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AdvertisementAyomikun Adekaiyero: The series does a great job of showing how this toxic masculinity among the men — particularly Aegon, Daemon, and Criston — escalates this conflict. I think he's a character that — don't get me wrong, I love Daemon — got a little bit muddied in season one. Ayomikun: Also, though I do believe both Aegon and Daemon want war for the wrong reasons, they're kind of right? Ayomikun: Criston and Aegon are really like that "It's always two dumb people telling each other exactlyyyyy" meme. Ayomikun: The fight was a truly brilliant scene, especially since we as the audience can't really tell which twin is which.
Persons: , Daemon Targaryen, Aemond, Lucerys Velaryon, Jaehaerys, Helaena, she's, Eammon Jacobs, Palmer Haasch, Ayomikun Adekaiyero, Caralynn Matassa, Theo Whitman, Palmer, Alicent, Otto, Phia, Criston, Tom Glynn, Carney, Rhaenyra, Tom, I've, Lucerys, Olivia, Rhaenys, Hugh Hammer, Ollie Upton, we've, Westeros, Hugh, Clinton Liberty, Abubakar Salim, Addam, Alyn, Corlys, it's, Poor, Ewan, It's, Daemon, She's, HBO Palmer, Jace, Baela, Ser Harwin, Bethany Antonia, Harry Collett, Hightower, Rhaenyra Rhaenyra's, Theo Whiteman, they're, Daemon —, Matt, Emma, Viserys, imbeciles, Arryk, Hand, Daeron, Erryk Organizations: Service, Aegon II, Business, Greens, Aegon, HBO, Costco Locations: Driftmark, Westeros, Westerostco, Hull, Aemond, King's, Alicent, Oldtown, Rhaenyra
But there's another corporation beating LVMH at its own game, and you probably haven't even heard of it: Richemont. Switzerland-based Richemont, behind brands like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Piaget, is having a moment. "All of this favors the most established brands: Cartier and Van Cleef." Driven by Richemont's top brands, Cartier and Van Cleef, sales gained 7% in the country, including Hong Kong and Macau, in Richemont's 2024 fiscal year. "If you're in a bar or restaurant, you're sitting at a distance, you can recognize the Labra pendant from Van Cleef.
Persons: , Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault's, Van Cleef, Piaget, outperforming LVMH, Saint Laurent, It's, Cartier, Chiara Battistini, it's, Gucci, Arnault, Johann Rupert, Rupert, Richemont, Fflur Roberts, HSBC's Rambourg, Diana —, Tim Graham, Jelena Sokolova, Morningstar, Rambourg, Euromonitor's Roberts, Van, Keith Tsuji, Sokolova, Cleef, Nicolas Bos, — Bos, Nicholas Bos, Jared Siskin, I've, What's, JPMorgan's Battistini, Bos, Porter Organizations: Service, LVMH, Business, Cartier, Gucci, HSBC, Google, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Local, Art Basel, McKinsey, Prada Locations: Switzerland, China, Euromonitor, Hong Kong, Macau, Art Basel Hong Kong, Asia
North Korea launched its first spy satellite, the Malligyong-1, in November. The arrangement may also enable North Korea to gain real-world intel on the functioning of its weaponry and help it ramp up exports more broadly. Such satellites can help North Korea improve its ground-based military capabilities, for example enabling it to more accurately target opponents’ forces with its own missiles. Both countries in recent years have blocked movement in the council related to North Korea as they grew skeptical of US-backed sanctions. He pointed to his experiences during the former US President Barack Obama administration working on nonproliferation efforts related to North Korea and Iran.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Putin ramped, Kim Jong, Putin, , Edward Howell, Xi Jinping, Kim, ” Putin, “ Kim Jong, he’ll, Ankit, Sofiia Gatilova, Putin –, “ Putin, , John Erath, Erath, Xi, it’s, Michael McFaul, Barack Obama, ” McFaul, … we’re Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, University of Oxford, KCNA, intel, South, United Nations, North, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, Kremlin, UN Security Council, Center for Arms Control, Observers, UN, National Security, Center for Strategic, International Studies Locations: Hong Kong, North Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Pyongyang, Moscow, Eurasia, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Seoul, Washington, North Korean, Korea, Russian, Kharkiv, Kyiv, China, Iran
