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CNN —Alice Stewart, a veteran political adviser and CNN political commentator who worked on several GOP presidential campaigns, has died. Law enforcement officials told CNN that Stewart’s body was found outdoors in the Bellevue neighborhood in northern Virginia early Saturday morning. She went on to serve as the communications director in then-Arkansas Gov. Most recently, Stewart was the communications director for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 GOP campaign. David S. HollowaySpeaking about her role as a commentator for the network, Stewart told Harvard Political Review in 2020 that she brings “a perspective that I think CNN appreciates.”“My position at CNN is to be a conservative voice yet an independent thinker,” Stewart said.
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President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on Oct. 22. President Joe Biden on Wednesday challenged former Donald Trump to two head-to-head debates before the November election, with several special conditions. Both proposed showdowns would be held without the involvement of the non-partisan commission that typically organizes presidential debates. "Just tell me when, I'll be there," wrote Trump. " During the 2020 debates, Biden and Trump regularly broke out into shouting matches as they each tried to get a word in edgewise.
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In “Civil War,” tanks trample democracy. But the messages they send may be more dangerous than the violence depicted onscreen: The collapse of democracy is inevitable. In the film, Humphrey Bogart plays Rick, the cynical owner of a Moroccan nightclub at the onset of World War II. John Springer Collection/Corbis Historical/Getty ImagesOther World War II-era films like “Don’t be a Sucker,” which emphasized racial and religious tolerance in America, emphasized the same message. The box office success of “Civil War” ensures, though, that more “American carnage” stories are likely headed our way .
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Ohio was one of three states that had warned the Democratic Party that Mr. Biden could be left off the ballot because the Democratic National Convention would take place after certification deadlines for presidential nominees. Election officials in Washington State also signaled that their state would accept a provisional certification of Mr. Biden’s nomination. Charles Lutvak, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said that Mr. Biden would be on the ballot in all 50 states. Republicans in Ohio have said that passing the ban on foreign donations is the price that Democrats will have to pay to ensure that Mr. Biden is on the ballot in the state. “If Ohio bars Biden from the ballot, the Supreme Court should order him back on the ballot just like it did with Trump in Colorado,” Ms. Torres-Spelliscy said.
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Here’s what we know when it comes to the antiwar protests on college campuses and electoral politics: President Biden does seem to have a problem with young activists on the left. But whether or not he has a larger problem with young voters in general remains to be seen. Which is why one statement from a more mainstream group, saying the administration is on a “mistaken route,” is worth considering. The College Democrats of America. Which means, they’re the young people who would seem most likely to support Mr. Biden.
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“You know, I’m a fan of his father,” Mr. Schlossberg says, as Jimmy. Mr. Schlossberg has long been in Mr. Biden’s corner. The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to questions of whether Mr. Schlossberg’s video barrage had been coordinated with the campaign. At minimum, Mr. Schlossberg, who has hinted in the past that he has his eye on elected office, has demonstrated a willingness to take comedic risks. Whatever his flaws, and however reliant he may be on hackneyed stereotypes, Mr. Schlossberg is plainly a committed performer.
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Major corporations often don't want to seem like they're taking one side politically, so they either sponsor both conventions, or neither. Conventions could see new sponsorsThe Democratic and Republican conventions this summer are the first fully in-person conventions since the 2016 election. Democratic convention organizers in April said if corporations had any reluctance to back the RNC, it hasn't hampered Chicago's efforts to lure donors. Microsoft in 2012 contributed over $1.5 million in a mix of in-kind and cash contributions to the Republican convention. JPMorgan donated $200,000 to the 2012 Republican convention and didn't write a check for the 2016 event.
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Biden cannot afford a boiling summer of protest
  + stars: | 2024-05-02 | by ( Stephen Collinson | )   time to read: +9 min
CNN —President Joe Biden can ill afford a long, hot summer of protest that comes to a boil in time for the Democratic National Convention in August and then bleeds into the final weeks of an already venomous clash with Donald Trump. The nationwide campus protests are not as pervasive as mass civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protests that raged in the 1960s and 1970s. This has been especially testing for Biden — a staunch supporter of Israel dating back to 1970s Prime Minister Golda Meir. More than 3 million Americans served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. This may also help explain why Biden had not addressed the campus protests in detail before Thursday.
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Editor’s Note: Julian Zelizer, a CNN political analyst, is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. CNN —Democrats are increasingly anxious about their party’s internal divisions over the Israel-Hamas war, which are threatening to hurt their chances in November. The eruption of pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses and the ensuing clashes with police portend bad times ahead. After President Lyndon Johnson announced that he would not run for reelection, the party nominated his vice president, Hubert Humphrey. However, there are many important differences between 2024 and 1968 that could make this current situation significantly less damaging for Biden than some Democrats fear.
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Opinion: Winds of fate confront Trump
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We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. To Trump’s delight, the top court’s session dimmed the chances the federal case will go to trial before the election. (Trump has denied the affairs with Daniels and McDougal and has pleaded not guilty to the hush money charges. Here’s why we should tune in anyway 04:27 - Source: CNNAs SE Cupp noted, “Trump and Biden debated twice in 2020. Chris Pizzello/Invision/APCNN anchor Victor Blackwell is a fervent Beyoncé fan but her foray into country music didn’t initially grab him.
