie McCabe applauds, Paul Kane, Kailen Sheridan, McCabe, Stephen McCarthy, Adriana Leon, Colin Murty, Jennifer Hermoso, David Rowland, Reuters Hermoso, Spain's Alexia Putellas, Mary Wilombe, Naomoto, Japan's Mina Tanaka, Daniela Solera, Sarina Bolden, Bolden's, Hannah Wilkinson, Bolden, Victoria Esson, Katelyn Mulcahy, Hagen Hopkins, Catalina Usme, Korea's Cho, Colombia's Jorelyn, Carolina Arias, Cameron Spencer, Reuters Usme, Kim Hye, Rebecca Welch, David Gray, Brazil's Marta, Matt Turner, Borges, Khadija Er, Victoria Adkins, Germany's Alexandra Popp, Asanka Brendon Ratnayake, Morocco's Fatima Tagnaout, Hamish Blair, Cristiana Girelli, Kim Price, Francesca Durante, German Portanova, Reuters Italy's Giulia Dragoni, Estefania Banini, Dragoni, Grace Geyoro, Mark Baker, Rebecca Spencer, Robert Cianflone, Bunny, Shaw, Estelle Cascarino, Portugal's Ines Pereira, Stefanie van der, Van der Gragt, Portugal's Jessica Silva, Silva, Joe Allison, Magaia, Sweden's Elin Rubensson, Amalie Vangsgaard's, Zhang Linyan, Denmark's Pernille Harder, Gary Day, Shui, Reuters England's Alessia Russo, Haiti's Tabita Joseph, England's Lionesses, Reuters Nicolas Delépine, Kerly Theus, Zac Goodwin, Jun Endo, Zambia's Agnes Musase, Reuters Aoba, Catherine Musonda, Alex Morgan, Carmen Mandato, Megan Rapinoe, Horan, Trần Thị Kim Thanh, Sophia Smith dribbles, Ane, Esther González, Costa, Costa Rica's Mariana Benavides, Katrina Guillou, Switzerland's Gaëlle Thalmann, William West, Uchenna Kanu, Chiamaka Nnadozie, Canada's Christine Sinclair, Steph Catley, Heather Payne, Australia's Kyra Cooney, Mackenzie Arnold, Ria Percival, Ada Hegerberg, Jan Kruger, Zealand's CJ Bott, Norway's Mathilde Harviken vie, Jose Breton, Benee, Ireland's, Niamh Fahey, Vanessa Gilles, Coliin Murty, Sam Kerr, Kerr, Tony Gustavsson, Christine Sinclair, Ireland, Spain –, Japan's Hikaru Naomoto Organizations: CNN, Germany, Getty, Colombia, Reuters, Norway, Sunday, FIFA, AP, New Zealand, South, Jamaica, Brazil, France, Italy, Sweden, Wellington Regional, Haiti, China, Denmark, England, Argentina, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, Reuters Australian, Vietnam, Portugal, USSF, Ireland, Spain, Eden, Costa, Forsyth, AP Costa, Japan, New, Victoria, Panama, Morocco, Cristiana, Atlanta Primus, Zambia, Zambian, Costa Rica's, Getty Images, Zealand, AP Norway, Nations, FOX Sports, Telemundo, Seven Network, Optus Sport, BBC, ITV, Republic of Ireland, Super Falcons, coy Locations: Japan, Spain, Costa Rica, Zambia, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, AFP, Colombia, Philippines, AP Philippines, Sophie Roman Haug of Norway, New, Reuters, Morocco, South Korea, Perth, Reuters Jamaica, Brisbane, New Zealand, Reuters England, Reuters Argentina, Argentina, South Africa, Ireland, Portugal, Vietnam, United States, Netherlands, Wellington , New Zealand, Auckland , New Zealand, Costa Rican, Dunedin , New Zealand, AP Costa Rican, Reuters Switzerland, Norway, Switzerland, Sydney, Reuters Colombia, Panama, Adelaide, Germany, AP Argentina, German, Italy, Atlanta, Africa, China, European, Reuters England's Georgia, Ane Frosaker, Eurasia, Melbourne, Reuters Norway, Zealand, Eden, United Kingdom, Republic of, Republic of Ireland, Wellington
Argentina, South Africa hopes dented by thrilling draw
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[1/5] Soccer Football - FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 - Group G - Argentina v South Africa - Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin, New Zealand - July 28, 2023 Argentina's Yamila Rodriguez in action with South Africa's Linda Motlhalo REUTERS/Molly DarlingtonDUNEDIN, New Zealand July 28 (Reuters) - Argentina and South Africa settled for an exciting 2-2 draw in their Women's World Cup Group G clash at Dunedin Stadium on Friday that kept both teams alive in the tournament but dented their hopes of progressing. For all their neat approach work, Argentina looked unable to threaten Kaylin Swart in the South African goal and their first attempts on target did not come until the second half. "It is about taking our chances," said South Africa coach Desiree Ellis. Argentina will now face Sweden on Wednesday, while South Africa play Italy at the same time with both teams looking for an historic first Round of 16 berth. Reporting by Janina Nuno Rios in Mexico City, editing by Nick MulvenneyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Japan down Costa Rica to put one foot in last 16
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Playing through Mina Tanaka in an advanced midfield role rather than playmaker Yui Hasegawa as they had against Zambia, Japan were already well in the ascendant before the double blow that knocked the stuffing out of the Central Americans. Costa Rica, who were beaten 3-0 by Spain in their opener, were barely able to land a blow on their opponents and it looked from then on only a matter of many goals Japan would rack up. Despite having 25 attempts on goal, however, Japan were unable to add to their tally - a shortcoming that might concern coach Futoshi Ikeda with tougher challenges lying ahead. Japan face Spain in Wellington on Monday in a match that will almost certainly decide which of the two sides top the group, while Costa Rica will play Zambia in Hamilton at the same time as both sides continue to seek their first World Cup win. Reporting by Nick Mulvenney in Sydney; editing by John StonestreetOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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