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Read previewArtificial intelligence is expected to be the topic du jour at Cannes Lions this week, when the ad industry descends on the French Riviera for its annual shindig in the sun. Businesses are exploring how they can use AI to perform tasks like copywriting, research, and automating their ad campaigns. A Cannes Lions spokesperson said the festival is expecting 12,000 delegates, though many more ad execs and vendors forgo the official festivities to hobnob at the fringe events. Cannes Lions has set its own rules around AI. "Those who will win will figure out the right mix of AI plus the right influencers plus the right concepts," MediaLink's Wagman said.
Persons: , there's, Klarna, Wayne Levings, Mark Wagman, Wagman, Jessica Apotheker, Apotheker, Scarlett Johansson, David Droga, Mira Murati, Vidhya Srinivasan, Alexander Chen, Greg James, Publicis, Anthony Yell, Razorfish, Yell, BCG's Apotheker, Queen Latifah, Lando Norris, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Deepak Chopra, Jason, Travis Kelce, Lenny Kravitz, Janelle Monáe, MediaLink's Wagman Organizations: Service, Cannes Lions, Lions, Business, Cannes, United Talent Agency, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Boston Consulting Group, Palais, Accenture, OpenAI, Google Creative, North America, Publicis Groupe, influencers Locations: Americas, MediaLink, Cannes
“Walt Disney World is inextricably intertwined in the fabric of the state of Florida. And the success of Walt Disney World is the success of Central Florida, and vice versa,” he said. The Disney World resort is currently home to four theme parks and two water parks. It’s been 26 years since Disney has opened a new theme park in Florida,” said Dennis Speigel, owner and founder of International Theme Park Services, a global consultant for theme park projects. Orlando is the Mecca of the theme park industry, and for it to function, Disney and Florida have to function together.”
Persons: Disney, Ron DeSantis, , , Aubrey Jewett, Brian Aungst Jr, Walt, Jeff Vahle, CFTOD, It’s, Dennis Speigel, DeSantis, Bob Chapek, Walt Disney, ” Jewett, Reedy, Jewett, Speigel Organizations: CNN, Disney, Walt Disney, University of Central, Walt Disney World, Walt, World, Park, Universal, Improvement, Locations: Florida, Central Florida, University of Central Florida, Reedy, Disney, Orlando, Mecca
A federal judge temporarily barred notorious "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli from streaming or disseminating copies of a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album he had forfeited as part of his criminal fraud conviction in 2017. Steven Cooper, a lawyer for PleasrDAO, said Wednesday that he could not comment on whether he has been in touch with prosecutors on Shkreli's alleged violation of his forfeiture order. Shkreli bought the Wu-Tang Clan album in 2015 for $2 million, setting a Guinness world record for the most expensive musical work ever sold. The 31-track, two-disc Wu-Tang Clan album, came in a hand-carved, nickel-and-silver-cased box set, which itself was nestled in a larger leather box. At the time of the sale, Shkreli owed almost $2.4 million on the forfeiture order.
Persons: Martin Shkreli, Benjamin Brafman, bro, Martin, Wu, Tang, Pamela Chen, Shkreli, Chen, Steven Cooper, PleasrDAO, Cooper, Lil Wayne, Carter, Pablo Picasso, Wu - Tang Organizations: U.S, CNBC, pharma, Wu - Locations: Brooklyn, New York City, U.S, Brooklyn , New York, Cayman Islands, Tasmania, Australia, United States
Any energy disruption will slow down chipmaking and raise global semiconductor prices, Webster said. "Taiwan's electricity crunch could throw a wrench in global semiconductor markets," he said, adding that interruptions could reverberate across the global industry. The global semiconductor manufacturing industry is estimated to double its market size in revenue by 2030, and is poised to consume 237 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity by then, a Greenpeace report said. Joseph Webster Atlantic Council's Global Energy CenterElectricity consumption from Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturing industry is set to increase 236% between 2021 and 2030, the same report found. "The global electricity industry has been surprised by the pace and scale of electricity demand from artificial intelligence's data centers," said Webster, adding that Taiwan's future electricity consumption is subject to "considerable uncertainty."
