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The Art Institute of Chicago has rebuffed an attempt by New York investigators to seize an Egon Schiele drawing in its collection, asserting in a strongly-worded 132-page court filing that the investigators have produced no evidence that the artwork was looted by the Nazis as they claim. The drawing, “Russian War Prisoner,” was purchased by the Art Institute in 1966. It is one of a number of works by Schiele that ended up in the hands of museums and collectors and have been sought by the heirs of the collector Fritz Grünbaum, a Jewish cabaret entertainer from Vienna who was murdered in a Nazi concentration camp in 1941. In a court filing in February, the Manhattan district attorney’s office accused the museum of ignoring evidence of an elaborate fraud undertaken to conceal that the artwork had been stolen by the Nazis on the eve of World War II. But the museum in its filing on Tuesday argued that the drawing had legitimately passed from Grünbaum to his sister-in-law, who had sold it to a Swiss dealer after the war in 1956.
Persons: Egon Schiele, , Schiele, Fritz Grünbaum Organizations: Art Institute of Chicago, Art Institute Locations: New York, Vienna, Manhattan, Grünbaum, Swiss
Educational technology in schools is sometimes described as a wicked problem — a term coined by a design and planning professor, Horst Rittel, in the 1960s, meaning a problem for which even defining the scope of the dilemma is a struggle, because it has so many interconnected parts that never stop moving. When you have a wicked problem, solutions have to be holistic, flexible and developmentally appropriate. Which is to say that appropriate tech use for elementary schoolers in rural Oklahoma isn’t going to be the same as appropriate tech use in a Chicago high school. I spent the past few weeks speaking with parents, teachers, public school administrators and academics who study educational technology. We need a complete rethink of the ways that we’re evaluating and using tech in classrooms; the overall change that I want to see is that tech use in schools — devices and apps — should be driven by educators, not tech companies.
Persons: Horst Rittel, Julia Freeland Fisher, Jonathan Haidt, , Fisher Organizations: Christensen Institute Locations: Oklahoma, Chicago
At the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, anti-Vietnam War protesters clashed with police officers — whose brutal role in the confrontation was later described by a federal commission as a “police riot” — hijacking the focus of the convention. Those young demonstrators had come of age seeing continual — and effective — protests during the civil rights movement and national mourning after the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the Rev. The movement against it began mostly on college campuses and grew. Of course, semesters end and students go home for the summer. But their opposition to the war didn’t end with the academic year.
Persons: John F, Kennedy, Robert F, Martin Luther King Jr, , Rennie Davis Organizations: Convention, New York Times Locations: Chicago, Vietnam, America
The insects will infiltrate a much bigger geographical area than similar occurrences in most years because they’re part of the dual emergence of two particular periodical cicada broods. Although the full-scale emergence isn’t underway yet, experts have some guidance on how to prepare for cicada season. A periodical cicada that has just shed its outer skeleton crawls among holes dug by emerging cicada nymphs on May 20, 2021, in Takoma Park, Maryland. A young tree in Takoma Park, Maryland, is draped in netting in May 2021 to protect its small branches from being damaged by periodical cicadas laying their eggs in them. It’s not clear why periodical cicadas evolved to emerge every 13 or 17 years.
