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Since then, the Iran-backed rebels have fired dozens of anti-ship ballistic missiles into the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. An anti-ship ballistic missile "is just way faster than anything else, Cmdr. Jeremy Robertson, captain of the guided-missile destroyer USS Carney, told reporters during a media event on Monday. The Houthis maintain a sizable arsenal of anti-ship ballistic missiles, according to an analysis by the the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank. US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Carney defeats a combination of Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea on October 19, 2023.
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At one point during the demonstrations at Columbia University in 1968, protesters took the acting dean of the liberal arts college hostage. Inevitably, questions around consequences for the student protests have become entangled in these contradictions. “Living and processing this distressing experience evokes various emotions and complex feelings which may affect your ability to focus and feel safe,” it read. But the only “distressing experience,” to her mind, was N.Y.U.’s decision to call in the police to quiet the protests in the first place. The office went on to promise “guidance, encouragement and support” for the problem it had created.
Persons: Barricading, Henry Simmons Coleman, Ellis Geary, Organizations: Columbia University, Navy, New York University, Students Locations: Gaza
AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka, FileThe war has shown how effective air defenses can be at denying air superiority, protecting key areas, and threatening high-value aircraft, as well as the costs when capabilities are degraded. Ukraine's air defenses, like its Soviet-era S-300s and US-supplied Patriots, have defeated enemy missile and drone strikes, hindered Russian air operations, and shot down numerous fighter-bombers and other Russian planes. "Ukraine and NATO might reduce risks with a two-prong strategy of strengthening air defenses and boosting infrastructure resilience." Needing more interceptors for the PacificFrom the fights this year, the US can see how it'll need to employ air defenses in a potential showdown with China. Running out of air defenses before the enemy runs out of air threats spells trouble.
Persons: , Bradley Martin, Evgeniy, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Firefighters, Archer Macy, Martin, Shaan Shaikh, We've, Amir Cohen TPX, Shaikh, it's, Andy Wong, Thomas Shugart, Shugart, Joshua Smoot, Heath Collins, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Macy, Mark Wright Organizations: Service, Business, US Navy, Ukraine, AP, Patriots, Institute for, Emergency, Ministry, RAND Corporation, NATO, Western, Central Command, Combat, Navy, RAND, Patriot, US, Missile Defense, Center for Strategic, International Studies, REUTERS, China, Pentagon, Defense, Center, New, Air Force, 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Andersen Air Force Base, US Air Force, Aegis, Missile Defense Agency, Former Navy, CSIS, Pacific Missile, AP Air Locations: China, Ukraine, Israel, Navy, Russia, Congress, Avdiivka, Kharkiv, Russian, Kyiv, NATO, Yemen, Gulf of Aden, Iran, Red, Screengrab, French, Ashdod, South Korea, Japan, Guam, Beijing, New American, Gen, Kauai, Hawaii
AdvertisementBut after filing a Freedom of Information Act request, The Washington Post obtained National Park Service documents from 2015 where Sheehy said that a shooting had occurred at Glacier National Park. The newly-released National Park Service report said that "a park visitor called park dispatch" and stated that a firearm had discharged at Glacier National Park, which seemingly contradicts Sheehy's current statement that he was shot in Afghanistan. Related storiesThe National Park Service summary didn't reveal the name of the individual who reported that a firearm had discharged at the park, according to The Post. And Watkins suggested that hospital staff in Kalispell, Mont., told park dispatchers about the incident at Glacier National Park after Sheehy's initial lie about the shooting. Still, the lawmaker has successfully fought back his GOP opponents over the years, beginning with his first Senate election in 2006.
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According to the Post, a description of the incident contained within a federal citation noted that the gunshot left a bullet in Sheehy's right arm. AdvertisementSheehy ended up paying a $525 fine over his gun discharging in a national park, a decision that at the time was based on his report to the ranger. Sheehy told the newspaper that he fell and injured himself during a 2015 hike at Glacier National Park, which prompted a hospital visit. He told the Post he was unsure if his bullet wound was the result of friendly fire or from an enemy. Daniel Watkins, an attorney for Sheehy, said Sheehy had not impeded a law enforcement probe because no crime had taken place at the national park, according to the Post.
