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Perched on the Corcovado – a 2,300-foot-high granite outcrop looming above the city – the Cristo Redentor (Christ Redeemer) statue sweeps its arms out in a warm embrace, welcoming visitors to the city of samba. “It is he who finds me when I arrive in Rio.”For over a century, the statue has been a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. Christ Redeemer bags are his top sellers, tied with those sporting the Sugarloaf Mountain. Deemed one of the seven modern wonders of the world, the Christ Redeemer is Rio’s most visited attraction, says tour guide Cristina Arroio. Maybe that’s the ultimate miracle of the Christ Redeemer.
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Fleischman's privileged life likely helped her reach 100 in good health, and genetics probably played a part, too. Here are three habits Fleischman has kept up across her life that may have helped her reach triple digits. BI's Gabby Landsverk recently reported on some of the best exercises for longevity and balance that don't require a gym. One 2019 study found that women who had an active social life were 41% more likely to reach age 85 than those who were isolated. Fleischman, who calls herself a "professional volunteer," has been doing so her whole life, and says that helping others "gives her pleasure."
Persons: , Barbara Fleischman, Lawrence Arthur Fleischman, Fleischman, Kennedy, Johnson, I've, she's, She's, Gabby Landsverk Organizations: Service, Juilliard School, New York Public Library, American, Smithsonian Institution, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Business, United Nations, Sunrise, The New York Public Library, Carnegie Hall, Juilliard, Centers for Disease Control Locations: Detroit, New York City, New York, East
But now “you can have it all happen instantly across the whole country.”Success strikes twiceThis isn’t even the first time little Trader Joe’s bags have gone viral. Because Trader Joe’s doesn’t boast much of an official online presence, “I’ve kind of taken on that role” with those pages, she said. A Trader Joe's mini tote bag is shown in Palmyra, N.J., on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. “It’s always a surprise.”The chain’s unusually loyal fanbase is eager for more Trader Joe’s branded merchandise, TikToker Heskett said, but Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer much of that. “You can’t buy a Trader Joe’s hat, you can’t buy a Trader Joe’s sweatshirt,” she said.
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Why tariffs on Chinese EVs may not work
  + stars: | 2024-06-15 | by ( Robert Ferris | In | )   time to read: +2 min
The Chinese auto sector is increasingly making global automakers and politicians hot under the collar. In the early 1980s, the Chinese auto industry barely existed. President Joe Biden last month introduced stiff tariffs on Chinese EVs, effectively doubling the list price, which can otherwise be as cheap as $11,500. The administration says Chinese firms have benefited from unfair government support, and Chinese EV imports threaten the Biden administration's big investments in EVs. But a few auto industry insiders are skeptical that tariffs will be able to hold off Chinese imports for long.
Persons: Dunne, Michael Dunne, Joe Biden, Sen, Sherrod Brown, Tesla, Elon Musk, Bill Russo, Donald Trump, Russo Organizations: Volvo, EV, Biden, Chrysler Locations: China, U.S, Sweden, EVs, Ohio, Shanghai, Beijing
Delayed purchases can lead to a "deflationary spiral" for the automotive industry. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . High interest rates remain a big deterrent for many car shoppers, and price volatility has some car shoppers delaying their purchases in hopes they can get an even better deal in a month or two. That's creating a big problem for the automotive industry, according to one economist. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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The S & P 500 has made an all-time high on nearly thirty days this year, four of them this past week. The main S & P is up more than 3% in the second quarter while its median stock is off 5% quarter to date. .SPX mountain 2024-03-29 S & P 500 quarter to date The S & P 500 has added $5.5 trillion in market capitalization in 2024, with roughly half kicked in by the Big Three. Wall Street strategists as a group project no upside for the S & P 500 in the second half , their average and median targets both below Friday's closing level. The weekly American Association of Individual Investors survey shows the spread between bulls and bears narrowing lately even with the S & P grinding higher.
