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Tokyo (AP) — Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, who won the prestigious Pritzker Prize for designs praised as smartly and artfully fusing the East with the West, has died. Maki, who taught architecture and urban design at Harvard, died June 6, his office, Maki & Associates, said Wednesday. A devoted educator, Maki, in addition to teaching at Washington University, Harvard and the University of Tokyo, lectured around the world. Maki, along with fellow Tange students Arata Isozaki and Kisho Kurokawa, were the pillars of Japanese modernism. The Pritzker, in selecting Maki, praised him as part of a new wave of architects rebuilding postwar Japan.
Persons: Fumihiko Maki, Pritzker, Maki, Mark Lennihan, Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Skidmore Owings, St . Louis, oku, ” Maki, , Kenzo Tange, Arata Isozaki, Kisho Kurokawa, Bill Lacy, Arnold Brunner Organizations: Tokyo, Harvard, Associates, National Museum of Modern Art, Yerba Buena Center, Arts, Trade, Trade Center, Pritzker, University of Tokyo, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Skidmore, Jackson & Associates, Washington University, Washington University , Harvard, MIT Press, American Academy of Arts, American Institute of Architects, AIA Locations: Kyoto, U.S, San Francisco, New York, Chiba, Japan, Hillside, Tokyo, Manhattan, British, Iraqi, Michigan, Merrill, Chicago, Sert, Cambridge, St ., Israel
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
Persons: James Beard, , Serigne Mbaye, ” Mbaye, Michael Rafidi, , Paul Smith, Lula Drake Wine, Chef Masako Morishita, Beard, Deb Lindsey, Masako Morishita, Atsuko Fujimoto, Morishita, Adams Morgan, Fujimoto, Baker, Ruth Reichl, Reichl, , foodie, James Beard’s, ” Beard, Hamissi Mamba, Nadia Nijimbere, MI, Yenvy Pham, Phở, WA Chris Viaud, NH Hollis Wells Silverman, Erika Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker, Sarah Minnick, Dean Neff, Renee Touponce, David Uygur, Christine Dong, Fariyal Abdullahi, Janet Becerra, SC Ryan Fernandez, Mel, Baker Susan Bae, Jesus Brazon, Manuel Brazon, Crystal Kass, Valentine, AZ Anna Posey, Hospitality Crawford, NC Gemma, Lula Cafe, Vin, California Geoff Davis, CA Rogelio Garcia, Auro, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya, Los Angeles , CA Tara Monsod, Billy ” Ngo, Vinnie Cimino, Cordelia, Jose Salazar, Sarkar, Hajime Sato, Sozai, MI Jenner Tomaska, Tony Conte, Jesse Ito, Matt Kern, Harley Peet, Kevin Tien, Ann Ahmed, Rob Connoley, Dan Jacobs, Dan Van Rite, Christina Nguyen, Hai, Tim Nicholson, Brandon Cunningham, Ali Sabbah, Matt Vawter, Penelope Wong, Yuan Wonton, Nick Zocco, NY Atsushi Kono, Chris Mauricio, Charlie Mitchell, Clover, NY Jeremy Salamon, Conor Dennehy, Talulla, Maria Meza, David Standridge, Jake Stevens, Cara Tobin, Honey, Avery Adams, Matia, WA Kristi Brown, WA Josh Dorcak, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa Miranda, Jamie Davis, The, Washington , NC Rod Lassiter, Parnass Savang, James London, Chubby Fish, SC Robbie Robinson, Valerie Chang, FL Hunter Evans, Jackson, MS Gabriel Hernandez, Carlos Portela, Rene Andrade, Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der, Steve, Steve Riley, NM Eduardo Rodriguez, Zacatlán, Texas Emmanuel Chavez, Houston , TX Christopher Cullum, Cullum’s Attaboy, San Antonio , TX Tracy Malechek, Ezekiel, Birdie’s, Misti Norris, Petra, Ana Liz Pulido, Ana Liz Taqueria Organizations: CNN, Dakar NOLA, Lyric Opera, Michelin, Beverages Program, Chefs, The Washington Post, Washington Commanders, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, James, James Beard Foundation, Hav, Seattle , WA Nikko Cagalanan, SC, NY, Dakar, FL Kisser, Nashville , TN Oro, Caracas Bakery, AZ, Hospitality, IL, NY Woodford Food & Beverage, Beverages, SC The Morris, D.C, BEST, Social Haus, UT, New, New York State, Pacific, FL, Houston , TX Locations: United States, New Orleans, West Africa, Chicago, Portland , Oregon, Pacific, Albi, Washington, Ramallah, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, West Virginia, Charleston , West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Mission , Texas, Mystic , Connecticut, Easton , Maryland, Portland , Maine, Tokyo, Perry’s, Adams, DC, Bakery, Detroit, Seattle, WA, Greenleaf, Ansanm, Milford, Wolfeboro, NH, The Wells, Boulder, Portland, Wilmington ,, Albi , Washington, The, Lucia, Dallas , TX, Santa Fe, Marfa ,, San Antonio ,, Springs, , New York, Pancita, Seattle , WA, Kultura, Charleston, Southern Junction, Buffalo, Waitsburg, Lockhart, TX, Carmel, Dorchester, Dakar NOLA , New Orleans, LA Hayward, McMinnville, Kaya, Orlando, Nashville , TN, Nixta , Minneapolis, Shan, Bozeman, Albuquerque, Long Beach ,, Hudson, Caracas, Doral, Miami, Phoenix, Elske, IL, Son, Raleigh, NC, Dallas ,, New York, NY, Columbia, San Francisco ,, Anaheim , Anaheim, , Washington, Waxlight, Montpelier, VT, Baltimore, , New Orleans, LA, Brownsville ,, California, Burdell, Oakland, Calistoga, Los Angeles ,, San Diego ,, Kru, Sacramento, Lakes, MI, Cleveland ,, Mita’s, Cincinnati, Indienne, Clawson, Esmé, NJ, PA, Philadelphia, Fenwick, Bas Rouge, Easton, KS, MN, MO, WI, Khâluna, Minneapolis, St, Louis, EsterEv, Milwaukee, Hai Hai , Minneapolis, Omaha, UT, WY, Greenough, Salt Lake City, Rootstalk, Breckenridge, Denver, Urban, Sofreh, Brooklyn, Kono , New York, Harana, Accord, Clover Hill, RI, Cambridge, Dolores, Providence ,, Leeward, Burlington, Island, MÄS, Ashland, kann, Musang, KY, TN, The Hackney, Washington , NC, Talat, Atlanta, West Columbia, Maty’s, Elvie’s, Verde Mesa, San Juan, Saffron , New Orleans, AZ, NM, Bacanora, Oklahoma City, Henderson, Mesa, Tatemó, Houston ,, Austin ,, Mission
If you need to tackle an improbable challenge, the right mindset — "a special kind of optimism" — can help, according to Moderna co-founder and chairman Noubar Afeyan. Specifically, Afeyan — who has an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion, according to Forbes — said that "extraordinary change agents" take three actions to achieve what seems impossible:They imagine. Imagination plays a crucial role "in accomplishing impossible missions," Afeyan said: You typically need to think creatively to come up with new, original ideas. But ask yourself one central question: Why do we expect extraordinary results from reasonable people doing reasonable things?" "You need to leave your comfort zone, to think in new ways, to acclimate to the unfamiliar and embrace uncertainty."
Persons: Noubar Afeyan, he's, Afeyan —, Forbes —, Afeyan, Allison Butler, Butler Organizations: Moderna, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, Sloan School of Management, Bryant University, CNBC Locations: Lebanon, Canada, Massachusetts, Cambodia, California, Cambridge, acclimate
London CNN —Investors are snapping up the shares of a British maker of tiny computers after it went public on the London Stock Exchange Tuesday. Raspberry Pi stock soared as much as 40% in early trade before paring those gains slightly by 11.54 a.m. The Cambridge-based company started life in 2012 as a commercial subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity founded four years earlier to promote computer science in schools. To date, Raspberry Pi has sold more than 60 million computers worldwide, according to its website. Raspberry Pi plans to invest the funds raised in developing its products and expanding its educational activities.
Persons: Pi, Eben Upton, “ It’s, ” Russ Mould, AJ Bell, haven’t, Organizations: London CNN —, London Stock Exchange, Pi, Pi Foundation, Industrial, University of Cambridge, Nasdaq, Cambridge University, Sony, SONY, CNN Locations: British, Cambridge, New York, London
Representatives for Lynch and US prosecutors said Lynch was acquitted on all 15 charges — one count of conspiracy and 14 counts of wire fraud. Former Autonomy finance executive Stephen Chamberlain, who faced the same charges at trial alongside Lynch, was also acquitted on all counts, the Lynch representative said. On the stand, the entrepreneur said he had been focused on tech issues, and entrusted money matters and the accounting decisions at issue to Sushovan Hussain, Autonomy’s then-chief financial officer. Hussain was separately convicted in 2018 at a trial in the same court on charges related to the deal with HP. HP largely won a civil lawsuit against Lynch and Hussain in London in 2022, though damages have not yet been decided.