Persons: Council's Webster, Webster, Joseph Webster, Chen, Chung Organizations: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Apple, Nvidia, Greenpeace, Joseph Webster Atlantic, Global Energy Center Electricity, Hua Institution Locations: Taiwan
Biden administration officials have discussed potentially negotiating a unilateral deal with Hamas to secure the release of five Americans being held hostage in Gaza if current cease-fire talks involving Israel fail, according to two current senior U.S. officials and two former senior U.S. officials. The Biden administration has said it believes Hamas is holding five American hostages who were abducted during the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. The officials did not know what the U.S. might give Hamas in exchange for the release of American hostages. Earlier this week, Israeli officials estimated that some 120 hostages are still being held by Hamas and that 43 of them have died in captivity. Over the weekend, four Israeli hostages kidnapped from the Nova music festival were rescued in an operation conducted by the Israel Defense Forces.
Persons: Biden, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Alexander, Sagui Dekel, Chen, Hersh Goldberg, Polin, Omer Neutra, Keith Siegel, Itay Chen, Judy Weinstein, Gad Haggai, Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Bill Burns, Brett McGurk Organizations: Hamas, U.S, Qatari interlocutors, White, Nova, Israel Defense Forces, NBC News, National, CIA Locations: Gaza, New York City , New York, Israel, Qatari, U.S
Welcome to the Era of the A.I. Smartphone
  + stars: | 2024-06-10 | by ( Brian X. Chen | )   time to read: +1 min
Every year, Apple and Google announce major software updates that bring new features to our smartphones, like cosmetic overhauls to the home screen, stronger privacy protections and fun messaging tools. This year, the changes will feel more radical because the companies are focusing on reinventing our phones with artificial intelligence. The new tools include a revamped version of its voice assistant, Siri, that is easier to talk to and an A.I. system that will generate images, create summaries of web articles and craft responses to text messages and emails. The change that will have a more immediate effect has to do with old-school text messages — also known as the green bubble.
Persons: Siri, , Apple Organizations: Apple, Google
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailECB rate cut decision expected today: BNP Paribas Asset ManagementZhikai Chen, head of Asian equities at BNP Paribas Asset Management, discusses global markets ahead of the European Central Bank's interest rate decision today.
Persons: Management Zhikai Chen Organizations: BNP, Management, Asset Management, European
Read previewChina is "aggressively recruiting" Western military personnel to train its air force pilots and naval aviators, attempting to lure them in with "lucrative" contracts and promises of opportunities to fly "exotic aircraft," the US and its allies are warning. Related storiesChinese schemes target Western pilots, flight engineers, air operations center personnel, and technical experts knowledgeable about military tactics, techniques, and procedures. The Chinese military "wants the skills and expertise of these individuals to make its own military air operations more capable while gaining insight into Western air tactics, techniques, and procedures," the newly released bulletin said. Advertisement"The insight the PLA gains from Western military talent threatens the safety of the targeted recruits, their fellow service members, and US and allied security," it added. Despite efforts from Western governments to warn its veterans and military personnel about the Chinese poaching efforts, the recruitment continues to evolve, the bulletin noted.
Persons: , New Zealand —, Michael Casey, Chen Jimin, Casey, Wang Jingtian Organizations: Service, New Zealand, NATO, People's Liberation Army, Business, PLA, US National Counterintelligence and Security, Zhuhai Air Show, China News Service, Getty, US, Job, US Marine Corps Locations: China, Canada, Australia, New, Beijing, Washington, Changchun, China's Jilin Province
As a bed and breakfast owner in Taiwan's Hualien County, Chen Rei-jia was used to the minor tremors that sometimes disturbed her work. Source: Jan Camenzind BroombyNow, survivors like Chen are facing a new challenge. "It might take five to 10 years for full recovery," Chang Chih-hsiang, director general of Hualien's tourism department, told CNBC Travel. Chang Chih-hsiang, head of Hualien's tourism office, estimates the area's tourism industry could take five to 10 years to fully recover. Source: Jan Camenzind Broomby
Persons: Chen Rei, jia, Chen, I've, Camenzind Broomby, Lai, Camenzind, Liang, Howard Yeh, Chang Chih, Stephanie Zhang, Chang, Cheng Wen, zhong, Lin Ya Organizations: Tourists, Hualien Hotel Association, CNBC Locations: Hualien County, Taiwan, Hualien, Taroko, Taipei
watch nowWhat an investor home purchase meansIn this context, investors are defined as any institution or business that purchases residential real estate, according to Redfin. Investor share refers to the portion of homes purchased by investors over a certain period, said Chen Zhao, senior economist at Redfin. Part of the recent increase in real estate investor activity is due to seasonality, as more homes are typically sold during the spring, Walsh said. Sales began to decline as mortgage rates climbed, as higher interest rates affect both typical homebuyers and investors, he said. What investor interest means for buyers and rentersIf you're a consumer buying on the market, you are competing against investors on top of other typical homebuyers, Zhao explained.
