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In September, about a dozen founders arrived in Miami to participate in AI Forge, a new startup incubator. Courtesy of an AI Forge Miami participantJackson said that none of the Miami founders had complained about developers turning work in late. AI Forge agreed to take over 9% of their businesses, "but that means they've got the other 91%," he said. Two Miami founders said they were considering taking legal action against AI Forge over their late and missing payments. AdvertisementAI Forge discontinued its Miami program after the first run, but it launched its third London program in May.
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Biden won California by 29 points in 2020, and Harris will surely win the deep blue state in her own right. Along the way, Harris' political trajectory opened up doors to places that other candidates eyeing the White House have to fly across the country to reach. AdvertisementAs a presidential candidate, Harris won't be a stranger to the tech giants that fueled so much growth in her state. And should Harris win the White House, there'd be a familiar face influencing policy and legislation on relevant tech issues for the foreseeable future, which is something that doesn't come along everyday. Harris hasn't secured the Democratic nomination yet, but if she does, California could be in for some of its sunniest days yet.
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Read previewPhiladelphia has joined the national guaranteed basic income wave — with a focus on pregnant people and families experiencing housing insecurity. AdvertisementPhilly Joy Bank hopes to improve birth outcomesThe Philly Joy Bank pilot will offer $1,000 a month for 18 months to pregnant people beginning in their second trimester. It is a partnership between the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Philadelphia City Fund — with funding coming from the city and various foundations. Guaranteed income programs like Philly Joy Bank "should be the standard, not the exception," Coaxum said. Participants will pay about 30% of their personal monthly income toward housing, then they will receive guaranteed income to cover any remaining balance.
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The mercurial billionaire gave his endorsement to Trump, just minutes after the GOP presidential candidate was nearly assassinated on July 13. Since then, Musk has only doubled down on Trump and his newly minted running mate, Vance on his social media platform, X. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 21, 2024Trump/Vance LFG!! — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 21, 2024Trump/Vance LFG!! Related storiesThe potential switch in Democratic nominee to Harris hasn't swayed Musk, who started criticizing her candidacy on Sunday.
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The billionaires backing a new utopian city outside San Francisco have put their plans on hold. The California Forever company said it won't put forward a planned ballot initiative this year. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . You can opt-out at any time by visiting our Preferences page or by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email.
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Introduction to Chase Ultimate Rewards®The Chase Ultimate Rewards® rewards program is frequently considered one of the top credit card point systems available today — and for good reason. Earning Chase Ultimate Rewards pointsThe only way to earn rewards in the Chase Ultimate Rewards ecosystem is to open and use a Chase card that operates within this program. Redeem points for experiences (point values vary)You can also use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book special experiences, including one-of-a-kind events hosted by Chase. Chase Ultimate Rewards frequently asked questionsAre Chase Ultimate Rewards worth it? Chase Ultimate Rewards is a versatile and highly regarded rewards program offered by Chase Bank.
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In recent months, Mr. Son has been laying out plans for a new big bet: self-driving cars. Befitting his maverick approach, Mr. Son’s pitch does not resemble other efforts to develop autonomous vehicles. That way, the thinking goes, they will be able to overcome the challenges that have led some to abandon self-driving car efforts. In recent months, Mr.
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I want my daughter to experience financial discomfortAbout 20 years ago, I met my wife, another Baha'i from Iran. I believe wealth is only commendable if earnedMost importantly, I want my daughters to work. While I plan to leave my daughters a small inheritance to ensure their financial security, I won't leave them enough money that they don't need to work. I want my children to have enough money to house themselves, get an education, and meet their basic needs. Beyond that, I believe money can corrupt if it's given rather than earned.
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The historic endorsement came after Biden announced Sunday that he is dropping out of the race following weeks of disarray within the Democratic Party. My very first decision as the party nominee in 2020 was to pick Kamala Harris as my Vice President. Despite the president’s backing, it remains unclear whether Harris will become the nominee, or what process the Democratic Party would take to select an alternative. Dmitri Mehlhorn, a Democratic political strategist advising several big-money backers, released a statement Sunday following Biden’s withdrawal supporting Harris. After she dropped out, Harris became a prominent surrogate for Biden before being named his vice presidential pick in August 2020.
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Joe Biden's dropping out of the election prompted a reaction from Elon Musk, who backs Trump. Musk claims tech industry loyalty is shifting to Republicans, citing individual freedom and merit. Top Silicon Valley investors, including Ben Horowitz and Peter Thiel, are also backing Trump. AdvertisementJust minutes after US President Joe Biden announced he was dropping his campaign for re-election, Elon Musk announced that his Silicon Valley friends had already moved on to the Republican Party. "My smartest friends, including those living in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been lifelong Dems, are excited about Trump/Vance," Musk posted on X.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Elon Musk, Ben Horowitz, Peter Thiel, , Joe Biden, Vance, Musk Organizations: Trump, Service, Republican Party, Business Locations: San Francisco Bay
On a sunny summer day two years ago, Mark Murphy hosted one of the most unusual events in corporate America: the Green Bay Packers’ annual meeting. He speaks bluntly, eschews jargon and disarms critics with a dry sense of humor. He said the Packers would play the most games in prime time of any team, a sign of their success and popularity. Next year, he will hit the Packers’ mandatory chief executive retirement age of 70 and must step down. Ed Policy, the team’s chief operating officer and general counsel, was chosen last month as his successor and will take over next July.
