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New York CNN —The most important carmaker in the world right now is the Chinese-owned, Warren Buffett-backed company that has Elon Musk in a pickle. That’s 1,300 miles in one go — hundreds of miles beyond the standard ranges for other hybrids on the market. One: Tesla is America’s best-selling EV, but it’s losing market share overseas to foreign competitors that can make their cars cheaper. China is the world’s biggest auto market, and BYD is its top seller, surpassing Volkswagen last year. In that exchange, Musk responds to an honest question about BYD rivaling Tesla with a smug laugh.
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Big oil shareholders could get a lot richer
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New York CNN —Big oil just got bigger, and shareholders could soon be getting richer. Dollar Tree will reopen these stores with its own products under its brand beginning in the fall, reports my colleague Nathaniel Meyersohn. Dollar Tree, a national company with mostly suburban locations, primarily offers discretionary merchandise like party supplies and home goods. Dollar Tree also owns Family Dollar, based mostly in cities. Family Dollar has underperformed Dollar Tree and other discount chains in recent years, and it’s closing 975 stores.
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And it’s a style that Melinda French Gates appears to be emulating, at least partly, in her newly solo philanthropic venture. Now independent of that organization, French Gates is free to take bets on organizations and communities regardless of their size or ability to demonstrate their impact. Scott and French Gates’ ex husbands, meanwhile, aren’t getting as many kudos for their charitable work as they might like. Gates, with a net worth of $154 billion, has also faced criticism for the Gates Foundation’s methods. “That can’t happen through the Gates Foundation’s father-knows-best, look-at-me brand of bureaucratic philanthropy.”
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This signal could be good news for the stock market
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Some analysts think that means good news for stocks in the second half of the year. While [gross domestic product] and the labor market seem to be slowing, earnings are accelerating,” wrote the Bank of America analysts. That means an improving manufacturing cycle but slowing services can lead to a divergence between market performance and economic performance. “We’ve witnessed records repeatedly break in both stock and housing markets over the past year.”In addition to unrelentingly high home prices, the housing market is also grappling with a chronic lack of homes on the market and elevated mortgage rates. Put together, it has resulted in a tough housing market, especially first-time buyers.
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This is the word of the summer on Wall Street
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New York CNN —Bifurcation is the word of the summer. Or it’s the word of the summer among investors, at least. It’s a word that the market gets hung up on and then all you do is hear that word. But I think that’s nearing an end, and so I would expect a slowdown in consumer spending. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen this time because their balance sheets and cash flows aren’t as strong.
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Analysts are expecting the Memorial Day weekend to usher in yet another summer of strong consumer spending on travel and other leisure activities. “We haven’t seen Memorial Day weekend travel numbers like these in almost 20 years,” Paula Twidale, senior vice president at AAA Travel, said in a release. Spending this summer will likely be a little softer than last year’s, they said, but still strong. The bank’s consumer travel survey showed that 72% of people said they’re planning to travel, with 36% saying they’ve already planned their trip. Even among respondents making less than $75,000 a year, more than 60% said they’re planning to travel this summer.
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New York CNN —Buying or selling a stock is about to get a lot snappier starting next Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean it’ll get smoother, at least right away — and some financial firms are preparing to handle any possible bumpiness. Clearinghouses, which sit between buyers and sellers, collect margins from traders as evidence that they can afford to make the transaction. Baird has had a T+1 committee in place since last summer to ensure such hiccups don’t happen, Lee said. “The existing two-day period to settle trades exposes investors and the industry to unnecessary risk and is ripe for change,” Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev said in a February 2021 release.
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“It is time to break it up.”It is difficult to overstate just how thoroughly Live Nation, which acquired Ticketmaster more than a decade ago, controls live entertainment in America. Through Ticketmaster, Live Nation controls 80% of venues’ primary ticketing for concerts. There’s a fine line between vertical integration and all-out monopoly, and Live Nation is, at minimum, very clearly toeing it. Artists, fans and venues have been complaining about Live Nation and Ticketmaster pretty much since they agreed to merge in 2009. Live Nation, Wolfson said, is likely to come out swinging.
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Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN Business’ Nightcap newsletter. New York CNN —We can’t be 100% sure that an obscure lending company just tried to steal Graceland. Her lawsuit says that the documents Naussany presented, including a 2018 notarized promissory note signed by Lisa Marie Presley, were forged. Even the notary public whose name appeared on the disputed document, told the court in an affidavit that no, they’d never notarized Lisa Marie Presley’s signature. (“Not acquire to proceed?”)It added: “There was no harm meant on Ms. Keough for her mothers LMP mis habits and mis managing of money.”(LMP, presumably, is Lisa Marie Presley.
