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New York CNN —Even after years of inflation, geopolitical chaos and recession in Europe, the US economy remains robust and resilient. Unemployment rose to 3.9% last month, lower-income consumers are spending less and businesses are limiting employee hours and pay. A recent survey by Santander Bank of its customers found that while inflation fears have largely subsided, middle-income Americans are pessimistic about the economy. Those Americans could still be suffering, but their stories are obscured by data that paints a broad picture of a resilient economy. Piepszak, meanwhile, now leads the company’s newly combined commercial and investment bank with her co-CEO Troy Rohrbaugh.
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CNN —Microsoft jumped headfirst into building artificial intelligence directly into its Windows operating system on Monday, announcing new AI computers that could help ramp up flagging PC sales. The computers, which are packed with processors that power advanced AI tools, come as PC sales have stalled for years. Microsoft isn’t alone in its AI PC ambition. Dell and Lenovo also recently debuted AI-first PC computers under the Copilot+ AI umbrella, an emerging category that experts widely believe will become the next stage of computing. Last month, Microsoft reported quarterly profits of $21.9 billion, up from $18.3 billion a year ago.
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The police in Los Angeles are working with the Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate the source of the ketamine that caused the death of the actor Matthew Perry in October, the authorities said on Tuesday. The inquiry began after investigators determined that ketamine, an anesthetic with psychedelic properties, was the cause of Mr. Perry’s death, Capt. Scot Williams of the Los Angeles Police Department said in a brief interview. Captain Williams said investigators would seek to discover whether the ketamine was obtained legally. TMZ reported earlier that the authorities were still looking into the source of the ketamine.
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Microsoft announces new PCs with AI chips from Qualcomm
  + stars: | 2024-05-20 | by ( Jordan Novet | )   time to read: +3 min
Copilot+ PCs with AMD and Intel chips will follow, Microsoft said during a press keynote address on its campus in Redmond, Washington. AI models will be able to generate images based on written descriptions as well as drawings. Microsoft is banking on Qualcomm's energy-efficient Arm -based chips that can handle AI models to defend its Windows franchise. The new PCs can run some AI models locally without an internet connection. Microsoft has had little success in getting people to adopt Arm-based Windows computers, which haven't always performed as well as PCs running Intel or AMD chips.
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Read previewIt's about to be a big week for Microsoft. Copilot and other AI features in WindowsWedbush analysts expect Microsoft to roll out more Copilot and AI features into its consumer and enterprise product stack. Related storiesIves said putting AI features into Windows will give developers the foundation to build AI use cases through Windows and, ultimately, Azure. Ives said the new AI Surface updates will start a new PC-driven cycle that's "AI-led, from Dell to Microsoft, and ultimately to Apple as well." But according to Ives, Microsoft will be a "showstopper."
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Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Narayana Nadella speaks at a live Microsoft event in the Manhattan borough of New York City, October 26, 2016. Microsoft 's Build developer conference kicks off on Tuesday, giving the company the opportunity to showcase its latest artificial intelligence projects, following high-profile events this month hosted by OpenAI and Google . Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in January that 2024 will mark the year when AI will become the "first-class part of every PC." Now, PC users will get to hear more about how AI will be embedded in Windows and what they can do with it on new AI PCs. Demand for PCs was "slightly better than expected," Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said on the company's quarterly earnings call last month.
Persons: Satya Narayana Nadella, Satya Nadella, OpenAI, Morgan Stanley, Erik Woodring, Amy Hood Organizations: Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, Windows, Bing, Dell, Technology, Gartner Locations: Manhattan, New York City
But Google's Tuesday video shows one of the major pitfalls of AI: wrong, not just bad, advice. A minute into the flashy, quick-paced video, Gemini AI in Google Search presented a factual error first spotted by The Verge. Professional photographers — or anyone who has used a film camera — know that this is a terrible idea. AdvertisementEarlier this year, the Gemini chatbot was hammered for refusing to produce pictures of white people. Last year, users of Bing, Microsoft's AI chatbot, reported strange interactions with the bot.
