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Critical Role started off as a Twitch livestream, but it now mostly rolls out pre-recorded episodes. The crew returned to its chaotic roots to promote Daggerheart, a new game it created in-house. Daggerheart is positioned to be an answer to Hasbro's D&D — the game that CR became famous for playing. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . But while a March livestream was framed as a one-off event, the cast got back together on Tuesday night to promote their new game, Daggerheart.
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Critical Role promotes the game by streaming it on their Twitch channel to their 1.3 million fans . AdvertisementThe latest three-episode installment of Candela is helmed by Critical Role core cast member Liam O'Brien, who I once called the crew's heartbreak prince. "You are not going to feel like an overpowered warrior in this game," O'Brien told me. To be sure, Critical Role and the projects the company is running, from animation to new tabletop games, are prime targets for investment in nerd world. AdvertisementFollowing their sold-out live show at London's Wembley Arena, Critical Role on Thursday announced that they're taking the game to a live venue in Los Angeles.
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Honda Motor on Thursday said it would invest $11 billion to build batteries and electric cars in Ontario, a significant commitment from a company that has been slow to embrace the technology. Like Toyota and other Japanese carmakers, Honda has emphasized hybrid vehicles, in which gasoline engines are augmented by electric motors, rather than cars powered solely by batteries. The Honda Prologue, a sport-utility vehicle made in Mexico, is the company’s only fully electric vehicle on sale in the United States. “This is a very big day for the region, for the province and for the country,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at an announcement event in Alliston, where Honda manufactures the Civic sedan and CR-V S.U.V. The investment is the largest by an automaker in Canadian history, he said.
Persons: Justin Trudeau Organizations: Honda, Toyota Locations: Ontario, Mexico, United States, Alliston , Ontario, Toronto, Alliston
Read previewTo all the Critters, as members of the Critical Role fandom are known, I come bearing excellent news. The cast of Critical Role has remained tight-lipped about "The Legend of The Mighty Nein," their second Amazon-backed animated series. For the uninitiated, Critical Role is a juggernaut in the tabletop roleplaying game industry. "We're heavy in development on Campaign Two's animated series right now, and it's coming along so well," Mercer told me. Advertisement"Things that we didn't get to see in the campaign, we now get to explore as part of the animated series," Mercer said.
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Critical Role recently released "Candela Obscura," a gothic horror roleplaying game. AdvertisementIn October, Critical Role, a crew of eight self-professed "nerdy-ass voice actors," played their long-running "Dungeons & Dragons" game at a sold-out Wembley Arena. These qualities make O'Brien ideal for stepping into the game master role for "Candela Obscura," Critical Role's new gothic horror game, and he's leaning hard into the tragedy. AdvertisementIt's also one of the more punishing gaming systems he's played in, O'Brien told me during our video call. Mercer, the team's designated game master, is the one who crafts the narrative and controls how the story develops.
Persons: Liam O'Brien, , Matthew Mercer, O'Brien, I've, It's, he's, Twitch, Mercer, — O'Brien, — Taliesin Jaffe, Imari Williams, Aimee Carrero, Alexander Ward —, Taliesin Jaffe, Alexander Ward, Julius Caesar, Irish, Martin McDonagh, Spenser Starke, Rowan Hall, Aabria Iyengar, Starke, Mary Shelley, it's, Amazon, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer Robyn von Swank Organizations: Service, Wembley, Darrington Press, Hasbro's, Hasbro, CR Locations: Europe, Ireland, New York, Mercer, Starke
Critical Role recently released "Candela Obscura," a gothic horror roleplaying game. These qualities make O'Brien ideal for stepping into the game master role for "Candela Obscura," Critical Role's new gothic horror game, and he's leaning hard into the tragedy. AdvertisementIt's also one of the more punishing gaming systems he's played in, O'Brien told during our video call. Mercer, the team's designated game master, is the one who crafts the narrative and controls how the story develops. "I always prefer complicated narratively satisfying endings to a neat little happy ending," O'Brien told me.
