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What it’s really like to live in Macao
  + stars: | 2024-04-25 | by ( Lilit Marcus | )   time to read: +9 min
Macao, the Chinese special administrative region (SAR) often twinned with Hong Kong, is known as the Las Vegas of Asia. But travelers who are willing to dig in a little deeper can explore Macanese culture, which mixes Portuguese, Chinese and Southeast Asian heritages. Macao is comprised of two islands – the north one, Macao itself, and its southern neighbor Taipa. “In Asia, [people] think that Macao is full of casinos, and I think they do not understand the other parts of Macao,” says Lai. That means that they can live in Macao without a work visa and do not need a company sponsoring them.
Persons: CNN — “, , Vivian Lai, Taipa, Lai, ” Marina Fernandes, Michael Maslan, , it’s, Uber, Fernandes, Eduardo Leal, Ricardo Balocas, Balocas, Don’t Organizations: CNN, Las, Macanese Association, Bloomberg, Macao International Airport, Joseph’s University, Macao, Henley Locations: Macao, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Asia, China, Taipa, , , Europe, Portuguese, Zhuhai, Macao’s, Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, Bangkok, Beijing, North America, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Bay Area, Portugal, Macao's, Lisbon, St, Philippines, ‘ Little Lisbon, it’s
Pictured here is the Zeekr 001 electric car at a services trade fair in Beijing on Aug. 31, 2023. China News Service | China News Service | Getty ImagesBEIJING — Chinese electric car brand Zeekr is selling more vehicles than Tesla in parts of China, and plans to expand in Europe and Latin America this year, Zeekr CEO Andy An told CNBC on Wednesday. For the first three weeks of April, Zeekr sold 500 more cars than Tesla in the province of Zhejiang, where Zeekr and its parent company Geely are based. Zeekr also slightly outsold Tesla in the province of Anhui, near Shanghai, and Guangxi, an autonomous region in southern China. The rapid rise of Chinese electric car companies, however, has also prompted the EU and U.S. to consider measures for protecting their own auto industries.
Persons: Andy, Elon, Tesla, Zeekr Organizations: China News Service, Getty, CNBC, EU Locations: Beijing, BEIJING, China, Europe, Latin America, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai, Guangxi, Sweden, Netherlands, America, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore
The top US diplomat landed in Shanghai where he is expected to meet local officials and business leaders, and he will then travel to Beijing for meetings with senior Chinese officials. “We are in a different place than we were a year ago when the bilateral relationship was at an historic low point,” a senior State Department official said. “Russia is no longer kind of on its back foot,” a second senior State Department official said. Blinken will make the case that China should weigh in “more directly” with Iran to be less provocative in the region, the second senior State Department official said. “In both cases the Chinese have taken some early steps,” said the second senior State Department official, adding that there is still “much more” that needs to be done on both fronts.
Persons: Antony Blinken, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Janet Yellen, Biden, Xi, , , ” Blinken, Matthew Miller, Leah Millis, China’s, ” Xi, Blinken, ” Miller, it’s, Mark Swidan, Kai Li, David Lin Organizations: CNN, State Department, Ukraine, US, Foreign Ministry, of, People, Biden, Chinese Foreign Ministry, ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Beijing, Party, Taiwan, Communist, Taiwan Relations, White Locations: China, Ukraine, Shanghai, Beijing, California, Russia, Moscow, Italy, “ Russia, , Europe, United States, South China, Philippine, Washington, Philippines, South, Taiwan, Taiwan Strait, East, Iran
Not only would that deal another huge blow to China’s tech ambitions, it would further deepen the divide between two digital worlds centered around the rival economic superpowers. Congress on Tuesday approved legislation that could compel ByteDance to sell TikTok or face a national ban. That leaves few options for ByteDance to secure the future of TikTok in the US, its biggest market with 170 million users. “This includes everything from who owns and operates data centers, to space-based internet satellites, to undersea cables and, of course semiconductors.”In that sense, the TikTok ban has its silver lining for Beijing. Growing challenges for Chinese appsThe TikTok legislation was included in a wide-ranging foreign aid package meant to support Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.
