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As a guidebook writer, I've had the opportunity to explore Greece's hidden-gem locations. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementWhen travelers think about Greece, they probably think of hot spots like Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. Fortunately, I've spent 15 years writing guidebooks about Greece so I know a lot of great hidden gems. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: I've, Rhodes, Symi, Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Peloponnese, Greece, Athens, Santorini
Harbor Lab, which aims to help the shipping industry streamline port costs, has raised funding. Founded in 2020 in Athens, the startup has brought in a $16 million Series A led by Atomico. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementHarbor Lab, a startup that aims to help the shipping industry reduce costs related to entering port, has raised $16 million in Series A funding.
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Microsoft said in a statement Monday that it's committing 4 billion euros ($4.3 billion) toward expanding its cloud and AI infrastructure in France, in addition to funding AI skilling and support for France's technology industry. The announcement was made during the "Choose France" summit, a gathering dedicated to encouraging foreign investment in France. Amazon, meanwhile, made a commitment of its own to invest 1.2 billion euros in France. Collectively, the commitments from Microsoft and Amazon to France amount to $5.6 billion of funding. In total, France reportedly bagged a record 15 billion euros of investment commitments from foreign companies at an annual "Choose France" summit on Monday.
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I'm from Athens, Greece, and I travel around the islands all the time staying at luxury resorts. Some of my favorite spots in Crete are Stella Island Resort and ACRO Suites. And if you're looking for luxury, I've found some of the best resorts in the country. One&Only Aesthesis Resort, AthensOne&Only is a global brand, but the chain's first luxury resort in Greece is located in Glyfada, right by the sea. AdvertisementStella Island Resort, Heraklion, CreteStella Island is an adults-only resort that's great for solo women, couples, or honeymooners.
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This is in part the doing of so-called "golden visas," hugely popular residency visas for foreign investors. And they purchased more Portuguese golden visas than any other nationality in 2022. Related storiesBut as Portugal has experienced a worsening housing affordability crisis, Portuguese public opinion on golden visas has soured. Last year, the country changed the terms of its golden visa program to exclude real estate investment. Other southern European countries are following suit, similarly pointing to skyrocketing real estate prices.
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CNN —The man accused of killing nursing student Laken Riley in February was indicted Wednesday on charges of murder and aggravated assault with intent to rape as well as for an earlier incident in which he allegedly peeped into the window of a student. Riley, a 22-year-old Augusta University College of Nursing student, was killed on February 22 while out for a run on the University of Georgia’s campus. Ibarra struck Riley in the head with a rock multiple times and asphyxiated her, according to the indictment. Ibarra, of Athens, Georgia, is an undocumented immigrant from Venezuela who was not a university student. Clarke County Sheriff’s OfficeThe killing and suspect’s immigration status renewed debate on the country’s immigration policies at the highest level.
Persons: Laken Riley, Jose Antonio Ibarra, Tom, Riley, Ibarra, , Tom ”, Investigators, ” Jose Antonio Ibarra, Joe Biden, “ Laken Riley, legals, ” Biden, Organizations: CNN, Augusta University College of Nursing, University of Georgia’s, University of Georgia, State, MSNBC Locations: Athens , Georgia, Venezuela, Clarke, Georgia
In one lunar region, Japan’s “Moon Sniper” mission has beaten the odds and survived three long, frigid lunar nights since its sideways landing on January 19. The Tianwen-2 mission will visit the space rock later this decade. But first, China has set its sights on returning to the moon’s “hidden side.”An illustration depicts the far side of the moon, with Earth behind it. Since the Chang’e 4 mission in 2019, China remains the only country to have landed on the moon’s far side, sometimes called the “dark side” of the moon. Scientists hope that returning samples from the far side could solve some of the biggest remaining lunar mysteries, including the moon’s true origin.
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Read previewI was born and raised in Athens, so I've seen a lot of tourists. Here are things I wish people would stop doing when they visit Athens. AdvertisementIf you insist on riding the bus, ask someone at the stop when your specific bus passed last. When in doubt, ask a local for the best restaurants in Athens rather than blindly following travel guides. AdvertisementCrosswalks are rarely seen by Greek drivers as a sign to stop, so crossing one whenever you want is unwise.
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I recently spent four days in Athens, Greece, while traveling around Europe. On the other hand, I'm not sure the Roman Agora or Hadrian's Library are worth a visit. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementIn October, I traveled to Athens, Greece, for the first time since I was 18 months old. I spent four days exploring some of the city's amazing landmarks and sites.