Persons: Liam O'Brien, , Matthew Mercer, O'Brien, I've, It's, he's, Twitch, Mercer, — O'Brien, — Taliesin Jaffe, Imari Williams, Aimee Carrero, Alexander Ward —, Taliesin Jaffe, Alexander Ward, Julius Caesar, Irish, Martin McDonagh, Spenser Starke, Rowan Hall, Aabria Iyengar, Starke, Mary Shelley, it's, Amazon, Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Matthew Mercer Robyn von Swank Organizations: Service, Wembley, Darrington Press, Hasbro's, Hasbro, CR Locations: Europe, Ireland, New York, Mercer, Starke
Washington DC CNN —The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Monday it has opened an investigation into a recent Ford Mustang Mach-E fatal crash in San Antonio, Texas, where authorities suspect an advanced driver assistance system was in use. Driver assistance features are being hailed by automakers as a way to reduce accidents, but federal safety regulators are concerned that over-reliance on the features by drivers could be causing some accidents. While NHTSA has opened more than three dozen Tesla special crash investigations since 2016 where advanced driver assistance systems such as Autopilot were suspected of being used with 20 crash deaths reported, this is NHTSA’s first special crash probe involving a Ford advanced system. NHTSA typically opens more than 100 special crash investigations annually into emerging technologies and other potential auto safety issues. In addition to the NHTSA probe, on Friday, the National Transportation Safety Board opened a separate investigation into the Feb. 24 crash.
Persons: Jeffrey Allen Johnson, Austin, Ford, , CNN’s Chris Isidore Organizations: Washington DC CNN, Traffic Safety Administration, Ford, NHTSA, National Transportation Safety, NTSB, San, Honda Locations: San Antonio , Texas, San Antonio
CNN —Investigators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating a fatal crash involving a Ford Mustang Mach-E equipped with advanced driving assistance technology. Ford shows off the new model 2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT during the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, Illinois on February 8, 2024. Federal investigators are looking at dozens of crashes involving so-called advanced driver assistance, or ADAS, systems. ADAS systems handle basic driving tasks such as keeping the vehicle in its lane while maintaining a safe distance behind vehicles ahead, usually in highway driving only. Fourteen of these systems, including two from Ford, were recently rated by the private Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Persons: Jacek Boczarski, Ford, IIHS, Jennifer Homendy Organizations: CNN, National, Traffic Safety Administration, National Transportation Safety, Ford, of Highway Safety, NTSB, Chicago Auto, McCormick, Getty, NHTSA, Wall Street, Federal, General Motors, Volvo, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Locations: , San Antonio, Chicago , Illinois, Anadolu, Ford, Texas
DETROIT (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a fatal crash in San Antonio, Texas, involving a Ford electric vehicle that may have been using a partially automated driving system. In a statement, Ford said it is researching the crash and the facts are not yet clear. The company expressed sympathy to those involved and said it reported the crash to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Both NHTSA and the NTSB have investigated multiple previous crashes involving partially automated driving systems, most involving Tesla's Autopilot. In past investigations, the NTSB has examined how the partially automated system functioned.
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23-80101-CR-CANNON ORDER DENYING WITHOUT PREJUDICE DEFENDANT TRUMP'S MOTION TO DISMISS COUNTS 1–32 BASED ON UNCONSTITUTIONAL VAGUENESS THIS CAUSE comes before the Court upon Defendant Trump's Motion to Dismiss Counts 1 through 32 Based on Unconstitutional Vagueness (the "Motion"), filed on February 22, 2024 [ECF No. 377], to which Defendant Trump filed a Reply [ECF No. The Court heard argument on the Motion on March 14, 2024 [ECF No. Upon careful review of the Motion, related filings, and the arguments raised during the hearing, Defendant's Motion is DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. § 793(e) are unconstitutionally vague as applied under the facts presented, in violation of due process and the rule of lenity.