Persons: Mike Lynch, Lynch, Stephen Chamberlain, Chamberlain schemed, , ” Lynch, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, ” Abraham Simmons, , Leo Apotheker, Prosecutors, Chamberlain, Sushovan Hussain, Autonomy’s, Hussain Organizations: Hewlett, Packard, Autonomy, HP, United States, Cambridge University Locations: San Francisco, ” Cambridge, British, London
British tech pioneer Mike Lynch acquitted at U.S. fraud trial
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Mike Lynch, former chief executive officer of Autonomy, arrives at federal court in San Francisco, California, US, on Monday, March 18, 2024. Representatives for Lynch and U.S. prosecutors said Lynch was acquitted on all 15 charges — one count of conspiracy, and 14 counts of wire fraud, each connected to specific transactions or communications. Former Autonomy finance executive Stephen Chamberlain, who faced the same charges at trial alongside Lynch, was also acquitted on all counts, the Lynch representative said. The trial where prosecutors said Lynch and Chamberlain schemed to inflate Autonomy's revenue was the latest chapter in a legal saga stemming from the failed deal. Lynch was one of the UK's leading tech entrepreneurs, drawing comparisons to Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates.
Persons: Mike Lynch, Lynch, Stephen Chamberlain, Chamberlain schemed, Leo Apotheker, Prosecutors, Chamberlain, Sushovan Hussain, Autonomy's, Hussain, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates Organizations: Autonomy, Hewlett, Packard, Former Autonomy, HP, Cambridge University, Cambridge Locations: San Francisco , California, San Francisco, U.S, British, London
“We saw that with the mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines that it can be a good messenger,” says Cech. The Catalyst by Thomas R. Cech W W NortonYou mentioned in “The Catalyst” that research on RNA has been around since the ‘50s. What is something that most people get wrong about mRNA vaccines, such as the Covid-19 ones? Thomas R. Cech in a lab in 1984, five years before he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. How does this apply to DNA, RNA, mRNA and CRISPR?
Persons: you’re, , Thomas R, Cech, ” Cech, Sidney Altman, he’s, Norton, It’s, Thomas R . Cech, Organizations: CNN, Pfizer, DNA, University of Colorado, Denver Post, Rotary Clubs, Lions Locations: Moderna, University of Colorado , Boulder, Boulder , Colorado, China, Cambridge , Massachusetts, United States, Germany
It's so treacherous to summit Mount Everest that human remains are a common sight on its frigid mountainside. Among the frozen bodies are many ethnic Sherpas — an Indigenous people who make up the majority of Everest climbing guides. AdvertisementSherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first to successfully summit Mount Everest in 1953. AdvertisementClimbing Mount Everest can be deadly, no matter who you are. Mountaineers line up during their ascent to summit Mount Everest in Nepal.
Persons: , Norgay, Edmund Hillary, Phurba Wangchhu, Sam Rashid, Rashid, it's, Andrew Murray, Geljen Sherpa, Rully Anwar, LAKPA SHERPA, Nachhiring Rai Organizations: Service, Everest, Business, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, NPR, International Federation of Mountain Guides Association, Nepal's Department of Tourism, World Bank, Mountaineers, Getty, Dawa Locations: Everest, Nepal, Kathmandu
The palace denied a report that the Sussexes had been "bullied" out of the royal family. Years later, Harry said he never gave permission for his name to be included on the statement. The royal family together on Christmas Day 2017. English added that it was made "clear from my conversations this morning that BOTH brothers are deeply, deeply unhappy about suggestions that Harry feels he has been 'bullied' out of the Royal Family by William." In his Netflix docuseries, which aired in December 2022, Harry said he had only been told about the statement after it was released.
