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New accounts have monthly fee waived for the first 6 monthsCheck mark icon A check mark. Insider’s Rating A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star 4 /5 Icon of check mark inside a promo stamp It indicates a confirmed selection. Offer valid through September 26, 2024. up to $450 (offer valid through September 26, 2024) Pros Check mark icon A check mark. No fee overdraft protection transfers from a linked deposit accountCheck mark icon A check mark. $50 overdrawn Available Balance safety threshold and Overdraft Fee Forgiven programCheck mark icon A check mark.
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CNN —A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was vandalized with “Gaza” graffiti, drawing criticism from the city’s mayor. “Officers went to the statue, saw the graffiti and started an investigation,” the spokesperson said. Anne Frank’s diary is often many young people’s first introduction to the horrors of the Holocaust. In 1944, the famous diarist and seven other Jewish people hiding in the Amsterdam secret annex were detained. They had hid for nearly two years in a secret annex above a canal-side warehouse in Amsterdam, before they were deported and Anne died in the Bergen Belsen camp at age 15.
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CNN —CNN Opinion asked political contributors to weigh in on the first presidential debate of the 2024 race. On the other hand, President Joe Biden did not meet expectations and may have increased concerns about his age and ability to lead for another four years. Debates are always more about style than substance, and President Joe Biden’s style was simply awful. Did President Joe Biden come off as a leader or a loser? And yes, the visuals in this first presidential debate of the cycle were phenomenally important.
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“Is this a political war to the knife?”I was not familiar with that term – “war to the knife” – but Bannon also recently used it in an interview with ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Ousted from White House role in 2017Bannon’s tenure in Trump’s White House was relatively short; he was fired in August 2017, part of a major reorganization under then-chief of staff John Kelly, who was brought in to control a chaotic atmosphere. As chief strategist at the White House, Bannon was known for large whiteboards full of lists of priorities – things that still ring true in the priorities he outlined over the weekend. Courts, Congress and mismanagement kept Bannon and Trump from achieving many of these goals in Trump’s first term. Anticipating the potential for a second Trump term, there are any number of supporters who are mapping out how to make the most of it.
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Opinion: The fanatical Hamas leader who calls the shots
  + stars: | 2024-06-14 | by ( Peter Bergen | )   time to read: +7 min
CNN —In February, the Israeli Defense Forces released a grainy video showing the back of a man they identified as Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in Gaza. Since the video didn’t show Sinwar’s face, there was no independent confirmation that the shadowy figure was indeed the Hamas leader. Former Israeli dentist Yuval Bitton, who treated Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in an Israeli prison, speaks during an interview in his house in Kibbutz Shoval, Israel, February 5, 2024. While he was in prison, Sinwar admitted that he had killed several Palestinians who he believed were collaborating with the Israelis. While he was in prison, Sinwar became the leader of his fellow Hamas inmates, according to The Washington Post.
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How to behave as a superyacht guest
  + stars: | 2024-06-09 | by ( Madeline Berg | )   time to read: +8 min
Meantime, Giorgio Armani held a party on his yacht for the likes of Sydney Sweeney and Kerry Washington. Being a guest on a superyacht is probably the best kind of guest to be — but the etiquette aboard the multimillion-dollar vessels comes with its own idiosyncrasies. The very few who need to know them — there are only about 5,800 yachts longer than 30 meters at sea, according to SuperYacht Times — already know them. The price to charter Triumph, a 65-meter superyacht, starts at $650,000 a week. According to the industry standard, owning a superyacht will cost 10% of its new-build price annually.
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CNN —When Elana Milman published an autobiography last year about her lifelong quest to find her birth parents, she had accepted she would never know the identity of her father. Courtesy Elana MilmanIt was only in her 30s that Milman finally discovered her birth certificate, which – after some meticulous research – led her to her birth mother in Canada. It showed she was 50% Ashkenazi Jewish and 50% Eastern European and revealed a match with a Polish woman living in France. Elana Milman is pictured at the Warsaw Ghetto monument during her recent visit to Poland. From left to right: Juliusz Gorzkoś, Elana Milman, their sister Ewa, her husband Wladek (kneeling), Gorzkos' wife Ania, Milman's granddaughter Yhali and Gorzkos' sons, Radek and Hubert.