In this article VKTX Follow your favorite stocks CREATE FREE ACCOUNTCr | Istock | Getty ImagesBiotech company Viking Therapeutics has emerged as a strong potential entrant — or takeover target — in the budding weight loss drug market. Their treatments sparked the weight loss drug industry gold rush over the past year despite their hefty price tags and barriers to insurance coverage. It's too early to say whether Viking's drug could have an edge over existing or developing weight loss treatments. The pharmaceutical giant could also launch a slate of other weight loss treatments over the next few years that may have advantages over Zepbound, whether they offer more weight loss or convenience. That could give Viking the commercial and manufacturing capabilities needed to compete in the weight loss drug market.
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October 1 has been the official kickoff date for the federal fiscal year since 1977. Lawmakers have passed at least one continuing resolution in all but three of the years in the nearly half-century since. Instead, they will wrap the spending bills into larger packages – frequently called an “omnibus” that is passed in December or later. In 1997, for instance, there was no CR, but the spending bills were all passed together as an omnibus. Don’t hold your breath for them to get the 2025 spending bills done on time.
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Researchers said they've found multiple video doorbells with serious security concerns. At least one doorbell sold by a brand was marked as "Amazon's Choice" product. AdvertisementYou might want to double-check that your video doorbell isn't vulnerable to being hacked. Instead, it seems like they're coasting on their reputation and saddling unknowing consumers with broken products," Brookman told CR. BI also reached out to Eken for comment on these issues and details about the brand names through which it appears to sell these video doorbells, but got no response.
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Congress sent a short-term funding bill to President Joe Biden's desk Thursday, averting a partial government shutdown this weekend and buying lawmakers more time to fund federal agencies through September. The CR is part of a broader bipartisan spending deal congressional leaders announced Wednesday that includes six of the 12 spending bills that fund federal agencies. The new CR would extend the funding deadline for half of the dozen must-pass spending bills by one week, to March 8. Leaders say that should give Congress enough time to pass all of the spending bills for the fiscal year that ends on Sept. 30. He has indicated that foreign aid will be tackled separately, without committing to allowing a vote on the Ukraine funding.
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Congress passes stopgap bill to avert government shutdown
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The House and Senate both passed a stopgap bill on Thursday to avert a partial government shutdown at the end of the week. The House vote was 320 to 99 with 113 Republicans voting in favor and 97 Republicans voting against. “The appropriations process is ugly,” Johnson told reporters on Thursday. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who will vote against the stopgap bill, swiped at the speaker over cutting a deal with Democrats on government funding. Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee, who was one of the eight Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy, said he opposed the stopgap bill and broader funding deal but was sympathetic to Johnson’s circumstances.
Persons: Joe Biden, Mike Johnson, ” Johnson, , we’ve, We’re, Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene, swiped, CNN’s Manu Raju, Rep, Byron Donalds of, it’s, , Kevin McCarthy, Tim Burchett, McCarthy, CNN’s Lauren Fox, Manu Raju Organizations: GOP, CNN, Louisiana Republican, Agriculture, FDA, Commerce, Justice, Science, Energy, Water, Veterans Affairs and Transportation, Housing, Urban Development, Defense, Financial Services, General Government, Homeland Security, Labor, Health, Human Services, Legislative Branch, State, Foreign Locations: Washington, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Byron Donalds of Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee
Negotiators are working on an agreement for six funding bills, four of which expire Friday. But a partial shutdown is still not out of the question. A partial shutdown would impact several government agencies, including agriculture, Veterans Affairs, transportation and housing. What a partial shutdown looks likeIf the four funding bills do expire Friday, their corresponding agencies would shut down Saturday at 12:01 a.m. A partial shutdown would leave those agencies' roughly 100,000 federal employees without pay for any new work during the shutdown, whether they are furloughed or not.