Persons: Harry, Chris Jackson, Duke, Sussex, Cambridge, Rebecca English, William ., Meghan, Duke of Cambridge Organizations: The Times, Netflix, Huffington Post Locations: The
We asked seven pro investors to identify the best trades of their careers and explain how the lessons from those decisions still apply today. The CBOE Volatility Index, also known as the VIX, shot above 40, essentially meaning traders were betting that the stock market would be exceptionally rocky over the following month. Jeff Muhlenkamp, lead portfolio manager at Muhlenkamp & CompanyJeff Muhlenkamp Muhlenkamp & CompanyJeff Muhlenkamp's namesake Muhlenkamp Fund (MUHLX) has been in the top 3% of its category in the past half-decade, thanks to trades like one he pulled off on Chinese internet firm Baidu (BIDU). "I pretty much expected, 'OK, if I get a double out of this in five years, I'll be happy' — that's pretty decent money," Muhlenkamp said. He noted that industrials within the Russell Mid Cap value index have returned 116% over the previous five years.
Persons: , That's, Michael Burry, Warren Buffett, Berkshire, Rob Arnott, Tim Boyle, Arnott, I'd, Bob Elliott, Bob Elliott's, Elliott, Jeff Muhlenkamp, Jeff Muhlenkamp Muhlenkamp, Jeff Muhlenkamp's, Muhlenkamp, you've, Sona Menon, Cambridge Associates Sona Menon, Bryant VanCronkhite, Allspring Bryant VanCronkhite Allspring Bryant VanCronkhite, VanCronkhite, Russell, industrials, James Davolos, Davolos, George Patton, Harley Bassman, Harley Bassman's, Bassman, Merrill Lynch, I'm Organizations: Service, American Express, Business, Research, Bloomberg, Getty, Bridgewater Associates, Treasury, Securities, Muhlenkamp, Baidu, Google, North, Cambridge Associates, Allspring, Horizon Kinetics, Opportunities Fund, Credit Suisse Locations: industrials, West Africa, New York City, Guinea
Now, new evidence from a skull more than 4,000 years old has revealed that ancient Egyptian physicians may have tried to treat certain cancers with surgery. “We can see that ancient Egyptian medicine was not solely based on herbal remedies like medicine in other ancient civilizations,” said Badr, who was not involved in the new research. “There is an urgent need to reevaluate the history of Egyptian medicine using these scientific methodologies,” Badr said. The earliest recorded observation of cancer is in an ancient Egyptian medical text known as the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, which dates back to around 3000 BC to 2500 BC. But there was none for the breast cancer patient’s tumors, Camarós said.
Persons: , Edgard Camarós, Camarós, ” Camarós, Isidro, Ibrahem Badr, Badr, Duckworth, ” Badr, Edwin Smith Surgical, Edwin Smith, , ” Mindy Weisberger Organizations: CNN — Cancer, Laboratory, University of Cambridge, University of Santiago, CNN, Misr University for Science, Technology, Duckworth Laboratory, Scientific Locations: Egypt, United Kingdom, Medicine, University of Santiago de Compostela, Coruña, Spain, Camarós, Giza, Europe, United States
Barry Kemp, an archaeologist whose decades of painstaking digging at the abandoned capital of a mysterious pharaoh helped revolutionize our understanding of how everyday ancient Egyptians lived, worked and worshiped, died on May 15 in Cambridge, Britain, one day after his 84th birthday. The death was announced by the Amarna Project, an archaeology nonprofit where Mr. Kemp was director. Almost from the moment he arrived to teach at Cambridge University in 1962, fresh out of college, Mr. Kemp was a phenomenon. Much of his work had little to do with the pharaohs, though. He was among the first to apply the questions of social history, in which scholars explore the lives of everyday people in the past, to ancient Egypt.
Persons: Barry Kemp, Kemp Organizations: Amarna, Cambridge University Locations: Cambridge, Britain, Egypt
This means there's a lag time when selling private shares, unlike stocks that can be sold within a millisecond of hitting a button. AdvertisementFinally, when a company goes public, there's a lock-up period. Depending on the platform the shares were purchased through, pre-IPO holders may still sell their shares to others within the platform, Endoso said. One example of a private AI company that recently went public in late March is Astera Labs (ALAB), which was trading near $69 as of Tuesday. 5 early-stage AI companiesAs for forward-looking AI investment opportunities with IPO prospects, Endoso pointed to five promising companies he's excited about.
