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Goats work as caddies at this Oregon ranch
  + stars: | 2024-06-11 | by ( Jack Bantock | )   time to read: +7 min
A three-month evaluation process sees potential caddies as young as six months old scouted on their friendliness and physical aptitude. David ZaitzProtecting the rich diversity of flora and fauna across the 140,000-acre ranch is at “the heart of everything” at Silvies, Campbell says. “We figured when we built it that we had the lowest carbon footprint of any modern course,” Campbell added. Not all courses situated within flourishing natural settings are so fortunate – one Arizona club’s run-in with a squadron of pig-like creatures last year cost it upwards of $200,000 in damages. The habitats of such animals are preserved by the Oregon Natural Desert Association, a nonprofit supported by tips from golfers to Silvies’ very-own goat caddies.
Persons: it’s, Dr, Scott Campbell, ” Campbell, , , Seamus Golf –, Chunky, Mulligan, Harry, Charlie, Jack –, Bruce LeGoat, Bruce, Mike LeChevon, , Egan, “ It’s, Campbell, David Zaitz, Dan Hixson, Silvies Organizations: CNN, Venture, Desert Association Locations: Eastern Oregon, Oregon, Silvies, St . Andrews, Scotland, Arizona
After studying for 6 months, she failed a German language test and lost her student visa. I spent six months learning German from scratch at an in-person German language school. I failed the language test and learned first hand how strict rules could be in GermanyEverything felt set. I still live in Hamburg, Germany with my husband, who I met here. Failing the German language test and being rejected from my master's program was tough, but the resilience that blossomed has been worth it.
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In the wake of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision last year that significantly limits what the government can do to restrict guns, states led by Democrats have scrambled to circumvent or test the limits of the ruling. A few have approved new gun restrictions. Oregon even passed a ballot initiative to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines. But this week, supporters of the new gun measures suffered a pair of setbacks, underscoring the rippling effect of the court’s decision. On the same day, a state judge in southeastern Oregon concluded that a ballot initiative approved by voters in 2022 that would prohibit high-capacity magazines and require background checks and training to obtain gun permits violated the State Constitution.
Organizations: Supreme, Democrats, U.S ., Appeals, Fourth Circuit Locations: U.S, Oregon, Richmond , Va, Maryland
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Federal regulators have approved the expansion of a natural gas pipeline in the Pacific Northwest over the protest of environmental groups and top officials in West Coast states. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave it the green light in a vote on Thursday. The pipeline belongs to TC Energy of Calgary, Canada — the same company behind the now-abandoned Keystone XL crude oil pipeline. The agency’s final environmental assessment revised that number downward by roughly half in calculations contested by environmental groups. In a joint letter to the federal agency the day before its vote, Democratic U.S.
Persons: Senators Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Washington, , Audrey Leonard, Leonard, fracking Organizations: , Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, TC Energy, Keystone, Federal Energy Regulatory, Democratic U.S, Senators, Columbia Locations: PORTLAND, Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Idaho , Washington and Oregon, Calgary, Canada, Kootenai County , Idaho, Walla Walla County , Washington, Sherman County , Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Washington , Oregon, California , Oregon
California Hydrogen Hub: The California Hydrogen Hub spans from Southern California to Northern California and encompasses three ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland. Gulf State Hydrogen Hub: The Gulf State Hydrogen Hub will be centered in Houston, Texas, and will cover most of the Gulf Coast and southeast Texas. Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub: The Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub spans parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and will take advantage of repurposed infrastructure along the Delaware River. Midwest Hydrogen Hub: The Midwest Hydrogen Hub is in Illinois, northwestern Indiana and southwestern Michigan and will produce hydrogen from, among other sources, nuclear power. Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub: The Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub encompasses eastern Washington, northeastern Oregon and some parts of Montana and will produce hydrogen for making fertilizer.
Persons: Joe Biden, U.S . Department of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Biden, It's Organizations: U.S . Department of Energy, White, Infrastructure Law, Hydrogen Locations: United States, West Virginia, Southeast Ohio, Pennsylvania, It's, California, Southern California, Northern California, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Ports, Houston , Texas, Gulf, Texas . Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pacific, Washington, Oregon, Montana
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon judge is set to decide whether a gun control law approved by voters in November violates the state’s constitution in a trial scheduled to start Monday. Circuit Court Judge Robert S. Raschio will preside over the trial this week in Harney County, a vast rural area in southeastern Oregon. The ruling tossed aside a balancing test judges had long used to decide whether to uphold gun laws. The Supreme Court is expected to decide this fall whether some decisions have gone too far. In a separate federal case over the Oregon measure, a judge in July ruled it was lawful under the U.S. Constitution.