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Morgan Stanley analysts named a slate of stocks this week they think are too attractive to ignore. CNBC Pro combed through Morgan Stanley research to find stocks that are primed for growth this summer. They include Apple, Toast, Broadcom, Arista Networks and Coca-Cola. Toast "Toast demonstrated its Vertical technology leadership, detailing its ability to efficiently gain share and monetize against an expanding opportunity. … New geographies, new verticals, new products, and increasing monetization across software and FinTech, underscore the compelling growth opportunity for Toast in the years ahead.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Joseph Moore, Moore, Josh Baer, Baer, Meta Marshall, Marshall, … Arista, Organizations: CNBC, Apple, Broadcom, Arista Networks, VMware, Breed, Arista Networks Arista, Arista
Prices of cocoa have more than tripled over the last year, creating a big headache for candy makers and other food companies that use the ingredient to make chocolate. The price surge has since eased off slightly, but the crop is still commanding well above what food companies are used to paying. This season's cocoa crop is expected to experience the largest deficit in at least six decades, according to a Rabobank report from May. A YouGov survey conducted in October found that 72% of U.S. respondents had noticed shrinkflation in food products. J&J Snack Foods CEO Daniel Fachner has been keeping an eye on cocoa and chocolate prices.
Persons: Ferley Ospina, Hershey, Kinder, Ferrero, they'll, Steve Rosenstock, Mondelez, shrinkflation, Daniel Fachner, Fachner, Justin Sullivan, Nik Modi, Modi, shea, Rosenstock Organizations: Bloomberg, Getty, Cadbury, Clarkston Consulting, Rabobank, Reuters, Mondelez, Consumers, Snack, CNBC, RBC Capital, Jumbo Locations: Ragonvalia, Norte de Santader, Colombia, . West Africa, Ghana, U.S, Novato , California, West
Investors worried about concentration risk in the market may want to consider value-oriented investments. Avantis' U.S. Large Cap Value ETF (AVLV) tracks the Russell 1000 Value index, but with a caveat — the fund managers screen stocks using a profitability overlay. After Apple and Meta , the Large Cap Value fund's next-largest holdings are JPMorgan , Costco and Exxon Mobil , according to FactSet. Avantis' Large Cap Value ETF is up 7.7% in 2024, as of Friday's market close. The Russell 1000 Value index gained 4.5% during the same period.
Persons: Phil McInnis, CNBC's, McInnis Organizations: Avantis Investors, Apple, Meta, JPMorgan, Costco, Exxon Mobil, Financial
Read previewIt's been five years since nutrition scientist Kevin Hall made a startling discovery that changed the way we view ultra-processed foods. It was the first randomized controlled study of its kind, and it changed the way we view ultra-processed foods. Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty ImagesHe wants to understand precisely why ultra-processed foods do what they do and what—if anything—we can do to make them healthier. Ultra-processed foods attack our brainsPaul Bradbury/Getty ImagesWe've known for a long time that ultra-processed foods are associated with all kinds of bad health outcomes, from more early death, to extra strokes, and additional heart attacks. Related storiesBut whether the entire category — all packaged, ultra-processed foods are inherently bad for us by nature — is still an open question.
Persons: , Kevin Hall, Hall, Stephanie Chung, Jennifer Rymaruk, Aleksandr Zubkov, he's, we'll, Paul Bradbury Organizations: Service, National Institutes of Health, Business, Getty, Washington Post, National Institutes, NIDDK, Nestle Locations: NIDDK, Bethesda , Maryland, veggies
Read previewChina is building a fleet of aircraft carriers, making technological and capability jumps at a breakneck pace. An aerial drone photo taken on May 1, 2024 shows China's third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, during its maiden sea trials. The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford transits the Strait of Gibraltar, Jan. 5, 2024. For China, having aircraft carriers allows it to enjoy many of those perks. A composite image shows the American flag flying near the bridge of the US Navy's first-in-class aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and the Chinese flag flying near China's aircraft carrier Shandong.