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Sam Altman teased that OpenAI plans to announce "new stuff" that "feels like magic" on Monday. AdvertisementOpenAI is announcing new updates to ChatGPT and GPT-4 — and according to Sam Altman, they feel "like magic." The OpenAI CEO posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Friday to tease about the "new stuff" being announced soon. — Sam Altman (@sama) May 10, 2024OpenAI did not respond to a request for comment ahead of publication. AdvertisementReports have recently been swirling about OpenAI taking aim at Google's search engine with its own web search product in the works.
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Google's CEO clapped back at Satya Nadella's comments about making Google dance with the "new Bing." Pichai said competition is normal in tech and he has a clear sense of what Google needs to do. AdvertisementMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella once said he hopes the "new Bing" will make Google "come out and show that they can dance." But Google CEO Sundar Pichai likes to listen to his own music, he said in a new interview with Bloomberg published Wednesday. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Sam Altman's company is trying to poach Googlers for a ChatGPT search engine, per the report. The Verge reported that the company behind ChatGPT has been trying to poach Googlers to work on its team developing a search engine for the chatbot. In February, The Information reported that OpenAI was developing a web search feature that could put the company into more direct competition with Google Search. AdvertisementGoogle's future plans in the AI field include large investments and a generative AI search engine. Big Tech is engaged in an intense battle for top AI talent as rival companies rush to launch similar AI-powered products.
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Microsoft's OpenAI investment may have been prompted by concerns over Google's AI progress. In a 2019 email, a Microsoft exec said he was "very, very worried" about Google's AI capabilities. AdvertisementIn 2019, Microsoft became "very, very worried" about Google's AI capabilities, newly unearthed emails show, and that may have been what spurred it to invest in OpenAI. In one lengthy email, Microsoft's chief technology officer Kevin Scott told Satya Nadella and Bill Gates that Google's AI-powered "auto-complete in Gmail" was "getting scarily good." Related storiesIn 2019, Microsoft made an initial $1 billion investment into its now multi-billion partnership with OpenAI.
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Eight U.S. newspaper publishers filed suit against Microsoft and OpenAI in a New York federal court on Tuesday, claiming the technology companies reuse their articles without permission in generative artificial intelligence products and incorrectly attribute inaccurate information to them. The group of eight newspaper publishers takes issue with ChatGPT and Microsoft's Copilot assistant — available in the Windows operating system, the Bing search engine, and other products the software maker produces. The legal challenge comes four months after The New York Times sued OpenAI over copyright infringement in the ChatGPT chatbot that the startup released in late 2022. The New York Times case also touched on the matter of OpenAI models regurgitating information from its articles. Correction: This article has been updated to reflect the correct day the lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI was filed.
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Video transcript Back bars 0:00 / 0:44 - 0:00 transcript Columbia Protesters Occupy Building on Campus People inside barricaded the doors of Hamilton Hall with furniture. “Palestine will live forever.” “Go away, yo.” “Free, free Palestine.” “Free, free, free Palestine.” “Shut it down.” “Palestine will be free.” “Disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest.” People inside barricaded the doors of Hamilton Hall with furniture. Credit Credit... Bing Guan for The New York TimesOutside the neoclassical building, protesters, many wearing helmets, safety glasses, gloves and masks, barricaded the entrance. Image Student protesters marching around the encampment on campus at Columbia University on Tuesday. So far, at least, a core of student protesters has vowed to stay put.
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In fact, Business Insider has learned, Gates has been quietly orchestrating much of Microsoft's AI revolution from behind the scenes. The company, Nadella promised, would "continue to benefit from Bill's ongoing technical passion and advice to drive our products and services forward." According to two executives, Gates' memo treated as gospel, sparking Microsoft's push to take the lead in the AI arms race. Now, it seemed, OpenAI might offer Microsoft a way to help forge the AI future that Gates had long envisioned. According to two executives, Gates' words were treated as gospel, helping spark Microsoft's push to take the lead in the AI arms race.
