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CNN —Families of hostages held captive in Gaza condemned Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United States Congress, as pressure grows on the Israeli prime minister to agree to a deal to secure their release. Rather than mentioning a deal, a bellicose Netanyahu told Congress: “The war in Gaza could end tomorrow if Hamas surrenders, disarms and returns all the hostages. Families of Israeli hostages demonstrate ahead of Netanyahu's address to Congress, at the National Mall in Washington, DC, July 23, 2024. An hour of talking without saying the one sentence: ‘There will be a kidnapping deal.’”But Netanyahu’s speech was lauded by members of his government. Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesDemocratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the lone Palestinian-American congresswoman, held up a black-and-white sign during Netanyahu’s speech.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu’s, , , Netanyahu, bellicose Netanyahu, , Noam Peri, Chaim Peri, it’s, Craig Hudson, Yair Lapid, Israel Katz, ” Bezalel Smotrich, Ravid Katz, Kiril Brodski, Tomer Ahimas, Oren Goldin, Maya Goren, Younis, Biden, Tomer Yaakov Ahimas, Khan Younis, Kizan Al, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Israel, Rashida Tlaib, Anna Moneymaker, Steny Hoyer, Tlaib, Sen, Chuck Schumer, Mark Kelly Organizations: CNN, United States Congress, Labor, Foreign, Religious Zionist Party, Jewish, Israel Defense Forces, Families, United Nations, Getty, Democratic, Democrats Locations: Gaza, Israel, Tel Aviv, Washington , DC, Israeli, Kizan, Kizan Al Najar, Indiana, United States, Palestinian
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP) — A judge says controversial social media personality Andrew Tate’s defamation lawsuit against a Florida woman who accused him of imprisoning her in Romania can move forward, but he threw out Tate’s allegations against her parents and some allegations against the woman. Romanian officials indicted the Tates last year, saying the brothers forced seven victims into pornography and subjected them to physical violence. Her attorneys say the lawsuit is in retribution for her reporting him to authorities. Curley dismissed the Tates’ accusations that the woman’s parents defamed them when they told American diplomatic officials about their daughter’s allegations. Attorneys for the Tates and the woman each said Curley’s decision was a win for their side.
Persons: , Andrew Tate’s, Joseph Curley, Tristan, Curley, ” Curley, Joseph McBride, Judge Curley’s, Andrew, Tristan Tate’s, , Dani Pinter, Andrew Tate Organizations: Circuit, Associated Press, Tate, National Center, Sexual, Britain, Prosecutors, YouTube, Facebook, BBC Locations: Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Florida, Romania, Palm Beach, American, Moldovan, Great Britain, United States, Britain
Neumann noted the latest Europol data showed “the number of attacks and planned attacks has more than quadrupled” since 2022. The apparent uptick in the recruitment of young radicals to carry out acts of terror comes as European security officials express worries at a potential resurgence of organized – or “directed” - terror attacks. The group has built a remarkable presence in Turkey over the past three years, according to court documents and analysts. Swiss police in March arrested a 15-year-old Swiss boy and a 16-year-old Italian boy for ISIS support and plotting bomb attacks, according to a police statement. Yulia Morozova/ReutersThe extent of ISIS-K’s use of Turkey as a transit hub is acknowledged by officials in the Turkish indictment.
Persons: Peter Neumann, Neumann, , ” Neumann, , Lise Jaulin, Dilara Senkaya, “ Rustam, Rustam, Yulia Morozova Organizations: CNN, ISIS, Paris Olympics, King’s College London, MIT, Swiss, Analysts, Soviet Union, Turkish, Italian Santa Maria Catholic Church, Foreign Operations, Hall, Foreign Locations: Europe, West, Paris, Islamic, Khorasan, Central Asia, Turkey, Saint, French, France, Haute, Savoie, Dusseldorf, Heidelberg, Montenegro, Austria, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Moscow, Italian, Istanbul, Swedish, Pakistan, Tajik, Iran, Russia, Crocus, Syria, Iraq
For 10 months, Britain’s Conservative government had moved almost in lock step with the United States in its response to Israel’s war in Gaza. Now, under its new Labour government, Britain is edging away from its closest ally on the conflict. By the end of this week, Prime Minister Keir Starmer is expected to drop the previous government’s objections to the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s pursuit of an arrest warrant for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, two people briefed on the government’s deliberations said. Taken together, these steps show a government that is willing to pile more pressure on Mr. Netanyahu for Israel’s harsh military response in Gaza. It also shows that Mr. Starmer, a former human rights lawyer, is paying more heed to international legal institutions than the United States.
