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CNN —A married couple from the US who were serving as missionaries in Haiti were killed there on Thursday, family members said. Davy and Natalie Lloyd “were attacked by gangs this evening and were both killed,” Natalie Lloyd’s father, Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker, said in a Facebook post. The gang then took our trucks and loaded everything up they wanted and left.”American missionaries Davy and Natalie Lloyd were killed in Haiti on Thursday, May 23, family members said. Missions in HaitiThree hours later, Missions in Haiti posted that Davy and Natalie “were shot and killed by the gang about 9 o’clock this evening. The Facebook feed of Missions in Haiti has told the story of the increasing dire conditions in the country this year.
Persons: CNN —, Davy, Natalie Lloyd “, ” Natalie Lloyd’s, Ben Baker, , Davy Lloyd’s, Natalie, “ Davy, Natalie Lloyd, Natalie “, , Lloyd, ” Baker, Mike Parson, Biden, William Ruto Thursday, we’re, CNN’s Donald Judd Organizations: CNN, Lloyds, Missions, Inc, ” Missouri Republican Gov, ” CNN, Haitian, US State Department, UN Security, Multinational Security, Kenyan, Facebook Locations: Haiti, Missouri, , U.S, Haitian, United States
Who are Haiti’s gangs? Complicating the situation is a torrent of smuggled guns and ammunition arming Haiti’s gangs, despite an arms embargo on the island. In October last year, the Multinational Security Support Mission (MSS) was finally greenlit by the United Nations’ powerful Security Council. More equipment, including armored vehicles and radios, is expected to arrive in Haiti for the MSS over the coming days and weeks. “We believe only the Haitian police can provide long term security for Haiti.
Persons: puncturing, Joe Biden, William Ruto, ” Ruto, , Viv Ansamn, Jovenel Moise, Antony Blinken, Al, Bill O’Neill, Ariel Henry, Ayub Abdikadir, Ruto, El Salvador, Felix Ulloa, , SPNH17, Nou Pap, Organizations: CNN, Kenyan, Haitian, Haiti’s National Police, Relations, Multinational Security, Multinational, United Nations, Security, police, UN, Presidential Council, Kenya’s Citizen, Canada, El, Salvadoran, , NPD, Haitian National Police Locations: Haiti, Haitian, Port, Washington, Kenya, Al Shabaab, Somalia, Sudan, Congo, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Chad, Jamaica, United States, France, Spain, Canada, Toussaint Louverture, El Salvador
PARIS, France — X CEO Linda Yaccarino on Friday hit out at Australia after a face off with online safety regulators. It comes after the Elon Musk-owned social media platform X last week won a reprieve in Australia as a court refused to extend a temporary order blocking videos of a Sydney church stabbing. In a talk onstage at the VivaTech conference in Paris, Yaccarino accused Australia of overreach over the dispute. "The good news is that the people prevailed," Yaccarino, the former global advertising chief at CNBC parent company NBCUniversal, said. "We're happy to be that beacon of light and that place for truth."
Persons: Linda Yaccarino, Elon, Yaccarino Organizations: Elon Musk, eSafety, CNBC Locations: PARIS, France, Australia, Sydney, Paris, overreach
Luckily, Goldman hadn't filled the role, so I started working for them in November 2018. Working at Goldman Sachs would always be limitingI liked working as a trader at Goldman, but it wasn't fulfilling. I slowly realized that working for Goldman or any company, the end goal is limited to possibly being a partner. At the same time all this was happening, Luna Crypto, followed by the crypto market, crashed. AdvertisementThe crypto industry had been decimated, and I'd lost around two-thirds of my savings in cryptocurrency.
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Read previewIf you feel like you can't keep up with the deluge of AI announcements, you're not alone. In the last two weeks, developers and consumers have been bombarded with a steady stream of AI updates and product launches, showing just how heated the AI race has become. Gartner's Chandrasekaran gave two reasons for why the flurry of AI announcements is happening now. AdvertisementThat means that there's going to be a lot of so-called AI washing and AI marketing as companies fight for a chance to get noticed, Chandrasekaran added. "And they could be calling it AI or they may be using more classic machine learning and calling it like Gen AI."
Persons: , Eric Schmidt, OpenAI, Arun Chandrasekaran, Sundar Pichai, Gartner's Chandrasekaran, Chandrasekaran, It's, There's, it's, there's Organizations: Service, Business, Google, Gemini, Project Astra, Microsoft, Apple, Gartner, Bloomberg Locations: Paris
“It is time to break it up.”It is difficult to overstate just how thoroughly Live Nation, which acquired Ticketmaster more than a decade ago, controls live entertainment in America. Through Ticketmaster, Live Nation controls 80% of venues’ primary ticketing for concerts. There’s a fine line between vertical integration and all-out monopoly, and Live Nation is, at minimum, very clearly toeing it. Artists, fans and venues have been complaining about Live Nation and Ticketmaster pretty much since they agreed to merge in 2009. Live Nation, Wolfson said, is likely to come out swinging.