Persons: Louis —, Chip Somodevilla, , , Paula Shrewsbury, ” Shrewsbury, John Lill, sapling, Lill, Jason Whitman, Shrewsbury, They’re Organizations: CNN, Naturalists, Southern, University of Maryland, North, George Washington University, US Food and Drug Administration Locations: Chicago, Nashville, St, Northern Illinois, Takoma Park , Maryland, North America, United States
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss became inseparable after meeting at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementThe friendship of Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss dates back to 2013, when the musician and the supermodel met backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. AdvertisementApril 2014: Kloss and Swift are spotted together in New York CityTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss often spent time together in New York City. November 23, 2014: Swift brings Kloss as her date to the American Music AwardsTaylor Swift and Karlie Kloss at the 2014 AMAs. July 11, 2015: Kloss appears at another of Swift's concerts in New JerseyTaylor Swift's friends went to her concert in New Jersey.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Kloss, , Swift, didn't, Katy Perry, Scooter Braun, Karlie, Michael Kovac, Jamie McCarthy, Milk, Christina Tosi, Randy Brooke, we're BFFs, I'd, Raymond Hall, Kate Bosworth, Harry Josh, Charles James, Oscar de la, They're, Alo Ceballos, She's, Rolling, James Devaney, Ben Stiller, Quinlin, SoHo Taylor Swift, Jeff Kravitz, Dick Clark, Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho, WireImage Kloss, Lily Aldrige, Martha Hunt, taylor, it's, Taylor, Matty Healy, Marie Claire, Beyonce, Jay, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, Michael, r was, els, rais, hou, "I, ove, stor, ste, "(M, bro, K, Ma y, orr, "B, Perry, tim e, oe Jonas, maki, J ohn Shea, dow, deo, cele, Jo, hatta, lia, nce, e, hough, lor h, 2016:, Joh, Delilah, L orde, Conn, Loo, ned the photo,, y, as well, loss and Swift, Augu, rld, kee, mus, raun, cate, rau, hite, theo, abou, ody, ted in a, ike H, Derek Bl Organizations: Big, Service, Vogue, Twitter, Hollywood Life, Big Sur, daisies, Surrey, Costume, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Getty, Swift, Apple, New York Knicks, Garden, Chicago Bulls, Madison, American, New York City's, Yahoo, New, YouTube, the de, acc, Adv, ober, Wil, unc, ift, who's known Locations: Big Sur, Swift's New York, New York City, Big, Instagram, New York, Manhattan, brunching, SoHo, Madison, SoHo Taylor, June., ber
CNN —Joe Biden landed a major union endorsement Wednesday from North America’s Building Trades Unions, whose leaders say the president has his infrastructure bill largely to thank for it. The backing from NABTU, which has 3 million members nationwide, is more enthusiastic than its 2020 backing of Biden. That’s raised questions about the political future of the next generation of union members. It’s “almost like the perfect leader was sent at the perfect time for working people,” NABTU President Sean McGarvey told CNN about Biden in an interview announcing the endorsement. Biden appeared at the union’s conference in Washington on Wednesday to officially get the nod – which union leaders also want to be seen as a stark rebuff of Trump, who eagerly solicited support from union members and leaders during his time in office, but, their leaders say, didn’t deliver.
Persons: CNN — Joe Biden, Biden, Donald Trump, That’s, It’s, , Sean McGarvey, Trump, NABTU, ” Biden, , ” “, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Frantz, Biden’s, McGarvey, ” McGarvey, it’s, Trump’s, Sean, “ Donald Trump, ” Brent Booker, Booker, ” Booker, didn’t, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, “ Biden, he’s, Mitch Landrieu, ” Landrieu, CNN’s Michael Williams Organizations: CNN, Unions, Teamsters, Republican, Democratic, Biden, Trump, Covid, North, Washington Hilton, ’ International Union of Locations: America’s, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, NABTU, Washington, Washington ,, Chicago, ’ International Union of North America
Pellerano discusses gang life in New Orleans, where the gang spread from its home base in Chicago. He speaks with BI about tattooing, rules and codes, media perception, and the political language used to depict the gang. Mike Moy says he was a gang member in New York City's Chinatown, having been recruited in the 1970s. He later founded the YouTube channel Chinatown Gang Stories, where he speaks with former gang members about their lives. He speaks with BI about the ways the yakuza makes money, such as extortion and protection rackets.
Persons: Tyrone White, White, Andy, Pellerano, Alex Sanchez, Omar Sharif, John Pennisi, Gambino, John Gotti Jr, Lucchese, Pennisi, Jay Dobyns, general's, Jimmy Tsui, Mike Moy, Moy, Yuyama Shinya, Andy Pellerano, Alex Sanchez Omar Sharif John Pennisi, Jay Dobyns Organizations: Menlo, South Central, Bloods, Business, Hells Angels, ATF's National Academy, Dobyns, United, Valor, ATF, National Association of Police, New York City Police Department, YouTube Locations: South, South Central Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, United States, Tung, New York, Chinatown, Hong Kong, Japan
What it’s like to be a ‘glass child’
  + stars: | 2024-04-23 | by ( Taylor Nicioli | )   time to read: +11 min
Meneses Maples refers to herself as an adult “glass child,” the sibling of a person with a mental or physical disability. How does a glass child disappear? It is important not to assume what the needs of a glass child are, said Missud, the New York psychotherapist. More than a decade after her TEDx presentation, Meneses Maples receives messages from parents of glass children seeking her advice. Meneses Maples said she hopes to inspire research on glass children by spreading the word through presentations and workshops.
