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On Tuesday, Oklahoma's country music station KYKC refused to play Beyoncé's new song "TEXAS HOLD 'EM." Here's what to know about Beyoncé's challenges with being recognized by the country music industry. I requested Texas Hold ‘Em at my local country radio station (KYKC) and after requesting, i received an email from the radio station stating “We do not play Beyoncé on KYKC as we are a country music station. Although critics and fans praised Beyoncé's country pivot, the Country Music Association Awards and the Grammy's country music committee did not nominate the song for any awards, which was viewed as a snub. Slate reported in 2016 that Orlando's country radio station K92.3 received backlash from its listeners after playing "Daddy Lessons" on air.
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YourMove.AI, an AI dating tool that offers a range of services such as drafting messages, analyzing conversations and evaluating users' dating app profiles, has about 250,000 users, founder Dmitri Mirakyan estimates. Rizz, an AI dating assistant, debuted in 2022 after ChatGPT took off. Like in other areas, relying too much on AI in dating can cross the line into unethical behavior. Although the use of AI for dating purposes isn't necessarily all bad, he added, dating apps will still need to "tread with caution." WATCH: How I built my $400 million-a-year dating app
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Why Beyoncé’s foray into country makes total sense
  + stars: | 2024-02-14 | by ( Rashad Walker | )   time to read: +2 min
CNN —In true showstopping fashion, Beyoncé announced the release of new music last weekend at the Super Bowl, and proceeded to drop two buzzy country songs that hint at the vibe of her next album. The songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “Sixteen Carriages,” were released by the singer shortly after the Super Bowl Halftime show on Sunday, and were accompanied with eye-popping visualizer videos on YouTube. Beyoncé followed that with the announcement of her eighth solo studio album, “Renaissance Act II,” and to no one’s surprise, the new project caused an incredible response across social media and beyond. They also know that this isn’t the first time Beyoncé has infused a country sound in her songs. Beyoncé’s album “Renaissance Act II” is set for release on March 29.
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Beyoncé released two new songs from her upcoming album during Super Bowl Sunday. One song, "16 Carriages," has a line that could reference how old Bey was when she recorded it. The thought-to-be country album, "Act II," is set to be released on March 29. In "16 Carriages," one of two songs released on Sunday, Beyoncé references different ages of her life. Most notably, Bey released the song "Daddy Lessons" — an ode to her Texas upbringing — as a part of the "Lemonade" album in 2016.
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The second act of her recent album "Renaissance" will arrive on March 29. Shortly after, Beyoncé's website was updated to announce "Act II" of her latest album "Renaissance" will arrive on March 29. Both songs recall "Daddy Lessons," the sixth track on Beyoncé's album "Lemonade." AdvertisementFans had already speculated that Beyoncé was teasing more country music when she wore a cowboy hat and a leather bolo tie to the 2024 Grammy Awards. Last April, Variety reported that country music was seeing a "historic streaming spike," largely fueled by Wallen's blockbuster album "One Thing at a Time."
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Conservatives have looked to country music over the decades to voice political beliefs and react to social change. Maines called Keith’s song “ignorant,” while Keith began performing in front of a doctored photo of Maines with Saddam Hussein. KEITH WAS A FAN OF THE MILITARY, AND VICE VERSAIn the years following “Courtesy,” Keith participated in 18 USO tours, performing for more than 250,000 service members in his lifetime. Lucas says he and others sent CDs with Keith’s song, “American Soldier,” to the wives of the men serving with his son. Keith “emboldened others in country music to think viewpoints that might be perceived as angry and conservative were okay to express,” Willman says.
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A bounty of 10 African penguin chicks has hatched in just over a year at a San Francisco science museum as part of an effort to conserve the endangered bird. African penguins have dwindled to 9,000 breeding pairs in the wild, the academy said in a statement. Photos You Should See View All 21 ImagesChicks spend their first three weeks with their penguin parents in a nest box. The penguins at the museum in Golden Gate Park have distinct personalities and are identifiable by their arm bands, according to the academy's website. African penguins can live to be 27 years old in the wild, and longer in captivity.