Persons: , scurrying, Russell, It's, Joe Endoso, it's, Endoso, there's, Anthropic, Claude, Elon Musk Organizations: Service, Business, Venture, Cambridge Associates, Venture Capital, Securities and Exchange Commission, Astera Labs, Endoso, Bloomberg, Elon, Nvidia
These "forever renters" vary widely in their reasons for not pursuing home ownership. Others prefer the flexibility to move and freedom from ownership costs that renters enjoy. Homeownership and renting have numerous pros and cons, making it hard to say whether forever renters are acting shrewdly or making a big mistake. Renters avoid large down payments and the varying costs of homeownership, such as mortgage payments, taxes, maintenance, and repairs. It's also cheaper to change the place you're renting than the place you're buying because of real-estate agent fees."
Persons: , Grant Wilson, Eunjee Kwon, David Brasington, Kautz, There's, Colin Lizieri, they've Organizations: Service, Business, University of Regina, University of Cincinnati, University of Cambridge Locations: Germany, Switzerland
I live minutes from a local grocery store, yet often walk to Trader Joe's for its terrific treats. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Still, I find myself walking to the Trader Joe's about 2½ miles away. The selection is that good, which isn't super surprising given the massive grocery store makes an estimated $16.5 billion in annual sales . This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Joe's, Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Cambridge , Massachusetts
Police Scotland told CNN it had received no reports regarding fans’ behavior towards Boyle. Paul Devlin/SNS Group/Getty Images“It was a historic problem born of the Catholic-Protestant divide in Scottish society, especially in the West of Scotland. And it became greatly manifest in football,” Scottish sports journalist Graham Spiers told CNN. Historically chants have included anti-Catholic religious bigotry, or vocal support for paramilitary groups like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Celtic and Rangers fans at the start of the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on September 10, 2016 in Glasgow.
Persons: Martin Boyle, Boyle, ” David Scott, , , Hibernian's Martin Boyle, John Souttar, Paul Devlin, Graham Spiers, It’s, ” Spiers, Spiers, Mark Scott, Scott, Jason Campbell, Mouth’s Scott, , , , ” Scott, Celtic’s, King William III, William of Orange, Frank McAvennie, Chris Woods, Terry Butcher, Chris Cole, don’t, ” Joseph Webster, ” Webster, Jeanette Findlay, ” “, Findlay, Steve Welsh, “ I’ve, I’m Organizations: CNN, Hibernian FC, Scottish, Rangers FC, Northern, ” Hibernian FC, Hibs, Police Scotland, Rangers, Hibernian, Easter, SNS, Scotland, Catholic, – Celtic FC, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Volunteer Force, UVF, “ Rangers, Catholic Hibernian, Midlothian FC, Loyalist, Celtic, Scottish Premier League, Ibrox, ” Authorities, Football, Communications, Crown, Fiscal, Scottish Government, University of Cambridge, ” CNN, Scottish Football Association, CNN Sport, Celtic Park, ” Celtic Locations: Edinburgh, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland’s, Scotland, Scottish, West, Glasgow, , Findlay
Read previewA wealthy family wants to hire a private tutor for their two young children. The position includes a minimum annual salary of $180,000, nine weeks of annual vacation, and accommodation and travel expenses. The UK-based tutoring agency Tutors International, searching for the highly lucrative tutoring role, has been described as the "Dom Perignon" of the industry. "In 2001, we thought charging a client £28,000 ($35,000) a year was a lot of money," Caller told Business Insider. Advertisement"Graduates from elite universities are often making a Faustian pact: serving the wealthy to pay their post‐graduation debts," he said.
Persons: , Dom Perignon, Adam, Jerome Barty, Taylor, Lu ShaoJi, Mark Bray, Bray, it's, Lee Elliot Major, you've Organizations: Service, Business, International, Oxford, Cambridge University, Ivy League grads, UNESCO, Comparative, University of Hong, Monaco, Social Mobility, University of Exeter Locations: Europe, Hong Kong, Champagne, Cambridge, Oxford, Dubai, University of Hong Kong, London, Russia, Britain
Read previewNASA's James Webb Space Telescope has detected three galaxies as they were likely forming during the universe's infancy, the space agency said Thursday. And it's all thanks to the tremendous observing power of the James Webb Telescope. AdvertisementThe James Webb Space Telescope helps astronomers study the very early universe. The Cosmic Dark AgesJames Webb Space Telescope has revealed 45,000 galaxies in this image, hundreds of which have never been seen until now. Astronomers study the Era of Reionization to understand the very early moments in our universe when galaxies and stars first formed and how.