Persons: Alicia Meneses Maples, David, Mario, Meneses Maples, didn’t, , ” Meneses Maples, Antonio TEDx, Debbie Missud, Emily Holl, Missud, ” Holl, , Holl, David couldn’t, Mario didn’t, , Shelley Cook, Laura Oliverio, Cook, Andrea, ” Cook, Cook didn’t, Shelley Cook “, Al Freedman, Freedman, Jack, Cara, Jack didn’t, ” Freedman, wasn’t, Alicia, Mario Meneses, Alicia Meneses Maples Meneses Maples, ‘ Alicia, ’ ” Meneses Maples, ’ ”, Organizations: CNN, Hulu’s, Suncoast, Disney, Cure SMA Locations: Chicago, Antonio, New York City, Glenwood Springs , Colorado, York
Gold retreats as Middle East tensions ebb
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Gold and silver bars of various sizes lie in a safe on a table at the precious metals dealer Pro Aurum in Munich. Gold prices dipped on Monday, as easing fears of a wider Middle East conflict lowered bullion's safe-haven appeal, while market participants awaited a key U.S. inflation reading due later this week for interest rate cues. Spot gold fell 0.9% to $2,369.97 per ounce, as of 0451 GMT. Asian stocks recovered some losses and bond yields rose as fears of a wider Middle East conflict ebbed, with investors gravitating back towards riskier assets. Among other precious metals, spot silver fell 2.3% to $27.99 per ounce, spot platinum rose 0.3% to $934.03, and palladium fell 0.3% to $1,023.17.
Persons: Kelvin Wong, Wong, Austan Goolsbee Organizations: Aurum, Asia Pacific, Treasury, Chicago Federal Locations: Munich, U.S, Tehran, Iran, OANDA, Israel, Hamas
A City Tries to Measure the Violence It’s Preventing
  + stars: | 2024-04-22 | by ( Mark Obbie | )   time to read: +31 min
Headway A City Tries to Measure the Violence It’s Preventing In Baton Rouge, a public safety experiment could help to answer a critical question: Do community efforts to reduce street violence work? Like Ms. Robinson, Ms. Tate-Alexander, 48, raised her family in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge became the first city outside New Jersey to be tutored in the Newark method. Calming the urge to retaliateBy June 2021, when Ms. Tate-Alexander started assembling the street team, Ms. Robinson joined up. At first, Ms. Robinson and Ms. Tate-Alexander seemed wary when I asked about him.
Persons: Angel Hawkins, Liz Robinson, Sateria Tate, Alexander, Tamikka, Liz, Louis Robinson’s, Louis Jr, Robinson, , , ’ ”, Louis, Louis BadAzz, , Louis Robinson Jr, , Murphy Paul, Paul, Sharon Weston Broome, Alton Sterling, , Karan Deep Singh, Kathleen Flynn, Biden, Nina Revoyr, Ms, Tate, Aqeela Sherrills, Sherrills, Terrell, Mr, Aqeela, Courtney Scott, . Tate, ” Ms, Gerald Haynes, Haynes, hotheads, Khoury Brown, Geaux, he’s, Geaux Yella, Darius Crockett, Crockett, Kayla Atkins, Markel, Atkins, ” Mr, “ I’m, “ I’ll, ” Markel, Atkins’s, Gary Slutkin, Jeffrey A, Butts, John Jay, Dr, Scott, “ We’re, It’s, They’ll, that’s, interventionists, Stacy Adams fedora, George Floyd, Weeks, brutalized, Paul’s, Thomas S, Morse, Dy’Lan Fillmore, Mitchell, Fillmore, Robinson’s Organizations: The New York Times, Army, Louisiana State Police, Police, Baton Rouge Police Department, Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Criminal, Ballmer Group, Baton, Bloods, Biden White House, Markel, Research, John, John Jay College of Criminal, Statistics, University of California, Newark, Metropolitan, Murphy Paul Rally, Mr Locations: Baton Rouge, La, Iraq, Afghanistan, Black, United States, , Federal, Newark, N.J, Watts, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, Baton
AdvertisementThe majority of so-called "peak boomers" have $250,000 or less in assets , according to a recent report, write Juliana Kaplan and Ayelet Sheffey. If you're a bit surprised by the dire economic situation of peak boomers, I wouldn't blame you. Older boomers had the benefit of employer-subsidized retirement plans before a shift in the workforce left younger boomers to fend for themselves. Alistair Berg/Getty ImagesPeak boomers' retirement struggles might end up being a wake-up call for younger generations. There will be plenty of lessons learned from peak boomers entering retirement without the safety net of a pension.
