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CNN —Luxury real estate development company Discovery Land Company (DLC) has quietly launched a multi-million-dollar, ultra-luxury residential community in Dubai, where the most expensive plot of land will cost up to $50 million. Discovery Dunes will be DLC’s debut ultra-luxury residency in the Middle East. Discovery Land CompanyCustomizable comfortPerhaps the most coveted aspect of the exclusive community is its scope for customization. “The villas here at Discovery Dunes are extremely customized,” a representative of Discovery Land Company told CNN in an interview. Discovery Dunes is the latest of DLC’s ’s planned projects in the region and across the globe, including new sites in Europe, Portugal and Central America.
Persons: Tom Fazio, , Mike Meldman, Olson Kundig – Organizations: CNN, Discovery Land Company, Discovery, Edition, Discovery Land, , San Locations: Dubai, , Discovery, Burj, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, San Diego, UAE, Burj Khalifa, Europe, Portugal, Central America
YouTube YouTube TikTok TikTok TikTok TikTok YouTube Visual Investigations How a Haitian Gang Is Trying to Turn Itself Into a Militia Dozens of 5 Segonn members dance in a music video. It’s typically carried by militaries and hasn’t been seen being used before by the 5 Segonn gang. It’s typically carried by militaries and hasn’t been seen being used before by the 5 Segonn gang. A group of 5 Segonn gang members dressed in tactical gear. TikTok TikTok TikTok TikTok YouTube YouTube YouTube TikTok TikTok On social media, Izo often posts videos of himself dancing and drinking.
Persons: hasn’t, Jovenel Moïse, Ariel Henry, Johnson André, TikTok, Izo, They’ve, Gustavo Petro, Moïse’s, Dimitri Hérard, Hérard, Izo’s Organizations: YouTube YouTube, Kenyan, The New York Times, Gang, PORT, PRINCE, Prince Bay Gang, Prince, Global, Transnational, Rights, Human Rights Defence Network, Human Rights, Integrated, YouTube, of, Los Angeles Crips, Toyota, Haitian National Police, Haitian Army, Times, Associated, The Justice Department, State Department, Facebook Locations: Belgian, Haiti, Port, Dominican Republic, Prince Bay HAITI, PRINCE HAITI, U.S, America, Dieu, Izo’s, United States, Colombia, Haitian, South, Central America, Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Izo, Western
Panama's Punta Pacifica skyline. From the coast, I could look out onto Punta Pacifica, where a grouping of tall buildings reached out to the clouds. McGowan said people always compare Punta Pacifica to dense cities like Miami, New York City, and Dubai. Central America Living refers to the neighborhood as a "mini-Dubai," and The New York Times said in 2014 that Punta Pacifica is "often called the Miami of Latin America." "I think Panama City and Punta Pacifica have matured enough now that it doesn't have to be compared.
Persons: Monica Humphries, McGowan Organizations: Pacifica, Punta Pacifica, Dubai ., Dubai . Central America, New York Times, Miami of Locations: Panama City, Miami, Casco Viejo, Panama, Punta, Miami , New York City, Dubai, Dubai . Central, Miami of Latin America
New research this week is adding fresh detail to one of paleontology’s biggest questions: Did dinosaur blood run hot or cold? Clues from fossilized eggshells and bones have now suggested that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded and others were not. Reinhard Dirscherl/ullstein bild/Getty ImagesMarine scientists have used artificial intelligence to decode previously unknown complexity in the calls of sperm whales. The whales produced a catalog of clicking sounds, which the researchers described as akin to a “phonetic alphabet” for sperm whales. What sperm whales are saying with their clicks remains a mystery to human ears, but understanding the scope of their vocal exchanges is an important step toward linking their calls with specific behavior.
