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AdvertisementIn doing so, they have etched out a new niche at the most rarefied heights of the residential market, in part by persuading buyers who might have lavished millions of dollars – or more – to rent instead. Rental projects, on the other hand, while less lucrative upfront, offer more stability for owners with a long time horizon. It recently reconsidered the plan based on the success of the building's rentals, Aries said, and is now offering the penthouse unit for rent. A guest room at a Maison Hudson luxury apartment Kira Turnbull for The CollectionBased on the success of Maison Hudson, Wainbridge is planning identical projects in Los Angeles and Miami Beach, according to Oudinot. Advertisement"The demand is thin and high and very volatile" at the top of the residential market, according to Nancy Packes, a real estate advisor and broker.
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President-elect John F. Kennedy was there for dinner the night before his inauguration. “It was a special place to grow up,” said Donald Graham, a former publisher of The Washington Post, remembering his childhood home. After she died in 2001 her estate sold the home to Mark Ein, a venture capitalist and philanthropist who owns Washington City Paper and has a stake in the city’s N.F.L. Mr. Ein, then a bachelor, had no plans to entertain in Mrs. Graham’s grand style and did not move in. But after he married Sally Stiebel in the home’s garden in 2013, the couple decided to raise their family there.
Persons: John F, Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Truman Capote, Princess Diana, , Donald Graham, Katharine Graham, Graham’s, Philip Graham, Mark Ein, Ein, Sally Stiebel Organizations: The Washington, Beaux, Arts, The, Washington, Citi D.C Locations: Washington, Georgetown
The study excluded nations that already faced a risk of direct conflict with China, the US and their respective allies. On the other hand, America's top allies don't share American fears that a massive Chinese military buildup and Chinese leader Xi Jinping's avowed determination to "reunify" Taiwan with China are steps toward war, but rather may be nationalistic posturing. AdvertisementYet if Japan, Australia, Britain and Canada are reluctant to confront China, there are actions they can take to help Taiwan. In addition, the four middle powers could play a role in mediators to prevent a Taiwan war from happening. "To build credibility with both great powers, the four middle powers need to rebuild and bolster their strategic autonomy, material power, and commitment to the Asia-Pacific region."
Persons: Rafiq Dossani, isn't, Xi Jinping's, China's, Dossani, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, America's, RAND Corp, RAND, Business, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada, Chinese Communist Party, NATO, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, American, South Korea, India, Beijing, Asia, South China, Pacific, Okinawa, East China, Britain, Europe, Forbes
CNN —Former President Donald Trump said he “had a very good phone call” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday. It also comes amid concerns in Europe about what Trump’s policy toward the Russia-Ukraine war would be if he were to win the presidential election in November. “President Zelenskyy of Ukraine and I had a very good phone call earlier today. Trump and Zelensky also have their own history. Last week, when Zelensky was in the US, he said that “everyone is waiting for November,” including Putin.
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However, Russia and Belarus are exceptions due to the invasion of Ukraine,” a Hiroshima city government spokesperson told CNN. Envoys from Russia and Belarus haven’t attended since Hiroshima excluded them in 2022 following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February that year. Russia used Belarus as one of the launch pads for its assault and later moved some of its tactical nuclear weapons there. “As a city of international peace, Hiroshima city needs to invite all nations, regardless of whether they are at war or not,” said Kunihiko Sakuma, president of Hiroshima Hidankyo, an atomic bomb survivors’ advocacy group. Hiroshima authorities said they only send invitations to countries with embassies in Japan and have never invited Palestinian representatives to the ceremony.
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AP —Relatives of passengers killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine gathered with officials at Australia’s Parliament House on Wednesday to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that claimed 298 lives. So in that sense, I’m heartbroken that the conflict continues,” Paul Guard told Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC). Relatives of MH17 passengers join officials at Australia's Parliament House in Canberra. The investigation concluded the missile was driven into Ukraine from a Russian military base near the city of Kursk and returned there after the plane was shot down. Putin said through an interpreter that Ukrainians were all fascists, had brought down MH17 themselves and that Ukraine had no right to exist, Abbott said.
