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Read previewCarthago delenda est — mean anything to you? In a series of photos showing the Meta founder celebrating his 40th birthday, Zuckerberg had a striking black shirt with a Latin phrase on it. Advertisement"Carthago delenda est" means — very emphatically — Carthage must be destroyed. As well as being a throwback to Roman history, it's a throwback to Zuckerberg's own history. So it seems appropriate that a throwback — if obscure — Latin phrase should be at the center of it.
Persons: , Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Kwan Wei Kevin Tan, Cato the Elder, Cato, It's, Caesar, Aurelia, Maxima Organizations: Service, Senate, Business, Google, Facebook, Harvard Locations: Carthage, Tunisia, Rome, Hannibal, Carthage's
Sweetgreen shares surged 35% on Friday after the company topped Wall Street's revenue expectations for the first quarter. The salad chain reported $158 million in revenue, beating the LSEG consensus estimate of $152 million. It is an increase of 26% from the prior-year period, when it reported revenue of $125.1 million. Neman added that the company remains "on track" to open about seven new automated Infinite Kitchen restaurants this year and plans to establish more next year. The company announced Tuesday it's introducing steak to the menu, expanding its protein offerings with a Caramelized Garlic Steak protein plate, a Steakhouse Chopped warm bowl and a Kale Caesar (Steak) salad.
Persons: Sweetgreen, Jonathan Neman, Kale Caesar, Nicolas Jammet, We're Organizations: Wall, South Lake Union, Analysts Locations: Neman, South Lake, Seattle, Boston
For a series with a goofy premise — what if talking apes overthrew humanity — the “Planet of the Apes” universe is uncommonly thoughtful, even insightful. Those later virus-ridden installments, a trilogy released between 2011 and 2017, are among the series’ best, and well worth revisiting. The newest film, “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” picks up exactly where that trilogy left off: with the death of Caesar, the ultrasmart chimpanzee who has led the apes away from what’s left of humanity and into a paradise. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” directed by Wes Ball from a screenplay by Josh Friedman, leaps forward almost immediately by “many generations” (years matter less in this post-human world), and the inevitable has happened. The apes have fractured into tribes, while Caesar has passed from historical figure to mythic one, a figure venerated by some and forgotten by most.
Persons: , , Caesar, what’s, Moses, ” Caesar, Wes Ball, Josh Friedman Locations: “ Kingdom
I tried the high-protein, low-carb Caesar-salad chicken-crust pizza I keep seeing on TikTok. The dish uses canned chicken to make a low-carb, high-protein pizza crust and is easy to make. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Millions of TikTok users have viewed Caesar-salad chicken-crust pizza videos in which creators share recipes and promise the viral dish tastes fresh and flavorful. So, I made the viral Caesar-salad chicken-crust pizza in my own kitchen — and my family and I were pleasantly surprised.
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4 ingredients to level up your pasta recipes
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With “Anything’s Pastable: 81 Inventive Pasta Recipes for Saucy People,” “I hope that people realize that there’s so much more than they can and should be putting on pasta,” Pashman said. Substitute 3 tablespoons prepackaged toasted rice powder for the 1 teaspoon oil and ¼ cup rice and skip step 1. In a large heatproof bowl, combine the shallots, ¼ cup cilantro, ¼ cup mint, scallions, chili flakes and sugar. Heat the remaining ¼ cup oil in the reserved skillet over high heat until just starting to smoke. Recipe adapted from “Anything’s Pastable: 81 Inventive Pasta Recipes for Saucy People” by Dan Pashman.
Persons: Dan Pashman, , Pashman, , Harper Collins, ” Pashman, Alla, they’re, Pepe Chili Crisp, He’s, e pepe, Gan Ma, Jing, Dan Liberti, Caesar, Skip, James Park, Chili Crisp, Dan Liberti Dan Pashman’s Larb, browning, Karla Walsh, William Morrow Organizations: CNN, , Saucy, Ritz Crackers, Ritz, Sporkful, HarperCollins Publishers Locations: Italy, African, America, Thai, Des Moines , Iowa
It was previously only known that he was buried in the academy, but not specifically where, Ranocchia told CNN Tuesday. A statue of ancient Greek philosopher Plato in Athens, Greece. Brigida Soriano/AlamyThe text also provides more detail about Plato’s final night – and he wasn’t a fan of the music that was played. The project, called the Greek Schools project, is a five-year study using various technologies and methods to help decipher the fragile papyri. “The new readings often draw on new and concrete facts about Plato’s Academy, Hellenistic literature, Philodemus of Gadara and ancient history in general.”
