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Never before has the Jewish state come under such intense and sustained international pressure from multiple fronts for its policies towards the Palestinians. But the most significant of those may be the legal and diplomatic action taken against Israel this month. They have accused critics of antisemitism and vowed not to relent in the face of international pressure. Israel and the US maintain that a Palestinian state should only be established through a negotiated settlement. This week, Ireland, Spain and Norway announced plans to formally recognize a Palestinian state, saying they hope the move would prod other European nations to follow suit.
Persons: CNN — It’s, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, Sudan’s Omar Al Bashir, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Libya’s, Israel’s, ” Netanyahu, Yolanda Díaz, Israel, Netanyahu, Bill Burns, Gallant, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Karim Khan, Putin, , Ismail Haniyeh, Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Antony Blinken, we’re, Lindsey Graham Organizations: CNN, Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, Hamas, United Nations, UN, Assembly, US, CIA, AFP, Getty, ICJ, ICC, Global Locations: Israel, Gaza, Rafah, Palestinian, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Palestine, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Germany, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, France
The ceasefire agreement that Hamas ended up announcing on May 6 was not what the Qataris or the Americans believed had been submitted to Hamas for a potential final review, the sources said. “We were all duped,” one of those sources told CNN. More of Hamas’ demands were inserted into the original framework that Israel had tacitly agreed to in order to secure Hamas’ approval, the source said. After discovering the Egyptian freelancing, Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani informed Israel’s intelligence service Mossad that Egypt had acted alone, two of the sources told CNN. The day before Hamas made their May 6 public announcement agreeing to the proposal, an Egyptian source told CNN that Egypt had received Hamas’ response and relayed it to the Israeli side.
Persons: Israel, Bill Burns, Burns, , Ahmed Abdel Khalek, Abdel Khalek, Abbas Kamel, , Abdel Kareem Hana, Antony Blinken, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Benjamin Netanyahu, , Bill Burns Bill Clark, Biden, Yahya Sinwar doesn’t, Critics of Netanyahu Organizations: CNN, Hamas, CIA, US, Biden, Military Locations: Gaza, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, Al Thani, Cairo, Washington, Rafah
London CNN —WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will find out Monday whether he can make a final challenge against his extradition to the United States. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Assange attends a seminar at the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in Stockholm on August 14, 2010. LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images Assange and his bodyguards are seen after a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2010. Carl Court/Getty Images Assange speaks to the media in May 2017, after Swedish prosecutors had dropped their investigation of rape allegations against Assange. Jack Taylor/Getty Images Assange was seen for the first time in months during a hearing via teleconference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2018.
Persons: Julian Assange, Assange, Victoria Sharp, Jeremy Johnson —, Stella Assange, ” “ Julian, , Kristinn Hrafnsson, Jack Taylor, LEON NEAL, BERTIL ERICSON, FABRICE COFFRINI, Carl Court, Geoff Caddick, Oli Scarff, CARL COURT, Leon Neal, Philip Toscano, Ricardo Patino, Frank Augstein, David Paul Morris, John Stillwell, Mike, Pompeo, Maria Sol Borja, Chelsea Manning, Alastair Grant, Daniel Leal, Elizabeth Cook, Anthony Albanese, , Albanese’s, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden, Sunna, it’s, Alan Rusbridger Organizations: London CNN, Foreign Press Association, Court, European, of Human Rights, WikiLeaks, Guardian, Getty, Swedish Trade Union Confederation, St, Paul's, British, Ecuadorian Embassy, Oxford Union Society, Ecuadorian Foreign, Southwest Festival, Bloomberg, United Nations Human Rights, United, United Nations, CIA, CNN, Army, Ecuadorian, Ecuador, Southwark Crown, Australian, Parliamentary, of Europe, Prospect Magazine Locations: United States, London, Westminster, Afghanistan, AFP, Stockholm, Iraq, Geneva, Switzerland, Sweden, Ecuador, Austin , Texas, Ecuadorian, United Nations, United Kingdom, Quito, Southwark, London’s, Australia
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The creator started posting short comedy videos during the pandemic, poking fun at people on the internet who make life too complicated for themselves. One of his most popular skits, with 276 million views, shows a person using a knife to peel a banana. "I don't think I have a single sponsor in Italy," Lame said. Lame helped promote Smith's recent film "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" with a short video that amassed 19 million views on TikTok and 111 million on Instagram.