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And it is in these districts, from the Central Valley to the outskirts of Los Angeles and down to Orange County, where the House majority will likely be won or lost in 2024. Republicans currently hold a slim 218-seat majority, a precarious position for the party as the 213-member House Democratic Caucus works to flip the chamber this year. Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty ImagesKen Calvert, 41st DistrictFirst elected to the House: 1992AdvertisementCalvert is the longest-serving California Republican in Congress. Calvert won most of his races by large margins before redistricting, and he last faced a truly competitive reelection fight in 2008. Valadao's return to Congress was overshadowed by his decision to become one of 10 House Republicans to vote to impeach President Donald Trump in the aftermath of the Capitol riot.
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“Bob Good didn’t come here to govern. Rep. Derrick Van Orden talks with reporters after a meeting of the House Republican Conference in the US Capitol on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Asked if Good’s vote to oust McCarthy prompted the House GOP effort to defeat him, Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said: “It has something to do with that. Rep. Bob Good speaks with reporters at the US Capitol on January 12, in Washington, DC. Bob Good leads the fighters.”CNN’s Sheden Tesfaldet contributed to this report.
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Ukraine has found success at sea by using naval drones packed with explosive to batter Russia. AdvertisementIn two conflicts separated by more than 1,000 miles, US friends and foes alike have turned to a deadly weapon to defeat their enemy's warships: small naval drones packed with explosives. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower conducts flight operations in response to Houthi activity in the Red Sea on Feb. 23. In other words, there are ways that warships can protect against, evade, and ultimately defeat naval drones. Naval drones can potentially carry a large payload, and if they manage to get through undetected and hit a ship, "there could be significant damage."
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Read previewA former Russian partner who has drawn closer to the US in recent years has lately become something of a hub for Western special operations activity. The country's proximity to Israel, Gaza, and the Red Sea is important for special operations training. Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) conduct live fire weapons training with Cypriot Underwater Demolition Command (MYK) forces near Limassol, Cyprus on Jan. 29, 2024. In 2015, Nicosia signed a deal with Moscow allowing Russian warships to access its ports for replenishment. AdvertisementFollowing Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Cyprus barred Russian warships from its ports and scrapped the 2015 agreement, something the US had demanded.
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(AP) — Montana Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale said Thursday he is dropping his bid for the U.S. Senate less than a week after he got into the race on the same day that former President Donald Trump endorsed his opponent. Rosendale said he would be able to challenge Tester despite losing to him in 2018. Photos You Should See View All 33 Images“I’ve won two elections since then,” Rosendale, 63, told reporters after filing paperwork Friday to formally enter the race. “And the most important thing is that my name ID and my trust factor is elevated dramatically. Several other Republicans have already announced their intentions to enter that race, which is in a solidly GOP district.
Persons: , Matt Rosendale, Donald Trump, Tim Sheehy, Sheehy, Democratic Sen, Jon Tester, Montana Sen, Steve Daines, “ I’ve, Daines, , Matt, Organizations: U.S . Senate, Democratic, Republican, firebrand, Navy, Montana, National Republican, U.S Locations: Mont, — Montana, Rosendale
The leading Democrat in the primary is George Whitesides, a former NASA chief of staff supported by the campaign arm of House Democrats. A STRONGLY DEMOCRATIC DISTRICT THAT VOTES REPUBLICANThe Central Valley farm belt is a political conundrum. Gray, who is backed by the campaign arm of House Democrats, argues that his party can’t reclaim the House majority without winning his district. Rollins, who is backed by the campaign arm of House Democrats, says it's time for new leadership and has depicted Calvert as an extremist. “House Democrats are ready to find common ground and a bipartisan path forward.”