Persons: Keir Starmer, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Netanyahu, Starmer Organizations: Conservative, Labour, International, United Nations ’, UNRWA Locations: United States, Gaza, Britain, Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday, July 24. But by the end of his speech, it was clear the Israeli prime minister had focused far more on fighting until victory in Gaza than brokering a ceasefire deal. “Give us the tools we need, and we will finish the job,” Netanyahu urged members of Congress. Netanyahu also claimed there were “practically” no civilian casualties during Israeli military operations in Rafah. That is unquestionably false: Multiple strikes in Rafah have resulted in civilian casualties.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Kent Nishimura, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, ” Netanyahu, , , “ Israel, Netanyahu, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Organizations: Republicans, CNN, Israel Locations: Gaza, , Israel, Rafah
That is a strategic political calculation, because she knew — and her people knew — that you will not reach the White House if you frolic with war criminals." Kent Nishimura/Getty ImagesThe California Democrat argued that Harris should look toward the example of Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Advertisement'A very tenuous feeling'If Netanyahu's speech on Wednesday was any indication, there's plenty of wiggle room for Harris to pursue a less deferential approach to Israel than Biden. Dozens of progressives issued statements affirming that they were boycotting the speech, engaged in other events, or like Harris, simply came up with convenient scheduling conflicts. He's literally the Trump of Israel," Rep. Maxwell Frost of Florida told me.
Persons: Linda Sarsour, Joe Biden's, They'll, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Kamala Harris, Sarsour, That's, , Biden, Israel —, Harris, Ro Khanna, Sen, Ben Cardin, Kent Nishimura, Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon B, Johnson, Humphrey, Khanna, Netanyahu, He's, Barack Obama's, Trump, Rep, Maxwell Frost of, Becca Balint of, Balint, Rashida Tlaib, Nancy Pelosi, Rashida, Anna Moneymaker, she's, Israel, Summer Lee of Organizations: Service, Democratic, Business, New York, Black Zeta Phi Beta, California Democrat, Democrats, Becca Balint of Vermont, Democrat, Republican, KFC, Palestinian, White Locations: Palestinian, Indianapolis, Israel, Gaza, United States, Ben Cardin of Maryland, California, Vietnam, , Iran, Maxwell Frost of Florida, Palestinian American, Michigan, Summer Lee of Pennsylvania
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Wednesday issued a full-throated defense of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, during an address to Congress that laid bare deep divisions in Washington over a war that has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians. The fact of Mr. Netanyahu’s speech was almost as notable as anything he said. In the face of increasing international censure and dissent both in Israel and in the United States, Mr. Netanyahu was seeking to use Congress to lift his sagging political fortunes — and leaders in both parties obliged with a bipartisan invitation to receive him. Vice President Kamala Harris declined to preside, as is traditional for the vice president, citing a scheduling conflict. And Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan and the first Palestinian American member of Congress, held up a sign as Mr. Netanyahu spoke that read “war criminal” on one side and “guilty of genocide” on the other.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, , ” Mr, Israel, , Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Rashida Tlaib Organizations: Israel, Democratic Party, Democratic, Palestinian Locations: Gaza, Washington, United States, Iran, Israel, Michigan, Palestinian American
U.S. finalizes details of Boeing 737 Max plea deal
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Boeing confirmed it had filed a detailed plea agreement with the Justice Department. "We will continue to work transparently with our regulators as we take significant actions across Boeing to further strengthen our safety, quality and compliance programs," the company said. As part of the deal, the planemaker agreed to spend at least $455 million over the next three years to boost safety and compliance programs, the filing said. The deal also imposes an independent monitor, who will have to publicly file annual progress reports, to oversee the firm's compliance. Boeing will be on probation during the monitor's three-year term and it can be extended by a year if Boeing does not comply with the terms.