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Six flamingo eggs from Atlanta’s zoo were chosen to be transported to the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, which had older flamingos that were past their breeding age. The plan was simple: a Woodland Park zookeeper would transport the six eggs from Atlanta to Seattle on a roughly six-hour flight, using a portable incubator to keep the eggs warm. “The flamingo eggs would not have survived in a non-functioning portable incubator for five hours,” Joanna Klass, a Woodland Park Zoo animal care manager, said in a news release. A flamingo named ‘Sunny’The six Chilean flamingo chicks were the first to hatch at the Woodland Park Zoo since 2016, the zoo has said. May and her granddaughter met the the flamingo chicks at Woodland Park Zoo last year.
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NORMAN, Okla. (AP) — “Beer For My Horses” singer-songwriter Toby Keith has died. “The money to be made was unbelievable,” Keith told The Associated Press in 1996. “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” his breakout hit, was played 3 million times on radio stations, making it the most played country song of the 1990s. “They were trying to get me to compromise, and I was living a miserable existence,” Keith told the AP. “I always felt like that the songwriting was the most important part of this whole industry,” Keith told the crowd of fellow singers and writers.
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That’s a key lesson of the MAGA right’s deeply strange turn against Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end Travis Kelce. In fact, that’s a key lesson from this entire sorry era in American political and cultural life. Even as he condemned Swift, one prominent MAGA figure recently boasted that his “side” still had Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Jon Voight. According to them, Taylor Swift’s extraordinary popularity isn’t the organic outcome of a talented and appealing superstar’s bond with her fans. No, according to them, Swift’s rise is an “op” or a “psyop” engineered by the deep state in order to benefit Joe Biden.
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Walnut, a white-naped crane and internet celebrity, has passed away at age 42. That preference continued when she came to the institute; she showed no interest in breeding and even attacked male crane suitors. Photos You Should See View All 45 ImagesBut white-naped cranes are considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. And as the offspring of two wild-caught cranes, Walnut’s genes were not represented in U.S. zoos. Once Crowe had gained her trust, he was able to artificially inseminate her using sperm from a male crane.
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Those include two major categories: record of the year (for the single “Not Strong Enough”) album of the year (for their debut “The Record” ). If they win either of those, they'd be the first “all-female” group to do so since the Chicks in 2007. But they're into the “The Chicks to the Boys” lineage, as Baker repeats it. “It means a lot because the project means a lot,” Bridgers says of their nominations. But for now, looking back at the success of “The Record,” there's only one question left to ask.
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California poultry farms are implementing strict biosecurity measures to curb the spread of the disease. So we’ve got to be as vigilant as possible to protect our birds,” said Bill Mattos, president of the California Poultry Federation. Climate change is increasing the risk of outbreaks as changing weather patterns disrupt the migratory patterns of wild birds, Pitesky said. For example, exceptional rainfall last year created new waterfowl habitat throughout California, including areas close to poultry farms. “I’m very concerned because this avian flu is transmitted by wild birds, and there’s no way I can stop the wild birds from coming through and leaving the disease behind,” Peterson said.
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Previously unknown colonies of emperor penguins have been spotted in new satellite imagery. Emperor penguins, considered “near threatened” with extinction, are the world’s largest penguins. At least some emperor penguins are moving their colonies as melting ice from climate change threatens breeding grounds, according to research released on Wednesday. “Emperor penguins have taken it upon themselves to try to find more stable sea ice,” he said. Scientists currently know of 66 emperor penguin colonies.
Persons: penguins, Peter Fretwell, hadn't, Fretwell, Daniel Zitterbart, Organizations: British Antarctic Survey, Oceanographic Institution, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, AP Locations: Halley,
In early 2023, YouTuber Lizzy Capri felt trapped in "creator prison." Starting in 2017, Capri became known online as "Lizzy Sharer" (she became "Lizzy Capri" in 2019). In the world of influencers, having a "niche" — specific content geared toward a specific audience — is often praised as an asset. In March 2023, she published a video titled "Goodbye to the old Lizzy..." to announce her content would change. Lizzy CapriThe hard pivot was tough financiallyWhen she pivoted, Capri did it more for herself than for the business.