Persons: Chen Zhao, Zhao, Matthew Walsh, there's, aren't, Moody's, Redfin's Zhao, Walsh, Sales Organizations: Investor, Parcl Labs, Moody's, Investors, CNBC Locations: U.S
On Douban, a popular site for reviewing movies, books and music, users compiled a list of nearly 100 Taiwanese celebrities, detailing whether each of them had shared the post. On Saturday, CCTV publicly endorsed Taiwanese celebrities who shared its post, sharing the screenshots of 36 such reposts – fueling a further backlash against those who hadn’t. On Monday, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council weighed in, accusing the Chinese Communist Party of requiring Taiwanese artists to express a political stance. The remarks and retweets by Taiwanese artists of the CCTV unification post came against the backdrop of China’s largest show of force around the island in more than a year. “This is not the first time, and probably not the last, that Taiwanese artists are forced to make a political stand in China,” said the leader.
Persons: Mayday’s, Ashin, , , Xi Jinping, Jolin Tsai, Edgar Su, China’s, Beijing’s, , Tsai, , Lin Chen, ” Lin, Lai Ching, Ichiro Ohara, Lai, Zhu Fenglian, ” Zhu, Lin Organizations: CNN, Party, China, Democratic Progressive Party, Cardiff University, Facebook, Mainland Affairs Council, Chinese Communist Party, Communist, Yomiuri Shimbun, Taiwan Affairs Office, Locations: Beijing, Taiwan, China, Taipei, Taiwanese, , Nanchang ”, Singapore, Weibo, ” Beijing
Bitcoin's blockchain is slowly becoming more than just a buy-and-hold platform. Ethereum underwent a similar trend, leading to its massive rally in 2021, Bitget CEO Gracy Chen told Business Insider. Advertisement"The Ordinals protocol enabled the growth of memecoins on the bitcoin blockchain, leading to a surge in liquidity within the BTC ecosystem in record time. That's based on the Total Value Locked, or the amount of assets staked on the bitcoin protocol. However, even a twofold weaker surge could still result in a fivefold increase in the leading cryptocurrency's value," Chen wrote in a note.
Persons: Gracy Chen, , Chen, That's, ethereum, Mining Brian Wright, there's Organizations: Ethereum, Service, BTC, ETH, cryptominers, Mining, Galaxy Locations: memecoins, bitcoin
During my sophomore year at Duke University, I decided to move to France for a sixth-month pastry school. Since studying at pastry school, I've worked as a pastry chef and have been building a baking TikTok account alongside my degree. While at pastry school, I started making baking content on TikTokI downloaded the TikTok app a month before going to pastry school. I think it's cool I've been able to supplement my pastry work with money from content creation. Content creation has helped me to pay for more of my expenses.
