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CNN —When the sun unleashed an extreme solar storm and hit Mars in May, it engulfed the red planet with auroras and an influx of charged particles and radiation, according to NASA. Solar radiation hits MarsThe most extreme storm occurred on May 20 after an X12 flare released from the sun, according to data collected by the Solar Orbiter spacecraft currently studying the sun. The Curiosity rover, currently exploring Gale Crater just south of the Martian equator, took black-and-white images using its navigation cameras during the solar storm. But Mars lost its magnetic field billions of years ago, which means the planet has no shield from incoming energized solar particles. By tracing the data from multiple Martian missions, scientists were able to watch how the solar storm unfolded.
Persons: Gale, , , Don Hassler, ” Auroras, Mars, Deborah Padgett, MAVEN, Christina Lee Organizations: CNN, NASA, Solar Orbiter, Goddard Space Flight, Mars, Caltech, JPL, Southwest Research, Exploration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, University of California, Space Sciences Laboratory Locations: Northern California, Alabama, Greenbelt , Maryland, Boulder , Colorado, Pasadena , California
Mars Got Cooked by a Recent Solar Storm
  + stars: | 2024-06-13 | by ( Robin George Andrews | )   time to read: 1 min
When they slammed into Earth’s magnetic bubble, the world was treated to iridescent displays of the northern and southern lights. But our planet wasn’t the only one in the solar firing line. A few days after Earth’s light show, another series of eruptions screamed out of the sun. This time, on May 20, Mars was blitzed by a beast of a storm. Observed from Mars, “this was the strongest solar energetic particle event we’ve seen to date,” said Shannon Curry, the principal investigator of NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution orbiter, or MAVEN, at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
Persons: Mars, , Shannon Curry Organizations: University of Colorado Locations: University of Colorado , Boulder
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
Persons: James Beard, , Serigne Mbaye, ” Mbaye, Michael Rafidi, , Paul Smith, Lula Drake Wine, Chef Masako Morishita, Beard, Deb Lindsey, Masako Morishita, Atsuko Fujimoto, Morishita, Adams Morgan, Fujimoto, Baker, Ruth Reichl, Reichl, , foodie, James Beard’s, ” Beard, Hamissi Mamba, Nadia Nijimbere, MI, Yenvy Pham, Phở, WA Chris Viaud, NH Hollis Wells Silverman, Erika Whitaker, Kelly Whitaker, Sarah Minnick, Dean Neff, Renee Touponce, David Uygur, Christine Dong, Fariyal Abdullahi, Janet Becerra, SC Ryan Fernandez, Mel, Baker Susan Bae, Jesus Brazon, Manuel Brazon, Crystal Kass, Valentine, AZ Anna Posey, Hospitality Crawford, NC Gemma, Lula Cafe, Vin, California Geoff Davis, CA Rogelio Garcia, Auro, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya, Los Angeles , CA Tara Monsod, Billy ” Ngo, Vinnie Cimino, Cordelia, Jose Salazar, Sarkar, Hajime Sato, Sozai, MI Jenner Tomaska, Tony Conte, Jesse Ito, Matt Kern, Harley Peet, Kevin Tien, Ann Ahmed, Rob Connoley, Dan Jacobs, Dan Van Rite, Christina Nguyen, Hai, Tim Nicholson, Brandon Cunningham, Ali Sabbah, Matt Vawter, Penelope Wong, Yuan Wonton, Nick Zocco, NY Atsushi Kono, Chris Mauricio, Charlie Mitchell, Clover, NY Jeremy Salamon, Conor Dennehy, Talulla, Maria Meza, David Standridge, Jake Stevens, Cara Tobin, Honey, Avery Adams, Matia, WA Kristi Brown, WA Josh Dorcak, Gregory Gourdet, Melissa Miranda, Jamie Davis, The, Washington , NC Rod Lassiter, Parnass Savang, James London, Chubby Fish, SC Robbie Robinson, Valerie Chang, FL Hunter Evans, Jackson, MS Gabriel Hernandez, Carlos Portela, Rene Andrade, Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der, Steve, Steve Riley, NM Eduardo Rodriguez, Zacatlán, Texas Emmanuel