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The band released their self-titled debut album in 1997, which peaked at No. In other words, the parties reached an undisclosed settlement and Trans Continental released *NSYNC from their contractual obligations. The following year, *NSYNC released their first album with Jive, "No Strings Attached." It sold over 2 million copies in its first week and spawned hits like "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me." "After we left Lou, we had a record that was huge," Kirkpatrick says in "Dirty Pop" episode two.
Persons: Pearlman, Chris Kirkpatrick, Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Kirkpatrick, Lou Organizations: Madison, Garden, Brands, Backstreet, Pepsi, RIAA, Guardian, Trans
Third-party agents selling and supporting CrowdStrike software and the complicated repairs for customers have been a miserably busy bunch over the past week. CrowdStrike’s token of appreciation for those vendors: a $10 Uber Eats voucher. But a $10 Uber Eats voucher should make it all better, right? The ironic part is, at least where I’m located, I can’t even get a pizza for $10 on Uber Eats after taxes and fees. But the software giant has yet to dole out a nickel to them for their troubles — not even a $10 Uber Eats voucher.
Persons: CNN Business ’, There’s, Uber, Coke, cybercriminals, Brian Fung, Sean Lyngaas, CrowdStrike, hasn’t, Chris Isidore, Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN Locations: New York
FedEx picked up a lot of business, and FedEx kept the business," Jim Cramer said. GE Aerospace : Shares popped more than 7% after the engine maker beat Wall Street estimates on both earnings and revenue. General Motors : Shares slid more than 5% despite the automaker's better-than-expected second-quarter sales and earnings print. "I'm just point blank saying this is wrong," Cramer said. Then the company just goes in and buys, buys, buys.
Persons: Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Cramer, Mary Barra, They've Organizations: CNBC, Club, UPS, FedEx, GE Aerospace, Boeing, Motors
Coca-Cola hikes full-year outlook as global demand rises
  + stars: | 2024-07-23 | by ( Amelia Lucas | )   time to read: 1 min
Coca-Cola beverages are offered for sale in Chicago on April 30, 2024. Coca-Cola on Tuesday raised its full-year outlook as global demand for its drinks rose in the second quarter. Shares of the company rose more than 1% in premarket trading. Excluding items, the beverage giant earned 84 cents per share. Net sales rose 3% to $12.36 billion.
Persons: Coke Organizations: LSEG Locations: Chicago
Sharks in Brazil test positive for cocaine, say scientists
  + stars: | 2024-07-23 | by ( Jack Guy | )   time to read: +4 min
CNN —Sharks living off the coast of Brazil have tested positive for cocaine, according to new research, the first time that the drug has been detected in free-ranging sharks. Cocaine levels were around three times higher in muscle tissue than liver tissue, according to the study, while female sharks had higher cocaine concentrations in muscle tissue compared to males. Cocaine consumption has risen massively around the world in recent decades, according to the study. Increased consumption and poor sewage treatment infrastructure has made for increased cocaine levels in the sea, say researchers. Hauser Davis said that it is “very likely” that crustaceans, fish and other animals that the sharks prey on are also contaminated with cocaine.
Persons: Rachel Ann Hauser, Davis, Enrico Mendes Saggioro, Mendes Saggioro, , Rachel Ann Hauser Davis, Hauser Davis, , Pavel Horky Organizations: CNN — Sharks, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, CNN, Czech University of Life Sciences, Puget Sound Locations: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, South America, Mexico, Florida, Prague, United Kingdom, Washington
Richard Branson's "most notable failure" taught him an important lesson: There's value in always seeing yourself as an underdog, the billionaire entrepreneur recently told TED's "Work Life with Adam Grant" podcast. He learned from one such experiment that "backfired horribly," he told Grant: Virgin Cola, a soda that Branson's Virgin Group launched in 1994. After some success in the U.K., the company decided to expand its presence to the U.S. and challenge Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Branson told NPR in 2017. Then, Virgin Cola began disappearing from store shelves, Branson told NPR. Virgin Cola quietly shuttered years later, when Branson realized the drink was only No.
