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An Exxon gas station sign is seen in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, on Oct. 6, 2023. Four years ago, Exxon Mobil's reign as the longest-serving component in the Dow Jones Industrial Average abruptly ended when the oil major was replaced by Salesforce in August 2020 in the biggest shake-up in years. That reshuffling of the Dow was seen as a sign of the times, with the energy sector struggling from a total collapse in oil prices into negative territory during the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, technology stocks booked strong gains during the work-from-home era. The oil major's stock has gained nearly 170% since the August 24, 2020, announcement of its exit from the Dow, while Salesforce has gained just 4% over the same period.
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Hiring stays strong for low earners, Vanguard finds
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Greg Iacurci | )   time to read: +1 min
The pace of hiring remains strong for lower-earning Americans, holding steady above its pre-pandemic baseline even as the demand for higher-income workers has waned slightly, according to new data from Vanguard. The hires rate for the bottom third of workers by income (who earn less than $55,000 a year) was 1.5% in March, where it has largely hovered since September 2023, according to a new Vanguard analysis. on a collision course with white-collar, high-paid jobsSome jobs still seeing relatively big annual raisesHow to spot and overcome 'ghost' jobsThe hires rate gauges the number of new hires as a share of existing employees. By comparison, it was lower — about 1.2% to 1.3% — in the months leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vanguard found. Vanguard is among the nation's largest 401(k) plan administrators.
Persons: Adam Schickling Organizations: Vanguard, Finance
Here are 5 stocks that are buys right here, right now
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Jim Cramer | )   time to read: +5 min
Let's say you just joined the Club, and you are trying to figure out which stocks we think are buyable right now, right here. The question is: Which stocks would I buy right now? In fact, we added some more shares to the Club portfolio Wednesday. WYNN YTD mountain Wynn Resorts YTD I would most certainly buy the stock of Wynn Resorts . (Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust is long GEHC, HON, WYNN, SWK, F. See here for a full list of the stocks.)
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Wheelchair tennis player Diede de Groot, though, has been unequivocally the dominant constant in the face of those challenges. Diede De Groot is one of the most decorated tennis players of all time. “Twenty years ago wheelchair tennis was one of the biggest Paralympic sports in the Netherlands,” says De Groot. So, it’s just a coincidence … but it’s a funny coincidence!”De Groot has won a total of 39 grand slam titles. It’s a really fun time to be a wheelchair tennis player.”De Groot has noticed a recent improvement in visibility for wheelchair players.
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I moved to Los Angeles about five years ago from San Francisco, and I previously lived in New York City and Chicago. LA lacks great parks compared to other cities like San Francisco and New York City. It doesn't feel urban the way cities like NYC or SF do — I don't feel an urban buzz or excitement. I don't feel any sense of communityI don't feel a strong sense of community in LA. Because it's such a driving culture, I don't interact with people as much as I do in other cities I've lived in.
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A Best Buy store stands outside of a Brooklyn mall on August 29, 2023 in New York City. Best Buy on Thursday missed Wall Street's quarterly sales expectations, but stressed higher profits and lower costs as softer demand for consumer electronics continues. Adjusting for one-time items, including restructuring charges, Best Buy reported earnings of $1.20 per share. She did not specify the number of layoffs, but said Best Buy would invest in areas that could drive growth, like artificial intelligence. Best Buy on Thursday adjusted its full-year capital expenditures forecast to an estimate of $750 million, down from as much as $800 million.
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Last year, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that she eats an anti-inflammatory diet after suffering from long COVID. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet — meaning mostly fresh or minimally processed foods and minimal highly processed foods — can help reduce inflammation, according to the Cleveland Clinic. "Mushrooms contain multiple natural anti-inflammatory compounds, including essential vitamins and minerals, as well as numerous anti-inflammatory metabolites," Kodamala said. "Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, making it a real powerhouse to include in your diet," she said. Nuts may also have anti-inflammatory properties, according to a 2023 review, and so might ginger, according to a 2022 review — but more research is needed on both.