Persons: Paul, Roger, Jill Guard, ” Paul, fatefully, MH17, Mick Tsikas, Penny Wong, , , ” Wong, recommit, Mark Dreyfus, we’ve, ” Dreyfus, Pierre Crom, Tony Abbott, Abbott, Vladimir Putin, Putin, ” Abbott, Russia Organizations: Malaysia Airlines, Paul Guard, ” Paul Guard, Australian Broadcasting Corp, Boeing, European, of Human, International Civil Aviation Organization Council, House, Australian, , Australian Attorney, Australia, . Security, Aircraft Missile Brigade, Economic Cooperation, ABC Locations: Ukraine, Australia’s, Toowoomba, Russia, Soviet, Russian, Moscow, Ukrainian, Netherlands, Australia, Australia's, Canberra, Schiphol, Malaysian, Kuala Lumpur, Grabovo, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Israel, Italy, Romania, United States, South Africa, Kursk, Asia, Beijing, Australian
The defector, Ri Il-kyu, 52, made the comments in an interview with a newspaper in Seoul, which was also the first time his defection became public. Mr. Ri was a political counselor at the North Korean Embassy in Cuba when he fled to South Korea last November. He is the most senior North Korean official known to defect to the South in nearly a decade. They were among the best-known North Korean diplomats dealing with Washington. But they soon disappeared from North Korean state media.
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CNN —When two US avocado inspectors were assaulted and detained at a police roadblock in the Mexican state of Michoacán last month, it sparked a costly international crisis. ‘Green gold’Avocados, the creamy fruit with the industry nickname “green gold,” are big business. Nearly three-quarters of Mexican avocados come from Michoacán, a state along the country’s Pacific coast with a volcanic belt running through it that makes its soil ideal for farming. The office of the Michoacán state prosecutor told CNN last month that they’ve opened an investigation into the incident. In 2022, exports of Mexican avocados were similarly halted for several days after one of the US inspectors working in Michoacán received a threatening phone call.
Persons: Weeks, , Ario de, Cristopher Rogel, ” Romain Le Cour, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, Mexico Ken Salazar, they’ve, , Le Cour, Michoacán, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Victor Villalobos, Ken Melban, Brian, Melban, Brad Adams, ” Adams Organizations: CNN, US, US Department of Agriculture, Global, Transnational, Local, USDA, Plant Health, Service, Agriculture, , US State Department, AP, Climate Rights, US Forest Service Locations: Mexican, Michoacán, Mexico, Ario, Ario de Rosales, avocados, California, Michoacan
That deed was issued to “Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand,” sparking speculation that Queen Elizabeth II had bought the unit at 50 United Nations Plaza. (She hadn’t.) As for Unit 11A in the Central Park-facing skyscraper, the sale was, in fact, made by the government of Canada and will act as the official residence of the Canadian consul general, according to Alexandra Vachon White, a spokeswoman for the consulate. The consulate got a sizable discount: According to Ondel Hylton of CityRealty, the unit was listed for nearly $11 million as recently as 2022. The building, while beautifully situated and sporting stately architecture, has faced deep discounts in recent years, said Mr. Hylton, a result of post-pandemic troubles.
Persons: Queen Elizabeth II, Alexandra Vachon White, Ondel Hylton, Hylton Organizations: United Nations, New, Commonwealth Locations: New Zealand, Canada, Manhattan, Commonwealth, CityRealty
Aides to the president told CNN that not only are they no longer interested in discussing Biden’s on-stage fiasco last month, and there are simply no outstanding questions about the president’s political future to debate. “We’re done talking about the debate and focused on a singular mission: Defeating Donald Trump in November,” one Biden aide told CNN. Tuesday’s White House press briefing was once again dominated by questions about Biden’s health, mental fitness and the political fallout of the debate. “Jill and Valerie won’t let him go down in flames,” this adviser told CNN, referencing the president’s wife and sister by their first names. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana all said they thought Biden cannot win the election, a source familiar told CNN.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Biden, Donald Trump, , , Trump, It’s, Jill, Valerie won’t, Hakeem Jeffries, Jeffries, Jim Clyburn, Michael Bennet of Colorado, Sherrod Brown of, Jon Tester, Chuck Schumer, Karine Jean, Pierre, Jean, ” CNN’s Nikki Carvajal, Annie Grayer, Dana Bash, Ted Barrett, Michael Williams Organizations: Washington CNN, CNN, Diplomats, NATO, Biden, Capitol, Democratic, Monday, Democratic Convention, Trump, Democrat, Capitol Hill, Democrats ’, Democratic Rep, Sens, Locations: Biden’s, Tuesday’s, Washington, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Montana
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced plans to supply new air defenses to Ukraine in a speech opening the NATO summit – providing much-needed support for the country at a critical juncture in its defense against Russia’s invasion. Meanwhile, Italy would also provide a SAMP-T long-range air defense system. In addition to the long-range aerial defense systems, the US and other countries are also providing Ukraine with “dozens” of short- and medium-range systems to help Kyiv intercept Russian drones and missiles. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would fight for “decisive actions” from the United States and Europe to help Ukraine. “All we allies knew before this war Putin thought NATO would break,” Biden said.
