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AdvertisementSpeed and ease — that's how generative AI is changing the game for finance professionals. In a survey of 780 banking and capital-markets employees by Accenture Research, 62% of respondents expect generative AI to increase people's stress and burnout. "Employees with AI skills will replace people without AI skills," Andrew Chin, the chief AI officer at the $759 billion money manager AllianceBernstein, told BI. AdvertisementA data scientist at a midsize hedge fund told BI that generative AI models are a "superpower for coders." The firm's ultimate aim is to use generative AI to replicate the success of its best bankers for all advisors.
Persons: Christina Melas, Rowe Price's Sébastien, Eric Burl, Alyssa Powell, Thomas H, Lee, Keri Smith, Smith, Ken Griffin, They've, Goldman Sachs, Marco Argenti, Argenti, It's, I've, drudge, Andrew Chin, AllianceBernstein, Lisa Donahue, Donahue, Jobs, who's, He's, he'd, ChatGPT, Accenture's Smith Organizations: Bain Capital Ventures, Management, Business, Bain Capital, Man Group, Accenture Research, Finance, Wall Street, Blackstone, Sigma, Citadel, Milken Institute Global Conference, Excel, Accenture, Northern Trust, Citibank, Citi, JPMorgan Locations: New York City, New York
Clift told me when we met earlier this year in Singapore. Advertisement"The Cave is arguably the most distinctive fine dining experience in Bali," Widyasari said. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderThe restaurant has 22 seats, so I made a dinner reservation a few weeks before my trip. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderGetting ready for dinnerOn the night of my visit, it was a full house. Amanda Goh/Business InsiderThe first course was a bite-sized crispy pancake topped with bechamel, truffle, and egg-yolk gel.
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New York-based Hudson River Trading is best known for its market-making capabilities. Hudson River Trading winning any trade over its competitors, like Citadel Securities, Virtu, and Jane Street, comes down to its pricing engine. To help it get there, Hudson River Trading turned to Google Cloud, where its quants have been conducting their research for several months without the constraints of an on-premise environment. "Google Cloud allows us to do that without limits to computing power." Advertisement"In other words, what I'm saying is that we need to predict the future of the stock market," Dunning said.
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Eyes closed, she listened as the Mercato Partners cofounder Greg Warnock stepped into the living room of his houseboat. Before starting Mercato, Warnock bought a large stake in a chemical-distribution business and made his first few millions in the acquisition. For an aspiring investor in Silicon Slopes, Mercato Partners seemed the place to be. They say the complaints from female Mercato employees are emblematic of religious and social norms that place women in the home. Mercato Partners no longer promotes Savory Fund or Prelude on its website following an organizational shake-up.
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CNN —Like its titular tornados, “Twisters” blasts through a lot in its 122-minute runtime. Generally, scientists are the least certain about the connection between tornadoes and climate change as it’s unclear how warming temperatures are changing storms themselves or the outbreaks. Cathy, a local farmer, gripes that storms and floods are becoming more frequent, and the price of wheat more expensive, while stopping short of citing climate change. However, for a film populated by scientists and clued-in citizens to not mention climate change is a little like the twisters themselves: there’s a hole at the center. !”“Making a ‘Twisters’ movie in Tornado Alley during storm season, tornado season, it’s kind of perfect.
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It's a juicy prize for winning a generative AI coding competition hosted by Inriver's owners, private equity firm Thomas H. Lee. It's one way the Boston-based buyout firm has been able to implement generative AI coding assistants among its portfolio of middle-market companies. The goal is to accelerate software development so that portfolio companies can do more work with the same amount of resources. He also persists that deploying generative AI coding assistants is not a cost exercise, but a means to productivity. Now, the key for the SRG is educating portfolio companies on what problems AI can fix and which it can't.
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Earnings season is revving up, and Bank of America has picked out a series of stocks to buy in advance of their quarterly reports. CNBC Pro combed through top research from Bank of America to find buy-rated stocks ahead of earnings. Other positive catalysts include "higher power prices, upward revisions to transmission revenues [and] accretive asset sales," Pereira wrote. Meanwhile, competition remains fierce from the likes of Nvidia , but Arya said he's standing by Broadcom's "best-in-class management team." … It commands ~83% market share & we think it stands to further dominate the space as metal card issuance soars.
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Against that already grim backdrop, photos and videos of a dead Malayan tiger went viral on social media in late June. It was the fourth Malayan tiger killed by a vehicle collision between November 2023 and May 2024, according to authorities. Video Ad Feedback In Thailand, these tigers are coming back with a roar 04:04 - Source: CNNEight-year planThe Malayan tiger was recognized as a subspecies in 2004. In an eight-year National Tiger Conservation Action Plan released in collaboration with non-profit groups in 2020, Malaysian officials outlined priorities such as conservation tools and a “National Physical Plan” to aid conservation efforts. CNN has reached out to official wildlife agencies for further comment about recent tiger conservation efforts.