Persons: Dinos, Davide Bonadonna, Jeff Lichtman, Reinhard Dirscherl, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ashley Strickland, Katie Hunt Organizations: CNN, Vigo, UCL, Google Research, Lichtman, Harvard University, Google, Harvard, Northern, Central America, Getty Images Marine, , Heritage, CNN Space, Science Locations: Universidade, North America, Scandinavia, Europe, Central, India, Dover, England
There were no women flying, there were no female airline pilots. A historic moment, kept secretRippelmeyer and Captain Emilie Jones before a flight with Air Illinois, where they became the first all-female crew of a scheduled flight in the United States. So that’s what we did.”It was December 30, 1977, and that was the first scheduled flight in the United States with an all-female crew – but it was kept a secret. At least, “since nobody died,” Lippenmeyer says, the two were no longer intentionally kept apart and flew together many more times. “My first 747 flight was to London and then my last 787 flight was to London,” she says.
Persons: CNN — Lynn Rippelmeyer’s, , , Rippelmeyer, Bonnie Tiburzi, Emily Warner, Frontier –, Emilie Jones, Lynn Rippelmeyer Rippelmeyer’s, — Emilie, ” Rippelmeyer, ” Lippenmeyer, Lynn Rippelmeyer, Ozark Air Lines —, Carl Hirschberg, we’d, that’s, doesn’t, ” “, I’m, furloughed, wasn’t, didn’t, ” – Organizations: CNN, TWA, Boeing, Piper, American Airlines, Frontier, Air Illinois, Air, Airlines, Ozark Air Lines, World Airlines, TWA –, People Express, People, London Gatwick, Continental, Central America, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Aviation Locations: Mississippi, Vermont, United States, Miami, Air Illinois, Air, JFK, , Newark, London, Polynesia, California, Texas, Houston, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central
It was his only day off from working 12-hour shifts at a Chinese restaurant in New York City. Evelio Contreras/CNNAfter arriving in New York, Ye spent a week in a Manhattan shelter. For Chinese asylum seekers like Ye, there is a well-trodden route to residency in the US. … It’s impossible for them to be spies.”But the rhetoric around the rise of undocumented Chinese migrants highlights growing tensions between the US and Chinese governments. He received permanent US residence a year later and has gone on to help Chinese migrants in Flushing.
Persons: Ye Chengxiang, , , Ye, Evelio Contreras, Amy Hsin, Jiang Zhen, Yong Xiong, Xi Jinping, Biden, Mark Green of, Wan Yanhai, , Jiang, “ It’s, I’m, Melanie Stetson Freeman, ’ Wan, Flushing . Li Jiada, Li Jiada, Jesus, Li Organizations: NY CNN, Central America, CNN, Queens College, Customs and, Embassy, Central, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, Republicans, Republican, House Homeland Security Committee, Communist Party, Christian Science, Customs Enforcement, of, Yorker Locations: Flushing, NY, New York City, China, Communist, Ye, States, Colombia, Darien, South, Central, New York, Manhattan, Flushing’s, Sunset, Mexico, Central America, Queens, Hunan province, Guangdong, Chinatown, , Flushing , New York, San Francisco, Mark Green of Tennessee, Beijing, Flushing ., Flushing , Queens
And it’s an alarming signal as some scientists warn 2024 is on track to be be even hotter still. Under the Paris Agreement in 2015, countries agreed to restrict global warming to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Using data taken from temperature instruments during this period, the scientists found the Northern Hemisphere summer in 2023 was 2.07 degrees Celsius warmer than the pre-industrial period. To do this, they used detailed sets of tree ring records from thousands of trees across nine regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America and Scandinavia, but excluding the Tropics which lack good tree data. While the study can place the extraordinary Northern Hemisphere heat into historical context, it cannot be applied on a global scale, Esper said.
