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Special Counsel Jack Smith delivers remarks on a recently unsealed indictment including four felony counts against former President Donald Trump on August 1, 2023 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesAttorneys for Donald Trump will continue their legal efforts to throw off special counsel Jack Smith and the classified documents case against the former president in Florida on Monday. Trump’s attorneys will battle prosecutors in court on the second part of Trump’s argument that Smith’s appointment was illegitimate, focusing on how he’s being funded. On Friday, prosecutors, defense attorneys and third parties fought over whether Smith was legitimately appointed as special counsel, an argument district Judge Aileen Cannon seemed skeptical of during the hearing. “President Biden’s DOJ is paying for this politically motivated prosecution of Biden’s chief political rival ‘off the books,’ without accountability or authorization,” Trump’s attorneys argued in their filing earlier this year.
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Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, served as the singer’s conservator for most of its 13-year duration, overseeing his adult daughter’s finances and medical decisions. Within two months of working with Rosengart, the court suspended Spears’ father as her conservator, and then ultimately terminated the conservatorship less than two months later. When Rosengart was hired in July 2021, Spears posted to her Instagram: “Now with real representation today … I feel GRATITUDE and BLESSED ! Throughout Spears’ legal battle, many accusations were made against her father in legal filings pertaining to financial misuse and abusing his role as conservator. “As she desired, her freedom now includes that she will no longer need to attend or be involved with court in this matter,” Rosengart told CNN, in April.
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Kate Bedingfield served as White House communications director in the Biden administration and was the deputy campaign manager on Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. That contentious exchange during the 2020 debate put Biden on the defensive. A President Trump might make their decisions about retirement that much easier. David Urban, a CNN political commentator, served as an adviser to then-President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. On Thursday, President Biden needs to do it again.
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San Miguel Gate, Tohono O’odham Nation CNN —The thermometer hit 111 Fahrenheit as we rolled up to a battered tent deep in the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation in Arizona. Chairman Verlon Jose, leader of the Tohono O’odham Nation, considered addressing them, and then turned away. CNNPeople wait to be taken in by Border Patrol after crossing the US-Mexico border near the San Miguel gate on the Tohono O'odham reservation, Arizona in June 2024. Evelio Contreras/CNNYou could drive for miles on the sprawling Tohono O’odham reservation without encountering anyone beside the free-ranging cattle. Some Tohono O’odham Nation members put out water or food for the migrants, others are afraid to.
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Read previewPresident Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are set to face off later this week in the earliest major presidential debate on record. The first presidential debate of the 2024 election will be Thursday, June 27 at 9 p.m. Then-President Donald Trump eyes former Vice President Joe Biden during the final debate of the 2020 election. CNN correspondent Daniel Dale rose to fame fact-checking Trump, but don't expect him, Tapper, or Bash to chime during the debate. In late April, Biden told radio host Howard Stern he would debate Trump.
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Trump first asked the audience if they had ever heard of Dana White, the head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). From there, Trump boasted that he had told White: “Why don’t you set up a migrant league of fighters and have your regular league of fighters. Obviously, Trump’s point in his migrant UFC proposal was that despite the toughness of the professional UFC fighters, the migrants coming to America are actually stronger, tougher and more dangerous. That moment came when Trump told the audience that the UFC president didn’t like the migrant fight league idea, adding, “But actually, it’s not the worst idea I’ve ever had.”Trump is telling the truth there: Musing about a migrant fighting league is vile — but it’s not his worst idea. Trump proposing a dehumanizing physical battle between migrants who would then fight the UFC champions — which conjures up Roman gladiator matches — is simply more evidence of Trump’s depravity.
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Doug Burgum, a possible Trump vice presidential pick, tried to reset the balance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. Fewer voters worry about the cognitive health of Trump, who is only three years younger at 78. “He beat Paul Ryan,” Trump said, referring to the vice presidential debate in 2012 when Biden dispatched Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate. There is growing speculation about Trump’s approach after his hyper-aggressive and angry performance in the first debate against Biden in 2020 backfired. Unlike Trump, who spent the weekend creating headlines, Biden hunkered down at the presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park north of Washington.
