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Read previewScrolling through the profiles on OkCupid, Anna Akbari was drawn to a man who seemed handsome, witty, and highly intelligent. He was a catfisher — a person who fakes their online identity to trick victims into thinking they are someone else. He'd sent her a forged driving license, power points from his supposed job, and even copies of papers he claimed to have written at MIT. "We didn't know who this person was or why they were doing it," Akbari told BI. "Emily was Ethan, and Ethan was Emily," Akbari wrote in the book.
Persons: , Anna Akbari, They'd, Akbari, — Ethan Schuman, MIT —, Schuman, Ethan, Gchat, — Schuman, he'd, Warren Talmarkes, I'd, didn't, Gina Dallago, She'd, Dallago, Anna, He'd, they'd, Emily Slutsky, who'd, Emily, Slutsky Organizations: Service, Columbia University, MIT, Business, New York University, BI, Skype, Grand, Valentine's, Facebook, Grand Central Publishing, Columbia Locations: Washington, DC, New York, Ireland, Irish, Akbari, New York City, Japan, Columbia, Cork
Tesla is rehiring some of the nearly 500 Supercharger staff members Musk fired in April as a cost-saving measure amid challenging times at the EV company, Bloomberg reported earlier this month. Advertisement"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Musk told CNBC's David Faber in May 2023. At Tesla, for example, Musk told his employees that he would personally approve all new hires, according to an email obtained by Business Insider. Musk is also known to have fired employees who disagreed with his decisions. Other former Twitter employees and executives have sued Musk, accusing him of unpaid severance pay.
Persons: , Elon Musk, Tesla, Musk, CNBC's David Faber, Lex Fridman, Walter Isaacson, Musk's, Alec Levenson, " Levenson, Spencer Platt, Levenson, that's, Weeks, Kali Hays Organizations: Service, EV, Bloomberg, Twitter, Business, SpaceX, University of Southern California Marshall Center, BI, Tesla, New York Times, National Labor Relations, NLRB, Musk's SpaceX, Twitter's Locations: York
Read previewThe company behind San Francisco's $700-a-month tiny sleeping "pods" has accused city officials of worsening the city's homelessness problem as it battles a lengthy investigation. James Stallworth, CEO of Brownstone Shared Housing, told Business Insider that San Francisco Planning Department staff had an "adversarial attitude toward housing." Brownstone says it is waiting for city officials to approve a change-of-use request so it can continue operating its 4-foot-high sleeping pods in Mint Plaza. City officials told BI that Brownstone still needed to complete important safety upgrades to comply with the law. AdvertisementThe pods made headlines late last year after proving a hit with some tech workers seeking affordable accommodation in central San Francisco.
Persons: , James Stallworth, Daniel Sider, Stallworth, Sider, Christian Lewis Organizations: Service, Francisco's, San Francisco Planning Department, Business, Tech Locations: San Francisco, Francisco
One screenshot from a Lyft driver based in Arizona showed a $2.62 ride that took 15 minutes and traveled 4.32 miles. For some drivers, these sub-$3 trips are a symbol of their broader frustrations with their pay. AdvertisementCompared to January 2023, sub-$3 trips — excluding tips — have become more common for DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats drivers and less common for Uber and Lyft drivers, per Gridwise. Otherwise, the pay would likely increase if drivers rejected these rides since drivers would be more likely to accept a higher-paying ride. AdvertisementMoises Diaz, a 41-year-old Uber and Lyft driver in California, started driving part-time in December.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAn ultra-luxe "Billionaire's Row" residential tower has been mired in a lengthy legal dispute, and some owners are now fleeing the building, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. The condominium board at 432 Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan — once the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere — first sued the building's developers in 2021. In the three years since the initial lawsuit, the battle has intensified, with more than 4 million pages of documents filed in court, according to The Wall Street Journal. AdvertisementEighteen units in 432 Park, totaling 14% of the building's units, were listed for sale as of mid-May, the Wall Street Journal analysis found, citing data from StreetEasy.
