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Opinion: Shaking off the Trump effect
  + stars: | 2024-04-21 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +19 min
We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. CNN —“We are most deeply asleep at the switch,” wrote Annie Dillard, “when we fancy we control any switches at all. When the Senate voted to send new aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan two months ago, House Speaker Mike Johnson took no action. With the help of Democrats, the House approved aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan on Saturday. Writing for CNN Opinion, he emphasized that there are legal principles that require universities to prohibit expressions of antisemitism.
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CNN —Terry Anderson, the former Mideast correspondent for The Associated Press who was kidnapped in 1985 and held captive for nearly seven years in Lebanon, has died at 76, his daughter told CNN. The cause of death was unknown, though his daughter told the AP he had recently had heart surgery. “You’re sorry, sorry for your family, sorry you were dumb enough to get captured,” Anderson told CNN once about his capture. In a 2016 interview, Anderson told CNN that he didn’t think about his captivity often. And you do it, day after day after day,” he said.
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The scope of Israel’s military response to Iran’s first-ever direct attack on the country remains murky. Israeli officials have yet to publicly acknowledge responsibility for reported overnight explosions in parts of Iran on Friday. Iran may be downplaying what was likely to have been a significant but limited Israeli attack, but that seems to be secondary to the larger forces at play. The latest flare-up brought the stakes into sharp focus, but it also exposed the limits of a direct confrontation between Iran and Israel. Remember: What happens between Iran and Israel rarely stays between Iran and Israel.
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U.S. crude oil and global benchmark Brent finished out the week about 3% lower, despite the fact that Iran and Israel traded direct strikes against each other's territory for the first time. Fears that oil prices could shoot to $100 a barrel or above did not materialize. The market has essentially erased the risk premium associated with the Iran-Israel tensions after traders bid up prices last week on war fears. "These skirmishes did not impress the oil markets, which believe that no disruption to oil flows will occur." Papic said a sustained war between Israel and Iran is difficult to imagine and may even be practically impossible.
Persons: Ali Mohammadi, Israel, Manish Raj, John Kilduff, Marko Papic, Papic, Brent, Kilduff, CNBC's Organizations: Persian Gulf, Bloomberg, Getty, Brent, Israel's, Israel, Traders, Velandara Energy Partners, Again, International Atomic Energy Agency, Clocktower Locations: Bandar Abbas, Iran, Israel, U.S, Damascus, Syria, Tehran
House Speaker Mike Johnson arrives to speak with reporters to discuss his proposal of sending aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan on April 17, 2024. Johnson, although a bona fide conservative and a skeptic at times of Ukraine aid, is finally on the cusp of getting the vote done in the House. This week, Iran responded to Israel’s strike on a Syrian diplomatic facility with its own strikes, which Israel responded to on Friday with a strike on Iran. Joe Biden is running hardWith all the Trump trial coverage, you might have missed that President Joe Biden is running a spirited presidential campaign. While Trump is spending most days at his trial, Biden is going all over the map.
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An Israeli airstrike on Iran on Friday damaged an air defense system, according to Western and Iranian officials, in an attack calculated to deliver a message that Israel could bypass Iran’s defensive systems undetected and paralyze them. The strike damaged a defensive battery near Natanz, a city in central Iran that is critical to the country’s nuclear weapons program, according to two Western officials and two Iranian officials. The attack — and the revelation on Saturday of its target — was in retaliation for Iran’s strike in Israel last week after Israel bombed its embassy compound in Damascus. But it used a fraction of the firepower Tehran deployed in launching hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel. But the relatively limited scope of Israel’s strike and the muted response from Iranian officials seem to have eased tensions.
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Why was Iran struck by drones?
  + stars: | 2024-04-19 | by ( Simone Mccarthy | )   time to read: +7 min
Israel carried out the strike inside Iran Friday morning, a US official told CNN. There were no reports of a missile attack, Iran’s National Cyberspace Center spokesperson Hossein Dalirian said on social platform X. The US “didn’t green light” an Israeli response, another senior US official told CNN. Video Ad Feedback Iranian journalist on how Iranian media reported the Israeli attack 02:19 - Source: CNNWhy is this happening now? Israel last week pledged, however, that it would “exact a price” from Iran in response to that aerial barrage.
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Israel and Iran: All-out war, or measured retaliation?