Persons: , Pu, would've, Matthew Funaiole, Xi Jinping, Kyle Amonson, Dane Egli, Xi, Funaiole, Gerald R, Navy Petty, Jacob Mattingly, Trenton, Li Gang, Cmdr, Michael Dahm, Peter W, Singer, Guy Snodgrass Organizations: Service, Business, Ford, Getty, China Power, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Jiangnan Shipyard, Getty Images, People's Liberation Army, Communist Party, US Coast Guard, Pacific Affairs, Chinese Communist Party, US Navy, Navy, DoD Aircraft, South China Seas, Pacific, Communication, Trenton Edly, US, New America, Defense, PLA Navy's Locations: China, Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning, Xinhua, Getty Images China, Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Gibraltar, Jan, South, Beijing
Welcome to the age of geriatric millionaires
  + stars: | 2024-06-15 | by ( Juliana Kaplan | )   time to read: +8 min
While it makes sense that time is often a crucial ingredient to accruing savings and assets, the average age of millionaires in the US has been rising faster than the average age of the overall population over the last three decades. How millionaires are changingSince 1992, the average age of the country's millionaires has been going up. That means that younger millionaires aren't joining their ranks fast enough to keep the average age steady. Millionaires are overrepresented beginning around age 50, but track pretty cleanly with the cohort in their 40's. What does it mean to have so many older millionaires?
Persons: , Chuck Collins,, Collins, America's, aren't, Garrett Watson, that's, Watson, Xers, Gen Xers, they've, haven't, That's, It's, Ed Yardeni, They're, Redfin, King Charles, King Charles III of, it's, You've Organizations: Service, Business, Policy Studies, Forbes, Consumer, Millionaires, Tax, Security, Labor, Institute for Policy Studies Locations: United Kingdom
"A vote for a commission is a vote to cut Social Security," the man shouted before he was escorted off the floor. How the last major reforms, in 1983, came togetherPresident Ronald Reagan signs the Social Security Act Amendment into law on April 20, 1983. The changes involved taxes on Social Security benefits, increases to payroll tax rates, a future increase to the retirement age and a near-term postponement of cost-of-living adjustments. Social Security Commission Chairman Alan Greenspan, left, shakes hands with Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, prior to a Social Security hearing on Feb. 15, 1983. Lawmakers divided on best path forwardToday, lawmakers are divided on the best path forward to address Social Security.
Persons: , Scott Peters, Peters, Bill Huizenga, Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney, — Rep, John Larson, Connecticut —, It's, " Larson, Larson, Nancy Altman, Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan, Greenspan, Jim Baker, Reagan, Tip O'Neill, Robert M, Ball, O'Neill, Sen, Charles Grassley, Bob Dole, John Danforth, Altman, Bruce D, Schobel, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, California —, they're, Hakeem Jeffries, Conn, Brian Higgins, Jimmy Gomez, Jeffries, Dan Kildee, Richard Neal, Tom Williams Organizations: iStock, Social, Social Security, AARP, CNBC, Rep, Democratic, Corbis, National Commission, Social Security Reform, Greenspan, Federal Reserve, House, White, Finance, Economic Policy Institute, Republican, Greenspan Commission, Senate Finance, Bettmann, Getty, Congress, Democratic House, White House, Democrats, Security, Capitol Visitor Center, CQ, Inc Locations: Sens, R, Utah, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, California, D
Also helping was the 8.5% rally in portfolio heavyweight Nvidia following its 10-for-1 stock split on Monday. Within the Club this week, we heard from Broadcom , which reported strong quarterly results and announced its own 10-for-1 stock split. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade. Jim waits 45 minutes after sending a trade alert before buying or selling a stock in his charitable trust's portfolio. If Jim has talked about a stock on CNBC TV, he waits 72 hours after issuing the trade alert before executing the trade.
