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New York CNN —Titanium that was distributed with fake documentation has been found in commercial Boeing and Airbus jets. Now the Federal Aviation Administration, the aircraft manufacturers and supplier Spirit AeroSystems are investigating whether those components pose a safety hazard to the public. The FAA and Boeing confirmed that they are investigating the matter. Boeing said the questionable parts come from a limited set of suppliers, and tests performed to date have indicated that the correct titanium alloy was used. Airbus has also had problems with some of the engines that have grounded some of its planes owned by different airlines.
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The point of a private jet is to save its occupant time and increase their productivity. AdvertisementThe old (top) and new (bottom) paint jobs on Trump's Boeing 757 private jet. AdvertisementTrump onboard his Boeing 757 private jet. But what stands out the most about the Boeing 757 is that it's the muscle car of the airline world. Trump's Boeing 757 before receiving a new livery in 2022.
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A British Airways flight lasted nine hours but ended up back where it started after a technical issue. The Boeing 787 reached Newfoundland before turning back across the Atlantic to London Heathrow. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementDozens of British Airways passengers endured a nine-hour "flight to nowhere" after crossing the Atlantic twice. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Boeing sales remain stalled
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New York CNN —Boeing reported another weak month for new plane orders as it struggles to overcome questions about safety and production problems with its commercial jets. The company reported it took orders for only four new jets in May, all for the 787 Dreamliner, and none for the troubled 737 Max. That was down from even the modest orders of seven gross orders in April, and far below the order of 69 jets it reported in May 2023. Orders for Boeing jets have fallen sharply, for the most part, from the strong sales it reported in 2023, including a monthly record for orders in December, due to airlines’ eagerness to expand their capacity to meet increased passenger travel demand. Shares of Boeing, a component of the Dow Jones industrial average, fell more than 3% on the report.
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Boeing 737 MAX airplanes are pictured outside a Boeing factory on March 25, 2024 in Renton, Washington. The results released Tuesday compared unfavorably with Europe's Airbus, which reported orders for 27 new planes in May. Boeing also saw Aerolineas Argentinas cancel an order for a single Max jet, bringing its net sales for the month to three. The dismal results followed poor figures for April, when Boeing reported seven sales — none of them for the Max. Despite the slow pace of recent sales, Boeing still has a huge backlog of more than 5,600 orders.
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Read previewManagers at Boeing's largest factory in Everett, Washington, "will hound mechanics" to keep quiet about safety and quality assurance concerns, a mechanic who has worked for the company for more than three decades told The Guardian. Boeing's Everett site, one of the world's largest manufacturing buildings, produces the 747, 767, 777, and 787 airplanes. The factory is also responsible for fixing the 787 Dreamliner, and the unnamed mechanic told the Guardian that it was "full of" faulty 787 jets waiting to be mended. Many of the planes arriving at Everett come from Boeing's 787 Dreamliner Final Assembly building in South Carolina, which it opened in 2011. AdvertisementFollowing the Alaska blowout incident, the FAA ordered Boeing to produce an action plan to address its safety issues.
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Washington CNN —Boeing is expected to release a plan this week to fix its endless string of safety issues that have been under federal investigation following a midflight fuselage blowout in January. Since then, the FAA and Boeing have met multiple times about the company’s progress and the plan’s scope. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said last week he sees the plan as only the “beginning” of a process for Boeing. Boeing later agreed to financial penalties and a deferred prosecution agreement to settle a criminal charge of defrauding US regulators. Its marching orders for the plan include addressing the audit and expert panel findings and explaining how it will integrate safety and quality assurance policies into practice.
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“To still impart that knowledge on young people, and particularly young black women, that they can do this.”Becoming a pilot was something Claiborne, originally from Virginia, could never have imagined for herself as a young girl. When asked about the transition to flying commercial planes, Claiborne stresses that “a pilot is a pilot.”“You’re in different type organizations, but you’re still a pilot,” she adds. So this is an opportunity for her to really enjoy herself.”Increasing diversityClaiborne is committed to increasing pilot diversity and will continue to mentor young women. It’s estimated that there are less than 150 Black women pilots in the US, and Claiborne feels a huge responsibility as one of them. While this may be the end of her commercial flying career, Claiborne isn’t necessarily saying “goodbye” to piloting forever, and would love to fly a World War II aircraft one day.