Persons: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, hasn’t, Joe Biden, , Gavin Newsom, Donald Trump, Newsom, ” Newsom, Trump, Mike Garcia, Garcia, — Garcia, George Whitesides, He's, , Katie Porter, Scott Baugh, Porter, Sen, David Min, Joanna Weiss, David Valadao, Democrat T.J, Cox, Rudy Salas, Valadao, Salas, Chris Mathys, Melissa Hurtado, Republican John Duarte, Democrat Adam Gray, Gray, Ken Calvert, Will Rollins, Calvert, Rollins, Michelle Steel, Kim Nguyen, Derek Tran, Steel, Mike Levin, Levin, Organizations: ANGELES, , Republican, Democratic, GOP, White House, LA COUNTY, District, Navy, Trump, California’s, Los Angeles, NASA, Democrats, REAGAN, Orange, “ Reagan, U.S, Senate, Central, Republicans, Democrat, CENTRAL, ANGELES Rep, SOUTH, Republican Rep, Capitol, Steel, Democratic Party, Hamas, American, DEMOCRAT, DISTRICT, Biden, Marine, Base, Congress, Locations: California, Southern California, rematches, Washington, Democratic Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Mexican, Central, Salas, Palm Springs, Korean, Capitol Hill, Orange County, Israel, Orange, San Diego, Coastal California, Pendleton
Years of underfunding have left the UK's navy in a threadbare state, according to a report. AdvertisementThe high-profile failure of the UK's flagship aircraft carrier over the weekend has shown how Britain is struggling to keep up with first-rate navies around the world. AdvertisementThe Prince of Wales and the HMS Queen Elizabeth have only been in service for around three years. Having two aircraft carriers means that HMS Prince of Wales can quickly prepare to deploy in place of HMS Queen Elizabeth," said a spokeswoman. Advertisement"HMS Prince of Wales will deploy soon on NATO exercise Steadfast Defender, carrying out her duties to keep the nation and our allies safe."
Persons: underfunding, , Elizabeth, Wales, Tom Sharpe, Lord Houghton, of Wales, HMS Queen Elizabeth, Prince, Sir Richard Barrons Organizations: NATO, Service, Britain's Royal Navy, US Navy, Navy, The Times, Britain's, Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces, Financial Locations: Britain, East Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Red, Bahrain, Wales
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's new defence minister Dong Jun held a video call with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday, according to a defence ministry statement, in his first public engagement since being appointed last month. Former Navy chief Dong's appointment came after his predecessor, Li Shangfu, disappeared from public view in August, throwing China's military diplomacy in doubt. The role of China's defence minister is to be the public face of the People's Liberation Army in its engagement with the media and with other armed forces. China and Russia's close military ties have been the target of Western scrutiny, especially after Russia's 2022 invasion of its neighbour Ukraine, which China has refused to condemn. Western countries, including the United States, have repeatedly warned China not to provide lethal aid to Russia's battlefield efforts.
Persons: Dong Jun, Sergei Shoigu, Li Shangfu, Dong, Shoigu, Laurie Chen, Christopher Cushing, Sharon Singleton Organizations: Former Navy, People's Liberation Army, United States, U.S Locations: BEIJING, Russian, China, Ukraine, United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, South China, Beijing
San Jose State is working to finalize a deal with former Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo to replace Brent Brennan as the Spartans head coach, two people with direct knowledge of the negotiations told The Associated Press on Saturday. ESPN first reported Niumatalolo was being targeted by San Jose State as its next head coach. Niumatalolo is the winningest coach in Navy history, going 109-83 in 15 seasons before being fired after the 2022 game against Army. Niumatalolo has said that if he got another chance to be a head coach, he would likely move away from the run-heavy scheme. Political Cartoons View All 253 ImagesSan Jose State is looking for a replacement for Brennan, who took the Arizona job after seven seasons with the Spartans.