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Read previewWarning: Spoilers ahead for the first episode of "Orphan Black: Echoes." Nearly seven years after the series finale of "Orphan Black," the clone-centered sci-fi show is returning with a new spinoff, "Orphan Black: Echoes." Lucy's creator is Kira Manning (Keeley Hawes), the daughter of "Orphan Black" lead character Sarah Manning (Maslany). "Orphan Black: Echoes" showrunner Anna Fishko and "Orphan Black" co-creator John Fawcett. AdvertisementNew episodes of "Orphan Black: Echoes" air on Sundays on AMC and BBC America and stream on AMC+.
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CNN —Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars media empire will be shut down and sold off, a bankruptcy court-appointed trustee said in an emergency court filing Sunday, signalling the end of the notorious far-right outlet that Jones has used to spread dangerous misinformation and lies. But at that time, the judge ruled Jones’ media company Free Speech Systems, the parent of Infowars, would not be liquidated partly because the process would be costly and lengthy. The dismissal of the bankruptcy case against the outlet meant that the families were free to go after Jones’ assets, including Infowars, in state court. Since Jones is the owner of Free Speech Systems, a court appointed trustee was put in charge of the company. As a result, Jones’ trustee asked the bankruptcy judge for an emergency stay in the case to allow them to conduct an “orderly wind-down and sale process” of Infowars.
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Rather, look to work with institutions and individuals that are aware of the community's unique financial needs . Some 3 in 10 LGBTQ+ adults (30.8%) say they experienced discrimination when accessing financial services, according to a recent survey from the Human Rights Campaign . In many cases, parade sponsors and participants include financial institutions, from banks to real estate agencies to investment brokerages. Making that process easier is a career goal for Charles Chaffin, a financial psychologist who founded Affirming Advisor — a program designed to help financial firms better serve LGBTQ+ clientele. Vet the firmIf a financial institution is publicly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, that's certainly a good start, says Jay.
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Cannon did not seem inclined to approve the limitations on Trump’s speech but did not immediately issue a ruling. The judge also heard arguments on Trump’s long-shot motion alleging that the special counsel’s office is being improperly funded. He said that while Trump is welcome to campaign, there should be certain limits when it comes to the safety of FBI agents on the case. “Steve Bannon making a comment is potentially the kind of thing that could send President Trump to jail,” Blanche said. Republicans on Capitol Hill have also tried to buckle down on the DOJ’s use of the special counsel’s office and its funding.
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Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney, last week dropped most of the 46 cases against pro-Palestinian demonstrators charged in the April 30 siege of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University because prosecutors had little proof that the cases would stand up at trial. There was limited video footage of what took place inside the campus building, Doug Cohen, a spokesman for the district attorney, said in a statement. The protesters wore masks and covered security cameras, preventing prosecutors from identifying those who had barricaded the doors and smashed chairs, desks and windows during the 17-hour occupation. The district attorney announced the decision to drop 31 of the 46 cases during a court hearing on Thursday. Apart from trespassing, a misdemeanor, proving any other criminal charges would be “extremely difficult,” Mr. Cohen said.