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How ‘Twisters’ Destroys a Motel
  + stars: | 2024-07-19 | by ( Mekado Murphy | More About Mekado Murphy | )   time to read: +3 min
My name is Lee Isaac Chung and I am the director of “Twisters.” So this is a scene that happens about halfway through the film. Other interesting actors in this sequence, we have James Paxton, who is actually the son of Bill Paxton. So any time we’re filming inside of this swimming pool, there were people outside, our crew, who were destroying the set. The swimming pool had actually never been there. We had found this motel in which there were three separate structures within the motel.
Persons: Lee Isaac Chung, , Kate, Daisy Edgar, Jones, Tyler, Glen Powell, James Paxton, Bill Paxton, Lily Smith, Mark L, Smith, Samantha Ireland, Aila Grey, Jeff Swearingen, Scott Fisher, he’s yanked, Jeff, Geoff Haley
‘Twisters’ Review: When the Monster Is Real
  + stars: | 2024-07-18 | by ( Alissa Wilkinson | )   time to read: +3 min
My name is Lee Isaac Chung and I am the director of “Twisters.” So this is a scene that happens about halfway through the film. Other interesting actors in this sequence, we have James Paxton, who is actually the son of Bill Paxton. Really, the intent of doing this was to create that feeling, that subjective feeling of what it’s like to experience a tornado in real time. So any time we’re filming inside of this swimming pool, there were people outside, our crew, who were destroying the set. The swimming pool had actually never been there.
Persons: Lee Isaac Chung, , Kate, Daisy Edgar, Jones, Tyler, Glen Powell, James Paxton, Bill Paxton, Lily Smith, Mark L, Smith, Samantha Ireland, Aila Grey, Jeff Swearingen, Scott Fisher, he’s yanked, Jeff, Geoff Haley
My teen son joins us frequently, mostly made possible because he homeschools and agenerally likes to travel. AdvertisementGas stations in France are better than those in the USThis summer is the first one we've rented a car and spent significant time driving throughout France. This experience has come with a startling experience: Shell gas stations in France are wildly more clean and comfortable than they are in the States; in fact, they're even borderline beautiful. In addition to just flat-out being my favorite fast food, Taco Bell is also a favorite of my son's because he's been a vegetarian his entire life, and you can always count on Taco Bell for a few bean burritos (no red sauce, no onions) in a pinch. The reason for the lack of Taco Bell has never been explained to me, and France clearly has no problem hosting fast food establishments from the US (KFC, McDonald's, and Burger King are everywhere).
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When you’re paid in tips, you’re never really sure if you’ll make rent. At a rally last month in Nevada, Donald Trump announced that, if elected, he would exempt tips from federal taxes. 6 is “Large tax cuts for workers, and no tax on tips!” Republicans in Congress are already working on a bill designed to do just that. Last week, they introduced “Tax Free Tips Act of 2024,” which would end federal income and employment taxes on tips. The other half, which earns less than 32,000, already don’t pay federal taxes on their income.
Persons: didn’t, Grandma wasn’t, you’re, Donald Trump, , Jacky Rosen, Catherine Cortez Masto, Trump Organizations: Republicans, Senate, Democratic, Social Security Locations: Amarillo , Texas, Nevada
Costco is increasing the price of admission to its warehouse stores for the first time since 2017. Beginning Sept. 1 the members-only chain will raise the price of its $60 Gold Star membership to $65. Its premium $120 Executive Membership will now cost $10 more. And if you're already a Gold Star member, should you upgrade to the $130 tier? On paper, the pricier Executive Membership sounds like a great deal.
Persons: Coke Organizations: Costco, Star
Read previewI recently planned a vacation with my husband to an all-inclusive resort, something I wasn't completely sold on since I've been sober for the last eight months. Courtesy Terri PetersWhile I'm sober, I don't consider myself an alcoholic or work with a support group or sponsor to maintain my sobriety. I filled my downtime at the resort with activitiesWhile at the resort, Terri Peters tried plenty of activities, including a bracelet-making class. AdvertisementMy trip only solidified my decision to be soberThe trip only solidified Terri Peters' decision to be sober. Visiting an all-inclusive resort as a non-drinker was a great experience for me — something I can't wait to do again.