Persons: Hong Kong CNN —, ByteDance, Joe Biden, TikTok, , , Alex Capri, Richard Windsor, Capri, Biden, Paul Triolo, ” Triolo, Wang Wenbin, CNN’s Marc Stewart, Triolo doesn’t, — CNN’s Wayne Chang, Marc Stewart Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Foundation, National University of Singapore’s Business, YouTube, Google, Radio Free Mobile, TikTok, Technology, Albright, Commerce Department, Commerce, China’s, Foreign Ministry, Facebook, Apple Locations: China, Hong Kong, America, Beijing, Capri, , Asia, Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, Silicon Valley, American, Bytedance, “ Beijing
A coalition of U.S. solar manufacturers petitioned the federal government on Wednesday to impose tariffs on imports from four Southeast Asian nations, alleging that the countries are flooding the U.S. market with cheap products that threaten the domestic industry. The other six parties to the petition are Convalt Energy, Meyer Burger, Mission Solar, Qcells, REC Silicon and Swift Solar. They are requesting that the Commerce Department impose tariffs on solar cell imports from the four countries as a remedy. "This case is bad news for clean energy jobs and American solar manufacturing," Array CEO Kevin Hostetler said in a statement Wednesday. The ITC and Commerce Department investigations will take about 12 months to conclude, Brightbill said.
Persons: Meyer Burger, Tim Brightbill, Joe Biden, Brightbill, Kevin Hostetler, Janet Yellen, Biden Organizations: U.S, Convalt Energy, International Trade Commission, Commerce, ITC, Initiative, Commerce Department, Solar Energy Industries Association, American Clean Power Association, Advanced Energy, American Council, Renewable Energy, Technologies, International Energy Agency, IEA, CNBC Locations: Zhangye city, Gansu province, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, U.S, The U.S, Beijing's
US and China's engagements don't mean they trust each other more, said Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . But just because they're talking more doesn't mean that they actually trust each other more, an analyst said on Wednesday. Earlier this month, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited China, seeking cooperation in areas beneficial to both countries. Advertisement"It's always better to have more engagement, more conversations — especially when you don't trust each other," Bremmer said.
Persons: Ian Bremmer, , Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, there's, Bremmer, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, State Anthony Blinken, William Lai — Organizations: Service, Eurasia Group, Bloomberg, APEC, Defense, State Locations: Eurasia, Ian Bremmer . Washington, China, Taiwan, San Francisco, US, Washington, Taiwan —, Beijing
“President Biden’s remarks may have been a slip of the tongue; however, my country does not deserve to be labeled as such,” Marape said. While cannibalism was documented among remote tribes in the region in the mid-20th century, Papua New Guinea has struggled to shed stereotypes in more recent decades, and Biden’s comments were met with criticism inside the country. “These apparent untrue remarks by the sitting President is a low point in our bilateral relations,” Tkatchenko said. “He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals in New Guinea at the time. When asked about the remarks, the White House did not repeat Biden’s assertions about cannibals or his uncle’s plane being shot down.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Biden, Ambrose Finnegan’s, James Marape, Biden’s, ” Marape, , Justin Tkatchenko, Washington, ” Tkatchenko, Marape, , Ambrose Finnegan, ” “, Finnegan “ Organizations: CNN, Papua New Guinea, Allied, Australian, Embassy, Moresby, Defense POW, Agency Locations: Papua New Guinea, Pacific, New Guinea, Papua New, Port Moresby, Beijing, United States, , U.S, Pennsylvania
BEIJING — China's state-directed economy may be creating the conditions for a new wave of bond defaults that could come as soon as next year, according to an S&P Global Ratings report released Tuesday. It comes against a backdrop of extremely few defaults in China amid concerns about overall growth in the world's second-largest economy. China's corporate bond default rate fell to 0.2% in 2023, the lowest in at least 8 years and far below the global rate of about 2.6%, S&P data showed. "We've seen directives or guidance from the government in the past year to discourage defaults in the bond market." "The question is: When the guidance to avoid the defaults in the bond market [ends], what happens to the bond market?"
