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He has admitted fabricating much of his biography, and federal prosecutors accuse him of laundering campaign funds and defrauding donors. At least 77 Republicans, along with the chamber's 213 Democrats, will have to vote for expulsion to meet that threshold. House Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he had reservations about the vote, but had called on members of his party to "vote their conscience." On the House floor on Thursday, Santos said, "I have been convicted of no crimes. Before Santos' win in 2022, the district was represented by Democrat Tom Suozzi, who unsuccessfully ran for governor.
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CNN —The art of nodding off appears to have been mastered by breeding chinstrap penguins, who take more than 10,000 naps a day, with each nap lasting an average of four seconds, according to a new study. They observed that the penguins in the colony engaged in more than 600 bouts of microsleep an hour. A 1986 study found captive, nonbreeding emperor penguins to have fragmented sleep called “drowsiness,” which also resembles the microsleep pattern of the breeding chinstrap penguins. He added that through these short bursts of sleep the penguins could “sleep and remain vigilant” while incubating. “I think that’s why it’s important to study sleep.
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Until the embittered end, Henry Kissinger was one of the trusted few of a distrusting Richard Nixon. Political Cartoons View All 1273 Images“No doubt my vanity was piqued,” Kissinger later wrote of his expanding influence during Watergate. Two years later, Saigon fell to the communists, leaving a bitter taste among former U.S. allies who blamed Nixon, Kissinger and Congress for abandoning them. “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy,” Kissinger tells Nixon. And so they did — the Quaker-born Nixon, the Jewish-born Kissinger, on the floor, Nixon in tears about the unfairness of his fate.
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"This is bullying," Santos said at a news conference outside the Capitol. His fellow Republicans have scheduled a vote on his expulsion on Friday. Santos survived one expulsion vote earlier this month, but faces longer odds this time. Santos declined to comment on that report, but said he was not wearing anything purchased with campaign funds. Santos predicted he would be forced out in Friday's vote and said he was proud of his record in Congress.
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Political Cartoons View All 1274 ImagesNew Jersey's law banning smoking in public businesses specifically exempts Atlantic City's casinos. “I feel extremely confident that people will lose their jobs” under a total smoking ban. Support for a casino smoking ban is widespread among New Jersey lawmakers, with a bipartisan majority in both chambers, and Democratic Gov. Shreveport, Louisiana ended a smoking ban in its casinos in June. The casino industry opposes a smoking ban, saying it would lose customers and revenue if smoking were banned while still being allowed in casinos in nearby states.
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WASHINGTON — One of crypto's most powerful allies in Congress is fighting this week to make sure that an industry-backed regulation bill gets tacked on to the must-pass defense funding legislation. If he is successful, Rep. Patrick McHenry's (R-N.C.) hardball tactics could hand the cryptocurrency industry a big win. The bill is intended to clarify how crypto is regulated by federal agencies. But McHenry's bill has never been put to a vote in the full House, let alone in the Senate. Instead, McHenry, who chairs the Financial Services Committee, is pushing to attach his bill to the massive annual Pentagon funding measure the National Defense Authorization Act.
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky state Rep. Kevin Bratcher announced his plans Thursday to run for a Louisville Metro Council seat next year, which would culminate a long statehouse career that put the Republican lawmaker at the forefront of school safety, juvenile justice and a host of other issues. Bratcher has been a fixture in the Kentucky House since 1997. Bratcher becomes the second Louisville-area lawmaker within days to pass up a House reelection run to instead seek a metro council seat in 2024. Democratic state Rep. Josie Raymond announced similar plans to run for metro council in another district. Another lawmaker who announced recently that he won't seek reelection next year is Republican state Rep. Danny Bentley, who represents a district in northeastern Kentucky.
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In truth, negotiators have been working for months and hope to release the text of a final bill as soon as this week. The National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is one of the few major pieces of legislation Congress passes every year, a practice started in 1961. The Democratic-led Senate's version of the bill, which passed with broad support from both parties, did not address such issues. "The House bill includes several provisions to require accountability from this administration and to end the 'woke' policies being forced on service members by left-wing bureaucrats," Rogers said. Representative Adam Smith, the top House Armed Services Democrat, called for compromise, saying, "Threatening the ability of DoD to function as we force our way to get what we want is a dangerous game to play."
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Senate Republicans anticipate that a resolution is near to Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s holds on Pentagon promotions, 10 months into the standoff that has spurred frustrations throughout the chamber. “You just get the feeling that Sen. Tuberville is about to find an off-ramp,” Sen. Roger Wicker, the top Republican on the Senate Armed Service Committee, told reporters on Wednesday. And another alternative would involve Tuberville continuing his protest of the policy while some lower-level promotions are allowed to move forward. It remained unclear which path forward Tuberville would agree to to end his hold. But Senate Republicans broadly appeared eager to get things moving once again.