Following his visit to North Korea, Putin is scheduled to travel to Hanoi in a display of Communist-governed Vietnam’s ties to Russia that is likely to rankle the United States. Putin’s trip to North Korea will have a “very eventful” agenda, his aide Yuri Ushakov said during a press conference Monday. One image was of a grandstand being constructed on the eastern side of Kim Il Sung Square, the site where all major parades in North Korea are held. Putin arrives in North Korea on Tuesday, June 18. But Russia’s apparent increasing reliance on North Korea and rising frictions with the West appear to have shifted that dynamic.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Putin, Kim, Yuri Ushakov, Ushakov, Kim Il, John Kirby, Biden, wasn’t “, ’ Kim, ” Kim, , Volodymyr Zelensky, Putin’s, Defense Lloyd Austin, , ” Putin, Kim Jong Il, Xi Jinping, Michael Mitsanas, Katharina Krebs, Mariya Knight, Yoonjung Seo, Betsy Klein, Paul P, Murphy Organizations: CNN, TASS, Putin, Planet Labs, Maxar Technologies, US, North Korean, North, South Korea’s, Chiefs of Staff, West, Ukrainian, Kyiv, NATO, Ukraine, Defense, Kremlin, United Nations Security, UN Locations: North Korea, Pyongyang, Ukraine, Korean, Korea, Hanoi, Russia, United States, Asia, Moscow, North, Zarubinreporter, South Korea, South, Russia’s, Eurasia, Italy, Kyiv, Russian, Vietnam, Beijing, China, Iran, South Africa, Brazil
Following his visit to North Korea, Putin will travel to Hanoi Wednesday for another two-day trip, in a display of Communist-governed Vietnam’s ties to Russia that is likely to rankle the United States. Both countries have denied North Korean arms exports. The Kremlin has said that Russia hopes to build a partnership with North Korea “in all possible areas,” according to Russian state media. Putin’s move to bolster North Korean ties has also been a boon for Kim, who remains unbowed by years of international sanctions over his illegal nuclear weapons program. But Russia’s apparent increasing reliance on North Korea and rising frictions with the West appear to have shifted that dynamic.
Persons: CNN — Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Putin, Kim, ” Kim, Volodymyr Zelensky, Putin’s, Defense Lloyd Austin, , , ” Putin, Kim Jong Il, Xi Jinping Organizations: CNN, Kremlin, Putin, North Korean, Pyongyang –, North, North Korea “, Ukrainian, Kyiv, NATO, Ukraine, Defense, United Nations Security, UN Locations: North Korea, Russian, Ukraine, Pyongyang, Hanoi, Russia, United States, South Korea, Moscow, Korean, Russia’s, Italy, Kyiv, Beijing, China, Iran, South Africa, Brazil
High interest rates have been a boon to Americans holding cash, but many on Wall Street are cautioning investors to start thinking ahead. People have been piling into cash vehicles like money market funds and certificates of deposit since the Federal Reserve started hiking interest rates. Interest rates appear to be staying higher for longer, with the Federal Reserve on Wednesday projecting only one rate cut this year. Agency MBS have a duration of about six years, per the Bloomberg US MBS Index as of June 3, Jones noted. Right now, the residential mortgage-backed securities sector looks attractive because of its relative value compared to investment-grade corporate bonds, he said.
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Disney | PixarDisney is looking to bring a little joy to theaters with its upcoming release of Pixar's "Inside Out 2." For comparison, 2019's "Toy Story 4" generated $12 million on its Thursday previews and snared $120.9 million for its opening weekend. Only a rare few films would extend beyond that date — usually massive franchise films or blockbuster hits. "Ninety-day windows were always going to be unsustainable," said Jeff Kaufman, senior vice president of film and marketing at Malco Theaters. Box office experts are looking to "Inside Out 2" as a barometer for the health of Pixar and its future.