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A two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is "elusive" right now, according to former CIA director David Petraeus, adding that it is also the "single biggest barrier" to normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. "A solid path, a solid commitment to a two-state solution from Israel" is the biggest hurdle to Israel and Saudi's normalization plans, Petraeus, who is now chairman at KKR Global Institute, told CNBC's Dan Murphy. However, there have been discrete but growing cooperation between them in recent years, raising hopes for a normalization agreement. Palestinian militant group Hamas infiltrated Israel, killing more than 1,200 people and kidnapping dozens more. More than 35,000 people have been killed in the Palestinian enclave so far, according to the health ministry there which is run by Hamas.
Persons: David Petraeus, Petraeus, CNBC's Dan Murphy, Joe Biden's Organizations: KKR Global Institute, Hamas Locations: Israel, Saudi Arabia, CNBC's Dan Murphy . Saudi Arabia, Palestinian
David Petraeus discusses barriers to Saudi-Israel normalization
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThe biggest barrier to Saudi-Israel normalization is an 'intractable' one, says former CIA directorDavid Petraeus, partner and chairman of KKR Global Institute and a former CIA director, says "that's a solid path, a solid commitment to a two-state solution from Israel."
Persons: David Petraeus Organizations: KKR Global Institute, CIA Locations: Saudi, Israel
Opinion: A Russian weapon could wipe out US space edge
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Here, the NanoRacks-Remove Debris satellite is deployed from the International Space Station in 2018. Before revelations about Russia’s development of a nuclear anti-satellite weapon, there had been indications of global recognition that the use of certain space weapons was bad for everyone. The proposed defense budget for 2025 does not reflect the scale and urgency of the need to counter space threats and protect space systems. Learning how to operate satellites in a space environment clogged with debris or increased radiation caused by a space weapon is also important. We need a two-pronged effort to prepare for the worst: Double down on efforts to protect and maintain access to space in a hostile space environment and consider how to operate without space.
Persons: Clayton Swope, Mike Turner, Estonia’s, , Vassily Nebenzia, Frank Herbert’s Organizations: Aerospace Security, International Security, Center for Strategic, International Studies, CIA, CNN, Clayton, Clayton Swope Center, Strategic, United, US, Intelligence, Ohio Republican, International Space Station, NASA, GPS, Finnair, United Nations, UN, Twitter Locations: Washington , DC, Russian, United States, Russia, Ohio, Vietnam, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Tartu, China, Moscow
He called it the Prove Mike Wrong challenge. He entered the Prove Mike Wrong challenge with low confidence he would win the exorbitant pot, estimating he had a 0.5% chance of disproving Lindell's "evidence." He had indeed Proven Mike Wrong, and now Mike must pay. In March, during a rally in Wisconsin, Trump praised him as "the great, legendary Mike Lindell." Jared Bartman for BIUnder deposition in the arbitration proceedings over his refusal to pay Zeidman, Lindell was a tornado of evasion and contradiction.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, Lindell, Trump, Bob Zeidman, Zeidman chafed, Mark Zuckerberg, Zeidman, Dennis Montgomery, Montgomery, Lindell's, Mike, Carrie, I've, Jared Bartman, George W, Bush, Mitt Romney's, Barack Obama, Romney, God, Lara Trump, Trump's, MyPillow, Zeidman's, Brian Glasser, Glasser, Zeidman pities Lindell, Biden, He's, he'll Organizations: Trump, Democrats, Oracle, Google, CIA, US, Zeidman, BI, Cleveland Jewish, Republican, Democratic Party, White, Republican National Committee, Lindell, Voting Systems, eTreppid Technologies, Trump International, bewilderment, Lindell Management Locations: Sioux Falls , South Dakota, Sioux Falls, Al Jazeera, Las Vegas, Vegas, Minnesota, Sumerlin, Israel, Trump, Wisconsin, Nevada, Montgomery, Sin City, America
Microsoft has developed a secret AI model exclusively for US spy agencies, Bloomberg reported. It's part of a broader effort by intelligence agencies to use AI for more efficient data handling. AdvertisementMicrosoft created a secret AI model for US spy agencies that is not connected to the internet. It is yet to be tested and accredited by the intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies have long wanted to use AI to handle data more efficiently.
