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In 2013, the share of self-identified liberals among young women exceeded the share among young men by 5 percentage points; by 2023, that gap was nearly four times as large. (In that survey, young men were substantially more likely than young women to say they rely on YouTube as a major source of news.) (In the Harvard poll, one-fourth of young women identified in some way as LGBTQ, more than double the share of young men.) “He’s got to make up for the defection of young men by winning young women by more, and he’s got to get every young woman he can out to vote,” said Lake, the Democratic pollster. Biden’s best hope of avoiding a catastrophic decline in his youth support is that the number of young women Trump repels exceeds the number of young men he attracts.
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When former President Donald J. Trump goes on trial on Monday in Manhattan, President Biden and his allies are not likely to say much. The media coverage will be constant, especially if Mr. Trump takes the stand, which he has floated as a possibility. Mr. Biden and his campaign have said nothing publicly about the criminal indictments against Mr. Trump, worried about improperly influencing the cases or stoking Mr. Trump’s repeated allegations — made without evidence — that Mr. Biden has engineered the charges. Many of the deep-pocketed outside Democratic groups supporting the Biden campaign are charting a similar path. When Mr. Trump goes on trial on Monday, he will be the first U.S. president to face criminal prosecution.
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CNN —Hunter Biden won’t be returning to the spotlight next week as the House Oversight Committee had hoped. The problem with the Hunter Biden investigation, though, is not its potential reliance on the word of a compromised informant. And in that sense, Hunter Biden shares something in common with an unlikely person: Trump, at least with respect to his criminal case in New York. Much like the gun charge against Hunter Biden, the tax indictment has left many former federal white-collar prosecutors like me scratching their heads. That doesn’t mean that Trump or Hunter Biden are innocent; indeed, the former has more serious cases to contend with.
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Hunter Biden has been the focus of Republicans in Congress since they won the majority over a year ago. Regardless, Hunter Biden’s appearance is expected to create a spectacle on Capitol Hill, even as he will be testifying behind closed doors. Not surprisingly, the committees are expecting more lawmakers to show up for Hunter Biden than typical for depositions. “You are the epitome of White privilege,” GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina told Hunter Biden from the dais. The stand-off led to contempt proceedings against Hunter Biden, after he showed up on Capitol Hill the day the committees scheduled his deposition.
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Takeaways from the DeSantis-Newsom debate
  + stars: | 2023-11-30 | by ( Eric Bradner | )   time to read: +8 min
Ron DeSantis opened a debate Thursday night on Fox News, Newsom told DeSantis the two had one thing in common. By the way, you’re down 41 points in your own state,” Newsom said. Hannity the ‘hall monitor’Hannity, the long-time conservative Fox host, opened the debate pledging to play a neutral role Thursday night. “It should be up to the mother and the doctor and her conscience.”What’s the value of a debate like this? Mostly, the more than 90-minute debate was DeSantis and Newsom accusing each other of lying and mischaracterizing the other’s records.
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The COP28 summit, which is expected to draw leaders from nearly 200 countries, is set to begin Thursday. Photo: Kamran Jebreili/Associated PressWASHINGTON—President Biden won’t attend a United Nations climate summit in Dubai this week, White House officials said, skipping an annual gathering of world leaders focused on addressing global warming. While the officials didn’t say why Biden is expected to miss the summit, known as COP28, other top administration officials, including John Kerry , Biden’s special envoy for climate change, will participate in the forum.
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Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images Israeli soldiers form an honor guard at the funeral of Israeli reserve soldier Master Sgt. Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu/Getty Images Palestinians flee to southern Gaza on Salah al-Din Street in Bureij, Gaza, on November 10. Ronen Zvulun/Reuters A woman carries a white flag as Palestinians flee from Gaza City to the south on November 7. Ronen Zvulun/Reuters A woman mourns over a dead man at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Gaza City on October 18. Yousef Masoud/The New York Times A morgue worker arranges body bags at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on October 12.
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Vice President Kamala Harris, confronted with those same polls, is much less dismissive. Overall, Biden and Harris hold similar approval ratings, but Harris’ ratings among these key subgroups have varied, suggesting views of the vice president are not as deeply entrenched. Austin Davis, a 34-year-old African American in one of the target demographics the Biden campaign is desperate to improve with, in a state the president needs to carry. “I think we’d be having a way different conversation if it were two White males as president and vice president,” Henson said. “President Biden is wise, knowledgeable, tested – she’s passionate and seasoned,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, who just won a second term in the second largest city in battleground Arizona.
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And Biden Won’t Even Take His Calls
  + stars: | 2023-11-15 | by ( James Freeman | )   time to read: +1 min
U.S. Representative Dean Phillips (D., Minn.) greets supporters outside the statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire last month after filing the paperwork to put his name on the state’s presidential primary ballot. Photo: reba saldanha/ReutersPresident Joe Biden and his allies have been treating presidential nomination challenger Rep. Dean Phillips (D., Minn.) like a nobody—or worse. Now Mr. Phillips is looking less like a man trying to make a polite point and more like a guy who wants to win this thing. While the Democratic Party’s prominent governors and senators have still not chosen to challenge Mr. Biden, the White House may already understand that the relatively obscure man from the Land of 10,000 Lakes could be a formidable opponent. Mr. Phillips at first tried running a nice respectful campaign claiming that Mr. Biden has been a successful president but is just not the right candidate for 2024.