Persons: Alvin Bragg, Hamilton, Doug Cohen, Mr, Cohen Organizations: Hamilton Hall, Columbia University, City College Locations: Manhattan
Barring a major shock, Labour leader Keir Starmer will be the person walking through the famous black door of 10 Downing Street in less than three weeks’ time. His parents were political, naming their eldest after the first Labour leader in parliament, Keir Hardie. “He’s the first Labour leader in a generation to talk about class and snobbery,” Tom Baldwin, author of “Keir Starmer: The Biography,” told CNN. Jeremy Corbyn, then the Labour leader, made Starmer his Brexit chief following the 2016 referendum. Starmer, left, and then-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn talk to the media at the EU Commission headquarters on March 21, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Conservative Party –, , Keir Starmer, Starmer, John Stillwell, Keir Hardie, , ” Tom Baldwin, “ Keir Starmer, , , ” Baldwin, Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn, Osama bin Laden, Thierry Monasse, Boris Johnson, James Schneider, Dominic Grieve, ” Grieve, Grieve, ” Starmer, Stefan Rousseau Organizations: CNN, Conservative Party, Labour Party, Labour, Downing, Great, Great British Energy, European Union, Public Prosecutions, Crown, Service of, Wales –, University of Leeds, University of Oxford, NATO, EU, Conservative, Conservatives Locations: Britain, Great British, Service of England, London, Brussels, Belgium, Lancing, West Sussex
CNN —After nearly 47 years, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals this week exonerated Kerry Max Cook for the 1977 murder of Linda Jo Edwards, declaring him innocent of a crime for which he spent nearly 20 years on death row. Cook was accused of the 1977 rape, murder and mutilation of 21-year-old Edwards in Tyler, Texas. A third trial in 1994 ended with a new conviction and death sentence. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the second verdict in 1996, stating misconduct by police and prosecutors. Before a fourth trial in 1999, the state offered Cook a “no contest” plea deal for murder.
Persons: Kerry Max Cook, Linda Jo Edwards, Bert Richardson, Cook, uncontroverted Brady, Edwards, Paula Rudolph, ” Cook, Appeals, Edward Scott Jackson, Cook’s, , ” Jackson, Kerry Cook, “ Kerry, Glenn Garber, ” Garber, , Jacob Putman Organizations: CNN, Texas, Exoneration, ” CNN Locations: Texas, Tyler , Texas, Smith, Tyler, Smith County
In Brooklyn, a State Assembly race has attracted the involvement of marquee figures like Hakeem Jeffries, the House Democratic leader, and Letitia James, the New York State attorney general. In East Harlem, race and ethnicity have cast shadows over another contest, with the question of whether the neighborhood should be represented by a Latino. And in Westchester County, a Democratic primary fight has included ugly accusations of lies, betrayal and purloined emails. If there was any illusion that Democrats in New York would play nice until November’s all-important general election, these contests for the Assembly in Tuesday’s primaries suggest otherwise. At the heart of many of these contests lies a long-simmering tension between institutional and progressive Democrats that has come to dominate many debates inside the State Legislature, including those involving housing and criminal justice.
Persons: Hakeem Jeffries, Letitia James Organizations: Assembly, Democratic, New York, Legislature Locations: Brooklyn, New York State, East Harlem, Westchester County, New York
Read previewWhen Rudy Giuliani filed for bankruptcy late last year, it gave him some room to breathe. They all flowed into a federal bankruptcy court, where creditors could negotiate for whatever funds the aging former New York City mayor had left. But if the judge were to agree with the creditors and appoint a Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee, Giuliani would lose control of his own financial life. AdvertisementA bankruptcy trustee would control all of Giuliani's assets and would be able to sell his two homes unimpeded. Giuliani's creditors have formed a supergroup to try to dig into his finances.
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The nation's highest court typically wraps up its business by the end of June, but court watchers count roughly a dozen major pending decisions. Trump v. United States: The Trump immunity caseThe implications for Trump alone made this the most closely-watched case this term. As Justice Neil Gorsuch said during oral arguments, the court may write "a rule for the ages." Justices heard oral arguments in a case brought by commercial fishermen about a rule requiring them to pay for monitors that track potential overfishing. Justice Elena Kagan said during oral arguments that 70 Supreme Court rulings and more than 17,000 lower-court decisions have relied on Chevron.
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CNN —When Simon An and his family heard screaming from a store next door to their family taekwondo studio on Wednesday outside Houston, Texas, they knew they had to find out what was happening. An told CNN Friday the family was returning from their lunch break and were parking at the Yong-In studio in Katy when his father heard a “loud scream” as he exited his car. Then the whole family heard “a second scream, and it was loud. Very loud.” “I would describe it as a horror scream.”His father led the family into a nearby Cricket Wireless store. “I’m very proud of my family.”The Harris County Sheriff lauded the An family as “good samaritans” and thanked them for their “quick action in protecting others.”
