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I wanted to transfer to fashion school, but I missed the application deadline. I had been fascinated with Japan for a long time, especially its Harajuku fashion, which is really colorful and artistic. After years of being depressed and dressing up in all black, Harajuku fashion became a way for me to express my joy. AdvertisementCaiazzo felt that Harajuku fashion allowed her to express her happiness. Two years later, I enrolled into fashion school, which was a different wild ride.
Persons: , Arianna Caiazzo, Caiazzo, She's, Ariana Caiazzo Organizations: Service, Arcadia University, Business, Autism Locations: Japan, English, Pennsylvania, Tokyo, New Jersey, Osaka
Peculiar dead white dwarf star has two faces
  + stars: | 2023-07-24 | by ( Ashley Strickland | )   time to read: +5 min
CNN —Astronomers have made a first-of-its-kind discovery — a white dwarf star with two completely different faces. White dwarfs are burnt remains of dead stars. The newly discovered white dwarf has two sides, one made of hydrogen and the other made of helium. Researchers have nicknamed the star Janus, for the Roman god of transition, which has two faces. “We might have possibly caught one such white dwarf in the act.”As the white dwarf cools over time, the heavier and lighter materials may mix together.
Persons: Janus, , Ilaria Caiazzo, Caiazzo, Neil Gehrels, ” Caiazzo, , K, Miller, James Fuller Organizations: CNN —, California Institute of Technology, Observatory, Gran, Canarias, Keck, Caltech Locations: Canary, Maunakea, Hawaii
But a two-faced star? Janus is fairly massive for a white dwarf, with a mass 20% larger than that of our sun compressed into an object with a diameter half that of Earth. About 97% of all stars are destined to become white dwarfs when they die," Caiazzo said. Janus may represent a white dwarf in the midst of this transitional blending process, but with the puzzling development of one side being hydrogen while the other side is helium. Janus is not the only exotic white star known.
Persons: Janus, Ilaria Caiazzo, Caiazzo, Will Dunham, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Caltech, Thomson Locations: San Diego
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