Persons: , Allison Chen, I've, Ducasse, I'd, It's, I'm, doesn't Organizations: Service, Duke University, Business, Duke, I'd, YouTube Locations: New York, France, France France, Paris, TikTok
The New ChatGPT Offers a Lesson in A.I. Hype
  + stars: | 2024-05-31 | by ( Brian X. Chen | )   time to read: +1 min
When OpenAI unveiled the latest version of its immensely popular ChatGPT chatbot this month, it had a new voice possessing humanlike inflections and emotions. The new ChatGPT was released without most of its new features, including the improved voice (which the company told me it postponed to make fixes). Amid the delay, the company also deactivated the ChatGPT voice that some said sounded like the actress Scarlett Johansson, after she threatened legal action, replacing it with a different female voice. For now, what has actually been rolled out in the new ChatGPT is the ability to upload photos for the bot to analyze. The bot can also do real-time language translations, but ChatGPT will respond in its older, machine-like voice.
Persons: OpenAI, Scarlett Johansson
Advertisement"We always have loved this idea of a super simple product that's really just for you and your friends," Sharp told BI. "There's not any real public discovery surface inside of Retro," Sharp said. Advertisement"What's most important to us is that we build a sustainable business, whether that's venture scale or not," Sharp said. "You can complete your feed in Retro," Olson said. Courtesy of Retro"There are a few places where we've chosen comfort over — or perhaps to the detriment of — the growth of the product or the business," Olson said.
Persons: , Nathan Sharp, Sharp, Ryan Olson, Olson, that's, Mike Krieger, Kevin Systrom, Sam Lessin, A16z's Andrew Chen, Adam Mosseri, Retro's, It's, Olson didn't, you'd, Marissa Mayer's Organizations: Service, Retro, Business, Lone Palm Labs, Retro's, Facebook, Meta, Instagram Labs Locations: Silicon
The Israeli military says it has established “operational control” over the Philadelphi Corridor, a 14-kilometer (8.7-mile) buffer zone on the Egypt-Gaza border. "In the last few days, Israel established operational control over the Philadelphi Corridor," Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari said at a press briefing on Wednesday. The official said the 20 tunnels crossed into Egypt, some of which are new, and Egypt has been informed. Hagari said this route was used to transfer weapons and that the Israeli military found and destroyed weapons there. On Monday, an Egyptian security personnel was killed on the border with Gaza in a shooting that involved Egyptian and Israeli soldiers.
Persons: Daniel Hagari, Hagari, Israel Organizations: Israel Defense Forces, IDF, CNN Locations: Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Rafah, Egypt’s
Demand for whale meat in JapanOver the years, Kyodo Senpaku has launched aggressive public relation campaigns to promote whale meat and win over new generations of young diners. We would react very badly to that.”The owner of a whale meat shop shows a block of whale meat at the Karato fish market in Shimonoseki city. Yuichi Yamazaki/AFP/Getty ImagesThis picture taken on May 20, 2024 shows whale meat sashimi at a 'Nisshinmaru' whale meat restaurant in Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture. Located in deep waters surrounding the entire continent of Antarctica, the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary hosts dozens of whale species including humpbacks, blue whales and fin whales. “It’s called the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary for a reason – you don’t kill whales there,” Watson said.
Persons: Tokyo CNN —, Hideki Tokoro, , ” Tokoro, Hideko Tokoro, Hanako Montgomery, Paul Watson, , Daisuke Urakami, Ari Friedlaender, Sutton Hibbert, Shutterstock, ” Donald Rothwell, Yoshimasa Hayashi, Francois Gohier, ” WCA, Tokoro, Nobuhiro Kishigami, ” Kishigami, “ It’s, Yuichi Yamazaki, Mitsuhiro Kishimoto, Juan Barreto, Takaaki Sakamoto, Captain Paul Watson, aren’t, James Anderson, ” Rothwell, Watson, CNN he’s, ” Watson Organizations: Tokyo CNN, Kyodo, CNN, Yomiuri Shimbun, , International Whaling Commission, IWC, International Convention, Whaling, Australian National University, ANU, Cetacean, Kyodo Senpaku, South Korea –, National Museum of Ethnology, Getty, Shimonoseki City University, Whale, Whaling Affairs, Japan’s Fisheries Agency, Captain Paul Watson Foundation, Whale Defense Agency Locations: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kangei, Japan, Norway, Iceland, Nisshin, Gulf of Maine, North, Russia, Thailand, South, Osaka, Shimonoseki, AFP, Yamaguchi, Gerlache, Antarctica,
The term "Asian American" was first coined in 1968 amid the rising voices of the Third World Liberation Front student movements in California. With tensions from protests against the Vietnam War and calls for universities to invest in ethnic studies programs, the Asian American identity was born out of advocacy for multiethnic unity among the Asian diaspora. Historical photographs showcase the history of Asian American resistance movements from the 1960s to the 1980s, demonstrating the strength and resilience of the Asian American community among tenants, students, and laborers. For the next five years, Filipino and Mexican American workers continued to strike for economic justice for all farm workers. AdvertisementThe same year, Yuji Ichioka and Emma Gee, both graduate students and key organizers of the Asian American Political Alliance, coined the term "Asian American."