  + stars: | 2024-04-19 | by ( Natasha Turak | )   time to read: +5 min
Atta Kenare | AFP | Getty Imageswatch nowBut a full-blown conventional war would be devastating to both sides and highly destabilizing for the Middle East. Are these tit-for-tat blows between Israel and Iran clear evidence of all-out war, or carefully calibrated retaliation strikes? "With Israel's apparent strikes on Iran today, retaliating for Iran's attack on Israel last Sunday, we now have a direct nation-on-nation hot war," he told CNBC's "Capital Connection" Friday. 'Ball is back in Iran's court'Not everyone agrees that the line into wider war has been crossed, however. Within hours of the Israeli strikes, risk assets were already on their way back down, with international oil benchmark Brent crude turning lower for the session after a brief spike.
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Iran may be downplaying what was likely to have been a significant but limited Israeli attack, but that seems to be secondary to the larger forces at play. The latest flare-up brought the stakes into sharp focus, but it also exposed the limits of a direct confrontation between Iran and Israel. As part of Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel, its weapons navigated over at least two neighboring countries that house US bases. What happens between Iran and Israel rarely stays between Iran and Israel. US forces had shot down more than 70 of Iran’s weapons as they headed to Israel.
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Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian speaks during a press conference at the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Beirut, Lebanon February 10, 2024. "What happened last night was not a strike," the foreign minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, said in an interview with NBC News' Tom Llamas. But the foreign minister warned that if Israel did attack Iran, the response would be swift and severe. Iran responded 12 days later, launching an unprecedented, direct military attack on Israel involving more than 300 missiles and drones. Still, the foreign minister said he hopes that a deal will be reached soon for the release of the hostages as part of a broad settlement.
Persons: Hossein Amirabdollahian, Israel, Tom Llamas, , Amirabdollahian, Biden, Karine Jean, Pierre, Benjamin Netanhayu Organizations: Iran's, Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NBC News, Security, Israel, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Locations: Beirut, Lebanon, New York, Iran, Israel, Syrian, Damascus, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Tehran, Isfahan
CNN —Israel and Iran have now thrust the Middle East into a dangerous new era by erasing the taboo against overt military strikes on one another’s territory. Most immediately, the ball is in Iran’s court after Israel conducted strikes near the city of Isfahan early Friday. Initial reports suggest that the action was limited and, according to US officials, did not target Iranian nuclear sites in the area. Hours before the Israeli strikes, for instance, Iran had warned that any Israeli attack would be met with a robust response. “I do think it sends a message to Tehran that really they are more vulnerable to Israeli strikes than they would like to admit,” Davis said.
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Throughout the week, US officials had urged Israel not to retaliate for Iran’s unprecedented attack five days prior, when hundreds of missiles and drones were fired from inside Iran at Israel. US intelligence has long assessed that neither Iran nor Israel has any appetite for an outright war. Iranian officials have stated publicly that Iran’s policy toward Israel has changed. Then, on April 1, an Israeli strike on what Iran claims was an embassy in Syria killed seven officials, including two senior Iranian commanders. “Israel and Iran are going to be starting higher on the escalatory ladder for every future moment of conflict and that is incredibly dangerous,” said Panikoff.
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Israel carried out a limited military strike on Iranian soil on Friday morning. Analysts said the strike was likely a demonstration of Israel's capacity to reach Iranian nuclear sites. Two unnamed Israeli defense officials also told The New York Times that the Israeli military had mounted the attack. Related storyReports said that explosions were heard close to an Iranian military base near Isfahan, with Iranian state media outlet IRNA reporting that air defense systems had been activated. IAEA can confirm that there is no damage to #Iran’s nuclear sites.
Persons: Israel, , IRNA, @rafaelmgrossi, Jonathan Conricus, they've, Richard Goldberg, Ahmad Haqtalab Organizations: Service, Washington Post, Post, New York Times, Nuclear Threat Initiative, International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Israel Defense Forces, White House National Security Council, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Locations: Iran, Israel, Damascus, Iranian, Isfahan, Ifsahan, Jerusalem
Read previewOil prices jumped while stocks sold off after reports of an escalation in Middle East tensions. International benchmark Brent crude oil futures rose as much as 4.2% before trading 2.8% higher at $89.54 a barrel at 11:15 p.m. EDT. The strike on Friday came days after Iran attacked Israel on Saturday with a barrage of more than 300 missiles and drones. Israel didn't claim responsibility for the strike, but Iran held it accountable and vowed retaliation. Oil markets shrugged off Iran's attack on Israel as the market assessed the conflict would remain contained.