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Components of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Group steam in formation with the Italian navy in the Red Sea on June 7. A fighter jet parks on the deck of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea on June 11. Elements of the Eisenhower strike group have already left the Red Sea once to be rearmed and resupplied, and the Pentagon recently extended its monthslong deployment for a second time. A fighter jet is launched from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during a strike against Houthi military targets in Yemen on Feb. 3. A commercial ship in the Red Sea in March.
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Software stocks have been slammed this year after a long period of strong performance. Meanwhile, hardware stocks are reaping the benefits of the AI boom as their profits soar. AdvertisementYear-to-date, hardware tech stocks are outperforming software tech stocks by a whopping 30 percentage points. AdvertisementThis dynamic means that hardware stocks will continue to outperform software stocks through 2025, according to Mortonson. "The moats that some of the software companies, not all but some, have around their businesses are not going to be quite as high.
Persons: Ted Mortonson, , Baird, Mortonson, It's, Larry Tentarelli, Chip, Steve Eisman, Eisman Organizations: Service, Software, NYSE Arca, Dow Jones US Software, Nvidia, AMD, Micro Computer, Broadcom, Dell, Chip Daily, CNBC Locations: Salesforce, Snowflake
He looked genuinely upset earlier this week when his supporters sang an early “Happy Birthday” to him at a rally in Las Vegas. The Biden campaign hit back with an email on Mr. Trump’s birthday, reminding voters that he had fallen asleep at his own trial, a case that resulted in felony convictions. Images of Mr. Trump playing golf and sitting behind the resolute desk were painted into the icing. “I’ll never forget that Bibi Netanyahu let us down,” Mr. Trump said then. At the rally in Las Vegas, Mr. Trump had, in a rare moment of introspection, riffed about his old age.
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AdvertisementGoogle notes that "Generative AI is experimental" in AI Overviews. Google is far from the only company figuring out the risks of generative AI products. Microsoft also said on Thursday that it would hold off on launching an AI tool intended to be available when its CoPilot PCs ship after privacy concerns arose. The alternative is to be more gradual about releasing features and not place them at the center if they're not fully ready, he said. But while generative AI isn't fully bulletproof at the moment, it's important to balance timing with innovation and accuracy, Yamin said.
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Just about 41 miles north of Dallas lies Celina, a small North Texas town that is America's fastest-growing city. Downtown Celina, Texas. Their metamorphosis into sprawling suburban metropolises has been greatly influenced by the ongoing expansion of the North Texas Tollway, which has increased accessibility to the previously remote cities. AdvertisementNew businesses are moving into the cityWith more people living in the city, Celina's economy is also growing as local businesses and services benefit from increased demand. However, Joe Monaco, director of marketing and communications for the city of Celina, told BI that there were "countless volunteers who came out."
Persons: There's, Katy, Ryan Tubbs, Celina, Celina Alcynna Lloyd, Taylor Morrison, Toll, Tubbs, Bankrate, Casas, Aaron Graham, Graham, They're, Tracy Miller, Celina —, Miller, Alcynna Lloyd, , Sandy Lewis, It's, Celina ., Joe Monaco Organizations: Business, Downtown, Houston, homebuying, North Texas Tollway, Tollway, North Texas Tollway Authority, Celina, Highland Homes, Texans, Homes, Olympic, JC, Real, Group, Mustang, Highland, Little Elm, Troubadour, Celina's, Centurion American Development Group, Dallas, WFAA Locations: Dallas, Celina, North Texas, Collin County, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia , Illinois, Missouri, Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Downtown Celina , Texas, Celina Texas, United States, Austin, Celina , New Braunfels, Prosper, Frisco, Plano, Frisco ., Highland, Celina —, Wilson Creek, Cambridge, East Coasts, New York
Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world's blue zones, where residents live longer. I tried the Costa Rican diet for about two weeks and saw big differences to meals in the US. Here are three ways to bring elements of the Blue Zone diet back home. AdvertisementLast month, as I explored Costa Rica's Pacific coast, I took particular care to visit the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Penninsula. But there are also clear differences in the local diet here compared to both elsewhere in the country and around the world.