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It was previously only known that he was buried in the academy, but not specifically where, Ranocchia told CNN Tuesday. A statue of ancient Greek philosopher Plato in Athens, Greece. Brigida Soriano/AlamyThe text also provides more detail about Plato’s final night – and he wasn’t a fan of the music that was played. The project, called the Greek Schools project, is a five-year study using various technologies and methods to help decipher the fragile papyri. “The new readings often draw on new and concrete facts about Plato’s Academy, Hellenistic literature, Philodemus of Gadara and ancient history in general.”
Persons: Plato, Graziano Ranocchia, Ranocchia, Roman general Sulla, Brigida Soriano, , ” Ranocchia, Socrates, Julius Caesar, Lorenzo Di Cola, ” Kilian Fleischer Organizations: CNN, Platonic Academy of Athens, of Philology, University of Pisa, Platonic, Spartans, University of Naples, European Union, ERC – European Research Council, Greek Schools, Plato’s Academy Locations: Vesuvius, Athens, Greece, Thrace, Naples, Mesopotamia, Aegina, Sicily, Herculaneum, Italy
The move sparked protests, highlighting the problems city officials face when tackling overtourism. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . When cities are overrun with tourists, officials are often tasked with finding ways to make them more liveable for residents. On peak days, tourists visiting Venice for the day need to buy a ticket online or at booths to enter the city. Other tourist hot spots have implemented caps on the number of daily visitors.
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CNN —In travel news this week: a gelato ban in Italy, runaway horses in central London, the orange fog that hit Athens and – if you’re still feeling brave enough – the best dates and times to book summer flights. When to book summer travelMid-to-late August is the best time for Americans to fly this summer, according to travel company Expedia. It recommends booking summer flights 21 to 60 days out – last year, travelers booking during this window saved around 15% on domestic and international travel. Similar savings were enjoyed by travelers who departed on a Monday for international flights or on a Tuesday for domestic flights, compared with those who opted for more popular Thursday and Friday departures. Over in London, laid-back Bethnal Green cocktail bar Satan’s Whiskers was this month named “Best Bar in the UK” at the Class Bar Awards.
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Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, from American Airlines company, taking off from Barcelona airport, in Barcelona on 24th February 2023. "We're making these adjustments now to ensure we're able to re-accommodate customers on affected flights," American said in a statement. Flights from New York to Barcelona will be suspended Sept. 3. Flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International to Dublin and to Rome, which were both scheduled as year-round flights, will now be suspended on Oct. 26. Flights from Chicago O'Hare to Paris will end Sept. 3 and resume next year.
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Photos show Sahara dust turn Athens orange
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Athens and the south of Greece appeared to be coloured in orange and red after dust from the Sahara engulfed the area on Tuesday evening. Strong winds had carried the dust across hundreds of miles from Africa. The dust is expected to clear throughout Wednesday, when winds are set to ease, local media reported. The strong winds alongside hot temperatures also raised concerns about wildfires, with the Greek Fire Service saying 25 had broken out in the 24 hours to Tuesday evening, according to a Google translation.
Organizations: Greek Fire Service Locations: Athens, Greece, Sahara, Africa
A Microsoft logo seen displayed on a smartphone screen and Amazon logo in the background in Athens, Greece on October 5, 2023. British antitrust regulators are seeking views on partnerships between Microsoft and Amazon with smaller generative AI model makers. Microsoft recently made a 15 million euro ($16 million) investment into Mistral, a young French AI firm set up by former employees of Meta and Google's DeepMind AI lab. Amazon, meanwhile, has invested a whopping $4 billion into U.S. AI firm Anthropic, which is behind the Claude large language model and chatbot. An Amazon spokesperson said it was "unprecedented" for the CMA to review a collaboration of the kind that the company had agreed with Anthropic.
Persons: Claude, it's Organizations: Microsoft, Markets Authority, French, Amazon, CMA, Mistral, Meta, Competition, Anthropic Locations: Athens, Greece, French, Anthropic
Others took evening walks in the city and shared the bright orange scenes on social media. A low-pressure system over northern Africa swept dust over Cyprus several times in mid-April, “darkening skies and reducing air quality,” NASA said Tuesday. Dust was expected to continue to cross the Mediterranean, impacting both Cyprus and Greece over the next several days, NASA said. People cross a snow covered railway in Helsinki, Finland, on April 23, 2024, as an unusual weather system brought trams in the city to a halt. Photos showed Helsinki residents walking through thick snow and ice, carrying umbrellas under heavy snowfall, and tall clusters of snow piled up on sidewalks, cars and scooters.