Persons: Reed O'Connor Organizations: Department, Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration, Justice Department, Max
At a cryptocurrency convention in Austin in May, Blake Emerson Benthall hustled for investor money alongside scores of other entrepreneurs. But none of them, it is safe to say, could pitch their experience as the leader of a multimillion-dollar criminal drug enterprise. In the convention’s “Deal Flow Zone,” Mr. Benthall, 5-foot-4, cleanshaven and wearing a gray tee with his start-up’s logo, turned his laptop around at a lunch table and began giving his spiel to a bespectacled potential investor. “I’m a lifelong entrepreneur,” Mr. Benthall said as he clicked through a presentation that detailed how he had run Silk Road 2.0, the second iteration of the infamous online bazaar where 1.7 million anonymous customers signed up and used Bitcoin to buy methamphetamine, heroin and other illegal substances. and the years he spent in the punitive employ of the federal government.
Persons: Blake Emerson Benthall hustled, Mr, Benthall, “ I’m, ” Mr Locations: Austin
That U.S. politicians from both major parties invited Mr. Netanyahu to Washington at all — let alone to lecture our lawmakers in the people’s house — is a disgrace. Mr. Netanyahu’s war on Gaza has already killed at least 39,000 Palestinians (many of them women and children), according to the health ministry in Gaza, displaced some 1.9 million people and spread what experts describe as a famine across the besieged enclave. The International Criminal Court prosecutor has applied for a warrant to charge Mr. Netanyahu with war crimes and crimes against humanity. History will cast Mr. Netanyahu’s visit in deservedly ugly tones. Gaza is our war, too, thanks to the indispensable military aid and political cover the U.S. government has lavished on Israel as the death toll climbs.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr, Netanyahu, Israel, Netanyahu’s Organizations: Israel, Criminal, Court of Justice Locations: Gaza, Washington, Israel
CNN —France’s Interior Ministry rejected around 5,000 security accreditation requests for Olympics volunteers and workers, with roughly 1,000 of those cases blocked due to suspicions of meddling or espionage. The Ministry outlined in a statement on Tuesday that it conducted “about a million” administrative investigations into various staff for the 2024 Paris Games. Of those checks, varying threats were identified, including meddling and espionage, convicted criminal records, illegal alien statuses, radical Islam, and ultra-right and ultra-left ideologies. The statement re-iterated that this will be the first Opening Ceremony taking place outside of a stadium for the Summer Games, creating significant security challenges. However, the ministry expressed its confidence, stating that it’s “now ready” after final rehearsals took place on Tuesday evening.
Persons: , it’s, Gerald Darmanin, , ” Darmanin Organizations: CNN, France’s, Olympics, Olympic Games, Summer, French Locations: Islam, Russia, France, Paris, Seine, “ France
CNN —New York’s attorney general urged the Supreme Court on Wednesday to stay out of Donald Trump’s hush money criminal case, arguing the nation’s highest court should not grant a novel request by Missouri to pause his sentencing hearing and lift the gag order imposed on the former president in the case. Earlier this month, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, asked the Supreme Court for permission to file a complaint against New York to pause Trump’s September sentencing hearing and lift the restrictions on his speech – arguing in part that New York was infringing on the right of Missouri voters to hear from presidential candidates. “Allowing Missouri to file this suit for such relief against New York would permit an extraordinary and dangerous end-run around former President Trump’s ongoing state court proceedings and the statutory limitations on this Court’s jurisdiction to review state court decisions,” she wrote. For now, a limited gag order barring Trump from publicly speaking about prosecutors, court staff and their families remains in place at least until Trump is sentenced. CNN’s Lauren del Valle contributed to this report.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Andrew Bailey, Letitia James, , James, Trump’s, , Bailey, Trump, ” James, Stormy Daniels, CNN’s Lauren del Valle Organizations: CNN, New, Republican, Missouri, , Trump Locations: Missouri, New York, Manhattan
Mello was a financial manager who handled funding for a youth program at the military base and determined whether grant money was available. Prosecutors said Mello used the fake organization she created to apply for grants through the military program. Mello used the money to buy millions of dollars of real estate, clothing, high-end jewelry and 82 vehicles that included a Maserati, a Mercedes, a 1954 Corvette and a Ferrari Fratelli motorcycle. “Janet Mello is a good, kind, caring and loving person that would do no harm to anyone,” Faison wrote. Please allow her to repay her debt to society by returning what she has taken but not be behind prison bars.”