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CNN —The US Justice Department on Tuesday notified Boeing that it breached terms of its 2021 agreement in which the company avoided criminal charges for two fatal 737 Max crashes. The notification comes as the Justice Department conducts a new investigation into Boeing’s operations in the wake the door plug incident. The earlier deal had resolved a fraud investigation related to the company’s development of its 737 Max aircraft. Under its deferred prosecution agreement from January 2021, Boeing paid $2.5 billion in penalties and promised to improve its safety and compliance protocols. In March, the FAA identified more potential safety issues with the engines of the 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner.
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American Airlines announced a charter flight to France for 70 World War II veterans. AdvertisementDozens of World War II veterans will enjoy a free flight to France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings. American Airlines announced Wednesday that it will fly 70 veterans aboard a chartered Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. It will fly 60 World War II veterans directly to Normandy for the third year in a row. AdvertisementOne of the veterans being flown by AA is Frank Perry — a former pilot with Piedmont Airlines, which later became part of American.
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An Air France plane diverted after a burning smell was detected in the cabin. The airline had to cancel a different flight to reroute a Boeing 777 to rescue the passengers. AdvertisementAir France has been working to get passengers back on track after their plane made an emergency landing in the deep north of Canada on Tuesday. The Boeing 777 was scheduled to fly from Montreal to Paris, but that flight was canceled. Nearly 11 hours after the passengers had landed in Iqaluit, the 777 departed for New York.
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Boeing is lauding an employee who reported a lapse with the 787 Dreamliner's safety checks. A senior Boeing executive said the employee should be celebrated for doing the "right thing." download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe Boeing employee who raised an issue with the 787 Dreamliner's quality checks to his superiors did the "right thing," a senior executive of the company said last week. "I wanted to personally thank and commend that teammate for doing the right thing," Scott Stocker, who heads the 787 manufacturing program, said in an internal memo on April 29.
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But now that extra spending money is gone, economists are concerned about what comes next. That means many Americans have more debt than savings and suggests “that American households fully spent their pandemic-era savings as of March 2024,” they wrote in a recent report. Consumer spending plays a crucial role in driving economic growth in the United States, and it has shown remarkable strength over the past two years. “A continuing strong labor market could help consumers maintain spending patterns similar to those observed recently, even without pandemic-era savings,” they wrote. What comes next: Disney, Airbnb, Uber, Anheuser-Busch, Tapestry and Dillards all report later this week — investors will look for any comments about how consumer spending, or lack thereof, is altering revenue forecasts for 2024.
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The FAA said on Monday that it's probing Boeing amid reports of employees not completing 787 checks. AdvertisementThe Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether Boeing employees may have falsified plane safety records for the 787 Dreamliner, adding to the manufacturer's woes as it faces regulatory scrutiny. "The FAA is investigating whether Boeing completed the inspections and whether company employees may have falsified aircraft records," the statement said. Several former Boeing employees who became company whistleblowers have raised concerns about 787 Dreamliner production, alleging that the manufacturer was prioritizing profit over quality. AdvertisementAnother ex-employee, John Barnett, slammed 787 production for years and said he observed issues with oxygen mask deployment in the jets, which he felt weren't properly addressed.
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The Federal Aviation Administration has opened a new investigation into Boeing after the plane maker told the regulator that it might have skipped required inspections involving the wings of some 787 Dreamliners. In a statement on Monday, the F.A.A. As part of its inquiry, the agency said it was looking into whether employees at the company may have falsified aircraft records. said that Boeing was reinspecting all Dreamliners still in production and that the company needed to create a plan to address aircraft already in service. will take any necessary action — as always — to ensure the safety of the flying public,” the statement said.
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CNN —Investigators are probing whether Boeing employees failed to perform some quality inspections on its 787 jets, the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday. The investigation is to determine whether the inspections were conducted and “whether company employees may have falsified aircraft records,” the FAA said. While the investigation takes place, Boeing employees will inspect the Dreamliners it has not yet delivered to airline customers and will develop a plan for the planes that are currently flying, the FAA said. In April, a Boeing engineer came forward publicly with different quality allegations about several Boeing models, including the Dreamliner. Sam Salehpour claimed shortcuts during the manufacturing process meant small gaps in the fuselage of 787s may not properly be filled.
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Apple just launched a $110 billion stock buyback program, the biggest in history. Apple's new stock buyback program is more than the value of Boeing, Airbnb, and Chipotle. AdvertisementApple just launched a $110 billion stock buyback, the biggest in stock market history. Since then, the company's stock buyback programs have reduced its total share count to 15.44 billion, and at current prices, this stock buyback program would retire an additional 600 million shares. To put in perspective just how big Apple's stock buyback program is, consider these companies that have a total market value of less than $110 billion.
