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Several European nations have reintroduced or expanded compulsory military service amid Moscow’s mounting threat, part of a range of policies aimed at boosting defenses that are likely to be scaled up even further. Compulsory military service was reintroduced on January 1 this year, after being abolished in 2006. In the UK, the Conservatives floated the idea of military service in their ill-fated election campaign. In Lithuania, for instance, opinions about military service among students vary, said Paulius Vaitiekus, president of Lithuania’s National Students’ Union. However as an alliance we do not prescribe mandatory military service,” Dakhlallah said.
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Zelensky suggested Moscow should send a delegation to the next peace summit that he hopes to hold in November. Kyiv is currently facing the double whammy of a difficult frontline situation and political uncertainty over the level of future support from Ukraine’s closest allies. Trump and Zelensky spoke on Friday in what Trump called a “had a very good phone call”. Putin said Russia would end its war in Ukraine if Kyiv surrendered the entirety of four regions claimed by Moscow: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. Despite being considerably bigger and stronger than Ukraine, Russia has not managed to fulfil its territorial goals – even when Kyiv was receiving only limited help from the West.
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And there was great, great sorrow. They’re going to be OK. They’re going to be doing very well. Now he’s going to get on the plane in a little while and he’s going to go back home to his wife. Great, great student at Yale. So many — just so many heroes, so many great, great people.
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Russia has pulled its last Black Sea Fleet warship from Crimea, per a Ukrainian navy spokesperson. The retreat exposes the emptiness of Russia's red lines and nuclear threats, a Ukraine expert said. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe Russian Black Sea Fleet's "humiliating" retreat from Crimea has exposed the emptiness of the country's red lines, according to a military observer. Peter Dickinson, the editor of the Atlantic Council's UkraineAlert online publication and chief editor of Business Ukraine Magazine, made the analysis in an Atlantic Council blog post on Tuesday.
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Satellite images have revealed that several Pantsir-S1 air defense systems have been installed in the vicinity of the presidential residence on Lake Valdai in Novgorod region. The Valdai residence could be a high-profile target, as Putin is known to be spending time there during the summer. CNN has reached out to the Russian Defense Ministry for comment but has not received a response. Satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows an air defense system near the summer residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian military has also managed to destroy fuel depots, military targets and energy infrastructure much further afield.
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Read previewRussia has pulled its last Black Sea Fleet warship out from Crimea, according to a Ukrainian official. "The last patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is leaving our Crimea right now. If true, it could mark the end of Russia's Black Sea Fleet presence around Crimea. Earlier this year, Ukraine's military claimed to have destroyed a third of Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Advertisement"Ukraine is slowly but steadily getting the upper hand in the Black Sea," he told BI, adding that Russia's Black Sea Fleet "has lost control of the Black Sea."
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The newly granted permission by the United States and other allies to use Western weapons to strike inside Russia has had a huge impact, Bankir said. While Kyiv hasn’t managed to reclaim large swathes of territory, it has successfully averted what could have been a disaster: The occupation of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city. “(Russia) knew that Ukraine did not have the capacity to strike these targets on the Russian territory,” Melnyk said. While Ukraine was previously able to strike targets inside Russia using Ukraine-made drones, ATACMS make these strikes far more efficient. However, Ukraine can still use the F-16 to deny Russia control over the skies – and push away Russian aircraft delivering bombs.
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In a clear night sky above the shores of Odesa, the faint glow from missiles streaks over the Black Sea. For much of the war, it was one-way traffic, with Russia using the occupied Crimean Peninsula first as a launchpad for its full-scale invasion and then as a staging ground for routine aerial bombardments. Ukraine, now armed with American-made precision missiles, is for the first time capable of reaching every corner of Crimea — and the missiles are increasingly flying in both directions. It is a new strategic push as Kyiv seeks to raise the cost for Russian occupation forces that have long used the peninsula as a base of operations just off Ukraine’s southern coast.