Chavez, Houston , TX Christopher Cullum, Cullum’s Attaboy, San Antonio , TX Tracy Malechek, Ezekiel, Birdie’s, Misti Norris, Petra, Ana Liz Pulido, Ana Liz Taqueria Organizations: CNN, Dakar NOLA, Lyric Opera, Michelin, Beverages Program, Chefs, The Washington Post, Washington Commanders, The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, James, James Beard Foundation, Hav, Seattle , WA Nikko Cagalanan, SC, NY, Dakar, FL Kisser, Nashville , TN Oro, Caracas Bakery, AZ, Hospitality, IL, NY Woodford Food & Beverage, Beverages, SC The Morris, D.C, BEST, Social Haus, UT, New, New York State, Pacific, FL, Houston , TX Locations: United States, New Orleans, West Africa, Chicago, Portland , Oregon, Pacific, Albi, Washington, Ramallah, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal, West Virginia, Charleston , West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Mission , Texas, Mystic , Connecticut, Easton , Maryland, Portland , Maine, Tokyo, Perry’s, Adams, DC, Bakery, Detroit, Seattle, WA, Greenleaf, Ansanm, Milford, Wolfeboro, NH, The Wells, Boulder, Portland, Wilmington ,, Albi , Washington, The, Lucia, Dallas , TX, Santa Fe, Marfa ,, San Antonio ,, Springs, , New York, Pancita, Seattle , WA, Kultura, Charleston, Southern Junction, Buffalo, Waitsburg, Lockhart, TX, Carmel, Dorchester, Dakar NOLA , New Orleans, LA Hayward, McMinnville, Kaya, Orlando, Nashville , TN, Nixta , Minneapolis, Shan, Bozeman, Albuquerque, Long Beach ,, Hudson, Caracas, Doral, Miami, Phoenix, Elske, IL, Son, Raleigh, NC, Dallas ,, New York, NY, Columbia, San Francisco ,, Anaheim , Anaheim, , Washington, Waxlight, Montpelier, VT, Baltimore, , New Orleans, LA, Brownsville ,, California, Burdell, Oakland, Calistoga, Los Angeles ,, San Diego ,, Kru, Sacramento, Lakes, MI, Cleveland ,, Mita’s, Cincinnati, Indienne, Clawson, Esmé, NJ, PA, Philadelphia, Fenwick, Bas Rouge, Easton, KS, MN, MO, WI, Khâluna, Minneapolis, St, Louis, EsterEv, Milwaukee, Hai Hai , Minneapolis, Omaha, UT, WY, Greenough, Salt Lake City, Rootstalk, Breckenridge, Denver, Urban, Sofreh, Brooklyn, Kono , New York, Harana, Accord, Clover Hill, RI, Cambridge, Dolores, Providence ,, Leeward, Burlington, Island, MÄS, Ashland, kann, Musang, KY, TN, The Hackney, Washington , NC, Talat, Atlanta, West Columbia, Maty’s, Elvie’s, Verde Mesa, San Juan, Saffron , New Orleans, AZ, NM, Bacanora, Oklahoma City, Henderson, Mesa, Tatemó, Houston ,, Austin ,, Mission
Seventeen years later, gentle parenting is now the default among my professional-class millennial peers. Teachers blame gentle parenting for bad behavior in classrooms, which some believe is accelerating an exodus from the profession. Ample research links an authoritative parenting style — such as gentle parenting — with the most favorable psychosocial outcomes in children. These are among the questions that gentle parents must contend with, often on the fly. When gentle parenting goes wrong, everyone takes note.
Persons: hadn't, gestured, Doug Fields, Kristen Race, Janet Lansbury, William Sears, Sarah Ockwell, Smith, Abby, society's, Anna Monette Chilstedt, Lansbury, RIE, Chilstedt, Mary Benedetti, Benedetti, influencers, Becky, Kennedy, , you've, Anna Lussenburg, Annie, Nanny, Lussenburg, isn't Organizations: Research, Pediatrics Locations: Toronto, British, Milwaukee, Boulder , Colorado, Calgary , Alberta
“We saw that with the mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines that it can be a good messenger,” says Cech. The Catalyst by Thomas R. Cech W W NortonYou mentioned in “The Catalyst” that research on RNA has been around since the ‘50s. What is something that most people get wrong about mRNA vaccines, such as the Covid-19 ones? Thomas R. Cech in a lab in 1984, five years before he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. How does this apply to DNA, RNA, mRNA and CRISPR?