Persons: , James Webb, Webb, Kasper Heintz, NASA Heintz, Brant Robertson, Ben Johnson, Sandro Tacchella, Marcia Rieke, Daniel Eisenstein, Heintz Organizations: Service, NASA, Business, James Webb Telescope, University of Copenhagen, James Webb Space Telescope, ESA, CSA, UC, UC Santa Cruz, CfA, University of Arizona Locations: Denmark, UC Santa, Cambridge
Hundreds of students walked out of Harvard University’s commencement ceremony on Thursday morning as degrees were conferred, while hundreds chanted “Let them walk!”, a reference to 13 student protesters who were not allowed to graduate after a vote Wednesday by the Harvard Corporation, the university’s governing body. The walkout was a jarring reminder of continuing unrest on the Cambridge campus, on a day when more than 9,000 graduates and their families were gathered in Harvard Yard for celebration and reflection. At the start of the ceremony, the university’s interim president, Alan Garber — loudly booed by some in the crowd — acknowledged the turmoil, and the possibility that “some among us may choose to take the liberty of expressing themselves to draw attention to events unfolding in the wider world.”“This moment of joy coincides with moments of fear and dread, grief and anger, suffering and pain,” he said. “Elsewhere, people are experiencing the worst days of their lives.” He asked the crowd to observe a minute of silence.
Persons: Alan Garber —, , , Organizations: Harvard, Harvard Corporation, Cambridge, Harvard Yard
“It’s often helpful to think about episodic memory as remembering, whereas semantic memory is just knowing,” he said. To find out whether Eurasian jays are capable of "mental time travel," researchers worked with birds trained to find food hidden under cups. “The idea is that with human episodic memory, we remember details of events that, at the time, weren’t necessarily relevant to anything. This aspect of episodic memory is sometimes referred to as “mental time travel.”To find out whether Eurasian jays are capable of mental time travel, the researchers worked with birds that had been trained to find food hidden under cups. “The big disease of memory is Alzheimer’s disease, and of course, the most debilitating aspect of Alzheimer’s disease is a profound loss of episodic memory,” Crystal said.
Persons: CNN —, , James Davies, Davies, , “ There’s, James Davies Corvids, Nicola Clayton, , advisee, ” Davies, weren’t, didn’t, , I’ll, ’ ” Davies, Jonathon Crystal, ” Crystal, “ It’s, Kate Golembiewski Organizations: CNN, University of Cambridge’s, University of Indiana Bloomington Locations: Chicago
Cambridge University professor Thomas Roulet has hit back at the idea that Gen Z is lazy. He said younger people just have a different idea about what work means to them. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said people shouldn't "feel so bad" for Gen Z and millennials this week. AdvertisementGen Z is often called lazy — but a Cambridge University professor thinks younger people just have a different idea about what work means. Thomas Roulet, who teaches organizational sociology and leadership at the Judge Business School, defended the generation's work ethic in a video posted on the university's YouTube channel.
Persons: Thomas Roulet, Jamie Dimon, , Socrates Organizations: Cambridge University, JPMorgan, Service, Judge Business School, YouTube, Business
The song was unveiled in April during a nighttime concert to mark the completion of a housing project in the capital Pyongyang, according to North Korean state-run Korean Central News Agency. “This isn’t Gen Z suddenly declaring allegiance for the regime,” said Alexandra Leonzini, a Cambridge University scholar conducting research on North Korean music. “They’re laughing at the regime not with the regime.”Nonetheless, South Korean security officials came down on the parodies. The music video of "Friendly Father" went viral on TikTok. North and South Korea have been cut off from each other since the Korean War in 1953 ended with an armistice.
Persons: Kim Jong, Kim –, Kim “, , TikTok, Z, Alexandra Leonzini, “ They’re, Kim, , Ha Seung, it’s, ” Ha Organizations: CNN, Korean Central News Agency, North, Cambridge University, Korea Communications Standards, Seoul’s National Intelligence Service, country’s National, Dongguk University, North Koreans Locations: Korea, Pyongyang, Korean, South Korean, South Korea, North Korea, KCTV
Vivid, disturbing nightmares may be a sign of a newly developing autoimmune disorder or an upcoming flare of existing disease, experts say. Researchers found 3 in 5 lupus patients, and 1 in 3 patients with other rheumatology-related diseases, had increasingly vivid and distressing nightmares just before their hallucinations. Systemic autoimmune diseases often have a range of symptoms, called prodromes, that appear as signs of a sudden and possibly dangerous worsening of the condition. Connect the dots to autoimmune diseaseOn first glance, it would make sense that such neurological manifestations as nightmares would occur if the autoimmune disease impacts the brain, which lupus often does, Sloan said. “In some cases, reporting these symptoms earlier, even if they seem strange and unconnected, may lead to the doctor being able to ‘join the dot’s’ to diagnose an autoimmune disease.”
