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I recently flew between New York and Helsinki on Finnair's Airbus A350-900 in economy. Finnair is now my go-to for long-haul flying despite an inconsistent weight policy for carry-ons. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementI recently traveled all the way from New York City to Finland's northernmost municipality of Utsjoki for a chance to see the aurora lights. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Finnair says that weight data helps the safe operation of flights. AdvertisementAn airline’s trial policy to ask passengers to weigh themselves before flights has sparked controversy, with critics saying it could be triggering and embarrassing. Travel journalist Yvette Caster, also interviewed by GB News, called Finnair's move to weigh passengers "fatphobic." Finnair has announced it will begin weighing passengers with their carry-on luggage to better estimate the plane's weight before take-off. Uzbekistan Airlines began weighing passengers for the same reason in 2015.
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Finnair said no personal data is being collected along with passenger weight. Finnair uses its own passenger weight measurements, and authorities require that the data is updated every five years. The European Aviation Safety Authority also collects its own data on passenger weight for aircraft mass and balance calculations. Its latest study, in 2022, showed that average passenger weight did not significantly increase or decrease since the last study in 2009. AdvertisementAir New Zealand, Korean Air, Hawaiian Airlines have made similar requests of passengers in the past year, to better understand average weights for safety.
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How European airlines have hedged against fuel price increases
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Spot Northwest European jet fuel prices were at $950 per metric ton on Monday, up 4% from before the assault. They also try to hedge against value changes in the U.S. dollar, in which jet fuel is priced. JET2 (JET2.L):The British leisure travel company said in July it had 81.8% of fuel hedged over the next 12 months. Lufthansa has hedged 74% of the fuel it expects to need for 2024 at an average price of $951 per ton. WIZZ AIR (WIZZ.L):The Hungarian carrier said in June it had hedged 62% of its 2024 fuel needs and 53% of the dollars it needs for that fuel.
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Intra-European travel has been doing very well," said aviation analyst James Halstead, adding that limited planes meant ticket prices could stay high. Britain's easyJet (EZJ.L) said earlier this month it wanted to more than double profits and expand its fleet, even though fuel prices could mean higher ticket prices. Spot Northwest European jet fuel prices were at $957 per metric ton on Wednesday, up 5% from before the assault. JET FUELSome airlines have already warned that rising fuel costs will drive up ticket prices or dampen future earnings. He said ticket prices could go up by a mid-single digit percentage ahead of Christmas.
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Russia's airspace is closed to many global airlines, forcing carriers to detour around the nation. Routes to and from Asia are up to four hours longer. Finnair's flight to Japan is four hours longer, while United treks an extra two hours to India. Carriers like British Airways, Finnair, Dutch carrier KLM, and Lufthansa, are flying about one to three hours longer than normal to avoid Russia. "Instead of a three-man crew, the extra hours can tip an airline into a heavy crew of four — and when there is a global pilot shortage, that can be really inconvenient."
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Air France and KLM are the latest airlines to join in on the "basic" business class trend: offering passengers a cheaper business class ticket, without some of the perks usually associated with the class. These are usually sold in comparison to the full business class experience, called "flex", "flex plus", "comfort", and "elite". Here are some of the airlines that have gone basic with their business offerings:Air France and KLMAir France business class seat. Thomas Pallini/InsiderQatar Airways introduced its own unbundled business class in 2020 — offering Classic, Comfort, and Elite business tickets — and it has since then added an additional tier, the Lite business class ticket. Lite business tickets could cost as much as $3000 less than elite business tickets, according to reviews.
10 oldest airlines in the world
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Here are 10 of the oldest airlines in the world still in operation. Pan American World Airways subsequently acquired a controlling stake in the company. Qantas was nationalized by the Australian government after World War II and reprivatized in the ’90s. After World War II, Aeroflot became the largest airline in the world, as air travel was often the only means of transportation available to bridge the vast expanses of the Soviet Union. Czech Airlines (CSA)Czech Airlines, the national airline of the Czech Republic.
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