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And there was great, great sorrow. They’re going to be OK. They’re going to be doing very well. Now he’s going to get on the plane in a little while and he’s going to go back home to his wife. Great, great student at Yale. So many — just so many heroes, so many great, great people.
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Victor Conte is a sports coach who designed doping programs with world-class athletes. Through his platform, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, or BALCO, he supplied an untraceable designer steroid among other drugs to competitors who dominated the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympics. Conte used a transparent anabolic steroid nicknamed "the clear" in training programs with track athletes such as Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. He also developed doping programs for athletes in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and other sports federations. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Cheng Pei Pei, a trailblazer for women in Asian martial arts cinema and a star of the 2000 blockbuster “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” died on July 17 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Cheng was born on Jan. 6, 1946, in Shanghai. Trained in ballet and traditional Chinese dance, she began her acting career in Hong Kong in 1964 and became one of the stars of the wuxia genre of martial arts films. Her breakout role was in the mid-’60s kung fu classic “Come Drink With Me.”“Our mom Cheng Pei Pei wanted to be remembered for who she was: the legendary ‘Queen of Martial Arts,’” her family said in a statement. “She loved being an actress and knew, even with her hard work, how fortunate she was to have the career she had.”
Persons: Cheng Pei Pei, , Cheng, , Organizations: trailblazer, Echelon Talent Management, Martial Arts Locations: San Francisco Bay, Shanghai, Hong Kong
Many European countries have also given more as a proportion of their GDP than the US has. AP Photo/Peter DejongIn early 2023, France became the first Western country to promise to send Ukraine Western armored combat vehicles. European countries have also led in letting Ukraine use Western weapons to hit military targets in Russia. But there are still hangups, and some European countries want partner support for Ukraine to go much further. He said that for most Americans, "if you ask them to name five European countries, they probably wouldn't be able to do it."
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. The blade of an offshore wind turbine broke into pieces last week and washed ashore on tony Nantucket, the Massachusetts island favored by New Englanders and the very wealthy. Still, all Nantucket beaches were fully open by Wednesday, though the island's Harbormaster cautioned people to wear shoes and keep pets off certain areas. AdvertisementIn April, billionaire Barry Sternlicht's home was demolished due to property damage caused by erosion. It looks like snow, rain, hail, and a little wind turbine debris won't be enough to turn people off of the Gray Lady.
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CNN —Angel City FC (ACFC) will become the most valuable women’s professional sports team in the world, the club announced Wednesday. Angel City FC plays in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) – the top division of women’s soccer in the US. “ACFC and these incredible athletes have already had a tremendous impact on the NWSL, women’s soccer, and the Los Angeles community. “With this investment of resources and capital, we hope to accelerate the growth of the Club and the NWSL. There are 56 NWSL players on Olympic rosters – including Angel City FC defender and New Zealand captain Ali Riley.
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But there’s a small, powerful sect of Silicon Valley billionaires who are carving a path for the maybe-Trumpers and the MAGA-curious in the tech world. David Sacks, the billionaire tech investor, co-hosted a fundraiser last month at his San Francisco home and spoke at the Republican National Convention on Monday. In the last election cycle, the few Trump backers that existed in the Valley largely kept their support under the radar. Their numbers are still small, but they’re no longer hiding, and their wallets are open. And, as Kovacevich notes, just because there are a few big names turning toward Trump, “they’re not speaking for everybody.”“In fact, most of the big company CEOs aren’t terribly involved in partisan politics,” Kovacevich says.
Persons: CNN Business ’, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, MAGA, Elon Musk, Trump, David Sacks, San Francisco, Doug Leone, Palantir, Joe Lonsdale, what’s, Adam Kovacevich, , , Biden, Lina Khan, Joe Biden’s, Gary Gensler, who’s, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, Trump’s, hasn’t, they’ve, Reid Hoffman, Eric Schmidt, aren’t, ” Kovacevich, “ They’re Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN, Silicon, Wall Street, Trump, America PAC, San, Republican National Convention, Sequoia Capital, Biden, of, Financial Times, SEC, Big Tech, LinkedIn, Google Locations: New York, Silicon
However, Kiwis practiced "fearless parenting," reinforcing a sense of adventure, the need for sustainability, and problem-solving skills from birth through childhood. This is when I learned that most Kiwi parents tend to measure danger in two categories — possible or probable. New Zealand parents rely on imagination and ingenuity to make use of old things, so there is a tendency to conserve more and waste less. AdvertisementWhile US parents may be inclined to use devices or television to pass the time, in New Zealand, parents emphasize "messy play." We always wanted Faith to have the skills she needed to adapt anywhere — whether in Oakland, California, or Auckland, New Zealand.