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House Republican hardliners' efforts to stonewall a budget deal ahead of a looming government shutdown could risk triggering automatic spending cuts later this spring that may put pressure on the U.S. economy's already fraught recovery. A full-year budget deal to avert the FRA cuts appears increasingly unlikely, amid staunch opposition from the House's ultraconservative wing. Freedom Caucus derailmentMembers of the House Freedom Caucus, a coalition of hardline conservatives, have been working to derail a permanent budget. Instead, they want to extend the current temporary spending resolution through the rest of the fiscal year, ensuring the FRA's spending cuts are triggered on April 30. But if the FRA's automatic spending cuts take effect, they could rattle the broader economy's teetering recovery.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Jake Sullivan, economy's, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Hakeem Jeffries, Jan, Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, McCarthy, McConnell, Piper Sandler, Nancy Lazar, Lazar, Sen, Patty Murray Organizations: National Security, U.S, Capitol, House Republican, Congressional Research Service, Caucus, Democrat, Freedom Caucus, Congressional Locations: Washington ,, stonewall, D
Activist Commentary: Starboard is a very successful activist investor and has extensive experience helping companies focus on operational efficiency and margin improvement. Additionally, Starboard has extensive experience helping portfolio companies improve margins from a board level and adding one or two of their nominees to the board could expedite this. CEO Issue: Alight's CEO Stephan Scholl is a talented technologist and software expert, but not an experienced operator of a benefits administration company. Like the experienced activist Starboard is, the firm wanted to preserve its options as it speaks privately with Alight. Shareholders would certainly benefit from the addition of two or three Starboard directors to the board.
Persons: Keith D, Dorsey, Matthew C, Levin, Gavin T, Molinelli, Foley Trasimene, William P, Foley, Stephan Scholl, William Foley, Coretha, Denise Williams, Ken Squire Organizations: ExCo, CR Consulting Alliance, FIS, 13D Locations: Boyden, SPACs
Whenever Dennis Wilson wants to take a drive in his new SUV, he has to set aside an extra 15 minutes. That’s about how long it takes to remove the car’s steering wheel club, undo four tire locks and lower a yellow bollard before backing out of his driveway. His Honda CR-V is also fitted with two alarm systems, a vehicle tracking device and, for good measure, four Apple AirTags. Its remote-access key fob rests in a Faraday bag, to jam illicit unlocking signals. As a final touch, he mounted two motion-sensitive floodlights on his house and aimed them at the driveway in his modest neighborhood in Toronto.
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“Now, we are in a fully Johnson-run House, and he’s got to own all the decision making in the 12 appropriations bills. Probably not best for public policy either,” Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said. Johnson is facing pressure from members of the House Freedom Caucus to include dozens of policy riders that would never pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Just a week later, funding for the rest of the government will also lapse. I think we will see another omnibus appropriation bill.”Asked if that causes a problem for Johnson, Bishop argued, “The speaker didn’t create those problems.”
Persons: Mike Johnson, Senate appropriators, Johnson, he’s, That’s, Patrick McHenry of, , imploring, Alejandro Mayorkas’s, they’ll, can’t, Chuck Schumer, , Kevin McCarthy, ” Rep, Don Bacon, “ It’s, Mayorkas, Warren Davidson, ’ ”, Davidson, Andy Biggs, “ We’ve, ” Biggs, Dan Bishop, , Bishop Organizations: Republicans, Senate, ” Republican, Financial Services, Caucus, Democratic, Homeland, FBI, HFC, Department of Agriculture, Veteran’s Affairs, Transportation, Housing, Energy, Water, CNN, Congress, , Republican, Defense Department, Foreign Intelligence, GOP, Locations: Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, Florida, Nebraska, Ukraine, Ohio, North Carolina
Honda recalls 750,000 U.S. vehicles over air bag defect
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Honda Motor Co said on Tuesday it was recalling 750,000 vehicles in the United States over a defect involving air bags which could deploy unintentionally during a crash. The front passenger seat weight sensor may crack and short circuit, failing to suppress the air bag as intended, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Tuesday. The recall includes certain Honda Pilot, Accord and Civic vehicles from the 2020-2022 model years, and some Honda CR-V and Passport vehicles from the 2020 and 2021 model years. Toyota Motor in December recalled 1.12 million vehicles worldwide because a short circuit in a sensor could cause air bags not to deploy as designed. Also in December, Honda recalled 4.5 million vehicles worldwide over risks of fuel pump failure, which included 2.54 million vehicles in the United States.
