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Read previewWith her youthful looks and toned abs, it's hard to tell that Marissa Teijo, 72, made history last month as the oldest woman to compete in the Miss Texas USA competition. "I don't eat cheeses. I don't eat processed meats. AdvertisementAlthough Aarieanna Ware, 26 — last year's Miss Dallas winner — won the Miss Texas USA title, Teijo told ABC News El Paso affiliate KVIA that she hopes she can inspire others to be confident. Representatives for Teijo and Miss Texas USA did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours.
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Read previewA food policy expert who is trying a different diet each month in 2024 told Business Insider that the vegan and Mediterranean diets are his favorite so far. So far this year, Wren has tried veganism, UK-based weight loss company Slimming World, only eating Huel products, intermittent fasting, paleo, and the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet has been voted the healthiest diet for seven years in a row by the US World News & Report. AdvertisementThe Mediterranean diet also appeared to be best for his mental health, he said in a TikTok video. Importantly, though, Wren was on holiday in Italy in June when he followed the Mediterranean diet.
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Read previewDietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine helps people cut down on ultra-processed foods while still enjoying their lives. AdvertisementIn her new book, "How Not to Eat Ultra-Processed," published in the UK and Germany on July 18, Ludlam-Raine offers a selection of recipes to help people achieve that. It's a deli­cious one-pan option for a weekend brunch, nutritious lunch, or supper when you have the time to cook," Ludlam-Raine said. Add the onion and pepper to the pan and cook for about 10 to 12 minutes, stirring often, until the vegetables start to soften. I have included various suggestions for toppings to help make it family-friendly (not everyone likes chile) and to encourage diversity.
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Compare the Blue Cash Preferred CardBlue Cash Preferred vs. the Blue Cash Everyday CardThe Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card and the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express are both cash-back cards, but they differ when it comes to bonus categories, rewards amounts, and annual fees. Blue Cash Preferred vs. the Chase Sapphire PreferredLike the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has a $95, but it's not waived the first year. Amex Blue Cash Preferred Frequently Asked QuestionsIs the Amex Blue Cash Preferred worth it? Here's our comparison of the Blue Cash Preferred and Blue Cash Everyday to help you decide which is best for your wallet. Can I upgrade my Amex Blue Cash Everyday card to the Blue Cash Preferred?
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Amazon Prime Credit Card OverviewFormerly known as the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, the newly renamed Prime Visa is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot on Amazon, Whole Foods, or both. Prime Visa Annual Fee and APRAnnual FeeThe Prime Visa doesn't have an annual fee. Prime Visa Card ComparisonThe Prime Visa is a great card if you make most of your household purchases from Amazon and/or Whole Foods. Amazon Prime Credit Card Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are the main benefits of the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card? Do I need an Amazon Prime membership to apply for the Amazon Prime Visa?
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Read previewHold the butter — the rise of weight loss medications may be signaling an end to popular high-fat, low-carb diet trends. But interest has begun to wane in recent years, with the number of people on keto diets dropping by 4% in 2023. Some doctors have called keto the worst diet for healthDespite hitting its stride in the mid-2010s, the keto diet has been around for at least a century. Both saturated fat and processed meats are popular in low-carb diet variations like "dirty keto," full of junk food. GLP-1 drugs work for weight loss by mimicking various hormones that naturally occur in the human body and help regulate appetite.
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It's expensive to be 'hot' in 2024
  + stars: | 2024-07-23 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +7 min
Read previewThe beauty industry — dominated by high-priced skincare and facial injections — is booming in 2024, and it's only getting more expensive to keep up with current hotness standards. Whether it's "hot girl walks" or snail mucin-based skincare products, people are deeply interested in maintaining their physical appearance. Related storiesShe estimated that her full skincare routine costs around $100 to refill every two to three months. As a model, Mehala is expected to almost always appear groomed with her hair and nails done. AdvertisementDuring a month when he's consistent with all of his routine, Owens estimated that he might spend $1,200 on his looks.
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Tesla reported adjusted earnings per share at 52 cents, while analysts surveyed by LSEG had called for 62 cents per share. Visa reported $8.9 billion in revenue, which came in slightly below the $8.92 billion forecast by analysts polled by LSEG. Its adjusted earnings per share of 19 cents topped analysts' estimates for 17 cents per share, according to LSEG data. In the fiscal fourth quarter, earnings of $2.32 per share were higher than a year ago, but shy of the $2.41 per share analysts predicted, according to FactSet. Revenue of $304 million also fell short of the $310 million analysts forecast.