Persons: CNN Business ’, Caitlin Clark, wasn’t, General Merrick Garland, Swift, Taylor, Sen, Richard Blumenthal, Garland, Swiftie, ” Adam Wolfson, Quinn Emanuel, Eventbrite, Wolfson, … we’re, there’s Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN, Justice Department, Ticketmaster, DOJ, Artists, Senate, Democrats Locations: New York, United States, America, North America,
Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, during the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, on March 19, 2024. Five years ago, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang owned a stake in his chipmaker worth roughly $3 billion. After Thursday's rally, which pushed the stock to a record, his holdings now stand at more than $90 billion. Nvidia shares have more than doubled this year after tripling in 2023. OpenAI does most of its AI development on Nvidia GPUs.
Persons: Jensen Huang, Huang, OpenAI Organizations: Nvidia, Technology, Microsoft, Google, Meta Locations: San Jose , California
CNBC Daily Open: Dow sinks 600 points, Nvidia soars
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Abid Ali | )   time to read: +3 min
CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need to know, no matter where they are. Dow sinks 600 pointsThe Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its worst day of the year, dropping over 600 points on Thursday. Nvidia's blockbuster earnings and guidance failed to prop up markets, with more than 400 stocks on the S&P 500 trading lower. Nvidia popsShares of Nvidia soared as much as 11% after the AI chipmaker's earnings that beat Wall Street's estimates. Wall Street analysts are revising their price targets for Nvidia upwards after its blowout earnings and guidance.
Persons: Jensen Huang, Dow, Musk, Elon Musk, he's, Joe Biden, Tesla, Karen Tso, Brian West, General Merrick Garland Organizations: SAP Center, CNBC, Dow Jones, Boeing, Dow, Nasdaq, Treasury, Nvidia, U.S . Department of Justice, Ticketmaster, Wall, Microsoft Locations: San Jose , California, China
Apple needs its big AI moment
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +4 min
That's made Apple's lack of a big generative AI announcement so far particularly noticeable. However, one big sign an announcement may be coming at WWDC was the unveiling of its M4 chip, which Apple described as an "outrageously powerful chip for AI." The CEO spoke of "big opportunities across our products" for generative AI and promised that Apple is "well positioned" to take on the space. "We think investors will take any generative AI announcement positively," Morningstar tech analyst William Kerwin said. We'd expect any new-gen AI announcement to see strong adoption when released."
Persons: , they've, chatbot, That's, Dan Ives, Apple, Tim Cook, William Kerwin, Morningstar, Gene Munster, OpenAI, Siri, Ives, Deepwater's Munster, Kerwin Organizations: Service, Developers Conference, Microsoft, Google, Business, Wedbush Securities, Apple, iPad, Morningstar, Deepwater Asset Management, Bloomberg Locations: Cupertino , California, WWDC
OpenAI on Thursday backtracked on a controversial decision to, in effect, make former employees choose between signing a non-disparagement agreement that would never expire, or keeping their vested equity in the company. The internal memo, which was viewed by CNBC, was sent to former employees and shared with current ones. The memo said OpenAI will also not enforce any other non-disparagement or non-solicitation contract items that the employee may have signed. "As we shared with employees, we are making important updates to our departure process," an OpenAI spokesperson told CNBC in a statement. Bloomberg first reported on the release from the non-disparagement provision.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Vox, ChatGPT Organizations: Microsoft, CNBC, Bloomberg Locations: Redmond , Washington, OpenAI
F1 dispute with Andretti Global draws in U.S. lawmakers
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Chris Hawes | )   time to read: +5 min
Anna Moneymaker | Getty ImagesA dispute over whether to accept American motorsports giant Andretti Global as Formula One's 11th team is reaching boiling point. It's the latest twist in the Andretti saga, which started in October 2023 when the sport's governing body, the FIA, approved the American team's bid to join the grid. Three months later, F1, the sport's commercial arm, quashed the bid, arguing that Andretti wouldn't be competitive in 2025 or 2026. These new entrants would also be obliged to operate out of a region not currently represented by F1 teams. It isn't just in Washington where support for Andretti is growing, explained Andretti.
