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Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Butler Farm Show in Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S., July 13, 2024. Brendan Mcdermid | ReutersU.S. stocks are expected to get a short-term boost in the aftermath of the failed assassination of former president Donald Trump over the weekend, as analysts say the likelihood of his re-election in November has increased. "The events on Saturday, if they do anything, they strengthen the case for President Donald Trump to win the election in November. watch nowPolls showed Trump retaining his lead over President Joe Biden a day after the shooting at a Republican rally in Pennsylvania. "These events, as unfortunate as they are in terms of political change, do not really change the direction of global markets and the global economy," he said Monday.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAn expert in healthy aging who claims to have reversed his biological age by 20 years shared his diet principles with Business Insider. Dr. Michael Roizen, an anesthesiologist and the chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic, is 78 years old. (It's important to note there is no consensus on the definition of biological age or how to measure it.) Here are the diet principles Roizen follows.
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Read previewA supercentenarian expert shared with Business Insider the nine things people who live to 110 and beyond have in common. Be resilientBeing resilient and able to endure hard times is one of the key predictors of longevity in supercentenarians, Lindberg said. Be spiritualSpirituality, meaning believing in something greater than ourselves versus following a specific religion, is also very common among the supercentenarians that Lindberg has studied. AdvertisementMaintain a healthy weight"There haven't really been any obese supercentenarians," Lindberg said. Dr. Robert Waldinger, the study's lead researcher, previously told BI that healthy relationships had a surprisingly large impact on people's odds of living longer.
Persons: , Jimmy Lindberg, Linberg, Lindberg, Joseph Maroon, Robert Waldinger, Rose Anne Kenny Organizations: Service, Business, Financial Times, Complutense University of Madrid, Harvard, Chan, of Public Health, JAMA, BMI, US Centers for Disease Control, CDC, Development, Trinity College Dublin
Fertility rates across OECD countries have halved since 1960, according to a new OECD report. He said the three countries are disproportionately impacted by a rapidly aging population, largely due to improved standards of living, which have a "very strong inverse relationship with fertility rates." These improved conditions have led to a greater opportunity cost for having children, Xu said. Shrinking workforceA decline in fertility rate puts pressure on the economy and the society at large as the working population shrinks. China's policy shiftsIn China, policymakers have been putting a big emphasis on "productivity growth," Xu told CNBC.
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He added that he lived vicariously through Swift's music in his formative years. $230 on Eras Tour merchHe spent about $230 on official Eras Tour souvenirs, which included two t-shirts, one hoodie, and one crewneck sweater. Swifties are shelling out big time for the Eras TourJailani is not the only one willing to spend big bucks for the Eras Tour. A report by research company QuestionPro found that Swifties were spending $1,300 on average to attend the Eras Tour. According to Rolling Stone, a 27-year-old fan visited the Eras Tour 20 times across North America.
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Analyst discusses the outlook for iron ore and steel demand
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIron ore and steel to 'lose out' to other metals like copper and lithium: AnalystSabrin Chowdhury, head of commodities research at BMI, says "green metals" like lithium and cobalt will benefit from the energy transition.
Persons: Sabrin Chowdhury Organizations: BMI
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewTaylor Swift's Eras Tour has made it to five European countries so far. Portugal, Spain, and Sweden's hotel prices in May increased several times' their 2021-2023 average. The Eras tour has had a massive economic impact on other countries. In Chicago, Eras tour dates led to 96.8% hotel room occupancy, an all-time high for the city, per the BMI report.
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Gold prices steadied on Thursday after falling to a two-week low in the previous session, while investors awaited U.S. inflation data for insights into how soon the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates. Gold prices steadied on Thursday after falling to a two-week low in the previous session, while investors awaited U.S. inflation data for insights into how soon the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates. Data due this week include the U.S. first-quarter gross domestic product estimates are due at 1230 GMT and the personal consumption expenditures inflation data on Friday. "Gold prices remain tangled in a tug of war between a less dovish Fed and high levels of geopolitical tension," analysts at BMI said in a note dated Wednesday. "The main driver of easing gold prices in the longer term will be greater risk-on sentiment as the global economy recovers in the later part of the decade."
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Novo Nordisk said Tuesday that its Wegovy weight loss treatment has been approved in China for long-term weight management, opening up the blockbuster drug for sale in the world's second largest economy. China's National Medical Products Administration "recently" approved the weekly injectable drug, Novo Nordisk said in a press release on the Chinese version of its website, according to Google translate. Novo Nordisk did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for further information on the proposed pricing and rollout timeline of the drugs. The company's Ozempic diabetes drug was approved in 2021 and saw sales in the greater China region double last year. On Monday, Novo Nordisk announced it is investing $4.1 billion to expand its manufacturing in the U.S.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMonetary policy alone cannot address China's 'growth headwinds' from its demographic crisis: AnalystDarren Tay, head of Asia country risk at BMI Country Risk & Industry Analysis, discusses falling birth rates in Asian countries like China and Japan.
