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In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNvidia will continue to experience many corrections along the way, says Alger CEOAlger CEO Dan Chung joins 'Closing Bell' to discuss Nvidia, the tech run, and valuations.
Persons: Alger, Dan Chung Organizations: Nvidia
No shortage of problems can affect a flight, fueling traveler anxiety and contributing to thousands of daily delays and cancellations around the world. But for all of the frustration and alarm such events cause, it can be difficult to interpret and understand their severity. Here’s how aviation safety experts say travelers should think about disruptions when they occur. Several alarming air travel incidents have made headlines in recent weeks — a sharp plunge toward an ocean, an unnerving wobble that damaged the tail of a plane and an aborted departure after an apparent engine fire. But the most common mishaps and malfunctions, even if hair-raising, are not typically severe, experts said.
Read previewIt's been five years since nutrition scientist Kevin Hall made a startling discovery that changed the way we view ultra-processed foods. It was the first randomized controlled study of its kind, and it changed the way we view ultra-processed foods. Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty ImagesHe wants to understand precisely why ultra-processed foods do what they do and what—if anything—we can do to make them healthier. Ultra-processed foods attack our brainsPaul Bradbury/Getty ImagesWe've known for a long time that ultra-processed foods are associated with all kinds of bad health outcomes, from more early death, to extra strokes, and additional heart attacks. Related storiesBut whether the entire category — all packaged, ultra-processed foods are inherently bad for us by nature — is still an open question.
Persons: , Kevin Hall, Hall, Stephanie Chung, Jennifer Rymaruk, Aleksandr Zubkov, he's, we'll, Paul Bradbury Organizations: Service, National Institutes of Health, Business, Getty, Washington Post, National Institutes, NIDDK, Nestle Locations: NIDDK, Bethesda , Maryland, veggies
Hong Kong is known as a global center of trade and finance, but the city has much more to offer. Here are some must-do daytime experiences to check out between meetings and conferences, transforming your time in Hong Kong from "work trip" to an enriching "bizcation." Sample daytime bizcation itinerary Grab a plastic stool at Shui Kee Coffee to try some of the city's best French toast and Hong Kong milk tea. Find inspiration in Hong Kong's colorful art sceneThere are dozens of museums sprinkled around Hong Kong, but M+ is arguably its most impressive. Hong Kong Tourism BoardIf you're looking for a quiet escape, hop on a ferry to Cheung Chau, a much-loved getaway for Hong Kongers.
Persons: Shui Kee Coffee, Qing, it's, It's, Yau Ma, HKwalls, Ling Lane, Chan Lane, Chung, you've, Wong Tai, Nan Lian Garden, Tai, Hing, Get, Cheung Chau, Hong Kongers, Yang Organizations: Shui, Kowloon Cultural, Hong, Hong Kong Palace Museum, . Hong Kong Tourism Board, Art, Hollywood, Lin, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hing Kee, Michelin, Rosewood Hong, Insider Studios Locations: Hong Kong, Shui Kee, Kowloon, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Palace, Jordan, . Hong Kong, Sai Ying, Wong Tai Sin, Mo, Sheung Wan, Tai Sin, Hing Kee Shanghai, Cheung
Any energy disruption will slow down chipmaking and raise global semiconductor prices, Webster said. "Taiwan's electricity crunch could throw a wrench in global semiconductor markets," he said, adding that interruptions could reverberate across the global industry. The global semiconductor manufacturing industry is estimated to double its market size in revenue by 2030, and is poised to consume 237 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity by then, a Greenpeace report said. Joseph Webster Atlantic Council's Global Energy CenterElectricity consumption from Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturing industry is set to increase 236% between 2021 and 2030, the same report found. "The global electricity industry has been surprised by the pace and scale of electricity demand from artificial intelligence's data centers," said Webster, adding that Taiwan's future electricity consumption is subject to "considerable uncertainty."