Persons: Charles Chang, that's, Chang, We've Organizations: Country Garden Holdings Co Locations: Phoenix, Heyuan, Guangdong province, China, BEIJING
London CNN —European Union officials have raided the offices of a Chinese company as part of a probe into subsidies, exposing rising tensions between the bloc and one of its biggest trading partners. The European Commission said Tuesday that it carried out “unannounced inspections” at the premises of a company making and selling security equipment in Europe, which it suspects may have benefited unduly from state subsidies. “The commission has indications that the inspected company may have received foreign subsidies that could distort the (EU’s) internal market,” the EU’s executive body said in a statement on its website. The China Chamber of Commerce to the EU said Wednesday that it had been informed that a Chinese company was the target of the investigation. The Foreign Subsidies Regulation, which came into force last July, is aimed at addressing market distortions caused by subsidies from foreign governments and ensuring that EU companies are competing on a level playing field.
Persons: , , ” Ursula von der Leyen, Janet Yellen Organizations: London CNN — European Union, European Commission, China Chamber of Commerce, EU, CNN Locations: Europe, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, China, Puglia, Italy, United States, Beijing
Read previewUS President Joe Biden last week called for a tripling of tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports, echoing former President Donald Trump's levies on a range of goods from China. Biden — who is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party's presidential nominee — said China's steel production was backed by state funds, which enable the commodity to be sold cheaply to the US. He wants to hike a key tariff on Chinese steel and aluminum from 7.5% to 25%. AdvertisementHowever, the US isn't a large Chinese steel importer. AdvertisementLin added that China's steel sector is geared toward meeting domestic demand and doesn't receive any export-oriented subsidies.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Donald Trump's, Biden —, Trump, Chim Lee, Biden, Lin Jian, Lin, Janet Yellen, EIU's Lee Organizations: Service, Democratic, Business, Bloomberg, Economist Intelligence Locations: China, Beijing, Chile, Brazil
There's only one person to blame for the company's shambolic state and only one person whose exit could save Tesla: Elon Musk. Investors want to see a concrete plan for a whole new fleet of Teslas made for a leaner, meaner EV market. The company needs a serious leader with practical ideas — no self-driving gimmicks, no blowtorches, no broken Cybertrucks, no shitposting, no video-game marathons, and no casual ketamine use. AdvertisementA true visionary CEO — which Musk has long claimed to be — would have pressed the advantage that Tesla developed in the EV market. He asserted that Tesla was not a car company but rather an AI robotics company.
Persons: Tesla, Elon, Musk, Gross, Teslas, Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki, Tesla's, Gerber, Ron DeSantis, Navdeep Sodhi, innovating, , Elon fanboys, Lex Luthor Organizations: Tesla, EV, Reuters, Bloomberg, Auto, Twitter, bungled, Sodhi, Fremont Factory Locations: Shanghai, San Jose, China, Elon, Germany, Texas, Beijing, Red, Berlin
The Xiaomi SU7 on display at the Mobile World Congress 2024. Arjun Kharpal | CNBCBEIJING — Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi 's new electric vehicle is selling better than expected, putting it closer to break-even despite undercutting Tesla 's Model 3 on price. For context, Tesla China sold more than 600,000 cars last year, according to the China Passenger Car Association. Li Auto had a gross margin of 23.5% in the fourth quarter last year, while Nio's gross margin was 7.5%, both up from the year-ago period. Tesla's gross margin has successively declined over the past five quarters to 17.4% in the first three months of this year.
Persons: Arjun Kharpal, undercutting Tesla, Xiaomi, Lei Jun, Li Auto, Nio, Lei Organizations: Mobile, CNBC BEIJING, Citi, China Passenger Car Association, Li, CNBC Locations: Beijing, China
A logo of SenseTime is seen during 2021 China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition at China International Exhibition Center on May 29, 2021 in Beijing, China. Shares of SenseTime Group surged more than 30% on Wednesday, after the Chinese AI giant announced its latest generative artificial intelligence model, called SenseNova 5.0. The company's shares traded as high as 82 Hong Kong cents a share, or 34.42% higher than its previous close of 61 cents. SenseTime said in a release that the major advancement in SenseNova 5.0 focuses on knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, and coding capabilities.
Persons: SenseTime Organizations: China Content Broadcasting Network, China International Exhibition Center, SenseTime, Hong Locations: China, Beijing, Hong Kong
Tech stocks are heavily exposed to China, which could put gains at risk, according to Piper Sandler. Tech companies are especially vulnerable to any weakness in China, with semiconductor businesses notably generating more than 30% of their sales in the country, the note read. In April, the VanEck Semiconductor ETF (SMH) has dropped about 7%, underperforming the S & P 500's more than 3% decline during the same period. "S & P large caps have near-record exposure to a China that is wobbly economically, with an increasingly authoritarian Heavy Hand of regulation," Lazar wrote Wednesday. S & P Global Ratings this week noted the country could be in for a new wave of bond defaults that could come as soon as next year, further fueling those worries.