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Opinion: This deal can end the war in Gaza
  + stars: | 2024-06-01 | by ( Peter Bergen | )   time to read: +8 min
CNN —It’s taken more than half a year, but, finally, President Joe Biden has publicly unveiled an Israeli plan that could end the bloodshed in Gaza. But getting the two sides to actually agree to — and implement — the peace plan is far from a certainty. As the Gaza war continues, Israel’s dreams of normalization with the Arab world will steadily erode. Support for the Gaza war among Americans has dropped from 50% at the beginning of the war in November to 36% in March, according to Gallup. Evan Vucci/APNetanyahu also keeps fighting the Gaza war with no real plan for the “day after,” in short, without a strategy.
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These are just some of the highlights of “Indigenous Histories,” an absorbing new show recently opened at Norway’s Kode Bergen Art Museum. Andreas Harvik/National Museum/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art Museum“Indigenous Histories” corresponds with fresh thinking about what is and what isn’t fine art. This piece "Oaivemozit/ Galskap/ Madness," from 2013 is part of the Sámi Dáiddamagasiidna (Sámi Art Collection). Sámi Art Collection/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art MuseumAlong with the vibrant color and cultural dynamism, there is righteous anger and political outrage on view, as artists grapple with the legacy of colonial oppression. Sámi Art Collection/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art MuseumThe climate emergency has changed orthodox opinions about Indigenous communities, says Katya García-Antón, who curated the Venice exhibition and is now director of the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in Tromsø.
Persons: Brazil’s, , Petter Snare, John Savio, Andreas Harvik, Duhigó, MASP, Katarina Spik Skum, , Philippa Moxon, she’d, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, Máret Ánne Sara, Tate, Anders Sunna, Katya García, Marét Anné Sara, Antón, Djan Organizations: CNN, Bergen Art Museum, National, Bergen Art, Venice Biennale, Nordic, Norwegian, of Locations: Bergen, South America, North America, Oceania, Nordic, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, , Kode, Lapland, Zealand, Brazilian, Sápmi, Northern Territory, Norway, Venice, Swedish, Nordnorsk, Tromsø, Oslo, of Australia, Canberra
CNN —A person has died after falling into an airplane jet engine at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Wednesday. “We are currently taking care of the passengers and employees who witnessed the incident at Schiphol,” KLM added on Wednesday. Schiphol Airport, which is one of Europe’s busiest aviation hubs, described the event as a “horrible incident” in a post on X. In December 2022, an airport worker died in an accident at the Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama after also being ingested into the engine of an aircraft. And in December 2015 an engineer at Mumbai airport died after being sucked into the engine of an Air India plane.
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Opinion: Alito’s second red flag
  + stars: | 2024-05-26 | by ( Kirsi Goldynia | )   time to read: +18 min
This is not the first time Alito has found himself in hot water over displaying a controversial flag on his property. The upside-down flag, a signal of distress, was adopted by Trump supporters who believed the false claim that the election had been stolen. (Alito said his wife had raised the upside-down flag in response to a disagreement with a neighbor. The discovery also comes at a time when the Supreme Court will be making a decision about Trump’s claims of sweeping presidential immunity, his get-out-of-jail-free card for the federal cases he faces. “The notion that the Supreme Court can be trusted to be an arbiter above partisan politics has suffered major blows in recent years.
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Count Baked by Melissa founder Melissa Ben-Ishay among the entrepreneurial success stories founded on getting out of the corporate rat race. Before starting her company, Ben-Ishay worked at an ad agency in New York City – a role she felt unfulfilled in. At the time, every cupcake came from her tiny New York City apartment kitchen. The cafe owner became a shareholder in Baked by Melissa, and the company was able to continue using the space for years. A year after it moved into the Cafe Bari space, Baked by Melissa opened its second location in Union Square.
