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If current trends continue, Mr. Trump could rack up one of the most decisive presidential victories since 2008. The Biden campaign hoped to change this political dynamic by calling for a historic early debate in June. Of all the battleground states, Mr. Biden had been performing best in Wisconsin. However, in two polls released this week, Mr. Trump has pulled ahead of Mr. Biden. Republicans clearly understand that these three battleground states are Mr. Biden’s only remaining path to 270 electoral votes.
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Opinion | James Carville’s Plan B for a Democratic Nominee
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To the Editor:Re “Biden Won’t Win. Democrats Must Have a Plan. Lamont WiltseeCarmel Valley, Calif.To the Editor:James Carville makes one structural mistake in his piece calling for four town halls around the country. President Biden should be invited to be one of the participants and compete on an even footing with the other candidates. His proposed nominee plan is a waste of campaign time better used to hammer away at the defects and danger of a Donald Trump presidency.
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James Carville was one of the masterminds behind Bill Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA former advisor to Bill Clinton doesn't think President Joe Biden will be on the ballot this November. I'm just telling you it's inevitable," James Carville, 79, told NewsNation's Chris Cuomo on Monday. His family will understand," Carville, who is best known for masterminding Clinton's winning presidential campaign in 1992, said of Biden.
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President Biden’s resistance to pressure to end his re-election bid appears to be a strategy aimed at running out the clock, a play to leave his party so little time to come up with another candidate that his opponents stand down. Every day that Mr. Biden defies pressure to step aside, the prospects, and logistics, of replacing him become more untenable, and riskier. “It’s a mess,” said James Carville, a consultant who has been among a roster of Democrats pushing for Mr. Biden to step aside and clear the way for a new nominee. Everybody gets exhausted and just says, ‘It’s too much trouble.’”Mr. Biden’s efforts to dig in were showing signs of initial success. On Tuesday, some Democratic leaders in Congress expressed support for the president and said it was time to move on.
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Read previewPresident Joe Biden is set to meet with Democratic governors on Wednesday as he tries to fend off growing concern about his ability to beat Donald Trump. Related storiesFormer Democratic House members, party strategists, and candidates have also issued similar calls, some urging Vice President Kamala Harris to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket. President Biden should withdraw from this race." Meanwhile, an anonymous House Democratic aide told Reuters that 25 Democratic members of the House are preparing to urge Biden to pull out of the race if he appears shaky in the coming days. AdvertisementPresident Lyndon B. Johnson dropped out of the race in 1968, and his vice president, Hubert Humphrey, entered the Democratic primary but went on to lose the election to former Vice President Richard Nixon.
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Stocks often trade above or below their fair value, which means active managers who choose stocks wisely can score huge eye-popping returns. "What we're really looking for is opportunities where that dollar can also compound to be two, four, 10," Robotti said. "People say, 'Oh, who cares if you buy a cheap stock, the market just won't ever pay attention. When the economics of a business — even if people hate that business — are extremely strong, the stock follows." "If you bought it at 20 cents on the dollar and it doubles, you don't sell it at 40 cents on the dollar," Robotti said.
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Kate Bedingfield served as White House communications director in the Biden administration and was the deputy campaign manager on Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. That contentious exchange during the 2020 debate put Biden on the defensive. A President Trump might make their decisions about retirement that much easier. David Urban, a CNN political commentator, served as an adviser to then-President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. On Thursday, President Biden needs to do it again.
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And yes, a former president, Donald Trump, has been found guilty on felony charges. The US economy is expected to grow at double the rate of its G7 peers, according to the International Monetary Fund. Trump loved touting new Wall Street records; under Biden, the Dow hit over 40,000 for the first time. The president proposed hiking the corporate tax rate to 28%; billion-dollar companies would also face a higher corporate minimum tax. Some of the stock market and unemployment records that were set under Trump pre-COVID-19 have been surpassed by Biden.
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Starbucks (SBUX) on Wednesday traded nearly seven times the 20-day average equity volume and 10 times the average daily options volume as the shares fell nearly 16%. It was the fourth-worst trading day for Starbucks since the company's IPO in 1992. And with respect to China specifically, Starbucks said the recovery there has been "choppy" with intense price wars. Starbucks reported $8.56 billion in second-quarter revenue, which represents a year-on-year decline of 1.8%. Don't try to catch a falling knife This presents a significant challenge for an investor in Starbucks stock.