Persons: , blowup Jacob Wackerhausen, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Juliana Kaplan, Ayelet Sheffey, that's, we've, boomers, Alistair Berg, Xers, Gen Zers, Bryan Erickson, Jane Street, Chowdhury, Elon Musk, they'd, Tesla, Tony Stubblebine, Nick Little, Dani Widell, BI's Emily Stewart, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover, Grace Lett Organizations: Business, Service, Social Security, Security, Google, Wall Street, JPMorgan, Detroit Police Department, Tesla, BI, Verizon Locations: Covid, China, Europe, Airbnb ., America, New York, London, Chicago
Megan Tjelle lost 55 pounds by walking and eating healthy in a calorie deficit. Tjelle had started a demanding career, and working night shifts as a nurse made it hard to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. Her plantar fasciitis, which she initially put down to her work, eased when she lost weight. As Tjelle lost weight, she gained confidence and could feel herself getting fitter as she was able to exercise more. AdvertisementAlthough her appetite dropped, she continued eating healthy meals and ensured she was consuming enough protein to help her hold on to muscle while losing fat.
Persons: Megan Tjelle, Tjelle, Wegovy, , overeating, she'd, She'd, Megan Tjelle Tjelle, I've Organizations: Service, Research, FDA, Seattle Sutton, GPL Locations: Chicago, Seattle, Wegovy
These are the ten smartest cities in the world, according to IMD. This year's index was produced by the IMD World Competitiveness Center's Smart City Observatory in collaboration with the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) that's based in Seoul, South Korea. Smart cities in Europe and Asia are gaining ground globally while North American cities have fallen down the ranks, according to the 2024 Smart City Index released April. Here are the top 10 smart cities, according to the 2024 Smart City Index. While European cities dominated the list, Asian cities are gaining ground too.
Persons: Bruno Lanvin, Lanvin Organizations: IMD, Smart, Smart Sustainable Cities Organization, United Arab Emirates, Washington DC, San, U.S, Boston, CNBC Locations: Seoul, South Korea, Europe, Smart, Asia, Zurich, Switzerland Oslo, Norway Canberra, Australia Geneva, Switzerland Singapore Copenhagen, Denmark Lausanne, Switzerland London, England Helsinki, Finland Abu Dhabi, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Singapore, Beijing, Taipei City, Shanghai
One common type of good boss really sticks out from the rest, says workplace culture expert Tom Gimbel: the people person. Traditionally, good bosses have skills in areas like time management, constructive criticism and simply being able to help co-workers through day-to-day tasks. "The more authentic you are, the more people are going to connect with you and enjoy your company," Gimbel tells CNBC Make It. Here's how you, too, can become a "people person" at work, experts say. Sharing stories with the people around you shows that you want to build a relationship with them, and reminds them that they can "laugh a little bit and enjoy our work," Gimbel adds.
Persons: Tom Gimbel, Michael Scott, NBC's, Ava Coleman, ABC's, Abbott, Gimbel, levity, Bonnie Low, Kramen, they're Organizations: LaSalle Network, CNBC Locations: Chicago
The front month U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude contract for May , which expires on Monday, fell 12 cents to $83.02 a barrel. Iran is the third largest producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, according to Reuters data. ANZ analysts said in a note that volatility in the Middle East will keep oil markets "jittery". On Saturday, a blast at an Iraqi military base killed a member of a security force that includes Iran-backed groups. Separately, on Sunday, Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah said it downed an Israeli drone that was on a combat mission in southern Lebanon.