Persons: Plato, Graziano Ranocchia, Ranocchia, Roman general Sulla, Brigida Soriano, , ” Ranocchia, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Lorenzo Di Cola, ” Kilian Fleischer Organizations: CNN, Platonic Academy of Athens, of Philology, University of Pisa, Platonic, Spartans, University of Naples, European Union, ERC – European Research Council, Greek Schools, Plato’s Academy Locations: Vesuvius, Athens, Greece, Thrace, Naples, Mesopotamia, Aegina, Sicily, Herculaneum, Italy
A gallon of ammonia was spilled in the basement of a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Illinois, local emergency services said. AdvertisementA person was taken to hospital in a "stable" condition after about a gallon of ammonia spilled in the basement of a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in a city in the suburbs of Chicago, local emergency services said. Business Insider did not immediately receive a response to a request for comment from Gordon Ramsay Restaurants North America, sent outside regular US working hours. The Scottish TV chef originally opened most of his North American restaurants in partnerships with Caesar's Entertainment, but began opening some through Gordon Ramsay North America in 2019. AdvertisementSquatters have recently taken over one of Ramsay's restaurants in London and turned it into what they described as a community art café.
Persons: Gordon Ramsay, , Phil Giannattasio, Giannattasio, Ramsay Organizations: Staff, Service, Disease Control, Business, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants North, DuPage County Health Department, Scottish, Caesar's Entertainment, Gordon Ramsay North America Locations: Illinois, Chicago, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants North America, DuPage County, Europe, North America, Asia, Chelsea, London, American, Naperville, Wellington, British
Roland Miller/Barely FairThat same year, the New York gallery Selenas Mountain showcased Juan Arango Palacios' canvases and woven works. Artists and their galleries are responsible for producing all of the small works, but Barely Fair’s team helps with installation as needed. Roland Miller/Barely FairBarely Fair began as a joke between the co-founders of the artist space Julius Caesar, but they quickly realized its potential as a serious art fair. “And I think that Barely Fair is much more successful at that.”For nascent galleries and artists, Barely Fair is a more accessible way to participate in Chicago’s art week, which draws curators and collectors from around the world. “(It’s) inverting the dynamics of making a monument at small scale,” she said, explaining that Barely Fair “happened to feel almost tailor-made” for her work.
Persons: Anish Kapoor, Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono, Rebecca Morris, Roland Miller, Juan Arango Palacios, Julius Caesar, , Josh Dihle, Tony Lewis, Kate Sierzputowski, ” Miller, , Ellie Rines, Henry, Daid Puppypaws, Ingrid Olson, Jonas Müller, Miller, Alice Tippit, Evan Jenkins, Julia Fischbach, Fischbach, gallerists, Al Freeman, Rines, Amanda Ross, Ho, Michiko Itatani, Kay Hoffman, Katharine Hamnett, Ross, ” Ross, Price, that’s, Tatjana Pieters, Charles Degeyter, Mae Alphonse Dessauvage, Pieters, ” Pieters, “ I’ve, Organizations: CNN, Color, Barely, Artists, New, Los, Chicago —, NADA Miami, Miami Art Locations: Chicago, New York, New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Ross, Belgian, NADA, Ghent, Belgium
Russia artillery advantage in the Ukraine war is set to double soon, a top US general said. AdvertisementUS European Command's Gen. Chris Cavoli says Russia's artillery advantage over Ukraine will double within weeks as the latter's supply shortages persist. Ukraine had the artillery advantage last summer, but now it is firing about 2,000 shells while Russia hammers its positions with 10,000 shells each day. AdvertisementUkraine's military has been heavily reliant on drones as alternatives to artillery shells. "It is necessary to specifically tell Congress that if Congress does not help Ukraine, Ukraine will lose the war," Zelenskyy said last Sunday.