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Diplomats and officials who spoke with CNN said Rutte is seen as a staunch trans-Atlanticist and a consensus builder. “He is really a seasoned political official, and this is essential to keep the cohesion of the alliance,” a European official said. “It was just a very polite, slightly humorous way of dealing Trump, and Trump appreciated it,” Hoekstra recalled to CNN. “We are not there yet, but it is better than when Trump left,” the official told CNN. Biden likes Rutte personally, they get along well, and the US president sees them as sharing the same values, the official told CNN.
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CNN —The NATO summit was long planned to celebrate the alliance’s 75th anniversary, to lock in longterm military support for Ukraine and even to future-proof the West against a possible second term for Donald Trump. But his achievements, including Sweden and Finland’s entry into the group, will be eclipsed at the summit by his battle to save his political future. She added: “At this critical time for our country, President Biden must seriously consider the best way to preserve his incredible legacy and secure it for the future.”Biden will also have an important audience overseas. “Is it going to be President Biden? On the eve of the summit, Biden’s campaign distributed a memo lauding his leadership in keeping Kyiv standing more than two years after the Russian invasion.
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With the election of the reformist candidate Masoud Pezeshkian as president, Iran may see a softening of its absolutist foreign policy and even an opportunity for a new diplomatic opening, current and former officials and experts say. Mr. Pezeshkian, a cardiologist, member of Parliament and former health minister, has little direct experience in foreign policy. But he has pledged to empower Iran’s most elite and globalist diplomats to run his foreign agenda, raising hopes of a warmer relationship with the West. Mr. Pezeshkian “represents a more pragmatic posture and less confrontational posture toward the outside and the inside,” said Dennis B. Ross, who served as a special assistant to President Barack Obama and is a longtime Mideast negotiator. Still, Mr. Ross noted, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, “would do a great deal to limit” Mr. Pezeshkian’s international agenda.
Persons: Masoud Pezeshkian, Pezeshkian, Pezeshkian “, , Dennis B, Ross, Barack Obama, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Locations: Iran
The concern is compounded because many believe Trump poses a threat to the future of NATO. Questions about Biden and his political future inject further uncertainty into a summit where key allies are also dealing with major political changes. However, as one former senior US diplomat said, there will “certainly be a spotlight” on Biden at the NATO summit. Adding to the pressure is the increased significance of this year’s NATO summit. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has sought to focus attention on the content of the summit and away from Biden’s debate performance.
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Fight Over Seabed Agency Leadership Turns Nasty
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Rather, they are efforts in the seemingly genteel parlors of a United Nations-affiliated agency, meant to sway decisions related to the start of seabed mining of the metals used in electric vehicles. It is all part of a nasty fight over who will be the next leader of the International Seabed Authority, which controls mining in international waters worldwide. The accusations of trickery underscore the controversial nature of the agency’s coming agenda and the billions of dollars at stake. Some countries are fiercely opposed to the idea of mining the world’s deepest waters while others see it as a badly needed economic opportunity. Whoever helms the agency’s top post over the next few years will have considerable influence over these decisions.
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Here’s what to expect on Friday’ second round of elections, and how the results could impact Iran and the world. During the first round, Pezeshkian led with 42.5% of the votes, followed by Jalili with 38.6%, according to the state news agency IRNA. In a move that shocked observers, the man who led Ghalibaf’s electoral campaign, Sami Nazari Tarkarani, also declared his support for reformist Pezeshkian, Khabar Online reported. People drive past a billboard with pictures of presidential candidates Masoud Pezeshkian and Saeed Jalili on a street in Tehran, Iran, on Monday. Presidential candidates Masoud Pezeshkian and Saeed Jalili ​attend an election debate at a television studio in Tehran, Iran on Tuesday.