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James Carville told MSNBC's Ari Melber that Democrats face a major engagement issue this year. "We're not going to replicate the 2020 coalition," he said, pointing to polling struggles with non-white men. Carville has been vocal that the party isn't adequately reaching out to males. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementDemocratic strategist James Carville during a recent MNSBC interview said he didn't think President Joe Biden would be able to reassemble his 2020 electoral coalition in the November election.
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James Carville said RFK Jr.'s White House bid could be more of a drag on Trump than Biden. RFK Jr. said last week that his candidacy would be a "spoiler" for both Biden and Trump. Related storiesIn recent polling of three-way matchups between Biden, Trump, and Kennedy Jr., the former president is often slightly ahead. "Our campaign is a spoiler all right," Kennedy Jr. said during an event last week welcoming Shanahan to the ticket. Carville, who warned about cracks in the Democratic Party's electoral foundation, also expressed concern about the presidential campaigns of Cornel West and Jill Stein.
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James Carville favorably compared Biden's record for Black Americans to that of Obama and Clinton. In April 2023, the Black unemployment rate fell to 4.8%, the lowest level on record. "He's been demonstrably the best president that Black America's ever had, Clinton and Obama included," Carville said of Biden. AdvertisementIn April 2023, the Black unemployment rate fell to 4.8%, the lowest level on record for Black citizens. And for Black Americans in the workforce, weekly pre-tax earnings surged 24.8% from Q1 in 2020 through the end of 2023, according to CNBC.
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James Carville told the Times that "preachy females" have chased some men from the Democratic Party. "The message is too feminine," he told Times columnist Maureen Dowd. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementIn a freewheeling conversation with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, longtime Democratic strategist James Carville suggested that the party's struggles with male voters are driven by "preachy females" who aren't speaking to their concerns.
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“I get a $25 champagne and four plastic flutes,” he recalled, “and I said to the students: ‘All right. You are not going to get out of James Carville’s class unless you know how to properly open a bottle of champagne.’“I said: ‘Here’s what you’re going to do. You don’t pop it like you see in the movies or you’re going to poke somebody’s eye out. Now you’re going to take a dishcloth, and you’re going to execute the classic counterclockwise movement. The bottle is going to go one way; the cork is going to go the other way.
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The Democratic Taboo
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The Democratic Party has had no shortage of argument and dissent over the years. Internal battles and backbiting are part of what it means to be a modern-day Democrat. This has played out on platforms large and small, most recently after Jon Stewart, on his return to his former Comedy Central show after a nine-year hiatus, mocked the “objectively old” President Biden. “Please make it another nine years,” Keith Olbermann, the former MSNBC host, said on X. Prominent Democratic strategists like David Axelrod and James Carville who criticize Biden are facing a barrage of pushback on social media and from the White House — and sometimes, reportedly, from Biden himself.
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Biden’s economic scorecard touts fragile advantage
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And if the political strategist James Carville was right that “it’s the economy, stupid,” the next several months could make or break Joe Biden’s economic record. As things stand, the current ruler of the free world touts a fragile advantage. Households’ disposable income after adjusting for inflation hit a record $20 trillion in the month that Biden’s measure was approved, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. STUDENT LOANSForgiving swaths of student debt was another of Biden’s campaign promises, but his efforts have so far failed. And with higher interest rates making debt service more expensive, Biden’s spending could come back to bite him on election day.
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U.S. President Joe Biden steps from Marine One upon his return to the White House in Washington, U.S., November 6, 2023.REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsPHILADELPHIA, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Andrea Singmaster is thankful for President Joe Biden. "I love Joe Biden. The contrast between the popularity of the Biden agenda and the unpopularity of its pitchman, even among some party loyalists, is a major concern for Democrats going into 2024. Biden's approval rating is hovering around 40%, near the lowest level of his presidency, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll. Still, the polls are hastening calls from some Democrats for the Biden campaign to focus less on him and his "Bidenomics" pitch and more on the dangers they say Trump poses.