Persons: Darren Tay Organizations: BMI, Risk Locations: Asia, China, Japan
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. My wife, Teresa, got pregnant with our daughter, Sarah, now 33, and I did the classic thing of gaining sympathy weight. AdvertisementMiller and his wife, Teresa, before he lost weight. But it's a wake-up call when a doctor says your BMI is off the charts and you're morbidly obese. I now weigh 271 pounds and intend to lose another 20 to 25 pounds to reach my goal.
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The task force suggested that extensive and intensive behavioral interventions are the best way to help a child get to a healthy weight. A high BMI for a child is defined a little differently than it is for adults, although both use height and weight to estimate mass. Nearly 20% of children in the US have what’s considered a high BMI. The task force gives its guidelines letter grades based on the most up-to-date science. Under the Affordable Care Act, private insurers must cover preventive services that get a grade of A or B; the new child obesity recommendations got a B grade.
Persons: Susma Vaidya, , , Dr, Mona Sharifi, ” Sharifi, Thomas Robinson, Sarah Armstrong, haven’t, Sharifi, Justin Ryder, Stanley Manne, Robert H, Lurie, “ I’ve, ” Ryder, Wegovy, Alli, Lomaira, John Ruiz, Sanjay Gupta, “ There’s, ” Vaidya, Vaidya, pharmacotherapy Organizations: CNN, US Preventive Services, Force, American Academy of Pediatrics, BMI, US Centers for Disease Control, Affordable, National Hospital, Yale School of Medicine, Stanford Solutions Science Lab, Department of Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Adolescent Health, Duke University Medical School, Stanley Manne Children’s, Ann, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, University of Arizona, CNN Health, FDA Locations: Washington
CNN —Younger generations are getting their first periods earlier, and the length of time it takes to become regular is changing — which could point to later health problems, according to a new study. But other research has documented the trend in first menstrual cycles starting at earlier ages over time. Earlier periods might be associated with high body mass index, or BMI, during childhood, Wang said. “This implies that childhood obesity, which has been increasing in the US, might be contributing to people getting their periods earlier,” Wang added. Physicians should evaluate children with early periods or a long duration of irregular cycles to make sure there isn’t an underlying problem, Feinberg said.
Persons: CNN —, , Zifan Wang, Harvard University’s T.H, Wang, ” Wang, Eve Feinberg, ” Feinberg, Feinberg, Shruthi Mahalingaiah, T.H Organizations: CNN, Harvard University’s, of Public Health, Apple, Apple Health, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, , BMI, T.H Chan, Physicians Locations: Chan, Chicago
Or, in other cases, it can open the door to new options for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Treating obesity and addressing sleep apnea Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that results in interrupted breathing, preventing patients — and even their sleeping partners — from getting restful and restorative sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea, the most common form, occurs when muscles in the throat relax and collapse preventing air flow. Before qualifying for the device, patients usually need to have tried treatment with a CPAP machine and an oral device and been unsuccessful. He downgraded Inspire shares to hold at the beginning of the year due to this uncertainty he was anticipating.
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CNN —The ultraprocessed foods your kids eat now may be putting them a greater risk for cardiometabolic problems – like heart attack, stroke and diabetes – in adulthood, a new study suggests. Researchers divided the data from the children into three groups based on the amount of ultraprocessed food they ate. “This particular topic, ultraprocessed food consumptions and risk, is a very important topic in kids,” he said. The ultraprocessed foods kids eat now may have lasting impacts, a new study suggests. In places where fresh food might be harder to obtain, ultraprocessed foods are more accessible and inexpensive, Freeman said.
Persons: , Stuart Berger, Andrew Freeman, Berger, Robert H, Lurie, Brendan Smialowski, ” Freeman, , Freeman, there’s Organizations: CNN, American Academy of Pediatrics, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations, Jewish Health, Ann, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Getty, BMI Locations: Spain, Denver, Chicago, AFP
Kimmie Gilbert couldn't seem to lose weight despite trying diets, exercise, and medication. Research suggests that gut microbiome composition might play a role in a person's weight. AdvertisementKimmie Gilbert has one pressing question: "What in the world are y'all eating that I'm not eating that causes y'all to lose weight and not me?" In 2019, health tech had a global market value of approximately $350 billion, according to McKinsey. A microbe called Prevotella, which is associated with weight loss, wasn't found at all in her gut.