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Read previewFor years, hedge funds and prop-trading firms have relied on massive amounts of data and the workers who analyze it to beat the market. But the promise of generative AI has kicked off a new talent war for AI workers who can level up hedge funds' quantitative strategies with a new generation of transformative technology. This data shows the salaries that hedge funds expect to pay foreign AI workers in 2023, and its disclosure is part of their visa terms. BI also analyzed recent job listings at major hedge fund and prop trading firms to identify what they're paying AI workers. New state laws in places like New York require job listings to include a range of salaries offered for the role, providing further insight into AI workers' salaries.
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But the tech giant's play underscores the market's demand for tech talent — and venture capitalists expect a wave of "acquihires" to hit the AI ecosystem later this year. M&A dealmaking among AI startups is already off to a strong start this year, with 55 exits recorded in Q1 of 2024, per Crunchbase data. AdvertisementThe majority of AI startups are overpriced, said Konstantin Vinogradov, general partner at Runa Capital. AI startups with revenue in the single-digit millions that raised money at unicorn valuations, Dash said, might not even have that option. Those deals don't make sense for buyers, he said, which could lead Big Tech companies or other AI startups to poach their talent instead.
Persons: , Inflection's, Ayangar, Konstantin Vinogradov, Somesh Dash, overshadowing, Shmuel Chafets, Sivesh Sivakumar, Shaun Johnson, Naveen Rao, Sivakumar, Johnson, PhotoRoom, Aravind Srinivas, Mike Smeed, Chafets, Dash, they'll Organizations: Service, Microsoft, Business, Investors, Runa, Big Tech, Apple, Target, Ventures, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Intuit, Nike, American Express, Safeway, InMotion Ventures, Disney, Netflix Locations: OpenOcean, Snowflake, Databricks
Her success in monetizing her platform persuaded her to try full-time content creation in 2023. Hong Kong-based creator Anushka Purohit decided to dive into a corporate 9-to-5 job after graduating from college instead of becoming a full-time creator because of the perceived financial instability. "The idea of full-time content creation is often more glamorous than reality," she said. Nguyen also said she'll never go back to full-time content creation because of the financial instability. Being a full-time creator can also hurt your social-media brand if you compromise for the money.
Persons: , influencer Maryam Salam, Adesh, hasn't, they've, Anushka Purohit, Purohit, Mitchie Nguyen, Instagram, Nguyen, she's, Salam, she'll, Maryam Salam, Maryam, Mariam Organizations: Service, Business, Salam, Google, Staples, RBC Locations: Canada, monetizing, Hong Kong, York, TikTok
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. "I'm just really disappointed," one laid-off TikTok employee told Business Insider. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. AdvertisementA second let-go employee who had worked at the company amid political attacks and business-strategy shifts described the layoffs as "an abrupt end to a very chaotic ride." AdvertisementLet-go TikTok staffers wondered, why now?
Persons: , I'm, Adam Presser, Zenia Mucha, Pappas, Presser, Mucha, ByteDance, TikTok Organizations: Service, Business, Big Tech, Google Locations: Brazil, France
Read previewA vacation to Myrtle Beach last spring turned into a wake-up call for Jamie Bernardi and her family. Jamie BernardiThis is what researchers variously call the "trickle-down effect," "the ripple effect," or "the halo effect": when a person's lifestyle changes benefit their family members and close contacts who aren't under medical care. Doctors and researchers hope the trickle-down effect will help curb new cases of obesity. Taking controlThe trickle-down effect isn't just an added bonus. Just three weeks after she first jabbed her belly with Mounjaro, Bernardi bought everyone in her family generic watches to count their steps.
Persons: , Jamie Bernardi, Bernardi, Keeley J, Pratt, Lisa Green, Green, Mounjaro, Lisa Green Lisa, it's, she'll, " Bernardi, Sandy Huffaker Organizations: Service, Business, CDC, Human, Science, The Ohio State University, Lisa Green Lisa Green People, The Washington, Getty Images Locations: Myrtle Beach, Weirton, West Virginia
And so, after a successful pilot run, the tax agency has announced that it's making its new free direct file program permanent. The Direct File program first launched in twelve states for the 2023 filing season following a successful pilot. "Since the direct file pilot was completed in April, we have heard directly from hundreds of organizations across the country, more than a hundred members of Congress, from individual direct file users, and those that are interested in using direct file," Werfel said. The new Direct File program has encountered some pushback from paid tax services. Did you use Direct File and save time or money?