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Even the European members of NATO say that they must do more to defend themselves as the war in Ukraine grinds on and the United States shifts its priorities to Asia and a rising China. In fact, European member states have made considerable progress in the last few years to restore more credibility to deterrence against Russia. But they began from a low base, having cut military spending sharply after the collapse of the Soviet Union and reacting with complacency to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. There is a lot more that the Europeans should do to become less dependent on the United States, NATO officials and analysts said this week during the alliance summit in Washington. That includes committing more money to defense, building up arms manufacturing and coordinating the purchase of weapons systems that could replace those now provided solely by the Americans.
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Turning the tide in the Black SeaSwedish Marines also operate the CB90-class fast assault craft. Following a six-month effort by Steel Front and Ukrainian steel giant Metinvest, the three vessels and crew training for Ukrainian forces cost more than $4.1 million. In total, Sweden has provided at least 13 CB90s to Ukraine's navy. The Netherlands donated nearly two dozen inflatable and armored boats, including three CB90s, to Ukraine in March. It wasn't immediately clear what type of vessels were sent, but Finnish media speculated them to operate similarly to the Swedish CB-90.
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Read previewSeveral NATO allies have agreed to a plan to develop new long-range missiles that are intended to fill capability gaps that have become increasingly noticeable as Russia wages its war in Ukraine. The new initiative among these NATO allies is focused on developing ground-launched cruise missiles with ranges is excess of 500 kilometers. In both cases, the shift toward improving long-range capabilities on European soil further signals NATO's understanding of critical gaps in its arsenal highlighted by the Ukraine war. Responding to US plans to deploy deep-strike capabilities in Germany, among other NATO actions, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: "This is a very serious threat to the national security of our country." "All of this," he said, "will require us to take thoughtful, coordinated, effective responses to deter NATO, to counteract NATO."
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Read previewA new precision-guided US weapon has been pulled from use by the Ukrainian military because Russia is taking them out using electronic warfare, according to reports. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. It's one of a number of precision-guided US weapons that Russia has been able to neutralize or reduce the effectiveness of using electronic warfare in Ukraine. Russian electronic warfare units have blunted the effectiveness of HIMARS-fired Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems and air-launched Joint Direct Attack Munitions. In Ukraine, old-school artillery shells that aren't vulnerable to electronic warfare are playing a major role in the war of attrition on the front lines.
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They know that these relationships make us stronger and help us build a world that is free, independent, prosperous and secure. Twenty-three NATO members, out of 32, are expected to meet or exceed that target in 2024, compared with just nine in 2020, and five in 2016. This year alone America’s NATO partners — Canada and 30 European nations — will spend an estimated $506.7 billion on defense. That is an increase of $181 billion from 2020, compared with an increase of $70 billion from 2016 to 2020, during the previous administration. In 2023, defense expenditures of NATO nations in Europe and Canada grew by 8 percent.
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President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine arrived in Washington on Tuesday with words of gratitude and praise for American support, and pleas for more weapons and fewer restrictions on using them in his country’s war against Russia. Mr. Zelensky credited American missiles — and permission to fire them across the border into Russia — with helping his forces hold off an attack on the city of Kharkiv, stopping a Russian offensive this spring. But he asked for other restrictions to be lifted, so that Ukraine could fire at Russian military bases hundreds of miles inside Russia to destroy aircraft that fire weapons and drop bombs that he said were killing civilians and children. With more American assistance, he said, Ukraine can continue to strike against Russian targets in Crimea and help “push the occupiers” out of the southern part of the country.
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CNN —A year ago, NATO heads of state gathered in Vilnius, Lithuania, for their annual summit. He called NATO’s unwillingness to establish a concrete timeframe for Ukraine’s membership “unprecedented and absurd,” causing consternation in the Biden administration and nearly derailing the summit. Several key NATO members, however, haven’t been especially eager to come to the defense of Ukraine. Why would Putin consider a ceasefire or diplomatic settlement with Kyiv if he knew that NATO membership for Ukraine was just around the corner? Biden should tell Zelensky point-blank that NATO membership is a fool’s errand — and while he’s at it, he ought to apologize to all Ukrainians, for waiting so long to state the obvious.
