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But Google's Tuesday video shows one of the major pitfalls of AI: wrong, not just bad, advice. A minute into the flashy, quick-paced video, Gemini AI in Google Search presented a factual error first spotted by The Verge. Professional photographers — or anyone who has used a film camera — know that this is a terrible idea. AdvertisementEarlier this year, the Gemini chatbot was hammered for refusing to produce pictures of white people. Last year, users of Bing, Microsoft's AI chatbot, reported strange interactions with the bot.
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Gemini Advanced is the newest generative AI system to hit the market as part of Google's new AI Premium package, which is available for $19.99 a month. Gemini Advanced is built off the back of Google's Bard chatbot, which was launched last year and is free to use. Gemini Advanced is available in 40 languages online, and will also have mobile functionality via the Google app on iOS. Google's efforts come in the wake of the generative AI craze pioneered by ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. And Grok, developed by Elon Musk's xAI, is available to premium subscribers on X, formerly Twitter, for $16 per month.
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Google Joins Effort to Help Spot Content Made With A.I.
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Google, whose work in artificial intelligence helped make A.I.-generated content far easier to create and spread, now wants to ensure that such content is traceable as well. The tech giant said on Thursday that it was joining an effort to develop credentials for digital content, a sort of “nutrition label” that identifies when and how a photograph, a video, an audio clip or another file was produced or altered — including with A.I. The announcement follows a similar promise announced on Tuesday by Meta, which like Google has enabled the easy creation and distribution of artificially generated content. Its Bard chatbot is connected to some of the company’s most popular consumer services, such as Gmail and Docs. On YouTube, which Google owns and which will be included in the digital credential effort, users can quickly find videos featuring realistic digital avatars pontificating on current events in voices powered by text-to-speech services.
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Google is renaming its AI assistant Bard to Gemini. It's also finally giving users access to Gemini Ultra, its most powerful AI model yet. "It's all sort of a clean-up and embracing of Gemini as our AI brand," Hsiao told BI on Wednesday. It's like, there's a Gemini model, but the product is Bard. A version of Gemini has powered the Bard chatbot since then, although Google stopped short of releasing the most powerful Gemini model, known as Ultra.
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Google is immediately releasing a standalone Gemini app for smartphones running on its Android software. Photos You Should See View All 15 ImagesThe Gemini app initially will be released in the U.S. in English before expanding to the Asia-Pacific region next week, with versions in Japanese and Korean. Besides the free version of Gemini, Google will be selling an advanced service accessible through the new app for $20 a month. Google is offering a free two-month trial of Gemini Advanced to encourage people to try it out. In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Puchai predicted the technology underlying Gemini Advanced will be able to outthink even the smartest people when tackling many complex topics.
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One theme investors heard repeatedly from top execs is that, when it comes to AI, they have to spend money to make money. Last year marked the beginning of the generative AI boom, as companies raced to embed increasingly sophisticated chatbots and assistants across key products. One key priority area, based on the latest earnings calls, is AI models-as-a-service, or large AI models that clients can use and customize according to their needs. Alphabet executives highlighted Vertex AI, a Google product that offers more than 130 generative AI models for use by developers and enterprise clients such as Samsung and Shutterstock. Alphabet executives touted Google's Duet AI, or "packaged AI agents" for Google Workspace and Google Cloud, designed to boost productivity and complete simple tasks.
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What history shows: GM beats earnings estimates 87% of the time, according to data from Bespoke Investment Group. Alphabet is set to report earnings after the close. What history shows: Alphabet averages a 1.45% gain after reporting earnings, Bespoke data shows. What history shows: Amazon exceeds earnings expectations 63% of the time, according to Bespoke. What history shows: Meta shares have risen in three of the last four earnings days, per Bespoke, including a 23.3% rally.
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Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai departs federal court on October 30, 2023 in Washington, DC. Appen, based in Australia, has helped train AI models for a star-studded list of tech behemoths. Five customers — Microsoft , Apple , Meta , Google and Amazon — have in the past accounted for 80% of Appen's revenue. Alphabet accounted for roughly one-third of Appen's revenue, meaning the decision to end the relationship will impact "at least two thousand subcontracted Alphabet workers," according to a statement Monday from the Alphabet Workers Union. Alphabet has cut contractual ties with Appen , the artificial intelligence data firm that helped train Google's chatbot Bard, Google Search results and other AI products.
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The generative AI future will not be free
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Our paid AI futureToday, we're at the start of a similarly exciting new technology wave with generative AI. Even Google, the master of free online services, is considering paid subscriptions for some of its new AI offerings. So, why will generative AI offerings be paid from the start? One possible answer is that ads may not work as well in this new generative AI future. Charging for new generative AI services is one way to create new earnings.