Persons: , It's, haven't, Janet Yellen, Danny Werfel, Aaron Mok —, Werfel, Rick Heineman, Heineman, filers, Natalie Quillian, Biden's Organizations: Service, IRS, Business, Treasury Department, Intuit TurboTax, Treasury, House Locations: Yellen
The 39-year-old Stanford dropout has talked about turning OpenAI into a regular, for-profit company, The Information reported on Wednesday, citing an individual who'd spoken to Altman. Unlike most companies, OpenAI says it is run as a "capped-profit" company, with its for-profit arm governed by a nonprofit. According to Toner, OpenAI's board was kept in the dark about ChatGPT's release in November 2022. Toner, who left the board shortly after Altman was reinstated as CEO, also accused him of lying about his financial interests in OpenAI. "Our focus remains on moving forward and pursuing OpenAI's mission to ensure AGI benefits all of humanity."
Persons: , Sam Altman, Altman, OpenAI, Sam, Helen Toner, Toner, OpenAI's, Sam didn't, " Toner, Bret Taylor, OpenAI didn't Organizations: Service, Stanford, Business, Microsoft, Fund, SEC, BI Locations: OpenAI
The software company NICE launched Enlighten AI to improve customer service and clients' efficiency. Eilam said Enlighten AI "dramatically improves" productivity and efficiency for customer-experience teams by automating many labor-intensive tasks, such as note-taking during customer-service calls. Enlighten Autopilot, one of the products within NICE's Enlighten AI for CX repository, enhances self-service with an AI-powered virtual assistant. Many existing customers are adding Enlighten AI to their portfolios, and NICE is attracting new customers with its AI capabilities. The organization implemented Enlighten AI to monitor 100% of its customer interactions and gather insights about the behaviors influencing customer sentiment.
Persons: , We've, Barak Eilam, Eilam, Copilot, What's Organizations: NICE, Service, Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering, Business, Republic Services, Open Network Exchange, ONE, BI Locations: Hoboken , New Jersey
Now, ticket prices have increased, and the Parfitt family is looking at flights that cost $5,000 more than initially planned. In October, the family spent $12,093 on four business-class tickets for a January flight on Turkish Airlines. With no available Turkish Airlines flights, airline staff rebooked the Parfitt family on an Emirates flight to Denpasar with a layover in Dubai the next day. Related storiesAfter 13 calls to Turkish Airlines, Parfitt said an agent finally discovered the issue: The family had been incorrectly marked as no-shows on the second leg of their original Turkish Airlines flight. Turkish Airlines' no-show policy states that a business-semi-flexible ticket isn't automatically canceled; it "may be reused for a specified fee, no refunds."
Persons: , Justin Parfitt, Parfitt, it's, wasn't, Annabelle, hadn't, Justin Parfitt Parfitt, It's, I'm Organizations: Service, Turkish Airlines, Business, Companies, American Airlines, BI, Emirates Locations: Indonesia, France, Bali, Toulouse, Madrid, Istanbul, Denpasar, Emirates, Dubai, Turkish
Experts previously told Business Insider that bad posture can cause neck and back pain, wear and tear on joints and discs, decreased flexibility, and other health issues. A lack of evidenceDespite a lack of solid evidence, many believe that bad posture inevitably causes back pain. Justin Paget/Getty ImagesDespite the general assumption that bad posture leads to a bad back, there's limited science to back that up. Advertisement"There have been a few studies that indicate that there isn't solid scientific evidence to show that a person who slouches more is more likely to have back pain," Linker told BI. While it's easy to blame bad posture for back pain and other spinal health issues, Linker said that it's actually more complicated.
