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I could be on a three-month film set or a nine-month series set and then go months without a call. I started working on YouTube thumbnails and event flyers for the music industry. For example, a friend helped repair my dishwasher, so I put together "gift ideas for makers and tinkers." AdvertisementI started posting in groups and asking for gift ideas to write blog posts about. It's not money I would make on a film set, but it was something.
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While everyone's financial situation is different, there are mindset shifts that can help anyone save more, whether they're a cushy DINK or an ALICE living paycheck to paycheck. She said some people can try to "white-knuckle" their financial goals, believing that once they reach them, they won't have to worry about money again. AdvertisementClayman shared a few simple mindset shifts that have helped her clients when faced with different financial issues. Process your disappointmentsIf you feel overwhelmed by the idea of budgeting, Clayman said you should get to the root of why you're overwhelmed. You need a deeper reason to stick to your goals if saving money will require both working a lot and turning down some fun experiences.
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Read previewThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Matthew Bennett, a 25-year-old mining equipment brokerage representative in Austin. We were able to afford a luxury trip for our 2nd anniversaryWe've been contemplating moving to California in the future, so I planned a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary. It was our first luxury trip as a married couple, and we stayed in four-star hotels, rented a luxury car to drive, and enjoyed fine dining at upscale restaurants. Although we're paying significantly more in rent, it's worth every penny for the experiences we've had so far in Austin. AdvertisementWe have one other goal before we have kids: To open a coffee shop.
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I even quit my 9-to-5 to pursue my passion for content creation. I made $40,000 in revenue from content creation in 2022 and $107,000 in 2023 before expenses. AdvertisementSince I'm not earning a stable income, we've decided to limit our spending more this year. I decided to give myself a salary of $35,000 for 2024 from my content creation business. As content creation doesn't require me to go into an office, I'm hoping to build a flexible career that I can continue around raising a kid.
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Strong friendships feel equal, exclusive, and mutually supportive. It's a beautiful experience, but one with under-appreciated complexities, Danielle Bayard Jackson, an author and friendship coach, told Business Insider. So before you dub your bestie a toxic friend, here are three major reasons your relationship feels like it's on the rocks — and what you can try before quiet-quitting the friendship. In her book, Jackson offered ways to start conversations around those issues, as well as advice on when to just walk away. In the book, Jackson described close friendship as creating a "vault" where "each friend contributes private things in an intimate and trustworthy space."
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He really wanted kids but said it was fine if I didn't, as he loved me and just wanted to be with me. I thought having a family with him would be amazing. I don't think we would have planned far ahead enough to do a trip like that before having kids. I don't regret having kids youngI really enjoy being a mom. I didn't want to get to a point in my career where I was doing really well and then take a big break.
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That's what Nvidia needed semiconductor design firm Synopsys to do to make this next generation of chips. Right now, Nvidia has had not one, but two different breakthroughs: Accelerated computing at a ridiculously fast speed and generative artificial intelligence. I think Jensen regards Dell as a crucial partner when it comes to installing Nvidia's systems anywhere. Do I think Nvidia would like to do more business with Apple? I think Nvidia would like to do more business with everyone, including alleged opponent Intel .
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Ryan Tan and Corinne Chow are a DINK couple in Singapore. AdvertisementThe couple is part of a growing group of DINK — double income, no kids — couples around the world. Advertisement"Now when we go on holidays, we have a bit more disposable income," Chow said. People in comments and on private messaging often thank her for creating content about not having children, she said. And I know not having children has contributed largely to that expense."
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Some DINKs are using their higher net worth to retire early, travel, and afford luxury items. But there's an even darker side to DINKs: The slice that forgoes kids not by choice but out of necessity. It's difficult to parse out the exact number of Americans who might want kids but can't have them. We know that the childfree group — people who don't want kids — might be about 20% of the US adult population. It's contributing to a whole population of DINKs who can't afford to shed the moniker.
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None of that was true for her, but today she is part of a double-income, no-kids — or DINK — couple. AdvertisementWhile Michelle and her spouse's parents have been supportive, the couple still feels the weight of a culture that's oriented around having kids. There's also a familiar refrain — one that many DINKs come up against — that it's a selfish decision to forego having kids. AdvertisementShe thinks that being a DINK, and opting into it as a lifestyle choice, needs to be more normalized. Are you a DINK or someone grappling with the realities of a child-centric world?
