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Members of Taiwan's military conduct routine exercises at Liaoluo Port in Kinmen on May 24, 2024. (Photo by I-HWA CHENG/AFP via Getty Images) I-hwa Cheng | Afp | Getty ImagesChina's latest military exercises around Taiwan risk escalating cross-strait tensions — but war remains unlikely, political observers say. Beijing warned that the two-day drills, which continued on Friday, were aimed at punishing the island's new President Lai Ching-te for his "hostility and provocations." The drills are "legitimate, timely and entirely necessary," as acts of "Taiwan independence" in any form "cannot be tolerated," it added. "This pretext for conducting military exercises not only does not contribute to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, but also highlights its hegemonic nature," the ministry said.
Persons: HWA CHENG, Cheng, Lai Ching, Lai, Xi Jinping, China's, Lai —, Wang Yi, Nancy Pelosi's, Xi, Joe Biden, Gabriel Wildau Organizations: HWA, Getty, Afp, Xinhua, Atlantic, China's Ministry of National Defense, Liberation Army, PLA, Eastern, Command, U.S ., Fujian, Guard, U.S, APEC, Teneo Intelligence, Republicans Locations: Liaoluo, Kinmen, China, Taiwan, AFP, Beijing, Eurasia, Republic of China, People's Republic of China, United States, U.S
While supporters applaud Tsai for standing up to China, defending Taiwan’s sovereignty, freedom and democracy, critics blame her for straining ties with Beijing, stoking cross-strait tensions. Beijing, which deems the tacit agreement a precondition for dialogue, has cut official contact with Taipei since Tsai took office. Taiwan President Tsai inspects reservists at a training session at a military base in Taoyuan on May 11, 2023. But under Tsai, Taiwan has sought to enhance its asymmetric defense capabilities, developing and procuring cheaper and more mobile weapon systems that could be instrumental in halting a potential Chinese invasion. Taiwanese military experts have increasingly advocated for such an approach, noting that Taiwan can never match China in military might and assets.
Persons: Taipei CNN — Tsai Ing, introvert, ” Tsai, Xi Jinping, Xi, Tsai, stoking, Taiwan’s, Lai Ching, , Alex Chan Tsz Yuk, Wellington Koo, , Vanessa Hope, Ma Ying, Taiwan's, Jose Lopes Amaral, Wen, Amanda Hsiao, Nancy Pelosi, Chien Chih, Nancy Pelosi’s, Huang, Jameson Wu, ” Sung, ” Hsiao, “ Tsai, Sawayasu Tsuji, Sung, ” Tsai’s, , Lai Organizations: Taipei CNN, Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, Kuomintang, KMT, World Health Organization, WHO, Atlantic, Trump, Biden, International Crisis, US, Getty, World Health Assembly, National Chengchi University, Getty Images, Taiwan’s Military Academy, ” Tsai’s DPP Locations: Taipei, Taiwan, China, United States, Beijing, Tsai, Asia, Wellington, Ukraine, Gaza, Japan, Czech Republic, Republic of China, Taoyuan, AFP, Washington, Hong Kong
Research shows that former President Donald Trump’s tariffs on China did indeed raise prices on consumers and businesses — despite his claims otherwise. The study found tariffs imposed by former President Donald Trump did not meaningfully contribute to inflation. “The new Biden tariffs, like the more extensive ones that Trump has promised, will worsen US inflation. It is fair to debate how much the Biden tariffs will impact inflation because they are not nearly as widespread as what Trump imposed and what Trump is promising if he’s reelected. Trump enacted sweeping tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese imports, setting off a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies.
Persons: Katherine Tai, Joe Biden’s, ” Tai, , Donald Trump’s, Tai, Angela Perez, Donald Trump, Goldman Sachs, Tai’s, “ Trump, ” Biden, , Alex Durante, Tai’s “, Maury Obstfeld, Biden, , Trump, he’s, ” Perez, White, Morgan, Daleep Singh, Jen Psaki, Jared Polis, ” Polis, Ed Mills, Raymond James, David Kelly, ” Kelly Organizations: New, New York CNN, US, White, Research, CNN, US International Trade Commission, , China, Tax, Obama, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Biden, Atlantic Council, Bretton, Committee, , Colorado Gov, Republicans, Asset Management Locations: New York, China, Ukraine, EVs, Europe
It’s a very different matter in Europe — by far the biggest export market for Chinese EV manufacturers. EU tariffs could backfireAccording to Citi, the EU accounted for 36% of Chinese EV exports last year, more than the next five largest markets combined. By contrast, the United States currently receives just 1.1% of China’s EV exports. For BYD, China’s biggest EV maker, the tariffs would likely have to be even higher to be effective, they add. “I’d say we are entering a very tense period in terms of trade interactions and trade defense,” she added.
