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"Consumers continue to be even more discriminating with every dollar that they spend as they faced elevated prices in their day-to-day spending," McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said on the company's conference call in late April. Paul Weaver | SOPA Images | Getty ImagesFor more than two years, consumers have dealt with sharply rising prices. But that doesn't mean the actual prices seen on grocery store shelves or restaurant menus will fall, and shoppers are feeling that pinch. While some CEOs have said that consumers are growing more cautious, others — like those in the airline industry — have celebrated strong and persistent spending. Corporate misfires can also lead to disappointing sales, even if their shoppers aren't necessarily pulling back on their spending.
Persons: Chris Kempczinski, Burger, Paul Weaver, Jerome Powell, Aurelia Concepcion, Concepcion, it's, Joe Raedle, Brett House, John David Rainey, Ramon Laguarta, Ed Bastian, We're, Daniel Slim, Brian Niccol, Calvin McDonald, Laxman Narasimhan, Sara Senatore, Spencer Platt Organizations: DAL, Washington Post, Home, Delta Air Lines, Consumers, of Labor, CPI, KFC, Starbucks, Columbia Business School, Walmart, Finance, CNBC, PepsiCo, Gatorade, Pepsi, United, Delta Airlines Boeing, Owen Roberts International, AFP, Getty, Delta, Target, Bank of America Locations: Manhattan, Bloomsburg , Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Ohio, Miami , Florida, U.S, Delta, Europe, Asia, Japan, George Town, Cayman Islands, New York City
Read previewCarthago delenda est — mean anything to you? In a series of photos showing the Meta founder celebrating his 40th birthday, Zuckerberg had a striking black shirt with a Latin phrase on it. Advertisement"Carthago delenda est" means — very emphatically — Carthage must be destroyed. As well as being a throwback to Roman history, it's a throwback to Zuckerberg's own history. So it seems appropriate that a throwback — if obscure — Latin phrase should be at the center of it.
Persons: , Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Kwan Wei Kevin Tan, Cato the Elder, Cato, It's, Caesar, Aurelia, Maxima Organizations: Service, Senate, Business, Google, Facebook, Harvard Locations: Carthage, Tunisia, Rome, Hannibal, Carthage's
Cameroon will be the first country to routinely give children a new malaria vaccine as the shots are rolled out in Africa. Gavi said it is working with 20 other African countries to help them get the vaccine and that those countries will hopefully immunize more than 6 million children through 2025. Political Cartoons View All 253 ImagesCameroon will use the first of two recently approved malaria vaccines, known as Mosquirix. That vaccine is cheaper, requires three doses and India’s Serum Institute said they could make up to 200 million doses a year. Neither of the malaria vaccines stop transmission, so other tools like bed nets and insecticidal spraying will still be critical.
Persons: Aurelia Nguyen, Gavi, Gavi's Nguyen Organizations: World Health Organization, GlaxoSmithKline, GSK, Oxford University, WHO, Serum Institute, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, AP Locations: Cameroon, Africa, Central Africa, Oxford
(Reuters) - The global fight against malaria took a stride forward on Monday as Cameroon launched the world's first routine vaccine programme against the mosquito-borne disease that is projected to save tens of thousands of children's lives per year across Africa. After successful trials, including in Ghana and Kenya, Cameroon is the first country to administer doses through a routine immunisation programme that 19 other countries aim to roll out this year, according to global vaccine alliance Gavi. Around 6.6 million children in these countries are targeted for malaria vaccination through 2024-25. Rolling out the second vaccine "is expected to result in sufficient vaccine supply to meet the high demand and reach millions more children," the WHO's director of immunization, Kate O'Brien, said at the briefing. This R21 vaccine, developed by University of Oxford, could be launched in May or June, said Gavi's Chief Programme Officer Aurelia Nguyen.