Persons: Bruna Casas, don’t, Richard A, Brooks, Jan Esper, , Kim Cobb, Esper, “ I’m, Laura Paddison Organizations: CNN, Northern, Central America, Getty, Johannes Gutenberg University, Brown University, Southern Hemisphere Locations: Paris, Northern, North America, Scandinavia, Europe, Central, Barcelona, Spain, Tokyo, AFP, Germany
Where to See the Northern Lights on Sunday Night
  + stars: | 2024-05-12 | by ( Amanda Holpuch | )   time to read: +1 min
The spectacular aurora borealis, the nighttime light display triggered by solar flares that has been so unusually prevalent since Friday, could be visible again on Sunday night in much of the United States as a powerful geomagnetic storm continues. The aurora borealis, or northern lights, has been observed from locations much farther south than usual, including much of the United States, England and some parts of Central America. The glowing green, pink and purple lights will be visible again on Sunday night in places with clear, dark skies, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center. “There’s a chance that what’s coming at us later today could be quite comparable to what we saw Friday into Friday night,” Mike Bettwy, the operations chief of the Space Weather Prediction Center, said on Sunday. “Our forecast is for it to be right up to that level.”
Persons: “ There’s, Mike Bettwy Organizations: Central America, National Oceanic, Prediction Locations: United States, England, Central
A Former Guantánamo Prisoner’s New Life
  + stars: | 2024-05-09 | by ( Carol Rosenberg | Natalie Keyssar | )   time to read: +1 min
On the 15th night of Ramadan in a suburb of Belize City, Majid Khan and his family of four sat down for a traditional iftar meal to break the daylight hours fast. There was a leg of a lamb that Majid, a former Guantánamo detainee, had slaughtered himself, sweets brought by a sister in Maryland, dates from Saudi Arabia. The talk was small, about whether the biryani dish was too spicy and how the lamb was perfectly roasted. For two decades, this family meal was not possible. He pleaded guilty and became a government cooperator — and, all that time, his wife waited for him in Pakistan.
Persons: Majid Khan, Majid, Hamza, Rabia, Manaal, Khan, Organizations: Central Locations: Belize City, Maryland, Saudi Arabia, Central American, Al Qaeda, Belize, Indonesia, United States, Guantánamo, Pakistan
AB InBev Budweiser and Bud Light brand beer cans at a store in the Queens borough of New York on Feb. 28, 2024. Shares of Belgium's AB InBev rose 5% Wednesday morning after the company posted higher revenue and profit in the first quarter, as analysts said it had escaped the drag from a year-long boycott of its Bud Light brand relatively unscathed. The company nonetheless managed to increase revenue by 7.8% last year, driven by higher sales in the Asia-Pacific and Central America regions. The first-quarter results showed a 11.1% drop in sales of AB InBev's own beer brands in North America, which it said was primarily due to Bud Light. The results also flagged growth in its Corona brand, particularly for its non-alcoholic beer brand Corona Cero.
Persons: Stella Artois, Bud Light, influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Donald Trump, Jason Warner Organizations: InBev Budweiser, Bud Light, Belgium's, InBev, Light, Corona, Former U.S, InBev's, U.K, Revenue Locations: Queens, New York, Asia, Pacific, Central America, North America, China, Brazil, Colombia, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, Corona
A Tennessee-based sanitation company has been fined more than $649,000 after an investigation revealed that it had illegally employed at least two dozen children at slaughterhouses and meatpacking facilities, the Labor Department said this week. The company, Fayette Janitorial Service L.L.C., was found to have hired the children, some as young as 13, during overnight shifts that involved using corrosive materials to clean “dangerous kill floor equipment” at facilities in Sioux City, Iowa, and Accomac, Va., the department said in a news release. A temporary restraining order in February required the company to stop employing the children, and on Monday, it agreed in federal court to pay the fine, hire a third party to make sure no underage workers are employed in the future and establish a program for reporting violations, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa. It is illegal under the Fair Labor Standards Act to hire anyone under 18 for the kind of hazardous work that is often involved in meat and poultry slaughtering, processing, rendering and packing operations. But that has not stopped thousands of migrant children from coming to the United States from Mexico and Central America to work dangerous jobs, in places including meatpacking plants.