Persons: , William Chappell, Chappell, Dennis J, Gleeson, Jr, Sheetal Patel, CIA didn't Organizations: Microsoft, Bloomberg, Service, CIA, Transnational, Technology Mission Center, Intelligence, of National Intelligence, AIM Initiative, Business
CNN —When Hamas declared on Monday evening that it has “agreed” to a ceasefire deal, it caught many off guard. But US officials have pushed back on Hamas’ claim that it had “agreed” to a ceasefire deal, instead characterizing the response as a counterproposal with changes. The Hamas proposal calls for an end to the war, which is a red line for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a senior American official told CNN. “Both sides only want a ceasefire deal that ensures their political survival,” Lowenstein said. It is not a list of individuals who can be killed or infrastructure and equipment that can be destroyed,” Ibish told CNN.
Persons: CNN —, , Israel, Bill Burns, Benny Gantz, Benjamin Netanyahu, Matan Golan, Frank Lowenstein, Barack Obama, ” Lowenstein, Netanyahu — “, Netanyahu, Barak Ravid, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Hamas’s, Biden, doesn’t, Lowenstein, “ Bibi, he’s, Khan Younis, , that’s, Bibi, it’s, ” Hussein Ibish, Ibish, ” Ibish, “ Netanyahu Organizations: CNN, Hamas, CIA, Qatari, Israeli, Palestinian, Israel, AFP, Getty, Gulf States Institute Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Egypt, Cairo, Israel, , American, Tel Aviv, Washington ,, Qatar
CNN —Hamas says it has accepted a ceasefire deal proposed by Egypt and Qatar which seeks to halt the seven-month war with Israel in Gaza. It’s unclear whether Hamas has agreed to the most recent ceasefire proposal, as outlined last week, or a revised version of it. Palestinians in Rafah celebrate news that Hamas has accepted a ceasefire proposal, May 6, 2024. More than 1 million Palestinians have fled to Rafah, where Hamas is believed to have regrouped after Israel’s destruction of much of the north of Gaza. IDF operations ongoingAsked whether Hamas’ acceptance of a deal could change Israel’s plans for Rafah, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the military would continue to operate in Gaza.
Persons: Ismail Haniyeh, William Burns, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Matthew Miller, , , Daniel Hagari, ” Netanyahu, ” Itamar Ben Gvir, Netanyahu, ” Benny Gantz Organizations: CNN, Hamas, CIA, Qatari, Getty, Israel Defense Forces, Families Forum Locations: Egypt, Qatar, Israel, Gaza, Doha, Qatar’s, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al, United States, Deir al, Gaza City, Rafah, AFP, Orit, Tel Aviv
Hamas said it told Egyptian and Qatari negotiators that it has approved a cease-fire proposal to halt the war in Gaza. Israel is examining the proposal that Hamas approved and has not confirmed whether it would accept or reject it, an Israeli official told NBC News. Hostage release negotiations intensified over the weekend, with facilitation from U.S. CIA Director William Burns, alongside mediators from Egypt and Qatar. U.S. officials have repeatedly warned Israel against an offensive in Rafah, where millions of civilians have taken refuge. President Joe Biden reiterated that stance on a half-hour Monday call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which took place before Hamas had announced its approval of a cease-fire proposal.
Persons: Ismail Haniyeh, Ashraf Amra, Daniel Hagari, Matthew Miller, William Burns, Burns, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu Organizations: Hamas, Anadolu, Egyptian, Qatari, NBC, Israel Defense Forces, Department, NBC News, CIA, Israeli Locations: Palestinian, Sakura, Istanbul, Turkiye, Gaza, Israel, Egypt, Qatar, Arab, Gaza's, Rafah
CNN —As negotiators meet in Cairo on Saturday, US and Israeli officials say any potential agreement on a framework that would pair a temporary ceasefire with a release of hostages in Gaza would likely be followed by continued negotiations over the finer details of the deal. A final deal between the two parties is expected to take several more days to negotiate. Negotiators have made progress on the technical aspects of a potential deal, but two Israeli sources say it could take a week to finalize the deal itself. American officials continue to view the talks with cautious optimism, describing progress but still mindful that previous efforts have fallen apart at the last minute. But Israeli sources said he could quickly head to Egypt if Hamas agrees to the framework.
Persons: Amir Levy, David Barnea, Bill Burns, CNN’s MJ Lee, Alex Marquardt, Kareem Khadder, Mostafa Salem, Eve Brennan Organizations: CNN, Saturday, CIA Locations: Cairo, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Israel, Egypt, United States
These are just the tip of the iceberg of the challenges faced by many media workers in Latin America, where experts say the status of press freedom is increasingly worrisome. The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed in a press conference that they believed the crime was linked to his journalistic work. Last week, the Mexican president criticized the US State Department’s report on human rights in the world, which refers to concerns over press freedom in Mexico, saying that US authorities should “be respectful”. In a publication in social network X, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said US officials are not concerned about the human rights of Cubans and that the United States has its own human rights violations. Nicaragua: Ortega-Murillo regime targets journalismHarassment of the press in Nicaragua has been widely reported on numerous occasions.
