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Pope Francis opens the "Holy Doors" at St. Peter's Basilica to mark the start of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Now the hope is to have the line’s showcase Piazza Venezia stop, featuring an eight-story underground museum, ready in 10 years, according to engineer Andrea Sciotti, who is in charge of the metro museum complex. Each will be placed exactly where it was found inside the metro museum, which is being dug some 85 meters (280 feet) deep, encompassing eight stories below the modern city of Rome. The Venezia station museum stop is not the only treasure on the new line. In 2025, the new Colosseo-Fori station, complete with a four-level underground museum to showcase artifacts including 25 archaic wells unearthed when it was built, will also open after activation tests, meant to begin in October, are completed.
Persons: Rome, it’s, wasn’t, Pope Francis, Mercy, VINCENZO PINTO, Emperor Hadrian’s, Andrea Sciotti, Jesus Christ, , ” Sciotti, Emperor Hadrian's, Stefano Montesi, Sciotti, It’s, Organizations: Rome CNN —, San, Vatican, AFP, Piazza Venezia, CNN, Corbis, Roman, Palazzo Venezia, Colosseum Locations: Rome CNN — Rome, San Giovanni Cathedral, Peter’s, St, AFP, Rome, San Giovanni, Italy, London ., Venezia
Read previewResearchers say they have located the final resting place of one of the most storied vessels of World War II: the USS Harder. Lost 52 is headed by entrepreneur and ocean explorer Tim Taylor, along with diving entrepreneur Christine Dennison. A black-and-white image of the USS Harder on February 1944. The Lost 52 team has previously located at least six other US submarines. Finding the Harder "highlighted the importance of ocean data collection and the significance of underwater robotic technology," Taylor told BI.
Persons: , Tim Taylor, Christine Dennison, Insider's Elias Chavez, Samuel Dealey, Harder, Samuel J, Cox, Taylor Organizations: Service, Heritage Command, Business, NHHC, Heritage, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration Locations: South China, Japan, Philippines, Dasol, Tiburon
CNN —Carrie Bradshaw, the lead character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1998-2004 TV series “Sex and the City,” has always been more of a fashion daredevil than a fashion darling. Parker spotted in one of her character's more outlandish looks while filming for the new season of "And Just Like That." “Definitely too much,” read one critique under @everyoutfitonsatc’s post of Jessica Parker in the latter look. So has Bradshaw’s style really changed, or have we? It seems like a ripe topic for the character’s newspaper column, and one Jessica Parker has thoughts on too.
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Whales Have an Alphabet
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Michael Barbaro | Carl Zimmer | Alex Stern | )   time to read: 1 min
Ever since the discovery of whale songs almost 60 years ago, scientists have been trying to decipher the lyrics. But sperm whales don’t produce the eerie melodies sung by humpback whales, sounds that became a sensation in the 1960s. Instead, sperm whales rattle off clicks that sound like a cross between Morse code and a creaking door. Carl Zimmer, a science reporter, explains why it’s possible that the whales are communicating in a complex language.
Persons: Carl Zimmer
It's holding on to its weekly gain of 20%, and is on pace for its best week in more than a year. Earlier this week surged more than 20% over two days, as expectations of an SEC approval of ether ETF applications changed abruptly. By contrast, in the weeks leading up to approvals for bitcoin ETFs, the SEC was reported to be engaging actively with fund issuers. Coinbase , which may be a beneficiary of ether ETFs, was more than 1% in premarket trading, while Robinhood nearly 1%. Cryptocurrency prices, including ether's, may also be tempered by the Thursday afternoon stock market sell-off.
Persons: Rachel Lin, Ether, Alex Saleh, Coinbase, bitcoin Organizations: Metrics, Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC
Read previewNASA's James Webb Space Telescope has detected three galaxies as they were likely forming during the universe's infancy, the space agency said Thursday. And it's all thanks to the tremendous observing power of the James Webb Telescope. AdvertisementThe James Webb Space Telescope helps astronomers study the very early universe. The Cosmic Dark AgesJames Webb Space Telescope has revealed 45,000 galaxies in this image, hundreds of which have never been seen until now. Astronomers study the Era of Reionization to understand the very early moments in our universe when galaxies and stars first formed and how.
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Warner Bros. It's the latest turn in what's been a relatively messy renegotiation for Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Spokespeople for the NBA, Warner Bros.