Persons: Joe Biden, “ I’m, ” Biden, Joseph Webster, Agatha Kratz, Kratz, That’s, Oliver Zipse, , Tu Le, , Josh Lipsky, Juliana Liu Organizations: London CNN, United, EV, European Union, Atlantic Council, EU, CNN, Citi, Capital Economics, BMW Locations: China, America, Europe, United States, It’s, Brussels, “ Brussels, Beijing, subsidization, EU, States, Italy, Hong Kong
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailTransatlantic agreement needed for the U.S. to block China's EVs, says Atlantic's Fred KempeFred Kempe, Atlantic Council CEO, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss the geopolitics behind the U.S. implementing tariffs on Chinese EVs and what it means for their strained relations.
Persons: Fred Kempe Fred Kempe Organizations: Atlantic
Saudi Arabia needs foreign businesses to help it realize its Neom megacity project. The BBC reported that Saudi officials were given a license to use lethal force to clear land. But underneath the image is a far darker reality, say campaigners, which could threaten the foreign cash and expertise Saudi Arabia needs to realize its ambitions. Though his decision took place in 2022, it was given new urgency by a whistleblower giving more detail on how Saudi officials may have acted. Amnesty International said businesses ought to be wary of doing deals in Saudi Arabia and called for UK officials to push for an independent investigation into the Neom land clearances.
Persons: , Malcolm Aw, Col Rabih Alenezi, Dana Ahmed, Mohammed bin Salman, Jamal al, Neom Organizations: BBC, Saudi, Service, UN, Telegraph, Amnesty International, Amnesty, Politico, The Atlantic Council, Business Locations: Saudi Arabia, Saudi
Xi is spending two days in France, meeting French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday before heading to Serbia and Hungary. "I'm calling for an 'aggiornamento' because China is now in excess capacity in many areas and exports massively to Europe," Macron told La Tribune Dimanche, per a Bloomberg translation. She said China's trade practices are leading to unfair trade that are "market-distorting" and "could lead to deindustrialization in Europe." China has pushed back on the West's claims of overcapacity, accusing the bloc of being protectionist and of trying to curb China's economic development. However, Europe — like China — isn't quite the same anymore, following years of economic malaise punctuated by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
Persons: , Janet Yellen, Olaf Scholz, Xi Jinping's, Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Matt Geraci, Geraci, Ursula von der Leyen, Von, Leyen, Léonie Allard, Allard, Xi Organizations: Service, State Authority, European Union, Business, La Tribune Dimanche, Atlantic, Associated Press, European, overcapacity, Council's Locations: China, France, Serbia, Hungary, European, Germany, Europe, Beijing, Washington, Russia, Ukraine
NATO is accusing Russia of "malign activities" in its member states, including Germany and the UK. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Thursday singled out Russia in a statement condemning "recent malign activities" in its member states. The treaty organization said these individuals' actions were part of an "intensifying campaign of activities" carried out by Russia. Amid the heightened tensions, NATO members have increasingly highlighted what they say are Russian clandestine activities in their own governments and institutions.
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Turkey may deploy its Russian S-400 Triumf air defenses on the Iraqi border. Turkiye newspaper reported earlier this month that Turkey's S-400s may be deployed on the border, implying it will defend against drones allegedly acquired by the PKK. Since then, there has been no indication that Turkey's S-400s have been put into operation. "However, Turkey may use the potential threat of Iran-linked militia groups or PKK as a pretext to deploy S-400s." "Such a goal was unattainable and unrealistic given the extent of Turkey's integration into the NATO defense system," Ozeren said.
Persons: , Hulusi Akar, Ali Bakir, Bakir, Suleyman Ozeren, Ozeren, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's, State Victoria Nuland Organizations: Service, Kurdistan Workers ' Party, PKK, Defense, Ibn Khaldon, Security Initiative, Business, Northern, American University, Orion Policy Institute, NATO, State Locations: Turkey, Russian, Israel, Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ankara, Washington, Turkish, Qatar, Northern Iraq, Turkey's, Iraq, Moscow, Russia, NATO
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailAtlantic Council President Fed Kempe: Iran sanctions more symbolic than disruptiveHosted by Brian Sullivan, “Last Call” is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET on CNBC.