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Crude oil futures were mixed Thursday after a selloff earlier in the week as traders discounted fears of a war between Israel and Iran that could disrupt crude supplies. The West Texas Intermediate contract for May delivery added 4 cents, or 0.05%, to settle at $82.73 a barrel. U.S. crude oil had gained nearly 1% to a session high of $83.47 before pulling back. Oil sold off more than 3% Wednesday as Israel has refrained so far from striking back against Iran for the Islamic Republic's unprecedented weekend air assault, reducing fears of a major war in the Middle East. U.S. crude oil and the global benchmark have fallen below the prices reached after Israel's airstrike against Iran's diplomatic compound in Damascus, Syria at the start of the month, the event that triggered the current round of hostilities.
Persons: Brent, we've, Phil Flynn Organizations: The West Texas Intermediate, Oil, Price Futures Group, Israel's Locations: Israel, Iran, The, Damascus, Syria
CNN —Iran’s response if Israel takes any further military action against it would be “immediate and at a maximum level,” Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told CNN Thursday, as fears rise of an escalation of the conflict in the Middle East. The tit-for-tat strikes have brought a decades long shadow war between Israel and Iran out in the open and sent fear coursing through the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday said Israel will make its “own decisions” when responding to Iran’s airstrikes. The details of a potential “maximum response” have been planned by Iran’s armed forces, he added. “Our operations in response were carried out at a minimum because we were not seeking to hit multiple targets,” he said.
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Iran and Israel have fought a deadly shadow war for decades. The two enemies have relied on proxy forces, assassinations, and strikes abroad to hit each other. AdvertisementA decades-long shadow war between Iran and Israel has been thrust into broad daylight. Iran's unprecedented attack on Israel last weekend has notably changed the dynamics of this conflict, and it's now more dangerous. Any Israeli military response to the attack risks an all-out confrontation with Iran and could plunge the region into even more violence.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has given his first comments on the Iranian attack on Israel, calling on all sides to exercise restraint in order to avoid a major regional confrontation. The Kremlin said Putin and his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi, had spoken on the phone Tuesday, discussing Israel’s airstrike on a Iranian diplomatic mission in Damascus and Iran’s "retaliation measures," referring to Tehran's massive drone and missile strike on Israel last Saturday. As the world awaits Israel's reaction to the attack, the Kremlin said "Putin expressed hope that all sides will exercise sensible restraint and will not allow a new round of confrontation that may be fraught with disastrous consequences for the entire region." The Kremlin said that Putin believed that the "unresolved Palestinian-Israeli conflict was the root cause of the current developments in the Middle East." In other news, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Ukraine "ran out of missiles" to stop a Russian strike destroying a Ukrainian thermal power plant near the capital Kyiv last week.
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Jordan became the second Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel in 1994. The kingdom was portrayed as shielding Israel at a time when Palestinians were being bombed by Israel in Gaza. One meme shared by users apparently outside Jordan showed a manipulated image of Jordan’s King Abdullah in an Israeli military uniform. “We are in the range of fire and any missiles or projectile that could fall in Jordan would cause harm to Jordan. Our priority is to protect Jordan and to protect Jordanian citizens.”And Jordan’s leadership seems intent on sending that message to its people.
Persons: Saddam Hussein, Jordan, Israel, King Abdullah, Bisher, , Ayman Safadi, CNN’s Becky Anderson, , Safadi, “ Jordan, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyaahu, Iran ”, Abdullah, Queen Rania Organizations: CNN, Israel, West Bank, Scud, United, Sunday, , Jordan, Zionist, Jordanian Royal Court Locations: Amman, Israel, Damascus, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordanian, United States, Jordan, Gaza, Tehran, Fars, Iranian, Mafraq
China refused to condemn Iran's missile attack on Israel. AdvertisementChina refused to condemn Iran's missile and drone attack on Israel as it seeks to position itself as a key player in the Middle East. The statement was notable because it contained no condemnation of Iran's attack on Israel on Saturday. The US has sought to enlist China is helping to prevent a bigger regional war, the State Department said. In the readout, China praised Iran for acting with restraint in its response to Israel's embassy attack.
Persons: , Wang Yi's, Hossein Amir, Amir, Abdollahian, Wang, Israel's, Xi Jinping, Ebrahim Raisi, Benjamin Netanyahu Organizations: Service, Foreign, Saturday, Iran, Iranian, Lebanese, Hezbollah, Israel's, US, State Department Locations: China, Israel, Iran, Damascus, Syria, Iranian, Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Beijing
Oil prices rise as Israel weighs response to Iran attack
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Oil prices rose on Tuesday amid heightened tensions in the Middle East after Israel's military chief said his country would respond to Iran's weekend missile and drone attack amid calls for restraint by allies. Oil prices rose on Tuesday amid heightened tensions in the Middle East after Israel's military chief said his country would respond to Iran's weekend missile and drone attack amid calls for restraint by allies. Oil prices had ended Monday's session lower after Iran's weekend attack on Israel proved to be less damaging than anticipated, initially easing concerns of a quickly intensifying conflict that could displace crude barrels. Iran produces more than 3 million barrels per day of crude oil as a major producer within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC. That would maintain pressure on policymakers to unveil more economic stimulus measures that could boost oil prices.