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Now, a new study has found those who experience more gratitude also have a lower risk of dying. The researchers used data from the Nurses’ Health Study, which included nearly 50,000 women between ages 69 and 96 who completed a six-item gratitude questionnaire in 2016. The researchers controlled for factors such as psychological well-being, health issues and other demographics including social and religious participation. There’s no clear consensus on how often one should practice gratitude, Simon-Thomas said. Having more gratitude has also been linked to being more optimistic in general, and people who express higher levels of gratitude tend to look more for the good in life, Watkins added.
Persons: , Tyler VanderWeele, John L, Loeb, Frances Lehman Loeb, VanderWeele, “ It’s, ” VanderWeele, Philip Watkins, Watkins, Emiliana Simon, Thomas, , Simon, it’s, , ” Simon, ” Watkins Organizations: CNN, Nurses, Harvard, Chan, of Public Health, Human, Initiative, Health, Spirituality, Eastern Washington University, Greater Good Science, University of California, “ Research Locations: , Boston, United States, Berkeley
Read previewA supercentenarian expert shared with Business Insider the nine things people who live to 110 and beyond have in common. Be resilientBeing resilient and able to endure hard times is one of the key predictors of longevity in supercentenarians, Lindberg said. Be spiritualSpirituality, meaning believing in something greater than ourselves versus following a specific religion, is also very common among the supercentenarians that Lindberg has studied. AdvertisementMaintain a healthy weight"There haven't really been any obese supercentenarians," Lindberg said. Dr. Robert Waldinger, the study's lead researcher, previously told BI that healthy relationships had a surprisingly large impact on people's odds of living longer.
Persons: , Jimmy Lindberg, Linberg, Lindberg, Joseph Maroon, Robert Waldinger, Rose Anne Kenny Organizations: Service, Business, Financial Times, Complutense University of Madrid, Harvard, Chan, of Public Health, JAMA, BMI, US Centers for Disease Control, CDC, Development, Trinity College Dublin
Max Levchin, Affirm's CEO and a PayPal alum, shares advice for founders considering going public. As a buy-now, pay-later company, Affirm's business model was built on the promise of repayment as it enabled consumers to finance their online purchases. As the pipeline of IPOs starts to build up again, including the anticipated debut of Affirm's buy-now, pay-later rival Klarna, Business Insider spoke with Levchin about Affirm's IPO. It's not uncommon to see startups hiring executives such as a president or CFO in anticipation of going public. Since Affirm's CFO and chief legal officer largely spearheaded the IPO process, Levchin said he was left to focus on the company's short- and long-term plans for the capital.
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To determine the best books of the 21st century , The New York Times Book Review and The Upshot polled hundreds of literary luminaries. Stephen King Stephen King has written more than 60 books, many of which have been adapted for film and television. Min Jin Lee Min Jin Lee has written two novels: FREE FOOD FOR MILLIONAIRES and PACHINKO, which was one of The Times’s 10 Best Books of 2017. Scott Turow Scott Turow is an attorney and writer best known for legal thrillers like PRESUMED INNOCENT and THE BURDEN OF PROOF. DU BOIS, was one of The Times’s 10 Best Books of 2021.
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Advertisement'Naked resignation'One popular phrase on Chinese social media is "两点一线," which translates to "two points, one line." And discussion is rife on Chinese social media about 裸辞 — a term that translates, quite literally, to "naked resignation." Examples seen in BI's search of the keyword included "how much to save before naked resignation," "three things to consider before naked resignation," and "20 jobs to try after naked resignation." Advertisement"There are articles on Chinese social media criticizing gap years," she said, "arguing that it is a Western concept that does not adapt well to Chinese society." "There's a popular internet buzzword among Chinese young people, "Gai溜子," which can be roughly translated to "drifter" on the street," Lim added.
Persons: , Jack Porteous, Tong, Porteous, aren't, Laurence Lim, Sally Maier, Yip, Qilai Shen, Lim, It's, Jack Ma, Qu Jing, Jenny Chan, Gen, Gai 溜 Organizations: Service, Business, Tong Global, Twitter, Publishing, Getty, Cherry, Consulting, Pictures, National Bureau of Statistics, Baidu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University Locations: China, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Europe
Hong Kong CNN —There are a lot of princesses at Hong Kong Disneyland, but not the ones you think. Hair carefully coiffed, and in full makeup Liang Xiaoyu, 18, is dressed for a day out at Hong Kong Disneyland. Noemi Cassanelli/CNNAnd at Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney characters aren’t the sole fashion inspiration for dedicated fans. Li Mengru, 27, poses for a picture during an interview with CNN, at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland on June 7, 2024. Yang Yushen, who also goes by Kris, and his partner Jimmy Redinger like the romantic side of Hong Kong Disneyland.