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CNN —Elon Musk has sought to accumulate political capital commensurate with his extravagant wealth. Musk has discussed advising Trump should he win the 2024 election, the Journal reported, citing unnamed sources. Musk called Trump directly via cellphone to explore a role that could potentially give Musk significant influence over US policies. Reporting that Musk and Trump’s relationship has improved comes after Musk’s politics have become more aligned with Trump’s. For Musk to have a direct, private line to a future President Trump “would seem to be a blatant conflict of interest,” said Darrell West, a senior fellow in the governance studies program at the Brookings Institution.
Persons: CNN — Elon Musk, Musk, Donald Trump, Trump, Brian Hughes, , Andrew Harnik, , Darrell West, ” West, Herika Martinez, , Donald Trump’s, Biden, Ron DeSantis, Robert Kennedy , Jr, Paul Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, White supremacists, Imran Ahmed, X, CCDH, Donie O’Sullivan Organizations: CNN, Republican, Wall Street, Trump, SpaceX, Tesla, Brookings Institution, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Traffic Safety Administration, Justice Department, Migrants, US Border Patrol, AFP, Getty, Twitter, US, Republican Florida, Politico Locations: Paris, El Paso , Texas, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua State, Mexico
Since May 2022, homeownership costs have grown twice as fast as incomes, putting the dream of owning property out of reach for many Americans. During that time, median mortgage payments rose from $2,319 to $2,835, per data provided by Redfin. To get a better sense of how rising prices have affected different markets, Redfin compared mortgage payments for 50 of the largest U.S. cities in May 2022 with May 2024. The city has a rich cultural history and is near Boston and New York, making it a popular market for second homes. Monthly payments increased in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, but are still well below the 2024 national median of $2,835.
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Nurphoto | Nurphoto | Getty ImagesBEIJING — Chinese travelers are increasingly opting for cheaper domestic destinations over foreign tourist spots. The top reason for preferring their home country was "abundant domestic travel options," the survey found, followed by "too costly" international travel. Local tourism has been a bright spot in China's recovery from Covid-19 controls that ended in late 2022. watch nowDuring a public holiday this year from May 1 to May 5, domestic tourism trips and revenue surged versus pre-pandemic levels in 2019, official data showed. Local authorities said performing arts subsidies from the local governments helped generate 48.3 million yuan in ticket sales to 230,000 people, stimulating about 460 million yuan in economic activity.
Persons: Oliver Wyman,, Ashley Dudarenok, Ashley Dudarenok ChoZan Organizations: Nurphoto, Getty, International, CNBC, China Locations: China's Guizhou province, BEIJING, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Covid, Yangzhou, Luoyang, Qinhuangdao, Guilin, Zibo, U.S, Xi'an, Guangxi, Nanjing
The world is mired in $315 trillion of debt, according to a report from the Institute of International Finance. This global debt wave has been the biggest, fastest and most wide-ranging rise in debt since World War II, coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic. Around two-thirds of the $315 trillion owed originates from mature economies, with Japan and the United States contributing the most to that debt pile. Of the $315 trillion debt stock, household debt, which includes mortgages, credit cards and student debt, among others, amounted to $59.1 trillion. Business debt, which corporations use to finance their operations and growth, stood at $164.5 trillion, with the financial sector alone making up $70.4 trillion of that amount.
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Seoul/Hong Kong CNN —A labor union representing tens of thousands of workers at Samsung Electronics in South Korea has called a one-day strike next week, in what would be the first such walkout at the smartphone and chipmaking giant. The Nationwide Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) said on Wednesday during a press conference streamed on its official Youtube channel that its 28,000 members — just under a quarter of the company’s total workforce in the country — would strike on June 7, following failed negotiations over pay and bonus arrangements. Son Woomok, leader of the Nationwide Samsung Electronics Union, speaks to CNN on May 29, 2024. The vast majority of the world’s advanced microchips are made in just two places: Taiwan and South Korea. Taiwan’s industry is larger and more dominant, something South Korea is keen to challenge.
