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What it’s really like to live in Antarctica
  + stars: | 2024-05-23 | by ( Lilit Marcus | )   time to read: +14 min
The Minnesota native first went to the White Continent in 2007 to work as a janitor at McMurdo Base, one of the three US outposts there. She was one of half-a-dozen people staffing the world’s southernmost post office, UK-administered Port Lockroy. Counting penguins is one of the roles Port Lockroy staff have during their time in Antarctica. Once you get the Antarctica bug, Long and Nelson say, it’s pretty hard to get rid of. In a fast-paced globalized world where everyone is on their phones all the time, Antarctica offers a rare opportunity to live a different kind of life.
Persons: United States –, Keri Nelson, Amundsen, ” Nelson, , McMurdo, Palmer, Evan Townsend, ” Keri Nelson, , Nelson, Scott Base, , Scott, Keri Nelson “, Chris Long, Long, Laura Bullesbach, Bridie Martin, Laura Bullesbach doesn’t, you’re, You’re, Port Lockroy, Bullesbach, Clare Ballantyne, ” Long, Keri Nelson Long, he’s, vacationer, ” Klaus Dodds Organizations: CNN, United, Antarctic, Minnesota, Base, Scott, Palmer, grownups, McMurdo Base, McMurdo, US, Geographic, Pole, Ocean, Scott Base, Port, Lockroy, Port Lockroy, Electronics, University of London Locations: Antarctica, Chile, Japan, Australia, United States, McMurdo, New, Ross, Amundsen, New Zealand, Russian, South America, Port Lockroy, Lockroy, Port, Denver, China
It was his only day off from working 12-hour shifts at a Chinese restaurant in New York City. Evelio Contreras/CNNAfter arriving in New York, Ye spent a week in a Manhattan shelter. For Chinese asylum seekers like Ye, there is a well-trodden route to residency in the US. … It’s impossible for them to be spies.”But the rhetoric around the rise of undocumented Chinese migrants highlights growing tensions between the US and Chinese governments. He received permanent US residence a year later and has gone on to help Chinese migrants in Flushing.
Persons: Ye Chengxiang, , , Ye, Evelio Contreras, Amy Hsin, Jiang Zhen, Yong Xiong, Xi Jinping, Biden, Mark Green of, Wan Yanhai, , Jiang, “ It’s, I’m, Melanie Stetson Freeman, ’ Wan, Flushing . Li Jiada, Li Jiada, Jesus, Li Organizations: NY CNN, Central America, CNN, Queens College, Customs and, Embassy, Central, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, Republicans, Republican, House Homeland Security Committee, Communist Party, Christian Science, Customs Enforcement, of, Yorker Locations: Flushing, NY, New York City, China, Communist, Ye, States, Colombia, Darien, South, Central, New York, Manhattan, Flushing’s, Sunset, Mexico, Central America, Queens, Hunan province, Guangdong, Chinatown, , Flushing , New York, San Francisco, Mark Green of Tennessee, Beijing, Flushing ., Flushing , Queens
The competition began with some 2,500 dogs from more than 200 breeds, then eventually pared down to a field of seven group champions who vied against each other for the top prize. The best-in-show judge, Rosalind Kramer, who remained sequestered during the proceedings so that she could emerge fresh for the final round, selected Sage over what she called an “absolutely glorious” lineup of dogs. Sage, a three-year-old bitch whose full name is GCHG Ch Surrey Sage, was a surprise win. But she had something about her. She trots daintily, as if running was slightly beneath her.
Persons: Sage, Rosalind Kramer, Billie Jean King, trots Organizations: Westminster Kennel, Sage, Surrey Sage, Billie Jean King National Tennis Center Locations: GCHG, Surrey, Flushing , Queens
At Westminster, the Dogs Are in Charge
  + stars: | 2024-05-13 | by ( Callie Holtermann | )   time to read: +1 min
The tennis balls had been stashed away safely by the time 2,500 dogs and their obedient human entourages overtook the U.S.T.A. Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens this weekend for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The human-to-dog ratio at the tennis center might be 2 to 1, but the power balance favors the dogs. In a tent reserved for grooming, a Lhasa apso was carefully flat-ironed while several miniature poodles were sculpted into sudsy topiaries. This is the second year of the show’s being held in the Flushing section of Queens, with Arthur Ashe Stadium offering deluxe accommodations for the show’s main events.