Persons: “ Duffy, , Liang Xiaoyu, Noemi Cassanelli, CNN Liang, Mary Janes, Duffy, Qin Wuxiao, Jessie, it’s, Charmy Chan, Yanni Chung, Judy, Nick Wilde, , Chan, CNN Oscar Yim, Captain America, Marvel, CNN Jing Hongche, Li Sitan, CNN Charmy Chan, Chung, Li Mengru, Chen Xinyu, Li, Chen, Linda Lee, CNN Li, Cassanelli, Yang Yushen, Kris, Jimmy Redinger, Ankh Wong, Kris Yang, Yang, Zootopia, Hercules ”, Redinger, Disney, Mariko Otomo, Nozomi Yasuda, Yuka Izawa, CNN Otomo, China’s “ meng ”, Mariko Otomo kitted, Deng Chundan, CNN Deng Chundan, Le, Godiva, Chow Tai, Gen, ” Shen Jing, CNN Linda Lee, CNN Chen Xinyu, CNN Lee, CNN Chen, lacy Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Disney, CNN, Hong Kong Baptist University, USA, Captain, Hong Kong Disneyland, Marvel, , Hong, Hong Kong Tourism, Hong Kong Locations: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hong, China’s Fujian, Guangdong, Japan, Arendelle, Tomorrowland, Tsim Sha Tsui, China, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Grizzly Gulch, United States, Chinese, Hebei, Asia, Hangzhou
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing celebrates the 24th anniversary of its listing on June 21, 2024. "We are seeing more of these [U.S. dollar] funds, they are moving back to Hong Kong. "I would say if the interest rate can be further cut down, 1% maybe, that would have a significant effect on the IPO market," Chan said. Hong Kong IPO returns are improving. "These things added together are projecting an upward trend for the Hong Kong market [in the] next 5 years."
Persons: George Chan, Chan, EY, Hong Kong, Marcia Ellis, Morrison Foerster, Hong Kong IPOs, China IPOs, Bonnie Chan, EY's George Chan, EY's Chan Organizations: Hong Kong Exchanges, China News Service, Getty, CNBC, Information, HK, China Securities Regulatory, Hong Kong . Investors, U.S . Federal Reserve, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong, Hong Kong Locations: BEIJING, Hong Kong, China, U.S, Shanghai, Hong, Greater China
Jimmy Tsui, a former member of the Sun Yee On triad in Hong Kong and Tung On in New York City's Chinatown, breaks down 12 Chinese organized-crime scenes in movies and TV shows based on realism. Tsui also looks at scenes in New York City's Chinatown, such as the rivalry between two Tong associations in "The Corruptor," with Mark Wahlberg and Chow Yun-fat; and the gambling-house scene in "Year of the Dragon." Tsui also explains the rituals and hierarchy of the triads, such as the initiation-ceremony scene in "Election" (2005) and the voting scene in "The Brothers Sun" E7, starring Michelle Yeoh. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now.
Persons: Jimmy Tsui, Tsui, Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Chow Yun, Leslie Cheung, Jet Li, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Jason Statham, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Yeoh Organizations: Sun, Irish, San, Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs, Business Locations: Hong Kong, Tung, New York, Chinatown, United States, San Francisco
“Diet soft drinks were the key contributor to ultraprocessed food consumption. The NOVA classification system sorts foods from minimally processed — whole foods such as fruits and vegetables — to processed foods such as deli meat and sausage — to ultraprocessed. The study found that people who consumed the most ultraprocessed food were younger and heavier, and had an overall poorer quality of diet than those who ate fewer ultraprocessed foods. “If anything, we are probably underestimating ultraprocessed food consumption in our study because we’re being very conservative,” Loftfield said. “However, all categories of ultraprocessed food were associated with increased risk.”Choosing more minimally processed foods is a one way to limit ultraprocessed foods in one’s diet, Loftfield said.