Persons: CNN — Iran’s, Ebrahim Raisi, Masoud Pezeshkian, Saeed Jalili, Raisi, Hossein Amir, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Pezeshkian, , Khamenei, , hardliner Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Jalili, ” Parsi, Sardar Mohsen Rashid, Rashid, Sami Nazari Tarkarani, Ghalibaf, Sanam Vakil, , ” Sina Toossi, ” Pezeshkian, Toossi, Majid Asgaripour, Iran’s, ” Jalili, Israel sharpens, Israel “, Israel Katz, ” Ali Vaez, Vaez, CNN’s Becky Anderson, Saeed Jalili ​, Morteza Fakhri, Parsi, ” Vakil Organizations: CNN, Foreign, Guardian Council, IRNA, Quincy Institute, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Pezeshkian, Khabar, North Africa, Chatham House, Center for International Policy, Trump, Islamic, International Atomic Energy Agency, UN, Israeli, Group, Reuters Locations: Islamic Republic, Iran, tatters, Israel, United States, Tehran, Washington, Iranian, East, London, Washington ,, Gaza, Lebanon
Israeli forces killed a senior Hezbollah commander on Wednesday in a drone strike in southern Lebanon, prompting the Lebanese militia to retaliate with a heavy rocket barrage across the border. The flare-up came as Western diplomats worked to avoid a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah, a danger that appears to have grown in recent weeks. Cross-border exchanges of fire have intensified, and Israeli officials have publicly spoken of shifting their military focus from Hamas in the Gaza Strip to Hezbollah, a far more advanced and potent threat. Jean-Yves Le Drian, President Emmanuel Macron’s special envoy to Lebanon, was among the people with whom he met, according to a person close to the talks, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive diplomacy. He said Mr. Nasser had led Hezbollah’s Aziz unit, one of the group’s main fighting forces along the Lebanese border.
Persons: Amos Hochstein, Jean, Yves Le Drian, Emmanuel Macron’s, Mohammad Naameh Nasser, Abu Naameh, Mr, Nasser, Hezbollah’s Aziz Organizations: Hezbollah, White, U.S, French Locations: Lebanon, Western, Israel, Gaza, tamping, Paris, Lebanese
The administration and other Western governments are scrambling to keep up with the mounting danger ISIS-K poses. Before this year, U.S. and other Western officials believed ISIS-K had the intent but not the ability to orchestrate attacks abroad. It was the deadliest terrorist attack in Europe since 2004. ISIS-K also launched a major attack in Iran this year that killed dozens, and other plots were disrupted in Europe. The Taliban sees ISIS-K as a threat to its rule and has launched a series of attacks on the group.
Organizations: Biden, U.S ., Moscow's, Moscow's Crocus City Hall, ISIS, Embassy, Taliban, White House National Security Council Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, U.S, Moscow's Crocus, Europe, Iran, Africa, Khorasan, Washington, United States, Doha
Iran and Israel traded threats Saturday of what Iran said would be an "obliterating" war over Hezbollah. Attacks intensified this month after Israel killed a top Hezbollah commander and Hezbollah responded with some of its biggest missile barrages. "Such a war would be a catastrophe for Lebanon," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said as he met recently with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant at the Pentagon. "Another war between Israel and Hezbollah could easily become a regional war, with terrible consequences for the Middle East." Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded by pledging his country would move against Hezbollah with "full force" unless it stopped attacks.
Persons: , Gerald Feierstein, Israel, Martin Griffiths, Lloyd Austin, Yoav Gallant, Gallant, Susan Walsh, Feierstein, Iran's U.N, Israel Katz, CQ Brown Organizations: Marine, Hezbollah, Israeli, Pentagon, Israel, Joint Chiefs, Staff Locations: Khiam, Lebanon, Israel, Lebanon's Iran, Iran, Gaza, United States, Lebanese, U.S, Washington, Israeli
CNN —Joe Biden’s performance at the CNN presidential debate against Donald Trump has raised concerns with US allies - particularly within NATO and Europe. Those concerns, to be clear, are not about whether or not Biden is fit to make decisions. Nor is the concern that Biden’s stumbling, at times incomprehensible, performance has ensured a second Trump term. That has been at the heart of European strategic thinking since Trump took office in 2016 and has continued through Biden’s presidency. The concerns that America’s allies have are that the most powerful country on earth cannot provide the one thing they most want: stability.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Donald Trump, Biden, Trump Organizations: CNN, NATO, Trump Locations: Europe, China, Russia, Ukraine
President Joe Biden’s dismal showing at the CNN presidential debate against former President Donald Trump resonated around the world, with foreign diplomats expressing shock and concern. “Hard to watch” is how multiple foreign diplomats described Thursday night’s debate between Biden and Trump. Trump even suggested he had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about his “dream” of invading Ukraine. He also attacked Biden over the Afghanistan withdrawal and argued it was the reason Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022. Read more on how the world is reacting to the CNN debate.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Donald Trump, Trump, Biden, , “ Trump, , Vladimir Putin, Putin, Read Organizations: CNN, Biden, NATO Locations: Europe, East, Asia, European, Arab, Asian, Russia, Ukraine, Russian, Afghanistan
Rights groups are furious the Taliban meeting is going ahead without Afghan women, and say it legitimizes Afghanistan’s leaders and fails to hold them to account for grave injustices. Whatever we had, we spent it,” Arzo’s brother Ahamad, a 27-year-old journalist under threat from the Taliban due to his occupation, told CNN in November. Arzo told CNN what drove her suicide attempt. Pakistan’s policy on “illegal foreigners” is no different to that of other nations, Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Mumtaz Zahra Baloch told CNN. CNNArzo doesn’t want a life like that for herself, her sister, or the women and girls still in Afghanistan.