Persons: Melissa, Melissa Ben, Ishay, Cafe, Ben Organizations: Ben, aha, CNBC Locations: New York City, Ben, Cafe Bari, Bergen County, Bari, Union Square
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would effectively become a pariah who wouldn't be able to travel to most countries if the International Criminal Court were to approve the arrest warrant. Those 124 countries would be duty-bound to arrest Netanyahu were the court to issue an arrest warrant for him. Already France and Belgium have issued statements in support of the ICC‘s requests for Netanyahu’s arrest warrant. In the United States, there has been predictable pushback against the ICC move to try to issue an arrest warrant against Netanyahu. The ICC’s move to seek an arrest warrant for Netanyahu may only harden his resolve to continue the war in Gaza seemingly indefinitely.
Persons: Peter Bergen, , Qatar CNN —, Moammar Gadhafi, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, Joan Donoghue, Abir, Karim Khan, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Yoav Gallant, Khan, Yahya Sinwar, Israel, Israel’s, Mitch McConnell fulminated, Joe Biden, Putin, Putin “, he’s, Republican Sen, Lindsey Graham of, Facebook I’m Organizations: New, Arizona State University, Apple, Spotify, CNN, Doha, Qatar CNN, Israeli, International, ICC, International Court of Justice, BBC, Getty Images, European Union, Republican, Biden, Street, Twitter, Facebook, Global Security, Hamas, The Times Locations: New America, Qatar, Nuremberg, Gaza, Israel, Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
Read previewAt 93, John Starbrook competes in water polo games, hits the gym up to twice a day, and only stopped running marathons five years ago. As average life spans rise and an aging population becomes a global reality, interest in staying healthy for longer is growing. But a healthy lifestyle appeared to offset the effects of genes linked to a shorter lifespan by 62%. But he really amped things up at age 53 when he got into running marathons. Research suggests social bonds are an important part of a long, healthy life.
Persons: , John Starbrook, Starbrook, Judy Organizations: Service, UK, Guardian, Business, McKinsey, US News, University of Bergen, US Health Department, Department, London, Research Locations: Norway, London
Opinion: Shaking off the Trump effect
  + stars: | 2024-04-21 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +19 min
We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. CNN —“We are most deeply asleep at the switch,” wrote Annie Dillard, “when we fancy we control any switches at all. When the Senate voted to send new aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan two months ago, House Speaker Mike Johnson took no action. With the help of Democrats, the House approved aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan on Saturday. Writing for CNN Opinion, he emphasized that there are legal principles that require universities to prohibit expressions of antisemitism.
Persons: CNN —, , Annie Dillard, , time’s, , Mike Johnson, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden, Sleepy Joe ”, Israel, Johnson, MAGA, Julian Zelizer, Walt Handelsman, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s, Kevin McCarthy’s, Clay Jones, Fareed Zakaria, Alejandro Mayorkas, “ Biden, ” Zakaria, Bill Clinton, ” Trump, Jack Ohman, Agency Donald Trump’s, dozed, Elliot Williams, Patrick T, Brown, , , , Attorney Alvin Bragg, ” Will, Jeffrey Abramson, ” “, Norm Eisen, Stormy Daniels, ” Eisen, Michael Cohen, Elie Honig, Frida Ghitis, Benjamin Netanyahu, ” Lisa Benson, Peter Bergen, Daniel R, DePetris, Dean Obeidallah, Susanne DeWitt, ” David Schizer, ” Schizer, Danielle Campoamor, Caitlin Clark, Simone Biles, Campoamor, Latika Bourke, John Howard, Justin J, Pearson, Winston Churchill, Holly Thomas, Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak’s, It’s, ” Thomas, YouGov, ” Don’t, Drew Sheneman, Agency David M, Perry, Frankie de la, Angel Reese, Roy Schwartz, Joni Mitchell —, Raul A, Reyes, Sonia Sotomayor, Jules Boykoff, Jaime M, Valiathan, Ed Manning, Sara Stewart, Noah Berlatsky, Taylor Swift Amy Bass, Taylor Swift, Swift, Department ”, ” Bass, “ Swift, Joe, Alwyn, Diana, they’re, Clara Bow, Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith — Organizations: CNN, Republicans, MAGA Republicans, Agency, Congress, Biden, Homeland, National Guard, , Manhattan, Attorney, New York Democrats, Twitter, Facebook, New York Times, Trump, Berkeley, Nazism, Columbia, Nike, Team USA, Sydney, Port, Conservative, Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Central Press, Hulton, National Health Service, WNBA, Ungentlemanly, Department Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, Manhattan, Iran, Russia, China, , New, CNN Iran, “ Israel, Gaza, Israeli, Damascus, Iraq, America, Dearborn, Nazi Germany, Berkeley , California, Berkeley, East Bay, Sydney, Port Arthur, Tennessee, Surrey, Croydon, Quebec, Britain, Vancouver, London, Welsh
Opinion: What does Iran really want?