Persons: Mohammed Abdulaziz of, Kate O'Brien, Aurelia Nguyen, Alessandra Prentice, Jennifer Rigby, Hugh Lawson Organizations: Reuters, World Health Organization, WHO, British, GSK, for Disease Control, Prevention, University of Oxford Locations: Cameroon, Africa, Ghana, Kenya
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife were in the delivery room when they wrote a letter announcing their foundation. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is now investing in efforts to try to eliminate all human disease. The post, which began with the words "Dear Max," outlined the couple's hopes for their daughter's future, and announced the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. And the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is now investing in moves to try to rid the world of all human disease by 2100. AdvertisementAdvertisementA representative for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider sent outside regular business hours.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Chan Zuckerberg, , Chan, Max, Andrew Huberman, Huberman, Aurelia Organizations: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Service, Facebook
The top superyachts at Monaco Yacht Show 2023
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“It shows the evolution of yacht design and the use of a yacht,” says Pizzardini. The Monaco Yacht Show’s Sustainability Hub, which showcases what are touted as sustainable solutions and eco-friendly projects, is returning to the show for its second year. RossinaviThere were 5,695 superyachts over 30 meters in operation in mid-August, according to the Monaco Yacht Show Market Report 2023 published by SuperYacht Times. The report goes on to state that new yacht sales were behind by 34% at the start of September, while used yacht sales were down by around 25%. There are lots of expectations for this year.”Monaco Yacht Show 2023 begins on September 27, and ends on September 30.
Persons: Julien Hubert, Marcela Royer, ” Johan Pizzardini, Royer, , they’re, Guillaume Plisson, Tecnomar –, , – it’s, Vitruvius, Francesco Paszkowski, Maurizio Paradisi, Amels, Amare, Aurelia, Lara, Pizzardini, superyachts, it’s Organizations: CNN, Monaco, Tankoa Yachts, CNN Travel, Monaco’s, Amels, Italian, Group Yachts, , Rossinavi, SuperYacht Times Locations: Monaco, Netherlands, London, Carinthia
Mark Zuckerberg joked about his obsession with the Roman Empire in response to a viral meme. His rival Elon Musk is also a fan, and suggested the cage fight between the two CEOs take place in the Colosseum. "Not sure if I think about the Roman Empire too much," the Meta CEO posted on Threads . The Facebook founder does in fact have a long-standing interest in the Roman Empire . Every day — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 15, 2023Zuckerberg is not the only tech CEO unable to stop thinking about the Roman empire.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, honeymooned, Elon Musk, Aurelia, Maxima's, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Zuckerberg, Elon Organizations: Service, New, New Yorker Locations: Roman, Rome, Wall, Silicon
What Aya de León Looks For in a Good Thriller
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“The God of Good Looks,” by Breanne Mc Ivor. I really wish more authors would write popular fiction about the climate crisis, set in the here and now. Most of what gets called “climate fiction” falls into the category of science fiction/fantasy. Where are the popular books to accompany the building of a popular movement? In my early 20s, a dusty used paperback changed the way I saw spy fiction.
Persons: Christina Sharpe’s, ” Tressie McMillan, ” Elizabeth Acevedo’s, ” Dany Sigwalt’s “, Aurélia Durand, , Breanne Mc Ivor, I’ve, Reading ”, Sam Greenlee Organizations: Reading
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have been married since 2012 and have three children. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan have been married since 2012 after meeting in college. On the day the couple announced Maxima's birth, they also unveiled their philanthropic fund, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Zuckerberg and Chan have also found a balance between teaching their kids part of Zuckerberg's Jewish religion and Chan's Chinese heritage. At the end of the night, Zuckerberg does a bedtime prayer in Mandarin Chinese with his children, Chan told The Times.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg, Aurelia, There's, , fascinates Zuckerberg, Augustus Caesar, Newborn, Marcus Aurelius, Chan Zuckerberg, Chan, Mark Organizations: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Mark Zuckerberg shared a family photo with his daughters' faces hidden by emojis. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg provoked accusations of hypocrisy from users on his platforms by censoring his childrens' faces in a family photo. It is a common practice among parents to obscure the faces of their children in social media posts for privacy reasons. On Instagram, one user got 2,800 likes commenting under Zuckerberg's post: "Even Zuck doesn't trust his platforms to put his kids faces up." Much of the ire focused on accusing Zuckerberg of hypocrisy, since Meta has been embroiled in controversies relating to its users' data.