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CNN —Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips announced Thursday that he is running for president, kicking off a long-shot Democratic primary challenge to President Joe Biden. “I think President Biden has done a spectacular job for our country, but it’s not about the past. Phillips is expected to formally announce his campaign Friday in Concord, where he’ll file to run in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary. Biden will not file to appear on the New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot because the state isn’t complying with the national party’s revised nominating calendar, which demoted its first-in-the-nation primary status to second. And it all points to the same thing,” Phillips told CNN after he stepped down from leadership.
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President Biden said on Friday that he would meet with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida on Saturday during a visit to tour the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, the Category 3 storm that hit the state’s Gulf Coast and swept across the Southeast this week. The unusual miscue between the two chief executives — and potential 2024 rivals — came after Mr. Biden said during a visit to FEMA headquarters in Washington on Thursday that he would head south to see the damage. “By the way, I am going to Florida,” Mr. Biden said. While Mr. Biden did not provide details about the trip, during an event at the White House Friday morning he responded to a reporter’s question about whether he planned to see Mr. DeSantis in Florida, saying simply, “Yes.”
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It’s a persistent sense that the inner circle of advisers to the president and several of the very few aides who have been hired for his reelection campaign dismiss as absurd. “They are so underestimated, and they keep getting it right,” said Jim Messina, former president Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign manager, who has been one of the people privately advising Biden’s team to ramp up gradually. “We will grow and ramp up alongside the Biden campaign, probably in late fall or early next year,” Barnes said. “The most important power of incumbency is taking time to plan and build your campaign while your challenger is busy with a primary,” a Democratic campaign veteran said. “You can raise more now, but President Biden is raising less,” a veteran Democratic fundraiser on the West Coast said.
Persons: , Joe Biden won’t, Biden, , , Jim Messina, Barack Obama’s, Obama, aren’t, Donald Trump, , “ I’m, Trump’s, David Axelrod, “ Trump, ” Axelrod, Biden’s, Kevin Munoz, Harris, Roe, Wade, Mitt Romney, Trump, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Messina, ” Messina, Roy Cooper, you’re, ” Cooper, Kamala Harris, Lavora Barnes, Julie Chávez Rodriguez, Barnes, ” Barnes, ’ ”, Axelrod, who’s, – “ it’s, Larry Cohen, Bernie Sanders, Obama’s –, Lis Smith Organizations: CNN, Democratic, Trump, GOP, Republicans, MAGA Republicans, Biden, Democratic National Committee, Republican, America, White, North Carolina Gov, ” Michigan Democratic Party, Communications Workers of America, Obama, Biden pessimists Locations: America, Wilmington, Capitol Hill, Washington, Chicago, stoke
The Executive Keeping Tesla Rolling Isn’t Elon MuskTesla’s CFO Zach Kirkhorn has a reputation for working quietly behind the scenes to execute Elon Musk’s vision for the electric car maker. But as Musk’s attention gets pulled in several different directions, investors are focusing more on Kirkhorn and how he’s helping run the company. WSJ Tesla reporter Rebecca Elliott joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss. PHOTO: TESLA
U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy addresses the Israeli legislature in Jerusalem. Photo: abir sultan/ShutterstockJERUSALEM—House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Monday that he would invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress if President Biden doesn’t invite him to the White House, amid tensions between the Israeli leader’s right-wing government and the Democratic administration. Mr. McCarthy (R., Calif.) told reporters that he expects Mr. Biden to invite the Israeli premier “especially because of Israel’s 75th anniversary,” which the country celebrated last week. Mr. McCarthy added that he had already invited Israeli President Isaac Herzog to address Congress this summer.
Biden Is the Perfect Democratic President
  + stars: | 2023-04-27 | by ( Daniel Henninger | )   time to read: 1 min
Wonder Land: A beside-the-point president is the best thing that has ever happened to the progressive centralization project. But its success in 2024 depends on whether Republicans back Trump or not. Images: Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock/AP/Zuma Press Composite: Mark KellyPresident Biden won’t negotiate, doesn’t do press conferences, does only canned events, can’t maintain focus, has minimal factual grasp and his foreign-policy activity is totally ceremonial. Mr. Biden likely wouldn’t be running if his opponent were any of five or so Republicans not named Trump. A presidential debate next Tuesday evening against any of them would be a catastrophe for the incumbent.
WASHINGTON — Republicans, newly empowered with a House majority, are demanding spending cuts as a price for lifting the debt ceiling and averting a catastrophic default on U.S. debt. Republicans are divided over whether Medicare and Social Security spending should be on the chopping block. Jose Luis Magana / APLuna said she wants to do it without tax increases or Social Security or Medicare cuts. The White House has vowed that Biden won’t grant concessions on the debt limit and that paying the country’s bills is non-negotiable. But I think we’ve got to also honor our commitment to Americans when it comes to Social Security and Medicare,” Garcia continued.
Vice President Biden’s Greatest Blunder
  + stars: | 2022-10-25 | by ( James Freeman | )   time to read: 1 min
Americans hoping that President Joe Biden won’t blunder his way into war with Russia can hardly take comfort from his history of poor judgment in matters of foreign policy. The latest news from China underscores how badly Mr. Biden misjudged the tyrant who has now consolidated power in Beijing. The Journal’s Rebecca Feng reports that on Monday foreign investors were fleeing Chinese stocks and it’s easy to see why. The Journal’s Chun Han Wong and Keith Zhai report:The old-fashioned communist thug’s determination to reassert state control of the economy threatens all of the progress the Chinese people have enjoyed since the late 1970s.
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