Persons: Simon An, , Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, , , Alex Robinson, Robinson, KHOU, Hannah, Han Organizations: CNN, Harris County Sheriff, Cricket Wireless, KHOU, Sheriff Locations: Houston , Texas, Harris County, Katy, Harris
Going After the Middleman
  + stars: | 2024-06-22 | by ( Lauren Hirsch | Sarah Kessler | )   time to read: +1 min
They’ve zeroed in on what may sound like a nerdy legal theory, but one that could have huge implications: the tyranny of the intermediary, middleman companies that abuse their role by squeezing out competition or creating artificially expensive moats. The Justice Department has already made one high-profile strike along these lines, suing to break up Ticketmaster and Live Nation. It is reportedly investigating at least two others. One is RealPage, a property management company that uses artificial intelligence to suggest prices and has already been sued by renters accusing it of facilitating a new type of collusion. The second is UnitedHealth Group, the health care conglomerate that owns a cobweb of businesses that include an insurer and another unit that employs about 10,000 physicians in the United States.
Persons: Lina Khan, Jonathan Kanter, They’ve Organizations: Biden, Federal Trade Commission, Ticketmaster, UnitedHealth Locations: United States
On Monday, the federal judge overseeing the case will hold a hearing for both parties to present their arguments over the proposed gag order, and tensions between the two sides could quickly rise. Citing Trump’s continued mischaracterization of the FBI’s policy in place around the use of deadly force during the search, prosecutors say Trump’s false claims that he nearly escaped death from federal agents could lead to threats and harassment against them. Trump was in New York when agents searched the Florida estate. “Shortly after the execution of the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, one of Trump’s supporters carried out an armed attack on an FBI office in the wake of Trump’s Truth Social statements regarding the search,” prosecutors wrote. Trump is welcome to make such comments to his heart’s content — they are simply not the Government’s concern.”
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump’s, Trump, , Hunter Biden, , Trump boastfully, Prosecutors, Jack Smith Organizations: CNN, Prosecutors, Trump, FBI, Government, Biden Administration, Department of Justice Locations: Lago, New York, Florida, Mar
Every paycheck I get goes to Navient," Pucci, 59, told BI. I feel trapped, and this has been so traumatic, especially the last couple of months, it's been really, really difficult." The lender, instead, can decide how it wants to craft a relief process, if at all. AdvertisementBut Linssen's efforts paid off — she got $70,000 in private loans discharged in May. While Nave also eventually got her private loans relieved after filing complaints with the CFPB, she doesn't understand why it has to be this way.
Persons: , Leandro Pucci, Joe Biden's, hasn't, Pucci, it's, " Pucci, Sen, Elizabeth Warren, Holder, Warren, Navient, he's, Julia Barnard, Barnard, Theresa, Christman, Theresa Christman Theresa Christman, Eileen Connor, PPSL, haven't, Connor, I've, Victoria Linssen, Jennifer Nave, Linssen, aren't, Brooks, Victoria, Victoria Linssen Victoria Linssen, Nave, they're, — Navient, Nick Eucker, Eucker Organizations: Service, Art Institute, Business, Joe Biden's Education Department, Navient, Education Department, Consumer Financial, Bureau, Education, BI, International Academy of Design, Technology, Brooks Institute, DeVry University, Victoria Linssen Victoria Locations: Venezuela, California, Navient, Cardona
On May 19, Euless Police Department officers responded to a call at an apartment complex pool regarding a disturbance between two women. Witnesses told officers “a woman who was very intoxicated had tried to drown a child and argued with the child’s mother,” police said in a news release. The woman, identified as Elizabeth Wolf, 42, was approached by officers as she tried to leave and placed under arrest for public intoxication. The victim’s mother told police Wolf was questioning where she was from and if the two children playing at the pool were hers, the release said. The mother began helping her son when Wolf grabbed her 3-year-old daughter and forced her underwater,” the news release said.