Persons: Piper Sandler, Nancy Lazar, Lazar, — CNBC's Evelyn Cheng Organizations: Tech, Street Journal, VanEck Semiconductor, Devices, Intel Locations: China, Beijing, Shanghai
Blinken Goes to China With Potential Trouble on Horizon
  + stars: | 2024-04-24 | by ( Vivian Wang | )   time to read: +1 min
Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will arrive in China on Wednesday to try to preserve the recent and delicate stabilization of ties between the United States and China, as tensions over trade, territorial disputes and national security threaten to derail relations again. Even as Mr. Blinken’s plane approached Shanghai, the challenges ahead were apparent. The political season in the United States also looms as a complication. With the presidential election nearing, Democrats and Republicans are vying to appear tougher on China. And if former President Donald Trump is re-elected, he could reverse Beijing’s and Washington’s efforts to steady the relationship.
Persons: Antony J, Blinken, Blinken’s, Biden, Donald Trump Organizations: U.S . Senate, Republicans, State Department Locations: China, United States, Shanghai, Taiwan, Beijing, Russia, South China
A bill that would force a sale of TikTok by its Chinese owner, ByteDance — or ban it outright — was passed by the Senate on Tuesday and is expected to be signed quickly into law by President Biden. Now the process is likely to get even more complicated. Congress passed the measure citing national security concerns because of TikTok’s Chinese ties. The measure is likely to face legal challenges, as well as possible resistance from Beijing, which could block the sale or export of the technology. It’s also unclear who has the resources to buy TikTok, since it will carry a hefty price tag.
Persons: ByteDance, , Biden, TikTok, It’s Locations: United States, Beijing
download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . They're struggling to make it in big cities as the world's second-largest economy suffers from a flailing property market and slow post-pandemic consumption recovery. Going big on smaller citiesChina's smaller cities aren't exactly an untapped market. KFC and Pizza Hut operator Yum China, which plans to add 6,000 stores in China by 2026, is also betting big on small cities. AdvertisementThe cost of living crisis driving young people out of China's big cities is a trend that echoes across continents.
Persons: , MetroDataTech, They're, Joey Wat, DPC, Canyandata Organizations: Migrants, Service, KFC, Bloomberg, Starbucks, Yum Locations: megacities, Shanghai, Shenzhen, MetroDataTech, China, Beijing, , Yum China, Local, Fuzhou, Korea, New York City, London
The US is drafting sanctions on Chinese lenders, The Wall Street Journal reported. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Previously, the threat of US secondary sanctions has already sparked a pullback in Chinese-Russian financial dealings, including restricted yuan payment transactions. New sanctions could go as far as cutting China from accessing the US dollar, the linchpin currency used in global trade.
Persons: , hasn't, State Anthony Blinken, Wang Webin Organizations: Street Journal, Service, Lawmakers, Street, Center for Strategic, International, Washington, State, Reuters Locations: China, Russia, Washington, Beijing, Moscow, Ukraine, Russian, Western, Europe
Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser praised China for making solar panels and electric vehicles affordable. Saudi Arabia is fostering closer ties with China and wooing Chinese investments and business partnerships. Unlike the West, Saudi Arabia is cozying up to China. "There are lots of opportunities for China to invest in Saudi Arabia," Alibrahim told the media outlet. In March last year, China brokered a détente between Saudi Arabia and Iran, prompting concerns over waning US influence in the Middle East.