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Apple's new AI is made in Google data centers
  + stars: | 2024-06-14 | by ( Hugh Langley | )   time to read: +5 min
But Apple and Google had for months been working together behind the scenes, with Google giving Apple access to its data centers to train the iPhone maker's new AI models. For years, Apple has leaned on Google and Amazon's cloud services to store data for its products. For example, when Apple device users do iCloud backups they are often stored in Google's data centers. Most of the impressive features of AI models must be at least partly handled in massive energy-sucking data centers, which companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon have spent years building. Bloomberg previously reported that Google and Apple were also in talks to bring Google's Gemini AI to iOS devices.
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CNN —Nearly four years ago, while campaigning in the runup to the last presidential election, Donald Trump warned that President Joe Biden would “destroy” the oil industry. In the last three and a half years, US oil production — and oil and gas company profits — have broken records. That’s a 160% jump compared to the first three years of the pro-big-oil Trump administration, according to calculations by CNN. However, in March, the Biden administration approved ConocoPhillips’ massive Willow oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope, which holds around 600 million barrels of oil, angering climate advocates. Despite his mixed record with oil and gas companies, though, Biden has presided over a historic run for the industry, Kloza said.
Persons: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden, That’s, , Tom Kloza, , Hess, Chevron’s, Abdullah Hasan, Darren Woods, Mike Wirth, Woods, Obama, Bob McNally, Kloza, ” Kloza, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Global, ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Resources, Schlumberger, Oil Price Information Service, US Energy Information Administration, Oil, Natural Resources, Exxon, White, Shareholders, Microsoft, Apple, The Washington Post, Keystone XL, Rapidan Energy Group, Republican Locations: United States, Ukraine, Boon, dealmaking, The
London CNN —Investors are snapping up the shares of a British maker of tiny computers after it went public on the London Stock Exchange Tuesday. Raspberry Pi stock soared as much as 40% in early trade before paring those gains slightly by 11.54 a.m. The Cambridge-based company started life in 2012 as a commercial subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity founded four years earlier to promote computer science in schools. To date, Raspberry Pi has sold more than 60 million computers worldwide, according to its website. Raspberry Pi plans to invest the funds raised in developing its products and expanding its educational activities.
Persons: Pi, Eben Upton, “ It’s, ” Russ Mould, AJ Bell, haven’t, Organizations: London CNN —, London Stock Exchange, Pi, Pi Foundation, Industrial, University of Cambridge, Nasdaq, Cambridge University, Sony, SONY, CNN Locations: British, Cambridge, New York, London
I'm a security expert and a vice president of engineering at a content management system company, which has Netflix, Tesla, and Adidas among its clients. Here are four things I would keep in mind when interacting with AI chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, Anthropic's Claude, or Perplexity AI. Follow company AI guidelinesAs using AI in the workplace becomes common for tasks like coding or analysis, it is crucial to follow your company's AI policy. As AI chatbots become more humanlike, we are swayed to share more and open up to topics we would not have before. Do you work in tech or cybersecurity and have a story to share about your experience using AI?
Persons: , Sebastian Gierlinger, Google's, Anthropic's Claude, ChatGPT, OpenAI, chatbots Organizations: Service, Netflix, Tesla, Adidas, Business, Facebook Locations: Storyblok, Austria
The stock's rise has been a boon to employees and insiders at the chip company who own shares. So-called RSUs provide workers with shares at a future date following a vesting period of typically three to five years. Employers can also offer incentive stock options, which allow employees to buy a specified number of shares at a stated – or strike – price. Workers who exercise their ISOs are also subject to capital gains taxes when they sell the stock they've purchased. Nonqualified stock options are another form of equity compensation.