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Luckily his close friends, Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and his then-wife Melinda, went to great lengths to ensure he wouldn't starve. "To his delight he was served course after course of his french fries —even for dessert," Schroeder reported. When they stopped at restaurants for lunch and dinner, Buffett was again served burgers and fries while the others chowed down on Chinese food. During a scenic private cruise, Buffett, Gates, and Gates' dad played bridge. "Buffett towed the Gateses straight to McDonald's to buy hamburgers in the middle of the night," Schroeder wrote.
Persons: , Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Melinda, Alice Schroeder, Buffett, Schroeder, Cherry Coke, Rick Wilking, Gates Organizations: Service, Business, Berkshire Hathaway, Reuters Locations: China, Sichuan, Champagne, gulps, Berkshire, Hong Kong
You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. The man who fat-shamed me at a grocery store in Irvine, California, bounced into the store, wearing his too-short shorts and a tank top that revealed his contoured abs. I was shocked when the stranger called out my weightI remember lighting up when I saw this man and greeting him with a huge smile. It was an eye-opening encounterFor nearly four years since that interaction, I've pondered what was different about that day and why my interaction with him was so unlike every other interaction I've had in California. And you better believe I said those exact dreaded words, "You don't need those," to myself while shopping for cookies.
Persons: intently, Melissa Drake, I'd, I've, who've, Sir Fat Shamer, it's Organizations: Service Locations: Irvine , California, California, Midwest
AriZona Iced Tea first put its iconic 99-cent cans in stores in 1992. the brand's chairman and founder Don Vultaggio said in a recent interview with Today. And while Arizona has expanded into selling merch and alcoholic beverages, it is still focused on selling as many 99-cent cans as it can. Sign up today and use code EARLYBIRD for an introductory discount of 30% off through July 10, 2024. Plus, sign up for CNBC Make It's newsletter to get tips and tricks for success at work, with money and in life.
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Here are Thursday's biggest calls on Wall Street: Goldman Sachs reiterates Micron as buy Goldman said investors should buy the dip in the stock following earnings on Wednesday. Jefferies reiterates Nvidia, Marvell and Broadcom as buy Jefferies said it's sticking with its buy rating on all three companies. " Morgan Stanley initiates Viking Therapeutics as overweight Morgan Stanley said the biotech company has "best-in-class potential." Morgan Stanley adds Goldman Sachs to the financials finest list Morgan Stanley added the investment banking giant to its top financials ideas list. Morgan Stanley reiterates Coca-Cola as overweight Morgan Stanley said it's sticking with its overweight rating on the beverage giant.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Goldman, Bernstein, Apple, Mizuho, KBW, it's, Jefferies, AVGO, KeyBanc, Texas Consolidator, TD Cowen, Grindr, GRND, Morgan Stanley, JPM, Oppenheimer, Kyndryl, CVNA, Truist Organizations: Micron, Apple, Bank of America, Petrobras, of America, Mizuho, Holdings, Grab Holdings, New York Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Emerson Electric Deutsche Bank, Nvidia, Marvell, Broadcom, Energy, Crescent Energy Co, Citi, Arista Networks, Arista, Viking Therapeutics, Macquarie, TPG, Markets, JPMorgan, Bancorp, UBS, Disney, Cable Locations: MU, Brazil, Texas, North America, CA
The fruity energy drink debuts less than two months after bakery-cafe chain Panera Bread announced it was discontinuing its controversial Charged Lemonade, a beverage that lawsuits blamed for two deaths and referred to as a "dangerous energy drink." The Iced Energy comes in three flavors, including its most caffeinated flavor, Tropical Citrus, which has 205 milligrams of caffeine, according to Starbucks' website. Panera started phasing out the Charged Lemonade on May 7, and it has denied any wrongdoing, saying it removed the beverage as part of a broader menu transformation. Except for its Frozen Tropical Citrus Iced Energy with Strawberry Puree, Iced Energy is sugar-free, containing artificial sweeteners. Charged Lemonade and Iced Energy are part of a growing category called "functional beverages" that chains big and small are eager to jump into, according to experts.