Organizations: Labor Department, Northern, Northern District of, Fair Labor, Act Locations: Tennessee, slaughterhouses, Fayette, Sioux City , Iowa, Accomac, Va, U.S, Northern District, Northern District of Iowa, United States, Mexico, Central America
CNN —José Raúl Mulino, a rightwing former public security minister, was declared the “unofficial” winner of Panama’s presidential election on Sunday, the country’s electoral court confirmed. “I receive with joy these results, which are the will of the majority of the Panamanian people in our democracy, which I assume with great responsibility and humility as a Panamanian,” Mulino said during his victory speech. He originally ran as the vice-presidential candidate of former President Ricardo Martinelli. After a court sentenced Martinelli to 11 years in prison for money laundering, Mulino moved to the top of the ticket. “To Ricardo Martinelli: my friend, mission accomplished Ricardo.
Persons: Mulino, Ricardo Lombana, ” Mulino, Ricardo Martinelli, Martinelli, , Ricardo, , Matias Delacroix, Fitch, Panama that’s, El Nino Organizations: CNN, Central Locations: Central American, Panamanian, Nicaraguan, Panama’s, Panama City, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia
Panama is holding a presidential election on Sunday while facing an odd situation: The most prominent player in the race is not on the ballot. Ricardo Martinelli, a former president of the Central American nation and known to his supporters as “El loco,” or the crazy one, had been a top contender until he was disqualified because of a money laundering conviction. But from inside the Nicaraguan Embassy in Panama City where he was granted asylum, Mr. Martinelli has been strenuously campaigning for José Raúl Mulino, a former public security minister who was his running mate and took his place on the ballot. Mr. Mulino has led the polls in a field of eight candidates, vowing to return Panama to the economic growth it experienced under Mr. Martinelli, who was president from 2009 to 2014.
Persons: Ricardo Martinelli, El, Martinelli, José Raúl, Mulino Organizations: Central, Nicaraguan Embassy Locations: Panama, Central American, Nicaraguan, Panama City
Achieving Goals presidential candidate José Raúl Mulino speaks with reporters after meeting with members of the Electoral Observation Mission, in Panama City, Wednesday, May 1, 2024. The case of former President Ricardo Martinelli, who was disqualified from running by the courts because of a past corruption conviction, stands out. Once the favorite to win this year’s presidential race, Martinelli was disqualified from running by Panama’s electoral court in March because of the conviction and sentence. There are seven other presidential candidates, including current Vice-President José Gabriel Carrizo, former President Martín Torrijos, and Rómulo Roux, another former minister under Martinelli. Martinelli has thrown his support behind Mulino, even releasing campaign videos from inside the Nicaraguan embassy.
Persons: Daniel Zovatto, El Nino, Fitch, , José Raúl, José Raúl Mulino, Matias Delacroix, Mulino, Panama that’s, Ricardo Martinelli, Martinelli, José Gabriel Carrizo, Martín Torrijos, Rómulo Roux, Organizations: CNN, Central, Latin America, Wilson, Americas Society, Panamanian, Gallup, Nicaraguan Locations: Panama, Central American, Panama City, United States, Venezuela, Panamanian, Colombia, Mulino, Americas, Nicaragua’s, Nicaraguan
CNN —The United Nations’ top court struck down a demand by Nicaragua that Germany immediately halt its arms exports to Israel on Tuesday, saying it cannot issue emergency measures against Berlin under the current circumstances. However, the court also rejected Germany’s demand to strike the lawsuit from its list, meaning the case will now move on. The ruling on Tuesday only concerned whether or not Berlin should be ordered to immediately stop selling arms to Israel. Germany “welcomed the ICJ ruling” according to a statement posted by the German Foreign Ministry on X shortly after the announcement. The ICJ is still considering whether Israel is guilty of violating the Genocide Convention, a legal process that could take years.