Persons: , Chris Cavoli, we're, Cavoli, Caesar, Celeste Wallander, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Zelenskyy Organizations: Service, Armed, Separate Artillery Brigade, REUTERS, Defense, International Security Affairs, NATO Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Avdiivka, Donetsk region, Europe, Kharkiv
Critical Role recently released "Candela Obscura," a gothic horror roleplaying game. AdvertisementIn October, Critical Role, a crew of eight self-professed "nerdy-ass voice actors," played their long-running "Dungeons & Dragons" game at a sold-out Wembley Arena. These qualities make O'Brien ideal for stepping into the game master role for "Candela Obscura," Critical Role's new gothic horror game, and he's leaning hard into the tragedy. AdvertisementIt's also one of the more punishing gaming systems he's played in, O'Brien told me during our video call. Mercer, the team's designated game master, is the one who crafts the narrative and controls how the story develops.
Persons: Liam O'Brien, , Matthew Mercer, O'Brien, I've, It's, he's, Twitch, Mercer, — O'Brien, — Taliesin Jaffe, Imari Williams, Aimee Carrero, Alexander Ward —, Taliesin Jaffe, Alexander Ward, Julius Caesar, Irish, Martin McDonagh, Spenser Starke, Rowan Hall, Aabria Iyengar, Starke, Mary Shelley, it's, Amazon, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer Robyn von Swank Organizations: Service, Wembley, Darrington Press, Hasbro's, Hasbro, CR Locations: Europe, Ireland, New York, Mercer, Starke
Critical Role recently released "Candela Obscura," a gothic horror roleplaying game. These qualities make O'Brien ideal for stepping into the game master role for "Candela Obscura," Critical Role's new gothic horror game, and he's leaning hard into the tragedy. AdvertisementIt's also one of the more punishing gaming systems he's played in, O'Brien told during our video call. Mercer, the team's designated game master, is the one who crafts the narrative and controls how the story develops. "I always prefer complicated narratively satisfying endings to a neat little happy ending," O'Brien told me.
Persons: Liam O'Brien, , Matthew Mercer, O'Brien, I've, It's, he's, Twitch, Mercer, — O'Brien, — Taliesin Jaffe, Imari Williams, Aimee Carrero, Alexander Ward —, Taliesin Jaffe, Alexander Ward, Julius Caesar, Irish, Martin McDonagh, Spenser Starke, Rowan Hall, Aabria Iyengar, Starke, Mary Shelley, it's, Amazon, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer Robyn von Swank Organizations: Service, Wembley, Darrington Press, Hasbro's, Hasbro, CR Locations: Europe, Ireland, New York, Mercer, Starke
Read previewDonald Trump's ex-national security advisor, John Bolton, said the former president "doesn't have the brains" to be a dictator in a recent interview with French daily Le Figaro. He added: "Regarding the possibility of overthrowing the Republic, let's be clear: Donald Trump is not Julius Caesar!" But after revelations from his memoir undercut a key part of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense , allies of Trump denounced Bolton. For Trump, Bolton said: "Everything is episodic, anecdotal, transactional. And everything is contingent on the question of how this will benefit Donald Trump."
Persons: , Donald Trump's, John Bolton, doesn't, Figaro, let's, Donald Trump, Julius Caesar, Bolton, Trump, Joe Biden, Biden, it's, Le Figaro, — Bolton, Sean Gallup, Republican Party's Organizations: Service, Trump, Business, Republican, Fox News, Bolton, NATO, Getty Locations: Bolton, Republic, American, Mar, Russia
A newly surfaced video shows armed Russian crews attempting to defend a landing ship from Ukrainian sea drones. Russia has been upping its defenses against naval drones, but it's unclear how effective they are. AdvertisementA newly surfaced video shows a Russian warship crew making their last stand against Ukraine's exploding sea drones. The Ukrainian drones targeted and destroyed Black Sea Fleet warships, a section of the Kerch Bridge connecting occupied Crimea with Russia, attacked bases, and went after other key infrastructure in and around the Black Sea. New look at a Ukrainian Sea Baby USV, this one christened “Avdiivka”.