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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, from American Airlines company, taking off from Barcelona airport, in Barcelona on 24th February 2023. "We're making these adjustments now to ensure we're able to re-accommodate customers on affected flights," American said in a statement. Flights from New York to Barcelona will be suspended Sept. 3. Flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International to Dublin and to Rome, which were both scheduled as year-round flights, will now be suspended on Oct. 26. Flights from Chicago O'Hare to Paris will end Sept. 3 and resume next year.
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Boeing losses, problems continue to mount
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Boeing reported a core operating loss of $388 million, or $1.13 a share, from the $440 million it lost on that basis a year earlier. Plastic covers the exterior of the fuselage plug area of Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 where a door plug on the plane blew off on a January 5 flight. The incident has sparked new focus on problems with the safety and quality controls at Boeing. Boeing has had a string of losses and problems with its planes’ quality dating back at least five years. It also announced plans to increase production of the 737 Max throughout 2024 in order to return to sustained profitability.
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Boeing 787 Dreamliners are built at the aviation company's North Charleston, South Carolina, assembly plant on May 30, 2023. Boeing told employees on Monday that it expects a slower increase in production and deliveries of new 787 Dreamliner planes because of supplier shortages of "a few key parts." The company had separately been trying to boost output of 787 Dreamliners after quality problems suspended deliveries for nearly two years, ending in mid-2022. "To that end, we have shared with our customers that we expect a slower increase in our rate of production and deliveries," he wrote in the memo, reported earlier by Reuters, adding that the company still plans to increase the rate steadily because of high demand. Boeing reports quarterly results and will likely detail its production plans before the market opens on Wednesday.
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Airlines capitalize on this trend with "stopover" programs, some even offering free hotels and food. Airlines have jumped on this growing trend with built-in "stopover" programs, which can come with free or discounted hotels, excursions, transportation, and food at the layover destination. Essentially, you can't intentionally book a longer layover to quality for the free stopover hotel. Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty ImagesSingapore Airlines' stopover program is available via the multi-city tool, similar to other carriers, where travelers can add hotels, transfers, and activities. Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesTurkish Airlines' stopover program gives economy travelers a one-night free hotel stay and business flyers a two-night free stay if the period between their connecting flights in Istanbul exceeds 20 hours.
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Tesla is set to report earnings after the bell. What history shows: Bespoke data shows Tesla beats earnings estimates 63% of the time. What history shows: Boeing shares have risen in four of the past five earnings days, Bespoke data shows. Meta Platforms is set to report earnings after the closing bell. What history shows: Microsoft earnings have beaten earnings estimates in six straight quarters, Bespoke data shows.
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A man suffered a broken leg due to severe turbulence on an Air New Zealand flight. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA 47-year-old man had to endure six-and-a-half hours in the air with a broken leg after severe turbulence on a flight, the New Zealand Herald reported. Niko, a German who's been living in Bali for 13 years, was flying with Air New Zealand from Indonesia to Auckland on Tuesday. Related storiesA friend who picked Niko up from Auckland Airport told the Herald: "His leg pretty much snapped in half."
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Boeing 's safety and quality were under fire again in two Senate hearings on Wednesday as the manufacturer faces mounting scrutiny after a midair door blowout and near catastrophe on one of its planes in January. A Boeing engineer-turned-whistleblower testified before a Senate panel, reiterating his allegations that the planemaker cut corners to move wide-body planes through the production line, despite flaws. "I believe that Boeing can do better and that the public's trust in Boeing can be restored," he said in prepared remarks to the Senate Homeland Security committee ahead of the hearing "Examining Boeing's Broken Safety Culture: Firsthand Accounts." New plane deliveries from Boeing have slowed as the Federal Aviation Administration ramps up its scrutiny on the company's production lines. A separate hearing, before the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, addressed Boeing's safety culture after a report issued earlier this year from an expert panel ordered by Congress found a "disconnect" between Boeing's senior management and other members of the organization on safety culture.
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CNN —A preliminary report from Chile’s aviation authority on the LATAM Airlines plane that plunged mid-air on March 11 says that the captain’s seat experienced an “involuntary movement forward” midflight. LATAM Flight 800 was flying from Australia to New Zealand when the Boeing 787 Dreamliner descended 400 feet, and the cause of the sudden plunge is yet to be determined, according to the report. The black box will be handed over to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and the captain’s seat will be inspected by the FAA and Boeing, the report said. Days after the incident, Boeing sent an advisory to airlines that operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner recommending they inspect cockpit seat switches on the planes. It has sent a similar notice to airlines in 2017.
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