Persons: Brian Warrener, Panera, Dunkin, Bull Organizations: Starbucks, Energy, Center for Beverage Education, Innovation, Johnson & Wales University, Consumers, Drug Administration, American Academy of Pediatrics Locations: Providence , Rhode Island, Chicago, Russia, U.S, Coke
This complex will be world’s first large-scale “green steel” project, according to H2 Green Steel, the Swedish company behind the multi-billion-dollar mill. Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesWhile projects like H2 Green Steel show momentum is growing, experts say the pace is far too slow. Northern Sweden is also home to the HYBRIT green steel pilot plant — which is one step ahead. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during a visit to Hybrit Steel Plant in Lulea, Sweden, on May 30, 2023. But there’s also the challenge of producing large amounts of green hydrogen, which will require huge amounts of renewable energy.
Persons: Peter Boer, Dhiraj Singh, , Mohamed Atouife, Daniel Acker, ” Atouife, HYBRIT, Biden, Antony Blinken, Jonas Ekstromer, Martin Pei, SSAB, ” Pei, Chathurika, Caitlin Swalec, Jonathan Nackstrand, Pei, there’s, , Philipp Verpoort, “ It’s, Princeton’s, Swalec, Chris Greig, ” Greig, RMI’s Gamage Organizations: CNN, Green Steel, Tata Steel, Bloomberg, Getty, Rourkela Steel, Princeton University, Volvo, Hybrit Steel, TT, Agency, AFP, , Mountain Institute, Global Energy Monitor, Potsdam Institute, Climate Impact, Potsdam, Princeton University’s Andlinger Center for Energy, Workers, Jiangsu Shagang, Co, European Union Locations: Sweden, Boden, Swedish, Wijk aan, Netherlands, Odisha, India, Indiana, Portage , Indiana, Northern Sweden, Cleveland, Ohio, Middletown, Mississippi, Lulea, Luleå, AFP, China, Europe, Japan, Jiangsu, Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, European
How the vodka soda became 'gay water'
  + stars: | 2024-06-22 | by ( Alex Harring | )   time to read: +11 min
The combination of soda water and vodka has long been a fixture of boozy LGBTQ+ life, particularly among gay men. One of those came from Houston-based lawyer Jeff Watters, who called the vodka soda the "gay water" of the nighttime in a post on X. Retail is also central to the business for Gay Water, a startup offering canned cocktail variations of vodka soda. The former's vodka soda citrus is 100 calories per can, while Gay Water contains 80. The Gay Bar Shop, a specialty retailer, sells an 11-ounce, $49 candle that smells like a vodka soda with a lime garnish.
Persons: Emily Rabbideau, Justin Ruka, Orlando, Ruka, seltzer, Lucas Hilderbrand, Justin, Jeff Watters, Coke, Watters, Hilderbrand, Mary Holt, Holt, Eric Einstein, Einstein, Brendan Oudekerk, bartenders, Rose Kennedy, Tom Campbell, Campbell, James Delos Reyes, that's, Spencer Hoddeson, Hoddeson, Bud Light, Kylie Jenner's, Boston Beer, Victor Tran, Tran Organizations: Love, Alaska Airlines, CNBC, University of California, San Francisco, Gay, New York City, Washington , D.C, New, Boston Beer, Boston, Gay Water Locations: San Francisco, Irvine, Houston, bartenders, Lawrence , Kansas, New York, Washington ,, West Hollywood, influencers, New York City, Gopuff, Virginia
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. My wife, Teresa, got pregnant with our daughter, Sarah, now 33, and I did the classic thing of gaining sympathy weight. AdvertisementMiller and his wife, Teresa, before he lost weight. But it's a wake-up call when a doctor says your BMI is off the charts and you're morbidly obese. I now weigh 271 pounds and intend to lose another 20 to 25 pounds to reach my goal.
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Morgan Stanley analysts named a slate of stocks this week they think are too attractive to ignore. CNBC Pro combed through Morgan Stanley research to find stocks that are primed for growth this summer. They include Apple, Toast, Broadcom, Arista Networks and Coca-Cola. Toast "Toast demonstrated its Vertical technology leadership, detailing its ability to efficiently gain share and monetize against an expanding opportunity. … New geographies, new verticals, new products, and increasing monetization across software and FinTech, underscore the compelling growth opportunity for Toast in the years ahead.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Joseph Moore, Moore, Josh Baer, Baer, Meta Marshall, Marshall, … Arista, Organizations: CNBC, Apple, Broadcom, Arista Networks, VMware, Breed, Arista Networks Arista, Arista
Less than four hours after Trump's roundtable wrapped, the former president took to social media to extol the virtues of the bitcoin mining business. "Bitcoin mining may be our last line of defense against a CBDC," Trump posted shortly before midnight on Tuesday. "That's where you've got all these ancillary jobs; it's not just the bitcoin mining directly," said Cook. Enter bitcoin miners. Adding bitcoin miners to the portfolio of energy buyers has helped to improve the core economics of renewable power production.