Persons: Ken Niumatalolo, Brent Brennan, Niumatalolo, Chip Kelly, Brennan Organizations: Spartans, Associated Press, ESPN, San, Army, Midshipmen, Navy, UCLA, Bruins, Brennan's, AP Locations: Jose State, San Jose State, Arizona
Linking Ukraine’s military assistance to U.S. border security interjects one of the most divisive domestic political issues — immigration and border crossings — into the middle of an intensifying debate over wartime foreign policy. Failure risks delaying U.S. military aid to Kyiv and Israel, along with humanitarian assistance for Gaza, in the midst of two wars, potentially undermining America's global standing. Rather than approve Biden’s request, which includes $61 billion for Ukraine, Republicans are demanding something in return. Democrats call these essentially nonstarters, and the border security talks are going slowly. Other Republicans, led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a Donald Trump ally, have drawn an even deeper line against Ukraine aid.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Joe Biden’s, , Luke Coffey, Andriy Yermak, Coffey, Vladimir Putin’s, Mitch McConnell, It’s, , Sen, Chris Murphy, Conn, Biden, Tom Cotton, McConnell, Sabrina Singh, Democratic Sen, Jack Reed, Mike Garcia of, Garcia, Mike Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, Lolita C, Baldor, Ellen Knickmeyer, Stephen Groves Organizations: WASHINGTON, Hudson Institute, Republican, Associated Press, NORC, for Public Affairs Research, Biden, Republicans, Democrats, Senate, The Defense Department, Defense Department, Congressional Research Service, World Bank . National, Democratic, Senate Armed Services Committee, Russia, Kyiv, Navy, Rep Locations: Washington, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Mexico, U.S, Kyiv, Gaza, Ukrainian, United States, Kentucky, Russian, Rhode Island, , Mike Garcia of California, Iraq, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
Many countries are working on them — and neither China, Russia, Iran, India or Pakistan have signed a U.S.-initiated pledge to use military AI responsibly. Another AI project at Space Force analyzes radar data to detect imminent adversary missile launches, he said. One urgent challenge, says Jane Pinelis, chief AI engineer at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab and former chief of AI assurance in Martell’s office, is recruiting and retaining the talent needed to test AI tech. Testing and evaluation standards are also immature, a recent National Academy of Sciences report on Air Force AI highlighted. Might that mean the U.S. one day fielding under duress autonomous weapons that don’t fully pass muster?
Persons: , Replicator —, Kathleen Hicks, , Gregory Allen, we’ve, Missy Cummings, George Mason, Lisa Costa, Wallace ‘ Rhet ’ Turnbull, Tom Siebel, Matt Visser, Palantir, Jack Shanahan, Maven, Mark Milley, Christian Brose, Paul Scharre, ” Anduril, Nathan Michael, Michael, Shanahan, Craig Martell, Martell, Jane Pinelis, Organizations: U.S ., Russia, Air Force, China, Pentagon, Department of Defense, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Navy, ” U.S . Space Force, Space Force, Space Systems Command, Blackhawk, ., U.S . Missile Defense Agency, Defense Counterintelligence, Security Agency, Third Infantry Division, NATO, Maven, National Geospatial - Intelligence Agency, U.S . Special Operations, ISIS, Command, Control, Chiefs, Armed Services Committee, U.S, Marines, Special Forces, Industry, BAT, Marine Expeditionary, Pentagon AI, LinkedIn, Johns Hopkins, Lab, National Academy of Sciences Locations: Md, Ukraine, U.S, China, Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, ” U.S, Silicon Valley
Pollard said that the families of Israeli hostages should have been jailed to shut them up. Pollard told Israeli media that the families of Israeli hostages should have been jailed to shut them up. — Noga Tarnopolsky נגה טרנופולסקי نوغا ترنوبولسكي💙 (@NTarnopolsky) November 23, 2023He said the Israeli government should have prevented the hostages' families from "interfering" with their management of this war. AdvertisementHe implied that the hostages' families were being "used by the international community" or "by our own leftists" as a weapon against the Israeli government. Some Israeli hostages are due to be released later today as a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas comes into effect.
Persons: Jonathan Pollard, Pollard, , Israel Organizations: US, Service Locations: Israel
Republican former President Donald Trump beat Democratic President Joe Biden here by 39 points in 2020. OHIOLiberal Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown is seeking a fourth six-year term in a state, like West Virginia, that increasingly is Republican. There are at least four Republicans seeking their party's nomination, including State Senator Matt Dolan. Trump won the state by 16 points in 2020 and Tester is the only Democrat in the state's congressional delegation. Biden captured Michigan by just three points over Trump and the open Senate seat has attracted several aspirants from Democratic and Republican benches.