Persons: Tench Coxe, Blair duQuesnay, they're, Albert J, Campo, Organizations: Nvidia, Securities and Exchange Commission, Ritholtz Wealth Management, CNBC's, Employees, Workers, CPA, Campo Financial Locations: New Orleans, Freehold , New Jersey
Lionel Bonaventure | Afp | Getty ImagesLONDON — Microsoft is handing over the development of all of its best artificial intelligence tools and software to OpenAI, according to one tech CEO — which could be a boon for arch-rival Google. He noted that the so-called transformers that power today's generative AI technologies "all came from Google." Microsoft as an AI 'consultancy'McKinnon added that there's a risk Microsoft's position in AI becomes reduced to that of a "consultancy." Still, Google has a mountain to climb if it's going to achieve commercial success with its own AI investments. Microsoft has effectively become the leader in the push toward foundation AI models given its investment in and partnership with OpenAI.
Persons: Lionel Bonaventure, Todd McKinnon, McKinnon, OpenAI, Bard Organizations: Bard, Google, Getty, Microsoft, CNBC, OpenAI
CNN —Narendra Modi has raised India’s stature on the global stage like no other recent leader of the world’s most populous country. But the election results also place Modi in a radically different position from the one he enjoyed during his first decade in power. Now, Modi’s BJP will need to answer the interests of its coalition allies – and face stronger checks from a resurgent opposition, which could dampen its Hindu-nationalist agenda. In the meantime, some observers suggest that while the election results may not have boosted Modi, they are already a boon for India’s global clout. “India coming back as a proper democracy is good for the world order in many senses,” he added.
Persons: CNN — Narendra Modi, , Modi, , T.V, Paul, , Nehru, ” Modi, Joe Biden, Pete Marovich, that’s, Washington, Farwa Aamer, assertiveness –, Justin Trudeau, Nasir Kachroo, Pakistan –, Sushant Singh, Fahd Humayun, India’s Organizations: CNN, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Reuters, Japan, South Asia, Asia Society Policy, Modi . Canadian, Canadian, Yale University, Indian, Tufts University, , McGill University Locations: India, Delhi, United States, China, Pakistan, Australia, New York, New Delhi, Washington, Russia, Canada, Indian, American, Jammu, Kashmir, Modi’s BJP, BJP, Islamabad
Club holdings Microsoft and Best Buy were the subject of upbeat Wall Street research, while TJX Companies hit an intraday high Friday on the same day it announced plans to enter a new international market. BBY YTD mountain Best Buy year-to-date performance The news: Loop Capital increased its Best Buy price target to $100 from $93 while maintaining its buy rating on the stock. On the stock, Loop sees Best Buy trading at a "significant discount" to the valuations of other retailers with relatively slow growth. Shares of Best Buy were slightly lower Friday, though they hit a new 52-week high Friday of $89 each earlier in the session. TJX YTD mountain TJX Companies (TJX) year-to-date performance The news: TJX Companies is expanding into Mexico.
Persons: Oppenheimer, OpenAI, Copilot, it's, we're, Jim, I'm, bode, Citigroup's, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Axo, Ernie Herrman, TJX, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Shannon Stapleton Organizations: Microsoft, TJX Companies, Analysts, Federal Trade Commission, CNBC, Club, Amazon, TJX, Grupo Axo, Axo, Black Locations: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Maxx, U.S, Westbury , New York
The first Dutch doughnuts didn’t have a hole, but they were fried in hot oil and the dough was sweet. Enough of the boring stuff, here’s where to get free doughnuts:Dunkin’Customers can get a free doughnut with a purchase of a beverage on Friday. Krispy KremeThe chain is making it easy to celebrate: Any of its regular doughnuts, like glazed or cake, are free with no purchase necessary. Plus, it’s selling a dozen of its glazed doughnuts for just $2 with the purchase of a regularly priced dozen of doughnuts. Shipley Do-NutsThe chain, with more than 300 locations primarily in Texas, is giving out free glazed doughnuts with any purchase.