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Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray said it is "likely the world's largest botnet ever." The botnet hacked into over 19 million IP addresses in nearly 200 countries, the DOJ announcement said. In particular, the botnet targeted Covid relief programs and filed an estimated 560,000 false unemployment insurance claims, stealing $5.9 billion. The DOJ partnered with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies internationally to dismantle the botnet and arrest Wang. The charges come as U.S. law enforcement agencies try to update protocols to keep up with more sophisticated cybersecurity threats.
Persons: Wang, Christopher Wray, S, Axelrod, they're, Wray Organizations: US Department of Justice, Department of Justice, DOJ, Federal Bureau of, FBI, Export Enforcement, U.S . Department of Commerce's, of Industry, Security, Treasury Department, Treasury, Code, Tulip Biz, Company, Lily Suites Company Locations: Washington , DC, U.S, China
China lifts ban on five Australian beef exporters
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Sydney —China has lifted bans on imports from five major Australian beef processing facilities, the Australian government said on Thursday, in the latest sign of improving relations between the two nations. The bans applied to certain abattoirs but did not affect others, which meant Australia was still able to ship beef to China. China was Australia’s second-biggest beef export market last year, receiving 240,000 tons worth around $1.6 billion, Australian trade data shows. They said China’s trade impediments at their height impacted Australian exports worth 20.6 billion Australian dollars ($13.6 billion). The reasons China gave for suspending the Australian beef processors were issues over labeling or contamination or cases of COVID-19 among their workers.
Persons: , Matt Dalgleish, Dalgleish, , Penny Wong, Don Farrell, Murray Watt Locations: Sydney — China, Beijing, China, Australia, Canberra, United States
In a letter to BuzzFeed’s board, a copy of which Ramaswamy posted online, the MAGA hardliner and former Republican presidential candidate recommended laying off large swaths of the company’s existing staff. He encouraged BuzzFeed’s board to transform the outlet into a creator-driven platform, suggesting it hire personalities akin to fellow radicals Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson. “Address your audience directly and candidly admit: We failed in our obligation to tell you the truth,” Ramaswamy encouraged BuzzFeed. But it was apparent that he does not view the right-wing entrepreneur’s ideas for the future of BuzzFeed as compelling. “I’m very skeptical it makes business sense to turn BuzzFeed into a creator platform for inflammatory political pundits.
Persons: Vivek Ramaswamy —, , Ramaswamy, MAGA hardliner, BuzzFeed’s, Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, BuzzFeed, Donald Trump, ” Ramaswamy, Jonah Peretti, MAGA, ” Jeffrey A Sonnenfeld, , Vivek, Vivek Ramaswamy, Peretti, ” Peretti, , Sonnenfeld Organizations: New York CNN, Republican, , Yale School of Management, Facebook, Huffington Locations: New York, Covid, BuzzFeed
Overall job satisfaction among U.S. employees increased a modest 0.4 percentage points in 2023 from the year prior, according to the Conference Board's annual Job Satisfaction survey released this month. He cited the group's results a year before, when job satisfaction was up overall and for every subcategory. 2023 marks the 13th consecutive year that U.S. job satisfaction climbed incrementally, according to the Conference Board's reporting. Overall job happiness could be a product of workers getting more raises, experiencing more job stability or receiving more benefits, he says. More than 65% of hybrid workers expressed overall job satisfaction, topping the 64% of fully remote and 60% of fully in-person workers who said the same, per the Conference Board's study.
Persons: Allen Schweyer, Schweyer, Julia Pollak, Pollak, you've, Claudia Goldin's Organizations: Conference, Conference Board
European stock markets are heading for a lower open on Wednesday following the worst session for a month. The benchmark Stoxx 600 dropped 0.6% on Tuesday, its steepest loss since April 30, as investors focus on the interest rate outlook and monitor rising global bond yields. European marketsA solid crop of first-quarter and full-year earnings has put the Stoxx on course for a monthly gain. "Earnings season was generally better than feared," Marcus Morris-Eyton, portfolio manager for Europe and global growth at AllianceBernstein, told CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe" on Tuesday. "51% of companies beat expectations, but actually two thirds of companies beat or met expectations, and when you dig beneath the surface what is particularly interesting is the margin strength across European companies during the quarter," Morris-Eyton said.
