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Ms. Shanahan, 38, a onetime Silicon Valley lawyer, has never held public office and has scant name recognition. But she was selected after Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Ventura fell through as vice-presidential candidates and Mr. Kennedy’s campaign needed money to fund its efforts to get onto state ballots, three people familiar with the events said. And money was something that Ms. Shanahan could provide in abundance. During their five-year marriage, Ms. Shanahan partied with Silicon Valley’s elite and used recreational drugs including cocaine, ketamine and psychedelic mushrooms, according to eight people and documents reviewed by The New York Times. Ms. Shanahan and Mr. Brin separated after she had a sexual encounter with Elon Musk in 2021, three of the people said.
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Three sources told the Times that Shanahan and Musk had an affair in December 2021 during a private party in Miami. Advertisement"Ms. Shanahan later told Mr. Brin that she had had sex with Mr. Musk, three of the people said. She also relayed the details to friends, family and advisers," the Times reported. Representatives for Shanahan, Musk, and Brin did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment ahead of publication. In response to questions from a The New York Times reporter, Shanahan said she was "shocked the NYT is letting you run something like this."
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate, the Silicon Valley investor Nicole Shanahan, said on Wednesday night that she had given another $8 million to their independent presidential campaign as it carries out the expensive endeavor of gaining ballot access across the country and tries to propel Mr. Kennedy onto debate stages. Ms. Shanahan, a lawyer who was formerly married to the Google co-founder Sergey Brin, gave the campaign $2 million shortly after Mr. Kennedy named her as his running mate in March. After a nod to the media, Ms. Shanahan said, “I think I know what they’re going to say — they’re going to say Bobby only picked me for my money,” a remark that drew laughter from the crowd. She followed performances by comedians including Russell Brand, Rob Schneider and Jim Breuer, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member. Many of the performers praised Mr. Kennedy, but they also used their time onstage to rail against Covid vaccinations, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the mainstream news media and President Biden.
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Sergey Brin said at Google I/O that Project Astra is "the perfect hardware" for smart glasses. Google's cofounder said the tech giant was a decade too early with Google Glass, which famously flopped. Google revealed Project Astra on Tuesday, an AI agent that was also working on prototype glasses. Amazon also launched its own version of smart glasses in 2019. But as companies like Google and OpenAI show off just how impressive the next level of AI is, don't be surprised if the idea of AI glasses gains more traction.
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AdvertisementSo who is Larry Page and how did he get to where he is today? AdvertisementPage and Sergey Brin create GoogleGoogle co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met as students at Stanford. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has developed self-driving cars through Waymo, the company formerly known as the Google Self-Driving Car project. Page's personal lifeGoogle cofounder Larry Page and his wife, the scientist Lucinda Southworth C Flanigan/FilmMagicThroughout it all, Page has kept information about his personal life closely guarded. Life after GoogleGoogle cofounder Larry Page bought Cayo Norte, an island in Puerto Rico.
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Last summer, thousands of tie-dyed Burners and Patagonia-clad tech founders converged on the MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in Denver. The experience "broke the spell of this trauma, and she was able to rebuild her life," Doblin told The Guardian . The video team's job was to store recordings of every MDMA therapy session performed in the clinical trials. Grof believes in something called an "inner healing intelligence," an innate capacity for self-healing that psychedelic therapy helps unleash. Another time, a patient who had come to an MDMA therapy session later acknowledged they had been under the influence of LSD during treatment.
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RFK Jr. said in a 2012 divorce deposition that doctors found a dead worm in his brain. "I offer to eat 5 more brain worms and still beat President Trump and President Biden in a debate," he said. Kennedy said on Wednesday that he's confident of winning a presidential debate even if he were to eat a couple more of those "brain worms." "I offer to eat 5 more brain worms and still beat President Trump and President Biden in a debate," Kennedy wrote in a post on X. Kennedy claimed that doctors found a dead worm in his brain during his divorce deposition in 2012, per The Times.