Persons: you’re, , Thomas R, Cech, ” Cech, Sidney Altman, he’s, Norton, It’s, Thomas R . Cech, Organizations: CNN, Pfizer, DNA, University of Colorado, Denver Post, Rotary Clubs, Lions Locations: Moderna, University of Colorado , Boulder, Boulder , Colorado, China, Cambridge , Massachusetts, United States, Germany
CNN —Astronomers were in for a surprise when NASA’s Lucy mission flew by an asteroid named Dinkinesh in November and spotted a contact binary — two smaller space rocks that touch each other — orbiting the asteroid like a moon. “Basically, the planets formed when zillions of smaller objects orbiting the Sun, like asteroids, ran into each other. The Lucy mission captured additional imagery revealing that the asteroid Dinkinesh’s moon is actually two space rocks that are touching one another. Too distant to be seen in detail with telescopes, the asteroids will get their close-up when Lucy reaches the Trojans in 2027. The mission borrows its name from the Lucy fossil, the remains of an ancient human ancestor discovered in Ethiopia in 1974.
Persons: NASA’s Lucy, Dinky ”, , Hal Levison, Lucy, Dinkinesh, Goddard, Johns Hopkins, Keith Noll, Jessica Sunshine, ” Levison, Sunshine, Selam, “ I’m, , NASA Galileo, Ida, Lucy’s, NASA Lucy, ” Sunshine, Dinky Organizations: CNN —, Southwest Research, NASA, Goddard Space Flight, University of Maryland, College Locations: Boulder , Colorado, Greenbelt , Maryland, Dinkinesh, Ethiopia, Jupiter
The center, a division of the National Weather Service, issued a modern geomagnetic storm watch, known as a G2, for Friday and Saturday. Unlike the G5, or extreme geomagnetic storm, that occurred on May 10, moderate storm watches are not uncommon, according to the center. But the aurora-causing solar flares and coronal mass ejections currently spewing from the sun are a result of the same sunspots that triggered solar activity in May, according to Dr. Ryan French, solar physicist at the National Solar Observatory in Boulder, Colorado. “The frequency of things is decreasing, but you only need one to cause a large geomagnetic storm. The solar storm on May 10 was the most successfully mitigated space weather storm in history, Dahl said.
Persons: Ryan French, Lokman Vural, “ It’s, , Shawn Dahl, Dahl, ” Dahl, , That’s, there’s Organizations: CNN, United, National Oceanic, Prediction, National Weather Service, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Solar Dynamics, auroras, , European Space Agency Locations: United States, Midwest, New York, Idaho, Boulder , Colorado, Rochester , New York, Sweden, South Africa
Business Insider has spoken to financially independent real estate investors and early retirees who have used IRS rules to improve their financial situation. AdvertisementThough there are a lot of restrictions, it made sense for Cooper, who was fully committed to early retirement. "The longer it's sitting in there, the more money it's going to generate, the more taxes you're going to pay down the road. Zeona McIntyre uses 1031 exchanges to sidestep capital-gains taxes indefinitelyBoulder-based real estate investor and author of "30-Day Stay," Zeona McIntyre. There are ways to reduce your capital-gains tax liability, like deducting your property's depreciation.
Persons: , Mindy, Carl Jensen, Carl, Mindy Jensen, Mindy Jensen Colorado, they've, Eric Cooper, Eric Cooper Eric Cooper, Cooper, Zeona McIntyre, Zeona McIntyre Zeona McIntyre, you'll, McIntyre, There's Organizations: Service, Business, IRS, Independence Locations: Colorado, I'm, Boulder
In this article BTC.CM= Follow your favorite stocks CREATE FREE ACCOUNTOmer Taha Cetin | Anadolu | Getty ImagesA major thesis around bitcoin ETFs was that financial advisors needed regulated funds like them to direct their wealthy clients to invest in bitcoin. For one, bitcoin ETFs have been hailed as the most successful ETF launches in history, with BlackRock's iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) reaching $20 billion in assets under management this week, even with advisors sitting out. CNBC spoke with a dozen members of CNBC's Advisor Council, which includes Baker, to learn why so many financial planners are still down on bitcoin and bitcoin ETFs, and what could cause them to change their tune. Many hope consistent flows into bitcoin ETFs over the years can lower that volatility, but for now, it's still a deterrent for some. "Financial advisors now have a way to give clients access [to bitcoin] that's safe, reliable and regulated," said Bradley Klontz, managing principal of YMW Advisors in Boulder, Colorado.