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CNN —Hundreds of mammoth bones have been uncovered in an Austrian wine cellar, in a discovery labelled an “archaeological sensation.”The remains are thought to be between 30,000 and 40,000 years old, according to experts. Andreas Pernerstorfer made the incredible discovery while renovating his wine cellar in the village of Gobelsburg, about 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of Vienna, in March. “He wanted to level the floor of his wine cellar because it was sloping and he removed some concrete in the center,” she said. “It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t just a few mammoth bones but very many mammoth bones,” she said. More than 300 densely packed bones were discovered, though there are likely to be considerably more buried beneath the cellar.
Persons: Andreas Pernerstorfer, Pernerstorfer, Hannah Parow –, , , Souchon, “ I’m, we’ve Organizations: CNN, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Federal Monuments Office, Stone Locations: Austrian, Gobelsburg, Vienna, , Austria, Lower Austria
CNN —The situation at Warner Bros. Discovery’s TNT network “sucks, plain and simple,” Charles Barkley bluntly said Thursday. Barkley, who said he feels “so bad for the people” he works with, laid blame at the feet of the “clowns” atop WBD. Wall Street has responded quite negatively to the possibility WBD, which has built a programming slate around the NBA, could lose the rights to air the games. And TNT has built a programming slate around the NBA games, most notably the highly rated “Inside the NBA” show. Losing the rights to NBA games could throw aspects of that business partnership into question.
Persons: ” Charles Barkley, NBA ”, Dan Patrick, , Barkley, ” Barkley, David Zaslav’s, Adam Silver, Turner, Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw, WBD, , Shaw, ” Shaw, Joe Flint, Amol Sharma, Isabella Simonetti, Zaslav, Venu, That’s, Gunnar Wiedenfels, Wiedenfels, ” Wiedenfels, there’s, you’ve Organizations: CNN, Warner Bros, TNT, NBA, Turner, Comcast, WSJ, WBD, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, College Football, ESPN —, Disney, Fox Corp, Morgan’s Technology, Media & Communications Locations: WBD
CNN —If Chief Justice John Roberts is really an institutionalist — someone deeply concerned about the integrity of the Supreme Court and public perceptions about it — then he has a big problem on his hands. The discovery also comes at a time when the Supreme Court will be making a decision about Trump’s claims of sweeping presidential immunity, his get-out-of-jail-free card for the federal cases he faces. The notion that the Supreme Court can be trusted to be an arbiter above partisan politics has suffered major blows in recent years. Supreme Court decisions have not been the only issue. The Alito flag controversy is another blow to the image of the court.
Persons: Julian Zelizer, , John Roberts, , Samuel Alito —, Donald Trump, Alito, Alito hasn’t, Trump, SCOTUS, , Dobbs, Roe, Wade, Clarence Thomas ’, Virginia Thomas, Thomas ’, Roberts, George W Organizations: CNN, Princeton University, Twitter, Supreme, New York Times, Jackson, Health, Annenberg Public, Center, Pew Research Center, Republican Locations: New Jersey, Virginia, Vietnam, Florida
RBC Capital Markets sees a $25 billion market opportunity for the space. The average analyst rating is hold, with 8% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Eli Lilly has an average analyst rating of overweight and 8.3% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon AstraZeneca's one-year performanceAstraZeneca shares have an average analyst rating of overweight and nearly 6% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Bristol-Myers Squibb's one-year performance
Persons: It's, Gregory Renza, Renza, Oppenheimer, Jeff Jones, Piper Sandler, Edward Tenthoff, Eli Lilly, Dan Lyons, Janus Henderson, Myers Squibb, William Blair, Matt Phipps, Jefferies, Andrew Tsai, They've, Janus Henderson's Lyons, Jones, Piper Sandler's Tenthoff, Myers Organizations: pharma, RBC Capital Markets, TRT, Novartis, Mariana Oncology, Janus, Janus Henderson Investors, Bristol, RayzeBio, Karuna Therapeutics, AstraZeneca, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, GlobalData's Pharma Intelligence, Pluvicto Locations: Mariana, Bristol
A $25 billion market Meanwhile, RBC Capital Markets sees a $25 billion market opportunity for the space. A name Jones likes is Perspective Therapeutics , which he rates outperform. CATX 1Y mountain Perspective Therapeutics year to date Cantor Fitzgerald is also bullish on the name. So it's really an ideal profile," said Piper Sandler analyst Edward Tenthoff, who doesn't cover Perspective Therapeutics. Then there is Lantheus Holdings , which calls itself a radiopharmaceutical-focused company and has a $5.6 billion market cap.
