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Related VideoStill, those 50-64 were most likely to work fully remotely, while those 20-29 were least likely. That means they can afford to be fully remote and might feel really comfortable doing things on their own," Barrero said. So that muscle memory might push them to come in more often than younger workers who embrace hybrid." Indeed, many older workers BI has spoken to are divided on whether they want to be in-office or at home — but they're willing to leave roles that don't cater to their preferences. Do you strongly prefer in-office or remote work?
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Millennials are powering the continued remote work boom, and are more likely to be remote. While Gen Zers and boomers want to go in, millennials are opting to work from home. Going into the office is a desire that cuts across generational lines, unifying groups that aren't often in alignment: Gen Zers, Gen Xers, and boomers. That data paints a clearer picture of how remote work has created new segments of workers. Of course, remote work has been life-changing for some .
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He said he didn't have the self-discipline for remote work and likes being around people. He found during those couple of weeks that something that makes remote work appealing to many — the ability to structure time away from the eyes of coworkers — didn't really work for him. Remote work is "just not for me," he said. For many people, remote work has allowed them to flex their autonomy over their working conditions and lives. But for Bond, who worried about self-discipline and a lack of separation between home and work, working in person became his ideal.
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