Persons: Omer Taha Cetin, BlackRock's, I'm, Lee Baker, Baker, Ted Jenkin, , they're, It's, it's, Bradley Klontz, Cathy Curtis, bitcoin Organizations: Anadolu, Getty, Apex Financial Services, CNBC, YMW Advisors, Partners, Curtis Financial Locations: bitcoin, Atlanta, Boulder , Colorado, Oakland , California
When we don't get enough sleep, it can influence everything from how much money we make to our likelihood of developing dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. Researchers have found that stress is one of the strongest indicators of poor sleep. On top of that, the county struggles with poor health, another major contributor to poor sleep. In our analysis, we overlaid the CDC's sleep data with a CDC survey on mental health and found a 79% correlation between mental-health problems and poor sleep. In the food-services industry, people juggle inconsistent shifts and low pay that often requires taking on multiple jobs, and 40% of workers don't get enough sleep.
Persons: Tim Cook, Robinhood's Vlad Tenev, Gordon Ramsay, Drake, Michael Phelps, Mingo, It's, Johns Hopkins, isn't Organizations: Centers for Disease Control, South . Residents, CDC, Columbia, Johns Hopkins University, Graduate Medical Locations: South, West Virginia , Kentucky, Alabama, Mingo, West Virginia, Boulder County , Colorado, America, healthiest, Manhattan, San Francisco, Mississippi, . California, Florida
And she's part of a growing class of Gen Z retirement super-savers. Many are concerned about stagnating wages in an era of skyrocketing costs of living, says Paloma Thombley, chief human resources officer at Handshake, the jobs site for college students and new grads. Gen Z prioritizes retirement benefitsGenesis Hinckley, 27, works as a business analyst for Google in Boulder, Colorado. 'It's no longer chasing money; it's chasing time'Anxiety aside, many Gen Zers see super-saving for retirement as a way to take control over an uncertain future when the built-in support systems are lacking. They learned when it makes sense to invest in a plan pre- or post-tax, how to actually invest your retirement money, and the value of compound interest.
Persons: Lillian Zhang wasn't, Zhang, Gen, Gen Zer, millennials, Gen Xers, Paloma Thombley, Zers, Thombley, Lillian Zhang, isn't, Z, Genesis Hinckley, Hinckley, Roth, TikTok Organizations: IRA, Northwestern Mutual, Social Security, Google, Genesis, YouTube Locations: Boulder , Colorado
CNN —Lizzo appeared to be left stunned after “South Park” referenced the singer in an episode satirizing the increasing popularity of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic and Mounjaro. The “About Damn Time” singer posted a live reaction video on Instagram and TikTok of her watching a scene from “South Park: The End of Obesity.”In the scene, Sharon and Sheila are discussing the “amazing” new drugs that Sharon has been taking to manage her weight. “Lizzo helps you eat everything you want and keep physical activity to a minimum… Ask about the power of not giving a f**k, with Lizzo,” the commercial added, along with a series of side effects. In her reaction video, Lizzo said, “that’s crazy, I just feel like damn, I’m really that b***h.”Lizzo attended the 2024 Met Gala. Lizzo has long advocated for body positivity and spoken out about the body shaming she faces on social media.
Persons: CNN — Lizzo, Sharon, Sheila, , Lizzo, , “ Lizzo, ” Lizzo, Dimitrios Kambouris, Trey Parker, Matt Stone Organizations: CNN, University of Colorado Boulder Locations: Colorado, Lizzo,
The 2024 U.S. News & World Report list of the Best Places to Live in the US, which was released Tuesday, ranks 150 major cities based on their quality of life, education, crime rates, employment opportunities, and housing. Business Insider mapped the top 50 best places to live, with the top 15 colored dark blue. Southeastern Florida cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale normally get most of the love from movers outside the state — or even the country. But this year, it's the western part of the peninsula that's well-represented on the list of best places to live. Many have been moving to Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington, citing factors such as high home prices, the climate crisis, and politics.