Persons: CNNE, Francisco Cobos, , Cobos, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, López Obrador, Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón, Lourdes Maldonado López, Maldonado López, Séptimo Día, Roberto Figueroa, Xochitl Zamora, Lourdes Maldonado, Maldonado ´, Marco Ugarte, AP López Obrador, Andres Oppenheimer, Javier Milei, Lopez Obrador, Abraham Jimenez, Jimenez, civically, , Miguel Diaz, Yamil Lage, Jiménez, Bruno Rodríguez, Ortega, Murillo, Juan Lorenzo Hollman Chamorro, Hollman Chamorro, Chamorro, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, Rosario Murillo, … provocateurs, Chávez, Vos, Chavez, ” Edgar López, López, Juan Pablo Lares, Maximiliano Bruzual, Ariana Cubillos, Nicolas, Maduro’s, Yván Gil, ” Jeannine Cruz, Gustavo Petro, Nayib Bukele, Gonzalo Zegarra, Rey Rodríguez, Manuela Castro, Ana María Cañizares, Ivonne, José Álvarez, Elvin Sandoval, Iván, Sarmenti, Español Organizations: CNN, Amnesty International, Protect Journalists, Univision, Televisa, Prosecutor’s, AP, CIA, Canel, Getty, Cuban Foreign, La Prensa, National Police, , El, Regional, Democracy, Nicaraguan, State Department, National College of Journalists, Venezuelan, TC Television, Communication, Locations: Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Latin America, Mexican, American, Tamaulipas, McAllen , Texas, Tijuana, Morelos, Tijuana , Mexico, Spain, Cuban, Havana, AFP, United States, Costa Rica, El Confidencial, Managua, NIcaragua, Sur, Washington, Venezuelan, , Caracas, , Ecuador, Guayaquil, America, Argentina, Colombian
But he’s more than happy to show the missiles and drones Iran used in its first ever attack against Israel launched directly from Iranian soil. Iran’s attack on Israel included drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. “NATO, The United States and Arab countries of the region wanted to create barriers for our drones, missiles and cruise missiles, but they failed,” Belali says. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that ballistic missiles that reached Israel fell on the airbase and caused only light structural damage. Shahed attack drones on an unmarked truck at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards exhibit in Tehran, Iran on May 1, 2024.
Persons: Tehran CNN —, , General Ali Belali, ” Belali, Israel, Belali, Jordan, Fred Pleitgen, Daniel Hagari, John Krzyzaniak, Lockheed Martin Organizations: Tehran CNN, Revolutionary Guard, Islamic, Israel, CNN, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Revolutionary Guard Aerospace Forces, NATO, Israel Defense Forces, Washington, Wisconsin, Control, ISIS, Lockheed, CIA, Guards Locations: Tehran, Islamic Republic, Israel, Iran, Damascus, Gaza, Iraq, France, United States, Washington ,, Syria, Kurdish, American, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow
Steve Bowsher, In-Q-TelSteve Bowsher, president and CEO of In-Q-Tel. He made an early bet on Palantir, blowing the doors open for Silicon Valley techies to go after federal contracts. The son of a federal employee who grew up devouring spy novels, Bowsher has always been interested in the work of the government but actually cut his teeth in Silicon Valley. After graduating from Stanford, he worked for three startups and spent eight years at venture fund InterWest Partners. By combining Silicon Valley's swashbuckling ethos with a government agency's mission-driven mentality, Bowsher has helped shepherd some of the biggest defense tech success stories of the past two decades.
Persons: Steve Bowsher, Bowsher Organizations: Magazine, Stanford, InterWest Partners Locations: Menlo Park , California, Silicon Valley
CNN —Former President Donald Trump wouldn’t dismiss the potential for political violence from his supporters if he isn’t elected in November, suggesting it would depend on the outcome of the presidential race. “I don’t think we’re going to have that,” the presumptive GOP nominee told Time magazine. It always depends on the fairness of an election.”The remarks came in a wide-ranging interview with the magazine that published Tuesday. But pressed by the magazine in a later phone interview, Trump was less definitive about the future. Throughout his political career, Trump has regularly refused to accept the results of an election or commit to a conceding defeat.