Persons: Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Maxima, August Chan Zuckerberg, Aurelia —, Meta Organizations: Morning, Facebook, Meta, Cambridge, European Union Locations: America
Françoise Gilot, a tireless artist who defied simple categorization — and efforts to define her merely as a footnote in the story of her former lover Pablo Picasso — died Tuesday in New York. The early years of her career coincided with World War II and the Nazi occupation of Paris. In 1970, Gilot married her second husband, Jonas Salk, a virologist who developed one of the first polio vaccines. "Paloma à la Guitare" by Francoise Gilot (1965) was part of Sotheby's (Women) Artists Sale in 2021 in London, England. In 2012, Gagosian staged the first exhibition of Gilot’s work alongside Picasso’s, “Picasso and Françoise Gilot: Paris–Vallauris 1943–1953,” which focused on works made during their relationship.
Persons: Françoise, Pablo Picasso —, Aurelia Engel, Gilot, Engel, Madeleine Decre’s, Picasso, Carlton Lake, , Picasso’s, Pablo Picasso, Francoise Gillot, Roger Viollet, ” Gilot, , Claude, Paloma Picasso —, Luc Simon, Paris ’ Galerie Louise Leiris, York’s David Findley, Simon, Engel’s, Jonas Salk, Salk, Paloma, Francoise Gilot, John Phillips, Gerald Joyce, Jonas Salk —, Jonas, Gagosian, “ Picasso, John Richardson, Richardson, John Bright, , Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, WHYY’s Terry Gross Organizations: The Art, CNN, The New York Times, Paris ’ Galerie, United, Galleria Santo, Galerie Coard, Salk, Salk Institute, Acatos Publishing, New York, Penske Media, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, ville de, New Orleans Museum of Art, National Museum of Women, Arts, of Arts, National Merit, Legion Locations: New York, Paris, Neuilly, Seine, Nazi, Europe, United States, Venice, Dantesca, Turin, Pierre, , San Diego , California, Sotheby's, London, England, California, Antibes, ville de Paris, Washington , DC, France
Françoise Gilot, an accomplished painter whose art was eclipsed by her long and stormy romantic relationship with a much older Pablo Picasso, and who alone among his many mistresses walked out on him, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Manhattan. The death was confirmed by her daughter Aurelia Engel, who said Ms. Gilot had recently been dealing with heart and lung ailments. “You imagine people will be interested in you?” Ms. Gilot quoted a surprised Picasso as saying after she told him that she was leaving him. “They won’t ever, really, just for yourself. She continued painting and exhibiting her work and wrote books.
Persons: Françoise Gilot, Pablo Picasso, Aurelia Engel, Gilot, Picasso Locations: Manhattan
[1/5] Cars belonging to the Palmen collection are displayed in the warehouse in which they were stored over the last 40 years, ahead of Friday's auction, in Dordrecht, Netherlands May 25, 2023. He never showed off his cars but rather kept them a secret, scared people might steal them, Nico Aaldering from Gallery Aaldering said. Palmen could afford to buy the cars thanks to smart investments, including in real estate, said Hans van der Pluijm from Classic Car Auctions, which is running the auction. "It's a collection you will probably never find in this condition, in this quantity again," said Hans van der Pluijm from Classic Car Auctions. It's special in every shape and it's wanted in every collection," Van der Pluijm said.
A woman has accused her neighbor for trying to steal her $350,000 home in Long Island. Prosecutors allege that her neighbor, Aurelia Soogea, 35, forged the signatures on the deeds to the house to switch ownership. NBC reports that the deed to the house shows the transfer of ownership happened for just $10. Carra has said that Mika transferred the home ownership to his client in thanks for work Soogea did helping to care for the older woman. The news site reports that Mika's legal team says this is not true, and the two women had no relationship.