Persons: Witnesses, , , Elizabeth Wolf, Wolf, CNN Wolf, ” Captain Brenda Alvarado, Shaimaa Zayan, Salman Bhojani Organizations: CNN, Islamic Relations, Euless Police, Euless Police Department, Texas Locations: Texas, American, Palestine, Tarrant County, , Euless
Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford said he’ll take the issue to the state Supreme Court after Clark County District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus ruled that Las Vegas was the wrong venue for the case. “They’re done,” said Margaret McLetchie, attorney for Clark County Republican Party chairman Jesse Law, one of the defendants in the case. The state Republican Party issued a statement welcoming the court decision, pointing to Ford’s vow to appeal and asking for contributions to continue the court fight. Chattah ran as a Republican in 2022 for state attorney general and lost to Ford by just under 8% of the vote. Also, unlike other states, Nevada did not have a legal challenge pending in courts at the time.
Persons: Donald Trump, Aaron Ford, he’ll, Mary Kay Holthus, we’ll, ” Ford, “ They’re, , Margaret McLetchie, Jesse Law, Michael McDonald, Jim DeGraffenreid, Shawn Meehan, Jim Hindle, Eileen Rice, McDonald’s, Richard Wright, Ford, ” Wright, Holthus, Matthew Rashbrook, McDonald, Brian Hardy, Meehan, Sigal Chattah, Chattah, Joe Biden, Kenneth Chesebro, Chesebro, Trump, Biden, State Barbara Cegavske, Cegavske Organizations: LAS VEGAS, Las, Clark County Republican, Democratic, Republican, , Republican Party, Convention, Ford, Trump, State Locations: Nevada, Clark, Las Vegas, Carson, Douglas, Storey County, Carson City, Reno, , Nevada’s Storey, Milwaukee, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
CNN —David DePape, the man convicted in federal court for violently attacking House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, has been convicted of five charges in state court. The verdict comes as DePape already faces a 30-year sentence from his conviction last year in connection with the October 2022 attack. In court Friday, DePape showed no visible reaction as the verdict was read, and his lawyer later said they intend to appeal the case. DePape was convicted in federal court last November for assault on the immediate family member of a federal official and attempted kidnapping of a federal official in connection with the attack. “I’m telling him, ‘I have other targets, but if you stop me, I’ll go through you,’” DePape said, recounting a conversation with Paul Pelosi.
Persons: David DePape, Nancy Pelosi’s, Paul, DePape, Harry M, Dorfman, Adam Lipson, “ He’s, ” Lipson, “ It’s, Aaron Bennett, Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi ”, Paul Pelosi, , , , I’ll, ” DePape, Gypsy Taub, DePape’s, Taub, CNN’s Piper Hudspeth Blackburn Organizations: CNN, San, , Federal, Court Locations: California, San Francisco, Francisco County
CNN —A Texas woman has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against two Mexican resort travel companies, seeking more than $1 million, after her husband was electrocuted in a resort hot tub earlier this month. The couple were on vacation at the resort on June 11 when they decided to spend time in the hot tub, the lawsuit said. “However, the metal from the objects carried the electrical current and began shocking the rescuers.”The lawsuit names vacation rental companies Casago, LLC, Casago International, LLC and High Desert Travel, Inc. as defendants. It is not clear how or if Casago, LLC is connected to Casago International LLC. Corporate records also show Casago LLC and High Desert Travel share the same telephone number.
Persons: CNN —, Lizzette Zambrano, Jorge Guillen, , ” Zambrano, ABC’s, Guillen, “ Jorge, … ” Zambrano, Jorge, , Zambrano, El Paso County Judge Francisco X, Dominguez, Tej Paranjpe, ” “ Organizations: CNN, America, Casago, Inc, ABC, Travel, El, El Paso County Judge Locations: Texas, El Paso County , Texas, Sonoran, Sonora, Mexico, Arizona, El Paso County
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