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Read previewA team inside X, Google's moonshot factory, was working on a revolutionary hearing device, Business Insider reported in 2021. A few months later, Wolverine's lead, Jason Rugolo, spun the project out of Alphabet and formed a startup named Iyo. Rugolo says the company plans to ship its first product by the end of this year. Rugolo told BI he hired Kraft for a stint at Google X to work on what would become Iyo. Iyo isn't the first X project to fly from Alphabet's nest, and it probably won't be the last.
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Alphabet said Thursday that it's issuing a 20-cent per share dividend, the company's first ever, and that its board authorized the repurchase of up to $70 billion in stock. The dividend is payable to all class of shares, including super-voting Class B shareholders, as well as nonvoting Class C shareholders. Co-founder Sergey Brin, who owns more than 730 million Class B and C shares, will receive a $146 million payout. Co-founder Larry Page, who owns 389 million Class B shares, will get a dividend payment of $78 million. Amazon's largest share repurchase, in 2022, was for up to $10 billion.
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Tech billionaires are stepping it up from the basic t-shirt and jeans they're known for donning. AdvertisementLook no further than Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a real example of this fashion upgrade to his techy street style. Here's what Zuckerberg and his fellow wealthy tech titans are wearing this spring, according to style experts. Clive Brunskill/Getty ImagesIn March, Bill Gates was spotted in a navy top while sitting in the crowd of a tennis match. Victoria Hitchcock; Oscar HeymanAs for her female clients, Hitchcock said they're going for understated shoe options and eye-catching jewelry.
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The Breakthrough Prize Awards were hosted in Los Angeles on Saturday. Nicknamed the "Oscars of Science," the ceremony brought together an array of famous faces. From Kim Kardashian to Elon Musk, here's a look at eight of the best-dressed attendees. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementThe Breakthrough Prize Awards, dubbed the "Oscars of Science," took place in Los Angeles on Saturday.
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AdvertisementMicrosoft is opening a new artificial-intelligence unit in London, putting itself firmly on the turf of its biggest AI rival: Google DeepMind. In the battle for top AI talent, a bigger London presence could be a savvy move for Microsoft. Related storiesLast year, in response to increased pressure from rivals such as OpenAI, Google merged DeepMind with its central AI unit Brain, forming the new Google DeepMind. Meta itself recently lost three top AI employees, while Google has lost a steady stream of employees to OpenAI over the past year. As the Big Tech AI arms race for talent continues to heat up, Google may have to work even harder to stem the bleeding.
Persons: , Mustafa Suleyman, Suleyman, Jordan Huffman, It's, OpenAI's, Alex Libre, BI's Aaron Mok, Sergey Brin, OpenAI, Mustafa Suleyman's Organizations: Microsoft, Google, Service, Gemini, Meta, who's, Big Tech Locations: London
Read previewThe release of Forbes' annual rundown of the world's billionaires has underlined a glaring omission from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index: Michael Bloomberg himself. Forbes ranked the 82-year-old Bloomberg LP founder in 12th place with an estimated $106 billion fortune as of March 8. Based on Forbes' wealth estimate, Bloomberg would be in joint 12th position with Michael Dell (also $106 billion) as of Thursday. Related storiesThe Bloomberg Index's methodology explains why the boss is missing: "Bloomberg News editorial policy is to not cover Bloomberg LP. As a result, Michael Bloomberg, the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, isn't considered for this ranking."
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Elon Musk says he's hiking the salaries for those working on Tesla's AI engineering team. "The talent war for AI is the craziest talent war I've ever seen!" Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday that his company is increasing the compensation packages for those working on the AI engineering team. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 3, 2024Representatives for OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours. "The talent war for AI is the craziest talent war I've ever seen!"
Persons: Elon Musk, Musk, OpenAI, , Sam Altman, poach, Tesla, — Elon, Ethan Knight, Ethan, Elon, Meta's Mark Zuckerberg, Google's, Meta, It's, who's, Sergey Brin, Brin Organizations: Service, Tesla, Musk's, xAI, OpenAI, Business Insider, Big Tech, Google
"The talent war for AI is the craziest talent war I've ever seen!" Advertisement"They have been aggressively recruiting Tesla engineers with massive compensation offers and have unfortunately been successful in a few cases," Musk wrote about OpenAI. Related storiesMusk and xAI didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider before publication. AdvertisementHiking salaries is one of a series of tactics Big Tech leaders use to recruit the best AI talent. "There is undoubtedly a shortage in AI talent," Libre says.