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Here I am at an event about longevity at my local library, practicing Chado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for preparing matcha. Here are the eight foods I always keep in my kitchen and eat every day to live a longer and happier life. Since I was in high school, I have practiced Chado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for preparing green tea. For example, I'll throw kombu seaweed into miso soup with some dried mushrooms, or make a salad with seaweeds like wakame and hijiki. I use dried shiitake for overnight dashi (soup stock) with kombu seaweed, miso soup, dressings, vinegar, curry — basically everything.
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I work with a functional nutritionist and love shopping at Costco for healthier options. I focus on foods that help me balance my blood sugar with carbs, healthy fats, and protein. AdvertisementAfter working with a functional nutritionist to improve my overall health, I've learned about the importance of keeping my blood sugar balanced by eating a healthy mix of protein, carbs, and fat. According to the CDC, one in three Americans (that's 98 million) have prediabetes because their blood sugar is higher than normal. I don't want to fall down that path, and luckily, my nutritionist helped me find some great Costco products that help me meet my health goals.
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But Amazon, which has also spent four years opening Amazon Fresh stores and trying to build its grocery delivery business, hasn't been as disruptive to existing players like Walmart and Kroger as some feared it would be. To better serve the middle, Amazon could consider acquiring a grocery chain that already exists to boost its store network, Grewal said. Besides selling groceries, Amazon could use the stores to fill pick-up and delivery orders, much as they already do with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. AdvertisementOthers have also said that acquiring more stores could give Amazon the boost it needs to succeed in the grocery business. Do you work for Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, or another part of Amazon's retail operations and have a story idea to share?
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But in general, this is the kind of development we've hoped to see ever since Starbucks' massive earnings miss April 30. We'll take the nearly 7% pop in shares Friday and hope it's only the beginning of recovery for the beaten-up stock. Fed's fave inflation measure : The personal spending and income report will be the most closely watched economic report next week. Earnings : As the second-quarter earnings season picks up pace, we'll hear from five Club holdings next week including Google parent Alphabet . Jim waits 45 minutes after sending a trade alert before buying or selling a stock in his charitable trust's portfolio.
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In large South Korean cities like Seoul, convenience stores are on every corner, sometimes with multiple outlets from competing companies dotting the same street. Heo Ran/ReutersThere are a few things that set South Korean convenience stores apart. A quick search on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram shows an endless supply of videos about Korean convenience stores. Indeed, Korean convenience store companies have grown so successful they are even expanding overseas. But when she next returns to South Korea, she will “definitely” still visit a convenience store and hit record, she said.
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I was born in New Zealand and love eating the country's classic foods each time I visit my family. I grew up eating custard squares and marmite on toast, which can be difficult to find in the US. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . I miss a lot of the dishes native to my home country, so I love to eat those hard-to-get foods each time I return to New Zealand to visit family. After all, it can be hard to figure out which foods are worth trying, and what dishes are truly unique to the country.
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Amazon is also using AI to create highlights about how clothing fits, the quality of the fabric, and other aspects based on buyer reviews. aims to reduce the number of damaged or incorrect products Amazon sendsAn Amazon warehouse. MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty ImagesAmazon has cut down on packaging waste — think about those times you've gotten something tiny in a huge box — using AI. The approach means that Amazon can ship products using less cardboard and other packaging materials by using them more efficiently. AI can give you recommendations on Amazon's Fire TVAmazon isn't just using AI for shopping.
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Nadya Lukic | E+ | Getty ImagesMost Americans may not even remember the last time they wrote a check. Only 15% of adults said they wrote a few checks a month in 2023, according to a recent report by GoBankingRates. In fact, in the years since the Covid pandemic, Americans have fully embraced contactless and digital payment methods, while check writing has steadily declined into near-oblivion. Some retailers rule out paper checksAs of July 15, Target joined a growing list of retailers, including the Aldi supermarket chain, Whole Foods, Old Navy and Lululemon, that no longer accept personal checks as payment. So, if personal checks are heading toward extinction, who, if anyone, is affected?
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"Lifestyle has the most profound effect on brain health, more than anybody could imagine." "We think that if you take care of brain health, you've taken care of all health," he said. 9 evidence-backed foods for brain healthGreensSpinach, kale, "the darker the better," Sherzai said. But since a serving of berries is only half a cup, you can still probably squeeze in a serving for $1 or less. AdvertisementHerbs and spicesShutterstockCost: penniesEvidence: There are various reasons that seasonings can boost cognitive health.
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How to gain access to Delta Sky ClubsDelta Sky Club access is normally restricted to passengers traveling in business- or first-class seats on Delta and SkyTeam partners; certain travelers on qualifying flights who hold Delta elite status; or travelers who have purchased a Sky Club membership. Sky Club membership optionsThere's quantifiable monetary value to Delta Sky Club access — Sky Club memberships begin at $695 per year, but can be worth significantly more for frequent Delta travelers. Credit cards with Sky Club accessWith the right credit card, you can access Delta Sky Clubs for free on many flights. If you have the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card or Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Business American Express Card, you can access Delta Sky Clubs if you're traveling on a Delta flight that same day. Conclusion: Enhancing your travel with Sky Club accessDelta Sky Club airport lounges can make your travels more comfortable and save you money on expensive airport food and drinks.