Persons: Robert S, Raschio, Karin J, Immergut, , Giffords Organizations: Supreme, U.S, U.S . Constitution, U.S . Constitution . U.S, Oregon Firearms Federation, Circuit, Appeals, Giffords Locations: PORTLAND, An Oregon, U.S, Harney County, Oregon, U.S ., U.S . Constitution ., Connecticut, Hawaii , Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Nebraska , New Jersey , New York, Rhode, Washington, California , Connecticut, Hawaii , Maryland , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York, Rhode Island , Washington , Illinois, Vermont, Illinois
Fewer than half of rural hospitals now have maternity units, prompting government officials and families to scramble for answers. The closures have worsened so-called “maternity care deserts" — counties with no hospitals or birth centers that offer obstetric care and no OB providers. Ultimately, doctors and researchers say, having fewer hospital maternity units makes having babies less safe. “It feels like you’re held in a way.”Some states and communities are taking steps to create more freestanding birth centers. It was a novel and “innovative” idea to request federal nurses to boost staffing at a rural maternity unit, Wyden’s office said.
Persons: Alisha Alderson, , Alderson, , Eric Scott Palmer, It’s, , Peiyin Hung, Saint Alphonsus, Odette Bolano, Dina Ellwanger, John Tucker, Tucker, we’ve, , Lacy Kee, she’ll, She’s, Kee, Henry, Pamela Evans, Evans, she’s, Katie O’Brien, Paris, Bennett —, O’Brien, Corina Fitch, Fitch, Betsy Baarspul, you’re, Ned Lamont, Alecia McGregor, ” McGregor, Tina Kotek, Sen, Ron Wyden, Shane Alderson, Alisha's, ” ___ Rush, Kuna , Idaho . Ungar, Robert Wood Johnson Organizations: OB, Henry County Medical Center, American Hospital Association, University of South, University of South Carolina’s Rural, Minority Health Research Center, Saint, Henry County Medical, Associated Press, Medicaid, Midwifery, Connecticut Gov, Harvard, of Public Health, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, AP, Oregon Gov, U.S . Public Health Service, Corps, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Locations: Oregon, Boise , Idaho, U.S, Tennessee, University of South Carolina’s, Baker City, Paris , Tennessee, Kentucky, Henry County, Summertown , Tennessee, Connecticut, Chan, , Baker, Baker City , Oregon, Kuna , Idaho
He even had baseball caps made that said "D&R 2022" with the Prime Air logo on them. CEO Andy Jassy, who succeeded Bezos in mid-2021, hasn't talked a lot about Prime Air in public. Prime Air sites in Lockeford, College Station and Pendleton, Oregon, were all hit by the job cuts, further straining operations. An Amazon drone operator loads the single shoebox-size box that can fit inside its MK27-2 Prime Air drone AmazonIt was a surprising setback for Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon is working on development of its next-generation Prime Air drone called the MK30, and known internally as CX-3.
The Greater Idaho movement seeks to redraw state boundaries so rural Oregon can join Idaho. Moving the state boundary would require the approval of Oregon, Idaho, and the US Congress. Matt McCaw, a spokeperson for the group behind the Greater Idaho movement, told Insider they were confident the bill would pass Idaho's Senate in the coming weeks as well. McCaw said the Greater Idaho proposal would be a solution to the "longstanding problem" of the urban-rural divide. Proponents of Greater Idaho have said their plan is a way to avoid conflict, but it's unclear the impact moving the border would actually have.
“We’re seeing forms of stress in all of our species of trees,” said Christine Buhl, a forest entomologist with the Oregon Department of Forestry. Trained observers peer outside both sides of the plane, looking for noticeable damage to trees. “You definitely have to have a stomach of steel.”This year, the aerial observation program flew over about 69 million acres of Washington and Oregon forest in about 246 hours. Oregon’s average temperatures have risen about 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1895, according to a 2021 state climate assessment delivered to the state’s Legislature. “It was the combination of the high temperatures in the afternoon with the sun boring down,” said Chris Still, a professor in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.
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