Persons: Marcus Morris, CNBC's, Morris, Eyton Locations: Europe, AllianceBernstein
The alleged cybercriminal conduct and the lavish lifestyle it funded “reads like it’s ripped from a screenplay,” Matthew Axelrod, a senior US Commerce Department official involved in the investigation, said in a statement. Wang used money he earned from renting the botnet to buy property in those locations, according to an indictment unsealed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Authorities in Singapore and Thailand worked with the FBI on the bust, the Justice Department said. The new charges are only the latest alleged example of opportunistic fraud that has been rampant across the US since Covid-19 emerged more than four years ago. The problem got so bad that the Secret Service named a senior official as National Pandemic Fraud Recovery Coordinator to try to claw back some of the many billions that were stolen.
Persons: YunHe Wang, Fraudsters, ” Matthew Axelrod, Brett Leatherman, Wang, Leatherman Organizations: CNN, Justice Department, Justice, Treasury, US Commerce Department, Royce, FBI, Court, Eastern, Eastern District of, Authorities, Service, IRS Locations: Singapore, East Asia, Caribbean, Eastern District, Eastern District of Texas, Thailand
This Small Business Month, Intuit QuickBooks is launching a grant program to help small business owners grow their businesses. From the end of December to the end of March, small business employment declined by 0.44%, according to the latest release from the Intuit QuickBooks Small Business Index. The Intuit QuickBooks Grant Program, designed to help small business owners across the US run and grow their businesses, will award 20 small business owners with $10,000 and three months of business coaching. AdvertisementThe Intuit QuickBooks Grant Program will launch May 28, 2024, and applications will be accepted until 11:59pm PT on June 30. Click here to learn more about the Intuit QuickBooks Grant Program and how your small business can apply.
Persons: Emma Rodgers Organizations: Intuit QuickBooks, US Small Business Administration, Intuit, Marketing, Revenue,, Insider Studios Locations: Intuit's, QuickBooks
One of the best performing stocks in the underperforming energy sector looks ready for another potential up leg, according to the charts. The Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) has underperformed the S & P 500 thus far in 2024, but with a year-to-date gain of about 8.5%, it's actually the fifth best sector out of 11. From the closing low in May 2023 to its recent closing high on April 5, it gained a whopping 109%. However, when the stock finally emerged from that condition a year ago, demand resurfaced, and the strong advance commenced. Lastly, even after MPC's recent 20% decline, the stock has drastically outperformed both the XLE Energy ETF and the S & P 500 since the COVID lows.
Persons: it's, haven't, Said, XLE, Frank Cappelleri Organizations: Marathon Petroleum, MPC, Marathon Oil, ConocoPhillips, XLE Energy
Jessup, Maryland CNN —In her first week of job training, Tiffany Joseph Busch learned how to do an oil change. Instead, she learned in a virtual garage, using a Meta Quest virtual reality headset. In addition to MCIW, the nonprofit is also piloting the VR auto technician training program in correctional facilities in Texas and Virginia. Mackenzie Happe/CNNBut is it really possible to learn how to fix a car in virtual reality without ever interacting with a real vehicle? Carpenter said she feels “100% confident in my abilities.”And Schwartz said he’s certain about the potential for VR training, too.