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The proposal to classify AI systems by four levels of risk — from minimal to unacceptable — was essentially intended as product safety legislation. That changed with the boom in generative AI, which sparked wonder by composing music, creating images and writing essays resembling human work. Foundation models give generative AI systems such as ChatGPT the ability to create something new, unlike traditional AI, which processes data and completes tasks using predetermined rules. Resistance to government rules for these AI systems came from an unlikely place: France, Germany and Italy. “The race should be for the best AI regulations, not the first AI regulations."
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NO MATTER HOW much time we spend unclogging our email inboxes on any given day, more calendar invites, premeeting memos and “urgent” tech updates will pile up tomorrow. Given the scale of the problem, it might feel like a personal email butler is necessary. Companies like Shortwave, launched by ex-Googlers, or Sanebox, a $3.49-a-month utility, offer third-party extensions that can triage your unread messages. Major email platforms are increasingly developing similar tools. When drafting a note in Gmail, for instance, you can now add context that Google’s Bard chatbot pulls from your Google Calendar, Maps searches and Google’s other apps.
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AdvertisementAdvertisementGoogle contractors with Accenture, who write Google Help articles and review AI-generated content from the Bard chatbot, voted on Monday to unionize with the Alphabet Workers Union, which represents Google employees and contractors. The vote comes after a coalition of 118 Accenture workers announced their union in June. Google is currently appealing the NLRB's September ruling that it is joint employer of Accenture contractors. Accenture contractors worked on BardGoogle rushed its release of Bard in an effort to make a product to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Other Google contractors have unionizedMonday's vote marks the second time this year that contractors for Google successfully voted to unionize with the NLRB.
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Sunak's speech came as the British government gears up to host the AI Safety Summit next week. Sunak announced that the U.K. will set up the world's first AI safety institute to evaluate and test new types of AI in order understand the risks. At the AI Safety Summit next week, Sunak said he will propose to set up a "truly global expert panel nominated by the countries and organizations attending to publish a state of AI science report." The U.K. has some notable AI firms, such as Alphabet-owned DeepMind, as well as strong tech-geared universities. But there can be no serious strategy for AI without at least trying to engage all of the world's leading AI powers," Sunak said.
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Google's Philip Moyer told Insider that generative AI will boost job satisfaction. He said AI tools are cutting out tedious work and that workers are now "waiting for it to show up." Some fear AI could lead to job losses, with Goldman Sachs saying 300 million jobs could be impacted. Philip Moyer, vice president of Google Cloud's global AI business, told Insider that rather than taking workers' jobs, generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard will likely boost job satisfaction and help employees be more productive. However, it has faced questions over the accuracy of generative AI tools such as its Bard chatbot, which like its rival ChatGPT is prone to "hallucinating" wildly false information .
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chatbot ChatGPT last year, the San Francisco start-up OpenAI added digital guardrails meant to prevent its system from doing things like generating hate speech and disinformation. Now a paper from researchers at Princeton, Virginia Tech, Stanford and IBM says those guardrails aren’t as sturdy as A.I. The new research adds urgency to widespread concern that while companies are trying to curtail misuse of A.I., they are overlooking ways it can still generate harmful material. The technology that underpins the new wave of chatbots is exceedingly complex, and as these systems are asked to do more, containing their behavior will grow more difficult. for good uses and keep its unlawful uses behind a locked door,” said Scott Emmons, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who specializes in this kind of technology.
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In an invitation-only Discord chat, Googlers have been discussing the bot. First announced in February, Google's Bard chatbot is one of the company's flagship generative AI products. The launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT months earlier reportedly put the company on high alert and led to resources being poured into generative AI projects. Google's Bard, for example, falsely said there was a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel despite the recent violent escalation between the two nations. This is also not the first time Googlers have raised doubts about Google's generative AI push.
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REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsOct 4 (Reuters) - Google on Wednesday announced plans to add generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its virtual assistant, and a company executive told Reuters the AI would allow the assistant to do things like help people plan a trip or catch up on emails and then ask follow-up questions. The Alphabet (GOOGL.O) subsidiary said during its hardware event in New York that it plans to add generative AI features from its Bard chatbot into Google's version of a virtual assistant, that aims to provide personalized help with reasoning and generative capabilities on mobile devices. "(A) whole task is done through a couple of simple questions that you're asking your assistant, which is, we think, a very, very powerful concept," Sissie Hsiao vice president, Google assistant and Bard said in an interview with Reuters. Google and other tech companies have been racing to build some form of generative AI into new or existing products. It will not include revenue generating features, Hsiao said, because Google is still in the "learning phase" with generative AI.