  + stars: | 2024-04-14 | by ( Peter Bergen | )   time to read: +10 min
“A modern, strong, peaceful Iran could become a pillar of stability and progress in the region,” former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote in 2006. Iran introduced into the Iraqi war zone highly effective roadside bombs known as EFPs – Explosively Formed Penetrators – that wounded and killed hundreds of American soldiers. The official US Army history of the Iraq War concluded that Iran was the only winner of that war. Iran’s ‘cookie-cutter approach’Norman Roule was the top US intelligence official on Iran from 2008 to 2017. The withdrawal of the US troops from neighboring Iraq is a key goal of Iran, which exerts considerable influence over some Iraqi politicians.
Persons: Peter Bergen, Osama bin Laden, Shah, Henry Kissinger, Iran’s ayatollahs, Karim Sadjadpour, Sadjadpour, Reagan, bin Laden, bin, al, Saddam Hussein, , Noam Chomsky, Iran’s, Norman Roule, Roule, propping, Bashar al, Assad, Christine Abizaid, , Trump, Obama, Donald Trump, , Benjamin Netanyahu, hasn’t, Joe Biden, Netanyahu, hadn’t, Biden, Abizaid, Mohammed Shia Organizations: New, Arizona State University, Apple, Spotify, CNN, Saturday, East, CIA, US Army, Israel, US National Counterterrorism Center, US Treasury Department, ‘ Deemed, United Nations, Israel’s, Hamas, Iran, White, ISIS Locations: New America, Israel, Iranian, Damascus, Iran, United States, Palestine, , Lebanon, Beirut, Saudi, al Qaeda, Iraqi, Saddam, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Red, Suez, Gaza, New York, Damascus ”, Jordan
Faith Ringgold, pictured in her studio in New York City in 1999. Anthony Barboza/Getty Images(CNN) — Faith Ringgold, the pioneering artist and author best known for her narrative quilts that interwove art with activism, has died at 93. After earning her bachelor’s degree in fine art and education in 1955, Ringgold began teaching art in public schools while developing her own art. Her early work was influenced by civil and racial unrest, and had patent and profound political and social tones. The painting, arguably the series’ most famous, gorily depicts a group of men, women and children brutally attacking one another.
Persons: Faith Ringgold, Anthony Barboza, Faith, , Dorian Bergen, , Ringgold, Ringgold’s adamancy, Jacquelyn Martin, Madame Willi Posey, ” Ringgold, Leila Macor, Connie’s Organizations: New York Times, ACA Galleries, Ringgold, CNN, Harlem, City College of New, City College, Civil, Museum, Modern, Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Women, Arts, Washington , D.C, New Museum, American, de Young Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Basel, Getty Locations: New York City, New Jersey, Harlem, America, African American, Washington ,, Vietnam, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Miami Beach , Florida, AFP
Opinion: Trump’s image is on the line
  + stars: | 2024-03-24 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +20 min
We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. … Deals are my art form.”Having a lot of money distinguished him from other presidential candidates, Trump contended. ‘I don’t need anybody’s money,’ Trump said in his June 2015 presidential campaign announcement.”“Now Trump needs money, a lot of it. In July 2006, she met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament and says that the two had sex that weekend. “Whatever the Fifth Circuit and Supreme Court decide next, the question for President Joe Biden is what to do now,” wrote Lawrence Downes.
