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Photographer: David Odisho/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesShares of Salesforce tumbled 20% Thursday morning, putting the stock on pace for its worst day in nearly 20 years. Its worst trading day on record is July 4, 2004, when shares fell 27% just days after the company went public. Salesforce expects second-quarter adjusted earnings per share of $2.34 to $2.36 on $9.2 billion to $9.25 billion in revenue. Goldman Sachs analysts reiterated their buy rating on the stock and said they view Salesforce as a "high-quality software franchise." Goldman Sachs analysts said in a note Wednesday that Salesforce is "an under-appreciated Gen-AI winner."
Persons: Marc Benioff, Benioff, David Odisho, Salesforce, LSEG, Salesforce's, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, — CNBC's Michael Bloom, Jordan Novet Organizations: Inc, Bloomberg, Getty, Citi Locations: San Francisco , California, Francisco's
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewJerry Seinfeld doesn't care that "Unfrosted," his directorial debut, got terrible reviews. I think it's funny that you hated it because you wanted to laugh and you didn't laugh." "Unfrosted" follows a handful of successful recent movies about the creation of popular products, including "Steve Jobs," "The Social Network," and "Tetris." Even though it failed to make waves, Netflix didn't lose as much money on "Unfrosted" as it could have.
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Sell your blood plasmaBags of blood plasma being examined in a laboratory. During plasma donation, blood is drawn and an automated machine separates the plasma from other blood components, which are returned to the donor. Plasma donation pay varies from site to site, but the average payout is typically around $50 per donation. During the egg donation cycle, patients are injected with fertility drugs so that the ovaries make more mature eggs than normal. For example, here's a list of the most recent paid research studies offered by New York University.
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Now, four years later, it has grown into a successful business, earning me around $27,000 a month in passive income at age 30. Even though I make a decent amount of money in passive income, I remain frugal. Here are five things I refuse to spend my money on:1. DON'T MISS: The ultimate guide to earning passive income online3. Now, I set aside funds each month so that when an item breaks, I have money saved up to repair or replace it.
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One screenshot from a Lyft driver based in Arizona showed a $2.62 ride that took 15 minutes and traveled 4.32 miles. For some drivers, these sub-$3 trips are a symbol of their broader frustrations with their pay. AdvertisementCompared to January 2023, sub-$3 trips — excluding tips — have become more common for DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats drivers and less common for Uber and Lyft drivers, per Gridwise. Otherwise, the pay would likely increase if drivers rejected these rides since drivers would be more likely to accept a higher-paying ride. AdvertisementMoises Diaz, a 41-year-old Uber and Lyft driver in California, started driving part-time in December.
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A dated-looking 1950s-era home in tech billionaire hot spot Palo Alto is listed for $2 million. Its listing agent posted a video tour that shocked people, who said its look didn't match its price. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe adage "location, location, location" is especially true in California, where a property's ZIP code can significantly impact its price tag. Case in point: a newly listed 1950s-era home in Palo Alto that's causing a stir on social media — not for its beauty but for its $2 million price tag.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Organizations: Alto, Service Locations: California, Palo Alto, Palo, Barron Park
Big oil shareholders could get a lot richer
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Nicole Goodkind | )   time to read: +7 min
New York CNN —Big oil just got bigger, and shareholders could soon be getting richer. Dollar Tree will reopen these stores with its own products under its brand beginning in the fall, reports my colleague Nathaniel Meyersohn. Dollar Tree, a national company with mostly suburban locations, primarily offers discretionary merchandise like party supplies and home goods. Dollar Tree also owns Family Dollar, based mostly in cities. Family Dollar has underperformed Dollar Tree and other discount chains in recent years, and it’s closing 975 stores.