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OpenAI's ChatGPT can now "see, hear and speak" — or, at least, understand spoken words, respond with a synthetic voice and process images, the company announced Monday. Users will also be able to share images with ChatGPT and highlight areas of focus or analysis (think: "What kinds of clouds are these?"). The big feature push comes alongside ever-rising stakes of the AI arms race among chatbot leaders such as OpenAI, Microsoft , Google and Anthropic. Experts have raised concerns about AI-generated synthetic voices, which in this case could allow users a more natural experience but also enable more convincing deepfakes. OpenAI acknowledged those concerns in its Monday announcement, saying that synthetic voices were "created with voice actors we have directly worked with," rather than collected from strangers.
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Elon Musk felt left out when generative AI started to gather steam, his biographer said. The excerpt from Walter Isaacson's upcoming biography of Musk was published in Time. In the excerpt, which was published in Time, Musk felt he'd been left out of the AI boom after OpenAI released GPT-4 to the public and Google launched its Bard chatbot. Despite this, Musk officially launched his own AI venture, xAI, in July this year. However, an August report in The New Yorker said, the Tesla CEO was building his own AI venture at a similar time.
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OpenAI and ChatGPT logos are seen in this illustration taken, February 3, 2023. Worldwide desktop and mobile website visits to the ChatGPT website decreased by 3.2% to 1.43 billion in August, following approximately 10% drops from each of the previous two months. U.S. ChatGPT traffic in August rose slightly, in concert with American schools being back in session. OpenAI also released the ChatGPT app on the iOS system in May, which could sap some traffic from its website. Besides ChatGPT, OpenAI makes money by selling access to its AI models for developers and enterprises directly and through a partnership with Microsoft, which invested over $10 billion into the company.
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For Appen, that would mean finding specialists in particular types of information that can bolster generative AI systems. Even before the generative AI transition, wages for Appen's data labelers were a sticking point. Kim Stagg, Appen's vice president of product, said the work required for generative AI services was different than what the company has needed in the past. "With generative AI, we see a different demand." The company's plunging stock price suggests that investors don't see the company's business offerings transferring to the generative AI space.
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The earnings from Salesforce and Broadcom follow a rough patch for technology stocks that began in mid-July. .SPX AVGO,CRM 3M mountain The S & P 500's performance versus Broadcom and Salesforce over the past three months. Salesforce For the three months ended July 31, Wall Street expects Salesforce's revenue to jump more than 10% year-over-year, to $8.53 billion, according to Refinitiv. Broadcom's AI exposure currently falls into two primary buckets. While Broadcom's AI networking business is no doubt fast-growing, Vinh noted there are headwinds within other pockets of its wide-ranging semiconductor business, such as traditional enterprise networking and broadband.
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Google has been rushing to build generative AI into its core products. In a note to staff, CEO Sundar Pichai reflected on the "momentum" within Google in recent months. Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent staff a note on Tuesday reflecting on the "momentum" within the company, which is rushing to build generative AI into many of its core products. "I see this progress happening everywhere within Google," Pichai wrote in the memo. In the note, Pichai also teased new hardware products coming "in a couple of months."
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OpenAI on Monday announced its biggest news since ChatGPT's debut: It's launching ChatGPT Enterprise, the AI chatbot's business tier, available starting Monday. ChatGPT Enterprise includes access to GPT-4 with no usage caps, performance that's up to two times faster than previous versions, and API credits. One key differentiator between ChatGPT Enterprise and the consumer-facing version: ChatGPT Enterprise will allow clients to input company data to train and customize ChatGPT for their own industries and use cases, although some of those features aren't yet available in Monday's debut. When asked how ChatGPT Enterprise compares with Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft's enterprise AI chatbot, an OpenAI representative told CNBC, "This is an OpenAI product independent of Microsoft. The biggest obstacle to ChatGPT Enterprise's development was figuring out how to prioritize features, Lightcap told CNBC.
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One of Google's AI units is using generative AI to develop at least 21 different tools for life advice, planning and tutoring, The New York Times reported Wednesday. Google's DeepMind has become the "nimble, fast-paced" standard-bearer for the company's AI efforts, as CNBC previously reported, and is behind the development of the tools, the Times reported. Google has reportedly contracted with Scale AI, the $7.3 billion startup focused on training and validating AI software, to test the tools. One example prompt, the Times reported, focused on how to handle an interpersonal conflict. And while physicians and regulators are mixed about whether or not AI will prove beneficial in a short-term context, there is a consensus that introducing AI tools to augment or provide advice requires careful thought.
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