Persons: , Nawaf Salam, Salam, Netherlands Carlos Jose Arguello Gomez, Alain, Piroschka Van De Wouw, Germany “, Israel, CNN’s Abel Alvarado, Tamar Michaelis Organizations: CNN, United Nations ’, Berlin, International Court of Justice, The Hague, Reading, Central, Israel, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Reuters, UN, German Foreign Ministry Locations: Nicaragua, Germany, Israel, The, Netherlands, Berlin, Gaza, Central American, Nicaraguan, Reuters Germany, South Africa
In recent years, the free-market economist and the contrarian Austrian school he led midcentury have been turned into a hashtag deployed by tax-wary workers. Ludwig von Mises From Mises Institute“Ludwig von Mises is Latin America’s leading economist,” declared the headline of a Bloomberg opinion piece earlier this month by economist Tyler Cowen. His free-market policy prescriptions, framed by an economic thinking centered on human behavior and individual choice, were widely considered out of fashion at the time. “That is my jam!” Shapiro said of the Austrian school. “If you start to understand the concept of the Austrian economic school,” Moicano said in a recent YouTube video, “you’re going to understand that’s what I need: free market, liberties, and wealth, my brother.
Persons: Renato Moicano, , Ludwig von Mises, ” Moicano, Mises, midcentury, influencers, “ Ludwig von Mises, , Tyler Cowen, Marx, Camila Rocha, Moicano, Jair Bolsonaro, Javier Milei, Fabrice Coffrini, Milei, “ Milei, Daniel Raisbeck, Raisbeck, Milton Friedman, ” Mises, El, Nayib Bukele, Amanda Andrade, Rhoades, Rocha, Ben Shapiro, ” Shapiro, It’s, “ you’re Organizations: CNN — Brazilian UFC, Austrian, Mises, , Bloomberg, New York University, Brazilian Center of Analysis, UFC, Economic, Cato Institute, Argentina national, Salvador, Conservative Political, Conference, Mises Institute, Mises Institutes, Fox Business, YouTube Locations: Austrian, United States, South, Central America, American, El Salvador, Argentina, Brazil, Davos, AFP, Milei, Buenos Aires, Mises, National Harbor , Maryland, Washington, Latin America
They initially mulled over relocating to four potential destinations – Ghana, Sweden, Mexico, and of course, Costa Rica. There’s something energetic about being in Costa Rica.”‘Serendipitous’ move"There’s something energetic about being in Costa Rica," says Ward-Hopper. The community really looked out for each other.”New additionTheir son Nicolai was born in Costa Rica in 2020. “So for us it is more affordable, it’s getting more expensive as more people move to Costa Rica. “I guess we’re more nomadic than stationary, but Costa Rica feels like home.”
Persons: Kema, Hopper, Nicholas Hopper, Aaralyn, , , I’d, Hurricane Harvey, Houston, Ward, they’d, we’ve, Nicolai, ” “, it’s, she’s, “ I’m, Costa, Costa Rica Organizations: CNN, Central American, CNN Travel, Loma Locations: Costa Rica, Houston , Texas, Houston, Ghana, Sweden, Mexico, “ Costa Rica, – Costa Rica, , Pueblo Nuevo, California, Sardinia, Okinawa, Nicoya, Costa Rican, Latin America, Colombia, Brazil, Costa
The figure marked a 6.8% increase from 2022 and the sharpest year-on-year jump since 2009, the institute said in a report on military spending trends. "The unprecedented rise in military spending is a direct response to the global deterioration in peace and security," Nan Tian, senior researcher in SIPRI's military expenditure and arms production programme, said in a statement. Military expenditure has been rising for nine years straight, and military spending bolstered in all regions of the world for the first time since 2009, the report found. Ukraine's military spending meanwhile totaled around $64.8 billion — around 59% the amount of Russia's spending, but 37% of Ukraine's GDP, the report said. Tensions in the Middle East also significantly contributed to the overall rise in global military spending, the report said.