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That doesn’t mean the battle against inflation is won. Walmart saw first-quarter sales at stores open at least a year climb 3.8% from the prior year, in part thanks to its ability to keep prices low even as inflation remains sticky. “Our combination of everyday low prices plus a large number of rollbacks is resonating” with consumers, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on a call with analysts. Investors will get more inflation data next week from the Personal Consumption Expenditures index for April. Without that discount, the combined fine would have topped £88 million ($112 million).
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Back in September, Scarlett Johansson, who played the hauntingly complex AI assistant in the 2013 Spike Jonze film “Her,” got a request from OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman. He wanted to hire Johansson to voice his company’s newest ChatGPT model, “Sky.” She said no. Johansson quickly lawyered up, saying Monday she was “shocked, angered and in disbelief” that Altman would use a voice “so eerily similar” to her own. OpenAI was forced to confront some of those concerns late last week, after two prominent employees left the company. “Being friends with AI will be so much easier than forging bonds with human beings,” wrote Wired editor Brian Barrett in a recent essay about the movie.
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New York CNN —Even after years of inflation, geopolitical chaos and recession in Europe, the US economy remains robust and resilient. Unemployment rose to 3.9% last month, lower-income consumers are spending less and businesses are limiting employee hours and pay. A recent survey by Santander Bank of its customers found that while inflation fears have largely subsided, middle-income Americans are pessimistic about the economy. Those Americans could still be suffering, but their stories are obscured by data that paints a broad picture of a resilient economy. Piepszak, meanwhile, now leads the company’s newly combined commercial and investment bank with her co-CEO Troy Rohrbaugh.
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New York CNN —Major business leaders and economists are worried about America’s growing debt problem. Last week, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon expressed fear that a crisis is looming and that unchecked deficit spending could explode. The big picture: Between the Trump-era tax cuts and Covid-era stimulus programs, the national debt has exploded in recent years. Trump Media (DJT) reported a loss of $327.6 million during the first three months of the year, compared with a loss of $210,300 a year earlier. The company generated just $770,500 of revenue, marking the second-straight quarter where its revenue totaled less than $1 million.
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It’s interesting to me that the equity market is cheering the idea that the Fed is going to be cutting rates. There tends to be a fine line between cutting rates and extending the economic cycle or cutting rates because the cycle is coming to an end (and the economy is softening). When the Fed is cutting rates, it’s cutting rates because a recession is about to happen, right? That’s why I say there’s a fine line between the Fed cutting to extend the cycle and the Fed cutting because a recession is about to happen. The Fed has been in this precarious space where they’re trying to avoid recession while lowering interest rates.
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Wealthy Americans are starting to spend more carefully
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A robust stock market coupled with rising home values have boosted Americans’ wealth from 2019 through 2022, according to a Federal Reserve report on household finances. There’s been some evidence of wealthy Americans growing cautious in the latest round of company earnings results. Federal Reserve officials Michael Barr, Christopher Waller, Philip Jefferson and Raphael Bostic deliver remarks. Federal Reserve officials Christopher Waller, John Williams, Raphael Bostic, Michael Barr, Loretta Mester and Susan Collins deliver remarks. The Federal Reserve release minutes from its May policymaking meeting.
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Beaten-down clean energy stocks have rallied this week. The iShares Global Clean Energy exchange-traded fund, which tracks sectors from renewable electricity to semiconductors to solar energy, has gained roughly 3%. Plug Power shares have climbed 33%, Enphase Energy shares have gained 8% and NextEra Energy shares have added 4%. Some investors warn that though the tariffs could continue boosting clean energy stocks, the recent rally isn’t driven by just improving fundamentals. Damaging hacks expose the weak underbelly of America’s health care systemA pair of recent ransomware attacks crippled computer systems at two major American health care firms, disrupting patient care and exposing fundamental weaknesses in the US health care system’s defenses against hackers, reports my colleague Sean Lyngaas.