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Chinstrap penguins take catnaps instead sleeping for a long period of time, researchers found. Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica need to guard their eggs and chicks around-the-clock in crowded, noisy colonies. Chinstrap penguins, named for the thin line of black facial feathers resembling a chinstrap, usually lay their eggs in pebble nests in November. For the first time, the scientists tracked the sleeping behavior of chinstrap penguins in an Antarctic breeding colony by attaching sensors that measure brain waves. "For these penguins, microsleeps have some restorative functions — if not, they could not endure," he said.
Persons: , Niels Rattenborg, Max Planck, Chinstrap, King, King George Island, Won Young Lee, Paul, Antoine Libourel, Daniel Paranhos Zitterbart Organizations: Service, WASHINGTON, Max, Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, Korean Polar Research, Neuroscience Research, of Lyon, Penguins, Oceanographic, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Science, Educational Media Group, AP Locations: Germany, King George, Antarctica, France, Massachusetts
CNN —The art of nodding off appears to have been mastered by breeding chinstrap penguins, who take more than 10,000 naps a day, with each nap lasting an average of four seconds, according to a new study. They observed that the penguins in the colony engaged in more than 600 bouts of microsleep an hour. A 1986 study found captive, nonbreeding emperor penguins to have fragmented sleep called “drowsiness,” which also resembles the microsleep pattern of the breeding chinstrap penguins. He added that through these short bursts of sleep the penguins could “sleep and remain vigilant” while incubating. “I think that’s why it’s important to study sleep.
Persons: King George Island, ecophysiologist Paul, Antoine Libourel, ” Libourel, Federico Anfitti, Libourel, , they’d, , Christian Harding, Vladyslav Organizations: CNN, Neuroscience Research, of Lyon, University of California, University of Oxford Locations: France, South Korea, Germany, Antarctica, , microsleeps, San Diego
The two new chicks come just a year after the Capital Kiwi Project reintroduced the country’s iconic national bird to the city of around 400,000 people. The brown kiwi is one of New Zealand’s most common kiwi species, but according to New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, the birds could be extinct in the wild within two generations without adequate conservation and support. Another 18 brown kiwi chicks are expected to hatch as part of the Capital Kiwi Project, which hopes to restore a large-scale wild population of kiwi to New Zealand’s capital. 95% of wild born kiwi in New Zealand are killed before they reach adulthood, according to Save the Kiwi. Where they get hammered is stoats eating the chicks before they get up to their fighting weight,” Capital Kiwi Project team leader Paul Ward told CNN earlier this year.
Persons: Paul Ward, Ward Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Capital Kiwi Project, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, Capital Kiwi, Kiwi, New Zealand Department of Conservation, , Kiwi Project, CNN Locations: Hong Kong, Wellington, New Zealand, Makara, Wellington’s, Zealand
Guarding their nests is serious business for these medium-sized penguins, with predatory seabirds called brown skuas on the prowl. But this species, scientists said on Thursday, has devised an ingenious way of getting sufficient sleep without compromising vigilance. The researchers documented extreme sleep behavior in these flightless birds. "Penguins do not display any obvious negative consequence of sleep fragmentation," Libourel said. During incubation, skuas prey on penguin eggs, particularly on a colony's periphery.
Persons: chinstraps, ecophysiologist Paul, Antoine Libourel, Won Young Lee, George Island, Libourel, Lee, Will Dunham, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Lyon Neuroscience Research, Korea Polar Research, GPS, Penguins, Thomson Locations: Lyon, France, Korea, Incheon, Washington
WASHINGTON (AP) — It's a challenge for all new parents: Getting enough sleep while keeping a close eye on their newborns. For some penguins, it means thousands of mini-catnaps a day, researchers discovered. Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica need to guard their eggs and chicks around-the-clock in crowded, noisy colonies. These short “microsleeps,” totaling around 11 hours per day, appear to be enough to keep the parents going for weeks. “For these penguins, microsleeps have some restorative functions — if not, they could not endure,” he said.