Persons: , “ He’s, I’m, , Melanie Sloan, ” Sloan, Lupus, ” Jennifer Mundt, ” Mundt, “ I’m, Sloan, David D’Cruz, rheumatologist, that’s, Carlos Schenck, ” Schenck, shouldn’t Organizations: CNN, University of Cambridge, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Guy’s Hospital, Kings College London, Hennepin County Medical, University of Minnesota Locations: Canadian, United Kingdom, Chicago, Hennepin, Minneapolis
The question for some of us is, why some people want to keep working decades beyond retirement age? CNN Opinion editor Stephanie Griffith asked seven people who are past the conventional retirement age why they are still at the job and got as many responses as there were respondents. They continue to work happily and productively, and were happy to explain to us how and why they do it. Over the years I’ve had to adapt frequently to the changing technology, which isn’t always easy for someone my age. That may be the secret of working well past the time society tells us we’re supposed to retire.
Persons: CNN —, Howard Tucker, Tucker, he’ll, ” Tucker, Joe Biden, Donald Trump —, Trump, ageist, Biden, Stephanie Griffith, Vincent, Austin Tucker, I’ve, isn’t, , Taylor Taglianetti, Gayle Fleming, it’s, I’m, , Gayle Fleming Michael Ventura, Biden —, Charles Simon, Ana Marie Forsythe, Alvin, Ana Marie Forsythe Kyle Froman, — Joyce Trisler —, Joyce, She’d, Lester Horton, Alvin Ailey, Ailey, Ailey School Martha Graham, José Limón, Horton, don’t, Marjorie Perces, Cheryl Bell, didn’t, Babette Coffey, you’ve, you’re, David A, I, Pamela S, Donald Trump, Maggie Mulqueen, Alan Steele, Joan Steinau Lester, , Carole Johnson, — I’m, Octogenarians Organizations: CNN, Records, Biden, Vincent Charity Medical Center, Case Western Reserve University, St, AI Society, Computer, MSNBC, Society, Alvin Ailey School, Dance Media, Juilliard, Ailey School, Alvin, Alvin Ailey American Dance, Vassar College, Ailey, Horton Department, The New York Times, CBS, American, French Legion of, Social Security, Twitter Locations: Ohio, St, Cleveland, one’s, Seattle , Washington, Cambridge , Massachusetts, West, Horton, New York City, , Brookline , Mass,
Alongside them are the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, plus Princess Alexandra and the Duchess of Kent, all holding their newborn babies. The Royal Family at Royal Lodge, 1943, conveying a reassuring sense of domesticity and calm during the war. Royal Collection TrustBeaton was the official photographer for Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. Snowdon/Royal Collection TrustAnother highlight is the earliest surviving color print of a member of the royal family. Paolo Roversi/Royal Collection TrustGET OUR FREE ROYAL NEWSLETTER • Sign up to CNN’s Royal News, a weekly dispatch bringing you the inside track on the royal family, what they are up to in public and what’s happening behind palace walls.
Persons: Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, Princess Margaret, Princess Alexandra, Duchess, Kent, Princess Margaret’s, Antony Armstrong, Jones, Lord Snowdon, Princess Elizabeth, Cecil Beaton, , , King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Margaret, Windsor . King George VI, comfortingly, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Collection Trust Beaton, Martin Charteris, Beaton, Charles, Princess Anne, Anne, Pippin, Norman Parkinson, Snowdon, Madame Yevonde, Princess Alice , Duchess of Gloucester, Edward VIII, Andy Warhol’s, Andy Warhol, Todd, Ben Fitzpatrick, Paolo Roversi’s, Princess, Catherine, Alexandra , Princess of Wales, Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Wales, Cambridge, Paolo Roversi, Alessandro Nasini, Dorothy Wilding, Annie Leibovitz, David Bailey, Rankin Organizations: CNN, Royal, Royal Archives, Collection Trust, CNN’s Royal Locations: Royal, Windsor ., Buckingham, Wales
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