Persons: Donald Trump, Eva Marie Uzcategui, , New York —, Jason Les, Bitcoin, Bill Hagerty, David Bailey, Trump, Bailey, Sen, Elizabeth Warren, Les, Warren, Geoff Kendrick, bitcoin, Matthew Schultz, Jayson Browder, Brian Hughes, Biden, Harris, Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway, Fred Wilson, Cameron, Tyler Winklevoss, Schultz, Browder, CleanSpark, Coke, Chris Cook, Cook, There's, Amanda Fabiano, Fabiano, Marathon's Browder, We've, Exacore's Cook, you've, it's, Digital's Browder Organizations: U.S, Mar, Lago, Trump, Riot, Marathon Digital Holdings, Arkon Energy, Cholla Energy, Exacore, CNBC, Senate's Banking, Finance, China, BTC Inc, Radical Communist, Democratic, Trump —, solana, Internal Revenue Service, Libertarian National Convention, Standard Chartered, Circuits, Government Affairs, Federal Reserve, Biden, U.S . Treasury Department, Republican, NASDAQ, Fabiano Consulting Locations: Lago, West Palm Beach , Florida, New York, Palm Beach , Florida, bitcoin, China, Russia, U.S, America, Washington, San Francisco, Beijing, Marathon, United States, West Texas
Starbucks didn't sell its own coffee early on"When Starbucks opened in Pike Place Market in 1971, they were using Peet's Coffee. Howard Shultz is going to acquire Starbucks Coffee Company, and he's never going to hear from you again." Together the trio made the "huge decision" to sell Starbucks coffee in Costco, which sparked a "revolt inside the halls of Starbucks," Schultz said. Related storiesThe former Starbucks CEO faced similar blowback when he agreed to let United Airlines serve his company's coffee. "We're not a beverage company serving coffee, we are a coffee company serving people.
Persons: , Howard Schultz, Schultz, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Costco's, Bernard Arnault, Lavazza, I've, Samuel Stroum, it's, Howard Shultz, he's, Brian Ach, latte, Jeff Brotman, Jim Sinegal, they've, Coke, Pepsi, Steve, Justin Sullivan, Blackstone, Alexandre, Louis Vuitton, Alexandre Arnault, Donato Sardella, Louis Organizations: Service, Starbucks, Business, Pepsi, Microsoft, Starbucks Coffee Company, Costco, United Airlines, Starbucks Facebook, Staff, Getty, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton Locations: Coke, Pike, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, America, Costco, Atlanta, New York, Apple's, California, Mobile, Italy, Milan
When your job is to write a commentary about the stock market you start with a blank Word document. I bring up this mortifying moment because it reminds me of what happens if you write to extreme. No, nobody's saying, "How wrong Cramer can be, just watch the collapse that occurs now." As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade. Jim Cramer on Squawk on the Street, June 30, 2022.
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But the runner up spot, long held by Pepsi, now belongs to Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper and Pepsi both had 8.3%, with Dr Pepper technically ahead. For years a regional favorite, Dr Pepper in the 1970s marketed itself to a national audience as a unique flavor. The addition was “a standout success,” Timothy Cofer, CEO of Dr Pepper parent company Keurig Dr Pepper, said during an analyst call in April. Unlike Coca-Cola and Keurig Dr Pepper, Pepsico has a massive food business — its sprawling portfolio includes Quaker, Frito-Lay and more.
Persons: Coke, Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper inched, , Duane Stanford, Pepper, ” Timothy Cofer, Stanford, “ They’re, ” Stanford Organizations: New, New York CNN, Pepsi, Beverage Digest, Coca, CNN, Cola, Pepsico Locations: New York, America, United States, Waco , Texas, American
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