Persons: Brent, Tina Teng, Austan Goolsbee Organizations: West Texas, Chicago Federal, Energy, U.S . House, Organization of, Petroleum, ANZ, Hezbollah Locations: Israel, Iran, U.S, Ukraine, China, Iraqi, Sunday, Lebanese, Lebanon, Gaza
I think the theme for last week was the return of adult supervision. And Minouche Shafik, the president of Columbia University, authorized the police to arrest pro-Palestinian student protesters who had occupied part of the campus in violation of university policies. Gail Collins: Bret, as a former college sit-inner myself, back in days of yore, I have mixed feelings. Not saying President Shafik was wrong, just that I just can’t get into cheering administrators who try to solve nonviolent campus demonstrations by calling in the cops. If it were up to me, I’d sentence them to six months of hard academic time at the University of Chicago.
Persons: Bret Stephens, Gail, Mike Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gail Collins, Bret, Shafik, Israel, That’s, idealists Organizations: House, Columbia University, Palestinian, Columbia, University of Chicago Locations: yore
What does the dollar rally mean internationally? The US Commerce Department releases March figures on new orders for durable goods. The US Commerce Department releases its first estimate of first-quarter gross domestic product. The US Labor Department reports the number of new applications for unemployment benefits in the week ended April 20. The US Commerce Department releases March figures on household spending, income and the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge.
Persons: it’s, Michelle Bowman, Bell, Claudio Irigoyen, It’s, Samantha Delouya, , eMarketer, Ross Benes, Wall, Read, Lockheed Martin, Raymond James, Northrop Organizations: Washington CNN, Federal Reserve, Bank of America, Netflix, Verizon, Truist, Albertsons, The Chicago Fed, Visa, Tesla, Pepsico, Novartis, UPS, Lockheed, Banco Santander, Spotify, General Motors, Halliburton, Global, US Commerce Department, Meta, IBM, Boeing, Chipotle, Hilton, Ford, Hasbro, Whirlpool, Wyndham, Microsoft, Mobile, Caterpillar, Comcast, Intel, P Global, Honeywell, Gilead, Northrop Grumman, Valero, Capital, Nasdaq, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Citizens Financial, US Labor Department, National Association of Realtors, Bank of Japan, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, HCA Healthcare, Colgate, Palmolive, Phillips, Charter Communications, University of Michigan Locations: Europe, Japan, China, Roku
CNN —Even after Cam Booser walked away from baseball in 2017 and became a carpenter following a series of injuries and setbacks, he would think about the game every single day. The 31-year-old relief pitcher has endured a “long journey” to make his MLB debut, he told the league’s website on Friday after he was called up by the Boston Red Sox, becoming the franchise’s oldest player to make his Majors debut in the US since 1947. Booser had endured a series of injuries and setbacks before his MLB debut. “I didn’t think about ever actually making a comeback until I started working with them,” Booser said, per the MLB. “It was just the more I was around the game, the more I couldn’t not be around it.
Persons: Cam Booser, Tommy John, Booser, Charles LeClaire, ” Booser, , Organizations: CNN, MLB, Boston Red Sox, Oregon State, WBZ, Minnesota Twins, USA, Sports, Reuters, Chicago Dogs, American Association, Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates Locations:
Learn moreThe 2024 NBA Playoffs tip-off on April 20 and, as usual, the games will air across several networks. We've put together everything you need to know about tuning in to the tournament, including how to watch the NBA playoffs live streams. If you're not sure how to tune in to the NBA Playoffs without cable, don't worry. ET on ABCHow to watch NBA Playoffs in the USNBA Playoffs games will be spread across ESPN, TNT, ABC, and NBA TV. Sign up for one of the live TV streaming packages with a US form of payment.
Persons: We've, You'll, Max, you'll, Hulu's, HBO Max, it's, VPNs, ExpressVPN Organizations: Business, NBA, Boston Celtics, Eastern Conference, Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Western Conference, Celtics, Hulu, Orlando, Cleveland Cavaliers, ESPN Phoenix Suns, . Minnesota Timberwolves, ESPN Philadelphia 76ers, . New York Knicks, ESPN Los Angeles Lakers, ABC, US NBA, ESPN, TNT, Sling, Blue, Disney Plus, HBO, Warner Bros Locations: ExpressVPN, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hulu
One image appears to show soldiers in a boat somewhere near Los Angeles pointing their guns at a giant swan. "These are AI images inspired by the movie," the source told the outlet. Promotion for the horror-comedy "Late Night with the Devil" has been bogged down by complaints that the filmmakers used AI. AdvertisementMarketing for "Civil War" has been controversial even beyond the use of AI, with some people criticizing it as misleading. The images A24 posted do not do that feeling — or the movie they're supposed to be promoting — justice.