Persons: Erikka Loftfield, ” Loftfield, , Carlos Monteiro, Brazil’s University of São Paulo, Monteiro, Loftfield, Rosie Green, Anastasiia, Green, , Mingyang, Harvard University’s Organizations: CNN, National Cancer Institute, , Brazil’s University of São, NOVA, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, American Society for Nutrition, US National Institutes of Health, AARP Diet, Health, London School of Hygiene, Tropical Medicine, Harvard, Harvard University’s TH Chan, of Public Health Locations: Bethesda , Maryland, Chicago
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. While the Amazon founder made waves last year with the debut of his megayacht Koru, Zuckerberg is the name on the yacht world's lips this season. Rumors began surfacing in March that the Meta CEO had purchased Launchpad — a Dutch-built, 118-meter motor yacht originally built for a Russian oligarch. AdvertisementNow that summer is here, Zuckerberg has debuted Launchpad — and her support superyacht Wingman — on the biggest stage in the yachting world: the Mediterranean. It's likely the yacht will continue to crisscross the Mediterranean this summer.
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Along the way, "I had this idea for the breakup bootcamp," she says, a place where people who'd recently gone through a breakup could find solace and comfort together. Despite writing out the vision for breakup bootcamp in 2015, "I was too scared" to make it happen immediately, she says. That's why, now, her best advice for turning your passion into a career is "whatever it is," she says, "just launch it." Finally, in February 2017, she launched the first breakup bootcamp. They laid out a potential career path as a breakup coach and, in August 2017, she finally left her job in marketing to launch into her relationship-oriented career full-time.
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The debate between Donald J. Trump and President Biden had analysts in Asia fretting. During Thursday night’s debate, President Biden told former President Donald J. Trump that the United States is the “envy of the world.”After watching their performance, many of America’s friends might beg to differ. In Europe and Asia, the back-and-forth between the blustering Mr. Trump and the faltering Mr. Biden set analysts fretting — and not just about who might win the election in November. Image Mr. Biden leaving the debate stage. Kasit Piromya, Thailand’s foreign minister from 2008 to 2011 and a former ambassador to the United States, lamented the state of American politics.
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Read previewAs a kid, Rob Chisholm was not drawn to the fast-paced, jet-setting life of a Wall Street banker. Well, maybe if I wanted to be an investment banker or something, I would care about that, Chisholm remembers thinking. Chisholm, on the other hand, is very open about his unorthodox path to Wall Street and the resulting feelings of being an outsider. AdvertisementWhen Chisholm was in college, he rejected the "cliche" of going to an Ivy League and getting a job on Wall Street. At the time, Chisholm admitted, Wall Street seemed like the "complete opposite in terms of the culture and the incentives" he thought he wanted.
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Sewell Chan, the editor in chief of The Texas Tribune, will become the next executive editor of the Columbia Journalism Review. Mr. Chan, 46, has helmed The Tribune, a pioneering nonprofit newsroom, since October 2021. He will join CJR on Sept. 16, the publication announced on Thursday. CJR, which covers the media industry, has been published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism since 1961. “It’s always been an intellectual leader in our field, especially on news ethics and decision-making,” Mr. Chan told The New York Times.
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Courtesy of Louie ChanWhen the COVID-19 pandemic started, I heard there was a bigger need than usual for travel nurses. I decided to take a leap of faith, leave my family behind, and move to Texas for my first gig as a travel nurse. A typical travel nursing job lasts 13 weeks, and the rates fluctuateHospitals bring in travel nurses because they're short-staffed. Related storiesBecause travel nurses live away from home, we're given a tax-free stipend that covers housing and meals. I've always been interested in living in another country like Japan or Australia and would consider taking a travel nursing job abroad.
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A bank employee count China’s renminbi (RMB) or yuan notes next to U.S. dollar notes at a Kasikornbank in Bangkok, Thailand, January 26, 2023. Beijing has long touted its ambitions for increasing global use of the Chinese yuan — also known as the "renminbi" or "RMB" — in an international financial market where the U.S. dollar is the dominant currency. watch nowLast year, the HKEX announced a "Dual-Counter" program that allows investors to trade Hong Kong-listed securities in Hong Kong dollars or Chinese yuan. The euro was slightly higher at 5.6%, while the U.S. dollar dominated with a nearly 85% share, the data showed. A maturing financial marketDeveloping more Chinese yuan-denominated investment products also requires a maturation of the local financial sector.
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She took one look at me and said, "Yup, you got the classic presentation of browntail moth rash." The browntail moth caterpillar lives in treesI first heard about browntail moths from my kids' preschool. The caterpillars' hairs contain a toxin that, when brushed against skin, produces a poison ivy-like rash that is incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. I didn't touch an actual caterpillarWhat's tricky about browntail moth is that you don't necessarily need to come in contact with it to get the rash. My dermatologist said she's been seeing an increasing number of patients with browntail moth rashes.
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