Persons: , Caesar Kunikov, 4XYsK2WFPY, 🇺🇦🇷🇺, Ker Organizations: Service, Telegram, USVs, unm, unc Locations: Russian, Russia, Ukraine
CNN —Ukraine’s military on Tuesday claimed another successful attack on a Russian warship, marking the latest in a string of naval defeats for Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet that Kyiv says has reduced its numbers by more than a third since the start of the war. “As a result of the strike by Magura V5 maritime drones, the Russian ship Project 22160 ‘Sergei Kotov’ sustained damage to the stern, starboard and port sides,” sparking a fire aboard the vessel, a statement said. In mid-February, the Russian landing ship Caesar Kunikov was attacked with the same drones used against the Sergei Kotov. The drones punctured “critical holes” on the Russian ship’s left side before sinking it, Ukrainian military intelligence agency said on Telegram. The Sergei Kotov was one of Russia newest ships in the Black Sea Fleet.
Persons: CNN —, Moscow’s, Sergei Kotov, Sergei Kotov ’, Andriy Yusov, Caesar Kunikov Organizations: CNN, The Defense Intelligence, Magura, Russian, Ukrainian Navy, Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital, Defense Intelligence, Radio Free, Radio Liberty, Fleet, TASS Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Kerch, Crimea, Russia, Radio Free Europe
Where Old Vegas is still alive today
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MuseumsMuseums are obvious celebrations of the past, and in Las Vegas, these two museums have direct links to the Vegas of old. At the Neon Museum, Old Vegas is showcased in the form of neon signs. Other attractionsSeveral other sights and destinations around Las Vegas keep the city’s past alive in this modern age. At one point every casino in Las Vegas had a machine like this one; today this is the only coin-operated iteration left. Finally, the most recognizable throwback to Old Vegas might be the neon “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip near Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.
Persons: upstage Travis, Taylor, Usher, Jackie Gaughan, Kenny Epstein, Epstein, Gaughan, , , you’ve, Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky, La Concha, Caesar, Chris Welsch, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Sinatra, Hugo’s, El Cortez, Barbara Streisand’s, Bauer, Griffin, Vegas Vickie, Vickie, Derek Stevens, Vic, Betty Willis, YESCO Organizations: CNN, Sin, Bellagio, Vegas, Eiffel, El, Fremont Street, National Register of Historic Places, Casino, Hotel, Museums, Mob Museum, National Museum of, US Post Office, Commerce, Neon Museum, Las, Virgin Hotels, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Italian American, Four Queens Casino, Las Vegas, Sigma Derby, Fremont Locations: Sin City, Las Vegas, Paris, Vegas, Hotel Nevada, Fremont Street, America, Old Vegas, Sahara, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, Las, Fremont, Mandalay
Twentieth Century Fox/Courtesy Everett CollectionWhat better way to start off than with one of the greatest sequels – and sci-fi films in general – ever made, with a screenplay that’s been taught in film schools. ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ (1982)DeForest Kelley, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in 1982's "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ (2014)Andy Serkis in 2014's "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." ‘Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back’ (1980)"Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" (1980). “Dune: Part Two” is produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, which, like CNN, is owned by Warner Bros.
Persons: Denis Villeneuve’s, there’s, Sigourney Weaver, , James Cameron’s Oscar, Ridley Scott’s, Ellen Ripley’s, Carrie Henn, Khan ’, DeForest Kelley, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Khan, Everett, , Ricardo Montalban, “ Khan ”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, he’s, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor –, Andy Serkis, Caesar, “ Dawn ”, Max, Thunderdome, Mel Gibson, Warner, Mad Max, George Miller’s, Tina Turner’s, Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Miller, Theron’s Furiosa, Anya Taylor, Joy, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Annie Potts, Rick Moranis, Peter MacNicol, Howard Huntsberry, George Lucas Organizations: CNN, Rotten, Century Fox, Paramount, , TriStar, Columbia, , Lucasfilm Ltd, Wars, Warner Bros . Pictures, Warner Bros . Locations: Ripley, , “ Kingdom
Stocks hate this one weird trick from the calendar
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New York CNN —Leap Day might seem like fun and games — until you consider Wall Street. To account for that gap, Julius Caesar in 45 BC decreed that an extra day be added every four years, leading to the Julian calendar. Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 AD created the Gregorian calendar, coined the term “leap year” and established February 29 as the official leap day. He adds that a leap day can also help marginally raise corporate earnings, since companies get an extra day in a fiscal quarter to operate. History shows that stocks tend to perform worse when an additional day is added to the calendar.