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Read previewUkraine's sea drone and missile attacks have left Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters at Sevastopol effectively useless and forced many of its ships to relocate to other locations, the head of the Ukrainian navy has said. The Sevastopol headquarters was the site of numerous key functions for the Black Sea Fleet, including training, repairs, and storing ammunition. Ukraine, which lost most of its traditional navy during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, has targeted Russia's Black Sea fleet with great success using sea drones , as well as hitting targets in occupied Crimea with US-made ATACMS missiles. Neizhpapa told Reuters that the expected delivery of F-16 fighter aircraft later this year would help Ukraine challenge Russia's dominance over the region. "The northwestern part of the Black Sea, particularly the corridor for civilian ships, will be almost 100% secure."
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Le Pen: Mbappé not representativeLe Pen directed most of her ire closer to home. “I’m not contesting the existence of these comments,” Le Pen said, referring to the accusations levelled against her candidates. Top of the list of sensitivities is likely to be foreign policy, where Le Pen and Macron rarely see eye to eye. Many held similar suspicions ahead of the election of hard-right culture warrior Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in 2022. “It’s a form of interference, and in that sense, I find it unacceptable,” Le Pen said of the post.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron’s, Emmanuel Macron, , CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Kylian Mbappé, Le Pen, Macron, Le, Jordan Bardella, CAESAR, Roman Pilpey, Pen, Mbappé, , ” Mbappé, “ It’s, Kylian, Franck Fife, ” Le Pen, Bardella, CNN Le, Florent de Kersauson, Daniel Grenon, Grenon, “ I’m, “ That’s, Francois Lo Presti, Vladimir Putin, She’s, Putin, Giorgia Meloni, she’s Organizations: Paris CNN —, CNN, Macron, soccer side’s, Ukraine, National Rally, National Assembly, National, 55th Artillery Brigade, Getty, CNN Le Pen’s, BFMTV, Kyiv, Locations: Ukraine, Russia, France’s, Donetsk, AFP, Washington, Kyiv, France, Paris, Hamburg, Germany, Algeria, Cameroon, United States, Brittany, , , Henin, Beaumont, Brussels, Crimea, 2014, Russian, Italian, There’s, Moscow
Russia launches many of its drone and missile attacks from within its own borders, and it amasses troops and equipment at home for offensive pushes into Ukraine. But for a long time, Ukraine could only turn to options like long-range drones to go after targets in Russia. De Bretton-Gordon noted that many Russian missile and drone attacks are launched from Russia itself. Russia initiated a new offensive against Kharkiv on May 10, launching deadly missile attacks and slowly pushing its military forward. Ingram agreed, saying that in Kharkiv, Ukraine's new permissions have "made a huge difference.
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According to Zhovkva, Kyiv’s number one tool to end hostilities is through a second peace summit, which Ukraine is already preparing for. “We are saying that Ukraine will draft its peace plan, a roadmap for establishing peace in Ukraine. Orban also stated his desire to improve relations between Budapest and Kyiv, which have been strained by the Hungarian leader’s close relationship with Putin. Tuesday’s meeting comes as Orban and Hungary take control of the EU Council’s rotating presidency, which changes every six months. The agenda for that event is expected to be dominated by long-term plans to support Ukraine and conversations about its eventual accession to the alliance.
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Read previewUkraine's defense ministry said Monday that the country's military inflicted substantial damage on Russian air defense systems last month. June was a bad month for russian air defense. Ukrainian defenders destroyed 59 russian air defense systems. Without these restrictions, Ukraine could "in principle" replicate its success at taking out Russian air defense systems in Russian territory, ISW has said. With fewer defensive systems threatening its aircraft, Ukraine could have more freedom of movement for conducting air operations.