Persons: Alessandro Rampazzo, Johannes Laitila, Finavia, ” Finavia, , Antti Vigelius Organizations: CNN, NASA, Anadolu Agency, Getty, YLE, Helsinki Airport, Johannes Locations: Greece, Africa, Athens, Cyprus, Helsinki, Finland, Europe
I'm from Athens, and I've seen plenty of tourists make mistakes while traveling to Greece. It's worth it to do some research on smaller islands and local cuisine before your trip. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . I was born in Athens and currently split my years living between the US and Greece, so I've spent plenty of time in the beautiful European country. Here are 10 things I think tourists should know before visiting.
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That’s what happened to Alyssa Kopp and her mother Mary Gomes Kopp when their cat Rodri went missing on a flight in Europe on March 8. ‘She was so grateful’Alyssa Kopp and her mother Mary Gomes Kopp rescue stray animals on Crete. Gomes Kopp and her husband, Alyssa’s stepfather, are German but have a home on the Greek island of Crete. They had been adopted by a German family, and Gomes Kopp had offered to bring them over. Gomes Kopp was allowed into an aircraft loading area one time, but has not been allowed back since.
Persons: CNN —, they’ve, Alyssa Kopp, Mary Gomes Kopp, Rodri, Gomes Kopp, Alyssa’s, , Kopp, , it’d, ” Rodri, Alyssa, Alyssa Kopp Rodri, we’d, ” Kopp, , , Nicolas Economou, Goldair, ‘ Rodri, ’ Gomes Kopp, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Aegean Airlines, Rodri, Airlines, Staff, Athens International, Iberia, Naia, Tenerife Locations: Europe, Aegean, Crete, It’s, Germany, Munich, Chania, Athens, , , Greece, Iberia, Spain, Madrid
Olympia, Greece CNN —The flame for the 2024 Paris Olympics has been lit in Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympics. The flame will be carried through Greece for 11 days before being handed over to Paris organizers on April 26. Over 10,000 torchbearers and thousands of milesThe first runner of the Olympic torch relay is Greek Olympic gold medalist rower Stefanos Ntouskos. Elinda Labropoulou/CNNNtouskos said he was a little bit anxious ahead of competing at Paris 2024 but also very excited. The ancient Games served not only as a platform for athletic competition but also as a symbol of unity and promoting peace.
Persons: Hera, Thanassis, Stefanos, Ntouskos, , Stefanos Ntouskos, Labropoulou, CNN Ntouskos, Louisa Gouliamaki, Emmanuel Macron Organizations: Greece CNN, Summer Games, CNN, Paris, Paris Olympic, West Indies, Relays, Paralympic Games, UN Locations: Olympia, Greece, Paris, Athens, , Marseille, Belem, West, France, Seine
CNN —Lithuanian discus thrower Mykolas Alekna broke a world record that had stood for four decades at the Oklahoma Throws Series World Invitational meeting in Ramona on Sunday. The Lithuanian’s throw of 74.35 meters surpassed Jurgen Schult’s effort in 1986, when the German threw 74.08m. Schult’s landmark effore had been the longest-standing record in track and field, according to Virgilijus threw 69.89m in Athens 2004. The Lithuanian is a two-time world and Olympic champion.
Persons: Mykolas Alekna, Jurgen Schult’s, Alekna’s, , ” Alekna, Ramona, Alekna, Virgilijus Organizations: CNN, Oklahoma, Sunday, World Athletics Locations: Lithuanian, Ramona, Lithuania, Athens
Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down traffic Monday morning in cities across the country, part of a global effort to disrupt economies and pressure world leaders to push for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. In Chicago, protesters on I-190 blocked traffic coming into O’Hare International Airport, and passengers who’d already arrived started walking on foot with their luggage to catch their flights. In San Antonio, protesters carrying Palestinian flags blocked both sides of the Valero energy company headquarters, jamming traffic on the city’s northwest side. And in Philadelphia, pro-Palestinian protesters organized a teach-in that blocked rush-hour traffic. In Middletown, Conn., for example, pro-Palestinian protesters blocked employees entering and leaving a Pratt & Whitney factory that exports military engines for aircrafts.