Persons: Mario Andretti, John James, Anna Moneymaker, Michael, Andretti, Stefano Domenicali, Domenicali, Tim Milne, Lewis Butler, Tim Cook, Red Bull's Max Verstappen Mike Segar, Zac Brown, it's, Fernando Alonso Organizations: Washington , DC, Andretti, Capitol, General Motors, Andretti Global, One's, Miami Grand, Liberty Media, NBC News, FIA, Formula, One, CNBC, Las Vegas, Prix, U.S, F1, United, Reuters Locations: Washington ,, U.S, Las Vegas, Saudi Arabia, United States, Americas, Austin , Texas, Washington, Miami
With 5G, organizations now have faster internet speeds, expanded capabilities, and an additional avenue of connectivity. Telecom companies can also provide private 5G networks to businesses, offering them low latency and high bandwidth to transfer large volumes of data securely. For example, NTT, a Japanese telecom company, offers 5G services to consumers and private 5G services to businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Increasingly, more cellular and Internet of Things devices are being connected to organizations' 5G networks, which means more opportunities for hackers if organizations don't properly manage their security. In the future, more security companies could focus on 5G security for cars, airplanes, medical devices, and more.
Persons: , Christine Gadsby, Chris Novak, Novak, Shahid Ahmed, Gadsby, Casey Ellis, he's, Bugcrowd, Ellis, We're, Matsubara Organizations: RSA, 5G, Service, cybersecurity, Business, BlackBerry, Telecom, Verizon Business, NTT, Mobile Locations: San Francisco, Japanese, cybersecurity, China
London CNN —Money generated by Russian financial assets frozen in Europe will soon start flowing to Ukraine, giving Kyiv a boost as it struggles to counter an advance by Moscow’s troops. The plan “would essentially bring forward that flow of interest proceeds from the assets… (through a loan) given to Ukraine,” Yellen told broadcaster Sky News in an interview this week. “Ukraine has substantial needs, and being able to marshal significant resources to help Ukraine is important,” she said. Most of the frozen Russian money is held in Europe, and the euro is the world’s second-most important currency after the US dollar. This would give Kyiv access to a much larger amount of money than using future or current windfall profits from Russian assets.
Persons: Janet Yellen, ” Yellen, Gabriel Bouys, Joe Biden, ” Lee Buccheit, Trade Valdis Dombrovskis, Yellen, there’s, , Buchheit, Putin, Organizations: London CNN, Union, Sky News, , US, Getty, University of Edinburgh Law School, CNN, EU, Trade, Reuters, Russia, Ukraine, World Bank Locations: Europe, Ukraine, West, Italy, Russia, Ukraine’s, Kharkiv, Frankfurt, Germany, “ Ukraine, Stresa, AFP, EU, Belgium, Kyiv
The factory, which was announced in April last year, aims to begin production in the first quarter of 2025. The battery facility will be close to Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, which is the company’s largest plant outside the United States, producing almost one million cars a year. Rising tensionsWhile most Western companies are face rising barriers to doing business in China, things have been smoother for Tesla. “Tesla competes quite well in the market in China with no tariffs and no deferential support. I’m in favor of no tariffs,” Musk said.
Persons: Hong Kong CNN — Tesla, Elon Musk, Tom Zhu, Tesla, Wu Xiaohua, ” Musk, Li Qiang, Li, Joe Biden, Musk, “ Tesla Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Lingang Group, Tesla, Reuters, Locations: Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, United States, Beijing, Washington, Tesla’s Gigafactory, Europe, Paris
New York CNN —Buying or selling a stock is about to get a lot snappier starting next Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean it’ll get smoother, at least right away — and some financial firms are preparing to handle any possible bumpiness. Clearinghouses, which sit between buyers and sellers, collect margins from traders as evidence that they can afford to make the transaction. Baird has had a T+1 committee in place since last summer to ensure such hiccups don’t happen, Lee said. “The existing two-day period to settle trades exposes investors and the industry to unnecessary risk and is ripe for change,” Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev said in a February 2021 release.
Persons: , That’s, ” Gary Gensler, , Rich Lee, Baird, Lee, Reddit, Vlad Tenev, Max, Gregory Wallace, Brian West, Mike Whitaker, ” “, ” Whitaker, Read, Meta, that’s, Clare Duffy, Patrick Collison, Nat Friedman, Tobi Lütke, Charlie Songhurst, White, OpenAI Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, Securities and Exchange Commission, Employees, GameStop, AMC Entertainment, AMC, Robinhood, Investors, Boeing, FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, Wolfe Research, ABC, Microsoft, Meta Locations: New York, OpenAI
CNN —Facing a crowd of journalists, inventor Thomas Midgley Jr. poured a lead additive over his hands and then proceeded to inhale its fumes for about a minute. Unfazed, he said, “I could do this every day without getting any health problems whatsoever.”Soon afterward, Midgley needed medical treatment. The task of addressing the issue of engine knocking fell to Midgley while he was working at General Motors in 1916. An estimated 1 million people a year still die from lead poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. The toxicity of lead was already well-known when Midgley added it to gas, but that didn’t stop Ethyl from becoming a commercial success.