Persons: Joe Manchin, Julia Nikhinson, Joe Manchin's, Jim Justice, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Alex Mooney, Sherrod Brown, Trump, Matt Dolan ., John Tester, Tim Sheehy, Bob Casey, Biden, Republican David McCormick, Kyrsten Sinema, Ruben Gallego, Kari Lake, Debbie Stabenow, Elissa Slotkin, Republican Peter Meijer, Richard Cowan, Scott Malone, Daniel Wallis Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Supreme, WEST, Democrat, Republican, Democratic, Republican Party, U.S, OHIO Liberal Democratic, Biden, Navy, Senate, ARIZONA Independent, Trump, Democratic U.S, U.S . House, Capitol, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, West Virginia, Matt Dolan . MONTANA, MICHIGAN, Michigan
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ken Mattingly, an astronaut who is best remembered for his efforts on the ground that helped bring the damaged Apollo 13 spacecraft safely back to Earth, has died, NASA announced. However, The New York Times reported that Mattingly died in Arlington, Virginia. He helped with development of the spacesuit and backpack for the Apollo moon missions, NASA said. In 1970, Mattingly was supposed to have joined the crew of Apollo 13, piloting the command module. Apollo 13's story was told in the 1994 book “Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13,” co-authored by Lovell, and in the 1995 movie “Apollo 13,” where Gary Sinise played Mattingly.
Persons: — Ken Mattingly, , Bill Nelson, Thomas Kenneth Mattingly II “, ” Nelson, Mattingly, Mattingly spacewalked, John Swigert Jr, Swigert, James Lovell, Fred Haise, Mattingly “, ” NASA's Nelson, , Lovell, Gary Sinise Organizations: ANGELES, NASA, Apollo, The New York Times, Navy Locations: Arlington , Virginia
GOP Rep. Derrick Van Orden quietly left Washington, DC on Thursday to go to Israel. Van Orden has been a supporter of Rep. Jim Jordan's speakership bid. AdvertisementAdvertisementA Republican congressman who has supported Rep. Jim Jordan's run for speaker quietly left the US on Thursday to travel to Israel, complicating Jordan's bid to lead the chamber. Van Orden alluded to the inner turmoil in the lower chamber in his statement to the Sentinel. The lawmaker from Wisconsin's absence makes Jordan's speakership even more unlikely than it already was.
Persons: Derrick Van Orden, Van Orden, Jim Jordan's speakership, Van, , Jim Jordan's, Van Orden's, ranted, Kevin McCarthy, Jordan's, Jordan Organizations: Service, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Navy SEAL, Politico, Capitol, Democratic Caucus Locations: Washington, DC, Israel
WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Kevin McCarthy had support from 208 members of his conference to remain as House speaker. A look at the eight Republicans who voted to remove McCarthy from office, against the overwhelming wishes of their colleagues. REP. ANDY BIGGSBiggs is serving his fourth term in the House representing a strongly Republican-leaning district in Arizona. He said the annual spending bills are critical to cutting spending and getting rid of duplicative programs. It had nothing to do about spending," McCarthy said.
Persons: Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy, Joe Biden, ” McCarthy, “ That's, Reagan, ANDY BIGGS Biggs, Biggs, Donald Trump, , KEN BUCK Buck, Buck, Biden, @SpeakerMcCarthy, Burchett, we've, Kevin, ELI CRANE Crane, Tom O’Halleran, ” Crane, MATT GAETZ Gaetz, Trump, Mike Rogers, Gaetz, Matt Gaetz, ” Gaetz, “ Kevin McCarthy, Denver Riggleman, Good, , NANCY MACE Mace, Mace Organizations: WASHINGTON, , Democrats, REP, Caucus, Republican Party, McCarthy's, TIM, , Navy, Democratic, Republican, Alabama Rep, GOP, Denver, The Citadel, Cadets, U.S Locations: Arizona, Colorado, Denver, He's, Tennessee, Tennessee’s, Florida, South Carolina, Montana, Ukraine, U.S, , Rosendale
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Democratic legislator from central Wisconsin announced Tuesday that she is running for U.S. Rep. Derrick Van Orden's seat next year. State Rep. Katrina Shankland, of Sevens Point, joined a crowded field of Democratic challengers in western Wisconsin's 3rd Congressional District. Van Orden, a former Navy SEAL, narrowly defeated Democratic state Sen. Brad Pfaff to flip the seat for the GOP last year after longtime Democratic incumbent Ron Kind chose not to seek reelection. Pfaff has decided not to challenge Van Orden in 2024. Van Orden was outside of the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, before he was elected to Congress.