Persons: Fed Kempe, Brian Sullivan, Organizations: Email Atlantic, CNBC Locations: Iran
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIran is testing its boundaries and trying to create a 'new normal': says Atlantic Council's KempeAtlantic Council CEO Fred Kempe joins 'Money Movers' to discuss Kempe's thoughts on the weekend's news from the Middle East, the most immediate steps Congress can take, and more.
Persons: Fred Kempe Organizations: Iran, Atlantic
Read previewA former CIA director says Israel could take a covert, rather than an overt, response against the Iranian drone strikes that took place on Saturday. They can pursue asymmetric attacks, cyberspace, and so forth," former CIA director and retired general David Petraeus told CNN on Sunday. The airstrike had reportedly killed several top Iranian military commanders. AdvertisementAnd that, Petraeus told CNN on Sunday, isn't something that Iran wants to see. Representatives for Petraeus did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider sent outside regular business hours.
Persons: , Israel, David Petraeus, Petraeus, BI's Rebecca Rommen, Mossad's, Brent Crude Organizations: Service, CIA, CNN, Business, United Nations, UN, NY, Atlantic Council, New York Times, Business Insider Locations: Washington, Iran, Israel, Jordanian, Iranian, Syria, Islamic Republic of Iran, Damascus, Tehran, Iraq's Kurdistan
Read previewIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must weigh up the implications of escalating the conflict in the Middle East as he mulls Israel's response to Iran's attack, experts say. And depending on how Israel and Iran move forward, the countries may risk taking their yearslong shadow war into an open, regional conflict. AdvertisementAn anti-missile system operates after Iran launched drones and missiles toward Israel, as seen from Ashkelon, Israel April 14, 2024. "At no point previously had Iran directly struck Israel in a way that violated its sovereignty, meaning directly on Israeli soil. Iran has since warned Israel and its allies against a counterstrike, saying it would launch an even larger attack if they retaliated.
Persons: , Benjamin Netanyahu, Ali Khamenei, Michael Horowitz, Zonszein, Israel, Amir Cohen, Reuters Shashank Joshi, Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, Benny Gantz, Gantz, Joe Biden, Arbit, Jordan Organizations: Service, Business, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran's, International Crisis, Reuters, LBC, Atlantic Council, CNN Locations: Jordanian, Iran, Iranian, Damascus, Israel, Ashkelon, Republic
Israel and the US expect a potential Iranian attack following a strike on Iran's embassy in Syria. The incident has escalated the long-standing proxy war between Israel and Iran. Despite threats of a direct attack on Israel, Iran won't want a war involving the US. A long-standing proxy warThe airstrike on April 1 marked an escalation in the long-standing proxy war between Israel and Iran. Related storyIf ballistic missiles or drones do target Israel, Israel would respond, and the US has made it clear it would support it.
Persons: , Ali Khamenei, Israel, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Axios, Hossein Amir, Abdollahian, Jake Epstein, Saeid Jafari, Ali Sadrzadeh, Sadrzadeh, Qassem Soleimani, Khameini, Hassan Rouhani Organizations: Service, Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Iranian, Street Journal, Reuters, Atlantic Council, Israel, BBC News Locations: Israel, Syria, Iran, Damascus, Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, Washington, Tehran, Iraq
A decade of low growth and high debt is coming, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said in a Thursday speech. Medium-term global growth will reach just above 3% as productivity tumbles, the IMF estimates. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe world could soon sink into an era of depressed growth and spiraling debt, IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva said in a speech delivered at an Atlantic Council event. "Without a course correction, we are indeed heading for 'the Tepid Twenties' — a sluggish and disappointing decade," she said Thursday.
Persons: Kristalina Georgieva, Organizations: IMF, Service, Atlantic, Business
Joint concerns over China’s increasing assertiveness under Xi, including toward Taiwan, are a key driver of that summit. Chinese leader Xi Jinping shakes hands with then Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou before their meeting in Singapore on November 7, 2015. Taiwan's former President Ma Ying-jeou speaks to reporters ahead of his visit to China at the Taoyuan International Airport on April 1, 2024. Ma Ying-jeou” or former chairman of the KMT, with no mention of his former role as the president of Taiwan. Reaction in TaiwanMa’s itinerary – and his meeting with Xi – has been closely watched in Taiwan.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Ma Ying, Xi, Chiang Kai, Eric Chu, Ma, ” Chu, Lai Ching, Joe Biden, Biden, Fumio Kishida, Roslan Rahman, Amanda Hsiao, , underscoring, ’ ”, Tsai Ing, , Lai, Lai’s, fixating, , ” Sung, China –, Ma’s, Hsiao, Yan Zhao, Mr, Sun, Xi –, Sung, ” Ma, James Chen Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Beijing, Kuomintang, KMT, China’s, shek’s Nationalists, , Democratic Progressive Party, CNN Beijing, Japanese, Getty, International Crisis, Atlantic, , Taoyuan International Airport, Communists, Nationalists, Atlantic Council, Taiwan’s Tamkang University, DPP Locations: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Washington, Japan, Philippines, AFP, Taoyuan, Guangzhou, Republic of China, Shaanxi, United States, China . Washington
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailNATO 'has a lot at stake' in terms of credibility when it comes to Ukraine, analyst saysStefano Stefanini, nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, says NATO has to continue to support Ukraine.