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CNN —Why should you care about Tuesday’s elections in Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia? The storylines to watch include abortion, disinformation, dirty money and a test of that elusive but essential creature known as the red state Democrat. John Avlon CNNLet’s start with the Buckeye State, where abortion rights are on the ballot. Beshear is also the rare red state Democrat who can connect with rural voters — something Democrats desperately need more of. Meanwhile in Mississippi, there’s another governor’s race that The Washington Post is calling the most competitive in 20 years.
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The case for a career in bond investing
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I sensed familiarity with the recent fate of fixed income benchmarks such as Austria’s hundred-year government bond. For this reason, when bond yields are low, the sensitivity of capital prices to inflation and interest rate shocks is high, and vice versa. The appreciating greenback has been a drag on much of the global fixed income universe for the past decade. The real reason to go into fixed income investing, I explained, is that you get to tell governments what to do. Now that the end of monetary anaesthesia has awoken fixed income from its 15-year coma, I told the MBA students, you’ve got your chance.
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At Friday's close of 4224 on Friday, the S & P 500 is off 8% from the July high, with its equal-weighted version down 11%. .SPX YTD mountain S & P 500 YTD Yet the S & P was also at about the current level on Sept. 22, when the 10-year was a half-percentage-point lower, as well as on June 2, when it was at 3.7%. It's taken as a given in most corners of the investment business that higher rates available on bonds serve mechanically to compress equity valuations. Which is how the stock market finds itself here, with real or incipient breakdowns in regional banks and transportation stocks, the median S & P 500 component down for the year. The S & P 500 has gone on to drop a bit further, rally weakly and then roll back toward a five-month low.
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Now, his proxies in the House GOP are effectively weaponizing an impeachment inquiry of Biden to try to again destroy Trump’s potential opponent in the next presidential election. Then-Vice President Biden attended two dinners with his son and his business associates in Washington, DC, although one of Hunter’s associates testified that no business was discussed. Biden’s political liabilitiesIn some ways, the White House has a political advantage. CNN’s White House team reported Wednesday that the administration had put into action a counter-impeachment plan even before McCarthy’s announcement. Video Ad Feedback James Carville wants Biden impeachment inquiry.
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Bond vigilantes are "saddling up" again as federal deficits balloon, said market veteran Ed Yardeni. And I think the bond vigilantes are quite concerned about that." Now there are signs they are stirring again as bond yields continue to climb despite signs of cooling inflation. And I think the bond vigilantes are quite concerned about that," he said. In a now-legendary commentary from 1983 titled "Bond Investors Are the Economy's Bond Vigilantes," Yardeni warned, "So if the fiscal and monetary authorities won't regulate the economy, the bond investors will.
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James Carville recently gushed to The Hill about the potential 2028 Democratic presidential bench. "These are some staggeringly talented politicians," Carville said of figures like Josh Shapiro and Wes Moore. And Carville already has his eye on some of the highest-profile Democratic politicians out there. Carville told The Hill that the perception of a large GOP farm team and a small Democratic bench was not the reality that he sees as he envisions a 2028 Democratic primary. "The Democratic bench is really long," Carville added.
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“I can’t go on television and say, ‘Let’s not talk about this, let’s pivot to the real issues,’ because people think age is a real issue,” James Carville, 78, the Democratic strategist, said last month. It was top of mind for several people who milled around a community center recently as a canasta game ended in Plantation, Fla.Doreen W., 78, a Democrat who declined to share her last name on the record, citing fear of causing problems for her husband at work, said she hoped Mr. Biden would run again. But she worried about whether he was up to it. “I know how tiring it is for me, and I’m not doing anything but retire,” she said. “I’m aware of his age and I’m concerned about that.”Informed that Mr. Biden was not 78, as she had thought, but 80, she groaned, “Oh, God.”“If I could just keep him at age 80 and active the way he is, I’d be more than happy,” she said.
Powell is leader of the free world – for now
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As former President Donald Trump will attest, Powell will do what he thinks it’s right. This month, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a left-wing firebrand, went on TV and called Powell a “dangerous man,” saying she doesn’t think that he should be Fed Chair. CNN television host Jake Tapper asked her if she had told Biden that Powell should be fired. Then Trump called Powell “a golfer who can’t putt, has no touch.” Trump wanted economic growth. Powell resisted and later responded saying that the Fed chair, more than anyone else, needs to be free from political pressures.
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