Persons: Delano, Cesar Chevez's Huelga, Julio Hernandez, Larry Itliong, Cesar Chavez, Gerald French, Chavez, Ted Streshinsky, Slava J, Garth Eliassen, Yuji Ichioka, Emma Gee, Dave Randolph, Sheriff Richard Hongisto, Terry Schmitt, Emil de Guzman, May Chen, Walter Leporati, Chol Soo Lee, Yip Yee Tak, Lee, John O'Hara, Chol, Lee's, Jerry Telfer, Vincent Chin, Vincent, Lily Chin, Detroit . Chin, Ronald Ebens, Michael Nitz, Ebens, Helen Zia, Victor Yang, Chin, Chin's Organizations: Liberation, Business, American, Agricultural Labor, Committee, Delano, Getty, Labor, National Farm Workers Association, United Farm Workers, Migratory Labor, National Farm Workers, University of California, University of California Regents, Black Student Union, UC Berkeley, Asian American Political Alliance, San Francisco State University, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, . Police, Chinatown Community Development Center, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Images Garment Worker, Ladies Garment Workers Union, International Ladies Garment Workers Union, San, Korean American Journalists Association, Asian, Lee Defense, Hall of Justice, The, American Citizens, Justice, Department of Justice, FBI Locations: California, Vietnam, Asia, San Francisco, Mexican, Bakersfield , California, Spanish, Washington, Delano, Sacramento, American, Berkeley, Berkeley , California, Africa, America, San, Los Angeles, Kearny, New York, Chinatown, Columbus, councilmen, San Quentin, Detroit ., Detroit
But a closer look at the bylines populating the local site and a national network of others — Sarah Kim, Jake Rodriguez, Mitch M. Rosenthal — reveals a tiny badge with the words “AI.” These are not real bylines. The outlet, Hoodline, is not the first or only news site to harness AI. Sports Illustrated deleted several articles from its website after they were found to have been published under fake author names. Keeping local news aliveOn Hoodline’s network of local news sites, it is difficult to find an article not written by the software. But the transformation at Hoodline shows that bigger solutions are needed to keep vital local news reporting alive.
Persons: Sarah Kim, Jake Rodriguez, Mitch M, Rosenthal —, , Hoodline, ” Zachary Chen, ” Chen, “ Nina, Mark Graham, Peter Adams, , ” Adams, Chen, Danielle Coffey, ” Coffey, That’s, Felix Simon, ” Simon, Simon, Benjamin Toff, Hoodline San Francisco ’, Nuala, ” Bishari Organizations: CNN, Media, Tech, Gannett, Internet, Wayback Machine, News Literacy, LinkedIn, Media Alliance, News Corp, Reuters Institute for, Journalism, University of Oxford, Research, University of Minnesota, San Francisco Chronicle Locations: embarrassments, San Francisco, Philippines, Hoodline San
With a month left before drivers start being charged to enter Midtown and downtown Manhattan under New York City’s congestion pricing plan, a new group of challengers is joining a crowded field of critics: truckers. “It’s simply the way that trucks are being targeted.” The suit was filed in federal court in Manhattan. The congestion pricing plan, scheduled to start June 30, will charge fees to most vehicles entering Manhattan on or below 60th Street. Passenger vehicles entering the zone will be charged up to $15 once a day, with some exceptions. Commercial trucks will be charged $24 or $36 per entry, depending on the size of the vehicle and the time of day.