Persons: , Dunkin ’, Jelly Roll, It’s, Krispy, Dolly Parton, Shipley Organizations: New, New York CNN, , Salvation Army, Taco John’s, Speedway Locations: New York, Chicago, Texas
"We think the market was ignoring and underappreciating what utilities can accomplish," Travis Miller, energy and utilities strategist for Morningstar, told CNBC. Eric Holcomb announced that Microsoft will be constructing a $1 billion data center in La Porte, Indiana. Another name that is due to see a boost from AI data center growth is WEC Energy. The tech giant already has a data center that is under construction in the area, which is expected to open in 2026. "Microsoft's first data center represents 1,000 [megawatts] of electricity load, or over 10% of WEC's current load in the state," wrote Morningstar analyst Andrew Bischof in May.
Persons: Travis Miller, Morningstar, Entergy, Eric Holcomb, Miller, NiSource, Andrew Bischof Organizations: Morningstar . Utilities, CNBC, WEC Energy, Duke Energy, Indiana Gov, Microsoft, NiSource, WEC Locations: Morningstar, Thursday's, La Porte , Indiana, NiSource, Virginia, Mount Pleasant , Wisconsin
Just ask Ross Stores: America’s largest off-price retailer reported earnings and revenue that beat analysts’ forecasts last week. The US Labor Department releases April figures on job openings, quits, hires and layoffs. The US Commerce Department releases April figures on new orders for manufactured goods. The US Commerce Department releases April data on exports and imports. Friday: The US Labor Department releases May data gauging the state of the job market, including monthly payroll growth, wage gains and the unemployment rate.
Persons: Ross, , ” Adam Orvos, ” TJX, TJ Maxx, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, ” Clayton Allison, Allison, ” Allison, Brown Forman, Campbell Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, Washington CNN, Companies, Ross Stores, Marshalls, Burberry, Prime Capital Investment Advisors, CNN, Walmart, P Global, Institute for Supply Management, CrowdStrike, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Body, US Labor Department, US Commerce Department, Bank of Canada, Autodesk, Smucker, DocuSign, Vail Resorts, European Central Bank Locations: Washington, North America, Europe, Australia, Americas, Zumiez
And as China woke up Friday to the news of Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, the country’s heavily censored social media lit up. Under leader Xi Jinping, China’s most assertive leader in decades, the country’s social media platforms have become increasingly dominated by anti-American, nationalistic voices. Second, can he still run for president?”But analysts say Trump’s conviction could be a tricky topic for Chinese state propagandists to navigate. So far, Chinese state media outlets have yet to publish the kind of blistering commentaries that previously appeared alongside news coverage of Trump’s legal entanglements. Alfred Wu, an associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, said China’s state media is unlikely to play up the coverage in the days ahead.
Persons: Donald Trump, it’s, Communist Party —, China’s, “ Trump’s, , Trump, Chuan Jianguo, “ Trump, influencers, Xi Jinping, , Hu Xijin, , Bill Bishop, Alfred Wu, Lee, they’re, Wu Organizations: CNN, Communist Party, Xinhua, Washington, Global Times, Lee Kuan Yew, of Public, National University of Singapore Locations: China, United States, Weibo, Beijing, America
As a professional decluttrer, here are five things I recommend you purge today. As for throwing things away, don't worry about waste; keeping something but not using it is the same as consigning it to the trash. AdvertisementSo much 'other' stuff ends up in the bathroomMany things find their way into the bathroom that are only tangentially connected to hygiene. Items like candles, toys, lint rollers, irons — all kinds of things find their way into the bathroom and refuse to leave. If you don't actually use it in the bathroom, there might be a better place to store it.
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His hemoglobin A1C levels, which are a key measure of how well-controlled a person's blood sugar is, went from 10.1% to 6.1%. He could graphically observe how movement improved his blood sugar. Twin HealthNow, when he sees his blood sugar going up, he laces up. Twin Health said it does not recommend ACV to people with acid reflux, dental problems, or "other medical conditions impacted by high-acidity foods." AdvertisementDonaldson (pictured at center, in suit) in 2022, after starting Twin Health.