Persons: Brent, Benjamin Netanyahu Organizations: Israel's, Monday, Organization of, Petroleum Locations: Israel, Iran, Damascus, China
China's restrained silence on the Middle East conflict is tipping the scales of regional influence back in the U.S.' favor, according to one analyst. "[Beijing's] role has been less pronounced than many expected, and actually I think it's undermined the sense of growing Chinese influence and confidence in the region," Julien Barnes-Dacey, director of the Middle East & North Africa program at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said on CNBC's "Street Signs" Tuesday. Last week, world leaders entreated China to use its considerable influence as a key trade partner to sway Tehran away from a direct attack against Israel, after an Israeli strike killed several top Iranian commanders in Damascus. Roughly 99% of these projectiles were eliminated by Israel, with help from the U.S., the U.K., France and Jordan. Since then, the specter of Israeli retaliation and a broader conflict in the Middle East has loomed large, with Washington stressing its commitment to Israeli defense and world leaders urging calm.
Persons: Julien Barnes, Dacey, Israel — Organizations: European Council, Foreign Relations, Israel Locations: U.S, Africa, China, Tehran, Israel, Damascus, Iran, Strait, Hormuz, France, Jordan, Washington
Two weeks ago, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain was facing a chorus of calls to cut off arms shipments to Israel because of its devastating war in Gaza. On Monday, Mr. Sunak saluted the British warplanes that had shot down several Iranian drones as part of a successful campaign to thwart Iran’s attack on Israel. Faced with a barrage of Iranian missiles, Britain, the United States, France and others rushed to Israel’s aid. They set aside their anger over Gaza to defend it from a country they view as an archnemesis, even as they pleaded for restraint in Israel’s response to the Iranian assault. But it could prove to be a fleeting change, they said, if Mr. Netanyahu orders a counterstrike damaging enough to pitch the region into wider war.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Sunak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Mr, Biden, Iran’s Locations: Israel, Gaza, Iran, Britain, United States, France, Damascus
A Monday meeting of Israel's five-person war cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concluded without comment on whether the Jewish state will honor its pledge to "exact a price" from Tehran or concede to calls for a measured response from international leaders. The prolonged deliberation came after the Israeli military said that Iran on Saturday fired more than 300 drones and missiles at its soil. It claimed that it and international allies eliminated 99% of these attacks as part of its now-dubbed "Iron Shield" operation. The Israeli war cabinet is set to meet again on Tuesday, according to Reuters. Concerns are mounting that the conflict — rooted in the Oct. 7 terror attack undertaken by Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel's retaliatory war campaign in the Gaza Strip — will seep into the broader Middle East region.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Jordan, , Bashar Assad's Organizations: Saturday, Reuters, CNBC, Washington, NBC, Palestinian, Hamas, Yemeni Locations: Israel, Iran, Tehran, U.S, France, Iranian, Damascus, Syria, Gaza
In a paradigm shift after decades of shadow proxy war, Tehran is usurping Israel’s strategy. “We have decided to create a new equation,” Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Hossein Salami said. When faced with existential threats in the past, Israel has executed the most audacious raids the region has ever witnessed. The damage that can be inflicted on Iran is huge, is huge.”So the most important question right now must be, can Netanyahu read the room right – with Iran threatening to attack, allies warning him not to – and avoid triggering a regional war. Iran, he implied, won’t attack Israel as long as it fears America’s reaction.
Persons: CNN —, Joe Biden’s, Ebrahim Raisi’s, ” Israel, Hossein, , Bashar al, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, Benny Ganz –, David Barnea, Staff Herzi Halevi, Netanyahu, Bezalel Smotrich, of National Security Itamar Ben, Gvir, Ganz, Gallant, – Ganz, ” Netanyahu, ” Netanyahu’s, Saleh Al, Amos Yadlin, Yadlin, ” Yadlin, Bashar, Iran’s, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, Biden Organizations: CNN, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, , Staff, of National Security, IDF’s Military Intelligence, UN Security Locations: CNN — Israel, Israel, Iran, Tehran, Osirak, Syria, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Lebanese, Beirut, Lebanon, Damascus, America
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