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The Q3 2024 bonus categories are gas and EV charging, movies, and ticketed live entertainment events such as concerts and shows. That's why you can think of the Chase Freedom Flex® and Chase Freedom® bonus categories as earning you either 5% back or 5x points. Q3 2024: Chase Freedom Flex® and legacy Chase Freedom® cardholders can activate bonus categories online or through their Chase account until September 14, 2024. Points earned on the Chase Freedom Flex® and the Chase Freedom® can be transferred to certain travel credit cards for significantly higher value. In Q3 2024, the bonus categories are gas and EV charging, movies, and live entertainment.
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Ultra-processed foods have been linked to a range of health problems. Dietitian Kat Garcia-Benson avoids UPFs but focuses on "what to add versus what to take away" from meals. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA dietitian who avoids ultra-processed foods shared with Business Insider what she would order at Chipotle. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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I reduced my 'biological age' by 10 years — here's what that meansWoods and her husband hiking in Patagonia. AdvertisementIt drives me crazy when people wear these kinds of one-off "biological age" stats like some sort of badge of honor. Regular checkups, blood tests, and scans at the doctor are one thing, but I wouldn't pay 300 pounds just to brag about a biological age result. HRT: One of the most pharmacological ways I've changed my biological age since I started this journey is hormone replacement therapy for menopause. I'm now convinced that hope and happiness will outdo any pill when it comes to improving biological aging.
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In today's big story, Amazon wants to stop employees skirting in-office mandates by tracking their hours spent in the office . The big storyPunching the clockGetty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BIAt Amazon, coffee is for closers people who spend at least 2 hours in the office. AdvertisementBusiness Insider's Eugene Kim has a report on Amazon monitoring the hours its corporate employees spend in the office . Amazon and its employees have been in an ongoing battle over its return-to-office mandate, which was first announced early last year. AdvertisementFor Amazon employees, the RTO mandates have been shrouded in mystery and confusion.
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To understand anchovies, you need to understand umami. For most of history, just four tastes were recognized: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. He named the taste umami, after the Japanese word “umai,” which translates — very roughly — as savory taste. Preserved anchovies — whether salted, packed in oil or transformed into fish sauce — have extraordinarily high levels of umami. We know we need to be eating more whole foods, more plants, more good fats, more grains and pulses.
Persons: Democritus, Kikunae Ikeda, Ikeda, it’s Locations: Japanese, Asia, Rome, haute, York
CNN —The Forbidden City was once one of the most powerful places on the planet. It was called the ‘Forbidden City’ because few Chinese subjects were allowed to enter. Ancient tableware from the Forbidden City is on display at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. “The majority of (the emperors) grew up in a highly disciplined environment,” says Wang of the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Now popular worldwide, Peking duck was regularly served at Empress Dowager Cixi's Forbidden City banquets.
Persons: Zhao Rongguang, Bin Xiao Zhao, Deng Xiaoping, Beijing . Zhao, wasn’t, Zhao, Kangxi Emperor, VCG Wilson, Kangxi, , Qianlong Emperor, Giuseppe Castiglione, , Qianlong, Daisy Yiyou Wang, Maggie Wong, Nicole Chiang, ” Chiang, Chiang, Emperor Qianlong, it’s, , ” Zhao, It's, didn’t, Wang, Dowager Cixi, Empress Dowager Cixi –, Cixi, China’s, Han Quan Xi, ’ ”, Dowager, Tian, Yan ”, suckling, Tian An Yan, Leah Abucayan Organizations: CNN, Historical, of China, Beijing's, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong, Forbidden, Hong Kong, Museum, Everett, Communists, China Import, Fair, Communist Locations: Europe, Beijing, China, Chinese, Heilongjiang, Paris, Beijing ., Prosperity, Netherlands, Italian, City, Hong Kong, It’s, Beijing’s, Forbidden City, Jiangnan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Mongolia, Qianlong, Guangzhou, Japan, East Asia, Peking, Imperial
Read previewAmazon is now monitoring the hours corporate employees spend in the office. This move is intended to crack down on people who are trying to skirt the company's return-to-office policy, Business Insider has learned. Coffee badging refers to employees who badge in, get coffee, and leave the office shortly to satisfy their return-to-office mandate. 'Like high school students'Many Amazon employees shared their frustrations with the new mandate, the Slack messages showed. One person wrote that people will act like high-school students "if you treat employees like high school students."
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