Persons: , Devlin Donaldson, Donaldson, masterclass, he'd, Twin, Nicola Guess, Donaldson doesn't Organizations: Service, Business, Twin Health, Health, Getty, Oxford University, Judson University
Elsa/Getty Images“We say no a lot,” admits Evan Zeder, director of global sports marketing for New Balance’s tennis and baseball units. Lacoste, the French luxury brand, was born with tennis in mind since its start in 1933. Lacoste’s polo shirts have become a major part of the “tennis aesthetic,” or the luxury athleticism #tenniscore trending on social media. Alcohol brands trying to crack the US market see the growing popularity of tennis as an opportunity to introduce themselves to drinkers. Dobel became the US Open’s official tequila sponsor last year, bringing alongs its Ace Paloma cocktail that it sells at other tennis tournaments it sponsors.
Persons: New York CNN — It’s, , Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Serena Williams, they’re, Bob Lynch, ” Lynch, Roger Federer, Anne Hathaway, Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal, Christophe Petit Tesson, Novak Djokovic, Williams, Naomi Osaka, Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Świątek, Coco Gauff, , outfitter, Gauff, she’s, Aryna, Elsa, Evan Zeder, Tommy Paul, it’s “, Lacoste, René Lacoste, “ Lacoste, Catherine Spindler, Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, ” Novak Djokovic, Mike Stobe, ” Zendaya, ” Spindler, Maestro Dobel, Dobel, Paloma, Lander Otegui, Otegui, ” Otegui, Charlize Theron, Arthur Ashe, Katie Holmes, “ It’s, it’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, luxe, Vogue, ESPN, ABC, Tennis, United States Tennis Association, Brands, MLB, MLS, NBA, Tennis Channel, Netflix, CNN, YouTube, That’s, Wimbledon, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Australian, US, USTA Locations: New York, , Swiss, Paris, Poland, Australia, London, Chambord, Mexico, Miami, Indian Wells, Cincinnati
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Over a year after Ticketmaster crashed, preventing rabid Taylor Swift fans from purchasing tickets to her concert tour, the DOJ has announced an antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster's parent company, Live Nation Entertainment. Advertisement"This has given Live Nation and Ticketmaster the opportunity to freeze innovation and bend the industry to their own benefit. The lawsuit comes after Ticketmaster fumbled a pre-sale event in late 2022 for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour as fans competed with bots for a limited number of tickets. AdvertisementIn response to the antitrust suit, Live Nation said that "calling Ticketmaster a monopoly may be a PR win for the DOJ in the short term, but it will lose in court."
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In Hollywood today, not only are Asian and Asian American narratives more prominent than ever, but they are also being told in increasingly dynamic ways through the artful use of Asian languages. The sequence is emblematic of a significant shift in how Asian languages are featured in American film and TV. Marvel” (2022) and “American Born Chinese” (2023) — that use Asian languages to bring additional depth and nuance to their stories. “The trend has shifted.”It’s a startling evolution from how Asian languages have typically appeared on American screens. The internet’s broad entertainment ecosystem has also diversified the American media palate.
Persons: , , sheepishly, , Robert Downey Jr, Bong Joon, Bong Joon Ho, Sharon Choi, Paul Drinkwater, Pachinko ”, Marvel ”, Minjeong Kim, Don McKellar, ” McKellar, ” “, ” Hopper Stone, ” Kim, Bela Bajaria, Lupin, helming, Lulu Wang, Organizations: Communist, Hollywood Vietnam, Globe, Golden Globe, NBCUniversal, Getty, Center, Asian, Pacific Studies, San Diego State University, HBO, YouTube, Netflix, Spanish Locations: Hollywood, Vietnam, Hong Kong
Massachusetts' new tax on the wealthy generated $1.8 billion, exceeding expectations. The increased revenue comes amid high-income earners leaving the state. AdvertisementMassachusetts' new tax on the wealthy has become a bigger boon for the state than expected. It could help make up for the loss of high-income earners in recent years. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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