Persons: Donald Trump wouldn’t, , Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Trump, they’ll, ” Trump, Texas Sen, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Trump baselessly, Ron DeSantis, “ Will, , Joe Biden’s, “ Donald Trump’s, ” Biden, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Roe, didn’t, Netanyahu, – Trump, Netanyahu “, Soleimani –, Evan Gershkovich “, Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Putin, Navalny, Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, bin Salman Organizations: CNN, Time, Israel, Capitol, Texas, Florida Gov, Republican, Trump, Sunshine, Hamas, Capitol Hill, , Wall Street, Kremlin, Saudi, CIA, United Nations Locations: Lago, Florida, Washington, Iowa, Florida , Texas, Arizona, Israel, Russia, American
Putin critic Alexey Navalny's death may not have been planned to happen when it did, WSJ reported. The Journal reported that this opinion is shared by several US intelligence agencies. AdvertisementAlexey Navalny's February death in a remote Arctic prison camp likely wasn't directly ordered by Vladimir Putin, despite Navalny's outspoken criticism of the Russian president, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Despite the suspicious circumstances of the opposition leader's death, the outlet reported Putin may not have intended Navalny to be killed when he was. None of the intelligence agencies cited by the Journal or the Pentagon have responded to requests for comment from Business Insider.
Persons: Alexey Navalny's, Navalny's, , Vladimir Putin, Putin, — wasn't, Putin wasn't, Leonid Volkov, Navalny Organizations: Kremlin, Service, Street, CIA, National Intelligence, State, Journal, Pentagon, Business Locations: Russian, Poland
Floral tributes, portraits of late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and messages are seen left outside the former Russian Embassy in Tbilisi on March 1, 2024. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin probably didn't directly order the killing of Alexei Navalny at a remote penal colony in February, according to three sources familiar with the matter. As Russia's most high-profile and popular dissident, Navalny's death dealt a severe blow to the country's opposition movement, which has been brutally suppressed by the Kremlin. Before Navalny's death, there had been tentative discussions about a possible prisoner exchange with Russia involving Navalny and Americans detained in Russia, NBC News previously reported. Navalny's allies allege that Putin had the dissident killed to thwart the proposed prisoner swap that would have freed him.
Persons: Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Navalny, Joe Biden, Sergei Skripal, Navalny's Organizations: Russian Embassy, Kremlin, Washington, Russia's Federal, Service, CIA, National Intelligence, NBC Locations: Tbilisi, Russia's, Russia, Russian, United Kingdom, Western
Washington CNN —President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed into law an aid package providing crucial military assistance to Ukraine, capping months of negotiations and debate. The aid package, passed by the Senate late Tuesday evening and worth $95 billion in total, includes nearly $61 billion in aid to Ukraine, $26 billion for Israel and $8 billion for the Indo-Pacific. Hardline House conservatives opposed further US funding to Kyiv and threatened to oust Johnson over his handling of the negotiations. Conservatives in Congress have opposed additional assistance for what they view as an unwinnable war. Earlier this year, Biden signaled his intentions to make significant immigration-related concessions if Congress were to move forward with the aid bill.
Persons: Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Mike Johnson, Johnson, Biden, Bill Burns, Donald Trump, Trump, Sen, Bernie Sanders, ” Sanders, Benjamin ] Organizations: Washington CNN, Senate, House Republican, Conservatives, Congress, CIA, Ukraine, Republicans Locations: Ukraine, Israel, United States, Kyiv, Europe, Russia, Gaza
Yet she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Biden and didn’t vote that year. In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore received 70% in DeKalb; in 2020, Biden won 83%. Massachusetts native Kim Cavaliere, who moved to Georgia over 20 years ago, is pictured at her home in Dacula, Georgia. She’s still inclined to vote third-party again but is perhaps open to reconsidering if Georgia could settle a close race. It is rural, and reliably red – Trump won 71% of the county vote in 2020.