Persons: , Fort, Austin Organizations: Service, U.S . News, Places, Business, Sunshine State, Fort Collins, Council for Community, Economic Research, State Locations: U.S, Florida , Colorado, North Carolina, Northeast, Southwest, Florida, Colorado, Naples, Sarasota, Pensacola , Tampa, Fort Myers, Melbourne, Naples , Florida, Boise , Idaho, Southeastern Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Buffalo , Pittsburgh, Portland, Davenport , Iowa, Omaha, Lincoln, Texas, California, Austin, McAllen, McAllen , Texas, Francisco, San Diego . Washington , Oregon , Idaho , Nevada, Utah, Arizona , Florida , Texas, Washington
Brent Jacquette knows a thing or two about college sports. A former collegiate soccer player and coach in Pennsylvania who is now an executive at a consulting firm for athletic recruiting, he’s well aware of issues surrounding pay for college athletes. But even for an industry veteran like Mr. Jacquette, the news of the N.C.A.A.’s staggering settlement in a class-action antitrust lawsuit on Thursday came as a surprise, with more than a little anxiety. The first words that came to mind, he said, were “trepidation” and “confusion.”And he was not alone in feeling unsettled. Interviews, statements and social media posts mere hours after the settlement was announced showed that many were uncertain and concerned about what the future of collegiate sports holds.
Persons: Brent Jacquette, Jacquette, , Phil DiStefano, Rick George Organizations: University of Colorado Locations: Pennsylvania, University of Colorado Boulder
The lunar standstill is when the northernmost and southernmost moonrise and moonset are farthest apart. Stonehenge's station stones are thought by some to be aligned with the lunar standstill. Ruggles said that Stonehenge’s station stones, which form a rectangle around the circle, roughly align with the moon’s extreme positions during the lunar standstill. However, it’s much more difficult to say whether Stonehenge really has a connection to the lunar standstill. Amanda Bosh/Stephen LevineOther monuments with possible lunar linkStonehenge isn’t the only megalithic monument potentially linked to the lunar standstill.
Persons: Clive Ruggles, , Fabio Silva, ” Ruggles, Ruggles, Andre Pattenden, Silva, ” Silva, Amanda Bosh, Stephen Levine, Erica Ellingson, Ellington, Bradley Schaefer Organizations: CNN, archaeoastronomy, University of Leicester, Bournemouth University, University of Oxford, English Heritage, University of Colorado, Sun, Louisiana State University Locations: Salisbury, England, Rock , Colorado, United States, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado, Pueblo, Lewis, Scotland
But an Instagram posting streak is different from, say, exercising every week for a year or doing a language lesson daily, both of which have intrinsic value. You feel good about trying to get in shape or practicing Spanish no matter who sees; that's not the case for Instagram posting. "But to post on Instagram, I'm not like, 'Wow, I'm a great poster.'" Ultimately, the Instagram badges aren't the end of the world. AdvertisementThe Instagram badges aren't widely available for all users yet, and a spokesperson for Meta said they had nothing to share on whether they eventually would be.
Persons: I've, Instagram, Wordle, Meta, Instagram's, Scott Kessler, it's, Ali Grant, Grant, that's, Barasch, I'm, they'd, she'd, , Emily Stewart Organizations: YouTube, Third, Meta, Facebook, Digital, University of Colorado Boulder's Leeds School of Business, Business
The Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica — nicknamed the “Doomsday Glacier” because its collapse could cause catastrophic sea level rise — is the world’s widest glacier and roughly the size of Florida. Thwaites, which already contributes 4% to global sea level rise, holds enough ice to raise sea levels by more than 2 feet. “This process of widespread, enormous seawater intrusion will increase the projections of sea level rise from Antarctica,” he added. Sea ice around Rothera Point, on Adelaide Island to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers also used climate models to predict the potential speed of recovery from such extreme sea ice loss and found that even after two decades, not all the ice will return.
Persons: West Antarctica —, It’s, Thwaites, glaciologists —, Irvine —, , Eric Rignot, Finland’s, Rignot, Ted Scambos, it’s, James Smith, Noel Gourmelen, Gourmelen, Steve Gibbs, ” Louise Sime Organizations: CNN, National Academy of Sciences, Global, University of California, UC Irvine, University of Colorado, British Antarctic Survey, University of Edinburgh, BAS Locations: West Antarctica, Florida, Irvine, Antarctica, University of Colorado Boulder, Thwaites, Rothera, Adelaide
At the end of his life, Steve Wozniak won't measure his happiness by the size of Apple's market cap or his personal net worth. In his speech, Wozniak recounted an article he once read about ex-Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone. "He was flying around to one city to sell a company for a billion of today's dollars, and then flying to another one ... To have that kind of wealth and power, would you want that when you die?'" The answer was "no," Wozniak continued: "I want to die remembering my pranks, and the fun I had, and funny jokes.