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Pictured in Lego miniature is Kyiv’s Golden Gate, released as part of United24's second wave of Ukrainian monument replicas. The inspiration for a Lego campaign came from these initiatives and from Lego Architecture, an adult-oriented line of sets recreating iconic landmarks. The second wave, #UKRAINEinLEGObricks, released last month, includes Kyiv’s Golden Gate, Crimea’s Khan Palace, Lviv’s Oblast’s Pidhirtsi Castle, Odesa’s National Academic Opera and Mykolaiv’s Astronomical Observatory. Mykolaiv’s Astronomical Observatory is featured in Lego's second wave of monument recreations. UNITED24All models are made from authentic Lego bricks, though the Lego company isn’t affiliated with the project nor the artists building the sets.
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The sea, which borders occupied southern Ukraine, is connected to the Black Sea via the Kerch Strait, and, crucially, Russia controls its coastline. AdvertisementUkraine's attacks have forced Russian warships to withdraw from Crimea and relocate to safer waters, where they have also come under attack. But this doesn't mean ships there will be safe from Ukraine's aerial drones and missiles, experts told BI. But he added that "Russia's warships in the Azov Sea are still at the mercy of Ukrainian missiles and aerial drones." AdvertisementMeanwhile, Russian "missiles can reach most of Ukraine from the Sea of Azov and ports along the Russian Black Sea coast," Clark said.
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The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Russia and its proxy security forces in Crimea have committed multiple human rights violations during its decade-long occupation of the former Ukrainian territory. Between 2014 and 2018, there have been 43 cases of enforced disappearances, with eight people still missing. The disappeared were mostly pro-Ukrainian activists and journalists, or members of Crimea’s Tatar ethnic minority, the court found. Investigations of the disappearances went nowhere, the court added in its judgment. Men and women were abducted by the Crimean self-defense forces, by Russian security forces or by agents of Russia’s Federal Security Service, or F.S.B.
Persons: Russia’s Organizations: European, of Human, Crimean, Federal Security Service Locations: Russia, Crimea, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Simferopol
The Ukraine women’s team was then invited to live and train in a safe environment by their Japanese colleagues, where they spent a fortnight in June 2023. The Ukraine women’s team also spent another two months in the US, where they were hosted by local universities. A view shows residential buildings destroyed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the town of Irpin, outside Kyiv, Ukraine April 29, 2022. Valentyn Ogirenko/ReutersDifficult training conditionsThe conditions under which the athletes have prepared for the Paris Olympics affected the team’s results. For Kolyadenko, getting a license and preparing for the Paris Olympics was more difficult than for any other competition in her career.
Persons: Iryna, , ” Kolyadenko, , Oleksandr Klymenko, Matviy Bidnyi, Olga Kharlan, wouldn’t, Kolyadenko, Iryna Kolyadenko, Svitlana Vlasova, rappelling, Volodymyr Evonov, ” Evonov, , Evonov, Valentyn Ogirenko, – Kolyadenko, Oksana Livach –, Bidnyi Organizations: Ukraine CNN —, Paris Olympics, Russian, CNN, Reuters, Ukrainian Ministry of Sport, Paris Games, Paris, Tata, Tokyo, Ukrainian, Olympics, Ministry of Sports Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Russia, Ukrainian, Dmytrivka, Kyiv region, Paris, Russian, Turkey, Kolyadenko, , Kherson, Crimea, Irpin, Kharkiv
LONDON — Populist British politician Nigel Farage doubled down on claims that the West provoked Russia's war in Ukraine despite facing backlash from Westminster in the crucial final weeks of the U.K. election campaign. Clarifying his comments Saturday, Farage said he was not and never has been "an apologist or supporter of Putin," but claimed that he "saw the war coming" and that the West has "played into Putin's hands." "As I have made clear on multiple occasions since then, if you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don't be surprised if he responds. And if you have neither the means nor the political will to face him down, poking a bear is obviously not good foreign policy." He also recalled comments made to the European Parliament in 2014 — shortly after Russia's annexation of Crimea — in which he questioned NATO's military exercises in Ukraine.
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