Persons: Council's Webster, Webster, Joseph Webster, Chen, Chung Organizations: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Apple, Nvidia, Greenpeace, Joseph Webster Atlantic, Global Energy Center Electricity, Hua Institution Locations: Taiwan
They may also be one of the cat breeds that live the longest. Most cat breeds are less than 150 years old, and there isn't a lot of information on how differences between the various types affect their lifespans. To help change that, a recent study compared 12 common cat breeds to determine which ones live the longest. Predicting the life expectancy of catsBirman cats were among the longest-lived cats in a recent study on breed life expectancies. AdvertisementFor example, siamese and mixed-breed cats' life expectancies were over 11.5 years, whereas others — Norwegian Forest, Maine Coon, Russian, and British — were over 9.5 years.
Persons: , Dan O'Neill, Shirlaine Forrest, Maine Coons, expectancies, Norwegian Forest , Maine Coon, Leslie Lyons, Birmans, Lyons, it's, Pulsub Organizations: Service, Business, London's Royal Veterinary College, Chung Hsing University, Maine Coon, University of Missouri, of Feline Medicine Locations: Taiwan, Maine, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest , Maine, British, Bengal, Russian
They are vigilante taxi drivers taking direct action, having become increasingly frustrated about Hong Kong authorities’ failure to regulate the ride-hailing platform. Noemi Cassanelli/CNNA Uber app is seen on a mobile phone in Hong Kong, China, on May 24, 2024. Patrick Tam, secretary general of the Hong Kong Taxi & Public Light Bus Association, acknowledged the complaints against some unruly taxi drivers, and said he supported the police going after them. “We just want fair treatment.”So far, Hong Kong police have said they had not arrested any Uber drivers ensnared in the amateur sting operations. And CUHK’s Chan said that, after years of ambiguity, Hong Kong is already playing catch-up.
Persons: Ka Chun, , Uber, Noemi Cassanelli, CNN Uber, , Oliver Chan, Hong, John Lee, Lau, tim, ” Jason Chan, Mo, “ Uber, Patrick Tam, CNN Estyn Chung, CUHK’s Chan Organizations: CNN, Hong, Chinese University of Hong, Taxi, Pictures, hackney, CNN Taxis, HK, Hong Kong Taxi, Light Bus Association, Uber Taxi, Uber Locations: Hong Kong, China, Central, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Jordan, Singapore
CNN —Virginie Viard is exiting Chanel after five years serving as the French luxury house’s artistic director of fashion collections. The designer took on the position following Karl Lagerfeld’s death in 2019 after working alongside him at Chanel for decades. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesChanel said that it wanted to thank Viard “for her remarkable contribution to Chanel’s fashion, creativity and vitality.”Just last month, Chanel’s chief executive Leena Nair told The Business of Fashion that “since Virginie took over from Karl… the Chanel fashion business has multiplied by 2.2. The Chanel ready-to-wear business has been multiplied by 2.5, and the ready-to-wear business last year of Chanel grew by 23%.”The brand’s earnings rose 16 percent to $19.7 billion in 2023. Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard walk the runway during the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 2, 2018 in Paris, France.
Persons: Virginie Viard, Karl Lagerfeld’s, fashion’s, Lagerfeld, Gabrielle “ Coco ” Chanel, Chanel, Viard’s, , , Pascal Le Segretain, Viard “, Leena Nair, Virginie, Karl …, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Gabrielle Chanel, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, Alessandro Michele, Gucci, Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen Organizations: CNN, Chanel, Paris Haute Couture Locations: Chanel, Paris, France, British
You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewTikTok star Miranda Derrick has broken her silence about a documentary that alleges she is in a cult. Netflix's "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult" looks at a controversial Christian pastor, Robert Shinn, and the Shekinah Church, a small nondenominational Christian ministry he founded. Advertisement"This documentary has created a further challenge between us as I work to overcome this public attack," Derrick explained.
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A decade ago, Millennium Management managed $21.1 billion and had 18 senior people — all a part of the executive committee — listed on its website. Now the $64 billion multistrategy manager has 47 names on its leadership page split among divisions like the relatively new Office of the CIO. Executive teams are often just a firm's founder and a few trusted lieutenants. Many departures from the firm's top level have been executives launching their own funds or joining Millennium colleagues starting their own funds. Michael Gelband and Hyung Lee, who once ran fixed income and equities, respectively, brought the business-development pro Peter Hornick and the risk executive Dev Joneja with them when they launched ExodusPoint.