Persons: Maryland CNN —, Tiffany Joseph Busch, , Busch, , ” Busch, it’s, MCIW, they’re, Martin Schwartz, Schwartz, Carolyn Scruggs, Maryland’s, Tiffany Busch, Mackenzie Happe, Danielle Cox, ” Cox, Tire, Meagan Carpenter, ” Meagan Carpenter, Carpenter, they’ve, … We’re Organizations: Maryland CNN, Busch, Maryland Correctional Institution, Women, CNN, Vehicles, CNN Auto, Napa Auto Parts, AAA, HTX Labs, US Air Force, VR, Women’s Correctional Institute, Department of Labor, Maryland Department of Public Safety, Correctional Services, MCIW, Automotive, Women's VR Locations: Jessup, Maryland, Baltimore, United States, Napa, Texas, Virginia
At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month, it's believed that Apple will share more information about an expected AI-integrated iPhone. Jim Cramer has said that new AI capabilities on devices and for devices will usher in the " greatest refresh cycle in history ." Wireless stands to benefit from the expected increase in iPhone sales because Apple is one of Broadcom's largest customers. If there's a surge in PC sales, in particular, this could boost both Nvidia's Gaming and Professional Visualization segments. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade.
Persons: Satya Nadella, it's, Jim Cramer, It's, Tim Cook, Jim, iPhones, Jim Cramer's, Eugene Mymrin Organizations: Microsoft, Developers Conference, Apple, Broadcom, Nvidia, Computing, Windows, Revenue, Shareholders, China Academy of Information, Communications Technology, Broadcom Wireless, Broadcom's Semiconductor, Nvidia's Gaming, Club, HP Inc, Dell, CNBC Locations: China
Now as an online fat loss coach and personal trainer, she helps others lose weight healthily and sustainably, too. AdvertisementWith the weight loss market in the US expected to reach $93.8 billion in 2024, according to Market Data, Dobson's approach too weight loss — without using fad diet plans or supplements — goes back to basics. Dobson started making lower-calorie versions of her favorite mealsAs a child, Dobson said she was "a bit chubbier" than other kids at school. It's the same approach recommended by many registered dietitians who have spoken to BI about healthy fat loss. AdvertisementDobson felt strongly that she didn't want to feel too restricted or deprived when losing weight.
Persons: , Bethany Dobson, Dobson, Georgie Glass Dobson, dietitians, Georgie Glass, That's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Manchester
The Hong Kong and Beijing governments have repeatedly denied the national security law is suppressing freedoms, arguing it has ended chaos and “restored stability” to the city. Since the national security law came into effect in 2020, civil groups have disbanded, and independent media outlets have been shut down. They are the first defendants to be acquitted in a national security law trial in Hong Kong. But that strategy is in doubt after another local national security law enacted earlier this year curtailed access to reduced sentences for guilty pleas. “It’s absolutely clear that the national security law reduced the independence and the autonomy of the judiciary.
Persons: Hong Kong’s, Hong, Gwyneth Ho, Leung Kwok, , Lawrence Lau, Lee Yu, , , Joshua Wong, Benny Tai, Claudia Mo, Eric Lai, John Burns, Hong Kong Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Beijing, British, Hong, Hong Kong’s Legislative, Georgetown Center, Asian Law, Communist Party, city’s, University of Hong Locations: Hong Kong, Hong, Beijing, Hong Kong’s, China, University of Hong Kong
Bangkok CNN —Thailand’s former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has been indicted on lese majeste charges, authorities said Wednesday, in the latest twist in a decades-long political saga in the Southeast Asian kingdom. The case, filed by police, alleged Thaksin violated Thailand’s notoriously harsh royal insult law during an interview he gave in 2015 to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo. “The attorney general has decided to indict Thaksin on all charges,” spokesperson Prayuth Bejraguna, told reporters Wednesday. Earlier this month, the death of a young Thai activist in pre-trial detention for lese majeste charges shocked many in the country and sparked renewed calls for justice reform. A push to reform the lese majeste laws gained significant traction ahead of the 2023 general election, which saw the progressive Move Forward Party win the most votes.
Persons: Bangkok CNN —, Thaksin Shinawatra, Thaksin, Thailand’s, Prayuth Bejraguna, , Thaksin’s, Paetongtarn, Chiang Mai, majeste, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, King Bhumibol Adulyadej Organizations: Bangkok CNN, South Korean, Chosun Ilbo, Manchester City Football Club, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, Party, Constitutional Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, Thai
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