Persons: , Beth, Pechan, we've, Plato, slouching, Justin Paget, it's Organizations: Service, Business, Getty, Harvard University, Harvard Crimson, Mayo Clinic Locations: Modern America
AdvertisementIn addition to his eBay store, Richard owns a vintage clothing store, The Spot, in Coral Springs, Florida. Advertisement"The customer for a Tommy Bahama shirt is totally different from a customer that wants a Nike skateboard shirt," he said. For example, if you're selling a Tommy Bahama shirt, don't just title your listing "Tommy Bahama shirt," he said. "If your title says 'Tommy Bahama Shirt Purple Monkey Dishwasher,' nobody is ever going to search that," he said. So every single time a customer searches 'Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Shirt,' I show up; 'Tommy Bahama Camp Shirt,' I show up.
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But I was really a kid when I wasn't on set," Hoffmann tells Business Insider. To have a partner in crime, saying, 'We don't really know what we're doing. On the paternal energy on the 'Field of Dreams' set and working with child actors as an adultHoffmann played Kevin Costner's daughter in "Field of Dreams." Christina and I met and we became really, really, really close. And after a decade of feeling like I didn't know what the hell I was doing, that was such a profound relief.
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Read previewCitadel Securities announced Thursday that Jim Esposito, a former cohead of the global banking and capital markets group at Goldman Sachs, is set to join the company as president in September. He will report to Peng Zhao, Citadel Securities' CEO, a spokesperson for the firm confirmed to Business Insider. "We are thrilled to welcome Jim to Citadel Securities during a period of significant expansion and opportunity for our firm." Bloomberg News earlier reported Esposito's appointment to Citadel Securities on Thursday. Ken Griffin, the billionaire hedge fund founder of both the asset manager Citadel as well as Citadel Securities, relocated his companies' headquarters to the Magic City in 2022.
Persons: , Jim Esposito, Goldman Sachs, Peng Zhao, Esposito, Goldman, Jim, Ken Griffin, Zhao Organizations: Service, Citadel Securities, Business, Citadel, Apple, Goldman, . Citadel, BI, Bloomberg, Sunshine State, Magic City, Elliott Management Locations: South Florida, London, Miami, Chicago . Miami
Its peak $100 billion valuation once made it the world's third largest privately-held company, behind TikTok owner Bytedance and Elon Musk's SpaceX. Estimates have pegged Shein's IPO valuation at around $90 billion, Bloomberg reported last year. AdvertisementTo gauge what happens to some Shein items once they're returned, BI reporters in the UK put two AirTag trackers on Shein garments and sent them back. Shein is more directly involved in production and focuses on clothes, but Temu's popularity "could affect the valuation," Swartz said. In a November statement following the news of Shein's IPO, chairman Mike Gallagher urged investors and banks underwriting the move to "carefully examine Shein's regulatory and compliance programs."
Persons: , Bytedance, Sky Xu, Yangtian Xu, Chris, Shein, confidentially, David Swartz, Swartz, Lululemon, JADE GAO, Stephanie Benedetto, Queen, Benedetto, they're, Shein's, Morningstar's Swartz, Temu, Mike Gallagher Organizations: Service, Elon, SpaceX, Business, Reuters, Authentic Brands, Wall Street, CNBC, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Zurich Insurance Group, Guardian, BI, Coventry Airport, SEC, Street, Financial Times, London Stock Exchange, Chinese Communist Party, Nike, Adidas Locations: China, , Singapore, Sequoia China, London , Hong Kong, York, London, Canary Wharf, Coventry, Walsall, Northern Ireland, England, Kent, Washington, Xinjiang, Dublin, Shein
The documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the movie-ticket-subscription company MoviePass, and is based on award-winning reporting from Business Insider . The big storyRetirement mathGetty Images;Alyssa Powell/BIFor some millennials, the reality of their retirement plans is that they're a fantasy. AdvertisementIt's not the first time we've gotten troubling data about millennials' retirement plans. But it's not just a lack of savings working against millennials' plans of riding off into the retirement sunset. AdvertisementAnd if you're hoping for a Hail Mary in the form of a fat inheritance to jumpstart your retirement plans, that's not looking great either.