The Facebook co-founder on Friday announced the birth of his third child, revealing that he and his wife Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg have named the baby Aurelia. Zuckerberg shared the first photo of his newborn in an Instagram post, calling her "such a little blessing." His second daughter is named August in reference to the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, who Zuckerberg has called one of the "most fascinating" figures in history. In a 2018 interview with the New Yorker, Zuckerberg said that he became interested in Ancient Rome while studying Latin in high school. Take this survey and tell us how you want to take your money and career to the next level.
MEXICO CITY — About 200 women are still in prison in Mexico under outdated anti-abortion state laws even though the Supreme Court decriminalized abortion last year, advocates said. García Cruceño grew up in a Nahua indigenous community in one of the poorest mountain regions of Guerrero state. “I was very sad, with a lot anxiety,” García Cruceño said. That night, a judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to continue holding García Cruceño. “It feels strange,” García Cruceño said.
Nearly seven decades after her first film, she was awarded an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement at age 88 in November 2013. "I feel really undeserving of this gorgeous chap," Lansbury said, referring to the golden Oscar statuette she was given. "Not since the heyday of Bette Davis had there been an actress of this range and accomplishment," wrote critic David Shipman. Lansbury was born in London in 1925 and went to the United States in 1940 to avoid the war with her mother, actress Moyna McGill, who appeared in several Hollywood films. Lansbury, who lived in Los Angeles, married actor Richard Cromwell in 1945 but the union lasted less than a year.
CNN —“Luckiest Girl Alive” has a lot going on, in a way that undermines the movie’s translation from book to screen. Mila Kunis produces and stars in this #MeToo-tinged story, which awkwardly incorporates a mass school shooting as well as gender and class politics into what becomes an ungainly mix of hot-button issues in one dramatic package. As the handsomely clueless Luke puts it, why address “this thing that happened to you so long ago.”Mila Kunis in the Netflix movie 'Luckiest Girl Alive.' But “Luckiest Girl Alive” falls short of its promise, a reminder that, however ironic the title is intended to be, fortune tends to favor the bold. “Luckiest Girl Alive” premieres October 7 on Netflix.
European startups like Sequence and Numeral want to establish themselves as the region's leaders. In March, the valuation of Californian startup Modern Treasury spiked to $2 billion as it established itself as an early leader in the burgeoning FinOps sector. In Europe, FinOps startups have captured the attention of a wealth of venture capital firms hoping to be an early backer in the region's own Modern Treasury. The US payments market is notoriously fragmented with some 5,000 banks and no universal real-time settlements platform. Indeed, investment into European startups plummeted by 38% in the second quarter of the year to $23.7 billion, according to Crunchbase data.
Asociația Presei Independente (API) invită reprezentanții organizațiilor neguvernamentale, asociațiilor obștești, mass-media și alte instituții interesate la un atelier pe subiectele managementul deșeurilor solide și eficiența energetică, care se va desfășura, la Chișinău, timp de două zile, la 15-16 iulie 2021, offline. Workshop-ul va fi ținut de experții Aurelia Bahnaru, președinta Asociației pentru Valorificarea deșeurilor și Vitalie Condrațchi, jurnalist, specialist în comunicare. În cele două zile, vor fi discutate mai multe teme, printre care: provocări și soluții, subiecte cheie și de interes pentru mass-media pe segmentele managementul deșeurilor solide, campanii de conștientizare privind gestionarea deșeurilor într-o localitate, unghiuri de abordare și idei de campanii/articole în domeniul eficienței energetice. Doritorii de a participa la atelier (cu prezență fizică) sunt rugați să transmită un mesaj de confirmare pe adresa Partenerul proiectului pentru creșterea potențialului de vizibilitate și implicare a cetățenilor este Asociația Presei Independente (API).