Persons: , Wilco, Cmon, zQSEUj9ecd — Alex Pope Organizations: Service, Business, Hollywood Reporter, Miami Locations: North America, America, Chicago, Marina City, York, Los Angeles, Echo, New York
Watch “Apocalypse Now” (1979), “Full Metal Jacket” (1987) or “Platoon” (1986) and you should know what war really means. “Ungentlemanly Warfare” features a disreputable band of riff raff brought together for a super-secret mission. Ritchie makes no such concessions to authenticity in “Ungentlemanly Warfare.”Henry Cavill is Gus March-Phillips in Guy Ritchie’s “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare." Even when a war movie doesn’t actively mislead you, the promise of being privy to an unvarnished, authentic and extreme experience can be seductive. “It would decay in eternal peace.”Compared to that kind of cult of authentic war, “Ungentlemanly Warfare” feels fairly harmless, and not in a bad way.
Persons: Noah Berlatsky, Ryan, , Noah Berlatsky Noah Berlatsky Guy Ritchie’s “, it’s, Fernando Po, raff, Winston Churchill, Rory Kinnear, Gus March, Phillips, Henry Cavill, Anders Lassen, Alan Ritchson, Marjorie Stewart, Eiza, Ritchie, ” Henry Cavill, Gus, Guy Ritchie’s “, Daniel Smith, electroshock, Quentin Tarantino’s, Inglourious, Hitler, He’s, , Tarantino, Brad Pitt, B.J, Novak, Quentin Tarantino's, they’ve Organizations: CNN, Ungentlemanly, British, Lionsgate Locations: Chicago, “ Dunkirk, , Spanish, Fernando, Vietnam
I was put on a PIP after working at my company for 10 years, so I decided to quit. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementAfter working in my position for nine years as a communications specialist for a healthcare association headquartered in Chicago, I was put on a performance improvement plan (PIP) during my 10th annual job review. I went on several interviews, but I felt forced to retireShortly after I left the association, I started working part-time for a vendor I had previously done business with. Those advancements easily become part of your regular work environment, but as a retiree, I'm worried I'll fall behind.
Persons: it's, , I'm Organizations: Service, Social, AARP Locations: Chicago
Taylor Swift was already the most ubiquitous pop star in the galaxy, her presence dominating the music charts, the concert calendar, the Super Bowl, the Grammys. In the days leading up to the release of “The Tortured Poets Department” on Friday, Swift became all but inescapable, online and seemingly everywhere else. A Spotify-sponsored, Swift-branded “library installation,” in muted pink and gray, popped up in a shopping complex in Los Angeles. In Chicago, a QR code painted on a brick wall directed fans to another Easter egg on YouTube. Videos on Swift’s social media accounts, showing antique typewriters and globes with pins, were dissected for clues about her music.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Department ”, Swift, SiriusXM Organizations: Department, Apple, Spotify, Swift Locations: Los Angeles, In Chicago
Mandisa Hundley, a gospel singer whose strong vocals were applauded on “American Idol” and who later won a Grammy Award for best contemporary Christian music album, was found dead at her home in Nashville on Thursday. The Media Collective, which represented Ms. Hundley, confirmed her death and said in a statement that the cause was not known. She was a fan favorite on “American Idol” in 2006, but became the fourth of the 12 finalists to be eliminated. As a soul singer, she spoke openly about her love of God, and her music resonated with fans. Ms. Hundley famously stood up to Simon Cowell, the “American Idol” judge, who has a reputation for being intimidating.
Persons: Mandisa Hundley, Idol ”, Hundley, , Simon Cowell, Cowell Organizations: Idol, Media Locations: Nashville, Chicago
Learn moreThe final day of the 2024 NBA Play-in Tournament is here, and the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls are scheduled to compete for a coveted spot in the Playoffs. We've compiled everything you need to know about tuning in to tonight's game, including where to watch the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls live without cable. Where to watch Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls in the USThe Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls game will air at 7 p.m. For those without cable, it's time to check out a live TV package like Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV. Hulu + Live TV Hulu + Live TV includes over 90 channels, along with Hulu's on-demand library and access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.
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