Persons: Kimmie Gilbert couldn't, Gilbert, , Kimmie Gilbert, y'all, Eran Segal, Annie Gupta, Goodman, Rob Knight, Jack Gilbert, wasn't, Gupta, Prevotella, Segal Organizations: Service, Netflix, McKinsey, BMI, Weizmann Institute of Science, UCLA, Luskin, UC San Diego Locations: New Orleans
A study found linked between healthy lifestyle habits and living longer. AdvertisementHealthy lifestyle choices could help us live up to five years longer, regardless of our genetic makeup, a study suggests. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle appeared to offset the effects of genes linked to a shorter lifespan by 62%. Making favorable lifestyle choices despite having genes linked to a shorter lifespan was linked to living 5.22 years longer than those who made unfavorable choices. However, she said that the effects of lifestyle factors in the study were notable because they suggest that while we can't change our genes, healthy habits may lessen their impact.
Persons: , Liz Williams, wasn't, Williams, It's Organizations: Service, University of Sheffield, Centers for Disease Control
So why are we now feeding Lunchables to children as part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)? We are proud of Lunchables and stand by the quality and integrity that goes into making them,” Kraft Heinz said. In Canada, for example, a country that often outperforms the US in public health measures such as vaccination rates, there is no national food program for children. Meals that adhered to a higher nutritional standard were also thrown away less, according to a study published in Childhood Obesity in 2015. A modeling study published in Public Health Nutrition in 2022 estimates a 20% tax would reduce purchases of UPFs by 24%.
Persons: Hasan Merali, , Hasan Merali Chris Hartlove, Kraft Heinz, Lunchables, Fresh, ” Kraft Heinz, UPFs, Tony Organizations: of Pediatrics, McMaster University, CNN, Consumer, British Medical, American, Clinical Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition Locations: Canada, Lunchables, America, Colombia, Chile, France
CNN —An implant for obstructive sleep apnea — a serious sleep malady in which breathing stops for 10 seconds to two minutes many times an hour each night — works best in people who are overweight but not severely obese, a new study found. “There’s a huge unmet need of patients that are suffering with obstructive sleep apnea and not able to tolerate CPAP,” Landsness said. nicolesy/iStockphoto/Getty ImagesAbout a third of patients have difficulty using a CPAP and may ultimately abandon the device, Landsness said. Obstructive sleep apnea is also connected to type 2 diabetes, asthma, obesity, kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, thyroid disease and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. “As an alternative treatment for sleep apnea, this hypoglossal nerve stimulation surgery could revolutionize some people’s lives,” he said.
Persons: Eric Landsness, St . Louis, ” Landsness, , Kristen Knutson, , Landsness, CPAP, Brandon Peters, Mathews, ” Peters, Raj Dasgupta, Dasgupta, “ I’ve Organizations: CNN, Washington University School of Medicine, Medicare, BMI, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Food and Drug Administration, Huntington Health, Mayo Clinic, telltale Locations: St ., Chicago, Seattle, Pasadena , California
One of the most helpful things to do might be to get some exercise, according to a new study. “It gives us an idea of something that maybe we don’t always think about for treatment of insomnia,” Paruthi said. Regular exercise was associated with significantly better sleep, the study showed. There are plenty of reasons why physical activity may help in getting a good night’s rest. Physical activity helps regulate the body’s internal clock and promotes deeper, more restorative sleep,” Björnsdóttir said.
Persons: , Erla, sleepiness, David Neubauer, ” Björnsdóttir, Shalini Paruthi, ” Paruthi, Neubauer, Paruthi Organizations: CNN’s, CNN, Reykjavik University, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Saint Louis University School of Medicine, American Academy of Sleep
Oil prices edged down early on Tuesday after gaining in the previous trading session, due in part to the prospect of rising supply from Russia as well as the possibility of slower-than-expected downstream demand in sectors such as jet fuel. The Brent crude oil futures contract for May delivery slipped 16 cents to $86.73 a barrel as at 0300 GMT, whereas that for U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell 13 cents to $82.03. Regarding Russia, supply concern stemming from increased exports following Ukrainian attacks on the country's oil infrastructure continued to pressure prices downward. Global jet fuel prices are likely to be "higher by 5.4% over our previous forecast to USD111/bbl as soft demand is expected to give way to peak summer travel and stronger prices", BMI analysts wrote in a client note. "However, a global economic slowdown will temper consumption of air travel and weigh on jet fuel prices limiting price upside," they added.