Persons: Janet Yamanaka Mello, Xavier Rodriguez, Mello, Fort Sam Houston, “ Janet Mello, , Jaime Esparza, , selfishly, ” Esparza, Albert Flores, ” Flores, Flores, Prosecutors, Justin Simmons, Mercedes, Simmons, Lucy Tan, Mello’s, Denise Faison, ” Faison, “ Janet Organizations: US District, Prosecutors, Fort, Child Health, Lifelong Development, Western, Western District of, Defense Locations: Texas, Fort Sam, San Antonio, Western District, Western District of Texas, Houston
Assessing Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, in a defiant address to members of Congress on Wednesday, defended his country’s war with Hamas in Gaza and criticized American protesters and international human rights groups. Some of his remarks have been disputed by human rights groups, and others are unverifiable or lacked context. What Was Said“The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has shamefully accused Israel of deliberately starving the people of Gaza. Israel has enabled more than 40,000 aid trucks to enter Gaza. But the number of trucks allowed into the strip and the amount of aid they carry have been in dispute.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, Said “, Netanyahu Organizations: United Nations, NPR Locations: Gaza, Israel, COGAT
You also may need a few extra documents if you're opening a teen checking account or student bank account. Basic requirements for opening a bank accountHaving the following documents ready can help you prepare for bank account opening. Information for both people if you're opening a joint accountIf you're opening a joint bank account, you'll need all the necessary documentation for both people. Opening an account online vs. in-personOpening an account online is pretty similar to doing it in person — you just don't have to make the trip. Bank account opening FAQsCan I open a bank account without a Social Security number?
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CNN —A group of senior Israeli figures including former national security officials, academics and business leaders have sent US congressional leadership a blistering letter accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is set to speak to Congress on Wednesday, of threatening both Israeli and American national security. “Netanyahu severely harms the US national security interests through his approach to this war, which adversely impacts American policy in the Middle East and beyond and further endangers Israel,” it continues. The Obama White House had been blindsided by Netanyahu’s decision to address Congress after another invitation from a Republican House speaker, John Boehner. Typically, a vice president, in their role as president of the Senate, would attend and sit prominently on the dais. However, Vice President Kamala Harris will also miss Netanyahu’s Wednesday speech due to travel, which Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Friday he did not expect to be a repeat of 2015.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, he’s, Tamir Pardo, Aaron Ciechanover, Avishay, Carmi, Morris Kahn, Jeremy Levin, “ Netanyahu, Mike Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Pardo, disinvite Netanyahu, , Alon Pinkas, , Biden, , Pinkas, ” Benjamin Netanyahu, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Schumer, Joe Biden, Biden’s, Obama, John Boehner, Kamala Harris, Jake Sullivan, they’re, ” Sullivan, Organizations: CNN, Israeli, American, Ben Gurion University, Republican, , Obama White, Aspen Security, White, Gaza . Senior, Gallup Locations: Gaza, Israel, New York, Washington, Iran, Gaza .