Persons: Aurelia Organizations: Presei, Uniunea Europeană, Agenția, Cooperare, Germaniei Locations: Chișinău, Republica Moldova
Profesoara își dorește să obțină calificările necesare pentru ca, din toamnă, să poată preda disciplinele elevilor din clasele a X-XII-a înscriși la cursurile opționale. În anul de studii care urmează, estimativ 20.000 de elevi cu vârste cuprinse între 13-19 ani vor studia cel puțin unul dintre cele șase cursuri disponibile pe platformă: programarea algoritmilor, proiectarea și dezvoltarea web, design grafic, inteligență artificială, proiectarea și dezvoltarea aplicațiilor mobile și antreprenoriat. Acest curs de mentorat, care conectează teoria și practica, oferă o bază pentru a cultiva înțelegerea pedagogiei digitale și a sprijini profesorii în dezvoltarea abilităților digitale. Inițiativa abordează dezvoltarea socio-economică durabilă a municipiului Cahul și a localităților învecinate, care completează acoperirea regională a asistenței pentru dezvoltare acordată de Uniunea Europeană Republicii Moldova. Obiectivul centrului este de a avea un efect de stimulare în orașul Cahul și alte zone de dezvoltare din regiune.
Persons: Aurelia, Dimitrie Cantemir, Cantemir, Tatiana Alexeev, Magdalena Müller - Uri, Adam Amberg Organizations: PNUD, Ministerul Educației, Culturii, Cercetării, Uniunii Europene, Uniunea Europeană Locations: Cantemir, Moldovei, Cahul, Leova, Taraclia, TEKWILL, USAID, Suedia, PNUD Moldova, Republica Moldova, UE, Suediei, City Cahul, Uniunea Europeană Republicii Moldova, Center
Din impulsul de a fi mai aproape de elevi și de a-i învăța profesiile viitorului, cadrul didactic s-a înscris la programul de formare pentru profesori. În anul de studii care urmează, estimativ 20.000 de elevi cu vârste cuprinse între 13-19 ani vor studia cel puțin unul dintre cele șase cursuri disponibile pe platformă: programarea algoritmilor, proiectarea și dezvoltarea web, design grafic, inteligență artificială, proiectarea și dezvoltarea aplicațiilor mobile și antreprenoriat. Acest curs de mentorat, care conectează teoria și practica, oferă o bază pentru a cultiva înțelegerea pedagogiei digitale și a sprijini profesorii în dezvoltarea abilităților digitale. Inițiativa abordează dezvoltarea socio-economică durabilă a municipiului Cahul și a localităților învecinate, care completează acoperirea regională a asistenței pentru dezvoltare acordată de Uniunea Europeană Republicii Moldova. Obiectivul centrului este de a avea un efect de stimulare în orașul Cahul și alte zone de dezvoltare din regiune.
Persons: Aurelia, Dimitrie Cantemir, Cantemir, Tatiana Alexeev, Magdalena Müller - Uri, Adam Amberg Organizations: Uniunii Europene, PNUD, Ministerul Educației, Culturii, Cercetării, Uniunea Europeană Locations: Cahul, Suedia, Cantemir, Moldovei, Leova, Taraclia, TEKWILL, USAID, PNUD Moldova, Republica Moldova, UE, Suediei, City Cahul, Uniunea Europeană Republicii Moldova, Center
Inițierea unor noi programe cu dublă diploma (licență și master), organizarea practicii studențești în bazele Universității din București, efectuarea schimbului de experiență pentru personalul științifico-didactic și administrativ, conectarea activității Muzeelor Universității de Stat din Moldova și a Universității din București, integrarea în consorțiile universitare (UNICA) – acestea și alte acțiuni urmează a fi realizate pe parcursul anilor 2021-2022 de către Universitatea de Stat din Moldova (USM), în colaborare cu Universitatea din București (UB). dr. Marian Preda, Rectorul Universității din București, prof. univ. dr. Mircea Dumitru, Doctor Honoris Causa al USM, prof. univ. Aurelia Hanganu, Prorector pentru activitatea științifică, Sergiu Corlat, Prorector pentru rețele IT și prof. univ. Universitatea de Stat din Moldova are încheiate acorduri de colaborare cu Universitatea din București, iar din anul 2018 este membră asociată a Consorțiului Universitaria, din care fac parte Academia de Studii Economice din București, Universitatea din București, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai din Cluj Napoca, Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza„ din Iași și Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara.