Persons: Julius Caesar, Pope Gregory XIII, Matt Weller, Weller, Dow, , “ Barbie ”, “ Oppenheimer, , Samantha Delouya, It’s, Read, Sam’s, Sam, Matt Egan, Banks Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, Dow Jones, Bulls, Research, AMC Entertainment, AMC, Treasury Department, CNN, Treasury Locations: New York,
How Google lost its way
  + stars: | 2024-02-29 | by ( Hugh Langley | Lara O'Reilly | )   time to read: +17 min
Just two months after Google launched Gemini, its flashy new AI model, the company revealed that it had already built a better version. AdvertisementThen, days later, Google scrambled to explain why its image generation tool spit out racially inaccurate depictions of historical figures. Users have long bemoaned — and researchers recently found — a decline in the quality of Google Search results. The fact that Google is not far and away the self-driving-car leader, it's, like, a total joke," the former Google director said, adding that the problem of Google's lost supremacy is "maybe impossible to solve, frankly." Google now is reminiscent of the Steve Ballmer-era Microsoft, which missed the smartphone, search, and cloud waves and was overtaken by Apple, Google, and Amazon.
Persons: OpenAI, Sora, Sam Altman, Sundar Pichai's, Pichai, , Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Lea Suzuki, Getty Brin, Page, Google, Googlers, Axel Springer, Diane von Furstenberg, Giovanni Giannoni, Michael Avrukin, Vuk Valcic, wouldn't, Patrick Mork, Eric Lehman, Lehman, ChatGPT, Caesar Sengupta, Sengupta, Alexa, Google's, Steve Ballmer, Satya Nadella, Hugh Langley, Lara O'Reilly Organizations: Google, Hollywood, Industry, San Francisco Chronicle, Business, Penske Media, Microsoft, Amazon, The New York Times, Oracle, YouTube, Apple, IBM, Meta Locations: Silicon Valley, Silicon,
I would have to be 64 years old before I could drive because, at 64, I would have had 16 leap birthdays. AdvertisementMy leap day birthday singled me out in a way that was entirely out of my control. I strove to celebrate my leap birthdays by partying in the fashion of my leap age. And so I like to think of leap day babies as problem solvers. After all, without leap day, everything would be just a little off.
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God's Man in Washington
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Trump's departure from the White House hasn't stopped him from using the old administration's star power to fuel Capitol Ministries' growth. But regardless of what happens this coming November, Capitol Ministries is quickly becoming the face of American GOP-style evangelicalism around the world. Other than Ralph's wife, Danielle, and a few members of Capitol Ministries' administrative staff, the room was almost entirely men. Rick Perry spoke to Drollinger at Capitol Ministries' global summit in Washington, DC. And yet, on the question of whether and why to support Israel, Drollinger was indeed looking to Revelation for answers.