Approximately 80 House Democrats and at least six Democratic senators are expected to skip Netanyahu’s speech on Wednesday, according to sources and public statements reviewed by CNN. House Democratic leadership has given their members room to make their own decisions about whether to attend the speech. Senate President Pro Tempore Patty Murray, a Washington state Democrat, also declined to preside over the speech, leaving Senate Foreign Relations Chair Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, to preside, a source familiar told CNN. “I’m not attending the Netanyahu address because I don’t want to condone his behavior over the last 10 months,” Jacobs told CNN. “This is a war criminal that nobody, not a single one of our elected officials should be meeting with Netanyahu,” JVP communications director Sonya Meyerson-Knox told CNN.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Netanyahu, Pramila Jayapal, Ayanna Pressley, Greg Casar, Biden, Jim Clyburn, Rosa DeLauro, Jamie Raskin, Kamala Harris, Harris, Pro Tempore Patty Murray, Ben Cardin, Mike Johnson, Chamber ”, Rashida, Netanyahu “, ” Tlaib, Ro Khanna, , he’s, Sara Jacobs of, “ I’m, ” Jacobs, Ilhan Omar, Sonya Meyerson, Knox, Dan Kildee’s, , Mitchell Rivard, Kildee, CNN’s Haley Talbot, Danya Gainor Organizations: Washington CNN, Democratic, Hamas, Capitol, CNN, Center for American Progress, East Democracy Center, Congressional, Democrat, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Maryland, Democrats, CNN . House Democratic, Pro Tempore, Foreign, Chamber, International Criminal, California, West Bank, Jewish, Peace, JVP, , US Capitol Police, , U.S . Capitol Police, Arms, ” Capitol Police, Palestinian Locations: Israel, Palestine, Washington, Ayanna Pressley of, Texas, South Carolina, Connecticut, Indianapolis, Maryland, Michigan, Sara Jacobs of California, Minnesota,
This idea has also characterized her tenure as vice president and driven some Democrats’ concern about her potentially replacing President Biden at the top of the ticket. In 2019, Ms. Harris was competing on progressive bona fides with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Hemmed in by these dynamics, Ms. Harris struggled to define her brand. This time around, Ms. Harris could finally be herself. By the time she was packaging herself for a national audience, so-called progressive prosecutors had been elected in cities across the country.
Persons: Kamala Harris’s, Biden, Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, Mr, Trump, Harris’s
Real estate, with its large transaction sizes and frequent use of wire transfers, has proven to be an especially lucrative target for criminals. In early July, Robillard told CNBC she had no idea whether she would ever see her money again. Courtesy: Rana RobillardRobillard says she decided to publicize her story to boost awareness of real estate wire fraud, besides being a last-ditch attempt at getting her money back. "This is not what I thought my public representation would look like, which is that I've lost all this money," Robillard said. While Martinez, California-based Compass Mortgage denies being hacked, it acknowledged that the email with wire directions wasn't from them, according to Robillard.
Persons: Rana Robillard, she'd, Robillard, HackerOne, Fraudsters, Naftali Harris, Harris, Charles Schwab, she's, , Robillard Robillard, I've, it's, should've, Kristy Aichinger, Aichinger, Kent Donahue, Donahue didn't Organizations: JPMorgan Chase, CNBC, Citigroup, Ally Bank, San, FBI, JPMorgan, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial, Bureau, Chase, FTC, OS National, Opendoor, Robillard, Compass Mortgage Advisors, Mortgage Locations: Oakland, Orinda ,, California, Orinda, San Francisco, Real, Martinez
Ever since rioters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, the Democratic Party has sought to claim the mantle of democracy, painting Donald J. Trump and his allies as extremists willing to deny the will of voters to cling to power. Now, after President Biden dropped his re-election bid and Democrats swiftly aligned behind Vice President Kamala Harris as a replacement, Republicans are trying to flip the argument. In a series of statements and social media posts, Republicans have argued that Democrats, by pressuring Mr. Biden to quit, have “disenfranchised” the 14 million people who voted for him in the party primaries. Instead, it is the Republicans’ latest attempt to muddy the waters on an issue that helped Democrats win key races two years ago. Since Mr. Trump’s attempt to overturn his defeat in 2020, which led to the Jan. 6 riot and criminal charges against the former president, Democrats have cast Republicans as a threat to democratic norms.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Biden, Kamala Harris, Mr, Republicans ’, Trump’s Organizations: Capitol, Democratic Party, Republicans
Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), arrives at Federal Court, for his bribery trial in connection with an alleged corrupt relationship with three New Jersey businessmen, in New York City, U.S., May 21, 2024Sen. Bob Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat convicted last week in a federal bribery case, will resign his Senate seat effective Aug. 20, NBC News reports. Menendez said last Wednesday that that he would quit the Senate as a result of his criminal conviction, but he had not given a date. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who is also a Democrat, will appoint a senator to fill out the brief remainder of Mendendez's term. Menendez was found guilty of all 16 criminal counts on July 17 in Manhattan federal court in a case where he was accused of accepting bribes, which included cash and gold bars, in exchange for taking actions that benefited the governments of Egypt and Qatar.