Persons: Steve Wozniak, , Wozniak, Sumner Redstone Organizations: Apple, University of Colorado Boulder, Viacom
CNN —The body of a 23-year-old hiker who went missing in storms Sunday has been found at Rocky Mountain National Park, officials said in a media release. Lucas Macaj’s body was recovered on Mills Glacier, near the base of Lamb’s Slide, and initial investigations show that he took a significant fall, park officials said on Thursday. Macaj’s vehicle was found Monday at the trailhead leading to Longs Peak. Search operations on Tuesday were slowed by strong winds, white out conditions and low visibility, park officials said. Macaj’s body was flown to a landing zone in Rocky Mountain National Park before being taken to the Boulder County Coroner’s Office, which will release the cause of death, the park service said.
Persons: Lucas Macaj’s, Macaj, Natalie Dodgen, KUSA Organizations: CNN, Rocky, Airport, Marine Corps, U.S . Space Force, KUSA, Coroner’s Office Locations: Granby, Grand, U.S, Colorado Springs, Boulder
CNN —At Princeton High School, students are trying to combat the rapid decline of indigenous languages with some unlikely help: a furry, wide-eyed stuffed animal named Che’w. He’s a wildly intelligent generative AI robot that speaks Mam, a Mayan language spoken in the western highlands of Guatemala and Mexico and by a small population of the school’s students. At a time when some high schools are restricting the use of AI in the classroom, others, like Princeton High School, are leaning into it. Courtesy SamsungBeyond generative AISome high schools around the country are trying to teach students how to use other forms of artificial intelligence for a greater good. “It doesn’t lose patience or get sick of talking to them,” said Mark Eastburn, Princeton High School’s science, research and engineering teacher.
Persons: Che’w, Joy Barnes, Johnson, , ChatGPT, Ed ”, Noel Candelaria, ” Candelaria, Tylo Chacon, Chacon, “ We’ve, It’s, , Mark Eastburn, “ It’s, , Eastburn, they’re Organizations: CNN —, Princeton High School, UNESCO, PHS, , STEM School Highlands, Samsung, Los Angeles Unified School District, Seattle Public Schools, National Education Association, CNN, NEA, Stuyvesant High School, University of Colorado, Princeton Locations: Guatemala, Mexico, Colorado, New York City, Washington ,, Boulder, Mam
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, 73, says his parents took the latter approach — and he's happier and more successful because of it. He used the same strategy when raising his own children, he added. "My parents let me follow my heart," he told graduating students at the University of Colorado Boulder last week. "When you really want something, love something and it's your passion, you should have your parents supporting you going in your direction. Now, Wozniak provides his kids the same kind of support his parents gave him, he said.
Persons: Steve Wozniak, Wozniak, Berkeley —, Steve Jobs, Jobs, Margot Machol Bisnow, Bisnow Organizations: University of Colorado Boulder, De, De Anza College, University of California, Berkeley, Apple, CNBC Locations: California, De Anza, Berkeley
How Mother Figures Impact Our Lives
  + stars: | 2024-05-09 | by ( Catherine Pearson | )   time to read: +13 min
For Mother’s Day, The Times asked readers to tell us about the mother figures in their lives. KELLY SANDOVAL, 48, SQUAMISH, B.C., CANADAI come from a multicultural background, but the Puerto Rican side of the family lived far away. When I showed up, Linda, my host mother, picked me up from the bus stop and made me tea and crumpets. If I had a nightmare and woke my mother up, she would tell me to climb into bed with Rita. During that year I also moved into my first apartment, away from the guidance of my mother.