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Bitcoin coins are seen at a stand during the Bitcoin Conference 2023, in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S., May 19, 2023. REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBERLIN, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Germany's Bitcoin Group (ADE.DE) said on Wednesday it was taking measures to improve its internal control system, after the financial regulator BaFin ordered its subsidiary futurum bank to remedy shortcomings on money-laundering and terrorist financing. "The Bitcoin Group expressly points out that there are currently no indications of violations of money laundering and terrorist financing laws within the Group," the company said in a statement. On Tuesday, BaFin identified "severe deficits" at futurum bank involving its internal security measures, its fulfillment of due diligence obligations and its system for reporting suspicious activity. "We are actively working with BaFin to quickly address the criticized weaknesses in our internal processes, which have not kept pace with the company's growth in recent years," Bitcoin Group Chief Executive Marco Bodewein said in the statement.
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President Gerald Ford (left) and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talk together in the Oval Office, February 19, 1975. In his 2001 book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger," social critic Christopher Hitchens called him a war criminal. North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho (left) and US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger at the Paris peace talks, January 1973. Chairman Zedong of the People's Republic of China meets U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Nov. 12, 1973. On a helicopter during the period of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East, Henry Kissinger talks to his wife, Nancy.
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A view of the sign of Signa Holding on their headquarters in Vienna, Austria, November 6, 2023. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsVIENNA/FRANKFURT, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Property and retail giant Signa declared insolvency on Wednesday after last-ditch attempts to secure fresh funding failed, the biggest casualty so far of Europe's property crash. Signa blamed its problems on external factors affecting its property business and pressure on high-street shopping. Fuelled by low interest rates, billions were funneled into property, which was viewed as stable and safe. Weakness in commercial real estate in the United States as offices remain empty after the pandemic and the struggles of major property developers in China have focused global attention on the sector.
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The clean energy package, which was approved by Democrats in the Michigan Legislature this month, has been lauded by environmental groups. Of the 12% produced through renewable sources last year, most came from winds that sweep across the Great Lakes. Under the package, clean energy includes renewable sources along with nuclear energy and natural gas. Meeting the 50% renewable energy goal by 2030, and 60% five years later, will require a massive buildout of utility-scale renewable energy resources in Michigan. Public reaction to the Democrats’ ambitious energy plan could have wide-reaching implications for the party in 2024.
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It's a tradition known as a "death gratuity" that's been in place for at least 140 years. They were also handing over $174,000 to Katherine Feinstein, the daughter of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. But Katherine Feinstein, a former judge in San Francisco and the only child of the recently-deceased California Democrat, almost certainly does not need that money. AdvertisementIn 2021, NTUF calculated that gratuity payments have cost taxpayers more than $5.1 million since 2000. AdvertisementBusiness Insider reached out to Katherine Feinstein via her lawyers but did not receive a response.
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American Airlines aims to remove carbon from the atmosphere by working with a startup that stores bricks of plant material underground. The airline announced a deal with Graphyte on Tuesday to purchase credits equivalent to 10,000 tons of permanent carbon removal with delivery scheduled for early 2025. The plant material is dried to prevent decomposition and then converted into carbon dense bricks that are sealed with a polymer barrier. Plant byproducts from the agriculture and timber industries are typically burned or left to decompose, which returns carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This biomass material is equivalent to 3 billion tons of potential carbon dioxide removal annually, according to Graphyte.
Persons: Jill Blickstein, Bill Gates Organizations: Traffic, Miami International Airport, Miami , Florida . American Airlines, Graphyte, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, CNBC PRO Locations: Miami , Florida
Washington CNN —Elon Musk is an increasingly important player in global affairs and has been touring the world to meet with political leaders in recent months. “We can observe Elon Musk’s Twitter/X activity that he regularly consumes right-wing content and this increased during COVID-19,” Facciani said in an email. More recently, however, Musk’s ambitions have come a bit closer to earth and become far more concrete. There are many world leaders who hold extreme or far-right views, of course. Musk’s outbursts that contradict widely held international norms and values are meant for a specific internet audience that Musk mistakes for being representative of the wider world.