Persons: , MovieCrash, Alyssa Powell, Jacob Zinkula, William Edwards, we've, it's, millennials, Hail Mary, that's, Juliana Kaplan, It's, Johannes Simon, Neel Kashkari, Sam Altman, Justin Sullivan, Oliver Mulherin, Scarlett Johansson, Altman, Jensen Huang, Adam Neumann, Neumann, WeWork, Moviegoing, there's, BI's Peter Kafka, Sheryl Sandberg, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover Organizations: Service, HBO, Max, Business, Hail, Reserve Survey, Consumer, Wall, Minneapolis, UBS, Google, Nvidia, BI, Hollywood, HP Locations: Swiss, BI Denmark, New York, London
"My wife is fond of flying flags," Alito wrote. Alito said he asked his wife to take the flag down "as soon as I saw it," but for "several days," she refused. A second flagAlito's explanation for why his wife raised the upside-down flag in January 2021 also doesn't account for the second controversial flag now tied to the couple. The Times reported this month that an "Appeal to Heaven" flag was flown outside Alito's New Jersey beach house as recently as last summer. He said neither he nor his wife were aware the flag had any association with the "Stop the Steal" movement.
Persons: , Samuel Alito, Alito, Donald Trump, Trump, Martha, Ann Alito, Emily Baden, Samuel Alito Chip Somodevilla, shouldn't Organizations: Service, Business, Trump, New York Times, Capitol, Times, Washington Post Locations: Alito's Virginia, Vietnam, Virginia, Alito's New Jersey
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewTech's top players are switching over to their summer styles — and workers should follow suit if they want to dress to impress. Still, tech workers have begun hiring stylists to help them dress better for work. Here's what fashion experts believe tech workers should be wearing this summer. Advertisement"Heading into the summer season, I can see the entry-level tech crowd wearing something clean and understated," Carol Altieri, COO of Bob's Watches told Business Insider.
Persons: , Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Eddie Hernandez, henley, Fitch, Hernandez, Niels, Gates, accessorizing, Zuckerberg, Carol Altieri, Bob's, Altieri, Ria Papasifakis, Linda Yaccarino, Papasifakis Organizations: Service, Business, San Francisco, Meta, Abercrombie, Fitch, Norse, Adidas, Cosmopolitan, Rolex, Ritani Tech, Bob's Watches Locations: Ritani
Read previewNew Mexico's basic income pilot set out to fill a gap in America's financial safety net: many immigrants aren't able to access help. New Mexico's program is among the first basic income programs to operate at the state level and to specifically serve immigrant households. AdvertisementThe pilot's success has also provided momentum for future basic income programs in the region. With basic income, participants saw improved employment and education outcomesThe New Mexico pilot served mixed-status households in 13 counties across the state. AdvertisementHave you benefitted from a guaranteed basic income program?
Persons: , aren't, Marcela Díaz, Javier Rojo, Doña Ana County, I've, Rojo Organizations: Service, Business, Pueblo Unido, New, New Mexico Economic Relief, Un, Un Pueblo Unido, Children, New Mexico House Locations: New Mexico, Pueblo, Un Pueblo, Doña Ana
Now as an online fat loss coach and personal trainer, she helps others lose weight healthily and sustainably, too. AdvertisementWith the weight loss market in the US expected to reach $93.8 billion in 2024, according to Market Data, Dobson's approach too weight loss — without using fad diet plans or supplements — goes back to basics. Dobson started making lower-calorie versions of her favorite mealsAs a child, Dobson said she was "a bit chubbier" than other kids at school. It's the same approach recommended by many registered dietitians who have spoken to BI about healthy fat loss. AdvertisementDobson felt strongly that she didn't want to feel too restricted or deprived when losing weight.
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Read previewI don't think I know anyone who feels good about their email inbox. When Google introduced the tabbed inbox in 2013, I was in heaven. Since then, the tabbed inbox has fallen behind, unable to keep up with the ways that email has changed since 2013. Screenshot / Business InsiderGoogle has apparently noticed that the tabbed inbox isn't meeting today's needs, and will soon roll out an update meant to alleviate the burden of the swollen Primary inbox. I demand a Newsletters tabBut this still isn't what I dream of getting out of a tabbed inbox.
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