Persons: There's, Eli Lilly, Myers, Jefferies, Andrew Tsai, radiopharma, Oppenheimer, Jeff Jones, FactSet, William Blair, Read, — it's, Andy Hsieh, Gregory Renza, Jones, Cantor Fitzgerald, Louise Chen, it's, Piper Sandler, Edward Tenthoff, Dan Lyons, Janus Henderson, Lantheus, Roanna Ruiz Organizations: Novartis, pharma, Mariana Oncology, Myers Squibb, AstraZeneca, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, RBC Capital Markets, TRT, Therapeutics, Alpha, Janus, Janus Henderson Investors, Lantheus Holdings, Lantheus, Leerink, ~$ Locations: Biopharma, Bristol, Mariana, radiopharma, New Jersey
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Industry professionals (and their lawyers) are scrutinizing how AI models are trained and evaluating new ways to pay creators for derivative work. Entertainment lawyers are busy crafting ways to protect against AI companies exploiting their clients' intellectual property. Still, the music industry is benefiting from the tech revolution in many ways, collecting billions in revenue from streaming apps and other platforms. For our third annual list of impactful music-tech startups, BI looked for companies that are changing the ways music is created, distributed, and consumed in 2024.
Persons: , We've, Jordan Bradley, Sam Hamad, Gregg Lehrman Organizations: Service, Business, Industry, Entertainment
While known for sizeable pullbacks in the past, the upward trajectory of Nvidia's stock last year and this year cannot be denied. We've been in Nvidia stock since 2019, years before the AI revolution was sparked by ChatGPT's viral moment shortly after its late 2022 launch. Through its Nvidia AI Enterprise service, Nvidia is in the process of building out a potentially massive software business. With that, let's think about Nvidia stock from the perspective of a long-term investor— and that's the key consideration, the investment horizon. At the beginning of the year, Nvidia stock traded at $481 per share on a $20.80 forward earnings estimate or a forward P/E multiple of 23 times.
Persons: We've, Jim, , Jensen Huang, Leonardo da Vinci, Jim —, it's, It's, you've, Nvidia's, Colette Kress, Tesla, Kress, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Josh Edelson Organizations: Nvidia, Club, Apple, Enterprise, Devices, Intel, Investing, GE, NVIDIA, CNBC, SAP Center, Afp, Getty Locations: San Jose , California
AdvertisementI had to look and play a virgin — which I managed to do quite convincingly into my 40s on "Dr. Quinn," by the way. But I've only ever done two TV series, so now it's "Dr. Quinn" or "Harry Wild." AdvertisementAnd by the way, I got the worst reviews ever on "Dr. Quinn" as well. Studio Seven Productions/NM/Sygma via Getty ImagesI was going to bring up "Dr. Quinn" next — did you expect it to turn into such a beloved show when you initially signed on? There's another factoid that when I did "Dr. Quinn," I only washed my hair in English rainwater that was flown in on a 747 every week.
Persons: Roger Moore, Jane Seymour, Bond, Seymour, Harry Wild, she's, She's, Lindsay Lohan's, — she's, Christopher Reeve, Quinn, " Milne, I'd, It's, I'm, I've, Christopher Reeve Jane Seymour, Eddie Sanderson, Dana, Reeve, Chris, , Sir, Shaw, Colin Powell, Dr, Doctor Quinn, Jane, she'll, we've, it's, Owen Wilson, You've, it'd, Owen, I'm Kitty Cat, Steffan, Princess Leia, Spielberg, Richard Chamberlain Organizations: Business, Acorn, Netflix, Hearts Foundation, Medicine, Seven, Getty, CBS, Orange, Raiders Locations: English, Dublin, Calgary, Eden, Hong Kong, New York, Mexico
CNN —Luxury real estate development company Discovery Land Company (DLC) has quietly launched a multi-million-dollar, ultra-luxury residential community in Dubai, where the most expensive plot of land will cost up to $50 million. Discovery Dunes will be DLC’s debut ultra-luxury residency in the Middle East. Discovery Land CompanyCustomizable comfortPerhaps the most coveted aspect of the exclusive community is its scope for customization. “The villas here at Discovery Dunes are extremely customized,” a representative of Discovery Land Company told CNN in an interview. Discovery Dunes is the latest of DLC’s ’s planned projects in the region and across the globe, including new sites in Europe, Portugal and Central America.