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At the current trajectory, that's set to weigh on the economy for the next decade or more. AdvertisementMillennials aren't having as many kids as previous generations, and that fact could end up dragging down economic growth for more than a decade. "What you're talking about is these birth rates dropping very, very low levels, which over the course of time has huge impacts on the economy," Pomeroy said. The impact of millennials having fewer kids will likely be worse than the impact of aging boomers — and the most dire consequences could come 10-15 years from now, Pomeroy estimated. The most important thing to encourage people to have more kids might be a cultural shift in how we talk about children, Buchholz says.
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When Tiffany Wasiuk, 42, heard from her now-husband on their first date that he never wanted children, she was pretty much ready to marry him. “That was amazing that we actually met, and I found someone that never wanted children as well,” she said. The lifestyle choice has also meant a level of financial stability and preparedness that’s become a hallmark of DINKs. “And I know not having children has contributed largely to that expense.”AdvertisementLike many other DINKs, Wasiuk and her husband enjoy traveling. Her parents also had a boat at the marina, and they were able to join Wasiuk and her husband for boating adventures.
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NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . I'm Joi-Marie McKenzie, the editor in chief of Life at Business Insider and your new Saturday anchor. Emily HartDispatchThere's still time to plan next weekend's travelRaise your hand if you're taking advantage of the upcoming Presidents’ Day weekend. If you’re like me and forgot to plan an amazing three-day vacation, don’t worry.
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DINKs are proudly emerging as an aspirational class for young people — and they're ready to live it up. So when she set up her dating profile, Johnson included in her bio that she didn't want to have kids of her own. Amy Blackstone, the author of the 2019 book " Childfree by Choice ," said that the financial gap between DINKs and couples with kids wasn't solely because of the choice about children. DINKs, GINKs, " rich aunties ," and DINKWADs — DINKs with a dog — have become aspirational identities for younger generations. There are the DINKs who can seize the American dream and the parents who are struggling to stay afloat in a country without guaranteed paid leave or affordable childcare .
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I recently became a DINK when I moved in with my partner in New York City. I'm paying $150 less in rent for a more spacious apartment with a backyard and a basement. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . I'm a DINK, which means I live with my partner and we have double income, no kids. Before I lived with my partner, I was typically spending nearly half my income on rent, and I couldn't afford to save for big purchases.
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They didn't necessarily set out to become DINKs, but it's a lifestyle that's worked well. AdvertisementWendy and Steve Thomas didn't necessarily set out to be DINKs, but it's a lifestyle that's worked out for them. Wendy Thomas, 55, and Steve Thomas, 51, are a California-based couple in a growing legion of Americans who are DINKS — households that are double income, with no kids. It's a lifestyle they "fell into," according to Steve Thomas, who works in the golf maintenance industry. AdvertisementAnd the couple isn't out proselytizing the DINK lifestyle, although it can elicit a lot of questions from strangers.
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He and his partner chose a wait-and-see approach to having kids. Now dealing with personal hardship, Bernard is grateful a child doesn't have to deal with it, too. From a financial standpoint, being a DINK has meant flexibility — and the ability to spoil his dog "big time." "It's like saving lots of money, a kid versus dog day care, just on a purely financial perspective," he said. Advertisement"This whole experience has made me honestly more grateful to be a DINK than ever," Bernard said.
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We'd been together for about five months when we talked about whether he could live without having kids. AdvertisementJessica Lorimer and her husband Owen spend the money they save not having kids traveling to places like Thailand. It was nice to know that we're not the only ones who prioritize things in our lives besides having children. We've thought a lot about the consequences of having and not having children, but people still tell us we'll change our minds. When asked about having kids, we politely say it's not in our plan, but people have strong opinions.
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Their ranks are only growingA millennial couple moving into their new home. Getty ImagesDINKs are not a huge share of the population, but they've been on the rise. Among unmarried couples, that figure is slightly up from 2019, per ACS , when 4.4% of the population was cohabiting couples not living with a child under 18. That's higher than the one in 10 women who were in the same boat as of 1976. And 16.5% of adults 55 and older were childless as of 2018.