Persons: Christine Nguyen’s, Nguyen, ” Nguyen, ” Decatur, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, , Trump, Biden, Christine Nguyen, she’s, , Celia Gardner, Jan Gardner, , ” Jan Gardner, Celia, ” Celia Gardner, Democrat Al Gore, Gwinnett, George W, Bush, “ I’ve, Kim Cavaliere, Cavaliere, ” Cavaliere, Count Cavaliere, She’s, – Biden, , ” Carey Fulks, John King, CNN Carey Fulks, Fulks, ” Fulks, ” Biden, – Trump, Matt Vrahiotes, ” Vrahiotes, it’s, Vrahiotes, Ron DeSantis, “ I’m, Trumper, who’s, “ Kennedy, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, ” Vrahioties, Atlanta’s Organizations: Georgia CNN, White, CNN, Trump, DOJ, Justice Department, CIA, Schools, Democrat, Biden, Gwinnett County, “ Democrat, Republican, Sweet, Florida Gov, GOP Locations: Decatur, Georgia, , DeKalb County, Atlanta, Decatur , Georgia, Israel, DeKalb, Dunwoody, Dunwoody , Georgia, Neat, White DeKalb, Gwinnett County, Massachusetts, Dacula , Georgia, Grove, Covid, Fulton County, Gwinnett, Acre, Alto, Hall County, Alto , Georgia, York
Sullivan followed up four days later with a call to Johnson to highlight the measures in place to track aid in Ukraine. They spoke often with Johnson’s staff, including meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients, Ricchetti and Goff spoke with Schumer and Jeffries and their staff almost daily to strategize on how to push Ukraine aid forward. Biden and Johnson spoke by phone the next day as the speaker briefed him on his plan to move the aid package forward. “We discussed the contents of the next US military aid package,” Zelensky said.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Joe Biden, Johnson –, speakership, Biden, Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Jake Sullivan, Shalanda Young, Sullivan, Taiwan –, Hamas, Putin, ” Biden, Hakeem Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, , , Steve Ricchetti, Richetti, Shuwanza Goff, Ricchetti, Goff, Jeff Zients, Schumer, Jeffries, Young, McConnell, Michael McCaul, Intelligence Michael Turner, Bill Burns, Ukraine Bridget Brink, Chip Roy, Texas, Ralph Norman of, Biden’s, Anita Dunn, Jon, Lloyd Austin, Volodymyr Zelensky, Zelensky, National Intelligence Avril Haines, Donald Trump’s, Burns, ” Zelensky Organizations: Washington CNN, Ukraine, White House, GOP, Management, Senate, Biden, Russia, House Democratic, White, Capitol, House Foreign, Intelligence, CIA, Republican, The Defense Department, House Republicans, National Intelligence, Democratic, CNN Locations: Ukraine, Europe, Russia, Israel, Taiwan, Ricchetti, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Washington ,, Johnson’s
CNN —The Biden administration is preparing a new aid package for Ukraine that is expected to be worth around $1 billion, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN, and is set to be approved by President Joe Biden after the Senate passes a new foreign aid funding bill as soon as Tuesday afternoon. In briefings to Congress in recent weeks, administration officials have indicated that the US will likely send Ukraine long-range ATACMS, or Army Tactical Missile Systems, for the first time as part of the new aid package, three of the sources said. Ukrainian officials have been asking the US both in private and in public for the long-range missile to target deeper behind Russian lines. Broadly, Russia has maintained a “significant quantitative advantage” over Ukraine in terms of munitions, manpower and equipment, a NATO official said earlier this month. The military aid will be sourced from the US’ own stockpiles through a funding mechanism known as presidential drawdown authority, or PDA, and will be the first PDA package for Ukraine since March.
Persons: CNN —, Biden, Joe Biden, Bill Burns, Chris Cavoli, Sen, Mark Warner, we’ve, ” Warner, Bradley, ” Celeste Wallander Organizations: CNN, Senate, Army Tactical Missile Systems, US, CIA, NATO, Senate Intelligence, CBS, Pentagon, White, Command Locations: Ukraine, Moscow, Europe, Russia
A $61 billion package of US military aid for Ukraine is being signed off. AdvertisementRelief swept the front line in Ukraine on Saturday after the US voted to release a long-delayed $61 billion package of military aid to help defend against Russia's invasion. But while it's likely to help kill Russia's momentum and give Ukraine much-needed support in the coming months, experts are cautioning that it doesn't ensure victory for Ukraine. Analysts said the aid bill will bolster Ukraine's defenses against a possible planned Russian offensive this summer. AdvertisementFor Ukraine to feel confident in winning the war against Russia, it will need more military aid beyond 2024.
Persons: , Mark Warne, Vladimir Putin, Oleksiy Goncharenko, it's, George Beebe, Donald Trump, haven't, There's Organizations: Service, CNN, US, Ukraine, Senate, CBS, Ukrainian, Financial, BI, Republican, The Financial Times, European Union Locations: Ukraine, Ukrainian, Russia
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