Persons: , Elon Musk, Tesla, Ethan Knight, Knight, Musk, didn't, Alex Libre, Mark Zuckerberg, Google's, Sergey Brin, Mustafa Suleyman, Google's DeepMind, Aravind Srinivas, J.T, O'Donnell Organizations: Service, Business, Autonomy, Big Tech, Meta, Google, OpenAI, Companies Locations: OpenAI
Google just scored a big win in the AI talent war
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Some observers say it's a big win for Google to secure OpenAI's "secret weapon." Kilpatrick's move comes as Big Tech firms vie for top expertise in an AI talent war. The move shows the transfer window of AI expertise is firmly open as Big Tech companies battle it out to lure top AI talent. Google AI Studio lets developers integrate Gemini with APIs to create generative AI applications that are also known as "wrappers". Intel's senior AI developers community lead, Ryan Carson, wrote on X: "Things are movin' and shakin' in the AI industry.
Persons: OpenAI's, Logan Kilpatrick, , OpenAI, he's, Mustafa Suleyman, Satya Nadella's, Bruce Monaco, Monaco, Kilpatrick, Ryan Carson, Logan, He's, Mark Zuckerberg, Google's, Sergey Brin, it's, Aravind Srinivas, who's Organizations: Google, Big Tech, Service, Studio, Microsoft, AI, Workers, Meta, Business Locations: OpenAI
But increasingly, the algorithms that undergird our digital lives are making questionable decisions that enrich the powerful and wreck the lives of average people. There's no reason to be scared of AI making decisions for you in the future — computers have already been doing so for quite some time. As human control diminished, the real-world consequences of these algorithms have piled up: Instagram's algorithm has been linked to a mental-health crisis in teenage girls. AdvertisementAcross the public and private sectors, we've handed the keys to a spiderweb of algorithms built with little public insight into how they make their decisions. While generative AI is just the newest extension of the algorithm, it poses a unique threat.
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Opinion: Trump videos send wildly different messages
  + stars: | 2024-03-31 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +19 min
We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. In a video promoting the Bible, Trump said, “Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country. … we need to bring them back.”On Good Friday, Trump posted a very different kind of video. It showed an image of President Joe Biden lying sideways and tied up in the bed of a pickup truck. “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign can’t win, but it could swing the presidency to former President Donald Trump,” Begala wrote.
Persons: Matthew Arnold, Homer, King James, Donald Trump, , Lee Greenwood’s, AJ Willingham, Trump, Joe Biden, Drew Sheneman, MAGA, Biden, Fareed Zakaria, ” Zakaria, Candida Moss, he’ll, he’s, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Julian Zelizer, ” “, , ” Clay, , Obama, “ Obama, CNN Trump, , Attorney Alvin Bragg, “ Trump, Stormy Daniels, ” Norman Eisen, Andrew Warren, James Antle III, stoked, Letitia James, Dali, Francis Scott Key, Tasos Katopodis, Richard Timme, ” Timme, Salvatore R, Mercogliano, , Jalal Baig, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Baig, Paul Hockenos, “ It’s, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Nicole Shanahan, Eric Risberg, Paul Begala, Ross Perot, George H, Bush, “ Robert F, can’t, ” Begala, ” Shanahan “, Sergey Brin, Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Ro Khanna, Lee Drutman, Mark Osler, Jill Filipovic, Lisa Murkowski, Obeidallah, Johnson Ronna, Ronna McDaniel, Justin Sullivan, McDaniel, ” McDaniel, David Zurawik, Jack Ohman, Walt Handelsman, Tim Hubbard, Dennis Muilenburg —, Max, David Calhoun, , ” Hubbard, Annelle, ” Sheline, ” Don’t, Frida Ghitis, Putin, Howard Fischer, Keith O’Brien, Pete Rose, Nick Anderson, Agency Sara Stewart, Mary Ziegler, Patrick T, Brown, shouldn’t, Emma Firth, Carter ’ Parkwood, Roxanne Jones, Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé, ” Jones Organizations: CNN, Oxford University, New, Trump, Nasdaq, NYPD, Hollywood, Biden, Cupp, Obama, Manhattan, Attorney, Democratic, US Coast Guard, Baltimore, Federal Highway Administration, RFK Jr, RFK, Google, The New York Times, Republican National Committee, NBC News, , Press, NBC, MSNBC, Content Agency Boeing, Notre Dame, Boeing, US State Department, Israel, Tribune, Agency, Sony, AP Locations: Independence, New York City, America, New, Manhattan, Queens, New York, Baltimore, Coast, Suez, Port, China, Argentina, Red, Gaza, Wales, Northern California, California, Israel, Columbia
Google cofounder Sergey Brin reportedly called a Google employee who planned to leave for OpenAI. Brin's call and higher pay convinced the employee to stay at Google, The Information reported. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementGoogle cofounder Sergey Brin personally called an employee who was considering leaving the company for OpenAI, a report says.