Persons: Tom Fazio, , Mike Meldman, Olson Kundig – Organizations: CNN, Discovery Land Company, Discovery, Edition, Discovery Land, , San Locations: Dubai, , Discovery, Burj, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, San Diego, UAE, Burj Khalifa, Europe, Portugal, Central America
Discovery has signed a five-year sublicensing deal with Disney's ESPN to broadcast first-round and quarterfinal College Football Playoff games. Warner Bros. Disney is paying about $1.3 billion per year for rights to the entire College Football Playoff. The new 12-team College Football Playoff slate debuts in December, replacing a four-team tournament that began in 2014. "It is exciting to add TNT Sports, another highly respected broadcaster, to the College Football Playoff family," Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff, said in a statement.
Persons: Bill Hancock Organizations: ESPN, State Sugar, Texas Longhorns, Washington Huskies, Caesars, Warner Bros, Discovery, College Football, TNT, Disney, Football, TNT Sports Locations: New Orleans, LA
This Trump fundraising email will shock you
  + stars: | 2024-05-22 | by ( Zachary B. Wolf | )   time to read: +6 min
CNN —Followers of former President Donald Trump were meant to be startled when they were sent an email Tuesday, addressed from “President Trump,” with this arresting subject line:“They were authorized to shoot me!”The preview line in the email did not back down. The judge, Beryl Howell, cited the discovery of additional documents with classified markings found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bedroom months after the FBI search. Trump is a master sensationalist, so place the email subject line where he says he’s in physical harm within his oeuvre of over-the-top and untrue allegations. How to get people to open fundraising emailsThe email address where I get fundraising pitches from politicians received seven such messages from Trump on Tuesday. Trump’s allegations about the FBI document were not just contained in the fundraising email.
Persons: Donald Trump, “ President Trump, Trump, Trump’s, Tierney Sneed, Katelyn Polantz, Holmes Lybrand, Hannah Rabinowitz, Stephen D’Antuono, , ” D’Antuono, ” Trump, Beryl Howell, “ I’ve, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Biden, Biden’s, Hunt, Joe Biden’s, JOE BIDEN, Juan Merchan Organizations: CNN, , DOJ, Mar, Trump, Justice Department, FBI, Secret Service, Capitol, Service, Biden, Joe Biden’s DOJ, FORCE, New Locations: Lago, Washington, Washington ,, Trump’s Mar, Las Vegas, London, Manhattan, Mar, New York
The images will then be used to build an inventory of the archaeological discoveries on the seabed. But it has also sparked a multi-billion dollar legal battle. Colombia maintains that it first discovered the San José in 2015 with help from international scientists. SSA has launched a legal battle against the Colombian government in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, claiming it is entitled to approximately $10 billion – half the estimated value of the shipwreck’s treasure. The loss of the San José and its cargo was said to have caused financial hardships to merchants throughout Europe and the New World, according to reports released by SSA.
Persons: , Juan David Correa Organizations: CNN, Colombian Institute of Anthropology, Wednesday, San, San Jose Galleon, SSA Locations: Colombia, Spanish, Caribbean, Cartegena, Colombian, Potosi , Peru, Panama, Cartagena, San Jose, José, Europe
CNN —Hunter Biden’s trial on tax charges has been moved to September 5, after the judge presiding over the case made Biden’s attorney promise he would not seek further delays. Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been accused of engaging in a tax-avoidance conspiracy for several years as he funded a lavish lifestyle as well as purchasing and possessing a firearm while using illegal drugs. Biden’s efforts to delay the gun trial in Delaware have repeatedly failed. “The time to try this case is now,” said prosecutor Leo Wise, who opposed the motion. “In this court, we like to set schedules and keep them, said Judge Mark Scarsi.