Persons: Nan Tian, spender, Lorenzo Scarazzato, Donald Trump, Jens Stoltenberg Organizations: 1st Tank Brigade, Ukrainian Ground Forces, Getty Images, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Kyiv, NATO, U.S Locations: Ukraine, Stockholm, Central America, Caribbean, Russia, China, U.S, East, Israel, Gaza
Kate Boardman has visited 54 countries around the world and lived in 10, including the US. She's enjoyed spots like France and Bali but says people should visit underrated places like Oman. I've been to 54 countries and lived in 10, including the US. I also think spots like Cancun are super overrated; there are way cooler places to visit in Mexico. Kate Boardman/@wildkat.wandersI first lived in Guatemala in 2021, where I worked as a teacher at an international school.
Persons: Kate Boardman, She's, , I've, Boardman, It's, You've, they're, @wildkat.wanders, Kate Boardman There's, There's, you've, Earth Organizations: Service, Antigua —, United Arab Locations: France, Bali, Oman, Ecuador, Guatemala, Massachusetts, Germany, Tblisi , Georgia, Paris, London, Cancun, Mexico, Iran, Maharloo, Georgia, Tbilisi, It's, Soviet Union, Kazbegi , Georgia, Turkish, Central America, Costa Rica, Tikal, Guatemala City, Antigua, Boardman, Livingston , Guatemala, El, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Muscat, Caribbean
"We realized we couldn't afford the mortgage and the car payments and everything," Stonestreet told me. Americans work more, vacation less, spend more on healthcare, and die sooner than people in other high-income economies. These factors likely explain why some Americans are moving to countries that aren't generally considered low-cost-of-living locales. She said that living abroad afforded her a degree of flexibility and spontaneity that would be out of reach back home. From their temporary perch in Tirana, Albania, the couple told me via WhatsApp that their only regret about moving abroad was not doing it sooner.
Persons: Amelia Basista, Stonestreet, Basista, Maliya, I'm, Fale, scoping, Cristina Johnson, Johnson, Mariana, Dustin Lange, that's, Mariana Lange, Mark Zoril, Andrew Hallam, Zoril, hasn't, — Zoril, Tomorrow's Organizations: State Department, American Citizens, Monmouth University, Labor Statistics, Financial Technology Association, Business Locations: South America, Denver, Cuenca, Ecuador, Germany, Canada, France, Minneapolis, Latin America, America, Puerto Morelos, Mexico, Pennsylvania, Belize, States, Austin, North Carolina, Central America, Portugal, Spain, Lisbon, Europe, Tirana, Albania
Read previewNearly three million more Americans are working than they were in January 2020, but the number of US-born workers has barely budged. Roughly 64% of these recent immigrants were working or looking for work, compared to 62% of US-born workers. Over 16% of recent immigrants worked in the construction industry, compared to 6.4% of US-born workers. Roughly 17% of immigrants worked in the professional and business industry, compared to 12% of US-born workers. AdvertisementAbout 12% of recent immigrants worked in the accommodation and food services industry, compared to 7% of US-born workers.
Persons: , Goldman Sachs Organizations: Service, of Labor Statistics, Business Locations: Mexico, New York, Chicago, US, South America, Central America, Florida , California , Texas, New Jersey , Illinois , Massachusetts, Georgia
Noah Berlatsky Noah BerlatskyAlex Garland’s “Civil War” has mostly been discussed as a reflection of, and a warning about, America’s current partisan divisions. Unlike the actual US Civil War, this one doesn’t seem to have any particular racial or racist connotations. But it’s the same kind of cop out that powers most of Hollywood’s most iconic Vietnam war movies. Hollywood Vietnam war movies generally aren’t about whether America did the right thing, nor are they about how America’s choices affected people in Vietnam. Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" (1987), starring Matthew Modine as Joker, is based on the events of the Vietnam war.