Persons: Stewart Glickman, , “ it’s, Stewart, Hess, McDonald’s, Joe Erlinger, , Danielle Wiener, Bronner, they’re, Chris Kempczinski, ” Read, Nathaniel Meyersohn Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, ConocoPhillips, Marathon, Diamondback, Endeavor Energy Partners, , McDonald’s, America, Mac, Locations: New York, multibillion, McDonald’s USA, U.S, Arizona , California , Nevada, Texas, Virginia, West Coast
I moved to Los Angeles about five years ago from San Francisco, and I previously lived in New York City and Chicago. LA lacks great parks compared to other cities like San Francisco and New York City. It doesn't feel urban the way cities like NYC or SF do — I don't feel an urban buzz or excitement. I don't feel any sense of communityI don't feel a strong sense of community in LA. Because it's such a driving culture, I don't interact with people as much as I do in other cities I've lived in.
Persons: , Stevie Howell, It's, I've, Frederic Olmstead, Manseen Logan Organizations: Service, Business, San Francisco and New Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, California, LA, Venice, San Francisco and, San Francisco and New York City, Southern California,
Since May 2022, homeownership costs have grown twice as fast as incomes, putting the dream of owning property out of reach for many Americans. During that time, median mortgage payments rose from $2,319 to $2,835, per data provided by Redfin. To get a better sense of how rising prices have affected different markets, Redfin compared mortgage payments for 50 of the largest U.S. cities in May 2022 with May 2024. The city has a rich cultural history and is near Boston and New York, making it a popular market for second homes. Monthly payments increased in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, but are still well below the 2024 national median of $2,835.
Persons: Redfin Organizations: Redfin, CNBC, New, Cleveland, Virginia, Pittsburgh Locations: Providence , Rhode Island, Newark , New Jersey, Anaheim , California, Milwaukee, Brunswick , New Jersey, New York City, Cincinnati , Ohio, Indianapolis, Montgomery County , Pennsylvania, Boston, Columbus , Ohio, Nassau County , New York, Philadelphia, Angeles, Chicago, Virginia Beach , Virginia, Diego, Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York City, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin
CNN —Johnny Wactor, an actor who formerly starred in “General Hospital,” caught people in the act of stealing the catalytic converter from his car Saturday. But, up to last year, catalytic converter thefts had been rising sharply, up by a factor of four, since 2020. A catalytic converter cleans a car’s exhaust, making the air safer to breathe for all of us. On its website, the US Environmental Protection Agency has called the catalytic converter “one of the great environmental inventions of all time.” But it’s not what the catalytic converter does that attracts desperate criminals. For the most part, the catalytic converters end up getting sold to recycling companies that strip out the materials to make new catalytic converters.
Persons: Johnny Wactor, , Wactor, It’s, they’ve, Richard Waitas, That’s, Scott Vollero, Christopher Gaines, you’ve, it’s Organizations: CNN, , National Insurance, US Environmental Protection Agency, National Automobile Dealers Association, Recycling Locations: Angeles, California
Many Democrats, along with foreign leaders who the US counts as allies, say Israel’s actions clearly cross a red line – if not Biden’s, then their own and those of international law. Would that be a red line?” MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked during an interview. His answer, with its incomplete sentences, did not state what might constitute a violation of the red line or what his response would be. “I went over the red line issue, which I know is the obsession of this group, last week. Whether Biden drew a red line or not, his counterpart in Israel found reason to dismiss the president’s comments.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Biden’s, Jake Sullivan, Benjamin Netanyahu, , Sara Jacobs, Antony Blinken, “ I’m, ” Sullivan, Israel, Netanyahu, , Jonathan Capehart, I’m, , … ” Biden, didn’t, I’ve, it’s, we’ve, ” Netanyahu, CNN’s Erin Burnett, “ We’re, Blinken, Kamala Harris, John Kirby, Kirby, CNN’s Alex Marquardt Organizations: Philadelphia CNN, CNN, Democrats, Foreign, White, Biden, Press, Gaza Health Ministry, White House Locations: Rafah, Israel, United States, California, American, Gaza, , I’m, That’s
New York City is the No. 10 city where homeowners are paying more than renters, according to a May SmartAsset report. The report assessed the difference in monthly costs between owning a home and renting in 343 cities with a population of over 100,000 people. In the top two cities, Berkeley and California, owning costs are up to $2,000 or more per month compared to renting. Homeowners in these areas often pay twice as much as renters, the report states.