Persons: Washington CNN — Elon Musk, White supremacists, Musk, Benjamin Netanyahu, It’s, George Soros, Netanyahu, Matthew Facciani, , Elon, ” Facciani, Vladimir Putin, Rishi Sunak, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he’s, Ron DeSantis ’, Robert Kennedy Jr, , ” Musk, , reactionism Organizations: Washington CNN, Defamation League, Whites, White, The University of Notre Dame, Twitter, UK, Florida Republican Gov, United States Locations: Israel, Gaza, COVID, Ukraine, Crimea, Washington, United, Russia
New York CNN —Donald Trump urged a New York appeals court to continue to pause the gag order against him in his civil fraud trial, saying that threats to the judge and his law clerk do not “justify” limiting the former president’s constitutional right to defend himself. Lawyers for the New York attorney general’s office and the court last week urged the appeals court to put the gag order back in place following “serious and credible” threats that have inundated Judge Arthur Engoron’s chambers since the trial began in October. Trump’s attorneys wrote in a filing Monday that the former president has never threatened the judge or his principal law clerk and they can’t be held responsible for actions taken by others. At the time the appeals court judge said he would lift the gag order to allow a fuller panel of judges to weigh in given the constitutional issues at play. Nor have President Trump or his counsel ever made a statement referencing the Principal Law Clerk’s religion, appearance, or private activities,” they told the appeals court.
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Congress returns this week with a number of priorities to work through, as an end-of-year legislative sprint begins with an eye toward a jam-packed January. Indeed, the House already approved a funding package for Israel, though it’s tied to cuts to IRS funding that is a nonstarter for Democrats. 2 that likewise alienates Democrats has become central to the GOP immigration pitch, leaving the two chambers starkly opposed on key components of the supplemental package. With the dynamics at play, the package faces a tenuous path forward – and a tight deadline to get it done. But after the committee released the report, his removal – which would mark only the sixth expulsion in the history of the chamber – appears likely.
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Trump will be the final witness for the defense on Dec. 11, in the trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accusing him and his co-defendants of falsely inflating Trump's assets for financial gain. Trump's adult son and co-defendant Eric Trump is scheduled to testify Dec. 6, defense attorney Christopher Kise said. Trump Sr., Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. denied wrongdoing when they were previously questioned on the witness stand by lawyers for the state. But that shift "cannot be ascribed to President Trump's re-posting of a photograph the Principal Law Clerk herself first published," they argued. Charles Hollon, an officer in the Judicial Threats Assessment Unit of the New York Court System's Department of Public Safety.
Persons: Donald Trump, Judge Arthur F, Jane Rosenberg, Trump, Letitia James, Eric Trump, Christopher Kise, Donald Trump Jr, James, Arthur Engoron, Allison Greenfield, Engoron, Trump's, Greenfield's, Charles Hollon, Greenfield, Chuck Schumer, Hollon, voicemails Organizations: U.S, Trump Organization, Court, Reuters, New York, Manhattan, New, Court System's Department of Public Locations: New York, Manhattan, New York City, U.S
More than three dozen members of Congress have announced they will not seek re-election next year, some to pursue other offices and many others simply to get out of Washington. The wave of lawmakers across chambers and parties announcing they intend to leave Congress comes at a time of breathtaking dysfunction on Capitol Hill, primarily instigated by House Republicans. majority spent the past few months deposing its leader, waging a weekslong internal war to select a new speaker and struggling to keep federal funding flowing. The chaos has Republicans increasingly worried that they could lose their slim House majority next year, a concern that typically prompts a rash of retirements from the party in control. lawmakers who are opting to leave; Democrats, too, are rushing for the exits, with retirements across parties this year outpacing those of the past three election cycles.
Organizations: Congress, House Republicans Locations: United States, Washington
What Biden is asking forBiden's emergency request to Congress included aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, along with $14 billion to bolster the immigration system and border security. “It is unanimous that our broken immigration system is in dire need of reform,” Mayorkas said. Republicans have made clear that will not be addressed in this package, which they want to be more narrowly focused on border security measures. Republicans argue that Ukraine aid could be a tough sell to some of their voters, and the border policy is the compromise. It’s border security for Ukraine aid.”So far, leaders in both parties have encouraged the talks.