Persons: , Izzy Englander, hasn't, Englander, Bobby Jain, Ajay Nagpal, Michael Chung, Peter Santoro, Izzy, Jain, Stephen Haratunian, Michael Gelband, Hyung Lee, Peter Hornick, Dev Joneja, Kurt Baker, Jonathan Xiong Organizations: Millennium Management, Business, Fidelity, Bloomberg, Citadel, Millennium Locations: BlackRock, New York, Asia
HONG KONG — A Hong Kong court on Thursday found 14 of 16 pro-democracy activists guilty of conspiring to subvert the state in the Chinese territory's single largest case under a sweeping national security law imposed by Beijing. Of those, 31 pleaded guilty in the hopes of a reduced sentence, while the remaining 16 pleaded not guilty. Hong Kong had had a 100% conviction rate in national security cases, which are prosecuted under rules that diverge from the city's legal norms, including presumption against bail. Almost 300 people have been arrested under the national security law, which came into force in the summer of 2020. The charges stem from an informal primary election held in July 2020 in which more than 600,000 voters selected pro-democracy candidates for a legislative election that was scheduled for that September.
Persons: Lau, Lee Yue, Critics, Eric Yan, Lai, Benny Tai, Claudia Mo, Joshua Wong, Leung Kwok, Raymond Chan, Gwyneth Ho, Hong Kong, Carrie Lam Organizations: Hong, Georgetown Center, Asian Locations: HONG KONG, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hong
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Chúng ta không sợ我们不怕。We’re not afraid. Bàn tay chúng tao để xiết cổ tụi đế quốc Mỹ! 我们的双手会紧紧扼住美帝国主义的咽喉!Our hands will close around the throat of American Imperialism! 这句台词怎么样?“Don’t shoot me, I’m a peasant, I’m only a peasant,” right? “别开枪,我是一个农民,我只是一个农民,”对吧?Uh, yeah that was good for me.
Persons: We’re, Bàn tay, I’m,
She’s a business mogul in every sense: Aside from a prolific music career, she’s launched successful brands including her cosmetics empire Fenty Beauty – worth an estimated $2.8 billion according to Forbes – and her lingerie label Savage X Fenty. Her latest move in China to promote makeup products is something of a masterclass in how to tap into its lucrative – mostly online – Gen Z market. On Tuesday night, the chart-topping singer attended a Fenty Beauty pop-up held at a Shanghai photography museum, “servin’ face” according to brand’s Instagram, and “jianbing” – a popular Chinese breakfast crepe that costs about a dollar. In a screengrab from Instagram, Rihanna makes jianbing in Shanghai, China, during a visit to promote Fenty Beauty. While Fenty Beauty products have been available in the country since 2019, the brand announced this March that it would be expanding its presence via Sephora stores on the mainland.
Persons: CNN —, Rihanna, She’s, she’s, Forbes –, brand’s Instagram, , China’s TikTok, , Guo Pei, jianbing, RihannashowsupinShanghai, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton Organizations: CNN, Vogue China, Academy of China Council, Promotion of International Trade Locations: China, Shanghai, Instagram, Weibo, Shandong, , China’s Shandong province, Jianbing, Douyin
CNN —Kehinde Wiley, the American artist best known for painting former US President Barack Obama’s official portrait, has denied accusations of sexual assault. In an Instagram post shared Sunday, British-Ghanaian artist and curator Joseph Awuah-Darko alleged Wiley sexually assaulted him twice in 2021. Awuah-Darko said the first incident occurred on June 9, 2021, at a dinner held at the Noldor Artist Residency in Ghana, to celebrate Wiley’s work. In Sunday’s Instagram post, he wrote that reporting the assault in Ghana “would have been problematic at best — dangerous at worst,” given the country’s broader attitudes towards LGBTQ people. Wiley rose to international fame in 2017, when he was chosen to paint Obama’s official portrait for the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.