Persons: , Arzo, Javed Iqbal, ” Richard Bennett, Zabihullah Mujahid, , Richard Bennett, weren’t, – they’ll, They’re, Mahsa, Ahamad, Doctors, Arzo’s, CNN Arzo hadn’t, ” Mahsa, they’ve, can’t, Moniza Kakar, Rain, Kakar, Abbas, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, Baloch, hadn’t, ” Amanullah, He’s, Amanullah, he’s, CNN Arzo, Heather Barr, ” Barr, “ It’s, Bennett, she’ll, “ I’m Organizations: CNN, Lifeline, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders Worldwide, Pakistan CNN —, United Nations, Human Rights, UN, Security, “ ACC ”, Afghan, ACC, Pakistani Ministry of Foreign, , Taliban, Human Rights Watch, International Court of Justice, Criminal Court, ICC Locations: Karachi, Pakistan, Pakistani, Afghanistan, CNN Pakistan, Doha, Qatar, Afghan, Kabul, Islamabad, , Soviet, , Canada, Israel, Gaza
“Hard to watch” is how multiple foreign diplomats described Thursday night’s debate between Biden and Trump to CNN. I had difficulties understanding what he was saying, and I understand English pretty well,” said a second European diplomat. Biden’s debate flop was front-page news across Europe, with left- and right-leaning newspapers excoriating the president – even in France, where the country has its own elections coming up this weekend. “There are many options that are discussed, but we don’t see, any that are self-evident,” the first European diplomat said. Moscow’s state TV station, Russia 1, lampooned Biden’s debate performance.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Donald Trump, Trump, Biden, , “ Trump, , , Vladimir Putin, Putin, ” Trump, Radek Sikorski, “ Marcus Aurelius, Commudos, didn’t, Kamala, Harris, Trump’s, Volodymyr, Zelensky, Biden pilloried, Joe’Matosed ”, “ Biden, Biden’s, Emmanuel Macron’s, Ansa, Russia’s, Olga Skabeeva laughingly Organizations: CNN, Biden, NATO, Democratic Party, , , strongmen, Arab, Financial Times, Sun, Guardian, Monde, TV Locations: Europe, East, Asia, European, Arab, Asian, France, Russia, Ukraine, Russian, Afghanistan, Polish, California, Israel, British, Atlanta, Greece’s, Italy, Puglia
EU leaders pick von der Leyen for second term as Commission chief
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European Union leaders agreed to nominate Ursula von der Leyen of Germany for a second five-year term as president of the European Commission, the EU's powerful executive body. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, another right-winger, voted against von der Leyen and did not vote for Kallas, diplomats said. Von der Leyen's nomination still needs approval from the European Parliament in a secret ballot - widely seen as a trickier proposition than her endorsement by EU leaders. "It is a matter of convincing - if possible - a broad majority for a strong Europe," von der Leyen said. Von der Leyen hails from the centre-right, Costa from the centre-left and Kallas from Europe's liberal group.
Persons: Ursula von der Leyen, Antonio Costa, Kaja Kallas, Charles Michel, Giorgia Meloni, von der Leyen, Costa, Meloni, Viktor Orban, Von der, Von der Leyen, there's, Kallas Organizations: Union, European Commission, Estonian, European, Italian, Kallas, EU, Kyiv, U.S Locations: Germany, Brussels, Portuguese, Hungarian, Europe, Ukraine, Russia
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