Persons: Robert Menendez, Sen, Bob Menendez, Menendez, Phil Murphy Organizations: Federal Court, New, New Jersey Democrat, NBC, Senate, New Jersey Gov Locations: Jersey, New York City, U.S, New Jersey, Manhattan, Egypt, Qatar
At 17, I was kicked out of high school because I skipped class to work at my fast-food job and hang out with my friends. I was always interested in the MarinesAfter getting kicked out of school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. AdvertisementI got my GED and took 15 units of entry-level community college classes, like English 101 and US History. AdvertisementI left the military and began classes at a community collegeTragically, our first daughter died during birth. It's pretty amazing that a Black kid from a low-income family who didn't finish high school was able to achieve all of this.
Persons: , Andrew Hanson, I'd, Stanford, I've, they've, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, Business, Marines, Marine Corps, School of Infantry, Tragically, Stanford, Columbia, Department of Justice, Harvard University, Department of Veterans Affairs, Harvard Locations: Virginia, Chicago, Camp Pendleton , California, Iraq, New Orleans, California, Washington, Cambridge , Massachusetts, Skadden, Slate,
CNN —Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey will resign his seat effective August 20, according to a copy of his resignation letter obtained by CNN. Menendez had faced mounting pressure from within his own party to resign or face the threat of expulsion from the Senate. Receipt of Menendez’s resignation letter was announced Tuesday on the Senate floor in a brief exchange between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Presiding Officer Sen. Peter Welch, a Democrat from Vermont. “In light of this guilty verdict, Senator Menendez must now do what is right for his constituents, the Senate, and our country, and resign,” Schumer said in a statement. Menendez stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last year, but had long rejected calls to resign his US Senate seat.
Persons: Democratic Sen, Bob Menendez, Menendez, , Chuck Schumer, Sen, Peter Welch, Phil Murphy, Andy Kim, Curtis Bashaw, ” Menendez, , , Schumer, ” Schumer, Menendez’s, Prosecutors, Nadine Menendez, Salomon Melgen, Manu Raju, Ted Barrett, Owen Dahlkamp Organizations: CNN, Democratic, Bob Menendez of New, Senate, Vermont . New, Vermont . New Jersey Gov, Democrat, Capitol, Senate Foreign, Mercedes, Benz, Hyatt Locations: Bob Menendez of, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, New Jersey, Vermont ., Vermont . New Jersey, Paris
Seoul, South Korea —The billionaire founder of South Korean tech giant Kakao Corp, Kim Beom-su was arrested on Tuesday on accusations of manipulating stocks during the acquisition of a K-Pop agency last year. The case is the latest legal twist for Kakao, which runs South Korea’s largest chat app, after the company and another executive went on trial last year for alleged wrongdoing during the same acquisition. Any case against him could jeopardize Kakao’s investments into artificial intelligence as well as its overseas expansion plans, industry experts said. The high-profile tech entrepreneur is the largest shareholder of Kakao Corp, with a 24% stake that he and affiliated entities control. Kakao Corp shares dropped 3.4% during morning trade to the lowest since November, after falling 24% year-to-date.
Persons: Kim Beom, su, Kim, Brian Kim, Jakub Porzycki Organizations: South, Kakao Corp, Prosecutors, SM Entertainment, Seoul Southern, Court, Detention, KakaoBank Corp Locations: Seoul, South Korea, South Korean, Korean, Kakao
Rome CNN —Two people were killed and at least 13 injured Tuesday when an elevated walkway collapsed in a condemned Italian slum notorious for its links to organized criminal groups. The Italian Fire Brigade said a 29-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were killed in the collapse at the Le Vele housing slum in the Neapolitan suburb of Scampia. More than 800 people were living as squatters in the apartment complex at the time, including 300 children, according to the fire brigade. The housing complex, built in the 1970s and 1980s, originally consisted of four apartment buildings shaped like sails (“vele”) joined by elevated walkways. After the order to clear the complex in 2020, the local municipality launched a redevelopment project to house those still living at La Vele.
Persons: Rome, Roberto Saviano’s “, Gaetano Manfredi, ” Manfredi, Giorgia Meloni, Organizations: Rome CNN, Italian Fire Brigade, Le, Camorra Locations: Neapolitan, Scampia, La, Italian
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