Persons: CNN — Kehinde Wiley, Barack Obama’s, Joseph Awuah, Darko, Wiley, Awuah, ” Awuah, , ” Wiley, , Kehinde Wiley, Barack Obama, Mark Wilson, I’m Organizations: CNN, New York Times, Getty, ” CNN, Wiley, Ghana “, Yale University Locations: British, Ghanaian, Ghana, Accra, Washington , DC, Nigeria, New York, Ghana’s
It's been nearly two years since Ivanka Trump announced she was "done" with Washington politics. Advertisement"It's becoming more of a reality that President Trump could be president again," R. Couri Hay, a society publicist and longtime acquaintance of the Trump family, told Business Insider. My understanding is that privately she's saying she's ready to be first lady again if called." Hay added: "Then why are we so shocked and surprised that Ivanka could, too, feel the call of the siren? "The idea of assuming some sort of role is something I can imagine Ivanka might be thinking about."
Persons: It's, Ivanka Trump, she's, Donald Trump's, Puck, Trump, Couri Hay, Hay, Ivanka, Jared, they'd, it's, Nordstrom, Scarlett Johansson, Alexa Chung, reputational, , Ambani, Kim Kardashian's, Donald Trump, Ivanka's Organizations: Service, Business, Republican, Trump Organization Locations: Washington, Maui
Hong Kong CNN —Hong Kong’s leader responded on Tuesday after three people were charged by British police for allegedly spying on behalf of the city’s intelligence services. Relations between Hong Kong and its former colonial ruler Britain have soured in recent years following mass pro-democracy protests in the Chinese city in 2019 and 2020. The British government has criticized Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed crackdown on almost all opposition in the years following the protests, while Hong Kong authorities have bristled at Britain providing a safe haven for pro-democracy leaders sought by the Hong Kong police. Hong Kong leader Lee noted in his Tuesday news conference that one of the men charged was the office manager of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London but did not directly address a question over whether it was involved in surveillance of Hong Kong dissidents in the UK. Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee is speaking at a press conference on April 30, 2024.
Persons: Hong, Chi Leung, Peter, Wai, Matthew Trickett, Chung Biu Yuen, Hong Kong’s, John Lee, ” Lee, Chi Leung Wai, Yui Mok, Jonathan Brady, Yuen, Louisa Cieciora, Lee, Vernon Yuen, , Dominic Murphy Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, British, Hong, city’s Metropolitan Police, Hong Kong, Embassy, Westminster Magistrates, Administrative, Police, Hong Kong Economic, Trade Office, . Hong, Economic, Trade, Metropolitan Police, UK National Security, Crown Prosecution Service, Command, Met Police Locations: Hong Kong, Westminster, London, city’s, Britain, Hong Kong’s Beijing, . Hong Kong, England
Three men have been charged with assisting the Hong Kong intelligence service, the London Metropolitan Police said on Monday, following an investigation in which arrests and searches were carried out across England. The three people charged under Britain’s National Security Act were identified as Chi Leung (Peter) Wai, 38, of Staines-upon-Thames, Matthew Trickett, 37, of Maidenhead, and Chung Biu Yuen, 63, of Hackney, East London. “The foreign intelligence service to which the above charges relate is that of Hong Kong,” the police said in a statement. All three men were to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday. As court proceedings are now active, Britain’s reporting restrictions apply, preventing speculation about the case.