Persons: CNN — Hunter, Abbe Lowell, Biden, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, , Leo Wise, , Lowell, Wise, Mark Scarsi Organizations: CNN Locations: Delaware
CNN —Months before Donald Trump was indicted for mishandling classified documents, a federal judge said that investigators had “strong evidence” that the former president “intended” to hide classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort, according to newly released court documents. Judge Beryl Howell cited, among other things, the discovery of additional classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago months after the FBI’s search of the property in the summer of 2022. The ruling was among hundreds of pages of previously sealed filings that were publicly docketed Tuesday in the criminal classified documents case against Trump. Nauta has been charged alongside Trump and Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira in the case, facing charges of mishandling sensitive or classified materials and obstruction. The case against Trump, brought last summer, is currently in front of Judge Aileen Cannon in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Beryl Howell, ” Howell, Walt Nauta, Nauta, Carlos De Oliveira, , Trump, Aileen Cannon, Cannon, Judge, Evan Corcoran, Howell’s, Corcoran, Howell, Barack Obama, , Donald Trump’s Mar, US Department of Justice Corcoran, Trump “ Organizations: CNN, Trump, Prosecutors, Mar, US Department of Justice, National Archives, Lago FBI Locations: Lago, Mar, Fort Pierce , Florida, South Florida, Palm Beach , Florida, Florida, Corcoran
New York CNN —Children have again been found working at a Mar-Jac Poultry slaughterhouse, according to the US Department of Labor. The latest discovery in Alabama comes less than a year after a teen worker was killed at a company facility in Mississippi. The DOL’s recent allegation follows an incident last year in which a teen died at a Mar-Jac facility in Mississippi. According to Mar-Jac Poultry Alabama’s website, “Mar-Jac Poultry does not sell to the general public, individual restaurants or convenience stores. The Labor Department has lately been trying to crack down on incidents of child labor, especially at meatpacking facilities.
Persons: DOL, , Mar, Jac, “ Mar, , Jac Poultry, , Kavilanz, Amy Simonson Organizations: New, New York CNN, Jac, US Department of Labor, CNN, Mar, Labor, Fair Labor, ABC News, Occupational Safety, Health Administration, The Labor Department, Department of Labor, Health, Human Services Locations: New York, Alabama, Mississippi, Mississippi , Alabama, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, DOL, Fayette
Discovery's Max was supposed to become a Netflix killer when it rolled out a year ago. It combined HBO Max's prestige originals with Discovery+'s reality TV fare to capture viewers as they migrate away from WBD's bedrock traditional TV business. Related storiesGiven its low penetration, it's possible that Max can add tens of millions of subscribers, he said. WBD execs hope the crackdown will encourage people to subscribe to the three-in-one bundle of Max, Disney+, and its sister app, Hulu. While the overlap between Netflix and Disney+ is high, about half of Disney+ subscribers don't subscribe to Max, and vice versa, so each has a chance to significantly increase its audience.
Persons: , Discovery's Max, WBD, Max, hasn't, JB Perrette, Perrette, We're Organizations: Service, Warner, Netflix, HBO, Disney, Hulu, Business, Nielsen, Vodafone, Amazon, Paris Olympics, Cartoon Network Locations: WBD, Orange
Disney's streaming margins, while still negative due to losses and nowhere near Netflix's, have improved significantly in recent quarters and are now on the doorstep of an important milestone. Disney's streaming overview Disney+ is its flagship streaming service across the globe. The ARPU discrepancy on Disney+ core helps explain why Netflix is much more profitable than Disney's streaming business. Given that Disney's streaming business has rolled out pretty much everywhere across the globe, Cruetz said moving forward "it's about driving more penetration in those markets." The latest is a matchup with Disney and HBO's parent Warner Bros Discovery , whose flagship streaming service is called Max.
Persons: Bob Iger, Disney, Iger, Covid, Morgan Stanley, It's, That's, Cowen, Doug Creutz, Hulu's, Cowen's Cruetz, Brandon Nispel, Cruetz, TD Cowen, Max, Creutz, cannibalization, it's, KeyBanc's Nispel, Wells Fargo, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Presley Ann Organizations: Disney, Netflix, ESPN, Reliance Industries, Century Fox, CNBC, Comcast, Capital, Warner Bros Discovery, Getty Locations: Netflix's, Hulu, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, U.S, Canada, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Los Angeles
Hall's fridge is a trove of fun finds, from condiments we know and love to fancy European butter and an ample supply of eggs. AdvertisementA peek inside Carla Hall's fridge. Carla HallSundae fixingsCarla Hall's fridge had a few ice-cream flavors. "The one thing that I get when it's on sale is any kind of European-style butter," Hall said. AdvertisementMystery leftoversIf you're curious about the container with reddish contents in the center of Hall's fridge, join the club.
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