Persons: Sara Walcott, , , Walcott, Ruth, she’d, JUDITH SHAPIRO, Halbeck, ZEVA OELBAUM, Jacqueline, ” Jacqueline, It’s, JESSICA CHAHINE, Patty, darlin, KELLY SANDOVAL, Alina, “ Fallon, FALLON ALVAREZ, Linda, We’re, BELLA MUNTZ KIRCHNER, AUSTIN , TEXAS Tenzin, CHANTAL TORTOROLI ROBERTS, Mom, idealists, ANNETTE EUFEMIO, Miss Jordan, MARJORIE GEORGE, Yoshibe, I’m, MARY HAYES, Viola, Lois, Aunt Flossy, Frankye, DOUG MOURER, MANSON, Colleen, WENDY, Greenberg, Bach, MANUEL FIGALLO, Rita, HARRIET LISS, MARY EILEEN CONNERY McDONNELL, Wilma, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, MADLYN DICKENS, Dunn, , Parkinson’s, I’ve, ” GENEVIEVE GEER, ANYA SANCHEZ, mami ”, Kitty ” —, KITTY CHACHRA Organizations: The Times, SOUTH, CANADA, Radio City Music Hall, Miss, Gloucester Cathedral, THE, The Locations: Macon , Ga, McLEAN , VA, Kansas City, Mo, New York, MONTCLAIR, N.J, France, Paris, SQUAMISH, Puerto Rican, PORTLAND, Cambridge, England, AUSTIN , TEXAS, LARCHMONT, MANILA, PHILIPPINES, BROOKLYN, N.Y, Japan, INDIANAPOLIS, Walla Walla, Wash, Northern Idaho, Swedish, Seattle, I’m, BELLINGHAM, ARLINGTON , VA, STAMFORD, CONN, GEORGETOWN, THE BRONX, MARATHON, Cava, Spain, BOULDER, COLO, India, Toronto, longhand, Delhi, WATERLOO , ONTARIO
Spring has sprung, and coming with it is a mass emergence of two broods of cicadas. After more than a decade underground, they will tunnel through the soil and up to the treetops to spend the remainder of their lives loudly buzzing for a mate. Sammy Ramsey, an entomologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, says he feels like these bugs get a bad rap. To combat that, he uploaded a silly, but surprisingly smooth, music video to YouTube during the emergence of an earlier cicada brood in 2021. He hoped that the song, called “Big Red Eyes,” would help people empathize with the isolation cicadas endure for most of their lives, especially given our seclusion during the early phases of the pandemic.
Persons: Sammy Ramsey, Organizations: University of Colorado, YouTube Locations: University of Colorado Boulder
Spending more to save more is an all-too common pitfall. But spending to save can lead to excessive buying habits and high-interest credit card debt if you aren't careful, according to consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch. ″'Spaving is us justifying our desire to buy more," said Brad Klontz, a Boulder, Colorado-based psychologist and certified financial planner. Yet, even as inflation and high interest rates squeeze budgets, consumers continue to fall for these financial traps. "We are just constantly spending more than we can afford and then we experience stress related to our financial health," Klontz said.
Persons: Andrea Woroch, Brad Klontz, Klontz, spaving Organizations: Finance, YMW Advisors, CNBC's Locations: Boulder , Colorado
Change Healthcare offers payment and revenue cycle management tools, and other solutions such as electronic prescription software. On Feb. 21, UnitedHealth Group , which owns Change Healthcare, discovered that hackers compromised part of the unit's information technology systems. UnitedHealth told CNBC earlier this month that there is "no evidence of any new cyber incident at Change Healthcare." It's just one of the ways Change Healthcare touches cash flow within the health-care sector. A controversial mergerSheldon Cooper | Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty ImagesUnitedHealth's ownership of Change Healthcare has raised eyebrows from the outset.
Persons: Omar Marques, Dr, Angeli Maun Akey, Akey, she's, UnitedHealth, I've, Andrew, Mike Bradley, Barbara McAneny, McAneny, Sarah Carlson, Carlson, Sheldon Cooper, Optum, Michael Nagle, Tyler Kisling, Kisling, he's, There's, it's, Purvi, Parikh hadn't, they've, Amit Phull, Phull, Igor Golovniov Organizations: Lightrocket, CNBC, Healthcare, UnitedHealth, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, Change, Inc, Bloomberg, Getty, U.S, American Medical Association, AMA, U.S . Department of Justice, DOJ, U.S . Department of Health, Human Services, Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Change Healthcare Locations: Gainesville , Florida, U.S, Minnetonka , Minnesota, UnitedHealth's, New Mexico, Boulder , Colorado, California, New York City, UnitedHealth
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