Persons: , Kendra Hems, “ It’s Organizations: Trucking Association of New Locations: Midtown, Manhattan, New York, Trucking Association of New York
However, the average millennial reported roughly $63,000 in retirement savings so far. While millennials will need more money to retire comfortably, many are far away from the savings milestone experts suggest. What's more, the future of the US Social Security system is uncertain, and longer expected lifespans — while a positive development — will require more retirement savings. How to figure out how much retirement savings you needTiffany Bell, a 36-year-old business management professional based in Houston, didn't always take retirement savings seriously. How millennials can get their retirement savings back on trackWhile some millennials are struggling financially, it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to their retirement prospects.
Persons: Nathaniel Hudson, Hartman, millennials, Tiffany Bell, didn't, Bell, she's, they're, Chris Chen, Chen, Judi Leahy, it's, Leahy, NerdWallet, Bell —, , X, What's, Nilay Gandhi, Roth, Rita Assaf, Assaf, Gandhi Organizations: Business, Northwestern Mutual, Pew, US Social Security, Fidelity, Financial, Citi, Wealth Management, Vanguard, Big, CFP, Roth IRA, Fidelity Investments, Savings, Hudson Locations: Portland, Houston, New York, Montana
Spain, Ireland and Norway are set to formally recognize a Palestinian state today — a move that will bolster the global Palestinian cause but has further strained relations between Europe and Israel. Nations that don't include staunch allies of Israel such as the United States and Germany. On May 10, a non-binding vote at the UN General Assembly showed overwhelming international support for an independent Palestinian state, leaving the US and a few of Israel’s allies isolated. Israel and the US maintain that a Palestinian state should only be established through a negotiated settlement. It comes after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately halt its military operation in Rafah.
Persons: Israel Organizations: Palestinian, United Nations, European, UN, Assembly, US, International Court of Justice Locations: Spain, Ireland, Norway, Europe, Israel, United States, Germany, Palestinian, Gaza, Rafah
The global semiconductor industry is set to experience "groundbreaking changes," Citi said, naming stocks to play the theme. Here are six stocks from Citi's list, which stand out for having substantial upside potential, according to FactSet's consensus price targets. Nvidia Among Citi's list of top stocks is investor darling Nvidia . Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix South Korean tech giants Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix also made Citi's list. Citi also noted that SK Hynix is looking forward to stronger supplies of HBM3E chips through to 2025, "in line with the customer's roadmap."
Persons: Atif Malik, ASMPT, Kevin Chen, Takayuki Naito, Ibiden, Hynix, Peter Lee, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Citi, Nvidia, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Franklin FTSE, Franklin FTSE Hong Kong ETF, BlackRock Future Tech ETF, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix South, SK Hynix, Korea ETF, Franklin FTSE South Korea ETF Locations: Hong Kong, Franklin FTSE Hong, SK Hynix South Korean, Korea, Franklin FTSE South
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNo relief on the horizon for home prices, says Redfin's Chen ZhaoChen Zhao, Redfin Senior economist, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk the state of the housing market and the rising cost of home prices.
Persons: Redfin's Chen Zhao Chen Zhao, Redfin
During recent military drills with Cambodia, China’s military showed off a robot dog with an automatic rifle mounted on its back, essentially turning man’s best (electronic) friend into a killing machine. The latter part of the video also shows an automatic rifle mounted under a six-rotor aerial drone, illustrating what the video says is China’s “variety of intelligent unmanned equipment.”Military use of robot dogs – and of course small aerial drones – is nothing new. And the dogs have been popping up on China’s heavily regulated social media for at least a year. According to the state-run Global Times, the presence of the robotic dogs at exercises with foreign militaries indicates an advanced stage of development. “Usually, a new equipment will not be brought into a joint exercise with another country, so the robot dogs must have reached a certain level of technical maturity,” Global Times quoted an unnamed expert as saying.
Persons: Chen Wei Organizations: CNN, US Air Force, Management, Commerce Ministry, People’s Liberation Army, Times, Global Times Locations: Cambodia, China, Lao, Malaysian, Thai, Ukraine
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