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Apple looks kind of ridiculous right now
  + stars: | 2024-05-15 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +3 min
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Apple, though, has kept pretty quiet about its own AI ambitions so far — and it's increasingly obvious. "The buzz around AI, and specifically GenAI, has been so deafening that Apple is noticeable by omission," Dipanjan Chatterjee, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, told Business Insider. Still, if the rumors about OpenAI or Gemini iPhone integration are true, this week's "strong announcements actually would bode well for Apple," William Kerwin, an analyst at Morningstar, said. AdvertisementThe analyst told BI that the new iPad rollout is simply an "appetizer to the real meat and potatoes" of Apple's AI strategy, expected to be announced at the WWDC in June.
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Apple added that the lawsuit could empower the government “to take a heavy hand in designing people’s technology.”But if successful, the lawsuit could ripple across Apple’s products and services. Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesChanges to the App StoreIf found liable, the company could be forced to change a number of things. One such change is how iPhone users could get greater access to “super apps” that have been largely restricted before. More open servicesAnother likely change is how hardware from other companies, such as smartwatches, will interact with the Apple range of devices and software, including the iPhone and Apple’s services like Fitness+. But Apple’s success stems in part to its tight grip on its products and services, keeping things intuitive and seamless.
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Some critics of the suit believe it could make the iPhone worse, leading to security concerns and a less seamless experience. But is that something that iPhone users really want? The DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple on Thursday. AdvertisementFor its part, Apple has argued that the DOJ's lawsuit could pose any number of issues for iPhone users — from security and privacy concerns to a degradation in user experience. A less seamless user experienceThe DOJ's lawsuit could also have a detrimental impact on Apple's signature user experience, according to some experts.
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CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that Meta plans to build its own artificial general intelligence, known as AGI, which is artificial intelligence that meets or surpasses human intelligence in almost all areas. Zuckerberg’s latest announcement is one of its biggest pledges to double down on artificial intelligence. Big Tech companies including Microsoft, Google and Amazon continue to share new AI tools and visions amid a heightened and renewed AI arms race. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg said Meta is creating a new “top-level product group” to “turbocharge” the company’s work on AI tools. “That trope around ‘every company is now a technology company’ has evolved to be every company is now an AI company,” he said.
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Here’s a look at some of the buzziest products announced this week:Loona companion robot is the world's first consumer robot equipped with ChatGPT AI technology. From Beijing KEYi Technology Co. Ltd.AI companionsAI companions are one of the biggest trends to emerge from the show this year. Samsung’s buzzy Ballie robot, which was first shown off at CES in 2020, received a refresh. BaracodaAI task robotsBeyond companions, AI has made its way into nearly every appliance and gadget you could think of this year. LG was one of the first leaders in transparent TVs; one of its earlier prototypes impressed the show floor back in 2020.
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The change – first reported by tech site 9to5Mac – will add features, such as read receipt, typing indicators, better support for group chats and higher quality media sharing of images and videos, across platforms. Apple told CNN in a statement it will add support for the standard, called RCS (Rich Communication Services), later next year. Meanwhile, Google, which already has support for RCS within its messaging app, has been vocal about wanting Apple to adopt the standard. The move, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the green bubbles (Android or other users) and blue bubbles (Apple users) that are displayed when messaging someone on the other platform will go away anytime soon. “Instead, RCS support will enable a smoother and better customer experience of iPhone users communicating across platforms.
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The focus of the event, which featured the tagline “scary fast,” was Apple’s new custom-made M3 chips, the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Pro Max. The chips will ship with Apple’s latest MacBook Pro and iMac lineup. “This deep integration is something only Apple can deliver, and we never stop innovating.”At a time companies such as Microsoft, Google and Meta have openly discussed their plans for an AI future, Apple has been less forthcoming. Apple said it shipped about 26 million Macs in 2022, making up 9.1% of the overall market (up from 7.8% the year prior). At the same time, the overall PC market shipped about 292 million computers the same year, down 15% from the year before.
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