Organizations: New, Survey Locations: U.S, New York City, California, Berkeley
A former California official pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal more than $1.5 million of water, but the decadeslong water heist case still has more questions than answers. The US attorney said Falaschi was responsible for stealing somewhere between $1.5 million and $3.5 million worth of water. Falaschi's plea agreement claims he's responsible for stealing only a fraction of the original $25 million prosecutors accused him of taking in the original indictment. The plea agreement also said Falaschi was one of several people involved in the misconduct and that he was unaware of the full extent of the misconduct. Of the water Falaschi took, the plea agreement said almost all of it was taken to "blend down and reuse drainage water, which helped protect farmland and improve water quality in the San Joaquin River."
Persons: Dennis Falaschi, Falaschi, should've, Robin Hood, he's Organizations: Service, US, Eastern, Eastern District of, Business, Prosecutors, Los Angeles Times, Times Locations: California, Fresno, Merced Counties, Eastern District, Eastern District of California, San Joaquin
According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales fell 1.5 percent in October to their lowest level in 20 years. These so-called pending sales are a forward-looking indicator of closed sales one-to-two months later. Pending sales were 7.4% lower than in April of last year. Because the count is based on signed contracts, it shows how buyers are reacting to mortgage rates in real time. With home prices still climbing and supply very low, leading to increased competition, that jump in rates had a huge effect on sales.
Persons: Justin Sullivan, Lawrence Yun, Yun, Hannah Jones Organizations: National Association of Realtors, Mortgage News, NAR, West, Locations: CALIFORNIA, San Anselmo , California, Midwest, Redfin
When we don't get enough sleep, it can influence everything from how much money we make to our likelihood of developing dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. Researchers have found that stress is one of the strongest indicators of poor sleep. On top of that, the county struggles with poor health, another major contributor to poor sleep. In our analysis, we overlaid the CDC's sleep data with a CDC survey on mental health and found a 79% correlation between mental-health problems and poor sleep. In the food-services industry, people juggle inconsistent shifts and low pay that often requires taking on multiple jobs, and 40% of workers don't get enough sleep.
Persons: Tim Cook, Robinhood's Vlad Tenev, Gordon Ramsay, Drake, Michael Phelps, Mingo, It's, Johns Hopkins, isn't Organizations: Centers for Disease Control, South . Residents, CDC, Columbia, Johns Hopkins University, Graduate Medical Locations: South, West Virginia , Kentucky, Alabama, Mingo, West Virginia, Boulder County , Colorado, America, healthiest, Manhattan, San Francisco, Mississippi, . California, Florida
Tesla is rehiring some of the nearly 500 Supercharger staff members Musk fired in April as a cost-saving measure amid challenging times at the EV company, Bloomberg reported earlier this month. Advertisement"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Musk told CNBC's David Faber in May 2023. At Tesla, for example, Musk told his employees that he would personally approve all new hires, according to an email obtained by Business Insider. Musk is also known to have fired employees who disagreed with his decisions. Other former Twitter employees and executives have sued Musk, accusing him of unpaid severance pay.
Persons: , Elon Musk, Tesla, Musk, CNBC's David Faber, Lex Fridman, Walter Isaacson, Musk's, Alec Levenson, " Levenson, Spencer Platt, Levenson, that's, Weeks, Kali Hays Organizations: Service, EV, Bloomberg, Twitter, Business, SpaceX, University of Southern California Marshall Center, BI, Tesla, New York Times, National Labor Relations, NLRB, Musk's SpaceX, Twitter's Locations: York
An Amazon delivery drone is on display at Amazon's BOS27 Robotics Innovation Hub in Westborough, Massachusetts, on Nov. 10, 2022. The company said it will expand its delivery area in College Station, Texas, one of the cities where it has been conducting tests. The technology has been a key tool for other drone delivery companies, such as Zipline, looking to operate beyond visual line of sight, or BVLOS. The e-commerce giant's drone delivery service, Prime Air, has struggled since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos laid out his vision for the program more than a decade ago. Last month, Amazon said it would end its drone operations in California and begin deliveries in Phoenix, Arizona, later this year.