Persons: Stefano Stefanini, nonresident Organizations: NATO, Atlantic Council Locations: Ukraine
China has helped Russia and Iran sidestep Western sanctions on their oil exports, says the think tank Atlantic Council. Critics say that China aids Russia solely to protect its own interests. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementRussia and Iran's successful workarounds of the West's sanctions on their oil exports largely hinge on the contributions of China, economic think tank the Atlantic Council wrote in a new report. As the two countries face escalating sanctions from the US-led alliance, Beijing has created an alternative market for their restricted oil.
Persons: , Iran's Organizations: Atlantic Council, Service, Business Locations: China, Russia, Iran, Beijing
Viktor Cherniiavskyi said he was targeted because he was an evangelical Christian. AdvertisementA Ukrainian soldier said he was tortured by Russian separatists and forced to undergo an exorcism , partly because of his evangelical Christian faith. While serving as a volunteer in the city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, Cherniiavskyi said he was captured by Russian-aligned forces. Second, because I'm an evangelical Christian. "In reality, Russian society, and the Kremlin, to be more precise, hates any type of Christian denomination, bar the Orthodox Church," Cherniiavskyi said.
Persons: Viktor Cherniiavskyi, , Cherniiavskyi, Vladimir Putin's, Putin's, NICHOLAS KAMM, Russia's, Pat Buchanan, Buchanan, Putin, Dmytro Smolienko, Pastor Dmitry Bodyu, Bodyu, Mykhailo Brytsyn, Evangelical Christians Melitopol, Pastor Brytsyn Organizations: Russia, Service, Putin's Russia, Getty, Russian Orthodox Church, Boston, Kremlin, Publishing, Atlantic Council, Reuters, Tavriski Christian Institute, Life, Russian, NBC, Dallas, Fort, Grace, Evangelical Christians, Freedom, Washington DC, Religious, Orthodox Locations: Ukrainian, Russian, Russia, Luhansk, Ukraine, Moscow, South Carolina, Crimea, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Melitopol, Fort Worth, Washington, Kyiv
Read previewSafety officials are likely to investigate if contaminated fuel played a role in the Baltimore bridge collapse, causing the ship to lose power before it crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, according to reports. Part of the investigation will examine whether "dirty fuel" contributed to the ship's initial loss of power, sources familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal. AdvertisementMarine experts say contaminated fuel is a long-standing industry issue and a possible factor in the Baltimore port crash. John Catsimatidis, CEO of United Refining Company, told Fox News that it's not unusual for oil companies to sell ships contaminated fuel. While it's still too early to determine what led to the Baltimore Bridge collapse, industry experts say "dirty fuel" would be one of multiple possible factors in the incident.
Persons: , Francis Scott Key, Dali, Dali's charterer, Gerald Scoggins, Scoggins, John Catsimatidis, Catsimatidis, Ian Dalby, it's, Jennifer Homendy Organizations: Service, Business, Wall Street, Grace Ocean PTE, Synergy, Maersk, Atlantic Council, Washington Post, United Refining Company, Fox News, Atlantic, National Transportation Safety Locations: Baltimore, Federal
WASHINGTON (AP) — For over a month, House Speaker Mike Johnson has sat on a funding package that would send desperately needed ammunition and weaponry to Ukraine, mulling how best to gain a grasp of what is expected to be a difficult lift in the House. The Republican speaker has indicated he will attempt to push for approval of tens of billions in wartime funding for Ukraine, as well as Israel, once the House returns in April. “We'll turn our attention to it and we won't delay on that,” the Louisiana representative said of the Ukraine package at a news conference last week. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right Republican from Georgia, has filed a motion to vacate Johnson as speaker and warned him not to put Ukraine funding on the House floor. Before becoming speaker, Johnson was deeply skeptical of approving funding for Ukraine and voted repeatedly against it.