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Forget the Magnificent Seven. These AI plays are red hot
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The S&P 500’s utility sector has gained 14% this year, making it the third-best-performing category behind information technology and communication services. Utility stocks tumbled more than 10% in 2023, underperforming the S&P 500’s 24% gain, as investors betting on the artificial intelligence boom crowded into the Magnificent Seven big tech stocks. To be sure, not everyone is jumping into utility stocks. Rising gasoline and shelter costs accounted for more than 70% of the monthly increase in overall inflation, according to the report. Including the ticket price, UK concertgoers will spend, on average, £848 ($1,068) each, which is more than 12 times the average cost of a night out in the UK, according to Barclays’ research.
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New York CNN —The only bet riskier than buying meme stocks like GameStop may be cheering for their decline. That’s the lesson Wall Street’s short-sellers are learning the hard way this week. See here: For the first four months of the year, GameStop short-sellers — investors who bet on a stock’s decline — were sitting on $392 million in gains, up nearly 50%. To understand the meme stock phenomenon, it helps to understand a bit of the tribalism underpinning it. Today’s GameStop shorts aren’t likely to hang on and repeat the mistakes of their Melvin Capital brethren.
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Most non-retired adults have some type of retirement savings, but only 36% think their savings are on track. New research from economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York finds that this retirement savings deficit hasn’t made a dent in when Americans plan to exit, or partially exit, the workforce. “The pandemic-induced change in retirement expectations may continue to affect the labor market in years to come,” they wrote. Yes, but: This is a survey of expectations, researchers at the New York Fed are quick to point out. Just because Americans say they plan to shift to part-time work or retire early, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to.
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New York CNN —We in the financial press tend to talk about the meme stock revolution (or craze, or frenzy, or mass delusion) in the past tense. Another meme stock, Trump Media and Technology Group, the Donald Trump-owned media company that controls Truth Social, brought back memories of the 2021 GameStop bonanza. With Trump Media, Trump supporters and other speculative traders pumped up the stock not for its (extraordinarily lousy) fundamentals, but more as a vote of support for the former president’s campaign and even a barometer of his winning chances. We’re not quite as exuberant today as we were then, but we’re still within spitting distance of all-time highs on major stock indices, Sosnick notes. In some ways, the arrival in the spring of Donald Trump’s media company reawakened the meme stock monster.
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And recent grads aren’t just finding any job, they’re finding good jobs. Not all is well: The EPI study found that racial and gender wage gaps still remain large among recent grads. GameStop shares tripped multiple circuit breakers — a temporary and mandated halt in trading to let investors cool off for a bit. Robinhood denied claims on social media on Monday that it had once again halted GameStop stock purchases on its platform. Robinhood has not shut down the purchase of Gamestop shares,” Robinhood spokesperson Anupriya Ghate said in a statement to CNN.
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Now look at AI, we’re going to have that same disruption except it’s going to be much faster. We really need to rethink how we manage change. There are many communities and many groups of individuals who don’t really feel like contemporary capitalism is serving them well. If I said, “I’m going to have a block grant for communities. I’m going to boost community colleges,” why is that bad?
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Gen Z is getting hit hard by inflation
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For Gen Z, it was the Covid-19 pandemic. Why are we seeing that Gen Z is tapping into their credit more than their Millennial counterparts 10 years ago? Most Gen Z consumers are not homeowners. And so I think that’s been a big cause of what’s been driving a lot of that financial strain that Gen Z consumers have seen. The key is to not use the personal loans to pay off credit card debt and then run your credit card bills right back up after you do that.
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AI skeptics — who are legion, and not necessarily part of the fringe tin foil hat crowd — are begging Silicon Valley to take a beat before unleashing AI to the world. Then, the big reveal: It’s all contained in Apple’s new iPad, its thinnest and most powerful ever, thanks to its brand new AI chip. Meanwhile, is anyone else getting inundated with Google’s Pixel ads, which show people giddily using the smartphone’s AI photo-editing software to deceive their online followers? Apple is expected to announce its own ChatGPT-like tools that could be a game changer for your internet searches. The Jeff Goldblums of the AI debate — who include some of the industry’s own pioneers — are not necessarily saying we have to smother AI and pretend it never existed.
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Traders fear that elevated rates will uphold painfully high borrowing costs for consumers, squeeze corporate profit and weigh down the market. The labor market has stayed strong, consumers have continued spending and stocks have notched repeated record highs. The April jobs report was a welcome sign that the labor market is cooling without cratering. The labor market added just 175,000 positions last month, marking its lowest tally since October 2023 and a sharp cooldown from the upwardly revised 315,000 jobs added in March. First-time applications for unemployment benefits climbed last week to 231,000, the highest level since last August, in another sign that the labor market is cooling.
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