Persons: Joe Biden, Arizona Sen, Kyrsten, , Pramila, Biden, Donald Trump, Alejandro Mayorkas, ” Mayorkas, Illinois Sen, Dick Durbin, What's, Barack Obama, Democratic Sen, Chris Murphy of, ” Murphy, Arkansas Sen, Tom Cotton Organizations: WASHINGTON, , Republicans, House Democrats, Republican, Democratic, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Infrastructure, Homeland, U.S, Democrats, Trump, House Locations: Ukraine, U.S, Mexico, United States, Arizona, Washington, Venezuela, Israel, Russia, Illinois, Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Arkansas
And an infant, now all of 10 months, who has spent about a tenth of his life in captivity. They are among the more than 30 children abducted from their homes and taken to Gaza during the Hamas-led assault on southern Israel on Oct. 7. Almost a day after the deal was announced, the families had yet to receive any information from the authorities. Some, but perhaps not all, of the children are expected to be among the first hostages released in the coming days under a deal announced on Wednesday. Islamic Jihad, another armed group in Gaza, released the hostage video of Yagil Yaakov, 12, who was captured along with his brother Or, 16.
Persons: , Eylon Keshet, Kfir Bibas, Yarden, Shiri, Ariel, , Yael Engel Lichi, Ofir Engel, Little, Yocheved Lifshitz, Yagil Yaakov Organizations: Be’eri Locations: Gaza, Israel, Gaza’s
The court ruled the budget manoeuvre was incompatible with the debt restrictions enshrined in Germany's constitution. The pressure is even more intense as talks for next year's budget are on the final stretch. Highlighting the gravity of the situation, the government has already imposed a freeze on most new spending commitments on ministries. "German industry is looking at the current political situation with the greatest concern," said Siegfried Russwurm, president of the BDI industry association. One obstacle to reforming the debt brake, which restricts Germany's structural budget deficit to the equivalent of 0.35% of gross domestic product, has been Finance Minister Christian Lindner.
Persons: Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner, Robert Habeck, Chancellor Olaf Scholz's, Siegfried Russwurm, Holger Hansen, Christian Kraemer, Andreas Rinke, Madeline Chambers, Miranda Murray, Alex Richardson Organizations: Finance, Climate, Europe's, Social Democrat, Greens, Free Democrats, Fund, Reuters, Ukraine, Greens Economy, U.S, Intel, European, Thomson Locations: BERLIN, reallocating, Berlin, Ukraine
Their options include drawing up a supplementary budget for 2023 and suspending Germany's self-imposed debt brake before reinstating it for next year. "Our goal is to discuss the budget quickly but with due care," said a joint statement of ruling party lawmakers. The delay has heightened uncertainty about spending in all areas of the German economy and meant the 2024 budget might not be concluded before the end of the year. "I firmly assume that the commitments for Intel and TSMC will remain," a government source said, adding: "This is very important to the chancellor, as well as to the economy minister." This will happen in the course of next early 2024 and we will see how far hydrogen is available," CEO Miguel Lopez said.
Persons: Olaf Scholz, Christian Lindner, Robert Habeck, Olaf Scholz's, Scholz's, Siegfried Russwurm, TSMC, Scholz, Miguel Lopez, Holger Hansen, Christian Kraemer, Victoria Waldersee, Andreas Rinke, Madeline Chambers, Matthias Williams, Miranda Murray, Alex Richardson, Christina Fincher Organizations: Finance, Climate, Government, Ukraine Industry, Intel, TSMC, Wednesday, Social Democrat, Greens, Free Democrats, Fund, Eurasia Group, U.S, BMW, Volkswagen, Thomson Locations: TSMC BERLIN, Germany's, Ukraine, EU, Saxony, Anhalt, Berlin, Germany
RENO, Nev. (AP) — A judge has struck down an effort to enshrine reproductive rights, including abortion, in Nevada’s constitution, as abortion rights advocates in the western swing state attempt to follow other states in putting the question before voters in 2024. If allowed to proceed, Nevadans for Reproductive Rights would need just over 100,000 signatures to get the issue on the ballot. Abortion rights up to 24 weeks are already codified into Nevada law through a 1990 referendum vote, where two-thirds of voters were in favor. In Nevada, reproductive rights were central to Democratic campaigns in the 2022 midterms. Lawmakers in Nevada’s Democratic-controlled legislature are attempting to get reproductive rights including abortion access in front of voters on the 2026 ballot.
Persons: , James T, Russell, ” Russell, “ I’ve, Charles Russell, Kenny Guinn, Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden’s, Bradley Schrager, Lindsay Harmon, ” Jason Guinasso, Roe, Wade, Democratic U.S . Sen, Jacky Rosen, ____ Stern, Stern Organizations: Reno, Republican Gov, Reproductive Rights, Nevada, Coalition, Parents, Reproductive, Nevada Supreme, PAC, Supreme, Democratic, Democratic U.S ., Lawmakers, Nevada’s Democratic, Assembly, Associated Press, America Statehouse News Initiative, America Locations: RENO, Nev, Nevada’s, Carson City, Nevada, U.S, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Missouri, Arizona
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