Persons: Zimmermann, Protesters Organizations: O’Hare International, City Hall, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pratt & Whitney, aircrafts . Police, Hartford Courant, Protesters Locations: Gaza, California, Oakland, Chicago, O’Hare, San Antonio, Valero, Philadelphia, City, Israel, Middletown, Conn, United States, Athens, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sydney, Australia, Barcelona, Spain
I split my year between Los Angeles and Athens, and the cities are quite different. I hardly ever run into traffic in Athens, but it's normal to sit on the clogged freeway in LA. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. I currently split my time between Los Angeles and Athens for work — six months in the US and the other half of the year in Greece. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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Global airlines are governed by nine "freedoms of the air," drafted 80 years ago in 1944. The fifth freedom can give airlines a competitive edge and help capitalize on demand. "Five Freedom Agreements"Qantas flies a Boeing 787 on its fifth freedom route between Sydney and New York. Seventh FreedomThe seventh freedom is similar to the fifth freedom but takes out the limitation of where the route must start or end. Ninth FreedomAdvertisementThis cabotage freedom allows an airline of one nation to fly between two points in a separate single country.
Persons: , Vytautas Kielaitis, Taylor Rains, Toshi, Nicolas Economou Organizations: Service, International Civil Aviation Organization, United Nations, Chicago Convention, ICAO, Chicago, European Union, Singapore Airlines, Airbus, Qantas, Google Flights, United Airlines, FAA, Emirates, Latam Airlines, Atlantic . Emirates, luxe, Forbes, Air Senegal, Boeing, Ryanair, Getty, Nice Locations: New York, Singapore, Frankfurt, Germany, Emirates, JFK, Milan, Newark, Athens, Dubai, Australian, Sydney, Auckland , New Zealand, Cebu, Philippines, Tokyo, , Mexico City, Barcelona, Santiago, Chile, Auckland, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Australia, Dakar, Baltimore, Ireland, Rome, Vilnius, Lithuania, Paris
At an event in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Tuesday, Mr. Trump described Ruby Garcia, 25, and her killing at length. She faulted Mr. Trump for framing her sister’s death as a border issue. Mr. Trump recently derailed a bipartisan border deal in the Senate by urging Republicans not to support it, in a move that prevented a political win for President Biden and allowed Mr. Trump to continue campaigning on the issue. During the event, Mr. Trump described Ms. Garcia as an “incredible young woman,” though at one point mistakenly said she was 17 years old. Local Democrats pre-emptively criticized Mr. Trump for planning to make Ms. Garcia part of his campaign rally.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Ruby Garcia, Garcia, , Mavi Garcia, , ” Mavi Garcia, Mr, “ It’s, I’ve, , ” Ruby Garcia, Brandon Ortiz, Ortiz, Vite, Laken Riley, Biden, Justin Barclay, emptively, Debbie Stabenow, Garcia’s, Trump’s Organizations: Michigan, Republicans, NBC, West Michigan, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, . Immigration, Customs, Augusta University, University of Georgia, Local Democrats Locations: Grand Rapids, Mich, United States, Grand, Mexico, Georgia, Athens, Venezuela, Michigan, Detroit
Javier Torres | Afp | Getty ImagesA quiet revolution is underway to address a widely underestimated climate challenge: extreme heat. Myrivili said she believes that extreme heat is often overlooked because it lacks the visible drama of roofs being ripped from homes or streets being turned into rivers. Most people wouldn't know that in Australia, extreme heat kills more people than bushfires and floods and storms. Tiffany Crawford Co-chief heat officer of Melbourne, AustraliaThe CDC defines extreme heat as summertime temperatures that are significantly hotter and/or more humid than average. Melbourne, AustraliaTiffany Crawford, co-CHO of Melbourne, told CNBC that extreme heat kills more people in Australia than bushfires, floods and storms.
Persons: Javier Torres, Eleni Myrivili, CHO, Myrivili, Tiffany Crawford Co, Jane Gilbert, We've, Gilbert, Giorgio Viera, Afreen, Dhaka North's CHO, Bushra, Australia Tiffany Crawford, Crawford, Krista Milne, Diego Fedele Organizations: Afp, Getty, CNBC, Centers for Disease Control, CDC, Dade, Dhaka North, Dhaka North's, Nurphoto, Environmental, Station Locations: Quilpue comune, Valparaiso region, Chile, Athens, U.S, Australia, Melbourne, Miami, Miami , Florida, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Australian
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