Persons: . dr, Marian Preda, ., Mircea Dumitru, . dr . Laura Comănescu, Sorin Costreie, . dr . Florentina Nițu, Viorel, Lilian Ciachir, . conf, Igor Șarov, . dr . hab, Otilia Dandara, . dr ., Aurelia Hanganu, Sergiu Corlat, Violeta Cojocaru, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Organizations: Universității din, Universității de Stat, Universitatea de Stat, Universitatea din, din, USM, Unesco, Stat, bucureșteană, ale Educației, Științe Economice, Long, Learning, Universitatea, Studii, Universitatea din București, Universitatea Babeș - Bolyai, Alexandru, Universitatea de Vest Locations: Universității din București, Moldova, Universitatea din București, UB, din București, București, Republica Moldova, România, Cluj Napoca, Iași, Timișoara
Prima promoție a programelor de masterat cu dublă diplomă a USM și Universității din București și-au primit diplomele de absolvireAstăzi, 29 iunie, a avut loc festivitatea de înmânare a diplomelor de absolvire a studiilor la programele de master cu dublă diplomă, organizate în baza parteneriatului dintre Universitatea de Stat din Moldova (USM) și Universitatea din București, România (UB). Diplomele au fost înmânate celor 10 absolvenți ai Facultății de Istorie și Filosofie a USM de către rectorul Universității de Stat din Moldova, dr., conf. univ., dr., Laura Comănescu și conf. univ., dr., Viorel Vizureanu; decanul Facultății de Istorie și Filosofie a USM, dr., conf. Menționăm că acest parteneriat a fost posibil datorită semnării în anul 2019 a două acorduri de colaborare dintre Universitatea de Stat din Moldova și Universitatea din București.
Persons: Igor Șarov, ., Marian Preda, Adrian, Mircea Dumitru, Laura Comănescu, Sorin Costreie, hab, Otilia Dandara, . hab, Aurelia Hanganu, prof.univ, Violeta Cojocaru, Sergiu Corlat, Florentina Nițu, Viorel, Sergiu Matveev Organizations: Universității din, Universitatea de Stat, Universitatea din București, Universității de Stat, României, USM, Stat, din, Universitatea din Locations: Universității din București, Moldova, România, UB, Republica Moldova, din București, Universitatea din București, universitatea
Vineri, 25 iunie 2021, la Departamentul Economie, Marketing și Turism al Facultății de Științe Economice a USM a avut loc inaugurarea laboratorului „Casa Mare” – simbol al tradițiilor populare românești. Centrul Metodic „Casa Mare” este un proiect instituțional care a fost creat cu scopul de a familiariza publicul, tineretul studios cu valorile culturale, tradițiile și datinile strămoșești. hab., decan al Facultății de Științe Economice a USM a menționat că Centrul „Casa Mare” va determina o atmosferă agreabilă, motivatoare a profesorilor de a crea lucruri frumoase. Părintele Octavian Moșin, preot-paroh la biserica universitară a rostit o rugăciune de binecuvântare și a îndemnat publicul să cinstească tradițiile și valorile naționale. Inaugurarea Centrul Metodic „Casa Mare” este un eveniment marcant pentru domeniul educațional universitar și a fost lansat în premieră la Universitatea de Stat din Moldova.
Persons: ., Igor Șarov, Efim, Victor Ciobanu, Octavian, Maria, Natalia Antoci, Solcan, Maria Hămuraru, Otilia Dandara, . hab, Violeta Cojocaru, Or, Aurelia Hanganu, Angela Niculiță, Galina Ulian Organizations: Științe Economice, USM, Universității de Stat, Economiei, RM, Popular, Infrastructurii, Universitatea de Stat Locations: Moldova
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