Persons: Honda Organizations: Honda, Honda Motor, Traffic Safety Administration, Toyota Motor Locations: Miami , Florida, United States
DETROIT (AP) — Honda is recalling more than three quarters of a million vehicles in the U.S. because a faulty sensor may cause the front passenger air bags to inflate when they're not supposed to. Also included are the 2021 and 2022 Civic hatchback, the 2021 Civic Type R and Insight, and the 2020 and 2021 CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, Passport, Ridgeline and Accord Hybrid. Affected models from the Acura luxury brand include the 2020 and 2022 MDX, the 2020 through 2022 RDX and the 2020 and 2021 TLX. Documents posted Tuesday by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that the front passenger seat weight sensor may crack and short circuit, and fail to turn off the air bag as intended. Dealers will replace the seat sensors at no cost to owners.
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All three major averages posted gains for the third consecutive week, lifted by solid quarterly earnings and positive economic data. Earnings season ramps up next week, with five of the Super Six mega-cap stocks delivering results. Employment numbers are the most important economic data, with Friday's January nonfarm payrolls report carrying the most weight. The January ISM Manufacturing report on Thursday and December's factory orders report Friday are expected to show the sector still in contraction mode. But earnings and commentary this week from peer Sartorious made us encouraged about a return to growth in 2024.
Persons: nonfarm, December's, Sartorious, We've, Stanley Black, Decker, We're, We'd, Royal Philips, Crane, Woodward, ServisFirst, Cadence Bancorporation, CADE, Johnson, Phillips, Avery Dennison, Columbus McKinnon, Robinson, SIRI, Cardinal Health, Parker, DOV, Pitney Bowes, Ferrari N.V, CSW, COLM, W.W, Grainger, Dwight Co, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Tim Cook, Justin Sullivan Organizations: Gross, Procter, Gamble, Gillette, Super, Consumer, JPM Healthcare, Amazon, Microsoft, Honeywell, Aerospace, Solutions, Apple Watch, Masimo, Vision Pro, Franklin Resources, Resource Partners, Bank of Marin Bancorp, Bank7 Corp, Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc, Provident Financial Holdings, Dynex, Cliffs Inc, Nucor Corp, Whirlpool Corp, F5 Networks, Capital Southwest Corp, Harbors Investment Corp, Crane Co, Payne, Equity, Heartland Financial, Cadence, FinWise Bancorp, Five Star Bancorp, PotlatchDeltic Corporation, Sanmina Corporation, Pfizer, General Motors Corp, United Parcel Service, JetBlue Airways Corporation, Smith Corp, Marathon Petroleum Corp, HCA Healthcare, Oshkosh Corporation, SYSCO Corp, Danaher Corp, Johnson Controls, M.D.C . Holdings, Commvault Systems Inc, Hope Bancorp, Hubbell Incorporated, Malibu Boats, Polaris Industries, Inc, Camden National Corp, Cambridge Bancorp, Microsoft Corp, Starbucks Corp, Devices, Electronic Arts Inc, Juniper Networks, Stryker Corp, Lending, Canadian, Canadian Pacific Kansas City Limited, Mondelez, Chubb Corporation, Modine Manufacturing, Partners, Management, Hawaiian Holdings, Manhattan Associates, Unum Group, UNM, Axos, Enova, Boston Properties, Boeing Co, Novo Nordisk, Mastercard Inc, Roper Technologies, Boston Scientific Corporation, MarketAxess Holdings, Fisher, Aptiv PLC, Hess Corp, Nasdaq, United Microelectronics Corp, Rockwell Automation, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd, Avery, Avery Dennison Corp, Extreme Networks, Otis Worldwide Corporation, OTIS, Columbus, Columbus McKinnon Corp, Central Pacific Financial Corp, Brinker International, Fortive Corporation, Qualcomm, Technology, Metlife, Hanover Insurance, Barn Holdings, CONMED Corporation, DLH Holdings Corp, Meritage Homes