Persons: Noah Berlatsky, CNN —, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Noah Berlatsky Noah Berlatsky Alex Garland’s “, , he’s, Garland, Nick Offerman, Lee, Kirsten Dunst, Joel, Wagner Moura, Jessie, Cailee, Sammy, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Lee Wagner, Trump, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Jesse Plemons, that’s, Francis Ford Coppola’s, Stanley Kubrick’s, don’t, , Dawn ”, Stanley Kubrick's, Matthew Modine, It’s, transfixed Organizations: CNN, Union, Hollywood, America, Central, Warner Bros Locations: Chicago, Vietnam, Viet, American, Washington, California, Texas, Hollywood Vietnam, American Vietnam, Hollywood
In 2018, a Guatemalan court ruled that the army committed acts of genocide, but no one was convicted. Lucas García, 91, was meant to face trial this year with former military intelligence chief Manuel Callejas y Callejas. Robert Nickelsberg/Archive Photos/Getty ImagesBurt said this “expression of racism is extremely profound,” and its knock-on effects are evident in Guatemala today. Survivors from the civil war gather outside the Supreme Court, prior to a hearing in the Ixil Genocide trial, in Guatemala City, Guatemala March 25, 2024. When the trial was due to start at the end of March, Lucas García’s lawyers announced their resignation.
Persons: CNN — Juan Brito López, Brito López, Manuel Benedicto Lucas García, Lucas García, Benedicto Lucas Garcia, Johan Ordonez, Lucas García’s, AJR, Fernando Romeo Lucas García, “ Lucas García, Manuel Callejas y, Callejas, Jesús Silvio, Romeo Lucas García’s, ” Jo, Marie Burt, , Robert Nickelsberg, Burt, Efrain Rios Montt, Tiziano Breda, Claudia Paz y Paz, CICIG, ” Silvio, ” Will Freeman, Cristina Chiquin, Bernardo Arévalo, Public Ministry –, Consuelo Porras ­­, hasn’t, Michelle Liang, , Brito López’s, Catarina Chel, tormenter, Silvia, ” CNN’s Tara John, Ivonne Valdés Organizations: CNN, United, Getty, Association for Justice, Reconciliation, Human, Washington Office, UN, Guatemalan Army, , Central American, International, Commission, Council, Foreign Relations, Reuters CNN, Public Ministry, US, Network, Solidarity, ” CNN Locations: Pexla, Guatemala City, United Nations, Guatemalan, Guatemala, America, , Santa Cruz de Quiche, of Guatemala, New York, Mexico City
George Stumpp, a retired bartender, lives comfortably in Panama after moving from New Mexico. He said Panama has robust infrastructure, a lower cost of living, and many of the same stores as the US. AdvertisementGeorge Stumpp, 65, worked as a bartender and bar supervisor in Long Island and New Mexico for decades. He's enjoying retirement in a country with a lower cost of living and high-quality healthcare, and he said he's enjoyed adapting to Panamanian culture. As his kids got older, he started to vacation in Central America, traveling to Costa Rica, Belize, and Panama.
Persons: George Stumpp, , he's, we've, Stumpp, it's, Long, there's Organizations: Service, Panama City, Central, Business, Hamptons, Sante Locations: Panama, New Mexico, Long Island, Panamanian, Colombia, Thailand, St, Maarten, Long, Sante Fe, Santa Fe, Central America, Costa Rica, Belize, Ontario, Canada
Toilet paper wipes out thousands of acres of Canadian forest each year, and demand for it is growing. Toilet paper is most often made of wood pulp, which, in the U.S., is generally sourced from Canada. One of the biggest competitors to the sustainable toilet paper market is the growing market for bidets. But toilet paper is also made with water, far more than is used in a bidet. If you live in a drought-stricken area, a sustainable toilet tissue is a better option.
Persons: we've, David VanHimbergen, Kimberly Clark, Andrew Bluestein, they'll Organizations: National Resources Defense, Foods, Bluestein Ventures, Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Trousdale Ventures, Mandell Ventures, bidets Locations: U.S, Canada, Green, China, Central America
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