Persons: Amin Nasser, Nasser, China's overcapacity, Janet Yellen, Olaf Scholz, China Nasser's, Faisal Alibrahim, Alibrahim, Jon Alterman Organizations: Saudi, Service, Saudi Aramco, World Energy, Financial Times, West, Nikkei, Aramco, Center for Strategic, International Studies, China Economic, Security Locations: China, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, Saudi, Rotterdam, East Asia, Beijing, Saudi Arabian, Iran, United States
How the Senate Voted on Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Israel and TaiwanThe Senate on Tuesday passed the long-stalled $95.3 billion package of aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, along with legislation that could lead to a ban on TikTok, clearing the measure and sending it to President Biden for his signature. Total Bar chart of total votes Yes 0 0 0 0 Votes needed No 0 0 0 0 Note: Three senators did not vote. The measure includes $60.8 billion for Ukraine; $26.4 billion for Israel and humanitarian aid for civilians in conflict zones, including Gaza; and $8.1 billion for the Indo-Pacific region. It took Mr. Johnson two additional months to figure out a way to steer around his right flank and do so. The TikTok provision was included as part of an effort to sweeten the deal for conservatives.
Persons: Biden, Mike Johnson, Donald J, Trump, Johnson Organizations: Foreign Aid, Senate, Dem, Capitol, Republicans, Lawmakers Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, Gaza, Iran, United States, Beijing
New Delhi CNN —Huawei is not only making a roaring comeback in China, it is also on the verge of overtaking Apple in the world’s largest smartphone market. Its market share now stands at 15.7%, while Huawei’s has jumped to 15.5%, from 9.3% last year. Counterpoint’s data comes just days after another market research firm IDC said Apple’s global smartphone sales had tumbled 10% in the first quarter, mainly because of loss of momentum in China. Overall smartphone sales in China grew 1.5% in the first quarter, according to Counterpoint. Local smartphone makers Vivo and Honor were the top two brands by market share.
Persons: , Ivan Lam, Huawei’s Organizations: New, New Delhi CNN, Huawei, Apple, Research, IDC Locations: New Delhi, China, Shenzhen, Washington, Beijing, United States, China . China
BEIJING — Chinese video streaming platform iQiyi is turning its attention to the country's aging population, while using artificial intelligence tools to bolster content production. One of iQiyi's near-term goals is to improve the product offering for older users, CEO and founder Gong Yu said Tuesday at the company's annual conference. Gong also pointed to estimates that predict about one-fourth of China's population will be considered elderly in 2033, rising to one-third in 2053. Fewer children, Gong said, means each child becomes more important. He said iQiyi would improve the quality of its content for children.
Persons: Gong Yu, Gong Organizations: Netflix, CNBC Locations: China, U.S, BEIJING, iQiyi's
A slide in iPhone sales has left Apple in third place in China, per Counterpoint Research estimates. Chinese-based rivals Vivo and Honor outpaced Apple's sales in the first quarter of the year, per Counterpoint data. AdvertisementIn stark contrast with Apple's slide, Huawei sales soared by almost 70% compared with the first three months of 2023. Counterpoint research analyst Ivan Lam said in a note that Huawei's surge had directly affected iPhone sales in China. NurPhoto/Getty ImagesDespite the stiff competition, Lam said iPhone sales could still reverse their downward slide.
Persons: , Apple's, Ivan Lam, Apple, Tim Cook, Cook, Lam Organizations: Apple, Service, Counterpoint Research, Vivo, Huawei, China, Forum, Publishing, Getty, European Commission, Department of Justice, Business Locations: China, Huawei's, Shanghai, Beijing, Europe
Saudi Arabia just took its Neom roadshow to China. Neom officials visited Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in an attempt to court Chinese investors. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementSaudi Arabia took its Neom roadshow to China amid ongoing speculation about the scope of the project and its finances. Neom officials visited Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong last week in an attempt to court Chinese investors and shed more light on the mysterious megacity.
Persons: Organizations: Service, AFP, Business Locations: Saudi Arabia, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong
Germany arrests three suspected of spying for China
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Three German nationals have been arrested on suspicion of working with the Chinese secret service to hand over technologies that could be used for military purposes, German prosecutors said on Monday. The suspects were identified as Herwig F. and Ina F, a married couple who run a company in Dusseldorf, and Thomas R., whom prosecutors described as an agent for an employee of China's Ministry of State Security (MSS). The Chinese contract partner was the MSS employee from whom Thomas R. received his orders, it added. The suspects also purchased a special laser from Germany on behalf of and with payment from the MSS and exported it to China without authorisation, according to the prosecutors. The Chinese embassy in Berlin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Persons: Herwig, Ina F, Thomas R, Olaf Scholz Organizations: China's Ministry of State Security, Russia Locations: Dusseldorf, Germany, China, Beijing, Europe, Berlin
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