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While not an official tally, the Lesbian Bar Project aims to amplify and keep track of these spaces, which can register with the project. In the South, The Lipstick Lounge, Tennessee’s only bar registered with the Lesbian Bar Project, is in Nashville’s hip East End neighborhood. By the end of Burton’s trip, she found that the narrative of “dying lesbian bars” was maybe not totally accurate. “Sometimes it’s a physical shift from a lesbian bar to a bar that sometimes holds … queer or lesbian nights,” Burton said. Though the two are married, they don't classify their bar as a lesbian bar.
Persons: Sade, Tracy Chapman croon, Erin Karcher, , Karcher, Joy Carter, ” Carter, it’s, ” Karcher, Lillian Faderman, you’re, “ We’re, , ” There’s, We’re, Krista Burton, Moby Dyke, , isn’t, ” Burton, Burton, bartenders, Sue Ellen’s, Shamecca, they’ve, who’ve, ” Le’Teshia, Herz, Kimberly McKeand, CBS42, Le’Teshia, Christa Suppan, ” Suppan Organizations: CNN, Durham Performing Arts Center, Lesbian, Nucleus, Lesbian Bar, Gallup, Stonewall, Mobile Locations: Durham, Raleigh, North Carolina , Texas, Tennessee, Chicago, San Francisco, Durham , North Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta, Washington, North Carolina, New York, Seattle, America, Herz, Mobile , Alabama, Tulsa , Oklahoma, Dallas, Richmond , Virginia, Mobile, Gulf, Florida, Mississippi, , Virginia, Richmond
After Trebek's death in 2020, "Jeopardy!" featured a series of guest hosts until Ken Jennings took over as the show's permanent replacement. Ken Jennings. While the show searched for a new permanent host, celebrities such as Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, LeVar Burton, and Aaron Rodgers took turns guest-hosting "Jeopardy!" But we can honor him by playing the game he loved," Jennings said during his first episode as guest host.
Persons: Ken Jennings, Eric McCandless, Disney Trebek, Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, LeVar Burton, Aaron Rodgers, Mike Richards, Mayim Bialik, Jennings, Alex Trebek Organizations: Disney
The iFi AI model, powered by IBM's Watsonx, was still projecting big upside for bitcoin miner Marathon Digital as of Friday morning. The stock was also near the top of iFi AI's projections for 30-day returns on screens earlier in June. The AI model uses a variety of inputs, including fundamental data, technical analysis and company news, to make its predictions. Here are some of the model's biggest upside plays after a week of downward-trending inflation data and sliding Treasury yields. Ron Insana, CNBC senior analyst and commentator, is the CEO of iFi AI, which launched in March .
Persons: IBM's Watsonx, Ron Insana Organizations: Marathon, Group, homebuilder, Palo Alto Networks, Palo Alto's, CNBC Locations: Marathon, Carvana, Palo
Jensen Huang's biggest career lesson didn't come from a mentor or a fellow tech CEO. "I used to work from one of our international sites for one month each summer," Huang, the billionaire co-founder and CEO of computer chip company Nvidia, said during a commencement speech at the California Institute of Technology on Friday. While there, Huang came across a man working in a vast garden. Their interaction was brief, but the gardener's words became one of the "most profound learnings in my life," Huang said. This gardener has dedicated himself to his craft and doing his life's work.
Persons: Jensen, didn't, Huang Organizations: Nvidia, California Institute of Technology Locations: Japan, Kyoto
AdvertisementFlood of supportIt was obviously disappointing and really shocking — I'd been excited about the Coinbase job. AdvertisementAlthough I had another offer on the table, I accepted the Amazon job. It felt like a safer choice because it was a Big Tech company — and I already knew the team. I was interested in entrepreneurship after having experienced big tech and trying out these jobs inspired me to start building my own venture. My immediate reaction for several months was disillusion with the with Big Tech, but now I feel positive about my experiences.
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