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Andreessen and Horowitz are the latest and most prominent members of the startup investing community to publicly support Trump. Up until now, there have been pockets of vocal Trump support within Silicon Valley, including conservative provocateur Peter Thiel, the pugnacious hosts of the All-In podcast, and Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale. WE HAVE A FORMER TECH VC IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Most of the VCs Business Insider spoke to were unanimously against Kahn. "If it is Biden vs. Trump officially, I think many '"never Trumpers" will go with Trump," said a Bay Area VC.
Persons: , Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz, Marc Andreessen, Donald Trump, Sen, JD Vance, Peter Thiel's, Steve Case, Andreessen, Horowitz, provocateur Peter Thiel, Palantir, Joe Lonsdale, Elon Musk, who's, Joe Biden, Vance, Trump, IT'S JD VANCE, WE, MAGA, he's, Bradley Tusk, Chuck Schumer, Tusk, Lina Khan, That's, what's, Kahn, Lina Kahn, Khan, Biden, they're, David Hornik Organizations: Service, The Little, Business, Trump, Wall Street, Founder's Fund, TECH, Democratic, Biden, FTC, SEC, Bay, Republican, Sequoia Capital, Lobby Locations: America, Silicon Valley, New York, Delian, San Francisco, Silicon, There's
Bob Iger is now a controlling owner of the Los Angeles-based Angel City FC. Iger and his wife, Willow Bay, reached a deal with the soccer franchise worth $250 million. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementBob Iger and Willow Bay are the new majority owners of Angel City FC. The deal makes Angel City FC the most valuable women's sports team in the world, and the couple plan to invest an extra $50 million into the club.
Persons: Bob Iger, Willow, Organizations: Los, Angel City FC, Iger, Service, Walt Disney Co, USC Annenberg School for Communication, Journalism, Business Locations: Los Angeles, Willow Bay, Willow
Willow Bay and Bob Iger will take a controlling stake in Angel City Football Club, the world's most valuable women's professional sports team. On Wednesday, Angel City of the National Women's Soccer League announced the couple had agreed to an investment of an undisclosed amount that values the team at $250 million. The club said Bay and Iger will invest an additional $50 million in the club's future growth. Bay will serve on and have full control of the Angel City FC board, the team said. Last year, Angel City FC generated the highest revenue of any women's team in the world.
Persons: Bob Iger, Willow Organizations: Walt Disney Co, Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, Angel City Football Club, National Women's Soccer League, Angel City FC, ACFC Locations: Sun Valley , Idaho, Willow, Angel City
Shannen Doherty was difficult. Shannen Doherty, the star of multiple hit movies and television shows, is difficult. Ms. Doherty died on Saturday, at the age of 53, of the cancer with which she was diagnosed in 2015. The glee with which they were once consumed no longer feels appropriate. Ms. Doherty made her fair share of mistakes, but Gen X’s quintessential bad girl no longer looks all that bad.
Persons: Shannen Doherty, Ms, Doherty, Britney Spears’s, Justin Timberlake, Katherine Heigl, Megan Fox, , Michael Bay, Hitler Locations: Beverly Hills
CNN —A Wisconsin man and his daughter were found dead in Canyonlands National Park in Utah on Friday after the pair got lost and ran out of water while hiking amid soaring temperatures. Albino Herrera Espinoza, 52, and his daughter, Beatriz Herrera, 23, were visiting the southeast Utah park from their home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and hiking the Syncline Loop Trail where the temperature at the time was over 100 degrees, according to the National Park Service. The pair were found deceased just 15 minutes apart Friday shortly before 6 p.m. after the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the National Park Service “of a deceased hiker in the Upheaval Dome area of Canyonlands National Park,” a news release from the sheriff’s office said. The United States is experiencing a historically hot summer as the heat goes on a July killing spree. It’s been the hottest summer on record for around 100 US cities from Maine to California.
Persons: Albino Herrera Espinoza, Beatriz Herrera, Espinoza, El, It’s, Organizations: CNN, National Park Service, WGBA, San, San Juan County Sheriff’s, NPS, Land Management, Utah State Office, Medical Locations: Wisconsin, Utah, Green Bay , Wisconsin, Green Bay, San Juan County, Land, Land Management Moab, Salt Lake City, United States, Maine, California
Elon Musk says he’s moving SpaceX and X to Texas
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New York CNN —Elon Musk says he’s moving his companies out of California. In two posts on X Tuesday, the billionaire said he will move SpaceX’s HQ from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase, Texas, a company town being built in the southern part of the state. Social media platform X will move from San Francisco to Austin, Texas, he then said. In 2021, Musk said he would move Tesla HQ from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas. CNN has reached out to X, SpaceX and Newsom’s office for comment.
Persons: New York CNN — Elon Musk, Musk, Gavin Newsom, ” Musk, , , CNN’s Chris Isidore Organizations: New, New York CNN, SpaceX, Lone Star State, CNN Locations: New York, California, Hawthorne , California, Starbase , Texas, San Francisco, Austin , Texas, Delaware, Texas
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