Persons: , , Niels Rattenborg, Max Planck, , King, King George Island, Won Young Lee, Paul, Antoine Libourel, Daniel Paranhos Zitterbart Organizations: WASHINGTON, Max, Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, Korean Polar Research, Neuroscience Research, of Lyon, “ Penguins, Oceanographic, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, AP Locations: Germany, King George, Antarctica, France, Massachusetts
A23a, the world's biggest iceberg, is on the move 37 years after it broke off from Antarctica. Scientists will keep a close eye on it as it could threaten wildlife near South Georgia Island. AdvertisementThe world's biggest iceberg, covering about 1,500 square miles, is on the move. NASA WorldviewA23a lost its title of world's biggest iceberg in May 2021, but jumped ahead once again in October 2022, when the previous record-holder, A76, broke into three pieces, per the Guinness World Records website. A gentoo penguin with a newborn chick South Georgia.
Persons: , A23a, Andrew Fleming Organizations: Ocean, Service, BBC, British Antarctic Survey, NASA, Records, Getty Locations: Antarctica, South Georgia, Weddell, Soviet, Georgia
2 Michigan or win a hearing to at least temporarily lift the Big Ten’s penalty against him for a sign-stealing scheme. "I'm just looking for that opportunity, due process," Harbaugh said at his weekly news conference. I'm not looking for a popularity contest. “I was like 5 inches from the TV,” said Harbaugh, whose punishment included being banned from Penn State's stadium. There's times when I'm doing good things for other people, and they're not as happy to see me as my chickens are."
Persons: — Jim Harbaugh, Harbaugh, I'm, ” Harbaugh, Warde Manuel, “ Warde, Sherrone Moore, Moore, , , Cornelius Johnson, Harbaugh's, they're, Larry Lage Organizations: Michigan, Big Ten, Penn State, Nittany Lions, The Wolverines, Maryland, Penn State's, AP Locations: Mich, Michigan
CNN —John Oliver is transforming from a comedian into a campaign manager for one of the biggest elections of the year: New Zealand’s Bird of the Century poll. On his show “Last Week Tonight” on Monday, he backed the pūteketeke bird as New Zealand’s Bird of the Century, a competition organized by the conservation group Forest & Bird. John Oliver loves the pūteketeke for its 'colorful mullet,' among other reasons. Initially launched to raise awareness of New Zealand’s endangered, endemic birds, the contest is usually an annual two-week event and has become a national institution. A bat, rather than a bird, won the competition in 2021, while mass voter fraud threatened to delegitimize the competition the year before.
Persons: John Oliver, Oliver Smart, Oliver, , ” Oliver Organizations: CNN, Wings, @Last Locations: New Zealand, Tokyo, Europe, Paris, London, , Brazil, Ipanema Beach, Manetowoc , Wisconsin
Chuck: I grew up on a fourth-generation dairy farm in Wisconsin, and my intention was actually to become a farmer. Chuck: We wanted a forest and pasture, and we wanted it to be within 30 minutes of a more developed town. We knew what we were going to do, and those kinds of life events just change your timeline a bit. Brooke: It was a matter of getting a well put in, getting electrical put in, getting the mail to recognize us. AdvertisementAdvertisementChuck: We have nine miles of trails that we've already mapped out on our property — just the absolute stunning beauty.
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Here are the meanings of the 10 hardest words that have also been used in New York Times articles. Working with future Confederate Gen. Edward Porter Alexander, Myer developed the Army’s “wigwag” flag system. (June 24, 2019)10. atilt — askew:Think compression tops patterned à la one-shouldered tanks and sweatpants chopped up and wrapped into lappa-like long shorts. And the star of the Liberian flag strategically placed throughout, though slightly atilt, as though being blown sideways in a sprinter’s wake. — Clean Energy, Cherished Waters and a Sacred California Rock Caught in the Middle (Oct. 24, 2023)The list of the week’s easiest words:
Persons: callaloo, bok choy, Rose Nzada, Ned Rorem, wigwag —, Edward Porter Alexander, Myer, libidinal, efflorescence, John Turturro, venule, , tailcoat, They’re, cloaca, atilt — askew, — Telfar Clemens, Waters Organizations: New York Times, Community, Confederate, Liberian, Clean Energy Locations: New, West, Cameroon, Bronx, Central, Northern, Southern California, Gaviota, California
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