Persons: Billie Jean King, basset, Arthur Ashe Organizations: Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, Westminster Kennel, Garden Locations: Queens, strollers, Lhasa, Madison, Lyndhurst, Flushing
A strange thing happened a few years ago when Christine Longnecker, who teaches horseback riding in and around Erie County, Pa., brought her new rescue dog, Miles, to a class. Instead of waiting quietly with the other non-horses in the barn, Miles suddenly sprinted into the ring and bounded over the fences himself. On Saturday, he is scheduled to compete for the second time in the agility competition at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which will be held in Flushing, Queens. The agility competition might be the rhythmic gymnastics of Westminster, derided as less than by traditionalists, but it’s a growing sport with meritocratic principles and an air of antic fun in its favor. Any dog can compete, no matter who its parents are.
Persons: Christine Longnecker, Miles, , Ms, Longnecker, antic, they’re Organizations: Westminster Kennel, Westminster Locations: Erie County, Pa, Flushing , Queens
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The kitchen and bathroom were gutted, and the smell of rats' nests was so strong I could hardly stand it. The property was located in a town I'd never heard of with fewer than 1,000 residentsThe abandoned home. I had been sitting on some life insurance money I'd gotten after my Marine husband died of war wound complications. I got lucky with the saleThe silver lining was that housing prices had skyrocketed since I'd purchased the property.
Persons: , Ivy, I'd, couldn't, Karie, Blackberries, Fugett, we'd, I, we're, We're Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Oregon, Philomath, Eugene, Alabama
When it comes to ballpark bites, I'm as frugal as it gets. Any trip to a baseball game starts at a deli so I can grab a sandwich to bring into the stadium. If I'm going to be paying a markup I'd rather buy a $15 beer than a $7 hot dog. With a built-in Shake Shack and countless options for every type of cuisine you could want, it's a great time to be a foodie in Flushing, Queens. But $40 for a sandwich?
Persons: it's Organizations: New York Mets, Citi Locations: Flushing , Queens
Many places have no running water, flushing toilets or garbage pickup. The lucky ones are sleeping on a friend’s sofa. “There are kids at my camp who have no parents,” said Agenithe Jean, 39, who left her home in the Carrefour Feuilles neighborhood of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, in August for an improvised camp in an empty lot about six miles away. “We need latrines. We need somewhere to go.”
Persons: , Agenithe Jean Organizations: United Nations Locations: Haiti, United, Carrefour Feuilles, Haiti’s, Port
Ender Mora arrived at the soccer field in Flushing Meadows Corona Park one Sunday afternoon with a couple of new Venezuelan friends who had gotten off a bus at Port Authority four hours earlier, after a journey from the Texas border. The two 20-year-olds had no socks, wore only thin jackets and looked confused and exhausted. While waiting for his turn on the field, Mr. Mora, wearing his soccer uniform, busied himself bringing them bottles of water, sandwiches and warmer coats. “I know they just arrived, but I thought it was important for them to see this,” Mr. Mora said, “so that they could get to know all our people here.”
Persons: Ender Mora, . Mora, busied, Mr, Mora, Organizations: Port Authority Locations: Flushing Meadows Corona, Texas
Read previewI was born and raised in Athens, so I've seen a lot of tourists. Here are things I wish people would stop doing when they visit Athens. AdvertisementIf you insist on riding the bus, ask someone at the stop when your specific bus passed last. When in doubt, ask a local for the best restaurants in Athens rather than blindly following travel guides. AdvertisementCrosswalks are rarely seen by Greek drivers as a sign to stop, so crossing one whenever you want is unwise.
Persons: , I've, SHansche, you've, zucchini, SEN LI, it's Organizations: Service, Business, Acropolis Locations: Athens, Delta, Greece, cafés
The New York Mets are looking for someone to pick up the mantle of one of the most iconic mascots in American sports. The Flushing, Queens-based ball club recently posted a job listing for a "high-energy, enthusiastic individual" to don Mr. Met's massive baseball-shaped head and serve as the team's most identifiable brand ambassador. The organization is looking for applicants with proven mascot experience and the ability "to perform physically demanding activities" while in the famous costume. But the role of manager of "Mascot Operations" for Mr. Met — as well as his wife Mrs. Met — requires much more than putting on the uniform and mask and keeping fans entertained between innings. Job responsibilities include working with the Mets' marketing team, managing department budgets and coordinating mascot appearances at events around the city.