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RFK Jr. is set to announce Nicole Shanahan, a Silicon Valley lawyer, as his VP pick. She's contributed thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates since 2018. A Silicon Valley lawyer and philanthropist, Shanahan is currently the president of Bia-Echo, a private foundation that funds programs related to women's reproductive longevity, criminal justice reform, and the environment. Khanna, whose district encompasses much of Silicon Valley, has received $17,800 from Shanahan since 2019. Here are all of the federal Democratic candidates and groups who have received money from Shanahan since 2018:Advertisement
Persons: Nicole Shanahan, She's, Pete Buttigieg, Marianne Williamson, Ro Khanna, , Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Shanahan, Sergey Brin, Kennedy, Abigail Spanberger, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Shanahan's, Joe Biden, Khanna, he'd, Williamson, Michelle Caruso, Cabrera, Ocasio Organizations: RFK Jr, Democratic, Service, Google, Rep, Biden Victory Fund, Democratic National Committee, Shanahan, Republican Locations: Bia, California, Virginia, Alexandria, Cortez of New York, Silicon Valley, Iowa
CNN —Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. named Silicon Valley attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential pick at a campaign rally Tuesday in her hometown of Oakland, California. Kennedy’s campaign is hoping Shanahan’s youth and fluency in the tech world’s anti-establishment rhetoric will help him expand and excite his base of support. “I had a very hard childhood with a lot of sadness, fear and instability,” Shanahan told People. The spot repurposed video from the 1960 presidential campaign of Kennedy’s uncle, John F. Kennedy, and drew criticism from several Kennedy family members. Shanahan told People magazine last year that part of her group’s work is focused on finding a cure for autism.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Nicole Shanahan, Shanahan, Kennedy, , , ” Shanahan, Sergey Brin, John F, Joe Biden’s, , vaxxer ’ Shanahan, Bobby, Brin, Elon Musk, Musk Organizations: CNN, Independent, Democratic, People, Google, New York Times, Kennedy, PAC, Newsweek, Times, Children’s Health Defense, Echo Foundation, Street Journal, Wall, University of Puget Sound, Santa Clara University, Stanford Law School’s Center, Legal Informatics Locations: Silicon, Oakland , California, An Oakland, China, Bia, Washington, Bay
The event marks a critical moment for Kennedy’s White House bid that could accelerate his efforts to gain ballot access in all 50 states. His vice presidential pick will also be tasked with broadening Kennedy’s appeal and helping raise money for his big-spending campaign. Kennedy campaign ballot access attorney Paul Rossi suggested Nevada Democrats were attempting to block Kennedy from gaining ballot access in the state – a claim the secretary of state’s office rejected. “Vice presidential candidates don’t tend to push elections very far, even for the major-party candidates. “I would never choose a vice presidential candidate based on how much money they have,” Kennedy said in a NewsNation interview last week.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Kennedy, Nicole Shanahan, Jesse Ventura, Aaron Rodgers, Tulsi Gabbard, Republican Sen, Rand Paul, Andrew Yang, Mike Rowe, Tony Robbins, Tricia Lindsay, , , we’ve, ” Kennedy, John F, Kennedy’s, Shanahan, Sergey Brin, Rodgers, Cecilia Heston, Paul Rossi, ” Heston, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Sandy, Pamela Brown, Stefanie Spear, Robbins, Biden, Angela McArdle, Trump, , Cornel West, Bernard Tamas, Tamas, CNN’s Gregory Krieg Organizations: CNN, Independent, Minnesota Gov, NFL, Democratic, Republican, Oakland, Bay Area Fox, KTVU, Google, University of California, PAC, White, Nevada Democrats, Democratic National, Federal, Kennedy, Democratic Party of Hawaii, Sandy Hook Elementary, Children’s Health Defense, Libertarian Party, , Trump, Biden, Valdosta State University, FEC, New York Times Locations: Oakland , California, Minnesota, Oakland, Chico , California, Berkeley, Washington, Utah, New Hampshire , Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona , Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia
Opinion: RFK Jr.’s VP pick is a missile aimed at Biden
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CNN —Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign can’t win, but it could swing the presidency to former President Donald Trump. RFK Jr.’s namesake father was a Democratic US attorney general and a Democratic senator from New York. So was Joe’s son, RFK Jr’s nephew, Joseph P. Kennedy III. To believe that, one must ignore that Perot, like Clinton, was a change candidate; like Clinton, he was pro-choice, and like Clinton, Perot supported campaign finance reform. But you don’t need decades of experience and reams of data to see who RFK Jr’s bid hurts.
Persons: Paul Begala, Bill Clinton’s, Clinton, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, can’t, Donald Trump, Nicole Shanahan, Kennedy, Shanahan, Sergey Brin, Hillary Clinton, Pete Buttigieg, Ro Khanna, Biden, McDonkeyface, John Francis “ Honey Fitz ” Fitzgerald, Joseph P, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bobby Jr, , John F, Edward M, Teddy, Bobby’s, RFK, Kennedy III, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Patrick Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith, Caroline Kennedy, Barack Obama’s, Bobby Kennedy Jr, Trump, Reagan, I’ve, Ross, Perot, George Bush Organizations: Democratic, CNN, RFK, Biden, Trump, RFK Jr, Google, The New York Times, Times, Boston, Securities Exchange Commission, Rhode Island, Republicans, Twitter, Facebook, Perot Locations: Northern California, California, Great Britain, New York, Massachusetts, United States, Maryland, Rhode, Ireland, Japan, Australia
Even in the past few weeks, it had evolved as Mr. Kennedy and his advisers spoke with more than half a dozen prospective candidates. A spokeswoman for Mr. Kennedy’s campaign declined to comment. Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Shanahan did not respond to requests for comment on Monday evening. quarterback, and Jesse Ventura, the former Minnesota governor and onetime professional wrestler, were at the top of Mr. Kennedy’s list. But she gave to Mr. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in May 2023, when he was running as a Democrat.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Nicole Shanahan, Kennedy, Kennedy’s, Ms, Shanahan, Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura, Scott Brown, Tricia Lindsay, Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Rowe, Jobs, Rowe, Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, Rodgers, Mediaite, Sergey Brin, Biden’s, Mr, Biden, ” Mr, Kennedy —, Donald J, Trump’s, Organizations: New York Times, Republican, Democratic Party, Google, Democratic, Times, Super, Fox News, Trump, The Times Locations: Oakland, Calif, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Hawaii
During a call with analysts after its February earnings, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon talked about the gen AI search capabilities in its app. As a technology company, Walmart has to experiment a lot, and in the case of adding generative AI search capabilities, there's a very low cost for failure, she said. AI and search, shopping business model shiftsIt's not only Walmart investing in this type of search in the retail sector. Amazon's AI shopping assistant Rufus lets people have a conversation with the platform about what they need rather than just looking for direct items. "Google is anxious is about search in general, and the question this raises is will it be a death by a thousand cuts for Google Search?"
Persons: Doug McMillon, McMillon, Marc Lore, Sucharita Kodali, Kodali, Sergey Brin, Brin, Rufus, Jacob Bourne, Bourne, it's Organizations: Google, Walmart, Amazon, Insider Intelligence, Ikea, Lowe's
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