Persons: Mike Johnson, , Johnson, Gregory Meeks, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ” Greene, ” Johnson, Ronald Reagan, , Michael McCaul, Greene, Don Bacon, Shelby Magid Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republican, Ukraine, NATO, Rep, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Capitol, Senate, Kyiv, Republicans, Democrats, Senior Republicans, House Foreign Relations, CBS, House, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Louisiana, Russia, Kyiv, Georgia, Gaza, Washington, , Europe
Sweden is considering reinforcing Gotland, a strategic island in the Baltic Sea, after joining NATO. AdvertisementSweden is open to re-fortifying a crucial island in the Baltic Sea now that it's joined NATO, its prime minister said. "That goes in terms of presence on Gotland, but also in terms of surveillance, in terms of submarine capabilities." Gotland marked with an arrow in the Baltic Sea. Gotland is considered to hold a key strategic position in the Baltic Sea, and is often referred to as an "unsinkable aircraft carrier."
Persons: , it's, Ulf Kristersson, Kristersson, Tom Porter, Anna Wieslander, Eric Adamson, Carl, Oskar Bohlin Organizations: NATO, Service, Financial, Google, Atlantic, FT, Atlantic Council, BBC Locations: Sweden, Gotland, Baltic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Swedish, Russian, Kaliningrad, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia
They didn't have the defensive positions prepared," RAND defense researcher Bruce W. Bennett told Business Insider. To work with North Korea, Putin has contravened UN Security Council resolutions he himself signed onto. "If Russia failed to achieve success in Ukraine, meaning it got pushed out of Ukraine, is Putin going to survive physically?" Operating like this "really emboldens North Korea, Iran, and any other autocratic state," said Sanner. AdvertisementIn supplying weapons, Kim Jong Un's regime is unlikely to be driven by a dislike of Ukraine, Bennett said.
Persons: , Vladimir Putin, Bruce W, Bennett, Putin, State Anthony Blinken, Mark Milley, Grant Shapps, Beth Sanner, that's, Joseph Byrne, Kim Jong Un, John Herbst, Byrne, ALEXANDER KAZAKOV, Kim, Sergei Lavrov, Kim Jong, would've, Russia's, it's, we're Organizations: Service, RAND, Business, State, Joint Chiefs of Staff, UK Defence, Trump, Biden, Atlantic, Royal United Services Institute, REUTERS, Atlantic Council, Putin, Ukraine —, US, UN, New York Times, North Locations: Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, Pyongyang, Russia, Komsomolsk, Khabarovsk Region, South Korea, Korea, Moscow, KCNA
Read previewGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been criticized for a "flagrant abuse of intelligence" after he appeared to suggest British and French soldiers had been helping Ukraine fire missiles they had supplied. "German soldiers must at no point and in no place be linked to targets this system reaches," he added. A German government spokesperson told Business Insider they had no comment on the reports. Thierry Wurtz/MBDAIn May 2023, the UK became the first country to begin sending Ukraine long-range missiles with the delivery of long-range Storm Shadow missiles. According to the Atlantic Council think tank, they enable Ukraine to target ammunition depots and command posts deep inside Russian territory.
Persons: , Olaf Scholz, Scholz, Ben Wallace, Tobias Ellwood, Thierry Wurtz Organizations: Service, Business, Storm, Associated Press, Telegraph, Former UK, of Commons Defence, British Ministry of Defence, Armed Forces of, Rafale, Atlantic Council, Fleet, BBC Locations: Ukraine, Germany, Britain, France, Europe, Russia, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sevastopol
Lviv CNN —Few places ooze the pain Ukrainians have been subjected to over the decades more than Lychakiv Cemetery in the western city of Lviv. These days, Lychakiv has become the burial ground for hundreds of service men and women killed in the most recent wave of Russian aggression. I’ve been coming to Lychakiv since the early weeks of the war to get a better sense of the human cost. “There are such cemeteries as Lychakiv all over Ukraine,” Lviv resident and community activist Lesia Krepyakevych told me. (Under Ukrainian law, men between the ages of 18 to 26 can’t be drafted, though they can volunteer).
Persons: Michael Bociurkiw, Michael Bociurkiw Chrystia, Ivan Franko, Volodymyr Ivasiuk, Lychakiv, I’ve, Pavlo Palamarchuk, Volodymyr Zelensky, Lesia Krepyakevych, it’s, who’ve, can’t, Mike Johnson, Donald Trump, Johnson, Biden, Putin, Emmanuel Macon didn’t, David, Goliath Organizations: Atlantic Council, Organization for Security, Cooperation, CNN, Lviv CNN, Getty, West, , Senate, Republican, Ukraine – Locations: Europe, Lviv, Ukraine, Anadolu, ” Lviv, Red, Iranian, Russia, Kyiv, Washington, America
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