Persons: Thomas Midgley Jr, , , Midgley, , Ford, Gerald Markowitz, Colin Creitz, Charles Kettering, ” Markowitz, ” Midgley, Bill Kovarik, Midgley —, Kettering —, Freon, Joe Sohm, CFCs, Perkin, Priestley, Kettering, Willard Gibbs, Carl E, ” Kovarik, Markowitz, I’m Organizations: CNN, General Motors, City University of New, GM, Standard Oil, DuPont, Network, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Radford University, America, Montreal Protocol, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Society of Chemical Industry, American Chemical Society, National Academy of Sciences, TNT, Linde Locations: Beaver Falls , Pennsylvania, United States, City University of New York, Algeria, American, Dayton , Ohio, Virginia, Montreal, Chicago
The first-of-its-kind law is poised to reshape how firms and other organizations in Europe use AI for everything from health care decisions to policing. For Meta’s (META) AI chief, Yann LeCun, “the big question” about the new law is “should research and development in AI be regulated?”“There are clauses in the EU AI act and various other places that do regulate research and development. I don’t think it’s a good idea,” he told CNN’s Anna Stewart at the Paris event. LeCun, widely known as one of the “godfathers of AI,” disagrees with concerns that AI could soon surpass human intelligence. “We need to make sure that innovation continues to happen and that the innovation doesn’t just come outside Europe.
Persons: Yann LeCun, , CNN’s Anna Stewart, , Werner Vogels, Stewart, Vogels, “ Let’s Organizations: London CNN, Meta, CNN, EU, overregulating Locations: Paris, Europe, EU, underinvesting
Kevin Mayer, co-founder and co-CEO of Candle Media, speaks at the Milken Institute Asia Summit in Singapore on Sept. 29, 2022. Former TikTok CEO and Candle Media co-CEO Kevin Mayer says the hype around artificial intelligence has reached a crescendo, with company valuations looking "astronomical." "AI provides capabilities that have not yet been seen and are very valuable. But the hype cycle has been dramatic," Mayer said. "I think we'll see a peak of that, of the hype within AI, the valuations, and everyone talking about how it's gonna disrupt every single corner of our economic universe and personal lives."
Persons: Kevin Mayer, Karen Tso, Mayer Organizations: Candle Media, Milken Institute Asia Summit Locations: Singapore, Paris
He added, "Wells Fargo could fetch a higher multiple in the market as a result." A Wells Fargo spokesperson declined to comment on the total number of CIB-related hires across all levels in the division. Wells Fargo and other banks have benefited in recent years as the Federal Reserve began hiking interest rates in March 2022. More recent data indicates that Wells Fargo's investment banking revenue share globally has jumped to No. A woman walks past Wells Fargo bank in New York City, U.S., March 17, 2020.
Persons: Wells, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Jeff Marks, Charlie Scharf, Scharf, Doug Braunstein, Braunstein, Fernando Rivas, Rivas, Jonathan Weiss, Weiss, Piper Sandler, Wells Fargo's Scharf, NII, Kroger, Scharf's, Scott Siefers, Siefers, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim Organizations: Wall, CNBC, JPMorgan, CIB, Wells, North American Investment Banking, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Suisse —, Management, Federal Reserve, Fed, Albertson's, Federal Trade Commission, Currency Locations: Wells Fargo, Americas, U.S, IPOs, Wells, New York City
PARIS — Chinese electric carmakers are pushing ahead with expansion into Europe, even as politicians raise the possibility of high tariffs on vehicles from the world's second largest economy. The result of this probe could lead to tariffs on Chinese EV imports. The U.S. has already taken such a step, with the Biden administration imposing 100% tariffs on Chinese EV imports this week. Chinese EV makers have been aggressively expanding overseas, as they look to challenge Elon Musk's Tesla internationally but also to gain an early lead ahead of established automakers. China's EV industry has boomed over the years thanks to incentives and support from the Chinese government, which has concerned politicians in Europe and the U.S.