Persons: Chi Leung, Peter, Wai, Matthew Trickett, Chung Biu Yuen Organizations: Hong, London Metropolitan Police, Britain’s National Security, Locations: Hong Kong, England, Staines, Maidenhead, Hackney, East London, Westminster
To participate in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Vitellozzo, a French bulldog from Croatia, was driven to Budapest, flown to Warsaw and then to Chicago (for another show). The final leg was a road trip to New York. Vitellozzo slept most of the journey. Credit... Clark Hodgin for The New York Times
Persons: Vitellozzo, Clark Hodgin Organizations: Westminster Kennel, The New York Locations: Croatia, Budapest, Warsaw, Chicago, New York
On Saturday, stars gathered on the steps of The Music Center in Los Angeles for the Gold Gala — a celebration of Asian Pacific influential talent across entertainment, fashion, technology and more, hosted by the non-profit Gold House. Actor Eugene Lee Yang attends the Gold Gala in an eye catching ensemble. It’s not something that I grew up imagining I’d have for myself.”Lucy Liu, wearing a gown by Bibhu Mohapatra, and Karan Johar exchange a greeting at the Gold Gold 2024. Michael Kovac/Getty ImagesFrom left to right, Shelby Rabara and Harry Shum Jr. attend the Gold Gala. So that’s been wonderful to see people take chances, and how we’ve knocked it out of the park,” Lakshmi told CNN.
Persons: Karrueche Tran, Thai Nguyen, , , Tran, Nymphia, Sheng Cheong, Karan Johar, Agnez Mo, Eugene Lee Yang, Charley Gallay, Araya Doheny, Jeannie Mai, ” “, Padma Lakshmi, Lucy Liu, Joel Kim Booster, ” Lucy Liu, Bibhu Mohapatra, Michael Kovac, Shelby Rabara, Harry Shum Jr, Monica Schipper, USC Annenberg, Tommaso Boddi, Rodin Eckenroth, that’s, we’ve, ” Lakshmi, Prabal Gurung Organizations: Los Angeles CNN, The Music Center, CNN, Getty, Pacific, Gold House, USC Locations: Los Angeles, Pacific, American, Vietnamese, African American, City, , Indonesia, Hollywood, Thai
For Arizona Republicans, the resurgence of the state’s Civil War-era abortion ban was a political catastrophe that threatened to tip competitive races toward Democrats. In March 2022, in the midst of the midterm election and months before the US Supreme Court’s June Dobbs decision ended federal protections for abortion, Arizona Republican Gov. A handful of prominent Senate Republicans have visited Arizona to fundraise and campaign with her. To cut all that in half, at least we’re going in the right direction.”A political mistakeAs Democrats focus on abortion, Lake has focused on the border, crime and the economy. During her last campaign Lake famously alienated the wing of the party loyal to the late Sen. John McCain.
Persons: Kari Lake, Ruben Gallego, , Kari Lake’s, Hannah Goss, she’s, Trump, She’s, , Arizonans, Stan Barnes, Dobbs, Doug Ducey, Katie Hobbs, Timmaraju, Hobbs, Gallego, adjourns, Joe Biden’s, Lake hasn’t, litigating, , Arizona Sen, Jon Kyl, Karrin Taylor Robson –, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, South Dakota Sen, John Thune, Lake, Alex, Andorra Nicoll, Fitzgerald swaddled, Fitz, ” Alex Nicoll, We’ve, Brandi Weed, Weed, They’ve, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, Biden, Riley, Francis Chung, “ Ruben Gallego, ” Goss, “ Kari Lake, ” Gallego, Sean Noble, “ He’s, won’t, ” Noble, Sen, John McCain, Seth Leibsohn, Leibsohn Organizations: CNN, Democratic Rep, GOP, Arizona Republicans, Democrats, Senate, Arizona Legislature, Arizona Republican, US, Arizona Republican Gov, Lake, Democratic, Arizona Supreme, Trump, Republicans, National Republican, Pinal County Sheriff, South Dakota, United States Senate, Washington DC, Arizona State University, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Phoenix Mayor, , Natural Resources, Capitol, POLITICO, AP, Arizona Democrats, Harvard, Marine Reserves, PAC, Republican Locations: Arizona, Pinal County, fundraise, Washington, Mesa, Iraq, an Arizona
Before you head to the shelter, take heed – not all cat breeds are in it for the long haul. While domestic cats regularly live to 18 years old, the hairless Sphynx breed has an average life expectancy of just 6.8 years, the lowest of any domestic breed of cat, according to new research. Sphynx cats are a hairless breed that originated in Ontario, Canada, where a hairless male kitten named Prune was born in 1966, according to the Sphynx Cat Association. The average life expectancy for domestic cats in Britain was 11.7 years. They found that the average life expectancy for cats in the UK was 11.7 years, and female cats could expect to live 1.33 years longer than males.