Persons: Amazon, Jeff Bezos Organizations: U.S, Amazon, Federal Aviation, College Station ,, Prime Air, Station ,, Prime Locations: Westborough , Massachusetts, College Station, College Station , Texas, Station, Station , Texas, Houston, Sacramento, California, Phoenix , Arizona
Why the Negro League stats belong in the MLB record books
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Fortunately, we got to see other NLB players join an integrated MLB a short time into their careers. Bettmann Archive/Getty ImagesFormer NLB players who joined the integrated MLB got on base more frequently (.361) than the average (.324). Hulton Archive/Getty Images Robinson was a formidable athlete in college, lettering in four sports at UCLA. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Robinson poses in the dugout with Dodgers teammates as he makes his historic debut on April 15, 1947. Rogers Photo Archive/Getty Images Robinson leaps into the air to try to turn a double play in 1952.
Persons: , Major League Baseball’s, Neil Paine, , Todd Peterson, White, Satchel Paige, Dizzy Dean, Mark Rucker, of Famer Dizzy Dean, , Dean, Paige, Willie Mays, Mays, Henry “ Hank ” Aaron, Aaron didn’t, Wes Westrum's, It’s, Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson, Robinson, Rachel Isum, Johnny, Jorgensen, Harold, Pee Wee, Reese, Eddie Stanky, Rickey, Rogers, Richard Nixon, Paul Schutzer, Edd Roush, Bob Feller, Bill McKechnie, Cliff Welch, Ed Sullivan, Rachel, — Jackie Jr, David, Sharon —, Robert Riger, Jackie Robinson's, Larry Doby –, Hall, Hall of Famer –, Josh Gibson, Gibson’s, Gibson, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ruth, We’ll, Larry Doby, Stanley Weston, Doby, Cobb, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Walter Johnson, they’ll Organizations: CNN, Negro League Baseball, Major League, MLB, Negro League, Wrigley Field, White MLB, of Famer, White, Birmingham Black Barons, Indianapolis, National Leagues, New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Polo, Bettmann, Getty, National League, Brooklyn Dodgers, Hulton, UCLA, US Army, Kansas City Monarchs, Negro Leagues, Sporting, Montreal Royals, Dodgers, New York Yankees, GOP, Republican, Hall of Fame, CBS, Freedom, American League, Hall of Famer, Baseball, Cleveland Indians, NL, AL Locations: Chicago, , New York, Cairo , Georgia, Pasadena , California, Los Angeles, New York, Stamford , Connecticut, Williamston , North Carolina, Bettmann, Anaheim , California
The new iPhone 15 Pro is displayed during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, on Sept. 12, 2023. Apple plans to open its first store in Malaysia next month, the company said Wednesday, underscoring a bigger push into the Asia region beyond China. The store will be located at The Exchange TRX mall in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. It will open on June 22 at 10 a.m. local time, Apple said.
Persons: Steve Jobs, Apple Organizations: Steve, Apple Locations: Cupertino , California, Malaysia, Asia, China, Malaysian, Kuala Lumpur
Read previewA Fresno police officer issued a California man with a ticket for jaywalking in 2019. But instead of taking the fine on the chin, John Christopher Spatafore launched a campaign of revenge against the cop, which included filing false police reports about him, according to a civil lawsuit. AdvertisementAccording to the local outlet, the officer's lawyer, Brian Whelan, described the lawsuit as addressing a "cyber campaign of hate and revenge" waged against the policeman and his family. According to the lawsuit, Spatafore then filed two false police reports against the officer. In the second, Spatafore alleged that the officer's wife was a victim of domestic violence, according to the lawsuit.