Organizations: New York Mets, Microsoft, Mets Locations: Flushing, Queens
Rising interest rates crushed technology valuations and had a chilling effect on Silicon Valley. Stripe had to take a major haircut along with the rest of the industry as soaring inflation and rising interest rates, starting in 2022, pushed investors out of the riskiest assets, lifted borrowing costs and and forced startups to tighten their belts. "Valuations are a product of interest rates," Collison said. While many tech companies took a hit in 2022 and 2023, Collison said the rising interest rate environment succeeded in flushing out the "wackiest" startup ideas, leaving the best ones to get funded. He pointed to an "overfunding" of marginally good ideas, and "zombie companies" taking too long to go bust.
Persons: John Collison, Collison, Patrick, Elon, We're, Jerome Powell Organizations: CNBC, SpaceX, Wall Street Journal, Federal Locations: Silicon Valley
‘Challengers’ Review: Game, Set, Love Matches
  + stars: | 2024-04-25 | by ( Manohla Dargis | )   time to read: +2 min
Guadagnino’s latest, “Challengers,” is about a continually changing love triangle involving two besotted men and a sharp, beautiful woman with killer instincts and personal style. Written by the novelist and playwright Justin Kuritzkes, “Challengers” is fairly straightforward despite its self-consciously tortured narrative timeline. It tracks three tennis prodigies — friends, lovers and foes — across the years through their triumphs and defeats, some shared. A rich boy who cosplays as poor (well, at least struggling), Patrick met Art when they were children at a tennis academy. It’s at that point that they met Tashi, then a fast-rocketing star.
Persons: Luca Guadagnino, Tilda Swinton, , , Dario Argento, Justin Kuritzkes, prodigies, Tashi, Mike Faist, It’s, Patrick, Josh O’Connor Organizations: , U.S . Locations: New Rochelle, N.Y, Flushing , Queens
I think the possibility that the man could have fertility issues can be more than just a clinical concern. That isn’t the case, which is why it’s crucial to broaden our focus and address male infertility. Within this context, male infertility plays a significant role, contributing to around 40% of cases of infertility. Treating male infertilityTreating your male fertility issues can start right now. Don’t stay silentTackling male infertility requires care that extends beyond the confines of medical treatment.
Persons: Jamin, That’s, , you’re, what’s Organizations: Orlando Health, University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine, CNN, Consulting Locations: Alabama, United States
At New York's Dragon Festival, authentic Chinese brands and restaurants excite locals' taste buds. Its founder shared some of her favorite vendors of soup dumplings and candies at the opening event. "This doesn't taste like home," said Xu, a 31-year-old entrepreneur and the creator of New York City's Dragon Festival, the biggest Chinese-food festival in the metropolitan area. Jessie YuChen for BIChen said that confectioners in her home province of Fujian, China, caught her attention when she was younger. In 2006, inspired by the soup dumplings made popular by Shanghai's Nanxiang district, Ma opened his first New York City storefront.
Persons: , Xu, Jessie YuChen, she's, Mila, Tang Hulu, I'm, Bu Tong, Ivy Chen, Dragon Lulu, Chen, Vivian Cao, confectioners, Emperor Guangzong, Michael Ma, Xiang Xiao Long Bao, Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, Ma, Nan, bartenders, Coco, Xibei Yang Organizations: Service, Park, Dragon, Prospect, lollipop, Michelin, Chi Forest, Haidilao, BI Locations: New York, SoHo, Chinatown, Flushing, York City, Koreatown, Union, Chelsea, Washington, Kwa, Henan, Queens, Prospect Park , Brooklyn, Beijing, Fujian, China, Shanghai, York, Nanxiang, New York City, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chi, Thai, Bangkok, Sichuan, Manhattan
But too much of supplements, including fish oil and vitamin D, can be harmful. A toxicologist shared the side effects of overdoing some of the most popular supplements. AdvertisementChilcott shared the long-term risks of taking too much of some of the most popular supplements. You're unlikely to get symptoms from taking too much vitamin D if you're taking less than 250 mcg a day, according to the ODS. Of all the supplements Chilcott spoke about, he said this was the one that's the most potentially risky, but only at very high doses.