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Major League Pickleball is requesting that players consent to compensation reductions of 40% in return for a reduction of work obligations, according an email sent to players that was obtained by CNBC. It comes as professional pickleball has seen rapid growth in nearly every category and as Major League Pickleball and Professional Pickleball Association are on the cusp of signing an on-again, off-again, on-again merger agreement. The MLP email notes the PPA has also been communicating with its players and has made similar requests for player compensation reductions. Reactions have been mixed among professional pickleball players. Two-time Major League Pickleball champion Thomas Wilson, however, said players are paid "more than fairly even with the cuts."
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Doan scored the fifth four minutes from time with a cool finish as the Japanese made light work of their visitors. Australia were also untroubled as they completed a 7-0 demolition of Bangladesh in Group I with Jamie Maclaren stepping off the bench to score a second half hat-trick. Maclaren did all the damage in the second half, scoring from a Jordan Bos cross shortly after the restart before pouncing again in the 70th when a Massimo Luongo shot pinged off goalkeeper Mitul Marma. The South Koreans, meanwhile, scored four times in the second half to hand Singapore a 5-0 defeat at Seoul World Cup Stadium, with captain Son Heung-min among the scorers. Cho Gue-sung put Juergen Klinsmann's team in front a minute before the halftime break and Hwang Hee-chan added the second four minutes into the second half.
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There's never been a better time to be a DINK
  + stars: | 2023-10-22 | by ( Juliana Kaplan | )   time to read: +6 min
One variant of the DINK is the DINKWAD , double income couples without kids — but with a dog. AdvertisementAdvertisement"Some of those savings might ripple into an accumulation and increase in net worth," Heggeness said. What's more, the cost of raising one child to their high school years is estimated to be $310,605 — the bulk of a median DINK's net worth. For instance, single Americans with children have seen their net worth more than double over the last decade, and their net worth is outpacing younger, childless singles. Now, that rise in net worth might be due to the changing dynamics of how single parents are arriving at their destination.
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Keshawn Warner is the cofounder of Dazed, a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts and New York. AdvertisementAdvertisementThis is an as-told-to essay based on a conversation with Keshawn Warner, co-founder of the cannabis dispensary Dazed. Then, in 2008, at the height of the stop and frisk era, I was arrested for trying to buy cannabis. A Dazed cannabis dispensary. AdvertisementAdvertisementWhen we heard that New York had legalized cannabis and was opening up its cannabis industry, my ears perked up.
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Liverpool beat Wolves 3-1 in late comeback
  + stars: | 2023-09-16 | by ( Andrew Cawthorne | )   time to read: +3 min
SummaryCompanies Wolves take early lead, but Reds storm back with late goalsAndy Robertson scores on 200th Premier League appearanceLiverpool temporarily top league, Man City to play laterWOLVERHAMPTON, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Liverpool beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-1 away on Saturday thanks to two late goals in a scintillating comeback that put the Reds - at least temporarily - top of the Premier League. However, Liverpool came out transformed in the second half, drawing level in the 55th minute when Mohamed Salah set up fellow striker Cody Gakpo for a tap-in. "I thought the second half performance was impressive and we got what we deserved," said Robertson. Second half, we controlled it completely and it was a really good game then. "It looks like a comfortable win for Liverpool but it wasn't comfortable for most of the afternoon," said Wolves manager Gary O'Neil.
Persons: Andy Robertson, Hwang Hee, Pedro Neto, Mohamed Salah, Cody Gakpo, Salah, Hugo Bueno, Harvey Elliott, Robertson, Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander, Arnold, Alexis Mac Allister, Luis Diaz, Darwin Nunez, Juergen Klopp, Neto, dink, Matheus Cunha, stooping, Gary O'Neil, Andrew Cawthorne, Hugh Lawson Organizations: Reds, Premier League, Liverpool, Man, WOLVERHAMPTON, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Molineux, Wolves, 200th Premier League, Manchester City, WOLVES RUE, Thomson Locations: Man City, West Ham, Argentina, South America, Liverpool
Which is why I’m super grateful to Rainn Wilson. Something to sip on…Rainn Wilson in a scene from his new show "Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss." from PeacockIn a recent interview with Wilson about his new show on Peacock, “Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss,” I started by thanking him for helping me not feel guilty about not feeling happy. “They’re going to pay me to go around the world and look for happiness?” Wilson said. Netflix“Selling Sunset” Season 6Come for the real estate porn, stay for the drama.
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