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In its earnings report on Thursday, Microsoft said capital expenditures jumped 79% from a year earlier to $14 billion. "We do have demand that exceeds our supply by a bit," Microsoft CFO Amy Hood told analysts on the company's earnings call. During the fiscal third quarter, revenue in Microsoft's Azure cloud rose 31%, with 7 percentage points from AI. Microsoft intends "to scale to meet the growing demand signal for our cloud and AI products," she said. WATCH: Microsoft's capex increase for AI infrastructure is not a surprise, says Deepwater's Gene Munster
Persons: Amy Hood, Hood, Deepwater's Gene Munster Organizations: Microsoft, OpenAI, Nvidia, Amazon Web Services Locations: Bellevue , Washington
Former Bing chief Mikhail Parakhin appeared to subtly criticize Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman. Parakhin wrote it's "hard to disagree" when an X user said "we need you." The comment was in response to a post quoting Suleyman's recent TED Talk that was blasted by VCs. Mikhail Parakhin, who stepped down from his role just days after Suleyman became CEO of Microsoft AI, commented under an X post about the DeepMind cofounder. An X user wrote "We need you ngl" (short for "not gonna lie") under a post summarizing Suleyman's TED Talk last week, which some critics have been ripping into.
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In the last few days, you may have noticed something new inside Meta’s apps, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp: an artificially intelligent chatbot. This is Meta’s response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the chatbot that upended the tech industry in 2022, and similar bots including Google’s Gemini and Microsoft’s Bing AI. The Meta bot’s image generator also competes with A.I. Unlike other chatbots and image generators, Meta’s A.I. assistant is a free tool baked into apps that billions of people use every day, making it the most aggressive push yet from a big tech company to bring this flavor of artificial intelligence — known as generative A.I.
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Some reportedly shouted at Jewish students and made antisemitic statements. Still, some Jewish students who are supporting the pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campus said they felt solidarity, not a sense of danger, even as they denounced the acts of antisemitism. Image Grant Miner, a Jewish graduate student at Columbia University, says he doesn’t feel unsafe on campus. Jewish students get harassed trying to leave @Columbia’s campus tonight. Image At the “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” on the Columbia campus, tents were crowded together Sunday night.
Persons: Eric Adams, ” Andrew Bates, Nemat Shafik, Minouche, “ Al, Adams, Grant Miner, Bing Guan, New York Times “, , U2Ii5GTuLm — David lederer, @Davidlederer6, , Eliana Goldin, Aryeh, . Goldin, Samantha Slater, Shafik, Mr, Miner, ” Makayla, Gubbay, , “ There’s, ” Ms, Elie Buechler, Rabbi Buechler, Hillel, ” Brian Cohen, Noah Levine, “ I’m, Xavier Westergaard, Sharon Otterman Organizations: Columbia, Jewish, White, New, , Columbia University, Credit, New York Times, Palestinian, Israel, University, New York Police Department, Barnard College, Gaza Solidarity, New York Times Students, Ivy League, Campus, , Hillel, Broadway, Jewish Voice, Peace Locations: Upper Manhattan, New York City, American, Israel, Columbia, Poland, @Columbia’s, Europe, Chabad, Gaza, Palestine, Amsterdam
The police had used a facial-recognition AI program that identified her as the suspect based on an old mugshot. AdvertisementThe Detroit Police Department said that it restricts the use of the facial-recognition AI program to violent crimes and that matches it makes are just investigation leads. AdvertisementThe study also found that in a hypothetical murder trial, the AI models were more likely to propose the death penalty for an AAE speaker. A novel proposalOne reason for these failings is that the people and companies building AI aren't representative of the world that AI models are supposed to encapsulate. Bardlavens leads a team that aims to ensure equity is considered and baked into Adobe AI tools.
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The Nasdaq sank 2% on Friday as Netflix dropped nearly 11% post-earnings and Club stock Nvidia fell 10%, entering bear market territory but still up more than 50% in 2024. Following a much stronger-than-expected March retail sales report last month, fresh economic data and six Club stock earnings will take center stage in the week ahead. While lower rates may help stock multiples, that is not a sustainable path to higher equity prices over time. Earnings : The latest quarterly reporting season is starting to ramp into high gear with six Club names set to report next week. Jim waits 45 minutes after sending a trade alert before buying or selling a stock in his charitable trust's portfolio.
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That's according to research out Tuesday from Mozilla and CheckFirst, which concludes that leading tech platforms are lagging in their ad transparency tools. None of the results were great, and some were "a major disappointment," according to the researchers. "This is now no longer something that's voluntary," Claire Pershan, EU advocacy lead at Mozilla, told CNBC. It's troubling news as the major platforms prepare for a huge year of elections that affect upward of 4 billion people in more than 40 countries. Lesplingart told CNBC that users had to know the advertiser name, targeted country and date of the advertisement in order to export to an ad file.