Persons: , Kendy Teng, we’re Organizations: CNN, Royal Veterinary College, Chung Hsing University, of Feline Medicine, Cat Association, Animal Welfare Locations: United Kingdom, Taiwan, Ontario, Canada, Britain
Hong Kong stocks are back from the dead. Here’s why
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Hong Kong CNN —Hong Kong’s benchmark Hang Seng Index surged more than 7% in April as the best-performing major index in the world. The valuation of Hong Kong stocks has also become more “compelling” relative to the rest of the Asian region after the pullback last year, said Zhikai Chen, head of Asian equities at BNP Paribas Asset Management. He added that there is a shift in investors’ sentiments as Chinese economic data turned more positive. Innes said global investors are currently “underweight” in Chinese markets, including Hong Kong, because of geopolitical tensions and concerns surrounding potential fallout from the upcoming US elections. Stock exchange data showed that southbound investors (meaning investment from mainland China into Hong Kong) have bought nearly $20 billion of Hong Kong-listed stocks in March and the first three weeks of April on a net basis.
Persons: , Kelly Chung, Zhikai Chen, Stephen Innes, David Chao, Nomura, Xiaomei Chen, Angelina Lai, Innes, Kong, BNP Paribus Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Hong, Value Partners, BNP, Management, P Global, PMI, Kong's, Reuters, US, People’s Bank of, HK, Locations: China, Hong Kong, United States, Beijing, India, James’s, People’s Bank of China
In this article JPY= Follow your favorite stocks CREATE FREE ACCOUNTThe Japanese yen has weakened significantly against the dollar in 2022. Stanislav Kogiku | SOPA Images | LightRocket | Getty ImagesThe Japanese yen weakened to 160 against the U.S. dollar in Monday morning trading in Asia. The yen briefly touched 160.03 against the dollar, the weakest level since April 1990 when it touched 160.15, according to FactSet data. The yen has traded around 150 or weaker against the dollar since the Bank of Japan ended its negative interest rate regime in March. Japanese authorities have repeatedly warned against "excessive" moves in the yen, but have made no official announcements about bolstering the currency.
Persons: Stanislav Kogiku, Kazuo Ueda, Ueda, Vincent Chung, Rowe Price's, Chung Organizations: U.S, greenback, Bank of Japan Locations: Asia
The Transportation Department on Wednesday announced new rules taking aim at two of the most difficult and annoying issues in air travel: obtaining refunds and encountering surprise fees late in the booking process. The department’s new rules, Mr. Buttigieg said, will hold airlines to clear and consistent standards when they cancel, delay or substantially change flights, and require automatic refunds to be issued within weeks. They will also require them to reveal all fees before a ticket is purchased. Airlines for America, a trade group representing the country’s largest air carriers, said in a statement that its airlines “abide by and frequently exceed” D.O.T. consumer protection regulations.
Persons: , Pete Buttigieg, Buttigieg Organizations: Transportation Department, Wednesday, Transportation, Airlines for America
U.S. tech CEOs give India PM Modi boost ahead of election
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The ironclad relationship that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed with CEOs of the largest U.S. tech companies is giving his nation the foreign support that India has craved for more than a decade. The promise of further economic growth in India as China's economy slows has led many American CEOs to support Modi's policies. Ahead of the election, Apple's expansion into India in particular has given Modi political clout and created more investing interest among U.S. companies, experts told CNBC. Modi has established an ongoing dialogue with a range of powerful Silicon Valley CEOs as India's national election starts. The election, which will end in early June, is expected to see more than 960 million citizens vote.
Persons: Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, Narendra Modi, Manjari Chatterjee Miller, Modi, India's, , Pravin Krishna, Chung Ju Yung Organizations: Apple, Washington , D.C, India, Indian, CNBC, Council, Foreign Relations, Johns Hopkins University, Bharatiya Janata Party Locations: Washington ,, India, Washington, Beijing, Pakistan, South Asia, Modi's
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