Persons: , Rob Chilcott, Chilcott, it's Organizations: Service, University of Hertfordshire, FDA, Cleveland Clinic, BI, US Food and Drug Administration
Little by little, as I've progressed through my twenties and now stare 30 in the eye, I've picked up aches and pains along the way. But still, some things aren't quite the same as they used to be, especially when it comes to recovery. Experts agree: Percussive therapy worksPercussive massagers can regularly be seen being used by athletes on the sidelines of NBA games. His team employs percussive massagers from Hyperice to help elite athletes like Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen perform at the highest level. "You could spend from $100 to $300 on a massage, and that's one or two payments of buying a gun," he says.
Persons: I've, Therabody, , Paul George, James Harden, Tyler Herro, Joe, Ezra Shaw, Wil Colón, NYU Langone, Colón, Erik Phillips, Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, Phillips, There's Organizations: NBA, Getty, NYU, NBA's Utah Jazz, Utah Jazz Locations: Hyperice, Utah
Read previewLate-night host Jimmy Kimmel said observing hygiene standards in Japan has drastically changed his perspective of cleanliness in the US, and joked that he's "never felt dirtier" in his home country. Kimmel said on Tuesday evening episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that before going to Japan on a seven-day family trip, he thought the US was "pretty buttoned-up" despite having areas for improvement. "But now, after traveling to Japan, I realize that this place, this USA we're always chanting about, is a filthy and disgusting country," he said. In 2019, a Japanese toll operator installed public toilets on the Central Nippon Expressway that could measure driver fatigue. Kimmel is one of tens of millions to recently visited Japan on holiday.
Persons: , Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel, loos, Garner's, I've Organizations: Service, Business, Central Nippon, Japanese, Germany, FIFA Locations: Japan, USA, Tokyo, Kyoto
The Hotel That Owed Over $300,000 in Water Bills
  + stars: | 2024-03-21 | by ( James Barron | )   time to read: 1 min
The city says that the bill scofflaws have used six billion gallons without paying. That’s enough water to satisfy the city’s thirst for four full days, as well as its needs for teeth brushing, showering and toilet flushing. Looked at another way, the daily average for water use is about 191 gallons for a single-family home and 142 gallons per unit for a multifamily one. The city charges $11.63 for every 100 cubic feet of water (748 gallons), which includes a charge for wastewater services. That works out to about a penny a gallon.
And some people opt to get their caffeine through energy drinks or caffeine pills. In rarer scenarios, an overconsumption of caffeine can lead to a state called caffeine intoxication or caffeine overdose. Caffeine intoxication occurs when a person has dangerously high levels of caffeine in the system. While rare, there is always a potential for caffeine intoxication if a person is drinking irresponsibly. Caffeine intoxication is more than the headache you get from drinking too much expresso.
Persons: Erin Palinski, Wade, Oleg Breslavtsev, Nima Majlesi, Majlesi, , you’ve, you’re, Jocelyn Solis, Moreira Organizations: CNN, National Coffee Association, US Food and Drug Administration, EKP Nutrition Communications, Staten Island University Hospital, Palinski Locations: New Jersey, New York
And most important of all, how does a toilet work at 40,000 feet? Matthias Balk/dpa/picture alliance/Getty ImagesUsing water to flush airplane toilets is a no go because of aircraft weight restrictions. When you press the flush button, a valve opens at the bottom of the toilet bowl, connecting it to a pipe below. Airplanes have never deliberately shot their toilet waste into the atmosphere, not even in the old days, says Jones. The onboard air circulation of today isn’t just about keeping healthy – it also controls how passengers feel, especially on longhaul flights.
Persons: Al St, Germain, who’s, James Kemper, Matthias Balk, biggie, , Nigel Jones, Jones, it’s, that’s, , Martin Leissl, Nik Sennhauser, Jones –, bev, ” Kris Major, he’s, Don Buchman, – Buchman, Buchman, “ It’s, St Organizations: CNN, Delta, , Kingston University, UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society, Airlines, JAL, Al Nippon Airways, Oman Air, Boeing, Airplanes, British Airways, Bloomberg, Getty, European Transport Workers ’ Federation Joint, Viasat, Netflix, Pilots, JetBlue, Germain . British Airways, US, American Airlines, Environmental Protection Agency, Airbus Locations: St, London, It’s, Japanese, Oman, Antarctica, London’s Heathrow, Europe, what’s, North America, New York City, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Iberia, Southwest
CNN —British tennis star Emma Raducanu says she’s not too focused on results this season, opting instead to develop her skills as she bids to rediscover her grand slam-winning form. She is now set to compete at Indian Wells, California, this week but told BBC Sport that her focus was more on personal development. “I want to work on becoming a better tennis player,” Raducanu said. “I think, for me, I’m not too concerned about this year’s tournaments. Raducanu will face Rebeka Masarova in the first round at Indian Wells on Thursday as she looks to get back to her best.