Persons: Cheyne, , He'd, Christ, Rick Perry, Cheriss, Trump, Mike Johnson —, Ralph Drollinger, Drollinger, Alex Acosta, Perry, Acosta, Mike Pompeo, Betsy DeVos, Sonny Perdue, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, hasn't, Danielle, you've, Donald Trump, Capitol Ministries doesn't, Samson, Matthew, didn't, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Rick, I'm, Ralph Drollinger's, Daniel Ortega, Ralph, he'd, Washington —, Ortega, Douglas Coe, Maria Butina, Joe Biden, forbearance, Bruce Westerman, Bruce Westerman of, Glenn, Thompson, George Washington, Fame, Mike Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, Johnson, Washington, Moses, I've, Westerman, I'd, Netanyahu, God, that's, he's, we're, That's, Israel, King David, wilder, MAGA, David Barton, WallBuilders, doesn't, George W, Bush, Donald Trump's, Mattathias Schwartz Organizations: Hill Club, Business, Israel, Mmm, Christ, Capitol Ministries, Capitol Hill, Capitol Ministries Bible, Trump Cabinet, BI, GOP, Capitol, White, Capitol Ministries ', Trump, NBA, of Energy, Trump's, American GOP, Pacific, BI Drollinger, Capitol Hill Club, Washington Hilton, Senate, Training, Liberty, Gettysburg, Capitol Ministry, NPR, United States Congress, Washington Bible, Republican, Democratic, Times, Wall Street Journal, Brown University Locations: Washington , DC, Arkansas, Hebrew, Israel, Gaza, Egypt, United States, Texas, Washington, Seoul, Kathmandu, Iowa, Rwanda, Ukraine, Washington ,, Drollinger, Nicaragua, California, Nicaraguan, Bruce Westerman of Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,
Kyiv, Ukraine CNN —The small group of women thought about canceling their protest when the sirens went off. A short distance away from where the women were standing, lawmakers debated reforms to Ukraine’s mobilization rules, inside Kyiv’s heavily protected parliament building. Antonina and her son Sasha, 3, take part in a protest in Kyiv, Ukraine, calling for soldiers' mobilization to have a time limit. “The time has come to take back what is ours,” said one highly produced video, published on the Telegram channel of then commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhnyi. “The bureaucratic apparatus of the armed forces is a bit inflated.
Persons: Antonina, Sasha, , doesn’t, ” Antonina, Antonina’s, Daria Tarasova, , Valerii, Mac ”, Mykola, Yurii, Ukraine’s, Diego Herrera Carcedo, Andriy Demchenko, Demchenko, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zaluzhnyi, Zelensky, ” Zaluzhnyi, Andriy Zagorodnyuk, Oleksandr Syrskyi, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Gen, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Sysrkyi, Genya Savilov, ” Tymofiy Mylovanov, Mylovanov, “ It’s Organizations: Ukraine CNN, Kyiv, CNN, Telegram, Ukraine’s Armed Forces, 92nd Assault Brigade, Territorial Defense Force, Publishing, Getty, State Border Service of Ukraine, Facebook, Former, Publicly, Munich, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Presidential Press Service, Reuters, President’s, Air Assault Forces, Kyiv School of Economics Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Bakhmut, Russia, London, Ivano, Frankivsk, Ukrainian, Donetsk Oblast, Anadolu, Hungary, AFP, Avdiivka
Here's what my partner and I usually get for $350 in our high-cost-of-living California city. AdvertisementWe usually pick up variety packs of Poppi, which contain prebiotics for gut health and have fewer calories and added sugars than most sodas. There are few places to grab bagels around my home now, so the bagels at Costco are a decent replacement. Instead of using cream cheese, I put Laughing Cow spreadable cheese on my bagel, preferably the light option if Costco has it. It's a good substitute for unhealthier snacks, and a pack of 60 only costs us about $10 at Costco.
Persons: , we're DINKs, Jacqueline Gualtieri, we're, Ade kombucha, Costco's, Caesar, Costco Jacqueline Gualtieri, Gualtieri, We've, Kirkland Organizations: Service, Area, Business, Costco, Del Real Foods, Kirkland Locations: Central Coast, Monterey, California, Del Real, Italian
The Kremlin may've fired the commander of it's Black Sea fleet. The Kremlin has fired the commander of its Black Sea Fleet as punishment for a series of humiliating losses to Ukraine, according to Russian war bloggers. It was the latest in a series of victories for Ukraine, which has a tiny navy, against Russia's much bigger Black Sea fleet. Ukraine's attacks have included strikes on Sevastopol, the base of Russia's Black Sea fleet. Sokolov had taken over as commander of the fleet in September 2022, replacing Admiral Igor Osipov, only months after Ukraine sank Russia's Black Sea flagship, "The Moskva."