Persons: Derrick Van Orden's, Katrina Shankland, Tara Johnson, Rebecca Cooke, Aaron Nytes, Van Orden, Sen, Brad Pfaff, Ron Kind, Pfaff, vulgarities, didn't Organizations: , Democratic, Wisconsin, U.S . Rep, State, Congressional District, Former La, Harvard Law, Navy SEAL, GOP, Democrats, Senate, Capitol Locations: MADISON, Wis, Wisconsin's, Former La Crosse County
CNN —Top Senate Republicans look at the prospects of a Donald Trump primary victory with trepidation, fearful his polarizing style and heavy baggage may sink GOP candidates down the ticket as their party battles for control of the chamber. Daines argues that Trump is “strengthening” among independent voters and that could be a boon for his Senate candidates – even in purple states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania. “What’s key is we want to make sure we have high-quality candidates running with President Trump,” Daines said. Kyrsten Sinema nor Joe Manchin could hold onto their seats if they ran for reelection in their states as independents. And that’s a losing strategy.”Daines is also in the middle of another internal party war – between Trump and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, as the two men have been at sharp odds since the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.
Persons: Donald Trump, trepidation, Sen, Steve Daines doesn’t, don’t, Daines, Trump, , , ” Daines, Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin, Kari Lake, , he’s, Trump’s, Ronald Reagan, West Virginia –, Ted Cruz, he’s Ted Cruz he’ll, Tim Sheehy, Sheehy, Matt Rosendale, Jon Tester, Matt, He’s, Sherrod Brown’s, Manchin, ” Manchin, Joe, Ruben Gallego, Roe, Wade, that’s, Mitch McConnell, McConnell Organizations: CNN, Top, Republicans, Montana Republican, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Trump, Senate Republican, Republican, NRSC, GOP, Democratic, , Navy SEAL, Caucus, Senate GOP, Capitol Locations: Michigan , Wisconsin , Nevada, Pennsylvania, Montana, Sens, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, – Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, Rosendale, Ohio, Trump
So far, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan have been the only memorial sites inscribed on the United Nation's cultural agency's closely watched World Heritage list. At a meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, UNESCO member states agreed to add the World War One and Rwanda sites to the list, after adding the Argentina torture memorial on Tuesday. The World War One sites encompass a series of military cemeteries, battlefield burial grounds and memorials between the north of Belgium and the east of France. The 139 sites trace the outline of World War One's Western Front and hold the remains of tens of thousands of soldiers of several nationalities. The World Heritage Committee's annual meeting ends on Monday.
Persons: Rima Abdul, Malak, Geert De Clercq, Leslie Adler Organizations: Navy Mechanics School, UNESCO, Memorial, United, UNESCO World Heritage, Wednesday, Twa, ESMA, Navy School of Mechanics, Thomson Locations: Argentina's, PARIS, Belgium, France, Argentina, UN, Auschwitz, Poland, Hiroshima, Japan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Europe, Buenos Aires, UNESCO
A new documentary, "Against All Enemies," explores the link between military veterans and extremism. Why are veterans targeted as recruits for this kind of radical ideology? What patterns do you see in the direction that things are going for veterans in the wake of pulling out of Afghanistan? AdvertisementAdvertisementAre there commonalities in the ideology among extremist groups recruiting online in the ways they attract veterans for membership? From your perspective, what does the anti-democracy side stand to gain from continuing to push this this narrative to veterans?
Persons: Ken Harbaugh, , Variety, I'm, That's, who've, that's, George Soros —, Mike Flynn's, Marjorie Taylor Greene's, Josh Hawley, JD Vance, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Trump, Mike Flynn, Andrew Clyde, we've, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger Organizations: Service, Capitol, Navy, Rubicon, Ivy League, GE, Amazon, Trump, Yale Law School, United, Republican Party, clarion Locations: Wall, Silicon, Afghanistan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, American, Canada, United States, Myanmar, Georgia, America
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