Persons: Emma Raducanu, she’s, ” Raducanu, , I’m, Raducanu, Indian Wells, “ It’s, Organizations: CNN, BBC Sport, sensationally, Indian Locations: British, Indian Wells , California, Flushing Meadows
Why designers are rethinking the toilet
  + stars: | 2024-02-22 | by ( Jacqui Palumbo | )   time to read: +11 min
CNN —Consider the toilet — that humble porcelain bowl that spirits away our waste several times a day. Rethinking how we deal with waste may also present an opportunity: Our excrement can be converted into renewable heat, electricity and fertilizer. Ugo CarmeniKnown as a “Huussi” in Finnish, the dry toilet separates urine from stool and is ventilated to keep odors out — In Finland, dry toilets are particularly prevalent in rural summer cottages, Renell told CNN in a video call. Kelsey McWilliams/Point of ShiftNow a water, sanitation and hygiene consultant for over ten years, McWilliams founded Point of Shift to create circular systems for clients within the US. The humble dry toilet and a large-scale urban sewage system may be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they are both solutions to the same problem.
Persons: It’s, , Arja Renell, Ugo Carmeni, Renell, Kelsey McWilliams, Melinda Gates, McWilliams, There’s, “ It’s, ” McWilliams, ChangeWater, Diana Yousef, ” Yousef, What’s, , Yousef, ’ ”, San, Sarah Perfekt “, Amanda Haux, Sarah Perfekt, Haux, ” Renell Organizations: CNN, Environmental Protection Agency, Venice Biennale, University of Delaware, WHO, UNICEF’s, Locations: Flushing, Finnish, Venice, Finland, Uganda, Panama, California, San Francisco, Swedish, Helsingborg, RecoLab, reimagining, Sweden,
How Red Wine Lost Its Health Halo
  + stars: | 2024-02-17 | by ( Alice Callahan | )   time to read: +1 min
“The answer to the riddle, the explanation of the paradox, may lie in this inviting glass,” Mr. Safer said, raising a glass of red wine to viewers. Safer said, that wine had “a flushing effect” that prevented blood clot-forming cells from clinging to artery walls. This, according to a French researcher who was featured in the segment, could reduce the risk of a blockage and, therefore, the risk of a heart attack. And researchers were finding that the Mediterranean diet, which has traditionally encouraged a glass or two of red wine with meals, was a heart-healthy way of eating, he added.
Persons: Morley Safer, Safer, Doctors, Tim Stockwell Organizations: CBS, Mr, Canadian Institute for Substance Locations: United States
We've got you covered when looking for how to buy tickets for Blink 182's 2024 tour. Blink 182 2024 tour scheduleThe One More Time Tour, a North American extension of the 2023/2024 World Tour, begins on June 20. How much are Blink 182 tickets? Ticket prices to Blink 182's 2024 concert series vary by date, location, and demand for each show. On StubHub, the least expensive Blink 182 2024 tour tickets begin between $36 (Lexington, Kentucky on August 1) and $212 (Salt Lake City, Utah on July 11).
Persons: Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker –, We've, Pierce, StubHub Organizations: Business, FL, UT, SC, Ticketmaster, America Locations: North America, Orlando , Florida, American, United States, Canada, Toronto, Orlando, Miami, Antonio, Worth , TX, Denver, Diego, Glendale, AZ, Vegas, Angeles, CA, Fresno, Francisco, Lake City, Portland, Quincy, WA, Flushing, NY, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Washington, Greenville, Raleigh, NC, Lexington, KY, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Louis, Detroit, MI, Columbus, ON, Kansas City , Missouri, Fort Worth , Texas, Lexington , Kentucky, Salt Lake City , Utah, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland
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