Corporation, Honeywell International, Eaton Corp, Altria, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Merck, Co, Enterprise Products Partners, Dorian LPG, SiriusXM Holdings, Cardinal, Hannifin Corporation, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, Tractor Supply Company, Trane Technologies, Dover Corp, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Brunswick Corporation, Dickinson, Canada Goose Holdings, Kirby Corp, WEC Energy Group, WestRock Company, Allegro MicroSystems, Ball Corporation, Broadridge Financial, BrightSphere Investment Group, CMS Energy Corp, Lancaster Colony Corp, Rogers Communications Inc, Sanofi, Apple, Atlassian Corporation, United States Steel Corp, Corp, Adtalem Global, Homes, DXC Technology Company, Eastman Chemical Company, Gen, Post Holdings, America, Columbia Sportswear Company, Exxon Mobil Corp, Chevron Corporation, Myers Squibb Co, CIGNA Corp, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Charter Communications, AON, Cboe, Dwight, Banco Santander, Jim Cramer's Charitable, CNBC, Apple Vision, Getty Locations: China, East, United States, Europe, Cleveland, Alexandria, California, Corning, Canadian Pacific, Teradyne, TER, Novo, Hanover, PBI, Skechers U.S.A, Bristol, Chile
WASHINGTON — House and Senate leaders have reached an agreement on a short-term spending deal that would avert a government shutdown in the next few weeks, three sources familiar with the matter told NBC News. The deal would keep the government funded until March, buying legislators more time to craft longer-term, agency-specific spending bills, following the agreement last weekend to set the overall spending level for fiscal year 2024 at $1.59 trillion. Speaker Mike Johnson is set to hold a call with fellow House Republicans at 8 p.m. Sunday to discuss spending negotiations. Several hard-right Republicans have objected to the top-line spending deal he previously cut with Senate Democrats and have urged Johnson to go back on it, though he said Friday that the agreement remains intact. Meanwhile, congressional Democrats praised the top-line spending agreement after it was announced last weekend, even as they acknowledged that a short-term bill would be needed to buy more time to negotiate.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Johnson, pushback, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, Hakeem Jeffries Organizations: U.S . Capitol, U.S, Congress, WASHINGTON —, NBC News, Republicans, Democrats, New York Democrats Locations: Washington , U.S, Jan, Louisiana
Senate Republicans repeatedly said this week that a short-term spending bill may be necessary to keep the government open, a harsh reality for House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is balancing a looming shutdown deadline with the demands of hardline Republicans. The last temporary spending bill Congress passed, in November, established a laddered schedule of funding deadlines, the first on Jan. 19 and the other on Feb. 2. Meanwhile, eyes are on Johnson to follow through on the hardline Republican demands he was elected to champion. If not, he could meet the same fate as his predecessor, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who was ousted in part for conceding to Democrats to avoid a government shutdown. While following through on the hardline demands would earn Johnson points with some House Republicans, it makes negotiating with Democrats harder, adding time to budget talks that he does not have.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Jan, Sen, John Cornyn, John Thune, Mitch McConnell, Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, Hugh Hewitt, dwindles, Chuck Schumer Organizations: U.S, Capitol, Republicans, Republican, CRs, Street Locations: Texas, Ky
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