Persons: Xpeng, BYD, Biden, Elon Musk's Tesla, Bruno Le Maire Organizations: European Commission, EV, Companies, U.S, CNBC, French Finance Locations: Amsterdam, Netherlands, France, Paris, PARIS, Europe, China, U.S
Singapore Airlines ranked as the No. Singapore Airlines altered its in-flight seatbelt rules and changed at least one flight route following Tuesday's turbulence incident which led to an emergency landing in Bangkok . The interior of Singapore Airline flight SQ321 is pictured after an emergency landing at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand, May 21, 2024. Singapore Airlines said in a separate statement that a total of 44 passengers and two crew remain in hospital. Turbulence-related incidents are the most common type of accident suffered by commercial airlines, according to the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.
Persons: Tuesday's, Bangkok's, CNBC's Sophie Kiderlin Organizations: Singapore Airlines, SIA, CNBC, Singapore Airline, Singapore Boeing, Srinakarin Hospital, Associated Press, AP, U.S . National Transportation Safety, NTSB, Aviation Safety Network Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, London, Singapore, Myanmar, Bengal
Boeing and NASA are moving forward with the launch of the company's Starliner capsule, set to carry U.S. astronauts for the first time, despite a "stable" leak in the spacecraft's propulsion system. "We are comfortable with the causes that we've identified for this specific leak," Boeing Vice President and manager of the company's Commercial Crew program, Mark Nappi, said during a press conference on Friday. "We know we can manage this [leak], so this is really not a safety of flight issue," Nappi added. Boeing is now targeting June 1 for the first crewed launch of its spacecraft, with backup opportunities on June 2, June 5 and June 6. To date, Boeing has eaten $1.5 billion in costs due to Starliner setbacks, in addition to nearly $5 billion of NASA development funds.
Persons: Mark Nappi, Nappi Organizations: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, United Launch Alliance, Boeing's, NASA's Boeing, Cape Canaveral Space Force, Boeing, International Space Locations: Florida
Apple | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube Listen to and follow ‘Hard Fork’This week, more drama at OpenAI: The company wanted Scarlett Johansson to be a voice of GPT-4o, she said no … but something got lost in translation. Then we talk with Noland Arbaugh, the first person to get Elon Musk’s Neuralink device implanted in his brain, about how his brain-computer interface has changed his life. And finally, the Times’s Karen Weise reports back from Microsoft’s developer conference, where the big buzz was that the company’s new line of A.I. PCs will record every single thing you do on the device. Guests:Noland Arbaugh, the first Neuralink patientKaren Weise, technology correspondent for The New York TimesAdditional Reading:
Persons: Scarlett Johansson, Noland Arbaugh, Elon Musk’s, Karen Weise Organizations: Apple, Spotify, The New York Times
Louisville police released two videos Thursday showing some of the arrest of star golfer Scottie Scheffler last week and announced the detective who arrested him was disciplined for not turning on his body-worn camera at the time. The Louisville Metro Police Department released video from a police dashcam showing two officers escorting a handcuffed Scottie Scheffler last Friday. Our position is the same as it was last Friday: Scottie Scheffler didn’t do anything wrong. What we know about the arrestDespite the arrest, Scottie Scheffler finished the PGA Championship tied for 8th place. The officer, identified as Gillis, stopped Scheffler and “attempted to give instructions,” the report states.
Persons: Scottie Scheffler, dashcam, Scheffler, Steve Romines, We’re, it’ll, Scottie, Prosecutors, , Josh Abner, ” Scheffler, teed, Charles Schwab, Louisville’s, Bryan Gillis, Gillis, Jacquelyn Gwinn, Villaroel, , Craig Greenberg, Michael Reaves, Romines, Scheffler “, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, ” Darlington Organizations: Louisville, Police, PGA, Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville Metro Police Department, Louisville Metro Police Department Scheffler, Scheffler, CNN, ” Police, Louisville Metro Police, ESPN, Darlington Locations: Louisville, Jefferson County, Jefferson, Fort Worth , Texas, Valhalla
We'll show you how to watch Celtics vs. Pacers Game 2 live streams from anywhere. You can also bookmark our NBA Playoffs hub for info on future Celtics vs. Pacers games. ET / 5 p.m. PT on ESPNWhere to watch Pacers vs. Celtics in the USCeltics vs. Pacers Game 2 will air on ESPN on Thursday at 8 p.m. For cord-cutters, this means exploring a live TV streaming cable alternative like Sling TV. Sign up for a live TV streaming package if you don't already have one.
Persons: Jaylen Brown, ExpressVPN Organizations: Business, Boston Celtics, . Indiana Pacers, Eastern Conference, Celtics, Pacers, ESPN, The Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks, PT, US Celtics, Sling Locations: United States
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