Persons: , John Christopher Spatafore, John Doe, Brian Whelan, Spatafore Organizations: Service, Fresno, jaywalking, Business, Fresno Bee, Fresno City Hall Locations: California, Fresno
Rent prices have been a lone bright spot amid high inflation, as one-bedroom homes in many cities are cheaper than they were a year ago. While one-bedroom rental prices ticked up 1.2% on a monthly basis in May, they've been mostly flat in 2024. The decline in rental prices in southern cities is largely due to increased construction of rental units, but also population loss in some cities, especially in California, Zumper's study says. The city has encouraged new construction through property annexation and zoning reform, adding thousands of rental units in 2023. Here's a look at the 15 U.S. cities with the largest drops in one-bedroom rental prices for the year ending May 24, according to Zumper's data.
Persons: Zumper, , they've, Zumper's Locations: U.S, California, Greensboro , North Carolina
My dad owned a wide variety of businesses. My dad worked the grill and made the hot dishes while my mom took customer orders and packed the food. AdvertisementI vouched for my dad at my jobMy dad told me that he still wanted to work after he sold the lease. That's when I thought he could get a job working in the kitchen at the hospital where I worked. I talked to the manager of food services at my hospital and asked if they'd give my dad a job in the kitchen.
Persons: he'd, Ryu, Grace Ryu, , He's, they'd, I'd, he's, I've, She's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Maryland, Baltimore, Ocean City, California, America
Then I could go back to my manager and say: "Here's the problem, and here's what I did to solve it." I applied for another promotion a year after being turned down for the last oneI applied for another promotion. AdvertisementGetting rejected the first time was a blessing in disguise because I learned so much by getting rejected. I was tasked with being the tech lead of a number of critical projects for the Google Fiber TV ads team. Learning that I had to take control of my own career was vital to all the promotions I've had in my career since.
Persons: , Irina Stanescu, who'd, I'd, I've Organizations: Service, Google, Business, YouTube, Uber Locations: California, Romania
A Massachusetts man who fled during his rape trial in 2007, and was convicted in absentia, had been living for more than a decade with a woman in California who had no idea he was a wanted fugitive, the authorities said. But the man’s hidden past surfaced on Tuesday, when law enforcement agents in Danville, Calif., about 30 miles east of San Francisco, arrested the man, Tuen Kit Lee, 55, who was known as the “bad breath rapist,” the Massachusetts State Police said. Mr. Lee, who had fled just before closing arguments at his trial in Quincy, Mass., had been living with the woman, a flower shop owner, in her multimillion-dollar home in Diablo, a community of about 1,200 residents just outside Danville, the state police said. Chris Tamayo, a senior inspector with U.S. Marshals Service in Northern California, said that Mr. Lee had initially fled to New York and had then taken a bus to San Francisco, where he met the woman who became his companion for the past 10 years.
Persons: Tuen Kit Lee, Lee, Chris Tamayo, Mr Organizations: Massachusetts State Police, U.S . Marshals Service Locations: Massachusetts, California, Danville , Calif, San Francisco, Quincy , Mass, Danville, Northern California, New York
American Airlines planes sit at the gate at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, on July 26, 2023. Isom said American is weighing changes to a plan Raja led to drive direct bookings at the airline in lieu of third-party sites and travel agencies, a strategy that included gutting the airline's sales department. The changes angered some travel agencies who weren't able to access some of the carrier's fares as before, making it harder for some agencies to sell tickets on American flights. Raja said last month that the airline's corporate booking growth was coming in behind big rivals Delta and United . American in February said it would limit some travel agency bookings from being eligible to earn AAdvantage frequent flyer miles.
Persons: Robert Isom, Vasu Raja, Isom, Raja, We've, We're Organizations: Airlines, Los Angeles International Airport, American Airlines, Delta Locations: Los Angeles , California
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