Persons: Viktor Sokolov, Sergey Pinchuk, Caesar Kunikov, Nicholas Johnson, Sokolov, Sergei Markov, Igor Osipov Organizations: Ukraine, Analysts, RAND Corporation, Moscow Times, Kremlin, Business Locations: Ukraine, Russian, Russia, Sevastopol, Russia's
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president has also indirectly suggested a cease-fire, something that the US has refused to consider unless Ukraine is involved in discussions, Reuters reported. Nuclear warPutin has made several threats of using nuclear weapons since the invasion began, but the West is divided on how seriously to take his comments. Jones said the risks of breaking the ultimate nuclear weapons taboo would likely outweigh any benefits. I think the US has already communicated pretty forcefully that all bets are off if Russia were to use nuclear weapons," he added.
Persons: It's, , Max Bergmann, Bergmann, Caesar Kunikov, Eliot A, Cohen, Arleigh, Burke, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy's, Putin, Adrienne Watson, Seth Jones, Jones, Vladimir Putin's Organizations: Service, Bakhmut, Eurasia Program, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Representatives, Russia's, CSIS, Nazi, Reuters, Ukrainian, Bloomberg, Kremlin, National Security Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Europe, Russian, YORUK, Nazi Germany, Red, Moscow, United States
Opinion What Sourdough Taught Me, in the Pandemic and BeyondInside one tablespoon of active sourdough starter, the fermented culture made of flour and water used for thousands of years to leaven bread, there are billions of microorganisms. How to create a sourdough starter Repeat until bubbling with life. Add flour, water and salt. Add flour, water and salt. To avoid this exponential growth, a portion of sourdough starter is traditionally discarded at every feeding, which means there’s plenty to go around.
Persons: , , Seamus Blackley, . Kan, they’ve, , Caesar, cura, Jesus, John, we’ve, Thomas White, Gazans, Alice Spearman, Germany Chiara G, Netherlands Anna Celda Czechia Veronika Moravcikova, Allie Wist, we’re Organizations: U.S, International New York, Penn, Ala . Iowa Miss, Okla . Texas Colo, Okla . Texas Colo . Puerto Rico Wyo, Utah Idaho Mexico Ariz, Great, Netherlands France Belgium Denmark, Poland Latvia Slovenia, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy Croatia, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware D.C, Maine Virginia, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin Illinois, Alabama Iowa Mississippi Minnesota Florida Arkansas, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico Wyoming, Portugal Spain, Supermarkets, United Nations, BBC, Alice Spearman Canada Locations: Barthelme, Conn, R.I . N.J, N.H . Vt, Md, Del, D.C, Maine Va, W.Va . Ohio N.C, Mich, Ind, S.C . Ky, Tenn, Wis, Ill, Ala . Iowa, Minn, Fla, Canada, Okla . Texas, Okla . Texas Colo . Puerto Rico, Mont, N.M, Utah Idaho Mexico, Ore, Calif, Iceland, Portugal Spain, Netherlands France Belgium, Netherlands France Belgium Denmark Luxembourg Sweden Germany Brazil Switzerland, Poland Latvia, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy, Poland Latvia Slovenia Italy Croatia Hungary Bulgaria Greece Hawaii, Argentina, China Bhutan India South Africa, Malaysia Singapore, Australia, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont, . Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island New Jersey New Hampshire Vermont Pennsylvania Maryland Delaware, Maine, Maine Virginia West Virginia, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin, Maine Virginia West Virginia Ohio North Carolina Michigan Indiana South Carolina Kentucky Tennessee Wisconsin Illinois Georgia, Alabama Iowa Mississippi Minnesota, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico, Canada Louisiana Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Colorado Puerto Rico Wyoming Montana New Mexico, Utah Idaho Mexico Arizona Nevada Washington Oregon California Iceland, Portugal, Portugal Spain France The Netherlands Belgium Denmark Luxembourg Sweden Germany Brazil Switzerland, China Bhutan India, Africa, Uruk, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, Germany, Netherlands
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