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CNN —The Republican National Committee is asking the Secret Service to keep protesters farther back from the July convention in Milwaukee than is currently planned. Alexi Worley, spokesperson for the Secret Service, said in a statement that the agency is “not formally in receipt of the letter” and will “respond through appropriate channels” if it receives one. “The operational security plan for national special security events, to include the 2024 Republican National Convention, is developed and approved through an executive steering committee made up of representatives from the Secret Service, as well as supporting federal, state, and local agencies,” Worley said. The RNC announced in 2022 it would host this year’s convention in Milwaukee, and the city’s Democratic mayor, Cavalier Johnson, dismissed security concerns at the time. “Our police department is well-versed, and I think they are prepared for the convention,” Johnson said in 2022, noting that Milwaukee was supposed to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention before it switched to a virtual format amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Three Questions About Politics and the Campus Protests
  + stars: | 2024-04-26 | by ( Jess Bidgood | )   time to read: +1 min
Soon, the comparison to another protest-filled election year inevitably arose. That year, protests at Columbia University exploded amid a nationwide movement against the Vietnam War, one that involved violent clashes as police moved in on protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago that summer. Democrats, who had been deeply divided over the war, ultimately lost the election to President Nixon. There are many differences between then and now, and it is much too soon to know whether the campus protests happening now will come to feel like what happened that seismic year. It’s another question mark in a political season already full of them.
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In 1968, protests against the Vietnam War reached a climax in Chicago outside the Democratic National Convention, where the police beat and arrested demonstrators — and most likely contributed to Hubert Humphrey’s loss in the general election that November. In this audio essay, the columnist Charles Blow draws a parallel between those events and this year’s convention, which will also take place in Chicago and where protesters are again planning demonstrations. Blow warns the Biden campaign that the growing campus protest movement signals what could come and that the campaign ignores history at its peril. (A full transcript of this audio essay will be available within 24 hours of publication in the audio player above.)
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At the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, anti-Vietnam War protesters clashed with police officers — whose brutal role in the confrontation was later described by a federal commission as a “police riot” — hijacking the focus of the convention. Those young demonstrators had come of age seeing continual — and effective — protests during the civil rights movement and national mourning after the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Rev. The movement against it began mostly on college campuses and grew. Of course, semesters end and students go home for the summer. But their opposition to the war didn’t end with the academic year.
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Organizations that are usually focused on climate, housing or immigration are regularly protesting Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, which followed the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack and has killed more than 33,000 people, according to local officials. Labor activists are calling for a cease-fire. Black clergy leaders have appealed directly to the White House. Young Americans are using online tools to mobilize voters and send millions of missives to Congress. And an emerging coalition of advocacy groups is discussing how to press its case at the Democratic National Convention this summer.
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Ohio’s certification deadline is August 7 and Alabama’s is August 15. The Biden campaign has called on Ohio and Alabama officials to follow past precedent. The Biden campaign has insisted that it “will be on the ballot in all 50 states.”It has proposed several options. Ohio and Alabama could push back their deadlines or accept provisional certifications that would be confirmed after the conventions – as Alabama did in 2020 for Republicans. In Alabama, Democratic lawmakers in the state House and state Senate introduced legislation Thursday to push back the certification deadline to August 23.
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AdvertisementOhio and Alabama — both GOP-run states — are saying they might not allow Biden on the ballot this November. Mike DeWine, has also flagged that the Democratic convention is happening after Ohio's own August 7 deadline. Like Alabama, Ohio requires political parties to give their official nominations before the deadline if they want to appear on the ballot. "Joe Biden will be on the ballot in all 50 states," a spokesperson for the Biden campaign said in a statement shared with BI. AdvertisementWhile Alabama is a deep-red state, Ohio is much more competitive, though it has trended more Republican-leaning in recent years.
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There is already an effort underway by wealthy Biden donors to recruit Haley's bundlers and contributors. The Biden Victory Fund raises money for the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and dozens of state parties. "Everyone, including Republican voters who reject Trump's chaos, division, and violence, has a home in President Biden's campaign," said Munoz, the Biden campaign aide. The ads will feature onetime Trump voters explaining why they decided not to vote for him again. A political action committee called "Haley Voters for Biden" is also trying to persuade Haley voters to support Biden, according to Semafor.
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AdvertisementFor the leading voices in the uncommitted movement, that's missing the point — and it's insulting. The "Listen to Michigan" campaign was originally conceived in a memo drafted by Waleed Shahid, a progressive strategist and former spokesman for the left-wing group Justice Democrats. "There is an entire menu of things that President Biden could do to move in the direction of discontinuing the funding of the killing," he said. What uncommitted voters are ultimately looking for is a sense of seriousness and clarity that they feel has been lacking from Biden. Uncommitted movement organizers do not seem to be taking glee in embarrassing Biden.