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Menendez announced Thursday that he would not run for reelection in the Democratic primary but again left open the possibility of an independent bid this summer. New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim greets supporters outside the Bergen County Democratic convention in Paramus on March 4, 2024. “Corrupt systems like the ‘county line’ in New Jersey (is) an enemy because that dissuades folks from actually getting involved. Kim speaks to delegates during the Bergen County Democratic convention in Paramus, New Jersey, on March 4, 2024. In Camden County, where the local boss keeps a tighter grip, video of another Senate candidate, progressive Patricia Campos-Medina, being blocked from entering the county Democratic convention went viral.
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Opinion: ISIS is making a comeback
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CNN —If ISIS was indeed responsible for the attack Friday at a Moscow-area concert venue that killed at least 133 people, it would suggest that, unfortunately, the terror group is making something of a comeback. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack; a US official told CNN the US has no reason to doubt it. Through that attack, ISIS-K showed that the group, which is very anti-Shia, could target a hostile state like predominantly Shia Iran. In March alone, a Russian state news agency said the country had thwarted multiple ISIS-related incidents, including a plan to attack a synagogue in Moscow. As for capability, the ISIS-K attack in Iran earlier this year demonstrated that the group could carry out a large-scale attack outside of its home base in Afghanistan.
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The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the organization behind the World Happiness Report, uses six factors to score countries' happiness: social support, income, health, freedom, generosity and absence of corruption. The WEF compares countries' gender gaps across four dimensions: economic opportunities; educational attainment; health and survival; and political empowerment. It's no coincidence that the world's happiest countries also champion gender equality socially and economically. How Nordic countries use social policies to promote gender equality and happinessIn its research, the WEF establishes a clear correlation between social policies, families' happiness and women's career advancement. The Nordic countries — Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway — have some of the most generous paid leave policies for parents in the world.
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Opinion: Biden gave the speech of his life
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CNN —CNN Opinion asked political and policy contributors to weigh in on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. David Gergen: Biden just rewrote the presidential racePresident Joe Biden not only delivered perhaps the best speech of his life last night; he may have also changed the race itself. Roxanne Jones: Biden finally sounds like he’s ready to fightPresident Joe Biden finally has my attention. At the end of his speech, Biden reminded voters that he “grew up among working people” in Scranton. In his State of the Union speech, Biden had to answer the mail on all of these.
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Tammy Murphy, the first lady of New Jersey, gained crucial support in her bid for the U.S. Senate on Monday night, winning the Democratic convention vote in Bergen County by a decisive margin. The vote was 738 for Ms. Murphy, 419 for Mr. Kim. Over the past month, Mr. Kim, 41, won the first five county conventions in New Jersey that permitted delegates to select a nominee, including in Monmouth County, where Ms. Murphy and her husband, Gov. Philip D. Murphy, have lived for 25 years. With the support of Mr. Murphy, who has nearly two years left in his term, Ms. Murphy, 58, racked up early endorsements from a raft of influential Democratic officials even before hitting the campaign trail.
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CNN —Two years into the Ukraine war, the tide has shifted, and Russian forces have some momentum, according to retired US General David Petraeus. Michal Dyjuk/AP/FILELast weekend Gen. Petraeus was at the Munich Security Conference, the leading global national security conference that was attended by pretty much every European leader and by top American officials – including Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. BERGEN: At the Munich Security Conference, what was the mood like? BERGEN: Who’s winning the war in Ukraine? BERGEN: What’s going on in Ukraine looks a lot like World War I, in the sense that it’s trench warfare, minefields, machine guns.
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We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. “In his courageous and too short life,” wrote Russia scholar Daniel Treisman, “Navalny became a symbol of hope for the younger generations of his compatriots. “He never gave up on the prospect of what he called ‘the beautiful Russia of the future,’” Treisman noted. “For a ‘beautiful Russia of the future’ to emerge in coming years, Putin must lose the war he started. Navalny understood this.”“Navalny’s death represents the extinguishing of all hope for Russia’s turnaround,” wrote Sasha Vasilyuk.
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