Persons: Sundar Pichai, Microsoft's Bing, Claire Pershan, Amaury Lesplingart, CheckFirst, Josh Becker, Lesplingart, Bing, Alibaba's, Zalando,, TikTok, it's, we'd Organizations: Inc, Government, Society, Mozilla, Google, LinkedIn, Union's Digital Services, CNBC, Democratic, X, European Commission, DSA, Meta, YouTube Locations: Stanford , California, U.S, Meta, California
The generative artificial intelligence company, best-known as the creator of ChatGPT, is looking to open next year an office in New York City, according to two people familiar with the plans. Early last year, OpenAI had only about 400 employees all working out of one San Francisco office. It's now looking for a second office in San Francisco, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle. OpenAI has taken a selective approach to hiring, the person added, relative to how much interest the company receives for its job postings. The other is a search product likely to incorporate Microsoft's Bing search engine, according to a report from The Information.
Persons: OpenAI, Bing, Sam Altman, It's, it's, Kali Hays Organizations: Service, Business, Meta, Google, Microsoft, San Francisco Chronicle, LinkedIn Locations: New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, Dublin, New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Big Tech, OpenAI, Francisco,
AdvertisementThe upshot: For now, Google is testing out self-generated "AI overviews" for some regular search queries where it thinks the answer might be complex (but answerable). A Google rep told me the AI answers have been deployed in a "very limited percentage of search traffic" in the US and the UK. Screenshot/GoogleBecause I am A Responsible Journalist, I also asked Google how Google Magi, which powers these results, does or doesn't interact with the tech powering Google Gemini, its much-maligned "woke AI" chatbot. Right now, Google tries to keep you on Google by surfacing text from a site that purports to answer your query. AdvertisementOn the one hand, maybe Google becomes even more valuable because you're no longer even pretending it's a "search engine" — it's just an answer machine.
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Arkhouse then launched its proxy fight and put forward nine nominees to Macy's 15-person board. Turning the tideOther department store chains have faced challenges from activists in recent years, and even when those efforts fall short, the pressure can bring about sweeping changes. That includes Macy's locations with stronger sales as well as its two chains that have outperformed the namesake brand, higher-end department store chain Bloomingdale's and beauty chain Bluemercury. Arkhouse claims Macy's refused to engage with it, and Macy's rebuffed Arkhouse saying it didn't have the financing for the takeover it proposed. Arkhouse, for its part, has said it plans to keep Macy's stores open.
Persons: Bing Guan, Tony Spring, Arkhouse, Neil Saunders, Macy's, Michelle Gass, Levi Strauss, Chip Bergh, Ben Hider, , GlobalData's Saunders, It'll, Gavriel Kahane, Kahane, it's Organizations: Macy's Inc, National Retail Federation, Bloomberg, Getty, Arkhouse Management, Capital Management, American, Brigade, Levi, Herald, Sears, CNBC, Macy's, Fortress Investment Group, One Investment Management Locations: Herald, New York, Macy's, New York City
She weaves in samples and references to Black artists, including Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Chuck Berry, and Roy Hamilton. A cover song isn't just a copyThere's a long history of non-country artists doing country covers. Related storiesFor artists, cover songs "are like a stepping stone. Solis, the ethnomusicologist, pointed out that country music has grown out of a history of people playing other artists' songs, particularly Black artists. Beyoncé's "Jolene" cover is #3 on Apple Music Charts, while "Blackbird" is #12.
Persons: Cowboy Carter, Jolene, , Carter, It's, Queen Bey, she's, Rosetta Tharpe, Chuck Berry, Roy Hamilton, Willie Nelson, Linda Martell, Bey, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Tiera Kennedy, Reyna Roberts, Tina Knowles, Gabriel Solis, Patsy Cline's, Bing Crosby, Don Cusic, Beyoncé, — Bey, Solis, " Solis, Tracy Chapman's, Luke Combs, Martell, Nelson, Parton, Cusic Organizations: Service, University of Washington, Western Music Hall of Fame, Spotify, Apple, YouTube Locations: America, Beyoncé
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