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A group of Democrats walked into a New Jersey state office last week carrying boxes filled with signed election petitions. Their goal was to get onto ballots in the state’s Democratic primary, on June 4, and to be elected as delegates to the Democratic National Convention. “Justice for Palestine, permanent cease-fire now.”One of the four dozen would-be delegates had gathered 220 signatures; another had gotten 157. Each will appear on the Democratic primary ballot and compete against candidates committed to President Biden. “There is no way that we will make a difference here in New Jersey,” Ms. Dorigo, who is originally from Argentina, acknowledged.
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Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut’s four-term United States senator and Vice President Al Gore’s Democratic running mate in the 2000 presidential election won by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney when the Supreme Court halted a Florida ballot recount, died on Wednesday in Manhattan. In the ensuing campaign, the Gore-Lieberman team stressed themes of integrity to sidestep Clinton administration scandals. Mr. Lieberman also urged Americans to bring religion and faith more prominently into public life. They won a narrow plurality of the popular votes — a half-million more than the Bush-Cheney Republican ticket. But on the evening of Election Day, no clear winner had emerged in the Electoral College, and an intense legal battle took center stage.
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Three presidents and one mission: Beat Trump
  + stars: | 2024-03-27 | by ( Stephen Collinson | )   time to read: +11 min
CNN’s MJ Lee and Jeff Zeleny reported Wednesday that Obama was in the White House for a working visit just last week. Two Democratic presidents who won second terms are uniting to try to usher a successor, who is older than both of them, into the same rarified political air. And Clinton has been out of the White House for nearly a quarter of a century. But Biden was also a valuable ally for Clinton after the president’s impeachment over an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. And after he became vice president, Biden developed a friendly and cordial relationship with Hillary Clinton, maintained by regular breakfasts at the vice president’s official residence in Washington.
Persons: , Joe Biden’s, he’s, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Obama, CNN’s MJ Lee, Jeff Zeleny, Biden, Clinton, Trump, Jonathan Diller, Jimmy Carter, George W, Bush, it’s, Leon Panetta, , ” Panetta, Joe Biden, , Biden’s, ” Clinton, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Gabriel Debenedetti, irked Obama’s, Beau, ” Biden, Robert Hur, “ I’m, Clinton’s, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Monica Lewinsky Organizations: CNN, Trump, White, Radio City Music, Democratic, , New York, Police, White House, African, Central, Democratic National Convention, Republican, Obama, Democratic Party, Alliance ”, Biden, Black, African American Democratic Locations: New York, Washington, America, Delaware, Illinois, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Iraq, South Carolina
That pushed Biden's count past 1,968 for a majority of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August, where his nomination will be made official. Former President Donald Trump is expected to clinch the Republican nomination shortly. Biden, who mounted his first bid for president 37 years ago, did not face any serious Democratic challengers to his run for reelection at age 81. Already the oldest-ever American president, Biden would be 86 if he served out the entirety of a second term. “I sure feel confident.”Biden first ran for the Democratic nomination ahead of the 1988 presidential election, but flamed out when it emerged he had plagiarized speeches.
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Minnesota, which had the most organized effort outside of Michigan, saw 1 in 5 Democratic voters mark the “uncommitted” option, a higher percentage than the 13% who voted uncommitted in Michigan. Supporters of the protest argue anger over the war could endanger Biden’s chances in swing states like Michigan against former President Donald Trump in their likely rematch. As Biden’s supporters are quick to point out, the “uncommitted” vote isn't a historical anomaly. Biden has won every state's primary contest so far and is on track to clinch the nomination this month. Minnesota voter Sarah Alfaham voted in the state's Democratic primary — as she has for many years — but opted to mark “uncommitted” on her ballot.
Persons: Joe Biden's, , Donald Trump, Biden’s, Trump, Biden, Waleed Shahid, Lauren Hitt, , He’s, Hitt, Barack Obama’s, Ro Khanna, Shahid, Khanna, uncommitted, Sarah Alfaham, “ Joe Biden, Alfaham, Marcus Casillas, “ uncommitted, they've, they’ve, Asma Nizami, Minnesota's, Jesse Bedayn, Mark Vancleave Organizations: Biden, Democratic, Tuesday, Michigan, United Food, Commercial Workers, Washington, State, Associated Press Locations: LANSING, Mich, Israel, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin's, Gaza, California, U.S, Colorado's, Washington, Littleton , Colorado, Bloomington , Minnesota
A Big Night — but Will It Matter?
  + stars: | 2024-03-08 | by ( Adam Nagourney | )   time to read: +1 min
President Biden was not even halfway through his 68-minute State of the Union speech when Simon Rosenberg, the rare Democratic strategist who is bullish on Biden’s re-election prospects, fired off a note to the readers of his Substack newsletter. “The President is Kicking Ass!” it read (though with many more exclamation points attached). The Biden campaign soon reported that the three hours surrounding the prime-time speech were the most lucrative fund-raising hours of the president’s re-election campaign so far. The rousing speech was, at least for Democrats worried about Biden’s re-election prospects, a welcome success — and on a night when it mattered. Undecided voters can be targeted precisely in many ways, with TikTok the most au courant example.
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