Persons: JP Morgan Organizations: Brent, U.S . West Texas, U.S ., Global, bbl, BMI Locations: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China
The blockbuster drug — one of a handful of weight loss treatments to skyrocket in popularity over the last year — is now approved in the U.S. for heart health, too. The spokesperson added that state Medicaid programs would be required to cover Wegovy for its new cardiovascular use. But Gremminger said the standard of care for the long-term use of weight loss drugs is "in flux." State employees will no longer have insurance coverage for GLP-1s when used for weight loss at the beginning of next month. Both drugmakers have launched programs to help patients, with or without commercial insurance coverage, afford their weight loss treatments.
Persons: Klesty, John Crable, Wegovy, Jaime Almandoz, Joe Buglewicz, Shawn Gremminger, Hartley, Gremminger, Dale Folwell, We've, Folwell, Phelan M, Eli Lilly, Ceci Connolly, Julie Stich Organizations: Reuters, Novo Nordisk, CNBC, Medicare, Services, FDA, CVS, Aetna, International Foundation of Employee, Drug Administration, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Washington Post, Getty, National Alliance of Healthcare, Taft, Nordisk, Nordisk's Ozempic, GOP, Carolina, Republican Governors Association, AP, Alliance of Community Health, U.S . Health, IFEBP, BMI Locations: U.S, Novo, Dallas, North Carolina, Orlando , Florida
EIU also expects the Bank of Japan will exit its negative interest rate policy in the second quarter. Markets currently expect the Fed to start with a 25-basis-point rate cut in June. Euro zoneThe European Central Bank last week also held its policy rate at a record high of 4%, signaling that it won't cut rates before June. JPMorgan said in a research note that the Turkish central bank may cut its policy rate in November and December, keeping its year-end policy rate forecast of 45%. IndonesiaIndonesia's central bank kept its benchmark policy rate at 6% in its recent meeting.
Persons: EIU, Jerome Powell, LSEG, Nomura, Perry Warjiyo, CNBC's JP Ong, BOK, Goldman Sachs, Goohoon Kwon, Kwon Organizations: Getty, Economist Intelligence Unit, Bank of Japan, United, United States U.S, Federal, Fed, European Central Bank, ECB, Swiss National Bank, UBS, Bank of Canada, Bank of, JPMorgan, Reserve Bank of, ANZ, New Zealand Auckland Savings Bank, Bank, Bank Indonesia, BMI, Fitch Solutions, U.S, Oxford Economics, Macquarie Locations: Czech, China, Japan, United States, Switzerland Swiss, Bank of Canada, Turkey, Turkish, Reserve Bank of Australia, New, Indonesia, South Korea, Asia
The label expansion may improve insurance coverage for Wegovy, which costs more than $1,300 per month out of pocket before any discounts. Many insurers, including Medicare, don’t cover drugs for weight loss, leaving patients scrambling to afford them. “This patient population has a higher risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack and stroke,” he added. More studies need to be done to show whether there are heart benefits for people who haven’t had a cardiac event. Wegovy continues to be in shortage, along with other GLP-1 medicines, as drugmakers struggle to keep up with demand.
Persons: CNN — Wegovy’s, , Dr, Harlan Krumholz, hasn’t, Eli Lilly, Wegovy, John Sharretts, haven’t, it’s, Sanjay Gupta, Jody Dushay, Beth, Dushay, Novo, Doug Langa, Organizations: CNN, US Food and Drug Administration, Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, Novo Nordisk, Diabetes, , CNN Health, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Novo Nordisk’s, North America Operations
Previous estimates by the World Obesity Federation suggested that there would be 1 billion people living with obesity by 2030, but that number was already surpassed in 2022, Ezzati said. The analysis focused on rates of underweight and obesity, both forms of malnutrition that are detrimental to people’s health. Obesity rates among children and adolescents worldwide increased fourfold from 1990 to 2022, while obesity rates among adults more than doubled. Obesity rates are now higher than rates of underweight in two-thirds of the world’s countries, according to the analysis. These countries now have higher obesity rates than those of many wealthy industrialized countries, according to the analysis.
Persons: Majid Ezzati, Ezzati, “ We’ve, , , Dr, Francesco Branca, ” Ezzati, we’ve, ” Branca, Branca, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Sanjay Gupta Organizations: CNN, Imperial College London, World Obesity Federation, World Health Organization, WHO Department of Nutrition and Food, WHO, Get CNN, CNN Health, United Nations, Fund, Nutrition Locations: Polynesia, Micronesia, Caribbean, East, North Africa, Tonga, American Samoa, Nauru, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, South America, Mexico, Chile
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